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Subtitle: Catholic apologists boldly state: Current pedophilia scandal is not caused by Celibacy, since Bible teaches Celibacy as a Gift from God; "Forced Celibacy" From Human Ecclesiastic Authority is the problem! Difference may seem slight, but is night/day difference. Difference is Real Currency versus Counterfeit.

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As we have clearly stated, the Roman Catholic faithful are being told a monumental lie as to why and how this terrible plague of priestly pedophilia has come on the Catholic Church. They are being told that the problem is not Celibacy; rather, the problem is that homosexual activists targeted and invaded the Catholic Church about 40 years ago [1962], specifically targeting seminaries. This invasion was supremely successful to the point today where estimates of the total proportion of gay priests ranges from 50-80%, depending upon the source with whom you are consulting.

Cutting Edge has responded with a multi-pronged counterattack.

First, we have reiterated the Biblical truth that teaching Celibacy is a "doctrine that demons teach" [1 Timothy 4:1-3], that is taught by people who have turned away from the truth [verse 1], that it is taught by "liars" [verse 2], that is it taught by liars whose consciences have been rendered useless -- un-working -- because they have been "seared as with a hot iron" [verse 2]. Then, the Apostle Paul states that one of these teachings is "forbidding people to marry" and teaching them to "abstain from certain kinds of food which God created to be received with thanksgiving" [verse 3].

Secondly, we have consulted old books to demonstrate that Celibacy has consistently produced a moral disaster in the Catholic Church for many hundreds of years. In this regard, we have posted the following articles, which, if you have not yet read, we encourage you to do so now.

* NEWS1670 -- "Proofs That The Sexual Sins of Roman Catholicism Existed Long Before The 40 Years Admitted to By Priests Today -- Part 1 -- We quoted from a former priest, in a book published in 1904, that shows celibacy producing sexual sins through the confessional in the 1870-1900 time frame. This book was entitled, "30 Years In Hell", by Father Bernard Fresenborg.

* NEWS1671 -- Part 2 of the above series. Here, we quote a former priest who wrote a book published in 1949, where he was reporting sexual sins by the great majority of priests, again working through the Confessional, and again consisting of both heterosexual and homosexual predatory priests. This former priest was actually so bold as to say, "This vow of celibacy is the greatest hoax invented by Romanism", and.
"The forced law of celibacy has destroyed him." ["I Was A Priest", Father Lucien Vinet]

Then, to ensure that we understand the deep-rooted problem, former priest Lucien Vinet states: "Forced celibacy, auricular confession and some aspects of the priest's training, render a Roman priest a sexually-abnormal person or a sex pervert."

NEWS1675 -- Part 3 of the above series. We quote from a book written by a former priest published in 1832, by Father Gaven. In this book, Gaven reports confessional logs of confessions given in 1710, plus an account of a priest dying in 1710. In these accounts, we learn that priests of that day regularly used the threat of the Inquisition to "persuade" women of their confessional to have repeated sex with them!

NEWS1676 -- "The True Face of the Roman Catholic Inquisition" -- In this 2-part article, we report true historic facts of the Roman Inquisition, which lasted for 1,200 years and claimed about 75,000,000 deaths at least 60,000,000 of whom were Protestant. The second part reports in detail the Standard Operating manual of the Inquisition from December 5, 1484 when Pope Innocent III issued it via a Papal Bull. This manual reportedly taught Catholic judges how to recognize a woman as a witch and how to torture her to death. This operating manual reads as a pornographic book straight from the pit of Hell, and demonstrates that the Inquisition from that point on was driven largely on an obsession with perverted sex! Just as Father Lucien Vinet states in his book, "I Was A Priest".

However, we wish to refine our objection to Celibacy just a tad bit, a refining that will put into perfect focus the true nature of the problem with Celibacy as forced upon the entire priesthood by the Roman Catholic Church since 1123 AD, but practiced by some dioceses as far back as the mid-300's!


