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Subtitle: As American spy planes continue to patrol close to Russia's border, and as it is becoming increasingly clear that the Russians are confronting the U.S. through the Iraqi military, the unthinkable conflict between U.S. and Russia seems to becoming thinkable!

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

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When the USSR disintegrated according to the Illuminati Plan in 1989-1991 [Seminar 2: "America Determines Flow of History"], the average American citizen breathed a huge sigh of relief, for we seemed to have just won the Cold War on the one hand, while getting rid of a bitter enemy that threatened our existence on the other hand. Of course, few listed to Conservatives as we warned that Russia still possessed nuclear weapons and that she was still our enemy. The Illuminati ensured this willful blindness to the warnings of by dropping the next part of the plan upon an unsuspecting Western citizenry.

This part of the plan entailed Russia seemingly dismantling nuclear weapons and radically drawing down their armed forces. All through the early 1990's, we saw images of Russians destroying nuclear tipped weapons and the missiles to carry them, not realizing that the reason Russia was carrying out the destruction of this weaponry is because their scalar weaponry had rendered missiles obsolete [Read NEWS1776].

But, the West slept on in their naiveté'.

Then, the Russians highly publicized that they were radically reducing the number of men in uniform. Some reports indicated that as many as 40% of the military were being discharged, and many stories abounded of the hardship discharged men were facing in an economy facing economic ruin.

Very few stories appeared in the 1997-1998 time frame, when Russia quietly began to call many of these discharged men back into service. What was going on? Russia had discharged these men in order to save themselves the huge payroll cost of daily maintaining their soldiers. They plowed the money that would have been spent on payroll into production of radically modernized weaponry for the air force, army, and navy. Once the new weapons had been manufactured, Russia called its formerly discharged men back into service so they could be trained to use the new weaponry.

Still, the Western world slept on.

Now, America discovers it is at war with Russian weapons in Iraq, and we are not happy about it at all! Has the Russian Bear arisen?

Let us review the facts.


NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Protests Russian Arms Sales to Iraq: Russia Prepared Iraq With High-Tech Equipment, Weaponry", Reuters, Sunday, March 23, 2003.

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Sunday it had protested to Moscow about reports that Russian firms have sold Iraq antitank missiles, night vision goggles and jamming gear. A State Department spokeswoman said Moscow's response had not been satisfactory ... one Russian company was helping the Iraqi military to deploy electronic jamming equipment against U.S. planes and bombs and two others have sold antitank missiles and thousands of night-vision goggles in violation of U.N. sanctions."

In the early part of the air campaign, which started March 13, DEBKAfile noted that American Intelligence and our military commanders were very surprised at the quick manner in which Iraqi military knew where our Special Forces had landed, and where they were going; almost immediately, Iraqi military units in the area quickly repositioned their forces so that they might be in position to fight. DEBKAfile stated that we did not know the Iraqi military intelligence was so good it could react to "real time" battle positions; a recently discharged Army major told me the Iraqi military was not that good, that if they were adjusting the positioning of their forces immediately as the battle unfolded, the Russians had to be helping them.

Our military evidently thought they were going to do battle with Saddam Hussein's military; they did not realize they were going to fight Russian weaponry in the hands of Iraqi soldiers and technicians! As you will soon see, Hussein has the capability to give our high-tech military fits of the highest order.

Let us continue to review this issue of Russian weaponry in the hands of the Iraqi military.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq using banned military hardware supplied by Russian companies", The Jerusalem Post, 24 March 2003.

"The State Department protested that Russian companies sold sensitive military equipment to Iraq in the run-up to US-led war against Saddam Hussein's regime ... The Post identified two of the firms as KBP Tula and Aviaconversiya, a Moscow-based company, saying that KBP supplied antitank guided missiles and Aviaconversiya provided the jamming devices.

