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NEWS BRIEF:  "News From The Front #47, What The Klamath Project Farmers Should Do and Why", http://www.buchal.com/salmon/news/nf47.htm 

"On April 3, 2001, the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations obtained an injunction from United States District Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong in San Francisco.  The injunction bars the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation from delivering any water to farmers from the Klamath Basin project whenever Klamath River flows at Iron Gate Dam drop below "minimum flows" recommended by one Dr. Thomas Hardy.  As Judge Johnson put it, the claims in the lawsuit 'revolve around the needs of the SO/NCC coho salmon', which have been listed as 'threatened' by the National Marine Fisheries Service."

"The listing itself is a fraud.  There is no chance that the Southern Oregon/Northern California coho salmon, a bureaucratic grouping of dozens of coho runs in Southern Oregon and Northern California, will go extinct.  In 1998, I took the depositions of several government biologists, who all testified that there was 'no way' that coho in the Rogue River, one of the many runs,  would go extinct.  Obviously, the possibility that the entire SO/NCC group would disappear is even smaller.  Since 1998, coho runs have improved further, and last week, the federally-controlled Pacific Fishery Management Council has approved a 'tripling of the harvest' of coho salmon off the mouth of the Columbia River, which will probably  catch quite a few SO/NCC salmon as well.  So the first question Klamath farmers ought to ask is 'why are the fish listed at all?'  And 'why don't all the experts and professionals they have hired fight the listing?' "

For fully two decades now, the Extreme Environmentalists have been beating their drums that our hated Industrial Civilization, with the farming, ranching, and logging practices that support it, are endangering thousands of precious species and subspecies of animals.  About 20 years ago, these Extreme Environmentalists embarrassed themselves by loudly claiming that the Spotted Owl was endangered by "clearcutting practices" of the logging industry.  Of course, the industry does not clearcut and then refuse to replant, for such a practice makes no business sense; without a continuous supply of trees, these logging companies would soon be out of business, their stock worthless, and their top management fired.

Further, the environmentalist claim that Spotted Owls could not live anywhere but in the forests was clearly demolished by the news report that just such an owl had made its nest in a large outdoor K-Mart sign!  Undaunted, the "tree-huggers" switched their claim by saying that Spotted Owls needed "old growth" timber for their habitat.

For years, I have watched, and listened to, these almost maniacal people, thinking how fortunate America is that none of our elected officials are Extreme Environmentalists.  Thank God, I thought, that these environmentalists do not possess the political and/or judicial power that would force these terrible changes upon our country.  However, the advent of President Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore filled me with trepidation, for I knew they possessed sterling credentials as Extreme Environmentalists.  After all, Al Gore's book, Earth In The Balance , came out just before the Clinton Administration took office, establishing Gore's reputation as a preeminent "tree-hugger".

America is now over 8 years down the road, a time period in which Clinton was able to quietly staff judicial and administrative positions with "tree-huggers" of the most radical sort.  Klamath Falls' farmers are now finding out just how effective Clinton was in staffing the judicial and administrative positions with Extreme Environmentalists.  This answers the last question asked, above, as to why the "experts" hired by the Klamath Falls farmers have not been able to bring relief; they are fighting a judicial system that has long ago been stacked against the farmers, so that even the best lawyers are going to be stymied in their efforts to roll back this terrible situation.

Or, possibly, these lawyers hired to fight for the Klamath Falls farmers have been bullied into going along with the status quo; you know, "Go along to get along".

However, Clinton was also able to effectively make political money flow so that Extreme Environmentalists were able to run for local and state office, with a number of them winning.  This Klamath Falls fiasco began with a letter from the Oregon Governor, John Kitzhaber, who wrote:  "This year . . . we are seeing significantly higher salmon and steelhead runs. . . . the federal government must assure that water, in the maximum volume possible, is dedicated to instream purposes." Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber (April 3, 2001 letter to the Chairman of the Northwest Power Planning Council)

In this letter, Governor Kitzhaber raised the question of the water level being sufficient to care for all these "endangered" salmon.  This water level issue brings us to the second part of our feature news story concerning the bogus water level minimum set which would bring the government into action.  Dr. Thomas Hardy is a good example of how State and Federal Governments have successfully planted their own Extreme Environmentalists in key positions well before the time for action had arrived.

