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Subtitle: Jeremy Rifkin wrote a book in 1992 in which he called for the "collapse" of the meat eating culture of the Western World.  The British Government seems to be fulfilling the goals outlined in this book.  Rifkin is called an "adviser to kings"; are we seeing his plan unfolding?

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For some months now, we at Cutting Edge Ministries have marveled at the seemingly insane actions of the Tony Blair's British Government as his subordinates have insanely over-reacted to a relatively benign animal disease -- Foot-and-Mouth not fatal to humans -- by slaughtering over 2 million head of cattle and sheep, over 95% of which were perfectly healthy and showing no sign of having the disease.  No person in their right mind would react to this disease in this manner.  The reaction of the British Government is having the effect of destroying the financial livelihoods of thousands of farmers and ruining their land. [Read NEWS1479, Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Britain and Europe -- Absolute Unreasoning Hits With Full Force; NEWS1480 Contrived Foot-and-Mouth "Crisis" Now Striking Throughout the World! Global Crises = Global Government?"  for full details].

Then, we discovered that the actual Kill Zones in Great Britain closely paralleled the United Nations Biodiversity Zones [Read NEWS1496 for full details].  This fact seemed to indicate that just perhaps the most extreme environmentalist political agenda  just might be the policy of the Tony Blair Government!  The one solace we have had in the past decade is our belief that our actual leaders did not support the horrendous conclusions of the activists.  In other words, we felt assured that the call by these extreme environmentalists for the collapse of our Industrial Civilization were just the ranting of madmen, and would never actually be carried out by any elected politician.

However, the past eight years of the Clinton-Gore Administration gave us great pause for concern, as this team seemed to be very supportive of the terrible goals of the environmentalists.  Many of Clinton's Executive Orders and his designation of huge tracts of land as National Forests, seemed to smack too closely to the dreams of the environmentalists.  Clinton's American Heritage Rivers Act is a good example as it set aside huge tracts of rivers, ponds, and lakes, denying them to human habitation; even entire watersheds of major river systems were set aside [Read NEWS1101 for full details].  Obviously, if this Executive Order, and numerous others like it, were ever enforced, our Industrial Civilization would come to an abrupt halt, as free flow of goods, services, and people so critically important to the functioning of our society would come to an extremely quick halt.

Still, some of us took comfort in the fact that Clinton-Gore were leaving office, to be replaced by "Conservative" Republicans Bush-Cheney.  We felt that Bush would reverse some of the more odious Executive Orders, and would certainly not invoke them during his Presidency.  Our conviction of the hope that Bush would cancel many of the Clinton Executive Orders was dashed in March, 2001, when the White House routinely made the announcement that Bush would leave standing most of the Clinton Executive Orders.

However, the March-May events of this year in Great Britain brought all these hopes crashing to the ground.  We saw a government slaughter perfectly healthy animals on the most flimsy of excuses, trying to stamp out an animal disease that was benign to the animals and not fatal to humans.  In NEWS1502, we reported that the Green Man environmental activists were promoting the Animal Rights and the Nature Worship that we saw unfolding on the ground in Great Britain. Once more, we were left asking ourselves if the Blair Government might be implementing the Industrial Civilization destruction plan of the most radical environmental activists.


Meet Jeremy Rifkin, New Age activist extraordinare.  He bills himself as the "advisor to kings and queens" and his books certainly are some of the most popular in the New Age culture.  If you were to imagine the most vigorous tree-hugging activist, with a brilliant mind and intellect, that would be Jeremy Rifkin.  Christian author, Constance Cumbey, describes Rifkin in interesting terms.  She said he practiced a peculiar brand of pantheism, and "creation-centered spirituality". 

In other words, Rifkin is an Earth Mother worshipper, and a worshipper of Nature at large.  However, Rifkin is slick enough in his presentation that he has actually built up a considerable following amongst Christian Evangelicals. [Cumbey, A Planned Deception, p. 125].  Cumbey noted that Pat Robertson, using his CBN and 700 Club, has given New Age leaders such as Alvin Toffler and Jeremy Rifkin ample access to his 30 million Christian viewers. [Ibid., p. 148-9]Rifkin has convinced many undiscerning Christians that he is one of them, even though he denies Biblical inerrancy, and worships the Creature rather than the Creator! [Romans 1:25].

