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Subtitle: I learned in U.S. Army Intelligence that a commander can protect his forces in two ways: Weapons and Tactics. Stupid tactics can cause the defeat of a numerically and/or technically superior force! Former Navy men with whom I have talked cannot believe we are sending 5 to 6 carrier groups to that relatively small body of water called the Persian Gulf!


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NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. sailors wait for war just 30 hours from Iraq: Five more aircraft carriers expected in an attack on Iraq", Matthew Fisher,
National Post, October 5, 2002.

"ABOARD USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN - To switch from combat air patrols over Afghanistan to attacking Iraq, the crew of the world's largest warship only needs to replace the anti-bin Laden graffiti scrawled on its missiles and bombs with insults directed at Saddam Hussein. The only U.S. Navy aircraft carrier stationed in southwest Asia is, to use military parlance, 'leaning forward' and ready for combat. The nuclear-powered vessel will likely be the lead ship if Washington once again declares war on Iraq -- which is what most of the 5,030 sailors aboard believe will happen. Sometime in the next two or three weeks, the carrier, which is now cruising in the Arabian Sea, expects to receive orders to turn northwest, pass through the Strait of Hormuz into the Persian Gulf and start turning circles within easy striking distance of Iraq. As it is, if the situation with Iraq deteriorates, the carrier is only 30 hours away from the top of the Gulf."

This news is not really hot news, for we have always used our carrier groups as the best means by which to "project our military power" to any spot on earth. With fully two-thirds of the world's surface covered by ocean, our carrier groups have always been relied upon to protect our interests in any part of the world and to enforce the official policy of the President of the United States. And, over the years, they have done an excellent job!

As you can see from this map of the Middle East -- which includes Iraq -- the U.S. Navy has plenty of waterways to station carrier groups in order to provide heavy firepower for the attack on Iraq. U.S. Naval Forces have both airplanes and cruise missiles to use against any potential enemy. During the Gulf War I, in 1991, our Navy used both these major weapons systems repeatedly against Iraq. In the past few months, news reports have indicated that various Arab states have given permission for American planes to fly over their airspace -- Iran -- or to use their ground airports -- Kuwait, Qatar.

However, subsequent news reports have also said that few, if any, Arab nations are really comfortable about overtly supporting America's expected pasting of Iraq, because each of the rulers have populations that are very supportive of Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, and very much against anything American. This situation has gotten so dire that, some weeks ago, the Bush Administration has threatened to physically seize the airfields he needs; however, that could prove disastrous to us in terms of time, if we have difficulty overcoming the military force protecting the airfield we need to seize, or if the airfield is destroyed more than we anticipated before we take possession of it.

To "correct" this problem, the Bush Administration has evidently decided to use our aircraft carriers so we will not have to depend upon using Arab airfields located in hostile countries. As you look at this map of the Middle East, you can see that we could station some forces in the Mediterranean, some in the Persian Gulf, and some in the Indian Ocean. This tactic would spread our forces out while allowing our carriers to inflict the needed damage on Iraq. Spreading naval forces out in the expanse of the ocean is the most common tactic used as commanders seek to protect their forces. In this era of high-speed missiles and nuclear weapons, the need to spread naval forces out seems even more important than ever before.

However, this tactic is evidently not going to be followed, as the next segment of this National Post article reveals.

"If six carriers are brought into the Persian Gulf, it would require a lot of communication and co-ordination because there would be management issues. The carrier captains would all be looking for sea room. Finding it could prove tricky. The Gulf is narrow, and already crowded with dhows, tankers and oil rigs. In addition, it is bordered on the east by Iran, which, although no friend of Iraq, was recently labeled a terrorist state by Mr. Bush."

Now, let me get this straight! We are going to put 6 carrier groups -- a total of about 100 ships -- in this confined area called the Persian Gulf. As this article states, the Persian Gulf is a mighty small place in which to put one-half of your entire carrier groups, and the most advanced support ships in our entire fleet!

Surely, this report is in error, or so we thought as we have been sitting on this story for the past two weeks.

However, we recently received confirmation, from Reuters. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "United States Sending Another Carrier to Gulf", by Jim Wolf, Reuters, October 18, 2002.