Let us return to our feature news story.

"The second level of fraud is Dr. Hardy's "minimum flows".  Dr. Hardy's recommended flows for April are 3,307 cubic feet per second.  As the river flow chart from the U.S. Geological Survey demonstrates, a "minimum riverflow" of 3,307 cubic feet per second is a goal that the river very rarely achieves.  In fact, this level represents the highest level the river has historically achieved, not the average.  Thus, these 'minimum flows' are not minimum flows at all.  Rather, they are a politically-driven target that can never be achieved, just like temperature standards and many other regulations spreading across the Pacific Northwest.  This permits the media and environmentalists to crow that 'our rivers' are 'not meeting standards'.  Ordinary people still think that if the government comes up with standards, they must be right.  Perhaps recognizing that Dr. Hardy's 'science' was essentially pure speculation, Judge Armstrong adopted it on the ground that 'neither the Bureau nor Intervenor direct the Court to any better science'." [Ibid.]

When you look at the chart, you see the word "median" is used to denote the levels in the vicinity of 3,000+ cubic feet per second.  This word means, "average" so you would think that the 3,000+ cubic feet per second river flow is the average, with some levels as high as 5,000 cubic feet, perhaps, and some as low as maybe 1,500.  However, this is not the case.  The average river flow is less than 2,000 cubic feet per second, while the 3,307 cubic feet per second represents a high level that the river rarely achieves.

Thus, the Federal Government's scientist, Dr. Thomas Hardy, has lied to the Federal Judge in San Franciso in order to make his case that the Klamath River farmers should be denied water for their farms in order to preserve the salmon and steelhead runs.  These 'unprecedented' runs need 3,000+ cubic feet per second flow, and the river was running 'only' at 1,720 cubic feet per second.  This level of flow did not meet "government standards", so the farmers were denied their water.

The Federal Government took this action under the Endangered Species Act, which is an act passed in order to placate the Extreme Environmentalists; few Americans ever thought that the provisions of this act would be used -- rather, mis-used -- in order to drive 1,400 Klamath Valley farmers from their lands, but that is exactly what is happening.  By the time this case winds it way to the Supreme Court, many if not most of these farmers may be bankrupt.  I believe the Endangered Species Act is the most diabolical law ever passed, one that was intended to be sprung upon an unsuspecting public when the time was right.  This law is straight out of Hell, and could very well be the major instrument to drive the New World Order spear right through the heart of our Industrial Civilization.

Listen to our feature story:

"... three days after Judge Armstrong's decision, the Bureau announced a zero water supply allocation for most of the families who irrigate their farms and ranches from the Klamath Project.  Many of them, who have been serving their customers for decades, will go bankrupt, and at least $150 million a year in agricultural earnings will vanish.  Lives will be ruined, and honest, hardworking folk put on the dole."

In NEWS1507, entitled, "British Government Seems To Be Fulfilling The Dream of Extreme Environmentalist Jeremy Rifkin", we show that he advocated a complete collapse of the meat-growing and meat-processing industries.  At the heart of Rifkin's vision is a hatred of our Industrial Civilization, coupled with a vision to force mankind to return to the Agricultural economy of 300 years ago!  Rifkin argues that our Industrial Civilization is built completely on high-entropy, and needed to be abolished.


The New Age Dictionary defines 'entropy' as, a "measure of disorder or unavailable or unusable energy; the tendency to run down or to burn out" [Page 58].  Rifkin and other New Age writers have been shouting for decades now that our current Industrial Civilization is running on High Entropy, i.e., using so much energy that it is unstable, unsustainable, running down, and burning out.  Whenever you see the word, 'sustainable', or 'unsustainable', you know you are looking at a code word for dismantling our Industrial Civilization.

In his book, Entropy, Rifkin argues that the world needs to return to a civilization of Low Entropy.  Listen to his own writings:  "If we continue to ignore the truth of the Entropy Law ... then we shall do so at the risk of our own extinction ... Entropy is a measure of the amount of energy no longer capable of conversion into work ... Energy can only be transferred to a dissipated state." [Ibid., p. 35].  Therefore, Rifkin and his ilk believe that we must take steps to achieve some Low-Entropy, steady state type of economy.  Conversion to this type of economy requires not only a 'new world view', but also a draconian crisis in order to transfer from one state to the other.  Listen:

"The radical change in world view required to make this transition will have to be accomplished virtually overnight.  There will be no time for polite debate, subtle compromise, or momentary equivocation.  To succeed will require a zealous determination -- a militancy, if you will -- of Herculean proportions." [Ibid., p. 186].