Quite by accident, God caused a very rare book to fall into our hands that intellectually examined this issue of Celibacy in such a way as to properly distinguish God's rare gift of Celibacy to His elected few, versus Satan's counterfeit of a Forced Celibacy upon an entire class of individuals called priests. We have often called the Roman Catholic Church "counterfeit Christianity" in the exact prophetic mold of Revelation 13:11; but, we never took the last step in applying it to the Forced Celibacy issue. We thank this author for elucidating this issue for us. Let us examine this book now.l

"Demonstration of the Necessity of Abolishing A Constrained CLERICAL CELIBACY, Exhibiting The Evils of That Institution and The Remedy", by the Right Rev. Diogo Antonio Feijo', Senator and Ex-Regent of the Empire of Brazil, Bishop Elect of Marianna, Translated from the Portuguese, with an Introduction and Appendix, by Rev. D.P. Kidder., A.M., published 1844, Philadelphia, Sorin and Ball. [Capitalization in the title was present in the original]

Rev. Fejo' originally published this book in 1828 in the Portuguese language as we see from the Dedication of this book, signed by him and noted, "Rio de Janeiro, July 9, 1828".

The fact that this book was written by such a high-ranking Catholic Bishop Elect and a Senator of the Brazilian Parliament, a former Regent of the Empire of Brazil, is highly significant. As I realized when I read this book, Fejo's premise that Forced Celibacy need to be legally abolished by the Brazilian Parliament in order to eradicate the moral evils it bred and matured, was drawn from his many years as a priest and bishop! This author was speaking from his inside experience, which makes his conclusions ever more powerful.

Further, his writing style demonstrated his superior intellectual capability. He had been well trained in written dissertation, in debating techniques, and in legal intricacies. Time and time again, Feijo' would base his argument on standard legal principles recognized throughout the Western Civilization. I found this book to be meaty and well presented. Therefore, the fact that he arrived at the same conclusion Cutting Edge has been preaching all these years is welcome news, indeed!

Regent and Bishop Feijo' -- Advocating legal end to Celibacy in Brazil

"Fifteen hundred years of EXPERIENCE prove the impracticability of a pure celibacy in the greater part of the clergy. Is there any one who will pretend that continence is practised by the greater portion of the clergy? Let us grant the very least, that one hundredth part of the priests are incontinent." [Page 105; Emphasis was in the original]

We have stated that, since Celibacy was forced upon the entire priesthood in 1123 AD, Satan has been able to exploit natural human weakness and sweep so many of the priests into such a "sex-starved" state that most of them became sexual perverted. By choosing 1123, we have demonstrated that sexual perversion has been an integral part of the Roman Catholic priesthood for almost 900 years, and during the entire time of the Inquisition!

Further, we quoted former Father Vinet, in his book, "I Was A Priest",as saying:

"Forced celibacy, auricular confession and some aspects of the priest's training, render a Roman priest a sexually-abnormal person or a sex pervert." [Page 29]

Bishop Feijo' has just told us strongly that the vast, vast majority of the priests in every era have been sexually deviant. While I do not believe he was really saying that only 1% of the priests in every era have been pure, he is using this figure to tell us that the vast majority of them have been most impure in sexual morality.

Bishop Feijo' stated this statistic in another way: "... among 50 priests, there would scarcely be found one who did not live in a state of notorious concubinage." [Page 63] In other words, virtually every priest maintained a mistress; further, the only reason living with a mistress would be considered "notorious" is because the parishioners of the priest knew he had a mistress, and were scandalized because of the disparity between the public facade of celibacy versus the private reality of a priest living carnally with a mistress! The faithful knew!

Then, Feijo' carried this hypocrisy on the part of the priest to its logical societal conclusion:

"Being certain that a forced celibacy is the origin and principal cause of the immorality of the clergy, it becomes us now to observe that this conduces in an especial manner toward immorality in society at large ... It is because their conduct is in contradiction with their opinions; their examples are not conformable to their precepts, and their words are destitute of unction and of life ... " [Page 59]

In other words, the priests were forced by their human nature to become "professional hypocrites", and their parishioners could see that they did not "walk the talk"; thus, the young men and women of the parish felt free to indulge their fleshly desires just as they saw the priests indulge theirs. Thus, society at large became looser in morals as time rolled on.

