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Subtitle: Efforts of groups like NAMBLA {North American Man Boy Love Association} and the Irish Travelers are seemingly being coordinated with unseen forces on Capitol Hill to force the consensual sex age down to as low as 8 years old. The current flap over Teen Model Sites is likely the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan at work.


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As any observant student of Western Society knows from watching the news these past two decades, Sodom and Gomorrah are rising from the ashes. Sexual standards are being obliterated across the board, both in heterosexual and homosexual circles. Most people think of Sodom and Gomorrah as being guilty only of homosexual sin, but that is clearly not the case. Since Sodom glorified sex, boy to man, you can bet it encouraged sex, girl to man. In fact, listen to the Holman Bible Dictionary as it describes the full list of sins for which God destroyed these two ancient cities.

"The unnatural lusts of the men of Sodom (Gen. 19:4-8; Jude 7) have given us the modern term sodomy, but the city was guilty of a full spectrum of sins including pride, oppression of the poor, haughtiness, and 'abominable things' (Ezek. 16:49-50).

Did you get that insight? The Holman Bible Dictionary says that God destroyed the city because it was guilty of a "full spectrum of sins", that God considered "abominable things". As we carefully examine the Biblical account in Sodom as the Godly angels disguised as men went into Lot's house, you will see that the society of Sodom did not "protect" her children from sexual activity as carefully as our written laws now protect. Let us quickly review the pertinent Scripture for this insight.

Genesis 19:2-11. God's holy angels [who had taken the form of human men] sent to rescue Lot and his family before God destroyed the cities, spent the evening in Lot's house, where he fixed them dinner. In verse 4, we see quite a spectacle develop. The homosexual men of every part of the city, both young and old, surrounded the house to demand that the male guests in Lot's house come outside. Why did they want these disguised angels to come outside? So they could have sex with them. Now, wait a minute! The homosexual men outside Lot's house intended to have group sex with these 'men' in PUBLIC! In public! In America today, we still have laws that make it illegal for anyone to have sex outside, in public. Many, many public rest stops along our highways have been closed because homosexual men were meeting there and having sex there. We have laws that would have made these men of Sodom fearful of having sex IN PUBLIC.

Therefore, because these men showed no fear of being arrested, we can only conclude that, prior to this event, the laws of Sodom had to have been changed, allowing public sex, laws which bestowed a mantle of societal approval upon public sex!! However, notice that the "young men" of Sodom were among those surrounding Lot's house demanding public sex with the Godly angels who had come in the form of men. Incredibly, the young men were desiring sex with the angels and of course, were expecting reciprocal sex from the angels.

Today, with our society still embracing Judeo-Christian morality, we call this type of sexual activity with youngsters "pedophilia". The "Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Eighth Edition", defines 'pedophilia' thusly: "A fondness for children; unnatural desire for sexual relations with children."

Who called sexual relations with children "unnatural" and forbade it? God, speaking through His Holy Bible, forbade it. Therefore, this medical dictionary is reflecting the predominate Judeo-Christian values by its definition. Once you step outside Judeo-Christian values, this definition changes, just as it did in Sodom. Further, as we pointed out in NEWS1707 with the Irish Travelers, occultists do not recognize any dogmatic spiritual dogma, especially as it applies to sexual activity; they believe man is just an animal with sexual needs to be fulfilled, needs that can be fulfilled with anyone at any time, under any conditions. The goal of NAMBLA is to force a change in our laws regulating sexual activity to allow sex with children as young as 8 years of age!

Their motto is: "Sex before eight before it is too late".

We shall demonstrate that this motto seems to be secretly the force behind an ever-growing child pornography industry. Today, we shall focus on the emergence of teen and pre-teen model sites, and upon the influence these sites are having on fashion clothing being offered to our children. These web sites are pushing the envelope outward as to what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. As we review the backlash against these young girl soft-pornography sites, we shall see if the battle that is seen developing is an outworking of the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan.


NEWS BRIEF: "Girl Model Sites Crossing Line?" by Julia Scheeres, Wired News, July 23, 2001.

"Amber seems like a typical 11-year-old girl who loves horses and hates chores. Her website shows her hugging a stuffed white rabbit and playing dress-up.
But her site also contains photographs that are only available to dues-paying members. For $25 a month, 'Lil' Amber' fans can ogle pictures of the little girl coyly hiking up her miniskirt or posing in a bikini on a faux bearskin rug. For $50, they can purchase a video of Amber 'dancing and running around' in outfits that leave little to the imagination ... Watchdog groups say the sites smack of pornography, but Webe Web argues that the sites constitute a perfectly legal enterprise.