Great Britain is going through a "draconian crisis" with the staged Foot-and-Mouth Disease, a crisis that has devastated farmers and ranchers virtually overnight, with no "polite debate", no subtle compromise", and no "momentary equivocation".  Thousands of farmers and ranchers have seen between 4-6 million head of absolutely healthy cattle, sheep, and pigs destroyed in pursuit of "eradication" of a disease that is mild amongst animals and absolutely no threat to humans! 

What most people do not realize is that the Illuminist Blair Government is not out to "eradicate" Foot-and-Mouth Disease, but to eradicate the meat-growing and processing industry in Great Britain.

The Klamath Falls farmers are not meat-growing ranchers; their primary crops are fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  However, their rich produce does support the "High-Entropy" lifestyle inherent in our current Industrial Civilization.  Therefore, these poor farmers are as much a target for the Extreme Environmentalists as are the cattle and sheep ranchers of Great Britain.      

In both Great Britain and the state of Oregon, the poor farmers and ranchers have no idea that they are in their current dire state of affairs because of Black Magick Ideology foisted upon them by the most radical environmentalists in history!  The farmers are blaming their predicament upon the "stupidity" of their own government leaders, not realizing they are the first intended victims of the planned "cleansing" of Mother Earth {Gaia}so that mankind can return to a Low Entropy lifestyle, so Gaia can return to her historical "balance" of Nature. 

Farmers and ranchers are the first victims of a secret religious ideology that should scare every thinking citizen throughout the world.

This is THE reason British Prime Minister Tony Blair has killed up to 6 million head of perfectly healthy animals, driving farmers and ranchers into bankruptcy; this is THE reason a Federal Judge in San Francisco has decided that protecting salmon and steelhead who are not endangered is more important than people, potentially driving thousands of farmers and ranchers into bankruptcy.


NEWS BRIEF:  "Farmers to fight minnow action", 2001-07-20 By Ron Jenkins Associated Press Writer.

"OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma Farm Bureau announced today that it has set up a legal foundation and is mapping plans to file a lawsuit protesting the federal government's actions to protect a minnow. Earlier this year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared waterways in western Oklahoma and parts of three other states as a critical habitat region under the Endangered Species Act, a move to further protect the Arkansas River shiner."

Notice that the Bush Administration is using the coveted legislation of the Extreme Environmentalists -- the Endangered Species Act -- in order to protect the "minnow" of all fishes!  "Waterways in western Oklahoma and parts of three other states" have just been declared off-limits because the Federal Government has decided that minnows are more important than people and their livelihoods!

Why isn't the "Compassionate, Conservative, Christian" administration of George W. Bush jumping all over the officials of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for this "draconian" and mightily stupid ruling?  President Bush has rolled back a few actions Clinton carried out before he left office, but Bush has allowed the critical rulings to stand.  And, this is one of them, for in this Endangered Species Act lies the seeds of the deliberate destruction of our current Industrial Civilization.

To see how true this threat is to our current way of life, you need only read on in this article to see how these environmental regulations are aimed at the underlying infrastructure of our civilization.  "Under regulations that went into effect earlier this year, federal permit applications for road and bridge construction, channel work, flood control and other activities in the affected areas must be reviewed for any detrimental consequences on the habitat. Oklahoma farmers fear the designation could lead to restrictions on the use of fertilizers or pesticides on their land."

Thus, any bridge that needs repairing has to be reviewed for its impact on "the habitat".  Not surprisingly, Oklahoma D.O.T. officials will discover that the majority of their requests for minor things like bridge and road repair will be turned down, if not for the sake of the minnow, then for the sake of the groundhog, or some insignificant species of frog!  The net effect will be to strangle access to the areas serviced by the roads and/or bridges.  Cut off areas will begin to economically die.