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The aircraft carrier Constellation with 72 warplanes aboard will head for the Gulf on Nov. 2, the latest piece in a quiet U.S. buildup off Iraq, Navy officials said on Friday. The 88,000-ton Constellation, based in San Diego, will be the third U.S. carrier in the region. It was sticking to a schedule worked out at least nine months ago, and not being accelerated due to the Iraqi crisis, the officials said."

"Two other U.S. carrier battle groups -- the Abraham Lincoln and the George Washington -- are already in striking distance of Iraq. A fourth carrier ... the Yokosuka, Japan-based Kitty Hawk, also could be brought to bear quickly, said Patrick Garrett, who is tracking deployments for GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria, Virginia-based research group."

There you have the plan! We may be planning to throw six carrier groups into the Persian Gulf to provide the air firepower deemed necessary to conduct the war the way the Pentagon has planned it. Now, let us put this news into perspective. While at the annual U.S. Naval War College Strategy Session in 1999, I heard admirals and vice-admirals repeatedly state that the U.S. Navy is down to 12 carrier groups, and that was inadequate to patrol the world like the Navy was assigned to do. Our top brass repeatedly stated that they needed 15 carrier groups. I have heard nothing since President Bush has been in office that would suggest that he had reversed this trend of down-sizing our Navy. We are still at 12 carrier groups.

The way in which the Navy deploys its carriers, one-half of them are always at port for rest, recreation and resupply. Therefore, the U.S. has only 6 carrier groups on station at any one time; therefore, the Pentagon is planning to put at risk 100% of our active, deployable carrier forces into the smallest area in which we have ever had our forces! This tactic seems so wrong-headed it seems to be totally impossible! If anything whatever goes wrong in missile defense, we could lose our entire deployable carrier force in one fell swoop!

Further, note that the sixth carrier group that might be deployed to the Persian Gulf is the carrier group stationed out of Yokosuka, Japan. This carrier group is the one protecting the entire Sea of Japan and Korean Peninsula area. If we yank that carrier group out of this station, sending it to the Persian Gulf, the U.S. would have no naval force to protect against a North Korean invasion. Standard history books will tell you that the North Koreans decided to attack South Korea because an official of the Truman Administration warned China not to attack certain countries, and he accidentally left out South Korea. North Korea attacked within weeks.

That is the official line. We know, from Alice Bailey's revelations in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, that the Korean and Vietnam Wars during the meeting at Yalta in 1945 between President Franklin Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Churchill, and Soviet Premier Josef Stalin.

However, the official line is that North Korea attacked South Korea because we failed to verbally include her in the list of countries China could not attack. Now, it sounds as if the Bush Administration is leaving South Korea open once again. If we send the Yokosuka carrier group to the Persian Gulf, we are then leaving South Korean without the protection provided by that carrier group.


Vulnerability From Anti-Ship Missiles

Surely, you say, our Pentagon would not knowingly place our naval forces at undue risk by putting all of our active carriers in such a small place as the Persian Gulf! Surely, it does not matter that the Persian Gulf is congested, and its entrance is constricted so badly that literally, large ships have to pass through the Strait of Hormuz one by one, literally "single-file Injun-style". Surely, we are protected by defenses about which we know nothing. I hope you are right, for the facts as we know them are very scary, indeed.

However, before we get started examining how well protected our forces are, let us go back to the plan of the Illuminati to stage Antichrist. The ultimate plan is for American forces to be so depleted that United Nations forces would have to be called in to our cities in order to restore order [Read NEWS1720 for full details].

Remember, further, that the plan calls for American sovereignty to end with this war, being replaced with a map redrawn into global Military Patrol Zones [Read NEWS1328]. American sovereignty is supposed to end with this war, and our armed services totally eaten up by hostile enemy fire. That is the plan; knowing this, let us now examine what we know about weapons that can threaten our forces, especially if they are bunched up in a small area like the Persian Gulf.

