1. Last year [2000] the Lutherans jumped back into bed with the Church of the False Prophet , declaring the Reformation started by Martin Luther, to have been a mistake! Their leaders signed a declaration stating that they agree on the way to Heaven, after all. The new agreement is the result of new insights; obtained by restudying the histories and discovering that the doctrinal condemnations of the sixteenth century do not apply to today...
The Lutherans have never really been removed that far away from Rome and her teaching. Both are basically based on works and sacramental systems which assume incremental salvation.

2. The ACLU has sued Virginia Military Institute to end prayers before meals. [7/22/01]
3. In only 6 years the number of mosques in the U.S. has increased to 1,200 up 25%. The actual number of Muslims is a secret. [7/22/01]
4. Bishop Malvin Talbert, chief officer of the United Methodist Church, says that Christian missionaries should stop emphasizing converting people to Jesus Christ. [7/22/01]
5. The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., rejected a proposal that said Jesus is the only way to salvation. [7/22/01]
6. A Jewish private school in Manhatten -- the Rodeph Sholom Day School -- banned the celebration of Mother's Day and Father's Day in order to "protect" children being raised by homosexual couples. [7/22/01]
7. A Gallup Poll in June, 2001, reports that 60% of Americans now believe premarital sex is morally acceptable. [7/22/01]


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