"Established a decade ago, Aviaconversiya develops and produces jammers to suppress different kinds radio systems, including the global positioning system guidance gear used in aircraft and bombs. GPS receivers rely on signals from orbiting satellites. The US government last year imposed sanctions on KBP for allegedly selling antitank weapons to Syria. KBP's laser-guided Kornet-E anti-tank missiles are designed to destroy armored vehicles and tanks at a distance of up to 6,000 yards -- 3.4 miles."

Now, this is startling information! Let us review the capabilities these Russian firms are said to have provided the Iraqi military.

1. GPS Jamming Gear -- If Iraq can jam our Global Positioning Satellite technology, our cruise missiles will not hit the side of a barn. Other munitions such as airborne missiles will not be able to hit their targets either. This means that many those explosions we are during the Baghdad "Shock and Awe" bombing blitz may not have hit their intended targets, however impressive the explosions seemed on television.

This also means that our forces will not have destroyed as much of the Iraqi defensive capability as we think we have destroyed before we launch our assault on Baghdad. Already, we have encountered a much tougher Iraqi resistance at Basra, An-Nasiriya, and Umm Qsar than we anticipated; could these jamming devices have caused our missiles to miss their targets?

Already, five U.S. cruise missiles have overshot their targets and have landed in Iran! This could only have occurred because the GPS jamming devices caused the missile to go astray. These jamming devices could be fit into the back of a pickup truck, as long as the truck is large enough to also accommodate the power supply required to operate the mobile jammer.

These GPS jamming devices can also be used to make our satellites believe the target is located many miles from where it really is! In fact, these jamming devices are so good that an Asian news article states that they render our missiles "useless" ["Russian weapons and foreign rogues", Asia Online, March 26, 2003, http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/EC26Ak04.html]

This morning, General Franks announced that American forces had knocked out six GPS jamming devices. We can only hope this represents all of these devices the Iraqis possess, because soon we are going to launch our assault on Baghdad. And, we hope our destruction is real, and not against clever decoys. In our air war in Kosovo in 1999, we thought we had degraded the Yugoslav capabilities by 90%, but discovered later that the true degradation was only 10%. The Russians had carefully and craftily constructed thousands of decoy targets: inflatable tanks, truck, convoys, jeeps, fake warehouses, and on and on.

Had President Clinton really ordered the ground invasion he had planned, we would have encountered a Yugoslav military force far more powerful than we had anticipated, one that could have really bloodied our nose. Thank goodness our military intelligence was good enough to realize we had not destroyed much after all.

2. Anti-tank Missiles -- Since Russian companies supplied these anti-tank missiles within the past year, we shall assume these missiles are night-capable. This means that we no longer have the night to ourselves, especially when you consider that the Iraqis also have night-vision goggles!

Now, notice that this anti-tank missile has a range of 6,000 yards, which is 3.4 miles! This missile can be fired from either a truck or from an individual soldier! As any old military man will tell you, the best anti-tank weapon is not another tank, but an individual soldier firing an anti-tank rocket, simply because the soldier presents a significantly smaller profile to the victim tank crew than an enemy tank would present.

Thus, a most effective means by which to counter our 400+ Abrams tank force would be to have hundreds and hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of anti-tank missiles fired both by individual soldiers and small military vehicles. This is a serious -- very serious -- development. Armored units have failed to take Basra and other targets, and this weapon may be a major reason why.

3. Radio System Jamming Devices -- We have heard reports that American units have seemed to be disoriented on the battlefield and this may be the reason. Communication is so very important during the time of battle; if an enemy can distort or prevent your capability to communicate on the battlefield, he has accomplished a great deal.

At this moment, we cannot be certain if the radio jamming capability goes all the way up to the division level. Usually, communication on the battlefield is accomplished by mobile phones; from battlefield units up to company level, mobile phones are still generally used; from company up to battalion, both mobile and land phones are used. From battalion to division, radio communication using both voice and Morse Code communication is utilized.

Nowadays, fiber optic communication is used extensively. Therefore, the greatest capability for mischief would be at the lower levels, especially on the battlefield itself. If you can take away the capability of quick and efficient radio communication on the field of battle itself, you have gone a long way to achieving victory over your enemy.