Bishop Feijo' returns to this subject at the end of the book: "Now it is certain, from the uninterrupted experience of fifteen centuries, that the law enjoining celibacy has produced immorality in a class of citizens charged with instructing the public in morality and religion. For this cause, their office, beside being useless, becomes prejudicial, whenever the people find their conduct giving the lie to their doctrines and precepts, immorality in society being thus encouraged." [Page 110]

When a Roman Catholic bishop concludes that the priesthood is "useless", that is strong opinion, because this man clearly loves the Catholic Church and believes it to the be true church in the world! Feijo no where demonstrates a hatred toward the Catholic Church, just toward the institution of Forced Celibacy.

Bishop Feijo' noted the discrepancy between Protestant Clergy and Catholic:

"For this reason, it will be exceedingly difficult to find an incontinent priest who is not, in other respects, wicked. Here is also the reason why the greater share of impartial historians bestow so much praise on the Greek and Protestant clergy, when they compare their morality with that of Catholic priests in general." [Page 58]

Isn't it refreshing to be told that married ministers of the Protestants stand head-and-shoulders above that of the "celibate" Catholic priests? In a book just released, in June, 2002, entitled, "Betrayal", written by the Investigative Staff of the Boston Globe, we read: "There is absolutely no parallel between this scandal in the Protestant clergy".


Bishop Feijo has taught me a bit of history of the Catholic Church of which I was unaware: that Celibacy was begun in the mid-300's by certain orders and certain groups of priests, but did not become forced upon all priests until 1123 AD. Thus, this book, written originally in Portuguese in 1828, states that Celibacy has proven disastrous for 1,500 years! Therefore, when you add 174 years to this statement, bringing us up to the present time, Celibacy has proven "impracticable" for 1,674 years!

That is a lot of time to continue in a practice that has proven to be unworkable and morally perverted! We have to go back to 1 Timothy 4:2, to see how consistent popes in the past 1,674 years could have continued promoting a practice that has proven to morally undermine the priests and their parishioners for the better part of 1,700 years. Listen to the Apostle Paul again, speaking under the influence of the Holy Spirit:

"Through the hypocrisy and pretensions of liars whose consciences are seared (cauterized)."

Only popes, cardinals, bishops and priests who are hypocritical through and through, and who are the kind of liars that only a cauterized conscience can produce, would continue forcing priests to be celibate, knowing that such practice would turn them into sexual perversions. Father Venet stated that the vast majority of priests learn to become "professional hypocrites", in order to deceive their parishioners with an exterior piety and normalcy, while retaining the wicked inner heart of sexual perversion!

But, it goes deeper than this, does it not? After some eras of time has elapsed, good normal men who might be interested in going into the priesthood would refuse to go, because the community at large had become largely aware of the sexual perversions within the priesthood. Therefore, if the good men stay out, the Church has to rely upon the not-so-good men, and even upon men who may have felt the existence of sexual perversions within them before they ever entered the priesthood! This phenomenon would explain today's Gay Orientation of the Catholic priesthood; this situation is presented strongly and clearly by the current book, "Goodbye! Good Men"; however, whereas the author, Michael Rose, presents this situation as being unique to the past 40 years, we can see how this scenario has existed for the past 1,700 years!

How unworkable has the institution of Celibacy proven to be? Listen to Bishop Feijo:

"One truth out, not to be overlooked: it is that clerical orders have prevailed as an absolute impediment to matrimony, only while temporal power has sustained the measure by the sword ... Whenever sovereigns have left this matter at the option of the ecclesiastics, they have promptly changed their concubinage into lawful matrimony." [Page 92-93]

This news is incredible, is it not? Priests have resisted Celibacy as an institution so strenuously that popes have had to resort to a threat of the sword -- death -- in order to enable Celibacy to remain in effect. But, even as popes have been able to force the priesthood to remain officially celibate, individual priests maintained their "concubinage" -- their mistress -- most of the time right out in the open, with the bishop in charge just choosing to turn a blind eye!

If ever a priest or an entire priesthood were given the option by the king to marry or stay "celibate", the vast majority would simply marry the woman who had been his mistress all along, and who was usually the mother of his children! Listen to Feijo' --

"... priests married with impunity in the greater share of dioceses, even with the permission of their respective bishops." [Page 93]


Author Feijo' noted that the Apostle Paul advocated Celibacy, as he evidently practiced it after his conversion and call to be the Apostle to the Gentiles. Let us review that Scripture now. Paul is answering a question evidently put to him earlier about celibacy versus marriage.

