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Subtitle: Suddenly, the C.F.R. is taking the lead in setting the stage diplomatically that could result in the creation of the Palestinian State. Remember the wording of the Plan: "fear of war must be maintained until all political and religious changes have been instituted." [n1052]

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NEWS BRIEF: "C.F.R. Proposes New Israeli Withdrawal Plan Using Saudi Arabia", by DEBKAfile, 25 February 2002.

""Probably no one was more surprised than Saudi Arabia’s virtual ruler, Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, by the furor – including Israel president Moshe Katsav’s offer to fly to Riyadh – raised by a single sentence he uttered in an interview to the New York Times columnist Thomas L, Friedman, after it was published February 18:

'…this is exactly the idea I had in mind – full withdrawal from all the occupied territories, in accordance with UN resolutions, including in Jerusalem, for full normalization of relations. I have drafted a speech along those lines [for the Arab League summit meeting in Beirut on March 28].' "

Later on in this article, the writers of this DEBKAfile article described Prince Abdullah's remarks as a "throwaway phrase", meaning that he had just uttered a plan about which he gave little thought beforehand, and was so shocked that everyone -- including the Israelis -- had suddenly jumped on his plan with full enthusiasm!

Nothing could be further from the truth. In this Illuminist world, nothing major ever happens by chance, or by a "throwaway phrase". Remember, the Illuminati believes so strongly in the Dialectic Process that they go to great lengths to institute it in every significant part of their plans. As we have repeatedly stated, this process is also called the Hegelian Doctrine, and is simply stated, "Conflict brings about Change and Controlled Conflict brings about Controlled Change" Seminar 2, "America Determines the True Flow of History"].

This Hegelian Doctrine, though, is difficult to implement because the Illuminati must control both sides of a conflict. When they control both sides, then nothing major is left to chance. No surprise action can occur that will spell the doom of the Controlled Conflict.

In this Middle East conflict, the Illuminati controls all parties involved, although the average citizen will never understand it. Let us review the major players to see how the Illuminati controls them:

Israel -- The Illuminist Rothschild family financed Israel's return to her land beginning in 1896, continuing through May 15, 1948. The Illuminati has controlled every Prime Minister since 1948 and all the major politicians. The American CIA controls the Israeli Prime Minister. [Read NEWS2128 for full details].

Palestinian Arafat -- The Russian KGB [Illuminist] blackmailed Yassir Arafat to be the head of the newly formed Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1970 and has controlled him ever since [NEWS1429]. Thus, in this conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arafat, remember this fact: the Russian Illuminist KGB controls Arafat and the American Illuminist CIA controls Israel. Thus, all is going according to the Five Step Jerusalem Covenant Project Plan [Read NEWS1529 for full details].

Iraq -- Saddam Hussein has always been controlled by the Illuminati. For proof of this fact, you need look no further than the end of the Gulf War of 1991. Even though American forces had Saddam on the ropes, and were within hours of reaching Baghdad, President Bush, Sr., suddenly and inexplicably ordered our forces to cease operations and stop advancing. The world gasped at this unexpected turn of events; Bush's explanation that United Nations guidelines for the war did not involve going to Baghdad, did not sit well with the average citizen. But, when you understand that the Illuminati controls Saddam, then Bush's decision makes perfect sense.

Saudi Arabia -- Even though much press has been aired about Saudi Arabia financing terrorists, and moving away from firm support of our policies, symbols on the ground tell a far different story. On January 21, 2002, Rense.com ran a story of a new huge tower that Saudi Arabia had just constructed. The article was entitled, "The New Faisaliah Giant Obelisk - Occult Symbolism?" [http://www.rense.com/general19/occ.htm]

This tower was shaped like the phallic symbol known as the Obelisk, the renowned and famed symbol of worship by every stripe of occultist since the Egyptian Mysteries Satanic Religion nearly 4,000 years ago. The very fact that Saudi Arabian leaders built this phallic monstrosity demonstrates their Illuminist anchor.

