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Subtitle: When US authorities discovered a North Korean dummy warhead in Alaska, a very sobering truth hit home: American cities seem to be under the North Korean ballistic gun armed with Weapons of Mass Destruction.

New World Order Plan: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

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NEWS BRIEF: "`North Korea Missile Warhead Found in Alaska’, The Korea Times, [Seoul, South Korea] March 4, 2003, By Ryu Jin Staff Reporter, http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/nation/200303/kt2003030417272311970.htm

"The warhead of a long-range missile test-fired by North Korea was found in the U.S. state of Alaska, a report to the National Assembly revealed yesterday. 'According to a U.S. document, the last piece of a missile warhead fired by North Korea was found in Alaska,’ former Japanese foreign minister Taro Nakayama was quoted as saying in the report. `Washington, as well as Tokyo, has so far underrated Pyongyang’s missile capabilities.' "

The North Korean scenario is definitely in play in today's news, and right on time, I might add. The "hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea" is most definitely starting to be played out in our Daily News. What am I speaking about?

Since 1991, Cutting Edge has been teaching that the coming planned World War III that is designed to bring in Antichrist is a world war to be comprised of three (3) separate wars: Middle East, Korean Peninsula, and China attacking Taiwan. Through thick and thin, through criticism and some rejection, we have held to this position, simply because the New World Order writings contain this scenario. During the June, 1999, US Naval War College Strategy Session, at which I was a participant, I posed this question to Dr. Kurth, who had been introduced as "the smartest man in the world":

"Dr. Kurth, let me propose a scenario. Suppose that, in two weeks from now, the Middle East blows up into a major war between Israel and her Arab neighbors, drawing the US Navy into the Middle East to keep shipping and oil lanes open. Suppose that, two weeks after that, North Korea invaded South Korea using nuclear weapons. The US Navy would be drawn into that region. Then, suppose that, two weeks later, China attacked Taiwan. Could we prevent China from attacking and conquering Taiwan?" [NEWS1299]

At this point, Dr. Kurth could have given me a tongue-lashing, admonishing me that such a question was ridiculous, simply because it was totally outside the boundaries of all reason and possibility. Given his high standing within the Clinton Administration, Dr. Kurth could have dressed me down and totally humiliated me. Instead, he paused for a number of very long seconds, looked down at his notes, and stiffened his arms out, as he legitimized my question with a thoughtful answer:

"Yesterday, Admiral Johnson stated that the US Navy needed 15 Carrier Battle Groups to fulfill its global mission. If we had those 15 Carrier Battle Groups, we could defend Taiwan under the scenario you have just drawn up." [Ibid.]

I wrote in my notes that, with only 12 Carrier Battle Groups, we could not defend Taiwan if the US Navy were tied up in other simultaneous conflicts prior to, and parallel to, China attacking Taiwan. As I sat down and pondered what Dr. Kurth had just told me, I was very excited, for his distinctly stiff body language told me he was distressed by the question and initially did not know how to respond. Most likely, he was not pleased that I knew the plan for World War III, nor was he pleased by the fact that I had just revealed it to all the top officers of the Navy present at this strategy session.


If this is the war to produce Antichrist, North Korea will likely attack very quickly after we launch our initial attack against Iraq. As we reported in our Daily News Updates of February 22, 2003, one intelligence service noted a strong North Korea - Iran connection. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran's Nukes -- North Korean Connection", DEBKAfile, 20 February 2003.

"Back in October and November 2002, DEBKA-Net-Weekly 82 and 85 exposed the lively Iranian-North Korean nuclear relationship that gave both members of the 'axis of evil' atomic bomb-building capability ... It is still not clear whether North Korea owns all the bombs in its possession. Some intelligence quarters hold that some of the devices are Iranian. One intelligence source, speaking on condition of anonymity, remarked this week to DEBKA-Net-Weekly: “The old cliché that truth is stranger than fiction is epitomized in the Iranian-North Korean nuclear story.”