"It is well [and by that I mean advantageous, expedient, profitable, and wholesome], for a man not to touch a woman [to cohabit with her], but to remain unmarried. But because of the temptation to impurity and to avoid immorality, let each man have his own wife and let each woman have her own husband." [1 Corinthians 7:1-2; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

In this passage, Paul is clearly stating that he considers celibacy to be the preferred state for a man and a woman, but he recognizes that this state is not for everyone. In fact, his wording here strongly implies his understanding that celibacy is NOT for everyone, but only for a chosen few. The rest of the people should marry in order to avoid the temptation of sexual immorality.

Paul then reiterates this belief:

"I wish that all men were like I myself am in this matter of self-control. But each has his own special gift ,from God, one of this kind and one of another." [1 Corinthians 7:7]

Paul has just given us a very, very important understanding in this regard: Celibacy is a Gift from God! It is not given to everyone, nor does Paul ever indicate that God gives celibacy to each minister of the Gospel. In fact, we know that most of the Apostles were married men! Even Peter was married. Bishop Feijo' speaks to this very point:

"It has now been proven that this institution [Celibacy] is neither divine nor apostolic in its origin; that up to the close of the third century Christian ministers were at liberty to marry, and live a conjugal life ..." [Page 93]

"We have further demonstrated that clerical celibacy was neither enjoined by Christ and his apostles upon ministers of religion, nor was it exclusively recommended to them." [Page 96]

Earlier, Bishop Feijo' spoke at length on this subject of voluntary, versus forced, celibacy:

"The gospel speaks a thousand times of virgins, but never advises one to perpetuate her celibacy ... The [Catholic] church has decided, founding her position on the doctrines of St. Paul, and the practice of the early Christians, also indicates that celibacy is a more perfect state, and hence preferable to matrimony, as giving the individual more liberty to apply himself to the things of the kingdom of God. But, [merely] because celibacy is a more perfect state, it does not follow that it is necessary and indispensable to the priest. Poverty is also a state very highly recommended in the gospel, but was it enjoined absolutely on the clergyman? Why is this left open to choice or circumstance and not the former? One thing is certain, neither one nor the other were insisted on by Christ himself as essential to his ministers." [Page 66-67]

While acknowledging that celibacy is a more perfect state in which to serve Jesus Christ, Bishop Feijo' notes that it was never commanded by Scripture! When we note that the Apostle Paul said that celibacy was a "gift", we move closer to the truth than ever before. While the Apostle Paul noted that he had been given the gift of celibacy, he never commanded the ministers whom he controlled to observe celibacy! Why? Because Paul knew that God had not given them the gift of celibacy; therefore, they were better off to get married.

Bishop Feijo' speaks to this truth next.

"St. Paul, the only one of the apostles who treats ex professo, upon the character required in deacons, presbyters, or bishops, says: 'A bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior' [1 Timothy 3:2] .... and when he recommends to [Pastor] Timothy to 'lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be a partaker of other men's sins, he concludes by saying, 'keep thyself pure'."

Again, Feijo' states: "Some trained up in the rigor of monastic life, or imbued with ascetic notions, contemplated the universal prevalence of celibacy! Dazzled by the splendor of the virtues of certain individuals who had vowed celibacy, little did they regard the frequent calamities into which others were plunged in the unequal struggle between the weakness of human nature and the supremacy of an unnatural law. How different was their conduct between Paul, whom they could not condescent to imitate! That inspired apostle, writing to [Pastor] Timothy respecting a case in point, concludes by saying: 'I will, therefore, that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. for some are already turned aside after Satan." [1 Timothy 5:14-15]

As you survey the current news articles about these pedophile priests, you can only conclude that they "are already turned aside after Satan". Just as in every era of Catholic Church history for the past 1,600+ years!

Therefore, we have before us two examples of Celibacy:

The Biblical example of the Apostle Paul and Roman Catholicism.

Biblical example of Paul: In 1 Corinthians 7:7, Paul calls his celibacy a "gift", and says that each of the other men had his own separate "gift". Thus, the Biblical truth is that God chose whom He would give this special gift, and aside from the Apostle John, the Bible records that each of the other apostles were married, and never do we hear that they were told to conjugally separate themselves from their wives! As Paul was setting up his Gentile Church, we never read where he instructed his ministers to be celibate.