Furthermore, the construction of this obelisk was built according to the sacred occult numbers that demonstrate intent, i.e., proves that this obelisk was deliberately constructed to prove to the world that Saudi Arabia was firmly in the Illuminist camp. "... there are 3 sections of 10 floors each with 3 main dividers = 33. The previous city limit for building height was 14-stories." [Ibid.]

The number 3 is sacred as it represents the Pagan Trinity -- Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet. The number '10' is the number of the Upright Perfected man standing apart from any need for religion [Francis Goodman, Sacred Symbols, p. 46-7].

Finally, the number '33' is the most sacred number of all. It was the age of Jesus Christ at the time of His death, and it is the highest ranking level of Visible Masonry [Read free001a for full details on Visible vs Invisible Masonry]. This number is also '11 x 3', which is indicative of Antichrist. The number '11' is associated with Antichrist both in the Bible [Daniel 7:7-8] and in the Satanic plans of the Illuminati [Read the following articles speaking of the importance of the number '11' -- NEWS1533, NEWS1538, and NEWS1541].

The number '33' was so important to the Illuminati that two of their most important personages in 20th Century history came to power in 1933. Black Magick Adolf Hitler came to power in January, 1933, followed by White Magic practitioner President Franklin D. Roosevelt. World War II was inevitable the moment these two men stepped on the world stage in 1933 [Read NEWS1056 and NEWS1057 for full understanding].

But, then the author of this Rense article notes one other most noteworthy detail of this brand new obelisk. Listen:

"What is even more interesting is the giant glowing red spherical object embedded in the topmost section of the tower: the "glittering golden globe" (all seeing eye?!) on top of which there is a hollow space and then a capstone!?! I have to say I had chills running down my spine when I first saw this colossal Masonic obelisk." [Ibid.; you can see the pictures of this obelisk and its "red spherical object" by clicking the above link and scrolling down the Rense.com article]

As the back of our One Dollar Bill demonstrates, the All-Seeing Eye of Horus is a most important symbol to the Illuminati. In Egyptian Mythology, Horus occupies the position of Lucifer the Son God, the Light-bearer. Having an All-Seeing Eye over a pyramid, or over an obelisk, is thoroughly and completely Luciferian Illuminist.

This obelisk just built in Saudi Arabia proves she is controlled by the Illuminati.

Syria and Iran are controlled by the Illuminati, although the controls are more invisible than with the countries listed above. For all the pontification and after all the rhetoric, Syria and Iran have not made any rash moves that would upset the Illuminati Plan. Russia has resigned the key diplomatic and military ties to Iran that had been cut off by the deliberate dissolution of the U.S.S.R. [Seminar 2, "America Determines The True Flow of History"]. The die has been cast with Iran to join Russia, to fulfill the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39 whereby Persia [Iran] marches with the Russian-led army against Israel in the "Latter Days".

Egypt has long been controlled by the Illuminati. After all, the Illuminati has copied wholesale from Egyptian Ancient Mysteries to build their brand of Luciferian worship. President Anwar Sadat so closely followed the Illuminist Plan concerning the Middle East that he signed a peace treaty with Israel, even though he knew his action clearly was opposed by the vast majority of Egyptian Muslims -- indeed, by the vast majority of all Muslims everywhere. After the peace treaty had been signed, Muslim extremists successfully assassinate President Sadat. Since Mubarak took power, he has moved just far enough away from the original peace treaty to placate his Muslim extremists without really abrogating the treaty so important to the Illuminist plan.

Throughout the Middle East, the Illuminati controls both sides of the Muslim/Israel conflict. When war comes, it will be exactly along the lines laid out by the final plan for the region and the world. Even though Conventional Wisdom will spin a reasonable explanation for the events occurring as they did, you will know the truth: events are occurring the way they are because the Plan is being followed very closely.


All the indicators flashing from the Middle East seem to indicate that the long-awaited -- and prophesied -- all-out regional war may be finally close at hand. Let us take a few moments to look at the events that seem to be indicating war.


""Israel set out on Thursday, February 28, to break the back of the Fatah-Tanzim’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, by thrusting for the first time in force into the large Nablus and Jenin refugee camps, the main forward bases for the suicide assailants who plague Israeli towns, villages, roads and military targets ... Sharon decided to break up the al Aqsa Brigades without delay for another reason revealed here by DEBKAfile’s military sources: the massive US military offensive against Iraq looming ahead ... Israel therefore decided on the destruction of the al-Aqsa Brigades in the Balata and Jenin refugee camps as a top priority, to enable free military movement in the event of war."

