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Subtitle: Key Turkish commandos, guided by U.S. Special Forces, have just successfully attacked and occupied a key Iraqi military airbase. This means we have invaded Iraqi territory.

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NEWS BRIEF: "Has Iraq War Begun? Turkish Troops Seize Key Airfield In Northern Iraq", by DEBKAfile, 10 August 2002.

"America’s offensive against Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq has begun as an exercise in gradualism rather than a D-Day drama. DEBKAfile ’s military sources report that tens of thousands of US, British, French, Netherlands, Australian troops may take part in the campaign, openly or covertly, but not in massive waves that fling themselves telegenically on Baghdad ... on Wednesday night, August 8, Turkey executed its first major military assault inside Iraq. DEBKAfile’s military sources learn from Turkish and Kurdish informants that helicopters under US, British and Turkish warplane escort flew Turkish commandos to an operation for seizing the critical Bamerni airport in northern Iraq. This airport, just outside the Kurdish region, lies 50 miles north of the big Iraqi oil cities of the north, Kirkuk and Mosul. With the Turkish commandos was a group of US special forces officers and men. Bamerni airport was captured after a brief battle in which a unit of Iraqi armored defenders was destroyed, opening the airport for giant American and Turkish transports to deliver engineering units, heavy machinery and electronic support equipment, which were put to work at once on enlarging the field and widening its landing strips."

"The American unit, reinforced, went on to capture two small Iraqi military airfields nearby."

This news report by DEBKAfile means that the Iraqi war has begun. Now, we await the response from Saddam Hussein. Very few people are afraid of Iraq's military machine, for it is as badly outgunned now as it proved to be in the 1990-1991 Gulf War; in fact, Iraq may be militarily more at a disadvantage now than they were in 1991. In the past few years, America has made quantum leaps in military technology that almost guarantees another very lopsided victory, one that will remove Saddam this time, unless the son repeats the sin of his father by letting the dictator slip off the hook.

Let us quickly review some of our new weapons systems that could absolutely devastate Iraq:

1. The "E-Bomb", story carried in our Daily News Updates for 11 August. "E-bomb" may see first combat use in Iraq", by NewScientist.com, 8 August 2002.

"Weapons designed to attack electronic systems and not people could see their first combat use in any military attack on Iraq ... key elements of the Iraqi war machine are located in heavily-fortified underground facilities or beneath civilian buildings such as hospitals. This means the role of non-lethal and precision weapons would be a critical factor in any conflict.

High Power Microwave (HPM) devices are designed to destroy electronic equipment in command, control, communications and computer targets and are available to the US military. They produce an electromagnetic field of such intensity that their effect can be far more devastating than a lighting strike."

Any complete loss of command and control facilities would render a fighting machine nearly worthless as commanders could not send and receive messages, nor could they respond to enemy moves on the battlefield. Supposedly, insulating all wires and burying them as cables far underground is a proven method to avoid destruction by this type of weapon; however, as this article states, the "E-Bomb" may be able to emit such a powerful pulse that even insulating and burying might not work.

"Military planners will be particularly interested in claimed ability of HPM weapon's to penetrate bunkers buried deep underground by using service pipes, cables or ducts to transmit the spike. Insulating equipment from such spikes, for example by using Faraday cages, is believed to be very difficult and expensive."

China has developed a major new, supposedly state-of-the-art antiaircraft missile system using optic fiber cables that are deeply buried underground. Thus do we come to our second new capability. Quoting from this DEBKAfile report, we are told:

2. Fiber Optic Weaponry: "Tuesday August 6, at 0800 hours Middle East time, US and British air bombers went into action and destroyed the Iraqi air command and control center at al-Nukhaib in the desert between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The center contained advanced fiber optic networks recently installed by Chinese companies. DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources say the raid made military history. For the first time, the US air force used new precision-guided bombs capable of locating and destroying fiber optic systems. The existence of such weaponry was hitherto unknown."

"The existence of such weaponry was hitherto unknown."

Keep this quote in mind, for it will figure prominently at the end of this article.

The point is that we used a weapon that no one publicly knew we even had; if our enemies did not know of this weapon, they might be shaking in their boots right now, not knowing what other secret weapon we might be capable of deploying.