The Roman Catholic Church, however, decreed upon her own authority in 1123 A.D., that all members of the priesthood were to be celibate. God's sovereign decision and Grace were never given a place; rather, the Catholic Church decreed that the entire class of priests were to be celibate. Hence, the term, "Forced Celibacy" was coined to describe this very situation.

We can conclude: God's rare gift of Celibacy is real, and when He confers it upon a person, it is a superior lifestyle to marriage. However, the Roman Catholic counterfeit to this truth is that the popes have declared an entire class of people -- the priests -- to be celibate.

God's celibacy is truth and goodness, purity and lightness of yoke

Catholicism's counterfeit celibacy is a "doctrine that demons teach" [1 Timothy 4:1-3].

This difference is positively huge! This difference is night and day, and as wide as the Grand Canyon. A church or a person refuses to recognize this difference at their peril.

The societal difference is equally huge! Remember what Bishop Feijo noted?

"Here is also the reason why the greater share of impartial historians bestow so much praise on the Greek and Protestant clergy, when they compare their morality with that of Catholic priests in general." [Page 58]

In a book just released, entitled, "Betrayal", written by the Investigative Staff of the Boston Globe, we read: "There is absolutely no parallel between this [Catholic] scandal in the Protestant clergy".

This is the real reason we see such a morally depraved scandal amongst the Roman Catholic priests today, where pedophile priests have preyed upon so many thousands of innocent children in their care, and the bishops and cardinals have protected the pedophiles!

Please allow Bishop Feijo' to have the last word in this terribly important point:

"To desire that ministers of religion be perfect ... even such as may render them angelic, is an excellent desire ... But to determine by law that priests must be perfect is an impracticable assumption founded on the mistaken notion that perfection is a natural state and hence may be common to an entire class. It is to elevate an exception [Apostle Paul] above a general rule; it is an imprudence calculated to make the yoke of obedience heavy, salvation difficult, and human life in many cases insupportable. It is a severity which Jesus Christ, the author and founder ... did not exact, which the apostles did not institute, and to which the church herself did not assent until [beginning] in the 4th century.

"The discipline of celibacy would be tolerable, if instead of being established by law, it were left to custom and to the choice of the individual, as was wisely done till the close of the third century. Few evils would then result from it, and the church would neither be destitute of upright ministers, nor would the weak be exposed to such frequent occasions of stumbling." [Page 101]

God's celibacy is truth and goodness, purity and lightness of yoke

Catholicism's counterfeit celibacy is a "doctrine that demons teach"


Since we will probably never get back to this book again, let us review some of the more pertinent miscellaneous remarks Bishop Feijo' makes in his most remarkable book!

"Being certain that a forced celibacy is the origin and principal cause of the immorality of the clergy ... this conduces us in an especial manner toward immorality in society at large." [Page 59]

In this regard, the secular law in every country should consider carefully how it should react to the Catholic pedophile scandal; at the very least, secular law should forcefully intrude into the inner regions of Catholicism as deeply as necessary to get to the deepest truth of the Catholic priesthood, so they can protect the future innocent children as much as possible. Secondly, secular law should closely look as to whether it would be conducive to the "public good and morality" to forcibly disband the institution of celibacy within its jurisdiction, on the pain of forbidding the Catholic Church entrance into its land and its people. Bishop Feijo's book was written as an "open letter" to the Brazilian Parliament listing all the legal considerations by which a secular state body could forbid priestly Celibacy!

"... it will be easy to discover, why, ever since its imposition, it [Celibacy] has failed to be observed." [Page 50]

"St.Jerome declared that there were bishops who were no longer willing to ordain single men, on account of his assured fear of their incontinence." [Page 51; quoting Advers. Vigil ]

"St. Ambrose confesses that the priests married in many places, and endeavor to justify their course on the ground of ancient custom." [Page 51] In other words, priests who married in defiance of Celibacy rules tried to justify their marriages on the basis that the "ancient church" did not force Celibacy.