In 1996, the U.S. Representatives' Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare issued a study entitled, "Approaching the Next Arab-Israeli War". This study said that, while Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan, had committed to a plan to overwhelm Israel with their numerically superior forces, the Palestinians under Arafat were given a very special role. [Read NEWS1056 for full details]. Listen:

"Within Israel and on its borders, Arafat's 'Palestinians' will cause planned havoc .. Arafat's Palestinian Arab Police, in coordination with Hamas, will begin blowing up key targets, road junctions, preventing mobilization of Israel's civilian reserve soldiers from reaching their units at the front. In Judea and Samaria, roads will be mined and Israeli access blocked by shoulder-fired anti-tank missiles now smuggled in under the benign neglect of the government of Israel." [NEWS1056]

It seems logical that the reason the Israeli Defense Force [IDF] is carrying out this action is that Mossad knows this Arab plan to annihilate Israel is still in effect, and that Arafat's Palestinian forces are preparing to carry out their assigned role.

NEWS BRIEF: "Syrian moving forces in Lebanon", The Jerusalem Post, March 1, 2002, http://www.jpost.com/Editions/2002/03/01/LatestNews/LatestNews.44396.html

"... Syria moved forces in Lebanon ... Long convoys of soldiers reportedly moved in the direction of the Lebanon Valley."

NEWS BRIEF: "Evil Iraq must face action, says Blair", by Philip Webster, The Times Online, March 1, 2002, http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/0,,3-222284,00.html

"TONY BLAIR began preparing Britain for the second phase of the war on terrorism yesterday when he said that Iraq’s development of weapons of mass destruction was a threat to world stability. In a heightening of the rhetoric against Saddam Hussein Mr Blair virtually lined himself up behind President Bush’s portrayal of Iraq as part of an 'axis of evil'."

In the world of diplomacy, one of the warning signs for which to look that might signal imminent hostilities is a persistent and heightened rhetoric. In the past several months, Western rhetoric against Iraq has been racheting upward. In fact, Bush originally listed three rogue states that he claimed formed an "axis of evil"; they were Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. During the furor caused by naming these three states, Secretary of State Colin Powell made a very significant statement: he said the US has no plans to wage war on either Iran or North Korea. The fact that Powell left Iraq out of this disclaimer is a very diplomatic way of saying that war is, indeed, planned against Saddam Hussein!

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinian terrorists striking from Sinai may plunge region into all-out war", by DEBKAfile, 27 February 2002.

"A hit squad of three from El Arish, the desert town in Egyptian Sinai, crossed into Israel’s southern Negev at Mt. Harif, heavily armed with assault rifles, ammunition and the suicide’s weapon, a bomb belt, and headed for the Ramon Crater. This was the first terrorist infiltration to Israel’s southern desert area bordering Egypt in 14 years ... However, 12 km inside Israeli territory – before reaching the Ramon Crater - the terrorists were spotted by a military patrol. In the exchange of fire, all three were eliminated and two Israeli troops wounded ... This attempt was foiled, but more may follow, heralding, in the judgment of DEBKAfile ’s military experts, a fresh and serious escalation in Palestinian warfare, comparable to the introduction of mortar- and then rocket- weaponry against Israeli civilian targets."

For the past several months, Arafat has been gradually reorienting his forces so they will fight with both the weapons and the tactics of a regular military, rather than just performing as internal police forces. This particular foray does seem highly significant and escalatory, even though the terrorists were intercepted and killed by Israeli forces. Once again, Arafat seems to be "upping the ante", ratcheting up the terror and the fear of war.

As you can see from these recent news reports, the region seems to be headed toward all-out war. Most of the major players seem to be taking action that will inexorably move the world into the Middle East war that the Bible predicts and the New World Order Plan calls for that will ultimately produce Antichrist. Armies are marching, air forces are flying, and navies are sailing! It looks like all-out regional war for sure. Right?