" 'This is definitely not kiddie porn in any form,' said Webe Web spokesman Evan Gordon. None of our sites have naked children'."

"Gordon said that the child modeling sites were inspired by a birthday party thrown for a friend's 9-year-old daughter. Pictures of the Spice Girls-themed party were posted on the Internet, and within a week they were getting 20,000 page views a day, he said. 'We decided to see if there was a market for this and there was,' Gordon said."

"The images on sites such as Lil' Amber fall into a murky legal area, said Parry Aftab, a lawyer and the director of Cyberangels, an Internet safety and education group. 'This is utterly and absolutely distasteful, and I think it would invoke child abuse, but it's probably not illegal,' said Aftab."

Rhetoric aside, this kind of coy posing most definitely appeals to a deviant sexual interest, probably nearly wholly with men. As we quoted above, the medical definition of "pedophilia" is "fondness for children; unnatural desire for sexual relations with children". Obviously, when Amber hikes up her miniskirt, she is deliberately appealing to a pedophile, one who has an "unnatural desire for sexual relations with children". However, this was the situation in Sodom, was it not? Sex activity between men and young boys is obviously present from the Biblical account; if young boys were encouraged to have early sex, you know young girls were, also. Western Society today is lurching towards that reality, and these preteen web sites represent the "leading edge" of the forces tearing at the traditional Judeo-Christian moral fabric that has always protected the sexual innocence of our children.

Other people who examined "Lil' Amber" realized the deviant sexual interest being stimulated, and questioned whether it was being done deliberately. Listen as we go back to this Wired article, above.

"Meanwhile, controversial photographer Jock Sturges continues to sell photographs of nude children despite an FBI raid, pickets by angry mobs and a grand jury investigation. Sturges, reached by e-mail at a photo shoot in France, looked over the Webe Web sites and concluded that their purpose was less than innocent. 'Whatever any of these websites original intent might have been, it is pretty clear that they have been (put) up for an audience with pedophilic leanings', Sturges wrote."

When a photographer who has most definitely stepped into the world of stark pornography with children can recognize that these "softer" sites appeal to pedophiles, we should be able to clearly see the truth as to the ultimate goal of Amber's mother when she designed the site and took the picture poses she posted on the site.

How big is this problem? Are there just a few sites promoting preteen sexually arousing photos, or is it an avalanche? Listen again:

"The FBI, which declined to be interviewed for this story, is having a hard time keeping tabs on all the could-be child porn that is distributed over the Internet. The number of cases opened by the agency's Innocent Images National Initiative jumped 1,264 percent between 1996 and 2000, according to the FBI's website. Groups such as Cyberangels and Pedowatch have picked up the slack by enlisting thousands of volunteers across the globe to scan the Internet for lurid images of children."

In other words, this problem is so pervasive, it is literally exploding across the Internet. Our society has enough men with pedophile leanings that Internet sites devoted to this type of material are multiplying exponentially. Societal observers have long maintained that any society has "windows" that open into the inner soul of that society. Arts and Entertainment is one window, and fashion clothing is another. One Jewish Holocaust survivor, Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, has written a book entitled, "The New Genocide of Afflicted and Handicapped People", in which he chronicles how "ordinary" German citizens could participate so voluntarily and so completely with Hitler's genocide. He concluded that, when symbols of death -- skulls, skeletons, scenes of Hell -- appear in the Arts and Entertainment section of a society's newspapers, you can be sure that members of that society are already killing its "devalued" citizens.

We contend that this Internet exploitation of preteen girls in sexually arousing poses falls into this "window of our soul" area. We can tell a lot about the kind of society we have become by examining these sites. Western Society is becoming more and more like Sodom with each passing day.

One of the very sad facts about many of these exploitative websites is that they were created by the mothers of the children on display! Listen to Amber's mother defend her actions.

"There's so much smut on the Internet, we're completely on the opposite end of that ... Let's just say that from her portion of the earnings, she could apply for medical school right now and not have to take out a loan ... If they enjoy looking at a kid baking cookies in a video and find that arousing, that's their own sickness, not ours."