4. Night Vision Goggles -- For over a decade, American units have clearly owned the best night-fighting technology. We could see the enemy during the darkest of nights, while he could not see us well. Thus, in Gulf War I, in January - February, 1991, we launched our air attack during the darkness of the New Moon. As we were assembling our forces in and around Kuwait, we were told that this same night-fighting advantage was still ours.

But, we did not launch this war on the New Moon -- March 3. We launched the air campaign on March 13 [NEWS1784], when the fullness of the Full Moon was only days away -- March 18. Is the Iraqi capability for night-fighting the reason we did not launch our attack on the New Moon? We believe that is one of the reasons; however, we believe the real reason we launched on March 13 was that March 13 and March 20, respectively, provided exactly the occult numerics for which the Illuminati was seeking.

[Read NEWS1789 to see how this march to the New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- has been marching to a strict timetable since New Years Day, 2000!]

5. Mobile Missile Defense Systems -- Let us go now to a recent news article to gain the information on this weapons system.

NEWS BRIEF: "What American Generals Fear in Iraq", Pravda News, March 19, 2003.

"Overthrowing the Saddam government requires capturing his capital, and this calls for absolute command of the air at a time when ground forces go into a decisive assault or begin entering the city already abandoned by the enemy. Perfectly aware of the US 'strategic' designs, Hussein this spring converted Baghdad into a strong point, concentrating there practically all his resources, especially air defence units, in fact deciding not to defend the rest of the country.

"It is Baghdad's air-defence system that worries the Americans most. Literally on the eve of invasion, united group air commander Major-General Dan Leaf told journalists that Air Defence forces brought to Baghdad have such fire power that 'anyone getting within the hitting range is bound to suffer. All this makes Baghdad a serious problem.' Assessing Baghdad's A.D. system overall, the general is blunt and categorical as a military man: 'This is a well-thought out and strong defence. Outside Baghdad alone there are more AD units than even throughout the whole of Iraq during Desert Storm. And there were plenty then'."

"In other words, it looks as if there is no avoiding losses ... the Iraqis have 'surprises' ready for advancing infantry units, transport aviation and surveillance planes. All the territory around the Iraqi capital is covered with a dense network of trenches filled with oil. The oil will be set on fire as soon as the ground part of the operation begins. So fighting will be done in heavy smoke, and targeting data from air spotters will come in with considerable delays. The grouping command's particular concern is that perhaps American troops will not be able to suppress and destroy at once the positions on Iraqi territory of Soviet-made surface-to-surface missiles Scud and Iraqi analogues - Ababil-100s ..." [Emphasis added]

Therefore, you can add this tremendous Air Defence System as one more area the Russians have "assisted" the Iraqis in building. If the Iraqi A.D. system is this strong, can you see why U.S. commanders are so upset about GPS jamming systems keeping precision guided munitions from finding their targets?

Now that we have examined the tremendous manner in which the Russians have built up the Iraqis -- through Russian companies so as to give the government "plausible deniability" -- a couple of searching questions offer themselves, don't they?

1. Why did our intelligence not tell us these Iraqi forces had these capabilities and had been thoroughly trained to use them?

2. If our intelligence did know of this situation, why did President Bush stubbornly continue with his plan to attack Iraq, even though the majority of our allies were adamantly opposed?

President Bush may have placed the United States in a really terrible situation. Once our military forces are buried up to the hilt in the Battle of Baghdad, we are literally going to have no significant resources to throw into the fray against North Korea, or China if she attacks Taiwan, or to help Israel if she is attacked, or to help India if Pakistan attacks her!

We need to daily pray that this nightmare scenario will not occur, for the lives of tens of thousands of service men and women may be at stake, as well as the continued success of the American nation herself!

Where Are Iraq's Airplanes?

