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Subtitle: DEBKAfile Intelligence is reporting that quietly, without fanfare, President Bush ordered the attack on Iraq to begin Thursday, 3/13/03. If this is the case, then this entire Plan continues to come down "by the numbers" -- occult numbers, that is!

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NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. War Campaign Began March 13!", by DEBKAfile Special Report, 14 March 2003.

"The US-led Iraq War began on Thursday, March 13 – not with a formal declaration or a spectacular eruption, but as an unfolding campaign. On Wednesday, March 12, war commander General Tommy Franks returned to his forward headquarters in Qatar carrying his orders, which were to go on the offensive on March 13 – as DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources reported in Issue No. 100 on March 7. According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s sources in Washington, he acted on three decisions taken by President George W. Bush:

1. The war date – March 13.

2. US military movements

3. US aerial war in force

Now, let us speak of each of these decisions separately.

1. The War Date -- March 13 -- In NEWS1756, we reported that this entire Illuminati Plan has occurred by the occult numbers since the 9/11 attacks. We reported some of the highlights:

a. Use of the Number '11' -- Since the Bible assigns the Number 11 to Antichrist in Daniel 7:7-8 [Eleventh Horn to arise], the Illuminati has assigned this number to their coming Antichrist and his kingdom. Therefore, events in which the number 11 or a multiplication thereof, is present in the operation of the event carries an occult signature that will tell occultists the world over that this event has occurred by design and for the purpose of staging Antichrist. In the 9/11 attacks, we identified '18' instances where the event had an occult signature of '11' or a multiplication of '11'.

b. We then identified startling and important dates in history in which the number '11' was critically important to either a political or a spiritual event. This is most interesting reading, and we encourage you to study it if you have not already done so.

In NEWS1767, we reported the importance to the occultist of the number '13'. This number carries the occult connotation of extreme rebellion against God's constituted authority, and is one of Satan's most important numbers. Thus, we see that this date of quietly launching this war was a '13'. But, of course, there is much more to this date, isn't there?

This date forms a '333' -- March (3rd Month) + the '3' in '13' + the '3' in 2003. In NEWS1778, we reported the importance of the number '333' to the occultist. Literally, this number means "death, resurrection, and ascension", a truly Masonic Messianic concept! Since the March 3 prayer event described in NEWS1778, we have been wondering if the actual war might begin on March 13, another date that forms the magical "333". DEBKAfile Intelligence is boldly stating that Bush began the war on this date.


Another very important number to the Illuminati is '18', since it is formed by '6+6+6'. In fact, this number is used to hide the more offensive '666'. In the 9/11 attack, the length of time between the first plane hitting the North Tower and the second plane hitting the South Tower was precisely 18 minutes [NEWS1538]. Likewise, on April 19, 1995, the length of time between the moment Timothy McVeigh parked his Ryder Truck and the time of the explosion was 18 minutes! (Further, the exact time of these two tragedies was also identical: 8:45 am and 9:03 am.)

The date of March 13, 2003, forms a very important 18: this date is precisely 18 months after the 9/11 attacks! How is that possible, you ask? Wouldn't March 11 be 18 months after 9/11/2001? If you precisely calculate the number of days, March 13, 2003 is 548 days past 9/11/2001; if you multiply 365 days in a year times 1.5 years, you reach 547.5 days, rounded up to 548 days! Thus, March 13, 2003, is precisely 18 months after 9/11/2001!

Now, let us return to the discussion of this DEBKAfile report. After reporting that General Tommy Franks launched the war quietly on march 13, the date President Bush gave him, this article then describes some operational aspects of this campaign. Notice the emphasis given to deception, an increasingly grave problem as we go from this point on in this war.