Of course, this mother never tries to defend pictures of her daughter seductively hiking her miniskirt, but chooses to defend the more innocent pose of Amber baking cookies. The mother is clearly out to make a whole lot of money for herself and her daughter, and quite possibly, to live a life through Amber that possibly gives her a sexual excitement.

Some pertinent facts speak for themselves, as we see by going back to the Wired article once more:

"But while Webe Web and Jessi's mother say they don't know what their demographic is, a quick peek at the girls' virtual fan clubs make it quite clear: men with nicknames such as 'Cum ta Poppa'. At one of Amber's fan clubs, 'humberthaze' writes: 'We only get glimpses of her potential when she does a bit of 'bump and g,' but then she quickly relapses into something awkward and childish. Sometimes you can hear the photog get excited when he gives us what we/he want(s). She'll do a little killer wiggle and we hear him say quickly, 'What was that?' or 'Do that again!!!'"

The article continues:

"The Webe Web sites are also featured on several adult search engines and pedophile links. Jessi's mother said she was "amazed" to learn that her daughter's website was linked on Fresh Petals, a forum dedicated to people attracted to prepubescent girls."

There can be no doubt that these type of web sites are designed to appeal to pedophile men.

Child Super Model On Display

Let us now examine of the web sites in question, the "Child Super Model" site, at: http://www.childsupermodels.com/images/index_12.jpg

If you are a man, and the least bit attracted by young girls, we encourage you to skip this section; however, if you do not fall into this category and wish to see for yourselves the kind of soft kiddie pornography afflicting America today, we offer this site to you for your understanding.

Two things hit me extremely hard when the Home Page of this site popped on my screen:

1. How much like Jon Benet Ramsay the little girl in the middle looked. Remember this fact for the latter part of this article;

2. The ages of the girls being featured on this site took me aback: "A web site to promote models 7 thru 16 and their photographers" appears directly below the banner picture of the three girls.

As I scanned the pictures of the 27 girls featured, I realized that the pictures focussed in on the areas of the female body so ardently desired and displayed by adult pornography. These pictures do not look like little girls "baking cookies"! Not wanting to join any of the sites, I could only peruse the pictures on the page behind the Home Page, but it was clear to me that the purpose of these sites is to appeal to men whose sexual interest runs defiantly toward preteen girls.

One other thing I noticed is that the links offered on this Home Page redefined "teen" down to 12 years of age. A lot of people and institutions within our society these days are redefining key words. For example, Abortion Rights people have redefined "baby" to "fetus", or "tissue mass". Murder of adults who are sick or disabled has been redefined to "euthanasia" or "dying with dignity". Communists are the proven masters of redefinition, as they disguised the true nature of their Satanic system for several decades, actually convincing millions of gullible people the world over that their system was inherently and morally superior to nasty old Capitalism; only after World War II did people see the murdered millions of Stalin and the murdered victims of China. Hitler redefined terms so deftly he actually convinced Germans that Jews were vermin, less than human, and worthy of death.

Now we are in the process of redefining the word "teen"; given the international undercurrents to bring the age of consensual sex down to the age of 8, you can only assume this particular redefinition is the opening salvo in this battle.


If these "preteen" web sites are just an isolated problem, then we should not expect to discover this kind of sexualization of young girls showing up anywhere else in society; however, if these web sites reflect changes already occurring in our society, then we should expect to see other instances where young girls are being enticed to dress in a sexually provocative manner by their mothers! Do we see this kind of phenomenon occurring in our society today? You bet we do, and you will realize that this trend toward sexualizing our young children is far wider and deeper than you ever thought possible!

Let us now go to an article that appeared 1 1/2 years ago on a New Age site, Rense.com; these mothers are writing to Jeff Rense to express their outrage over the suggestive clothing they were finding in their favorite retail store. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Clothing For Little Girls With Sexually-Connotative Lettering", 1-31-01, Rense.com

"I'm writing because I'm very concerned about a T-shirt in the girls department at Target. It starts at size 4/5, the size my three year old wears, and it says 'Hottie' in flaming letters. I've always felt their girls clothes were a little 'Hookerish', but sexual logos on preschool size clothing is way beyond acceptable.