Have you noticed that no mention has been heard of Iraq's airforce? We have heard no news stories telling of our successful attacks on his planes, or on Iraqi military airports, or upon any hardened bunkers! We have not heard that Iraq has tried to engage our planes in air battles as we fly to the target site, nor have we heard of any of our people being bombed or strafed by the enemy's airplanes.

In fact, no news has come out at all about Iraq's airforce! How can Iraq's airforce simply turn up missing? We think it possible Iraq and her Russian advisers may have modified Iraq's fighter and fighter-bomber planes so they can operate as a "Poor Man's Harrier"! Let us explain:

I have been asking myself where the Iraqi airforce is, waiting to hear of bombings taking place daily, and for the news to list kills such as Field Artillery and Mobile S.A.M sites. You would expect to hear and see images of our best weapons taking aim at Iraq's Air Forces on the ground such as in the Kosovo conflict, or engaging enemy aircraft and defeating them in air-to-air combat.

However, we have seen no such news..

I asked what I would do if I knew that the world's most advanced military would soon be taking aim at my (IRAQ) military, with my Air Force target number one; the answer is rhetorically simple: I would move my aircraft out of harms way. But what if I still wanted to use them or knew that, if I shipped my planes to another country, my assets could easily become "spoils of war" to some third-party neutral country (IRAN)? Or, what if I did not have the possibility to send them to a third neutral country?

Finally, what if I had some time to prepare for this conflict and some very knowledgeable and skillfriends friends (Russia, China) willing to help with this problem?

The answer might very well be the "ZEL" concept, in which a jet fighter is blasted off the back of a truck with a solid-fuel rocket! ZELMAL -- ZEL for short -- stands for "Zero Length Launch / Mat Landing" and was actually developed by the United States, in the mid-1950's! Turn to http://www.vectorsite.net/avzel.html to see how this technology was developed, succesfully tested, and then dropped by the United States.

In fact, both the United States and Russia extensively tested this concept all during the last half of the 1950's.

Once the test plane, a Republic F-84G Thunderjet fighter, was blasted into the sky by a big booster rocket, the fighter would then land, and gear up, on a huge inflatable mat, measuring 25 x 245 x 1 meters (80 x 800 x 3 feet) in size, snagging an arresting cable to stop. The first tests worked OK but there were problems with landing on the inflatable MAT.

Although the mat landings were a bad idea, the rocket take-offs had actually worked pretty well, and in 1957 the Air Force decided to revive that part of the concept. The idea was to launch a nuclear-armed strike aircraft from a truck trailer, bomb a target, then have the pilot bail out over friendly territory. The acronym was shortened to "ZEL". The First two test flights went OK also, with a small problem on the Second flight of the plane tipping backwards.

Fourteen more flights were performed between March and October, 1958. All these shots went well, and became perfectly routine. One pilot performed a ZEL launch for a public demonstration and did a slow roll immediately after booster separation. There was no doubt of the technical feasibility of ZEL.

Soon after this, other countries started seeing the possibilities of ZEL. German and Soviet Air Forces began to work on this concept and continued through the mid-1960's, with Germany modifying its F-104 Fighters. In the end, this workable concept came to nothing. Nobody wanted to field ZEL. The idea seemed cool, and it worked well; but it was expensive, and had troublesome logistical and security concerns associated with it.

The U.S. program was finally killed because the capability offered by the system was provided by battlefield missiles and the Harrier VTOL "jump-jet" that didn't need a booster rocket. No one but test pilots ever blasted a jet fighter into the sky on a rocket booster. ZEL was finally considered unworkable, especially since its advantages were supplied by other new weapons systems.

As was typical, what the Americans initiated, the Soviets would copy it in response, and do it in reverse. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Soviets performed ZEL experiments of their own, using their counterpart to the American F-100, the MiG-19. The Soviet motivation was different. . Instead of dispersing nuclear-armed strike aircraft to protect them from a first strike, the Soviets wanted to launch air-defense interceptors from remote locations to forward battle areas. The concept was suggested by the Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG) design bureau, and development of a trailer-launched MiG-19 system was approved in 1955.

