Subtitle: The Palestinians might gain possession of a nuclear bomb in a few months; Israeli elite tank brigades getting ready to take back some of the territory given up to Arafat earlier as part of Oslo "Peace" Accords; and :thousands" of Israeli reservists are being called up.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "The PLO Has Sought To Develop A Nuclear Bomb", by Shoshanna Walker, Mideast Newwire, November 9, 2000.

"The PLO has sought to develop a nuclear bomb, an Iraqi scientist and author said this week.. Khidhir Hamza said the PLO tried to recruit scientists to develop such a weapon. Hamza said Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat was highly interested in Iraqi development of a nuclear bomb and sought help to obtain such a weapon ... Iraq, the PLO's ally, is only months away from completing a nuclear weapon. At that point, Hamza said, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein could share this success with his allies."

This fear is THE reason Israel cannot and will not wait any longer to annihilate her implacable Arab enemies.  In June, 1990, I read an editorial column in the Jewish Press, in which the author stated that top Israeli leadership, both civilian and military, had decided that they would annihilate entire Arab populations in the next Arab-Israeli War.  Israeli leadership had concluded that the Palestinians especially, but also Syria, Iraq, and Iran, would not be happy until Israel had been annihilated.  The Arabs had demonstrated repeatedly that they were not interested in long-term peaceful coexistence with the Jews, but wanted only the peace of the grave for Israel.

Furthermore, this editorial stated that Israeli Intelligence had concluded that the Arabs would have nuclear weapons within a decade.  Of course, that period of time is ended right now, and Iraq is reportedly close to nuclear devices.  This development means that Israel cannot afford any more "Peace Summits", or "Interim Agreements", that would delay their attack.  They must attack very soon, or lose the opportunity to win.  Right now, Israeli armed forces possess overwhelming superiority, but in a few short months, might lose a significant amount of that edge.

The Arabs have been attempting to develop their own nuclear weapons program for at least four decades now, but have been repeatedly foiled by Israel and the United States.  All along, I wondered why the Russians did not just give the Arabs nuclear capability, since they were posing as their major allies in the struggle to annihilate Israel.  Certainly, if the Arabs suddenly used nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, the United States would do nothing more than protest vigorously.  So, why haven't the Russians just given the Arabs nuclear weapons long before this?

The answer lies in Scripture, in End Times Prophecy.  In Revelation 17:17, God reveals that He has put the idea in the hearts of the final 10 rulers of the End of the Age to cooperate to produce Antichrist.  The nations of the world were reorganized into exactly 10 super economic nations from 1992-1996; therefore, the leaders of America, Russia, Europe, and China are cooperating toward the goal of producing Antichrist.  New World Order writings are very plain that the Plan to produce Antichrist envisions a Third World War that begins between Arab and Israel, but ends with the Antichrist [the New David], being anointed with oil and being declared the Jewish Messiah, as he stands "amidst the rubble of the Dome of the Rock" [Peter Lemesurier, The Armageddon Script , Page 235].  Then, this New David will go to great lengths to convince the Orthodox Jew he is their long-awaited Messiah, By deliberately "fulfilling" Messianic prophecies and expectations.

The point is that if Russia or China were to give the Arabs nuclear weapons that would allow Israel to be destroyed, their supernaturally conceived New World Order Plan would fail.  God is similarly not going to allow any combination of nations to annihilate Israel.  Not only would such national annihilation defeat God's many promises to Israel that she would "forever" live in Palestine, but the invasion of Israel by Russian-led forces as prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 would never occur.  Therefore, we can assuredly say that the Arabs will not succeed in destroying Israel with nuclear weapons; however, this is not to say that Israel will not feel threatened by the Arabs nearly getting their hands on such weapons.  Israel will react to annihilate the Arab before they can annihilate her.

NEWS BRIEF:  "Israeli Tanks Prepare To Seize West Bank Land From Arafat", by Uzi Mahnaimi, http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/news/pages/sti/2000/11/26/stifgnmid01003.html, November 26, 2000.