"This is a copy of a letter I sent Target customer service online: 'You currently carry a little girls' 'Xhiliration' T-shirt, sizes 4/5 to 12/14. The size four will fit my three year old daughter, but I would never let her wear it. It says 'Hottie' on the front in flaming letters. Is there a non-sexual connotation to the word 'Hottie' that I'm not aware of? Do YOU think it is appropriate attire for a three year old? Are your little girl clothes designed by PEDOPHILES?"

This outraged mother knew right well the connotation of this T-shirt designed for her 3-year-old daughter, and she knew exactly the kind of deviant interest such a T-shirt would excite. However, she left nothing to chance as her next statement reveals:

"Picture a group of children on the playground, being watched by a pedophile. He sees a preschooler in a T-shirt that says 'hottie' and thinks, 'there's the woman for me.' Is that socially responsible? What kind of message are you trying to send young girls? That from preschool on, worth is measured by how sexual you are? What are you coming out with next, pink newborn rompers that say 'Slut?' You also have junior girls' shirts that say 'Boy Craz'y."

In other words, this outraged mother was concerned that any young 3-year-old girl wearing such a T-shirt would become a target for a roving pedophile! We all cringe when we hear of an incident in which a girl was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and possibly even murdered by a pedophile. How many mothers of these victims had a T-shirt like this on their daughter that day that caught the eye of the pedophile. Now, do not even think I am trying to "blame the victim", but this mother is right: pedophiles are attracted to victims in ways like this.

Buying Procedures At A Retailer Like Target

The very fact that this type of suggestive clothing is carried by a Target Store also speaks volumes to me, given my 27 years in Retail Management. I worked for a competitor to Target, and even entertained a few headhunter job inquiries to that chain. Target buyers of all fashion goods -- clothes, toys, sporting goods -- are required to pay attention to trends within society. These buyers will lose their jobs if they do not jump on a trend early, maximize sales and profits, and then get out before the trend dumps into the drain.

Clothes buyers at Target go to market overseas, undoubtedly to the Orient, but also possibly to South America and Europe. They will be wined, dined, and treated like royalty by their factories the entire time they are gone; however, early in the morning following a sumptuous dinner, these buyers will soberly and somberly face the factory representatives across the table with one goal on their mind: to determine how to maximize sales, profits, and inventory turn for the next selling cycle, usually one year away.

For Target Store buyers to carry this type of clothing means they would have had to be presented persuasive market data showing that significant numbers of mothers are buying this type of sexually connotative clothing for their daughters; at retail, when a person makes a purchase, that purchase is recorded as a demand for that product. Therefore, studies had to have been presented to Target buyers that demonstrated this trend was very, very strong in specialty clothing retailing.

But the buyer is not the final one to make a decision on a particular line, or a particular product, for any individual selling season. All buyers report to a Merchandise Manager, who is mostly a "numbers cruncher"; in other words, he only cares about the final bottom line. He wants to sell as much product as he can at as much margin as he can, and finish the selling season with a minimum of left-over inventory. Merchandise Managers are hard-nosed businessmen who do not get emotionally caught up in a new product line like a buyer might. He has to be persuaded by empirical evidence alone that this type of product will sell well enough to contribute to Target's final sales and profitability.

Lastly, few people outside Retail Management can properly comprehend the sheer numbers of dollars required to bring in a line of product in all Target Stores nationwide. According to Target data, there are 1,104 Target stores in 47 states. If a line of sexually connotative T-shirts retails for $9.99, the cost is probably around $3.00 landed at their warehouse. Since most buyers buy clothing in assortments, we can assume they did here, also.

Let us assume that the T-shirt that said "Hottie" was part of an assortment of sexually connotative sayings. We can safely assume that such an assortment might contain 6 sayings in 6 different color combinations and 6 different sizes, for a total of 216 T-shirts per store, at $10 retail. The average store would thus possess $2160 of these T-shirts per store at retail value, and $648 at cost. Since there are 1,104 Target Stores nationwide, the company has just committed to buying 238,464 sexually connotative T-shirts, valued at $2,384,640 dollars at Retail, and costing $715,392!

With such a heavy commitment on just one assortment of clothes, hard-nosed Target executives would not commit their signature to a purchase order of sexually connotative T-Shirts unless they were completely persuaded by cold, hard empirical retail data that enough of a demand existed within their clientele that these 216 T-shirts would sell through at the the required level of 95%.