In NEWS1449, entitled, "Has Russian and Chinese Missile Technology Doomed The U.S. Navy During The Upcoming Third World War?". In this article, we reported that Russia had leapfrogged over the U.S. Navy in ship-to-ship missile technology, having developed a supersonic SS-N-22 Moskit cruise missile, NATO codenamed "Sunburn." The SS-N-22 is considered the most lethal anti-ship missile in the world, and flies at over 2.5 times the speed of sound only a few feet from the surface of the water." [This speed amounts to almost 1,700 miles per hour, or 28 miles per minute].

Further, we reported that the Russians had deployed this missile on a completely new boat developed just to fire this anti-ship missile!

Then, we learned that China had bought this missile, along with the complete ship firing platform; thus, both China and Russia have deployed an anti-ship missile system that approaches so fast that our anti-missile defensive measures cannot have enough time to fix on the incoming missile, plot an intercept, and fire.

But, then we learned that this SS-N-22 "Sunburn" missile can carry a nuclear warhead! Thus, an entire carrier group could be wiped out in an instance by a single SS-N-22 missile exploding high over the carrier group with a nuclear warhead! This possibility is chilling when you consider that we are planning to concentrate our carrier groups in such a small area as the Persian Gulf.

We have seen many reports that Iran has deployed a smaller version of this missile, which can be fired from small patrol boats. Once again, small patrol boats are traditionally hard to hit when they are operating in an area congested with other naval traffic.

However, we have heard reports that our Navy has recently deployed an anti-ship missile so fast that it radically heats the gun barrel. So, maybe we can defend ourselves against these supersonic missiles coming at our ships at 1,700 miles per hour.

We have also heard reports that both the United States and Israel have deployed an anti-missile defense using HAARP or scalar weapon technology that kills a missile seconds after it has lifted off its launch pad. Certainly, such a weapon would fly at the speed of light, certainly capable of defending our ships before the supersonic missile can hit.

Vulnerability From HAARP -- Scalar Weaponry

HAARP can create nuclear-sized explosions without radiation! ["Angels Don't Play This HAARP", Page 38, 62]. This process is protected by patent 4,873,928. This might be the "great" sword being wielded by the forces of Antichrist in Revelation 6:4. With this weapon, you could attack targets with nuclear-sized explosions without having to deliver nuclear warheads on missiles, or on aircraft, or any carrier!! This development could render all military calculations about how to defend against an enemy's attack completely useless.

In other words, Russia could deliver a "nuclear-sized explosion" at the speed of light against our carrier groups, a capability made all the more ominous by the possibility that we are going to bunch them together in the Persian Gulf! The only way in which to protect a carrier group against a weapon capable of traveling at the speed of light is to maintain a constant "Tesla Dome" of protection above the fleet, that travels a the same speed as the fleet, and is always hovering over them.

Our HAARP facility in Alaska would probably be the source of this protection, constantly maintaining a protective dome.

Do we have such a protective Tesla Dome system? To find this out, let us review the warning of Colonel Byron Weeks, Retired Air Force, printed below. We ran this short article in our Daily News Updates, October 11, 2002.


"So-called Imperial America very probably does not have the means to back up it´s various attempts to control the world. We are weaker now than we have ever been. Bush´s bravado is empty, and even if we do have the Tesla howitzer, so do Russia and China, and Russia has had scalar EM weapons longer--long enough to have tried and tested various forms of them many times. But although we evidently do have some HAARP powered weapons, physicist LTC Thomas Bearden says we don´t have much, if any, and our scalar weaponry is not yet ready to deploy effectively. I hope and pray he´s wrong. I pray that we have the capacity to erect Tesla domes over our most of our country.

"If attacked, our ground forces will be as vulnerable as sitting ducks, out on the hot sandy desert with no place to hide. America´s cities and outmoded ABM systems will not protect us. If we attack Iraq, which now seems inevitable, we can expect to be attacked on all sides, with nuclear bombs, neutron bombs, EMPs, and the longitudinal electromagnetic interferometer waves that will come down upon us as fire from heaven. America will burn, and China, Mexico, Cuba and their allies will invade from the Olympic Peninsula to Baja, and from Florida to Texas. And the U.N. will be impotent to stop it.

"Maybe the NWO wants us to die. They have said so in the past."