"But what was the consequence? The evil continued; the scandal augmented, and all the remedies became inefficacious. From the time that persons who had vowed celibacy as an act of devotion were admitted to ecclesiastical orders, frequent abuses occurred, which councils endeavored in vain to remedy. The council general of Nice, AD 325, [called by Emperor Constantine] was the first to prohibit priests the society of suspected women. The evil arrived at such a pitch that at length sisters, and even mothers, were forbidden to reside with them, on account of the females who would be found in their company [Footnote: "Concil de Turs., AD 566, can. 10 and 11. Maience, AD 888, 10. Consult Richard's Analysis of Councils, St. Johan, Chrys., contr. hab. cler." -- All these references were Roman Catholic sources to which Bishop Feijo' had access in 1828] [Page 53]

"Councils at last became wearied of their useless attempts to restrain the incontinence of priests and of seeing their penalties frustrated, whether decreed against priests themselves, their concubines, or their innocent children. They then prohibited the faithful from hearing masses said by them ... Writers give us a sad picture of the licentious life of those priests ..." [Footnote: "Consult Nicolas de Clemangis. -- Do Estado da corrupcao, da Igreja, & etc. O Pranto da Igreja por Alvaro Pelagio. -- S. Pedro Damiao -- contra os clerigos impudicos, & etc "] One can only conclude from these footnotes that many Latin and Spanish authors had written extensively on this ongoing scandal, this scandal that has continued in every single era!

"It is now proved, that from the moment clerical celibacy was instituted, the law requiring it has been violated; and it has been violated because [Catholic] legislators exacted more than the Divine Founder of religion required." [Page 56]

"Pafnucius, the octogenarian bishop [325 A.D, attended Council of Nice] who had already lost an eye for the faith of Christ, and whose life was spotless, in the first general council, opposed the projected law of celibacy, showing that such an excess of rigor would do the church great injury, and also that all were not capable of the restraint." [Footnote: Socrates a Sozom, Hist. Eccl.; Page 56] From this recollection of early Catholic Church history, in the First Council, an esteemed bishop spoke vigorously against forcing celibacy upon the priests.

"It is needless to cite more authorities to prove what the experience of the church for fifteen centuries has sufficiently demonstrated. Thus an imprudently established law, accustoming subjects to disobedience and contempt of authority, introduces licentiousness. But if the law requiring celibacy has this inconvenience in common with other impolitic laws, it has, besides, a direct tendency to demoralization.." [Page 57]

"The parish priest baptizes, preaches and hears confessions, but how does he discharge those important offices? A vain outside [appearance], often even divested of decency, is what ... offers itself to the eyes of the serious observer. And why is this the case? Because his conscience condemns all his actions, and condemns them because they are poisoned by that radical vice, incontinence. Thus the sacred ministry is rendered useless, but the priest, going on by degrees to discredit and render suspected the morality he teaches, augments [increases] the number of transgressors." [Page 60]

In other words, the morality the priest is trying to preach and teach is discredited and undermined by that priest's own actions, of which the members of the congregation are usually well aware! Thus, many of the parishioners will turn to licentiousness simply because they see their priest doing it! Further, if they see the priest acting so hypocritically, they will disregard his other teachings on other matters; thus, hypocrisy in sexual matters breeds other sin within the congregation, i.e., stealing, lying, murder. Is it any wonder the Mafia is deeply Catholic?

At the Council of Trent, the Duke of Bavaria, stated: "It was better to abrogate [break] the law than to open the door to an impure celibacy ... it was an absurdity to refuse married men an entrance into orders, and yet to tolerate those who lived in fornication." [Page 63]

"Rome Never Changes" is the adage the Vatican has consistently applies to herself. When reading this quote, can't you see today's headlines? "to tolerate those who lived in fornication".

Bishop Feijo' continues:

"A council held at Rome by Gregory VII., 1074, was the first which ever assumed to explain the words of St. Paul in the sense in which they are now held by our opponents." [Page 69] Since Bishop Feijo was advocating the abolition of celibacy, his "opponents" here would be those who wanted celibacy.