Therefore, just the fact you saw these sexually connotative T-shirts at Target means our society is strongly demanding this type of T-shirts aimed at 3-8 year-old girls, an age group in which the mother makes this type of buying decision. This "window on our soul" thus shows that many tens of thousands of mothers believe it is quite appropriate for their 3-8 year-old daughters to dress in sexually appealing fashion; therefore, why should we be surprised to learn that some of these mothers have decided to create and maintain web sites that show off their daughter's body in a sexual manner? This matter is not a small problem!

Let us return to this Rense.com article to see more instances of this sexually connotative clothing:

"Recently, a good friend and I took her 16 year old daughter to the local mall to shop. We were waiting for her daughter while she tried on clothes in a store that caters exclusively to teen girls (a nationwide chain). She came out of the dressing room and was wearing what we both thought was an adorable top, until she turned around ... across the front of her chest were numbers like you would see on a sports jersey. What numbers? 69."

We have gone a bit further down this path of sexually connotative clothing, haven't we? Now, a specific type of sex act is emblazoned across the chest of a top aimed for 16-year-old daughters; in our society today, 16-year-old girls are under tremendous pressure to become sexually active. Clothing like this just continues the story the Mass Media has been telling teens for years, that out-of-wedlock sex is just fine.

A young male teen concurs about how revolting such clothing is, again quoting from the Rense.com article, above:

"I'm a 15 year old male and I think the clothes that girls wear today are disgusting. I see girls in the 9th and 10th grade wearing shirts that say "Playboy", and also with the number 69. I think the clothes that girls wear today are horrible and should not be allowed to be worn in school."

Our society is heading quickly toward the moral condition of Sodom.


As this type of change in the sexual mores of our culture begins to receive treatment from Mass Media, you would expect a backlash from those people who defend the status quo in our society; these people will express an outrage that such websites as described above could exist, and they would be expected to urge authorities to shut them down. Many authorities will act within existing law and shut down offensive sites, arresting the owners and sending them to court.

This type of backlash is occurring, and is the next subject we need to discuss.

NEWS BRIEF: "Young ‘model’ sites feel the heat: Porn, sexual exploitation charges leveled against 3 operators", July 11, 2002, MSNBC.

"Even as lawmakers attempt to craft legislation to clamp down on Internet sites featuring preteen and teen “models,” authorities are using laws already on the books to prosecute operators of three such sites who allegedly possessed — and may have been selling — sexually explicit material featuring minors. All three cases involve operators of 'model' sites who crossed the legal line, either by possessing child pornography — a violation of federal law — or photos or videos showing underage girls in various states of undress that ran afoul of state laws against sexual exploitation of children, according to authorities. The cases appear to provide new ammunition to critics of the 'model' sites, which charge members a monthly fee to view photos of under-18 girls — including some as young as 8 or 9 — wearing revealing attire and striking suggestive poses. The majority of the sites do not feature nudity or overtly sexual material, but the cases currently in the courts indicate that some operators are happy to push the envelope."

In an effort to sidestep pornography laws forbidding minor girls being shown in sexually suggestive poses, these sites are themed as "Model" sites, or "Young Aspiring Model" sites. Certainly, the websites we covered in the above section were themed as "Model" sites, from girls who supposedly just want to be noticed by J.C. Penney, as a lawyer for one of the website maintained.

National legislators seem ready to get involved in this fight, to jump into the fray:

"Two members of Congress — Reps. Mark Foley, R-Fla., and Nick Lampson, D-Texas — have introduced legislation to crack down on the sites, which they say appeal to and are likely to encourage pedophiles. 'These Web sites … don’t sell products, they don’t sell services — all they serve are young children on a platter for America’s most depraved,' Foley said in March in announcing the legislation, which an aide said would likely have its first hearing in September."

In NEWS1707, we said that a person possessed of Satanic values would consider young children as sex objects, just "steaks on a plate". Representative Foley seems to be stating precisely the same sentiment.

This article then goes on to cite specific cases in which state law enforcement has come against people who are creating and maintaining this type of sexually explicit website. While the young girls are not nude, they are dressed in such a way, and they are posed in such a way, as to arouse the sexually deviant male who is clearly the target audience.

Since our Congress is getting involved, and since increasing numbers of state law authorities are moving against these exploiters, we Christians can relax, right? We can go on to worrying about other things, because this law enforcement activity will cause this movement to collapse. Right?

