Subtitle: Iraqi Commandos invading Jordan is certainly huge news, but not reported in the American media.  Foot-and-Mouth slaughter of perfectly healthy animals in the United Kingdom is continuing, despite news blackout here.  What is going on?

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Iraq's War Move In Jordan:  Troops secretly infiltrate in preparation for attack on Israel", WorldNetDaily, 7/27/01, quoting from DEBKAfile. Reported in Cutting Edge NEWS1521.

"Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has secretly dispatched troops across the frontier in Jordan in preparation for an attack on Israel, according to the intelligence sources of DEBKA-Net-Weekly. Iraq military units have been infiltrating neighboring Jordan for the past 10 days, according to the report. Their mission, say DEBKA sources, is to reach the Israeli border, cross the Jordan River and move into the main Palestinian cities of the West Bank – Ramallah, Jenin, Nablus and Bethlehem – and fight alongside the Palestinians.  The invading units are highly trained and well-equipped commandos able to operate and survive in the field for long periods when cut off from their headquarters and sources of supply, the report says. They are still reportedly in the Jordanian desert ... Jordan did attempt in the first days of the incursion to encircle the Iraqi intruders and capture them. But some days of intensive effort with airborne support showed the Jordanian Special Forces that they are no match for 1,000 to 1,500 crack Iraqi commandos ..."

Later the same day that WorldNetDaily broke this story, Koenig International Intelligence Briefing broke their own story, because they had verified from their own Jordanian contacts that these facts were true.  Then, on Monday, July 30, we received word that the Jordanian Press had broken this story.  We then learned that 18,000 highly trained troops, backed by armor, were poised on the Iraqi/Jordanian border, ready to pour across.

Certainly, this invasion is mightily big news, and should have been spread across the major news networks with as much intensity as they reported the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.  This invasion of Jordan could carry far greater significance because Israel would more likely than not be caught up in taking military action to counter the Iraqi threat.  If Israel were to come across the Jordan River to counter the Iraqi incursion, World War III is a likely result.  If Israel were to use her Atomic or Neutron weaponry to counter the Iraqi, World War III is a likely result.

Therefore, why is this major story not being reported in American news?  It seems to me that a selective news blackout is in effect here.  As a matter of fact, as I keep track of the daily Palestinian attacks on Jews in Israel -- bombings, stabbings, grenades thrown, Molotov Cocktails hurled, rifle and machine gun fire, and mortar launches -- I realize that these many incidents are not being reported on American news. 

However, every Israeli response is reported, so that the average American citizen will get a distorted view of the events in the Middle East.  They are likely to believe that the problem in the Middle East is Israel, not the Palestinian.  This distortion is getting so obvious, informed Jews from every corner of the globe are getting increasingly worried about rank anti-Semitism exploding throughout the world.

If Israel feels compelled to attack Iraqi troops advancing toward her border through Jordan, the average American may feel that the problem is the Israelis, not the Arabs.  Certainly, few Americans will ever know the extreme Arab provocation that has precipitated the Israeli response.


A lack of coverage out of the Middle East is by no means the only instance of critically important news not being reported in this violent world of ours.  Consider this news report from a subscriber living in the rural country of Great Britain:

"There is definitely no end to FMD [Foot-and-Mouth]. The area of Appleby-in-Westmorland is having many new cases being reported with the accompanying slaughter of animals. If you have access to a map of Cumbria county, 'Appleby' is about 10 miles southeast of Penrith along the A66 road." [Email dated 7/24/01]

What is this?  Foot-and-Mouth Disease is still going on in Great Britain?  Why, Prime Minister Tony Blair declared victory before the election, and we have heard virtually no news since then.  The average American is must think that the slaughter has stopped, the disease eradicated, and the farmers happy!  The reality is 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  Consider an email received today, 8/1/01:

"Here is some news that has just come out this week". [Since this email contained three numbered paragraphs, we shall list them all and then comment, below:]

"1. Foot & Mouth cases are up in Wales. On Wednesday (July 25th) evening came the news farmers had been dreading - upwards of 10,000 sheep on the vast Brecon Beacons in the heart of Britain's biggest sheep-herding area now have to be slaughtered."