"US military movements -- Likewise, American and Turkish thrusts into northern Iraq are providentially obscured, according to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources in Washington and Ankara, by the uncertainty hanging over whether or not Ankara will approve the transit of US forces into northern Iraq and the opening of a northern front. Even the latest word that Turkey has refused US warplanes passage through its air space to bomb Iraq is a misrepresentation of the facts to hide what is going on from the Turkish public which is predominantly anti-war. According to the most credible information reaching us, Washington and Ankara are in full agreement on the passage of US troops into northern Iraq along with some 100,000 Turkish soldiers. Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has given the nod to the deal, is waiting for the Security Council to wrap up its debate before convening the Turkish parliament for an emergency session to ratify the agreement." [Emphasis added]

While exact information of an ongoing military operation needs to be kept secret until the victory is won, this deliberate disinformation campaign goes much further and deeper; it is designed to lie to the Turkish people, who are 90% against this war against Iraq. Both the United States and the Turkish High Commands want to keep the reality that the Turks are mightily aiding our advance from the average Muslim militant citizen. Once the Turkish people really understand that their generals are helping our annihilation of Iraq, they are likely to explode in such anger that the continued rule of the generals might be in jeopardy. The fact is, some of our forces are passing through Turkish bases right now, and up to 100,000 Turkish soldiers are amassed on the northern border with Iraq, ready to pour through to capture Mosul, Arbil, and Kirkuk and the oil fields in this locality.

Now, let us return to our DEBKAfile article for more information.

"The US army will be allowed to transfer as many forces as necessary to the northern front through sea ports, air fields and bases in southern Turkey. Two squadrons of US F-15 and F-16 warplanes already stationed at Turkish air bases will go into action without delay against Iraqi targets in northern Iraq, especially around the oil cities of Mosul and Kirkuk. Along with the US army, seven Turkish divisions comprising 100,000 troops will push into northern Iraq. The Turkish force will be distributed as follows: five divisions will deploy in northern Iraq, or northern Kurdistan, along a line some 50 kilometers (30 miles) inside Iraqi territory across the northern peaks of the Kurdistan mountains; two divisions will move 220 kilometers (130 miles) inside northern Iraq to the town of Sham Chamchamal north of Kirkuk, now held by Jalal Talabani’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan forces." [Ibid.]

Turkish soldiers are drawn from the general population, and may be far more militant than their secular officers. Therefore, it will be interesting to note whether they will be reluctant to fight against Iraqi Muslims. They probably will not hesitate to fight vigorously against Kurdish troops, for historical enmity exists between these two groups.

This article then describes the initial battling between Turkish troops and Iraqi defenders.

"For the first time since the start of US military activity in northern Iraq in mid-2002, heavy exchanges of fire erupted in the town Thursday between the Iraqi 5th army and PUK fighters. The clashes effectively kicked off the battle for Kirkuk. A US-Turkish-Kurdish command center staffed by senior officers from all three sides was recently established in a Turkish military camp at Kiziltap on the Iraq-Turkey border. The headquarters will coordinate military movement within northern Iraq to try to ensure friendly fire incidents do not occur. According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources, the command center quickly proved its worth earlier today when the Turkish 20th division tried to cross into northern Iraq and drew fire from forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barazani. The Turkish division was ordered by the joint headquarters to pull back and is now parked near the Turkish town of Sino awaiting new orders."

If any of you doubted whether the Kurds would allow Turkish forces to pour into Iraq unhindered, this action may clear the matter up nicely. The Kurds hate Saddam greatly, have suffered under his control mightily, but still do not want Turkey to gain control over Northern Iraq. Conversely, Turkey does not want a Kurdish state to arise following Saddam's demise; this calculation might be most important in the minds of the Turkish generals as they decided to cooperate with the US invasion, even though they know their people are overwhelmingly opposed.

Given this rivalry, and the uncertain nature of the depth of Turkey's commitment, General Franks has prepared a "Plan B". Listen:

"But just in case the Erdogan government discovers it cannot live up to the Ankara-Washington deal, the US war command headed by General Tommy Franks has prepared a fallback plan. Parts of the US 82nd and 101 airborne divisions will be dropped over the oil cities and oil fields of Kirkuk and Mosul by hundreds of helicopters taking off from US carriers in the Mediterranean flying across Israel and from American bases in Jordan and Israel. These troops will link up with the US forces landing Thursday night, March 13 at the big Saudi airbase at Tabuk, near the Jordanian border. DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources report that, since Wednesday night, March 12, hundreds of American military aircraft have been coming in to Tabuk - bombers, fighters and Marines helicopters, as well as military and civilian transports carrying legions of ground troops, bound for the western and northern warfronts in Iraq." [Ibid.]