And, farmers are certainly correct to be worried that their continued use of fertilizers and pesticides on their privately-owned land will fall under these new Endangered Species requirements.  New Age authors have consistently railed about both fertilizers and pesticides being used in farming and private property generally, even homes.  Next year, the pesticide Diazinon will no longer be allowed to be sold to homeowners, even if it means your lawn dies because of the various pests it kills.  You see, Extreme Environmentalists look at well-manicured lawns with great anger, because such lawns are the perfect symbol of the High Entropy lifestyle that they believe is currently killing Mother Nature {Gaia}.  They look with similar anger upon the backyard barbecue and the lawn mower, and for the same reasons.  Literally, today the farmers and ranchers are the targets, but sooner rather than later, the homeowner will feel the whip of the Extreme Environmentalist.  And, President Bush will  NOT be riding to the rescue.

The territory covered by this sweeping declaration is not small.  "Affected areas are portions of the Cimarron River in Oklahoma and Kansas, the Beaver/North Canadian River in Oklahoma, the Canadian/South Canadian River in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas and the Arkansas River in Kansas ... Most of the water in question is in 22 western Oklahoma counties ... The federal government, citing a severe drop in the population of the minnow species, designated 1,148 miles of rivers as critical habitat, including land at least 300 feet on both sides of the streams."

The very fact that this Bush Administration edict included 300 feet on both sides of the streams proves that the extreme views of Jeremy Rifkin and his New World Order allies are being followed.  Listen to Rifkin's statement on the importance of "protecting" both sides of the rivers and streams.

"America's western range will slowly come to life again.  Ancient rivers will flow, their waters bathing and healing thousands of damaged riparian zones across the great plains.  Native wildflowers and perennial bunchgrasses will sprout and bloom, spreading a verdant carpet across the western landscape.  Cottonwood trees will shade the prairie once again, providing refuge for thousands of native birds.  Streams and springs will come to life, bringing back freshwater trout and other native fish.  The large mammals of the plains -- elk, moose, pronghorn, antelope, bighorn sheep -- will repopulate the western range once again, their numbers spreading out to fill the millions of acres of restored grassland.  Predator species will thrive.  Coyotes, wolves, bobcats, mountain lions, and lynx will steal their way back onto the great western range, performing their traditional role of culling big animal herds to ensure that native species do not exceed the carrying capacity of the plains ecosystems." ["Beyond Beef ", p.  289-290]

This Utopia is the End Game for these Extreme Environmentalists, especially those wielding power in Local, State, and Federal Governments.  Let us examine this issue just a little bit more.


One of the 'benefits' of this disaster is the degree to which it exposes the current Local, State, and Federal officials for the "tree-huggers" they truly are at heart.  Listen to some facts:

"The [Klamath Project] disaster brought a parade of politicians to the Klamath Basin.  On Friday, April 13, 2001, Governor Kitzhaber visited.  When the crowd hissed at him, he said, in substance, he would leave if they did not quiet down.  They quieted down, like sheep, while he pretended powerlessness.  'The biggest problem with the Endangered Species Act', said the Governor, 'is how the act is implemented.'  Governor Kitzhaber didn't tell the angry crowd is that he and his appointees are the very problem ... implementing the Act on behalf of the feds, or that the Governor himself has lobbied, over and over again, to bring the Endangered Species Act down on the backs of Oregonians." [What The Klamath Project Farmers Should Do, and Why"]  

This is classic Illuminist double-speak.  Governor Kitzhaber sparked this latest crisis in Klamath Valley by his earlier plea to the Chairman of the Northwest Power Planning Council, quoted above.  Listen to his plea again:  ""This year . . . we are seeing significantly higher salmon and steelhead runs. . . .  the federal government must assure that water, in the maximum volume possible, is dedicated to instream purposes."

Thus, in typical fashion, the Governor created the problem, and then distanced himself from the after effects by complaining about how the Endangered Species Act is "implemented".  He is the one who "implemented" it in this Klamath Project disaster.

His hypocrisy may astound some who are not familiar with those who are into the occult, either the fluffy New Age or the hardcore Illuminati.  However, such people do not admit to the existence of an absolute Right or Wrong, and they believe, as do their Communist cousins, that the Ends Justify the Means .

Therefore, the Utopian dreams of the Extreme Environmentalists justify the exceedingly harsh economic hardships individuals are suffering, from the West Coast of Oregon, to the plains of Oklahoma and Texas, to the fields of Great Britain -- and soon, all points in between.