Did you get that statement? Let us repeat it for you:

"It is still not clear whether North Korea owns all the bombs in its possession."

For some time now, North Korea and Iran have been cooperating in building a capability, both in nuclear weapons and in accurate theater missile technology. While Iran seemed to hold the edge in developing nuclear warheads, North Korea held a definite edge in theater missile technology. In fact, North Korea has been shipping theater missiles to the Middle East for a very long time now. It was not too long ago that a Yemeni-bound freighter was intercepted, and found to be carrying North Korean missiles. After a few days, the US ordered the freighter released so it could deliver its cargo -- including the missiles -- to Yemen.

We see yet another instance where the connection between North Korea and Arab nations in the Middle East can readily be seen. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Pakistan bartered N-technology to N Korea for missiles", The Times of India, March 2, 2003.

"NEW DELHI: Pakistan is believed to have bartered away nuclear technology to North Korea as a 'means of payment' for procuring Taepodong ballistic missiles, according to American experts and intelligence officials. '(US) Intelligence officials now believe that Pakistan decided to transfer nuclear technology as a means of payment. This barter proved a perfect match,' expert John E Carbaugh Jr, a policy analyst, who advises the US administration and major US multinational firms, said in a recent paper. In 1994, Pyongyang signed the Agreed Framework which led them to shut down their plutonium-based nuclear programme. 'But North Korean scientists found Pakistan's uranium enrichment technology to be a good means of continuing a covert nuclear programme, albeit one that requires time'.

Thus, Pakistan provided critical 'nuclear technology' to North Korea as a means by which to pay for the missiles they were receiving. If this 'nuclear technology' from Pakistan is really 'nuclear warheads', then North Korea was able to buy them 'off the shelf' from Pakistan. After all, Pakistan has possessed nuclear weaponry for almost 20 years.

In all this debate on whether Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, or any other Arab country with money to spend, possesses nuclear weapons, the focus has always been on whether than country could independently develop this technology. To me, this focus has always been wrongheaded, simply because the Arabs already have a nuclear power in Pakistan! Militant Muslims control Pakistani Intelligence, and the officer corps is likewise riddled with militants. For this reason, American authorities have hinted that, after they overthrow the regime in Iraq, Iran, and Syria, they were coming after Pakistan. Mushareff has attempted to 'cooperate' with Bush on his war on terrorism to forestall such an attack on his country, but the radicals have become so very obvious that now Bush has targeted Pakistan for a 'regime change'.

With all these connections between North Korea and various countries in the Middle East, we should not have been surprised to hear North Korea's Kim make a very special offer to Saddam recently.

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea's Kim Offers Asylum To Saddam", by Harvey Stockwin, Times News Network, March 2, 2003.

"HONG KONG: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has offered political asylum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, according to a front page story in Sunday's South China Morning Post. The bizarre tale appears to be the kind of news story that newspapers like to publish on April Fool's Day, except for one thing: it has a credible source. He is Stanley Ho Hung-sun, the wealthy magnate who runs Macau's gambling casinos, through whom 'high-level North Korean officials have offered the Iraqi dictator and his family 11th hour sanctuary in a mountain in North Korea'."

We have demonstrated in enough ways that North Korea maintains a very significant link to the Arab countries of the Middle East, most of whom are considered 'terrorist' enough to President Bush for him to include them all on his list of countries whom he is going to overthrow. Benjamin Franklin readily comes to mind in this scenario; I clearly remember a statement he made shortly after the Continental Congress had declared their intention of fighting if necessary to separate from Great Britain. Franklin said, "If we do not hang together, we most assuredly will hang separately".

If each of the countries in the Middle East whom the US is targeting for a 'regime change' wait while we dismantle the targeted countries one by one, they all most assuredly will hang separately. The same fact is clearly true for North Korea. The only hope these Arab countries and North Korea have is if they adopt the NATO stance as it faced the armed forces of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. NATO adopted the stance that an attack on any one NATO member would be construed as an attack on all countries comprising NATO, and would prompt a very swift coordinated NATO response.