"2. Farmer's Foot & Mouth disease compensation cheques are being paid by the "EU Livestock Reduction Fund". Compensation cheques are being paid directly into farm bank accounts instead of first being sent to the farmer. Farmers only became aware that cheques were not drawn on DEFRA or the Government when they were alerted by bank staff."

 "3. Prime Minister Tony Blair has ordered a halt to all final stage C and D disinfecting and cleansing work, affecting an estimated 5,800 farms. The halt could cause major repercussions for stock movements later this autumn. Vast numbers of animals have to be moved from mid-August onwards. If this does not happen, farmers will lose to the Livestock Welfare Disposal Scheme a significant percentage of animals because of over-stocking problems and lack of forage."

Comment on Paragraph #1:  Just a few days ago, the story broke that 4,000 sheep were going to have to be slaughtered because of a "renewal" of outbreak of FMD [Foot-and-Mouth Disease].  Now, we learn that another 6,000 head of sheep are being slaughtered.  Cattle are also being slaughtered and I suspect pigs as well.  Yet, the Major News Media in Great Britain seems somewhat mute on this subject, and American news is not carrying it at all.

Comment on Paragraph #2:  I find it highly interesting that farmer's compensation is not being paid by the British government, but by a group called, "EU Livestock Reduction Fund".  The way this fund is worded makes you almost believe that a reduction in livestock is both planned and wanted by the European Union, of which Britain is a member.  You might say that the disease is so bad that the livestock numbers must be reduced in order to contend with the disaster.

And I would say to you that this benign disease that is not fatal to animals -- two out of three that get it, recover -- and is not at all fatal to humans, should not be a disaster.  What is making FMD a disaster is the horrible, almost insane, over-reaction to it by the Blair Government.  However, the name of the fund by which the farmers are being compensated almost sounds like the objective is what Extreme Environmentalist Jeremy Rifkin envisioned in his book, "The Rise and Fall of the Beef-eating Culture" [Read NEWS1507 and NEWS1510], namely the total eradication of the Beef Culture.

Comment on Paragraph #3:  By not disinfecting 5,800 farms, Prime Minister Blair simply compounds the financial disaster the farmers are already facing right now.  All farms not disinfected cannot immediately return to livestock production, another goal of the Extreme Environmentalists.

I wonder how long before Prime Minister Blair announces his new "farm policy" he promised before the election.  Since Blair won re-election with a landslide, he can rightfully claim he has a mandate to effect sweeping changes in the entire farming and ranching communities.  Then, he will show his true colors, and the farmers will really and truly be squeezed out of business.

Consider this email I received today from Farmers For Action [FFA] in Great Britain.  These farmers have been trying to battle the Blair Government in its nearly insane program of Foot-and-Mouth Disease.  Consider the nearly hysterical tone of their email to their members, urging immediate action.

"It is now 1st August 2001. FMD has been rampaging through our countryside for at least 163 days, thousands of healthy animals have been destroyed. In this period, the government have [sic] taken away the livelihoods of hundreds of farmers and their families. We are in the last summer month of 2001 and the disease shows no signs of being eradicated, we cannot allow it to continue into the winter months."

"Time has run out for the government and the NFU [National Farmer's Union, accused of being controlled outright by the Blair Government]. This organisation has done virtually nothing, the little they may have done has come too late. The 20 day standstill rule looks as though it may become law, how on earth have the NFU allowed this to happen? Millions of light lambs are to be culled for £10 each, putting our sheep farmers out of business, whilst NZ lamb is flooding in, it is farcical. Would this happen in any other country? Of course not. We are now calling on all FMD groups to contact us ... Farmers For Action have [sic] the experience and ability to make a difference as we proved last September.   Time is running out, if we don’t  grasp this opportunity of working together, we are finished. Therefore, we urge you to contact us asap."

Certain words of finality and despair jump right out of this article, do they not?

"Time has run out ..."

"... putting our sheep farmers out of business ..."

"Time is running out ..."

"... if we don't grasp this opportunity of working together, we are finished."

This entire sorry FMD planned crisis has always had the objective of putting the farmer and rancher out of business -- permanently -- along with all the supporting businesses that processes the meat and gets it to the Retail shelves.   This FMD planned crisis has always had the objective of permanently removing the farm and ranch from Mother Earth -- Mother Gaia -- so She can return to her pristine state, so that She can be "rewilded".