What is this Utopian dream?  They dream of a world, and an America, in which the human population has been "thinned out" by two-thirds, by 4 billion people.  Then, they dream of a world in which human beings -- the most dangerous animal in the Evolutionary ladder -- are prevented from living anywhere they choose.  Rather, humans will be tightly controlled as to where they can live, work, and carry out any of their activities.  The land will be "re-wilded", that is, will go back to its original wild condition.  This map, above, clearly demonstrates this Utopian dream; study it carefully, for this is their ultimate plan!


Officer Jack Redfield of the Klamath Police Department delivered a speech on July 28, 2001, in which he correctly identified the true forces at work in this water supply  mess and he correctly predicted some of the societal changes he sees on the horizon.  After this speech, the Klamath Police Department placed Officer Redfield on "Administrative Leave", proving once again that officials at the Local, State, and Federal Governments are fully in sync with this Extreme Environmentalist position.  Listen to exerpts of Officer Redfield's speech, which he entitled, "The Straw That Could Break America's Back".

"Many residents of Klamath County reading this letter will identify my name with law enforcement as I have been a member of the Klamath Falls Police Department for over 39 years ... It is my opinion as a private citizen of Oregon and the United States and as a small ranch operator. I am not affected financially to the degree of other Klamath Basin ranchers due to non-ranch related income. I am also one of the fortunate few who irrigates from a well (for the time being), but there is no doubt that the so-called environmentalists will be initiating an effort to control or stop irrigation from ground water in the near future."

"My considered opinion of the recent water crisis in the Klamath Basin, which has been initiated by the so-called environmentalists and our federal agencies, is that it is nothing more than an act of thinly disguised domestic terrorism directed at the economy of the US. "

Officer Redfield gets it!  He understands the ultimate goal of the Extreme Environmentalists.  And, for this understanding, he was suspended, placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation!  What is the Klamath Police Force going to "investigate" Officer Redfield for -- properly understanding what is about to hit this country? 

Let us continue with Officer Redfield's enlightened letter:

"I believe that the people who are orchestrating this atrocity are not environmentalists at all (although they may be being manipulated into believing they are doing the right thing), but that they are actually acting in the capacity of environmental and/or economic terrorists (or at least extremists) who are launching a severe and effective attack upon the economy of the United States."

Once again, Officer Redfield hits the proberbial nail on the head!  The Illuminists who are behind this environmentalism understand that what they are doing is using Black Magick ideology to inflame the passions of tens of millions of Americans so that they can destroy the United States as we enter into the New World Order -- the Kingdom of Antichrist.  In Seminar Two, we demonstrate that the original plan for America back in 1776 was that she would be the New Atlantis that would lead the world into the New World Order, and that as the world was entering this new order, America was to die like the Phoenix Bird,  suddenly bursting into flames that quickly reduces the body of the bird to ashes; but, out of the ashes the New World Order would arise.  Thus, the original national bird was not the American Eagle, but the Phoenix Bird.  Top current Illuminist leadership is simply being true to the original occult goal for this country in planning for our demise as a nation.  Remember, America is the #1 High Entropy nation in the entire world, so we will be the #1 target for changing our economy to Low Entropy, i.e., Agricultural Economy like that of 300 years ago.  Every time you see an article on how America comprises only 5% of the world's population, but consumes "X-percent" of "whatever consumable", you know you are looking at propaganda designed to move this country away from our Industrial Civilization.

Let us hear some more from Officer Redfield:

"The same environmentalist extremists enjoyed a good deal of success in recent years with the spotted owl, which was also nothing more than an excuse to destroy the logging industry. There is no doubt that had the spotted owl not been considered an endangered species, they would have easily found another creature, be it a reptile, fish, other bird, rodent, etc. that needed to be protected to further their cause. So be it with the suckers. In other parts of the nation where such nonsense is starting, I am hearing reports of endangered gnatcatchers, shrimp, turtles, other fish, etc."

Once again, Officer Redfield proves he is looking above the current fray, and is seeing the larger picture.  He understands that this battle in Klamath Falls over farmer's water is nothing more nor less than one battle soon to extend over this entire land; he further understands that the "endangered species" supposedly being protected will differ depending upon the locality.  But, the effect of driving farmers from their land will remain the same.