Col. Byron Weeks, MD

USAF, MC, Ret. Reserve


No single sentence from any outside source has ever more succinctly carried the warning we have been issuing for 16 years. The deepest meaning of the Phoenix Bird being our true national symbol demands the interpretation that, at the right moment in world history, our current occult leaders would voluntarily submit, or cooperate, in our sudden demise through means that would destroy us by fire.

We have published the following articles on the Phoenix Bird:

NEWS1259 -- "Hillary Clinton Wears A Phoenix Bird Lapel Pin"

NEWS1399 -- "Government Mall Shaped Like A Sephiroth Tree of Life"

NEWS1493 -- "Washington, D.C., Planned To Be Most Powerful Occult City In World History"

NEWS1464 -- "President Bush Signals Fellow Illuminists In Inauguration Address"

NEWS1603 -- "Why Did Laura Bush Send Out Phoenix Bird Christmas Cards?"

Once you have read and understood the significance of the revelation by the Guiding Spirits of our Founding Fathers that our true national bird is the Phoenix, you can comprehend the type of destructive judgment which Jesus foretold against the End Time economic giant of the world in Revelation 18 [Read CE1038].


We can only hope and pray that these reports of the Pentagon planning on placing 100% of our deployable carrier forces within the relatively small Persian Gulf are wrong. It seems the exact opposite of standard military doctrine that the right tactic to use is to widely disperse your forces, especially naval forces. Let us allow the officers at the 1999 Naval Strategy Forum to have the last word, in the following articles:

NEWS1294 -- Admiral Jay Johnson reiterated that "numbers do matter", that we do not have enough forces to fight two simultaneous wars, and that the greatest threat to our naval forces may lie "asymmetrically", that is, from inferior forces that may be able to launch a surprise attack. We encourage you to thoroughly read these verbatim conference notes.

NEWS1299 -- Dr. James Kurth admitted we could not protect Taiwan if our forces were tied up already in the Middle East and Korea

NEWS1300 -- Vice Admiral Cebrowski said, "Numbers count -- Technology alone cannot account for sheer numbers in combat. Navy needs more numbers!" He then reiterated what Admiral Johnson said. Listen:

"Our indomitable strength has created the asymmetric competitor." ADM Johnson. [Asymmetric competitor is defined as one who is not equal to you in numbers, technology, and experience]."

Therefore, the Iranian boats with Silkworm anti-ship missiles do form a formidable threat, especially when our force is bunched together.

Then, the admiral stated: "We control our weapons' reach in battle, but an enemy can controls our sensor reach because he controls his own electronic signature." In this age of naval warfare, where reaction time is measured in seconds, if our ability to identify and track an incoming enemy missile is delayed because he "controls his own electronic signature", the ship may die before it can decipher that electronic signature.

Listen as the admiral continues to harp on this subject: First, the admiral quotes Captain Hughes:

""History demonstrates that numerical superiority is the most advantageous force attribute". [Captain Wayne Hughes, USN]. Then, Admiral Cebrowski added his own words to this succinct quote:

ADM Cebrowski -- "As increased cost drives down the numbers you can afford, your adversaries' advantage is exaggerated".

Once again: "An enemy might get lucky on some hits during a battle, or they might surprise us with unique tactics, allowing them to destroy ships which we did not anticipate."

Time and time again, and speaker after speaker, both civilian and military, emphasized their worry that the US Navy did not have enough numbers to continue to fulfill their global mission. In their minds, high technology was nice, but to depend upon technology in the place of numbers of men and ships, was very, very dangerous. The officers running the US Navy do not feel that we can afford to let our numbers of ships and Carrier Battle Groups decline simply because we have high technology. In the event of a real emergency, US Naval officers want as many numbers as they can get.

If our top Naval brass is complaining about not having enough sheer numbers of ships, aircraft, and attack submarines to successfully carry out their assigned missions, how must they feel about a tactic that places 100% of our deployable carrier forces in such a small area as the Persian Gulf? Admiral Cebrowski again:

"An enemy might get lucky on some hits during a battle, or they might surprise us with unique tactics, allowing them to destroy ships which we did not anticipate."

Let us hope and pray that we really do not deploy five to six carrier groups in the Persian Gulf.

Dark days seem looming on the horizon.

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