The newly modified fighter-bomber plane was a specially-built version of the MiG-19, designated the "SM-30". The SM-30 was reinforced to allow it to tolerate the stresses of rocket-boosted takeoff, it incorporated a special headrest to protect the pilot from whiplash, and it replaced the single ventral fin of the MiG-19 with a pair of fins straddling a PRD-22 solid-fuel booster.

Like the F-100's booster rocket, the PRD-22 generated about 59,000 kilograms (130,000 pounds) of thrust. The SM-30 was transported to a remote site on a large trailer, and then placed on a separate trailer for launch. A trench had to be dug behind the trailer to contain the exhaust,to prevent kicking up a cloud of debris that would be visible from far away. The aircraft was secured to the launch rail by bolts that would shear when the afterburner was engaged.

The first test launch, using a remote-controlled SM-30, was conducted in the fall of 1956. The launch went smoothly, but the launch trailer was wrecked, so a blast shield was devised. The first piloted launch was in April 1957, with test pilot Georgi M. Shiyanov at the controls. Shiyanov had trained for the launch on a special launch simulator catapult. He had endured 18 gees on one test when the technician arming the catapult made an error. Shiyanov suffered no real harm from the incident.

As with the American ZEL efforts, launches proved surprisingly easy. Landings proved a bit trickier. The standard drag chute for the MiG-19 wasn't adequate for the rough forward-based landing strips envisioned for the ZEL fighter, and so an arresting-cable scheme was implemented and partially tested."

Now we know that the landing schemes didn't work out so well, but can you see the usefulness of this design in a "USE it or LOSE it" scenario much like the one IRAQ is facing today? Further, can you see that there would be no need for a airfield when the survivability of your aircraft in combat would be only a matter of minutes due to the enemy's air superiority?

Our forces attacking Baghdad would be rudely shocked if a hundred or more fighter-bombers simply came out of nowhere, bombing, strafing, and even hitting our forces with chemical or biological agents before turning tail and running? The loss of life and materiel could be staggering!

This system would give you the ability to strike ground targets near the front lines with speed and surprise that no amount of American interceptors could prevent. Once the Iraqi completes the sortie, the pilot(s) would simply bail out over friendly territory, mission fully accomplished! Or, the pilot would have resigned himself to the probability of his mission being a "suicide" mission.

Iraq was reported to have at least 96 Mig-19 fighter-bombers that could easily and rather cheaply have been converted into "SM-30" aircraft.

Right now, as we speak, these aircraft could be sitting on covered flat-bed trucks, waiting for the moment to pull off the cover and blast the plane into the air, just moments away from the front line. Perhaps our airplanes should target any and all vehicles in the Baghdad area that are long enough to contain one of these fighter-bombers.

Is The War Rhetoric From Russia For Real?

We shall examine a most interesting article placed in Pravda today -- 3/25/03 -- in which Russian leaders take note of the Iraqi war, undertaken without the support of the United Nations. These Russian leaders also state that they realize that America's aims for the Middle East region might, indeed, include war against Russia.

The starting point of this article is the repeated accusation by American authorities that the Russian government delivered this highly sophisticated equipment to Iraq just before the war. I think the reality is a bit different: I think Russian companies transferred this highly technological weaponry to Iraq quite a while ago, at least long enough ago so that the Iraqis could be trained to operate such weaponry efficiently. Either that, or Russian technicians are on the ground operating this incredibly sophisticated equipment.

With this background in mind, let us review pertinent points of this Pravda article.

NEWS BRIEF: "Will American Administration Declare War on Russia? US officials think that Russia is guilty of their unsuccessful war", Pravda, March 24, 2003.