Officer Redfield then demonstrates just how much he does understand the larger picture:

"This is NOT a local issue. I would suggest that the Klamath Basin attack is nothing more than a test case. With the success that the environmental extremists and some out of control federal agents (so called public servants, HAH) have recently enjoyed, they will not stop in the Klamath Basin. They are already up to their devious evil in other parts of Oregon and in other states. Considering that there is a good deal of agriculture in nearly every state in the nation, this thing will spread like wildfire and before long I believe that our way of life as we now know it will be very different."

Every state in the nation, Officer Redfield warns, will face its own version of the Klamath Falls water fiasco.  In this article, above, we included the  Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico disaster, where the minnow fish is supposedly in so much danger that over 1,100 miles of waterway needed to be placed off limits to local farmers.  Every state in this nation is truly the goal. 

Redfield continues: 

"Recently the terrorists/extremists have enjoyed a tremendous success in shutting down our local agriculture with no regards at all to the misery and destruction of thousands of local ranchers, farmers, local business people. They have also found a great amount of support through the liberal federal court system ..."

As we stated earlier, the Clinton Administration spent their 8 years productively for the cause, staffing thousands of positions throughout the Judiciary and the Administratitve branch with people committed to the Extreme Environmentalist cause.  Truly, we are facing a "liberal federal court system".  But, we are also facing State and Local officials who are secretly committed to this radical agenda.

Officer Redfield then moved to the probable societal effects as farmers realize they are losing everything for which they have worked for many years, including lands that have been in their family for generations.

"As the extremists and out of control federal agents continue to push and as the agricultural people see their fields turn brown and their entire lives destroyed, their frustration will undoubtedly escalate to the point of boiling over. It won't take much from Andy Kerr or Wendell Wood or their like to spark an extremely violent response. I am talking about rioting, homicides and destruction of property like dams that hold the precious water from the agricultural community."

"When you expand the crisis to our 50 states over the next year or two as this madness progresses, you are looking at the destruction of the livelihoods of millions of people and businesses. Will that strike a violent response? I think so!"

The Illuminati plans huge outbreaks of violence across this land, especially in our cities, as we move into the Kingdom of Antichrist.  Such violence plays into their hands as they can then call in foreign troops to enforce the "peace".  Perhaps much of the violence may come from the farming community.  At some point down the road, selected farming communities are also going to be under attack from the Foot-and-Mouth Disease, as we re-play the scenario occurring in Great Britain.  I wonder if the communities who will suffer from the madness of FMD are communities in which the Extreme Environmentalists could not find an "endangered species" they could rush in to rescue?

Officer Redfield then lifts his eyes beyond America's borders:

"Is there a possibility that this could lead to civil war within the United States? I think the potential for extreme violence, even to the extent of Civil war is possible if action is not taken in the very near future to remedy this tragedy ... Are other nations who depend heavily on agriculture, such as Australia experiencing an attack of the same nature?"

Now, Officer Redfield comes close to understanding the true nature of this scenario; yes, all agricultural nations are planned to similarly go into such a destructive scenario that will destroy their economic base.  All nations of the world are going to be forced to change from High to Low Entropy.

At the end, however, Officer Redfield appeals to the very powers that are behind this nonsense in the first place, showing he does not understand who is truly behind this sorry state of affairs:

"I am seriously afraid that if our United States Congress and the Federal Court System does not wake up and stop this madness, this nation is about to experience an era that has the potential to severely damage or completely destroy our nation's economy. Should this happen, all the efforts of our political leaders, military forces and loyal U.S. citizens in the history of our nation will have gone for naught. The promises of the United States government to all those veterans of foreign wars and other United States citizens will become as worthless as their dry fields. God help us if our federal government doesn't come to their senses and recognize the extreme danger of this fiasco before it is too late!"

He appeals to the very powers behind this fiasco:  Federal Government officials.  It does not matter whether we elect Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, to major positions, as they are all committed to the same secret agenda. This is not a movie like Conspiracy Theory, in which rogue Feds are taken out by the "good guy" Feds, rescuing the entire world.  There are no "good guy" Feds, and there will be no "rescue".

Do not be deceived:  this entire sorry mess is tied together -- by Extreme Environmentalism .  As Gorbachev said, "The threat of environmental crisis will be the 'international disaster key' that will unlock the New World Order."  [Read NEWS1498 for full details]

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