Now, word has reached us that the Blair Government is suddenly going to dramatically slash FMD payouts for the animals already slaughtered!  Surprise, surprise!!  During the first stage of this FMD slaughter, before the early June election, the only reason more farmers and ranchers were not so upset that they were ready to take on the government is that they were promised that ample monetary compensation would flow rapidly.  Therefore, most of them did not actively resist the efforts of the Government slaughterers.  Now, if these farmers are not going to be paid either amply or quickly, a huge new terrible dimension of this entire sorry episode is about to get under way.

Consider this News Brief:  "Ministers to slash foot and mouth pay-outs", by Sean Poulter, Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Daily Mail, 31-07-01.

"The amount of compensation paid to farmers whose animals are culled because of foot-and-mouth is to be dramatically cut back, the Government announced yesterday.  The decision comes after it emerged that 1,000,000 pounds was being spent in compensation and clean-up for each infected farm ... Farmers reacted furiously to the move, claiming it was both unfair and could slow down attempts to wipe out the disease."

These poor farmers still do not understand the ultimate objective here, do they?  They think the Blair Government really wants to "wipe out the disease", when the real objective is to wipe out the entire meat-growing and meat-processing business, just as Jeremy Rifkin outlined. 

Back to this News Brief:

"The Government had initially offered standard valuations for culled livestock -- which were often far higher than would have been received at market -- in order to speed up the slaughter and disposal programme.  Under the revised scheme, the amount paid for slaughtered animals will be decided by an independent valuer.  The effect is likely to cut the compensation figures ..."

When the objective is to drive the farmer and rancher out of business and destroy the entire meat-growing business, then such flip-flop decisions make sense.  In fact, this is the only way in which you can understand these contrary decisions -- made,  then reversed, and then changed again.

At the beginning of this article, I stated that the American Mass Media was not reporting that the FMD slaughter program was continuing, leading many average Americans to believe the crisis was over and no more animals were being slaughtered.  This next paragraph of this Daily Mail article is simultaneously revealing and shocking.  Keep in mind that, in April-May, when news reports abounded of the FMD, the average number of animals being slaughtered was 3,300 per day. 

Listen to this report:

"There are still up to 42,000 animals being slaughtered every week ..."

My friends, that is 6,000 animals per day being slaughtered, 95% of which are perfectly healthy!!  Thus, in the 7 weeks since the Blair re-election victory in early June, about 300,000 additional animals have been needlessly slaughtered.  The daily rate is double what it was running in April-May, even though no news reports in America are occurring!

When will this senseless carnage end?  It will end when the entire meat-growing business is destroyed, and the land returned to the care of Mother Gaia.  Doubt it not, and trust not the Blair Government, nor any other Illuminist Government.  This is the plan, and you are seeing it worked out in daily steps, backed by high-minded rhetoric by the Blair Government to keep the people off-balance and still trusting in government to "eradicate the disease" and allow the farmers to "restock".

None of this will happen, of course.  And, very soon, this senseless FMD carnage will come to America, then to Australia, and then to New Zealand, and then to South America. Soon, the entire earth will be free of the "scourge" of the meat-growing and processing business, people's diets will have changed to Vegetarianism, and Mother Gaia will enjoy "balance" once again.

I do not exaggerate, and please do not be deceived.


These examples are but two of many that are not being reported by American Mass Media.  Why is this so?  I must confess I do not know, except to realize that, for some reason, the Illuminati does not want the American public to know what is occurring right now in the Middle East and in Great Britain.  Ignorance is serving their agenda right now, and that troubles me greatly.  When all-out war does break out in the Middle East following the completion of Step #4 of the New Jerusalem Covenant Project Plan, many people will be caught totally unawares.

Similarly, when FMD suddenly hits the United States, the average American will be caught flat-footed. 

I guess such a condition will serve the Illuminati well, since they can more easily stampede a people who have no idea what is happening and why.

Truly, no one can rely solely on the American Mass Media to get the truth as to what is really occurring around the world.  You need to electronically scan such news services as the BBC, the Jerusalem Post, and other foreign news sources.  Then, you can keep yourself informed, and those people in your personal Sphere of Influence.

The news clearly shows the final rush to the global Government, Economy, and Religion of which Bible prophecy speaks most clearly.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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