"It is obvious today that the war in Iraq is not the kind of war that the American administration was intended to have. The strong resistance that Iraqi troops showed, Iraqi ABM systems and anti-tank facilities turned out to be an unexpected surprise for Americans. As the American administration believed, the war turned out to be difficult on account of the fact that the Russian defense industry delivered anti-tank missiles to Iraq via third countries. As it was said, the Russian defense industry also supplied Iraq with night vision devices, and unique Kolchuga anti-missile systems ...The Russian government did not ignore USA’s threats (in the form of certain statements) to punish Russia for arms deliveries. The Russian leadership realizes that the war menace is approaching the country."

Did you catch that last sentence?

"The Russian leadership realizes that the war menace is approaching the country (Russia)."

Russia realizes that she might be dragged into this war, either by accident or by design. The old Soviet Union had a Mutual Defense Pact with Iraq, but has not renewed it since she became just Russia. However, Russia has renewed the Mutual Defense Pact with Iran, an agreement that calls for Russian direct military intervention should Iran be attacked. Since Bush has made it quite clear he is coming after Iran following the overthrow of Iraq, Russia is acting as we speak. News reports of a couple of days ago indicated that Russia is rushing "humanitarian aid" to the Iran - Iraq border, even though Iran acknowledged later that she has seen no large movement of Iraqi refugees streaming toward her border. Russia is simply attempting to mask her movement of war materiel to the border with Iraq.

Now, let us see the steps toward activating their military that Russian leaders are currently taking:

1. Navy command finished checking the alertness of anti-submarine facilities of naval troops in Kamchatka.

2. Military exercises were conducted in admirals’ presence.

3. Diesel submarines of the Russian navy performed basic military exercises at sea.

4. The order for battleships to travel to the Indian Ocean and to the Persian Gulf was called off.

5. Military units of the Russian Far East get ready for possible border conflicts.

"It seems that the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Russia, President Vladimir Putin, realizes the anti-Russian essence of America’s aggressive aspiration. Putin takes measures to strengthen the alertness of Russian troops at the border territory. The Russian army and navy command held a secret session in Moscow yesterday, at which military high-ranking officials considered possible variants for the Mideast situation to develop. American spy planes have been conducting aerial reconnaissance at Russia’s borders for several days already. "

Thus, Russia is not awed by any American threats, and why should she be? She is reported to have the most powerful weapons on earth, weapons that can cut through the best and most advanced U.S. weaponry like a "cutter through dry hay" [Read NEWS1776 and NEWS1776b for full details of this weaponry].


Revelation 17:17 reveals that Russia and China will cooperate with the United States until Antichrist is fully established on the earth. However, Daniel 7:7-8 reveals that three of the original 10 nations are totally destroyed once Antichrist comes on the world scene. The wording of this passage in Daniel seems to indicate that Antichrist will have a hand in their destruction.

Once you understand the heart and mind of a Communist, you will see a likely scenario presenting itself.

First, please understand that the current leaders of Russia and the independent republics that used to comprise the Soviet Union are still Communists in their inner hearts. Putin is an old KGB chieftain, for example.

Lenin espoused a very interesting concept as to how a Communist force could overthrow a nation.

In the beginning, Lenin counseled, Communists would be so outnumbered that they could never overthrow the existing government by themselves; therefore, they were to lose their Communist clothes and become just revolutionary fighters, willing to attach themselves to any group(s) fighting the government. These now-disguised Communists were to work hard to rise to the top leadership posts of the revolutionary force(s). When the day came for all the revolutionary groups to combine forces to overthrow the government, these disguised Communists were to ensure they had maneuvered themselves into position of key authority: Chief of Armed Services, Police Chief, Head of Utilities.

Communists were to continue hiding their true affiliation for a short period following the successful overthrow of the government, so the world would look upon the new government as a non-communist government. This ruse would prevent a foreign power moving rapidly against the new government like they might do if they recognized it as Communist.

Once the new government was firmly established, and was recognized by a great many foreign nations, the disguised Communists were to put their real clothes back on, and stage a counter-coup against the new government. After the counter-coup, Communist officials could reveal their true identities, and any freedoms given by the provisional non-communist government were to be brutally reversed.

This method was used expertly by Cuba's Fidel Castro.