Superficial looks can be deceiving, and this seemingly hot situation just might be one of them. Listen to the plan to produce Antichrist as given in a House of Theosophy seminar in August, 1991, by the New England Director, Bill Lambert. Bill had just returned from Jerusalem after being gone for three years; he had served on an Illuminist planning committee working on a plan for Jerusalem entitled, "The New Jerusalem Covenant Project".

As his seminar unfolded, I realized Bill was presenting a five-step program to produce their New Age Christ! As we give you these five steps, you will realize, from the benefit of hindsight, that the first two steps have already been carried out. These are the five steps to produce Antichrist [Read NEWS1052 for full seminar notes and NEWS1519 for the five steps explained thoroughly].


1. Three global conferences were to be held simultaneously -- Religious, Economic, Political. Religious conferences will create spiritual equivalent to United Nations
2. Threat of war must be maintained until all the desired changes are in place.
3. Once these conferences are held simultaneously, the next desired change will be to build a combination church/mosque/temple building in Jerusalem. --- Bill further stated that "any purely political settlement in the Middle East would not, by itself, bring peace. In other words, a purely political settlement would leave the religious nature of the problem unsolved."

"Any permanent solution to the Middle East conflict would also have to see the religious portion of the problem solved. Once this religious problem is solved, then the power and influence of the Orthodox Jews in Israel would permanently decline."

4. Pope visits combined Jewish/Christian/Muslim sector in Jerusalem to declare all religions are now one. This action will finally break the Middle East logjam.
5. New World Order can finally be established! Antichrist can finally arrive The Christ comes forward

As we reported in NEWS1400 and NEWS1402, Step One was achieved from August 28-September 10, 2000. Within days thereafter, Arafat began his Intifada, the beginning of Step Two -- threat of war. Notice what Lambert said about Step Two: "Threat of war must be maintained until all the desired changes are in place".

In other words, Step Two is the only step that is designed to possibly stay in effect all the way through the completion of Step 5, the appearance of Antichrist! Certainly, Step Two is designed to force the peoples of the world to accept Step 3. It seems likely that Step 3 could occur only if Jerusalem were to be controlled by the United Nations and only if a portion of the city were declared internationalized so a combination "church/mosque/temple building" could be built. Certainly, we have seen much rhetoric in the past six months about the internationalization of Jerusalem, so this step seems to be building in intensity.


This entire apparent build-up of forces seemingly marching to war may be intended solely to increase the intensity of this planned "threat of war" so that Steps 3 and 4 could be established. Certainly, we have seen repeated scenarios where war seemed ready to break out at a moment's notice, only to have the situation calm down before building up again.

As we reported in NEWS1587, Pope John Paul II signed an accord with Arafat in February, 2000, which called for a Palestinian State! Israel was not consulted prior to signing this accord. As you read the goals of this accord, you realize that, just maybe, a Palestinian State may have been inserted into the plans for Step 3.

Let us quickly review the rhetoric that is heating up right now concerning giving Arafat his nation. Remember, this rhetoric is occurring at the same time as the signs of war are heating up; the stories of war preparations and of the planned Palestinian State are occurring at the same time, running along parallel tracks. Remember, also, that a Palestinian State cannot occur unless Israel gives up some territory. Up to now, no Israeli politician would dare suggest the insane idea of withdrawing to pre-1967 borders.

NEWS BRIEF: "CFR Proposes New Israeli Withdrawal Plan Through Saudi Arabia", by DEBKAfile, 25 February 2000.

""Probably no one was more surprised than Saudi Arabia’s virtual ruler, Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, by the furor – including Israel president Moshe Katsav’s offer to fly to Riyadh – raised by a single sentence he uttered in an interview to the New York Times columnist Thomas L, Friedman, after it was published February 18:

'…this is exactly the idea I had in mind – full withdrawal from all the occupied territories, in accordance with UN resolutions, including in Jerusalem, for full normalization of relations. I have drafted a speech along those lines [for the Arab League summit meeting in Beirut on March 28]' ... Four days after the Friedman article appeared, the New York Times ran a follow-up by Henry Siegman, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, who quoted Saudi officials as saying that …”normalization of relations with Israel does not preclude Israeli sovereignty over the Western Wall in the Old City and over Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.” [Emphasis added]