We know this will not be the case. In fact, we believe that this sudden surge of interest by law enforcement agencies might just be the catalyst by which this type of pornography is strengthened and enhanced far beyond what it is today, and certainly far beyond our wildest imaginations. How can this be? We think we might be witnessing the beginning salvos of the insidious Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan, a values-change plan that works gradually and invisibly in the hearts and minds of most people. People will suffer a radical change in their values and attitudes without even being aware that they have been carefully and skillfully manipulated.


First, let us list the 6 steps of this Attitudinal Change Plan:

Step 1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

Step 2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.

Step 3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate.

Step 4. In the process, sheer repetition of the shocking subject under discussion gradually dulling its effect.

Step 5. People then are no longer shocked by the subject.

Step 6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.

Step 1 -- Clearly, we are in Step 1 of this plan. What is the " practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public"? Why, this offensive practice is the sexual exploitation of children as young as 6 years of age in ways that appeal specifically to deviant adult men. Under the principles of Judeo-Christianity, this type of sexual behavior is absolutely, completely forbidden. But, in a society dominated by Satanic values, any girl of any age can be considered as an appropriate sex partner for any man of any age. We cover this subject completely in NEWS1707.

In the litigation soon to be unfolding, numerous opportunities will present themselves for advocates of this change to be interviewed in the court system, especially on the witness stand; such advocates will be interviewed on TV, in the newspaper, and on the Internet. Such advocates are expected to state firmly and emphatically that there is nothing morally wrong with young girls to be depicted in such sexually suggestive poses. Many of these advocates will having titles and letters behind their names that will suggest to the naive that they are "RESPECTED" experts speaking from a "RESPECTED" forum.

Step 2: At first, the public is shocked, then outraged. News stories like these from MSNBC will abound as this fight unfolds. News media will fearlessly cover the subject, and will appear to be very even-handed in their treatment of both sides of the controversy. As you will see as we discuss the rest of the six steps, the Media does not care if the advocates of this radical change are out-debated by the defenders of the status quo! Therefore, news stories showing "even handed coverage" will abound.

Step 3 -- Suddenly, a subtle shift in focus is introduced into the public debate. It is impossible at this time to know what form this subtle change will take; however, the original core debate will shift focus away from the original outrage of the case and to a side issue of some sort. The Mass Media is likely to take this step because they have the power to frame the debate.

Step 4 -- This step is most important in changing people's minds and attitudes. In a subject this huge and this important, a tremendous amount of debate is needed. This debate will likely take many forms:

* Coverage of trials of those accused of operating these preteen pornography web sites

* Talking Heads on a Sunday Morning can be counted upon to talk the subject to death

* Newspaper and TV coverage

* Articles posted on various Internet web sites, from all sides of the issue

For this step to prove effective, debate and arguing and talking about the subject needs to be overwhelming. Once people get overwhelmed on a subject, they are the most easily manipulated, for they cease looking at the subject and turn to other things. While their attention is thus diverted, our politicians can pass the laws they want to pass, content in the knowledge that the majority of the public has tuned them out.

The target in Step 4 -- Sheer Repetition -- is the person whose mind is not firmly made up on the issue at hand before the debate began. Clearly, no one whose mind is firmly settled on the subject, and whose position is based upon an authority that does not change, will be influenced by this debate tactic. However, the one whose mind is not firmly made up can be subtly, and gradually, moved to the advocacy of the proposed radical change.

Every time the debate occurs, and every time a particular part of Mass Media covers the radical change being proposed, some undecided citizens will move closer to the side of the advocated change; for some reason, very few undecideds ever move to the position advocated by the defenders of the status quo. Therefore, the owners and managers of Mass Media know that they will gain converts the more they stage a debate, or a documentary; they know they will gain some converts to their radical change position. Thus, they do not care if their side is outdebated by the defenders of the status quo.

This diabolical fact shows a little-known manner in which our sin nature works. In fact, I have long maintained that the Illuminati knows more about the workings of our minds and emotions than they should know; they know enough to use our inherent nature against us, which they clearly are doing in this situation.

Step 5 -- The public is no longer horrified by the controversial subject. After hearing and viewing this controversial subject of using preteen girls in sexually provocative situations, too many people will cease to be morally horrified. Once this position in a person's mind is reached, that person is then perfectly set up for the brilliant tactic contained within Step 6.