If this is the thinking and planning of these "Axis of Evil" nations, then we could see Iran, Syria, and other rogue Middle Eastern states attack US forces very quickly after we begin our attack on Iraq, or attack somewhere else to open another front. For this reason, you might see Pakistan attack India with nuclear weapons, simply to open another front against the US/Israel/UK/India axis. Each of these targeted countries literally has a 'use it or lose it' arsenal; if they do not use it swiftly, they most assuredly will lose it.

Finally, the plan calls for North Korea to viciously attack South Korea using her Weapons of Mass Destruction, quickly after we initiate our attack against Iraq.


North Korea almost assuredly possesses enough nuclear warheads, plus Chemical and Biological, that, if they struck first, could truly inflict enormous casualties. A recent news report shows how very difficult North Korea could make matters if they struck first.

NEWS BRIEF: "Steep price tag expected for victory in N. Korea War would be 'military's nightmare,' expert says", USA Today, By Paul Wiseman 2/28/03.

"SEOUL, South Korea -- The United States and South Korea would almost certainly win any war on the Korean peninsula, but the cost of victory could be appalling. If North Korea attacked first or its war machine wasn't seriously damaged by a U.S. strike aimed at destroying its nuclear weapons program, in the first two or three weeks of fighting that nation could use its awesome firepower to leave more than 1 million people dead or wounded. Most would be South Korean troops and civilians, but thousands of U.S. troops stationed here would also likely die, the U.S. military estimates.

"South Korean defenses could be pummeled for several hours by as many as 500,000 artillery rounds per hour from North Korean positions just 30 miles from Seoul. Tens of thousands of North Korean commandos, many disguised as civilians or South Korean troops, would probably sneak south in midget submarines or drop in by parachute. North Korea's 500 to 600 Scud missiles, many carrying chemical weapons, could pound targets across South Korea, and longer-range missiles could hit civilian and U.S. military targets as far as Japan, possibly even the western USA. 'They certainly have the ability to deliver a devastating first blow, especially if there is no lead-in time for us,' says Joseph Bermudez, author of a detailed book called 'The Armed Forces of North Korea'. 'They could make a significant penetration into South Korea, no doubt about it'."

There seems little doubt that North Korea poses far more danger than Iraq, and yet we are single-mindedly amassing a mighty military machine in the Middle East to not only overthrow Saddam Hussein, but the regimes in Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and possibly Saudi Arabia [Read NEWS1761]. Could it be that we are going to be caught with our best and most advanced weaponry staged in the wrong part of the world? We are amassing our best, brightest, and most advanced weaponry in the Middle East, while we are depending upon nearly nonexistent diplomacy to stave off a powerful North Korean assault.

We do have enormous stockpiles of weaponry staged in South Korea, waiting for American troops to be flown to them; but it does seem that we are sending the best and most advanced materiel and men to the Middle East. Further, a source has told me that these supplies of weaponry are susceptible to a first-strike hit.

Now, we need to discuss another country whom North Korean considers a serious enemy: Japan.


NEWS BRIEF: "Scandalized Ritter focuses on N. Korea: 'Won't be satisfied until Tokyo is reduced to a slab of radioactive waste' ", WorldNetDaily.com, February 9, 2003.

"Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter ... is now sounding the alarm of a possible nuclear holocaust in the Far East. While visiting Tokyo this week, the New York resident gave a speech warning that the current crisis in North Korea could mushroom into a doomsday cloud in a very short period of time. 'The president has put B-52s on alert in Guam to hold North Korea accountable,' Ritter said, quoted by the Age newspaper. 'Well, North Korea may very well put some ballistic missiles with nuclear weapons on alert. And where are those targets going to be? You think they are going to simply satisfy themselves with annihilating 37,000 Americans on the Demilitarized Zone? No. You think they're going to satisfy themselves with annihilating Seoul? No. They won't be satisfied until Tokyo is reduced to a slab of radioactive waste."