If you read this paragraph carefully, you will notice that this sudden furor over the Saudi "peace plan" did not occur right away; rather, the furor began only when Henry Siegman, a senior fellow at the Council On Foreign Relations [CFR] "redefined" what the Saudi Prince had said, giving some flesh and a whole lot of diplomatic muscle, to the proposal. In other words, a light-fluff statement by the Saudi Prince is forgotten for four full days until a senior fellow at the CFR breathed new life and energy into those words. From my days in US Military Intelligence, this scenario seems manufactured by the CFR in order to promote its agenda for the region. If I am right, then two events should happen immediately.

First, other nations and leaders will jump on the bandwagon to support the "Saudi Peace Initiative".

Secondly, politicians and or nations who have steadfastly opposed this plan will suddenly announce their enthusiastic support.

Did we see this kind of reaction? Yes, we did!


NEWS BRIEF: "Arafat said to endorse Saudi Plan", The Jerusalem Post, 2/26/02, http://www.jpost.com/Editions/2002/02/26/News/News.44102.html

"Palestinian Authority Chairman Yassir Arafat endorsed Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud's peace plan yesterday, said Henry Siegman, a senior fellow and director of the US/Middle East Project at the Council on Foreign Relations, who met with Arafat yesterday." Notice again, how active Henry Siegman of the CFR is in this entire affair! This is a CFR plan!

NEWS BRIEF: "Mid-East Diplomacy Stepped Up", BBC News, 27 February 2002, http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1843000/1843420.stm

"The European Union's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, has arrived in the Saudi city of Jeddah to discuss a Middle East peace plan proposed by Crown Prince Abdullah ... He cut short his visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories so as to discuss the plan in Saudi Arabia."

Solana is a top Illuminist, very much in sync with the CFR.

NEWS BRIEF: "Saudi Peace Initiative Takes Root", BBC News, 26 February 2002, http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1841000/1841838.stm

"A peace initiative by Saudi Arabia is gathering fresh support. The proposal - for a full Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories in return for full normalisation of relations with the Arab states - was first made by Crown Prince Abdullah earlier in the month. The American Secretary of State Colin Powell has described it as important."

Another major CFR Illuminist, Colin Powell, jumps on the bandwagon, reversing long-held American policy. While the White House later expressed "reservations", the fact remains that a major American politician endorsed the plan. Then, this article states two other people are jumping on the bandwagon. This statement, below, followed directly the sentence describing Colin Powell's mild endorsement, above.

"So has the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan - and Israel's leading liberal newspaper. And yet, when the Saudi peace initiative was first made public in the New York Times just over a week ago, it failed to make much of a stir." Even this article notes that the first response to this statement was so mild that it hardly made any news. It was not until the CFR senior fellow breathed life into these mild-mannered words.

Israel's liberal newspapers should also be expected to support this plan, which they have.

NEWS BRIEF: "Saudi Move Stirs Regional Hopes", BBC News, 27 February 2002.

"Saudi proposals aimed at breathing new life into the Middle East peace process generate a range of comment in newspapers across the troubled region. In countries directly involved, such as Syria and Israel, papers tend to be more reticent on the issue, perhaps waiting to see more flesh on the bones of the Saudi plan before showing their hand."


NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli President Seeks Saudi Talks", BBC News, 25 February 2002, http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1840000/1840338.stm

"The Israeli President, Moshe Katsav, has said he is willing to travel to Saudi Arabia to discuss a new peace plan put forward by Crown Prince Abdullah. Alternatively, a statement by Mr Katsav's office said, the crown prince could come to Jerusalem for talks with the Israeli Government."

Now, this is hot news, indeed! No Israeli politician in the past would dare suggest that Israel withdraw to the pre-1967 borders. Most people instinctively understand that this type of withdrawal could very well prove to be fatal, since Israel would have no territory in which to absorb a military punch; her back would be to the wall immediately when the Arabs attacked. Yet, here we see a major Israeli politician so enthusiastically backing this CFR proposal that he even offers to travel to Saudi Arabia to further the plan!