"ISRAELI tank and infantry brigades began training last week for the possible reoccupation of three areas of the West Bank ruled by Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader. Should the order be given, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) would move army units into Palestinian neighbourhoods that border Israeli settlements. The aim would be to create buffer zones to stop Palestinian gunmen attacking Jewish settlers ... Last Thursday the Israeli cabinet authorised Ehud Barak, the prime minister, to take the 'necessary military decisions' without calling further on the cabinet. 'We must understand that we are in a state of war with the Palestinians and we should act accordingly,' said Dalya Itzik, a cabinet minister ... Soldiers in the elite Merkava tank and Golani infantry brigade, veterans of battles with Hezbollah fundamentalists in the former Lebanese security zone, have started training on replicas of the areas marked for reoccupation at a military base in the Negev desert. The areas the IDF has targeted are heavily populated and the battles could degenerate into urban warfare."

This military action to physically separate Palestinian neighborhoods from adjacent Jewish settlements is somber in two respects.  First, the PLO would be expected to mount a furious fight to keep this separation from occurring.  The PLO "policeman" army might just show up to the battle with  their many heavy weapons, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.  If this type of battle erupts, it might be the spark that ignites the Third World War.  Some Pentagon scenarios believe this war might begin with a furious battle between the heavily armed PLO army and the IDF, thus internally occupying the IDF enough so that Syria and Egypt, and possibly Jordan, might attack on Israel's borders.

Secondly, this action is designed to separate Palestinians from Jews.  We have long believed just such an action would be required before Israel annihilated the Palestinians man, woman, and child, in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18.  When the IDF completes this annihilation, they must have separated the Jews from the target area first, so they would not kill their own people.  In NEWS1434, we reported that the IDF had already cordoned off large Palestinian towns, using fences and Jersey barriers; then, the IDF closed the roads connecting these towns to Jewish and Palestinian use.  Thus, these entire towns are cordoned off, and kept from Jewish presence.

Do not be deceived; when the IDF undertakes this operation, the Palestinians might launch an all-out counterattack.  Therefore, before Israel does begin this operation, they had better be ready for all-out war, both within and without her borders.  Most of Israel's military might lies in her reservists; it takes 72 hours to call up her reserves.  Therefore, we find this bit of information, reported below, very insightful.


NEWS BRIEF:  "Israeli Tanks Prepare To Seize West Bank Land From Arafat", by Uzi Mahnaimi, http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/news/pages/sti/2000/11/26/stifgnmid01003.html , November 26, 2000.

"Ten thousand Israeli soldiers are already deployed across the West Bank and Gaza, more than the number of troops in southern Lebanon before Israel's withdrawal earlier this year. To allow the regular army time to train, thousands more reserve soldiers last week received 'call-up decree number 8' papers, which are normally distributed only in emergencies."

We do not know from this article how many "thousands more reserve soldiers" received these emergency call-up papers, but Israel just might be preparing to call up her entire reserves using this cover.  Further, if these "thousands more" received the highest emergency call-up notices, how many more thousands might have received less urgent call-up notices? 

This article stated that "when the IDF receives the order" to begin taking back territory given over to the PLO in the Oslo Peace Accords, these specially trained units will move into action.  The key statement here is "when the IDF receives the order".  You can bet that they will not receive such an order until the IDF is fully prepared for the worst case scenario, i.e., the eruption of complete war.

We still believe that one of the major triggers for such an all-out war between Israel and all her Arab enemies will be the destruction of the Dome of the Rock by Arafat forces.  Such an action would immediately unite all Arab nations, even the moderates, against Israel.  In reading Hamas and Palestinian websites, we can see their belief that the major reason Israel has been able to defeat the combined Arab armies of the past is that they were never really united.  If the Arabs believed the Dome of the Rock was blown by the Jews, they would be united in absolute fury. 

Further, radical Islamic forces might be able to topple such moderate regimes as Egypt and Turkey, taking advantage of the furious anger spawned by the Dome of the Rock being destroyed.

Clearly, we are seeing all the signs pointing toward a quickening of events prior to all-out war in the Middle East.  I think the most significant of all the signs, however, is the news that Iraq might have a functioning atomic bomb within a matter of months, and that he just might give Arafat one or more of them.  Israel has her back to the wall, or is it the abyss.  She cannot allow a delay any longer.  Truly, the time for God's simultaneous judgment of both Arabs who have opposed Israel, and the unbelieving Jews in Israel, seems close at hand.  Soon, Antichrist will arise, deceive the "many" leaders of Israel, and begin the 7-year Tribulation Period.  The signs are all present, in your Daily News.  As Jesus said:

"Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:  So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors." [Matthew 24:32-33]

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