Rifkin is the author of the infamous New Age book entitled, ENTROPY: A NEW WORLD VIEW. Since this book is probably the most important Rifkin has written, we need to spend some time on it to see from whence Rifkin is coming.  The word 'entropy' is used constantly by New Age authors to justify the kind of radical changes in the world they are championing, and as usual, this word shouts "crisis".  The New Age Dictionary defines 'entropy' as, a "measure of disorder or unavailable or unusable energy; the tendency to run down or to burn out" [Page 58].  Rifkin and other New Age writers have been shouting for decades now that our current Industrial Civilization is running on High Entropy, i.e., using so much energy that it is unstable, unsustainable, running down, and burning out.  Whenever you see the word, 'sustainable', or 'unsustainable', you know you are looking at a code word for dismantling our Industrial Civilization.

In his book, Entropy, Rifkin argues that the world needs to return to a civilization of Low Entropy.  Listen to his own writings:  "If we continue to ignore the truth of the Entropy Law ... then we shall do so at the risk of our own extinction ... After finishing this book, some will remain unconvinced ... Others will be convinced but will conclude in despair that the Entropy Law is a giant cosmic prison from which there is no escape.  Finally, there will be those who will see the Entropy Law as the truth that can set us free.  The first group will continue to uphold the existing world paradigm.  The second group will be without a world view.  The third group will be the harbingers of the new age." [Entropy , 1981, Author's Note]

Rifkin then tells us how important this Entropy Law is to the establishment of the New World Order.  "There will be attempts to graft the Entropy Law onto the existing world view, a task that will ultimately fail.  Politicians will proclaim its importance in addressing issues ranging from energy to disarmament.  Theologians will construct new interpretations of Biblical authority based on it."  [Ibid., p. 7] 

Is this emphasis on using the Entropy Law as a basis for new theological interpretations one of the reasons so many "Christian" churches today have moved so far from Biblical truth that they are embracing the pagan world view, even while still couching their words in Christian-sounding language?  Rifkin then tells us the real supernatural spirit behind his new world view.  "While the Entropy Law governs the world of time, space, and matter, it is in turn, governed by the primordial spiritual force that conceived it." [Ibid., p. 8]  The word, 'primordial' literally means 'archetype', which to the pagan means the Luciferian spirit from times in the ancient past.  Do not be deceived:  Rifkin has just told us the true spirit behind this entire New World Order.

You also now know that this Luciferian spirit is behind the modern church movement of today!

Now, let us return briefly to Rifkin's view of Entropy, and then we shall be prepared to move to the subject of Beef in general, and the entire meat-eating culture in particular.  "Entropy is a measure of the amount of energy no longer capable of conversion into work ... Energy can only be transferred to a dissipated state." [Ibid., p. 35].  Therefore, Rifkin and his ilk believe that we must take steps to achieve some Low-Entropy, steady state type of economy.  Conversion to this type of economy requires not only a 'new world view', but also a draconian crisis in order to transfer from one state to the other.  Listen:

"The radical change in world view required to make this transition will have to be accomplished virtually overnight.  There will be no time for polite debate, subtle compromise, or momentary equivocation.  To succeed will require a zealous determination -- a militancy, if you will -- of Herculean proportions." [Ibid., p. 186].

Did you catch that last statement?

"To succeed will require a zealous determination ... militancy ... of Herculean proportions ".

Doesn't this scenario sound like the frenzied, nonsensical destruction of over 2 million head of cattle and sheep on the flimsy premise of battling Foot-and-Mouth Disease?  Haven't the MAFF slaughterers taken "no time for polite debate", nor have they offered any "compromise" or even a momentary equivocation", but have displayed a "zealous determination", and a "militancy of Herculean proportions"?

As we are writing this article, Ton Blair has just won re-election by a landslide, proving that an Illuminist politician today can destroy a major segment of the economy -- Agriculture and Husbandry -- and still be wildly popular with the urban folk.  We suspect that the slaughter of the remaining cattle, ship, and hogs will now proceed with a renewed militancy and zealous determination.


Now that we know Rifkin believes our current Industrial Civilization is living an unsustainably High Entropy lifestyle, let us examine his 1992 book, Beyond Beef:  The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture .  In this book, Rifkin makes it quite clear that he considers the entire meat-eating culture to be one of the major culprits in the unsustainability of this current society, and needs to be destroyed immediately and completely.