The Jordanian government must be likewise shaking in their boots, for their population is also wildly anti-American and very much opposed to this war with Iraq. Furthermore, nearly 50% of their population is Palestinian, a group feared by the Jordanian monarchy, very much aligned with Yassir Arafat, and very sympathetic to Saddam Hussein. Jordan has gone back and forth in her pronouncements as to whether we could use her facilities; one day, she would say "No", and days later, flash a more quiet, "Yes". It appears she is allowing our troops to use her bases to substitute for the operational loss of some of the Turkish bases.


Yesterday, Western stock markets roared back up the charts, simply because investors have become convinced that this war is going to be the cakewalk the first war was; however, this may not be the case, as the next part of this DEBKAfile article demonstrates.

"Thus far, Iraqi military intelligence has shown an impressive ability to track American military movements and respond at speed. American deployments in Turkey and northern Iraq were discovered and brought forth a rapid change of Iraqi tactics. On the morning of Wednesday, March 13, the Special Republican Guards Adnan Division, which had been on its way out of the Mosul district after being ordered to pull back to the Tikrit-Baghdad central region, suddenly turned in its tracks. By Thursday night, the division was repositioned around Mosul, the oil fields and along the Mosul-Kirkuk highway. Concurrent with this maneuver, the 5th Iraqi Army was told to pull out of its positions in northern Kurdistan – particularly Jabel Finjar opposite the Turkish frontier, and regroup around Kirkuk and its oilfields. DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military analysts interpret these movements to mean that Saddam Hussein has made a last-minute switch in his plan to concentrate all his military strength in an Iron Triangle to defend Iraq’s heartland and the cities of Baghdad and Tikrit – as we reported in a previous issue, and has decided instead to defend the northern oil fields after all. Therefore, if the Americans, the Turks and the Kurds expected the oil fields of the north to drop into their laps without a fight, they will have to think again." [Ibid.; Emphasis added]

I sat up in my chair when I read this paragraph, because the only way in which Iraqi military intelligence could react this well and this quickly is if they were receiving sophisticated help; the logical place from which Iraqi Military Intelligence could receive such "real-time" battlefield intelligence is the Russian military. If the Iraqis are receiving up-to-the-second Russian military intelligence from Russian satellites and other Russian intelligence assets, this war might turn ugly very quickly.

We have often mused how far the Russians were going to allow us to go to attack, destroy, and overthrow regimes in the Middle East with whom she has always maintained excellent relations. Revelation 17:17 tells us that God has put the idea in the minds of the final 10 rulers to "act in harmony" to fulfill His prophecies. The first major prophecy to be fulfilled is the appearance of Antichrist [Rev 6:1-2]. Therefore, if this war is the war to produce Antichrist, we should expect the Russians and Chinese to cooperate with us to the degree that the major goal of producing Antichrist is fulfilled; however, the Russians and/or Chinese might interfere to the point where we lose a lot of men and equipment, but still win the war enough to allow Antichrist to arise.

If this scenario is unfolding, the US might win this war against Iraq, only to come out of it less than a superpower. Further, our win might be very pyrrhic if it turns the Middle East into a conflagration, if it allows North Korea to bring mankind to a nuclear confrontation that threatens our survival, and if it allows terrorism to be unleashed against our cities in retaliation for our Iraq attack.

If Russia is providing quality intelligence information to the Iraqis, they are likely advising their commanders as to the suitable tactics to use to resist American - British advance. Remember the 1999 war in Kosovo, Yugoslavia? Day after day, our mass media glowingly told of the number of military targets hit and destroyed; at the end of the war, estimates of total degradation of the Yugoslavian Army were in the range of 85%, and we congratulated ourselves. However, about one year later, reports came out that we had learned that our true degradation of capability was only 10%! What had caused us to think we had destroyed far more of the Yugoslavian military capability than we did? The Russians carefully and thoroughly schooled the Yugoslavian military in decoy and obfuscation techniques that completely fooled our high-tech satellite and other sensing technology. If Russia is similarly schooling the Iraqi Army, we could be in for some really tough times.

This intelligence information is discomforting to the highest degree. We shall just have to wait to see how events unfold, as it is risky to base total assumptions on the basis of just one report.