Now, let us apply this principle to the attempted overthrow of the newly-created global government of Antichrist.

In 1917, Lenin and his comrades fully knew they had been funded by the Western Illuminati, especially the German branch. They knew Russia was to play a major role in 20th Century history, being the "Antithesis" power that would oppose the "Western Thesis" power -- the United States [Seminar 2: "America Determines The Flow of History"]. Lenin knew the goal was to gradually overthrow the global system of individual, sovereign nations, replacing it with the globalization that Antichrist would arise to lead.

Therefore, Lenin and his successors pretended to be good, loyal Illuminist soldiers, serving the global plan perfectly. Even though Russia possessed scalar weaponry as far back as the early 1970's -- weaponry that could annihilate America with no fear of retaliation -- Russian leaders continued to play the good Illuminist soldier game.

Today, Putin is still playing this game on the surface; however, his inner heart is that of a Communist. He knows that, when Antichrist arises, he will join together with the other 10 leaders of the world to "surrender their authority and power to the beast", thus overthrowing the traditional nation-state system, replacing it with the global government of the United Nations, headed by Antichrist.

Now, the Russians will bide their time, waiting for a moment to overthrow Antichrist and grab full power of the global government for themselves. Infighting will break out and three of the ten super nations present when Antichrist arose are destroyed, but probably not all at the same time. At least the Bible does not mandate that they all be destroyed at the same time.

When Russia gets ready to move to overthrow Antichrist, they must march against Jerusalem, because that is where Antichrist is making his official headquarters; he will be spending his time staging "fulfillment" of all Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament, so Jews will one day declare him to be their Messiah. Only then can Antichrist "confirm the covenant" with Israel, beginning the 7-year Tribulation clock.

But, before Russia can move against Israel, she must destroy Israel's most valuable and protective friend, the United States of America. I believe America may be destroyed in fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8, as Russia throws off her pretenses and becomes a Communist once again.

When Russia moves against Antichrist, she will assemble and lead an army from the countries mentioned in Ezekiel 38. When this combined army marches against Israel, Russia will lead the northern group and Libya/Ethiopia will come from the south, thus surrounding Israel.

When God destroys the Russian armies poised on the borders of Israel, Antichrist will take credit and the Jewish people will believe him. One Messianic expectation is that Messiah will deliver a Jerusalem surrounded by enemies [Zechariah 12]; after deliberately staging a fulfillment of all other Messianic prophecies, Antichrist will take credit for an obviously Divine deliverance!

The people of Israel will arise as one, thanking Antichrist for deliverance, and inviting him to "confirm the covenant" [Daniel 9:27]

Thus, Antichrist is likely to go into the 7-Year Tribulation period with only 7 super nations, not the original 10. Russia will come to her demise at God's hand just before the Tribulation Period begins, just as Ezekiel 39:9 states:

"And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons ... and they shall burn them with fire seven years, So that they shall take no wood out of the field, neither cut down any out of the forests; for they shall burn the weapons with fire." [ Ezek 39:9].

Unless you believe the first 3 1/2 years of Jesus' glorious millennial reign shall be bad enough that the Jewish people still have to scrounge for firewood, this destruction of Russia must occur seven years prior to Jesus' reign! This Scripture is God-breathed and must be accounted for, something which traditional Bible scholars do not do.

If we believe we are close to the appearance of Antichrist, Russia might be sensing the approaching time when she shall make her move. While she cannot act in such a way as to make America "lose" the war against Iraq, she may ensure we lose enough men and materiel so that we come out of the war a lost less of a superpower than when we went in.

I believe this is the REAL story of Russia's arming of Iraq. Russia is fighting us now with Iraq as her proxy. When the Battle of Baghdad really begins, Russia may cause our airplanes to fall out of the sky for no apparent reason, using her superior scalar weapons technology.

But, certainly, Russia will be looming behind the war scene, as her battle plan for the defense of Baghdad unfolds.

Truly, these are troublous times.

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