Rifkin blames the cattle industry for most of the supposed ills of today, with the possible exception of AIDS.  I did not see any reference in this book that cattle are responsible for the outbreak of AIDS; but, Rifkin blames just about everything other ill -- real or imagined -- on the cattle industry.  If I believed in the "facts" in this book, I would want all cattle slaughtered forthwith, by whatever means possible.  I placed the word facts in the previous sentence within quotes, because Rifkin mixes real fact with manufactured "fact", just as all Extreme Environmentalists do.  Rifkin also quotes many New Age front organizations as the source of many of his "facts", organizations that were established for the express purpose of spreading false "facts" under the guise of legitimacy.

Nevertheless, Adolf Hitler had propaganda principles down pat when he said, "Truth is not what is; truth is what people perceive it to be."  Thus Hitler, and the New Age propagandists of today, boldly spew forth lies, big and bold ones, and too many people today are believing it.  THAT is the crux of this story -- not whether Rifkin is telling the truth; he is not, but many people believe it today, and the Illuminist elite are using these bodacious lies as the basis for their "zealous", "militant" actions.  Tony Blair is an excellent case in point today, and George W. Bush awaits his turn in the wings.

Let us now begin our discussion of "Beyond Beef".


"We consumed beef to gain power over nature and our fellow human beings ... by choosing not to eat the flesh of cattle, we serve notice of our willingness to enter into a new covenant with this creature ... Freeing the bovine from the pain and indignities suffered on the modern mega-feedlots and in the slaughterhouses is a humane act of great symbolic and practical import.  Liberating these creatures from the process of dehorning, castration, and estrus-blocking, from forced hormone injections, massive doses of antibiotics, insecticide showers, and an ignoble death on an automated assembly-line kill floor, is an act of contrition.  It is an acknowledgment of the damage we moderns have inflicted on the whole of creation in pursuit of unrestrained power over the forces of nature."  [Beyond Beef, p. 288]

In a nutshell, this is the saga the British Government of Tony Blair is inflicting upon the British farmer and rancher.  His campaign to kill the Beef-eating Culture has been, and will continue to be, carried out with "zealous determination", "militancy", and will assume "Herculean proportions" now that Blair has won his re-election with landslide numbers.  The worst lies before the British, the Americans, and every other citizen of a beef-growing culture.

Then, Rifkin shows that he views the destruction -- the deliberate collapse -- of the Beef Culture as an integral part of returning all the peoples of the world to a Low Entropy state in which Sustainability is the key word.

"Our changing relationship to the bovine ... will be a sign of the new world in the making.  The benefits of moving beyond beef will be immediate and visible, providing tangible evidence of the life-affirming future that awaits our children's generation." [Ibid., p. 289]

We can now see that the terrible and deliberate destruction of the entire Beef Industry is not only the goal, but is believed to provide mankind with a "life-affirming future that awaits our children's generation".  Since these Illuminists running British and American governments believe that the "Ends Justify the Means" we can understand that they will not falter in the destruction they are causing, nor of the "temporary" pain and suffering the farmers and ranchers are going through at this time.  After all, these farmers and ranchers were pursuing a livelihood that they had no business pursuing!


"Reducing the cattle population to ecologically sustainable numbers will help facilitate an ecological restoration of nature on every continent.  America's western range will slowly come to life again.  Ancient rivers will flow, their waters bathing and healing thousands of damaged riparian zones across the great plains.  Native wildflowers and perennial bunchgrasses will sprout and bloom, spreading a verdant carpet across the western landscape.  Cottonwood trees will shade the prairie once again, providing refuge for thousands of native birds.  Streams and springs will come to life, bringing back freshwater trout and other native fish.  The large mammals of the plains -- elk, moose, pronghorn, antelope, bighorn sheep -- will repopulate the western range once again, their numbers spreading out to fill the millions of acres of restored grassland.  Predator species will thrive.  Coyotes, wolves, bobcats, mountain lions, and lynx will steal their way back onto the great western range, performing their traditional role of culling big animal herds to ensure that native species do not exceed the carrying capacity of the plains ecosystems."

"In Central and South America, the dissolution of the cattle complex will help idle tractors and bulldozers and diminish the familiar drone of thousands of machine saws cutting their way through the thicket of ancient forest ecosystems.  Countless species of plants, insects, and animals will be granted a reprieve from what once appeared to be a sure death at the hands of cattle ranchers and multi-national corporations.  Millions of creatures, many of whom have inhabited this earth for millennia, will be given a chance to regroup, reproduce, and repopulate the forests." [Ibid.]