In our latest newsletter -- 031203 -- we called upon President Bush to put off attacking until the hot summer weather in this part of the Middle East subsides. Since we have wasted the cool months of November - February to attack, prudence suggests that we do not commit our forces to a fight in weather that may reach 130 degrees during the day. If Iraqi soldiers fight hard to protect their homeland, and if their commanders can effectively counter our superiority, and if chemical and/or biological weapons are used, our soldiers might die in numbers we do not want to contemplate.

We have been watching a Veteran's website devoted to warning about the dangers of an attack on Iraq, and warning that our N.B.C. -- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical -- equipment is substandard; we encourage you to go there now to bring yourself up to speed as to the dangers our boys may face. The website is entitled, "Soldiers For Truth", and is located at: http://www.sftt.org/

We are receiving first-hand information from parents whose boys are either already in the Middle East or are on their way that as many as one-third of the NBC suits and gas masks were defective! Further, fighting in the desert at 130 degree temperatures will cook the soldier to death very quickly, even if his suit is working properly!

Ten years ago, Cutting Edge Ministries first began raising the probability that this war to produce Antichrist would bring America down from her superpower status -- by design. A global government cannot efficiently operate if one of the governments is a superpower, a "King Kong" country. Given my background in US Army Intelligence, I felt the best way in which to achieve such a loss that we would be taken off our superpower perch was through using Dumb Tactics during the war. Certainly, we have already seen evidences of such Dumb Tactics. For example:

1. In the Middle East, foregoing attack in the cool weather months of November - February. Now, we are attacking in the absolute worst time for hot weather, the kind of hot weather than can kill soldiers, even though they are wearing properly functioning NBC suits.

2. On the Korean Peninsula, we are opening the door to a North Korean attack by having our best and most capable units in the Middle East, even though the most formidable enemy is North Korea. The weather is just now getting conducive to a military campaign on the peninsula. From now through the middle of May the weather is best of the year to fight a campaign. Starting mid-May, the Monsoons pour so much water on the ground that heavy equipment simply cannot move except on all-weather roads.

3. As alluded above, we have poured our best, brightest, and most technologically advanced units into the Middle East. If North Korea pours across the border, and if we are inhibited from using our neutron and/or nuclear weapons, the devastation could be horrible. We could certainly use some of the units we presently have arrayed against a less formidable foe in the Persian Gulf.

4. We are bunching up naval assets in the Persian Gulf, instead of following normal Naval strategy of dispersing assets. When I attended the 1999 US Naval War College Annual Strategy Session, Admiral after Admiral rose to decry the substantial cuts made in the numbers of naval vessels in our Navy. They recognized that during a battle, an enemy could "get lucky" and knock out some numbers of our ships; with the huge draw-down of our naval forces, we simply cannot replace significant numbers of ships that might be knocked out of battle and/or sunk.

In NEWS1721, entitled, "Is The US Navy About To Play 'Russian Roulette' With Our Naval Forces During The Iraq War?", we talk about the stupid tactic of jamming up to 6 aircraft carrier groups into the small body of water called the Persian Gulf. Presently, we have three carrier groups with a possible fourth going into that water. This bunching up of assets when the enemy possesses both scalar weaponry [NEWS1776] and supersonic ship-to-ship missiles [NEWS1449] seems highly risky -- unnecessarily so.

5. Sending our soldiers into battle clothed with NBC suits that do not work properly is another dumb tactic. We knew immediately after September 11, 2001, that we were going into Iraq. Thus, our military has had 18 full months to order, and take delivery of, suits that work properly. I fear and tremble for what might lie ahead for some very fine American soldiers.

This DEBKAfile finished by saying that this aerial campaign would last about a week, augmented by Special Forces on the ground, before regular ground forces are committed.


As never before, we need to be on our knees in prayer, for our soldiers and our leadership. While I know our leadership to be Illuminist, I know the Bible still commands us to pray for those in authority [1 Timothy 2:2]. Paul was commanding the churches to pray for Caesar, even though he was a Satanic Mystery King, a type of the coming Antichrist. Therefore, even though our president seems to be heading us into a devastating war that will produce Antichrist, we still need to pray that the Lord will guide the hearts of our leaders in such a way that He will be glorified.

These are, indeed, troublesome times.

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