But, then, further down this article, we discover that even Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is enthusiastic about this plan.

"Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was said to have asked the United States to help set up a meeting with Saudi officials to discuss the plan, although differences on the terms involved are already clear." [Ibid.]

Now, this scenario is getting serious! When the most hawkish Prime Minister in a good many years expresses enough support for this plan to ask American officials to broker a meeting with the Saudi leadership, you know this plan has high-level Illuminist support.

NEWS BRIEF: "Saudi Peace Initiative Takes Root", BBC News, 26 February 2002, http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1841000/1841838.stm

"According to Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper, Prime Minister Sharon was 'caught off-guard' by the Saudi proposal. 'Sharon is keeping quiet and waiting for clarifications,' the paper says, but some of the prime minister's aides, who were initially quick to play down what they called 'a gimmick', were now speaking of 'a positive trend' in a plan. In any case, Ha'aretz argues, Mr Sharon should give the Saudi initiative and its ramifications 'sincere and serious' consideration."

Now, this is serious, indeed, when a Conservative Israeli newspaper switches from initial rejection to "sincere and serious" consideration! Now, you know the CFR is mightily pushing this initiative!!


In the Middle East right now, we have two very interesting -- and divergent -- scenarios developing. We have the appearance of all-out regional war, plus we have a "peace initiative" created almost out of thin air by a CFR senior fellow. Instead of being contradictory, we see this scenario as being complementary, as being a fulfillment of Steps 3 and 4 of the New Jerusalem Covenant Project.

The armies, navies, and air forces of all the nations in the region, plus the paramilitary forces of Yassir Arafat, may poke and jab at each other like wary boxers in a ring, but the short term is likely to produce a short-lived peace that will give Arafat his Palestinian State and Jerusalem her combination church/mosque/temple.

Pope John Paul II would be able to travel to Jerusalem, to announce that all religions of the world are now one. He might make this trip in conjunction with the laying of a cornerstone to the combination worship center.

At this point, Steps 1 through 4 will have been completed pretty much as the Illuminati planned it. However, they are dead wrong in their belief, that, "... any purely political settlement in the Middle East would not, by itself, bring peace ... Any permanent solution to the Middle East conflict would also have to see the religious portion of the problem solved. Once this religious problem is solved, then the power and influence of the Orthodox Jews in Israel would permanently decline." [Lambert, NEWS1052]

The Illuminati firmly views the Orthodox Jew as their mortal enemy, and believe that, if they can carry out Steps 1-4, then the power and authority of the Orthodox Jew will go into immediate -- and severe -- decline. It is noteworthy that Lambert spoke these words, above, at the moment he was speaking of Step 3 being implemented. Therefore, the Illuminati believes that a religious settlement that allows the creation of a combination worship center will solve the religious problem and will send the Orthodox Jew into the dustbin of history. Then, the Jews will be wide open to be deceived by the Antichrist; without any Orthodox Jewish scholars to examine Antichrist according to any Holy Writ, the Jewish people can be more easily deceived into thinking Maitreya the Christ is their Jewish Messiah!

At least, that is the Plan.

Arafat, on the other hand, will not be content with being handed a Palestinian State on a Silver Platter as reward for all the terrorist attacks over which he has presided, and all the innocent blood he has shed. Deep within his heart beats a hatred for the Jew so typical of Muslims throughout the world. Neither Arafat nor any Muslim will be satisfied with merely their own nation, nor of the humiliation suffered by Israel as she carries out a retreat behind the same indefensible borders with which she contended prior to the 1967 war!

Arafat and his Muslim supporters want all of Israel, and all of her people dead. Therefore, soon after a Palestinian State is gloriously announced, and after all the celebrations are finished, Arafat, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt will begin planning for the "Final Solution" to the Jewish Problem, i.e., the complete annihilation of the Jewish people. The next Arab-Israeli war will then be fought in earnest, and Obadiah 15-18 will be literally fulfilled [Read NEWS1422 for full details].

Then, out of the dust and smoke of this Third World War, Antichrist will come striding.

Truly, the End of the Age is upon us, and you can see its progress in your Daily News.

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