"St. Clement of Alexandria, that father who was acquainted with the immediate disciples of the apostles ... When he combated the enemies of matrimony, who alleged the example of Jesus Christ, who never married, he replied, that the Savior had no need of a helpmate, that it was not his object during his sojourn on earth to train up children, but that the church was his bride. He attacked his adversaries with the example of St. Peter and St. Philip, who had wives and children ... We must suppose him [St. Clement] acquainted with the fact that those apostles had children after their call to apostolic office [Footnote: Stromat. 3]. This is by no means improbable since, from the gospel itself we learn that the disciples frequently absented themselves from the company of their divine master, and it is natural to suppose that this time was spent in their several families." [Page 70-71]

"The year 300 is the first in which a council forbade the use of matrimony to married priests [Footnote: Conc. de Elvira, c. 33. Placuit in totum, &c.] ... In 319, by the Council of Ancyra, it was still granted to deacons to marry after their ordination, if in the act of ordination, they protested that they so desired. In AD 325, the first general council was held at Nice. Some one was present to whom it occurred to bring into force the law of celibacy, but the advice of Pafnucius was followed ... That council consequently left things as it found them; that is, they suffered [allowed] each individual to be governed by his own choice. Writers of this century, notwithstanding they appear to be considerably influenced by the spirit of celibacy, yet confess that there was either no law enjoining it, or that, at least, it was not general in the church." [Page 73-74]

Celibacy was not "general in the church" until 1123 AD, when the pope instituted it all across the board. I find it highly interesting to note Bishop Feijo's use of words describing from whom Catholic writers and theologians were getting their desire for Celibacy. How did Feijo' express it?

"Writers of this century, notwithstanding they appear to be considerably influenced by the spirit of celibacy ..."

"Spirit of Celibacy" - By whose spirit was this movement toward Celibacy moving? We find the answer back in 1 Timothy 4:1-3:

"Doctrines that Demons Teach". Doubt it not! This spiritual reality is the reason you see such rotten spiritual fruit hanging from the Catholic tree, in this generation just as in every other one for the past 1,600+ years!

Bishop Feijo' continues, telling us how heart of hear the average parishioner is, and how easy it is for them to accept the spiritual illusions than to face up to the truth:

"Such is the power of prejudice that even among us a large proportion of the common people would have less aversion to hear mass and receive the sacraments from a priest living in notorious concubinage than from one who was married, but led an acknowledgedly virtuous life. So greatly does the pretence of perfection imposed upon the ignorant. We ought, however, to desire truth and not imposture." [Page 77]

While I find it incredible to believe that a high proportion of Catholic faithful would really prefer the hypocritical pretensions of celibate spiritual perfection over the reality of a married priest living in honor, I can only take this good Bishop Feijo' at his word. Does this wicked attitude prevail amongst the Catholic faithful today? If it does, then these type of people have only themselves to blame for the continuation of Roman Catholicism and its many "doctrines that demons teach".

"Such was the state of things relating to the celibacy of the clergy, when the general Lateran Council of 1139 decreed that all marriages of priests should be null ... thenceforth priests could no longer marry and concubinage universally took the place of matrimony." [Page 90]

Wow! When priests could no longer be married, they boldly and openly moved right into keeping a mistress, living with her, sexually uniting with her, and having many children by her. Who in their right minds could still think of the Roman Catholic Church and her popes as the "Holy Mother Church"?

"It is worthy of especial remark, that notwithstanding the reiteration, during successive ages, of the prohibition forbidding priests to marry, and the penalties declared against concubinage, yet things have become no better, nor were ecclesiastics punished according to the laws." [Page 91]

"Things have become no better", writes Bishop Feijo' in 1828, but he might as well have been writing in 2002! Such an understanding speaks directly and loudly to the present priestly pedophilia, does it not? The issue is Forced Celibacy, that "doctrine that demons teach". If a large building were built on such a faulty foundation as the Roman Catholic Church is built upon, that building would fall, and great would be the fall of it!

As the religions of the world head into the final stretch where they will become globally united in the religion of Antichrist and his False Prophet, are we seeing the deliberate weakening of the Roman Catholic Church so it can be incorporated with the rest of the world's religions? After all, a global uniting of all religions is not possible if one of them is King Kong.

This scenario is entirely possible. But, the faithful can take "consolation" in the fact that the Roman Catholic Pope has been chosen to be the biblical False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18 [NEWS1052]. Now, you know the reason Pope John Paul II holds high the Satanic Twisted Cross, the emblem of Antichrist [RC100].

Truly, the End of the Age is coming quickly upon us.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

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God bless you.

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