To test whether our new weaponry against fiber optic systems worked, American warplanes took to the air. Listen:

"Following the destruction of the facility, about 260 miles (415 kilometers), southwest of Baghdad, waves of US warplanes swept in from the Prince Sultan air base in Saudi Arabia and from US aircraft carriers in the Gulf and flew over the Iraqi capital. The Iraqi air force and anti-aircraft system held their fire on orders from above. This deep air penetration told the Americans that the early warning radar system protecting Baghdad and its environs from intrusion by enemy aircraft and missiles was inactive."

For the Iraqi missile defense system to not respond with their new Chinese made capability told our planners that our new weapons system had worked to perfection. The Iraqi system could not work.

3. HAARP type electromagnetic systems. These systems were tested in the 1990-1991 Gulf War, with the HAARP transmitters located on large trucks. These weapons systems are capable of many military actions, from destroying planes in flight, to destroying tanks on the ground, to creating "nuclear-sized explosions". A different type of HAARP can create mental confusion amongst the enemy soldiers, airmen, and commanders.

For a complete discussion of HARRP technology, please go to our "Weather Control" site at https://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/weather.cfm

4. Neutron Bombs -- we have this weapon in our inventory, despite official denials to the contrary. This weapon emits high quantities of neutrons through the target area, killing man and animal without damaging buildings and other hard targets. This bomb is devastating against high concentrations of people, and could be used to annihilate entire populations. Since Saddam Hussein has reportedly hidden himself, his infrastructure and many key components of his military force amongst his population centers, we might see entire cities annihilated. This type of weapon, if used widely, might fulfill the Bible prophecy of which we speak at the end of this article.

5. Nuclear weapons -- we have many types, sizes, and configurations of nuclear weapons in our arsenal. Saddam is reported to have some nuclear warheads, but will have great difficulty actually delivering it to his target. Both American and Israeli armed forces have nuclear stockpiles, and if this is the war that produces the World War III by which Antichrist will be staged, you will see these weapons used. Listen to Bible prophecy:

"And I will show signs and wonders in the heavens, and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes." [Joel 2:30-31; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Nuclear weapons produce all this phenomena: Fire and columns are immediately produced when a nuclear explosion goes off, and such great amounts of dust and dirt are thrown into the air that the sun can be blotted out and the moon appear red. Bible scholars had no idea how this prophecy might be fulfilled until after we used the atomic bomb to end World War II, and then tested the atomic bomb repeatedly in the years thereafter. Now, they know that nuclear weapons are most assuredly in view here in this Middle East End of the Age prophecy.

Notice, also, the timing of this nuclear war in the Middle East: "before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes".

The "Great and Terrible Day of the Lord" refers to the 7-Year Tribulation Period generally, and to the 3 1/2-Year Great Tribulation specifically. Therefore, this nuclear war will occur before Antichrist arises! In other words, this prophesied war using nuclear weapons may occur in the Last Birth pangs of Matthew 24:8! These are the "sorrows", the birth pangs, that will produce Antichrist; the Illuminati calls them World War III.

Is this what is directly ahead of us? It is possible, and we shall just have to be watchful, alert, and active for our Lord as we see world events unfolding.


This DEBKAfile report also lists several key special forces type of operations against Iraq that add up to a major move against her very soon.

"A. Special US forces entered the Kurdish regions of north Iraq towards the end of March nearly four months ago, to set up local Kurdish militias and train them for battle.

B. At around the same time, Turkish special forces went into northern Iraq in waves that continued through April, fetching up in Turkmen regions around the big oil towns of Mosul and Kirkuk.

C. Meanwhile, the Americans threw a ring of bases – using existing facilities and adding new ones – around Iraq. They have since been pouring into those bases US armored ground units, tanks, air, navy and missile forces, as well as combat medical units and special contingents for anti-nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. According to our sources, the noose around Iraq extends from Georgia and Turkey in the north, Israel, Egypt and Jordan to the west, Eritrea and Kenya in the southwest, and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain to the south.