Step 6 -- No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it. Here is how this insidious step works; let us use a past case as an example. In the Abortion debate prior to Roe vs Wade, the advocates of abortion wanted it legal for anyone, at any time in the pregnancy, and for any reason. Defenders of the Status Quo wanted Abortion to be criminalized for anyone, at any time in the pregnancy, for any reason.

After years of debate, someone brilliantly stepped forward with a "reasonable" compromise; they proposed that Abortion be legalized according to very strict and very narrow guidelines. They proposed that Abortion be legal only in cases of pregnancy caused by Incest or Rape, or in order to save the life of the mother. Defenders of the Status Quo naively believed they had won a moral victory, because they believed their compromise had prevented a wider use of Abortion.

However, the advocates of radical Abortion secretly exulted, for they knew they had won a delayed victory. They knew that, once the door forbidding the horrific matter is unbolted and opened just a tiny crack, they could rather easily force it more and more open, until finally, that door is completely open, allowing the radical change position full operation.

Shortly after most states adopted this "narrow compromise" on Abortion, the Supreme Court kicked the door open with their infamous Roe Vs Wade decision. Since then, abortion advocates have kept the pressure on to the point where some babies born live are killed by a "doctor" jamming a pair of scissors in its back brain so they can sell the brain tissue on the open market! This Nazi procedure is called "Partial Birth Abortion" and is still the law of the land.

In this instance, the compromise will come, it will be forced by the courts, and greater numbers of people will accept it year after year. Acceptance will be made easier because the subject matter is tantalizing to too many men, making it more easy to become widely accepted.

Steps 1 and 2 are currently ongoing with this preteen sexualization issue.

Our society is heading quickly toward the moral condition of Sodom.


As we began discussing the "Super Model" website, I made the comment that the girl in the middle reminded me of Jon Benet Ramsey, the little girl killed in her home in Boulder, Colorado. Jon Benet's mother aggressively pushed her little girl to compete, and win, Beauty Pageants for these little girls. At this point, we have a direct tie-in with the national effort to get the age of consensual sex lowered by stages to the age of 8. Here, we see another tie-in with the Irish Travelers [Read NEWS1707 for full details on this group]. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: ""Clothing For Little Girls With Sexually-Connotative Lettering", 1-31-01, Rense.com [Already quoted in part above]

"Jon Benet Ramsey is a lone child whose death brought to the forefront of the American Psyche, that our children are often most endangered by the people who raise them. At the present time there is a body of lobbyists' in Washington, DC, whose agenda is to lower the age of teens for consensual sex to 16. This is not a new lobby. In fact, they claim to have a very wealthy constituency of over a million members. Most of them are really just pedophiles who have a motto of 'sex before eight, before it is too late'. Many of them are also members of a very suspect group of nomadic Americans who call themselves the 'Travelers'. This group has been gaining in notoriety in this country, because they have fallen under the heading of "newsworthy" by the mainstream media. But many of the characteristics and known behaviors of these people (male and female) remain hidden, vague and relatively unknown by the public at large."

Is it possible that the Irish Travelers have a direct Illuminati tie-in with other high-ranking groups secretly allied with the Illuminist plan to overthrow our current system of government so they can institute their New World Order, a.k.a, the Kingdom of Antichrist? We demonstrated just such a direct Illuminist link in NEWS1707, so we need to realize that we may be witnessing a gigantic occult coalition of forces designed to provide a synergistic effect so that the Judeo-Christian sexual values regarding children are totally abolished.

This would explain the commonality of goals of NAMBLA and the Travelers. For centuries, adult Travelers men have been marrying girls under the age of 12. Now, is Western Society ready to accept this marriage of girls to adult men as a common fact of life? And, if adult men can marry girls under 12, why can't gay men marry young boys of the same age?

When you understand this reality, you will see that America is lurching toward the full gamut of Sodom's sexual sins. Societies based upon the occult will possess this attitude toward sex, even though they may try to keep it quiet. In fact, the smart thing to do is to disguise the sexual activity so the outsider will see it for something other than it really is. Right now, the Travelers seem to disguise the true activity through Beauty Pageants; tomorrow, they may not have to.

Our Western society is lurching toward the kind of society God destroyed in Sodom. And, this change is occurring at the same time as so many other Bible prophecies are occurring throughout the world. Satan is seemingly so very close to getting the kind of society he so desperately wants prior to the appearance of his Man of Sin, Antichrist.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

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