I bet you did not know that the Beef Industry was causing all this damage to the environment, did you?  We shall deal in more depth with this subject in the next article, but you can see from these two paragraphs that Illuminists like Rifkin, Blair, Clinton, Gore, George W. Bush, and many others believe this to be true with all their hearts.  Time is of the essence, they believe, because the Beef Industry is daily destroying Rain Forests, ecosystems, and native wildlife species.

Then, Rifkin tells us what benefits we human beings will enjoy once the Beef Culture is destroyed. 

"Future generations will have the opportunity to know, interact with, and appreciate these many diverse life forms; this multitude of wild and exotic creatures that creep, crawl, dart, fly over, swing through, and stalk the ancient forests, all fellow travelers in the unfolding evolutionary saga." {Ibid., p. 289-290]

Rifkin then goes on to describe anew the benefits each region of the world will enjoy once the Cattle Industry is destroyed.  But, then, on the last two pages of his book, Rifkin goes back to his favorite subject -- the destruction of the Beef Industry.

"The collapse of the global cattle complex will likely precipitate a chain reaction, resulting in the elimination of other grain-fed meats from the human diet." [Ibid.]  There, can you see that they have no intention of stopping at the destruction of the Beef Industry?  They are going to destroy the industries providing meat from Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, and every other type of meat that people eat.  Vegetarianism is the order of the day in this coming New World Order.  Have you noticed that some health/disease problem has suddenly erupted in all these animal groupings? Even young horse foals are suddenly dying from some serious malady; undoubtedly, some Animal Rights activist group is trying to "liberate" horses from bondage by humans.

Rifkin continues:  "The dissolution of the commercial cattle complex will spare the rich and might help save the poor.  Eliminating grain-fed beef and eating lower on the food chain will dramatically reduce the incidence of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  Millions of human beings will enjoy better health and a longer life span.  Billions of dollars in health care costs will be saved ... Liberating the land to grow grain for human beings could trigger  a large-scale human migration out from the crowded urban shanty towns back to the countryside ... where they could take up small-scale subsistence agriculture once again, providing their families with sustenance directly from the earth." [Ibid., p. 291]

This is the End Game -- returning mankind back to the earth, forcibly moving them from "crowded urban" areas so they can gain their "sustenance directly" from Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia.  Of course, since mankind will never appreciate what these Illuminist leaders are going "for them", they will have to be dragged kicking, screaming, and dying, into this Brave New World.  First, the Beef Industry and all other meat-producing Industries, have to be forcibly destroyed, and removed from their land. 

At some point down the road, after the land has returned to normal, then the time will have arrived to dissolve the large cities, forcing urban inhabitants back to the land where they can practice small-scale agriculture.  If you think the destruction of ranching and farming is creating a disaster of unparalleled proportion, wait until the Illuminists come after the urban [city] dwellers to force them back on to the land.  As always the Illuminati never does anything on a large scale that they have not already tested on a small scale first. 

The Illuminati has already tested their plan of forcing urban dwellers out of the cities and back on to the land:  in Cambodia!  Study what the Khmer Rouge did to the people of Cambodia and you will fully understand the planned fate of urban dwellers.  For those of you who are "history challenged", the Khmer Rouge slaughtered two-thirds of the people of Cambodia, and for a while, virtually emptied out the cities.  Such is the fate awaiting the city dwellers of all the earth.

Rifkin concludes his book thusly:  "By doing battle with 'the world steer', a new generation expresses its sensitivity to the biosphere and its regard for the plight of the poor.  By eliminating beef from the human diet, our species takes a significant step toward a new species consciousness, reaching out in a spirit of shared partnership with the bovine, and, by extension, other sentient creatures with whom we share the earth." [Ibid.]

With such flowery language, Jeremy Rifkin concludes his most draconian book.  Because the "Ends Justify the Means", all the anguish, turmoil, and financial ruin of honest, hard-working ranchers and farmers will mean nothing once the Utopia of a meat-free culture is realized. 

Britain today, America tomorrow.  As we have stated in past articles, American officials have been making preparations to carry out on a larger scale what the British practiced on a smaller scale in their beleaguered country.  American state officials have made their draconian plans.  Soon, it will be our turn to see our entire meat-producing industry wantonly destroyed. 

These terrible events do portend the End of the Age, the time of unparalleled disaster and death.  All the other signs seem to point to fulfillment of End of the Age prophecies as well, from the planned war in the Middle East to terrorism in our cities, and now, biological warfare against our own farmers and ranchers.  Truly, the soon appearance of Antichrist has never seemed closer.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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