Furthermore, a large US armada, including aircraft carriers, has assembled at three points: the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

D. Since June, American and Turkish construction engineers have been working in northern Iraq, building and expanding airfields and air strips to make them fit for military use."

As you can see, American, English, and Turkish military forces have been steadily building up all around Iraq for some time now, accompanied by a resounding chorus of public disinformation designed to try to confuse Saddam as to our true intentions. In other words, the military and diplomatic noose has been tightened around Saddam Hussein, awaiting only the final call to arms.


"THE MOURNFUL, inspired prediction (a burden to be lifted up) concerning Babylon ... Hark, the uproar of a multitude in the mountains, like that of a great people! The noise of the tumult of the kingdoms of the nations gathering together! The Lord of hosts is mustering the host for the battle. They come from a distant country, from the uttermost part of the heavens --even the Lord and the weapons of His indignation--to seize and destroy the whole land. Wail, for the day of the Lord is at hand; as destruction from the Almighty and Sufficient One [Shaddai] will it come! Therefore will all hands be feeble, and every man's heart will melt. And they [of Babylon] shall be dismayed and terrified, pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman in childbirth. They will gaze stupefied and aghast at one another, their faces will be aflame [from the effects of the unprecedented warfare]. Behold, the day of the Lord is coming!--fierce, with wrath and raging anger--to make the land and the [whole] earth a desolation and to destroy out of it its sinners." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Now that we have reprinted this incredible prophecy, let us examine it in detail.

Verse 1 -- "Babylon" is the country against which God has pronounced this prophecy. Iraq today is the Babylon of old. Verses 1b-3 were fulfilled in the book of Daniel, when King Belshazzar saw God's handwriting on the wall [Daniel 7] foretold the loss of his kingdom to the army of the Medes-Persians. But, verse 4 jumps to the End of the Age as verse 9 demonstrates.

Verses 4-5 -- God is gathering an army to come against Babylon (Iraq) that are gathered from a "distant country, from the uttermost part of the heavens"! Surely, this invasion force of American and British and European countries qualifies as coming from the uttermost parts of the earth.

Verse 5 -- God's objective is to "seize and destroy the whole land". I thought that the Gulf War of 1990-1 was going to fulfill this prophecy, until President Bush (Senior) suddenly ordered our forces to stop the advance toward Baghdad. At this moment, I knew that the final fulfillment of this prophecy was in the future, and that Saddam was destined to play a significant part in the final drama.

If this war results in Iraq being seized and destroyed, you may be sure that this End of the Age prophecy has been fulfilled; and, if this particular prophecy has been fulfilled, you can rest assured that all the rest will probably be rapidly fulfilled.

Verse 6 -8 are exceedingly interesting verses. They speak of a people totally amazed -- even blown away -- by the effects of a destruction wreaked by weapons of an unprecedented nature. Listen to key excerpts:

"All hands be feeble, and every man's heart will melt. And they [of Babylon] shall be dismayed and terrified, pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman in childbirth. They will gaze stupefied and aghast at one another, their faces will be aflame [from the effects of the unprecedented warfare]."

This is tremendous revelation. The citizens of Babylon at this moment in history are going to be:





"Faces aflame"

"Unprecedented warfare"

When you examine the kinds of weapons America and Great Britain are about to unleash upon modern Babylon -- Iraq -- you can sense that this very ancient, and very important, judgment is about to pour forth upon the land and its people. We need to watch carefully, to ensure that all the prophecies of all the nations in the Middle East are coming true to the letter. If they do come true, we can rest assured that the End of the Age is coming upon us.

If you see the annihilation of entire armies, of the Palestinian peoples, of Syria, the provinces of Moab and Edom of Jordan, and of Egypt, you know final prophecies are unfolding, in our Daily News!

If this is the unfolding of the final prophecies, it means this is the unfolding of the final parts of the Illuminati plan. This possibility is very real, for the attack on Iraq may be the trigger the begins the World War III and the terrorism planned to produce Antichrist. For more information, we urge you to read the following articles:

NEWS1681 -- Attack On Iraq May Trigger World War III

World War III Page -- https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/ww3.html

Truly, the End of the Age seems upon us.

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