I called a couple of military sources whom I trust to see if this story is technologically correct; they said, "Yes," North Korea does possess the capability of hitting Japanese cities with nuclear weapons, and turning them into "a slab of radioactive waste". All these years since World War II, Japan has been arrogantly dealing with a great many nations of the world treating them as though they were second class nations. Chief among these nations so slighted is North Korea. Historically, Japan, Korea, and China have been bitter enemies. This may be payback time for China and North Korea.


We now return full circle to our original premise, that North Korean missiles can hit United States targets. I opened our GPS-compatible mapping program to measure the distance between Pyongyang and Anchorage, Alaska; the distance was 3,730 miles! In other words, North Korea has the capability of hitting West Coast targets! WorldNetDaily has ever reported that North Korea is believed to be on the verge of achieving the third-stage capability, which would extend their range to 8,650 miles! That would put our entire Western Coast under the Korean gun.

New World Order Plan: "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

Let us now we contemplate how the world might possibly go through a "hair-raising confrontation in Korea". First, however, remember the key element of propaganda, so brilliantly espoused by Adolf Hitler. Carefully consider this definition, letting it burn into your mind:

"Truth is not what is; truth is what people perceive it to be."

Thus, for a "hair-raising confrontation in Korea" to occur, it is not necessary for North Korea or China to actually have the capabilities to threaten us; it is only necessary for us to believe they have this capability. Therefore, arguments as to whether or these two nations have this capability or whether they do not, is completely beside the point. The real point is that people must be led to believe they have this capability.

Several scenarios suggest themselves as possibilities as to how this "hair-raising" situation might develop:

1. North Korea attacks aggressively and overwhelmingly, using both conventional weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear). As the US is preparing to respond in kind, most likely using the B-52 and B-2 bombers we have on Guam, China diplomatically intervenes on behalf of North Korea, threatening to launch a nuclear attack on our cities. We would believe this scenario, because our Mass Media has been feeding us stories about how Clinton sold, transferred, and allowed to be stolen, so many of our nuclear and missile technologies. Thus, the nuclear standoff would be between China and the United States over Korea.

2. North Korea attacks using conventional weapons only. As the US reacts swiftly to fulfill our treaty obligations to commit 690,000 troops to defend South Korea, China suddenly threatens to annihilate us with her nuclear weapons.

Both these scenarios would allow North Korea to pursue her drive to take over South Korea.

3. Before North Korea can launch an attack, American forces attack using tactical nuclear weapons. As North Korea recoils from this attack, China enters into the fray on behalf of the North, reminiscent of the original Korean War. As China pours across the North Korean border, she warns the US to retreat or face a tactical nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula, as well as atomic attacks on our cities.

4. North Korea attacks using conventional weapons only, devastating our 37,000 men stationed there as well as destroying most of Seoul. As US forces begin to pour into South Korea to reinforce the South Korean army, North Korea threatens to go nuclear. We might very well see that North Korea did, indeed, purchase Pakistani nuclear weapons 'off the shelf', and has both tactical and intercontinental capabilities.

Since we have been told that we have no effective missile defense -- that we cannot stop even one missile -- we would be terrified to believe that North Korea might be able to take out several of our cities. Once again, it does not matter whether North Korea really has this capability; what matters is that we believe they possess the capability.


At this current time, all three wars that will comprise this World War III are in the news: Middle East, Korean Peninsula, and China attacking Taiwan. North Korea is the focus of this article. The news that this North Korean dummy warhead was discovered in Alaska will strike fear and dread in the heart of many an American. When the time comes for the "hair-raising confrontation in Korea" to occur, this story will have served its purpose well.

The world truly seems to be entering that stage of which Jesus foretold:

"Men's hearts failing them for fear" -- [Luke 21:26]

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