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Subtitle: "Destroy the whole land (Babylon - Iraq)" -- This is the wording of prophecy in Isaiah 13:5 describing the "Day of the Lord" desolation of Iraq. Are these war events moving toward fulfilling this prophecy?

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NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Starting To Resort To 'Scorched Earth" Strategy?' Russian Intel, March 25, 2003, www.iraqwar.ru

"Aerial bombardment of Baghdad has so far failed to produce the expected results. All targets designated before the war have been hit 3 to 7 times, but this had almost no effect of the combat readiness of the Iraqi army, their air defenses or the command and control structures ... A particular point of concern for the US command is the huge overuse of precision-guided munitions and cruise missiles. Already the supply of heavy cruise missiles like the 'Tomahawk' has been reduced by a third and, at the current rate of use, in three weeks the US will be left only with the untouchable strategic supply of these missiles. A similar situation exists with other types of precision-guided munitions. 'The rate of their use is incompatible with the obtained results. We are literally dropping gold into the mud!' said Gen. Richard Mayers during a meeting at Pentagon yesterday morning."

Truly, American commanders and intelligence chiefs are amazed that all the munitions we have dropped have not devastated the Iraqi army; rather, the Iraqi soldiers, their command and control operations, and their communications have survived everything we have thrown at them so far. We have not yet taken Basra or any other strategic location in Iraq. We tried to bypass Basra and race to Baghdad, but discovered that such a maneuver left us too exposed to attacks from Iraqis in the Basra area.

Now, our ineffective use of the critical cruise missile, Tomahawk, is resulting in our supply running short. In other words, even though we have not achieved the destruction we had hoped by using this cruise missile, we are concerned that we are running out of stock of them! In NEWS1790, we spoke of the high capability with which the Russians supplied Iraq, including GPS jamming equipment. At least five cruise missiles were jammed as they flew toward their target, landing in Iranian territory! But, now, our commanders are worried that, before we even get to the Battle of Baghdad, we shall be out of stock of these precision munitions.

Let us return to the feature article to see what kind of answer our military and civilian leadership has created.

"US experts already call this war a 'crisis. Gen. Stanley McCrystal fumed, 'It was enough for the enemy to show a little resistance and some creative thinking as our technological superiority began to quickly lose all its meaning. Our expenses are not justified by the obtained results. The enemy is using an order of magnitude cheaper weapons to reach the same goals for which we spend billions on technological whims of the defense industry!"

One place I would not want to be right now is in a leadership position with the U.S. military in the Persian Gulf. All the warnings of people like Colonel David Hackworth seem now to be coming true, as he has been warning for several years now that our military is not what it should be, that our training leaves much to be desired, and that our equipment is abysmally poor in critical areas. These events seem to be proving him right.

Now, let us return again to this feature article:

"Since the early morning today the coalition high command and the Joint Chief of Staff are in an online conference joined by the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. This meeting immediately follows an earlier meeting last night at the White House. During the night meeting with President Bush emergency actions were outlined to resolve the standstill in Iraq. The existing course of actions is viewed as 'ineffective and leading to a crisis'. The Secretary of State Collin Powell warned that, if the war in Iraq continues for more than a month, it might lead to unpredictable consequences in international politics. The Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Richard Mayers reported on the proposed actions and corrections to the plan of the operation in Iraq. George Bush demanded that the military break the standstill in Iraq and within a week achieves significant military progress."

As most chief executives will do, President Bush simply told the Joint Chiefs the bottom line he wanted to achieve and the time frame they had to achieve it. Rather than accept the "month" time frame, Bush is insisting that these obstacles be removed in one week! When I was an executive in the corporate world, these types of general proclamations are very common. The President has given the broad parameters to his Joint Chiefs of Staff; now, they must figure out what to do to achieve the stated goals.

Listen to what they have decided!

"According to [Russian military] intelligence, the Pentagon made a decision to significantly reinforce the coalition. During the next two weeks up to 50,000 troops and no less than 500 tanks will arrive to the combat area from the US military bases in Germany and Albania. By the end of April 120,000 more troops and up to 1,200 additional tanks will be sent to support the war against Iraq."

According to Pentagon reports in the months leading up to the war, American units were reportedly 10 times more powerful than in 1991, while Iraqi units were only 35% as powerful. Thus, we questioned why we needed 350,000 U.S. and British troops to conquer an enemy that is so weak! However, fighting so far has revealed that the Iraqi Army has received much training and very sophisticated equipment from the Russians and Chinese, and are not crumbling. Further, our tactics seemed to assume that all we had to do was blow on the Iraqi house of cards and the entire structure would come tumbling down. Since that has not occurred, changes in strategy and reinforcements are in order.

The above quote deals with the reinforcements.

Now, let us review the change in tactics, for it is in this area that the shocking revelations are to be found.

"A decision was made to change the way aviation is used in this war. The use of precision-guided munitions will be scaled down and these weapons will be reserved for attacking only known, confirmed targets. There will be an increase in the use of conventional high-yield aviation bombs, volume-detonation bombs and incendiary munitions. The USAF command is ordered to deliver to airbases used against Iraq a two-week supply of aviation bombs of 1-tonn caliber and higher as well as volume-detonation and incendiary bombs. This means that Washington is resorting to 'scorched earth' tactics and a carpet-bombing campaign."

This is shocking news, indeed! Because we cannot defeat the Iraqi army with standard tactics backed by precision bombing, we are now going to call in the B-1 and B-52 bombers to carpet-bomb targets. While I certainly support this tactic to destroy enemy military units, I would not support this strategy in trying to root out enemy units that are close to, or dispersed within, urban areas. Yet, Saddam has chosen to locate most of his forces in and around Baghdad, knowing our weakness in hand-to-hand combat, and our aversion to massive casualties.

Thus, if we resort to this heavy bombing, we can expect both military and civilian casualties to mount greatly. Already, international pressure is growing to stop our military campaign in its tracks using diplomatic pressure. We have heard reports that Saudi Arabia is attempting to broker an immediate ceasefire, and we have heard that an informal American delegation is trying to go to Baghdad to broker a ceasefire. Diplomatically, the Bush Administration is being greatly vilified and even more greatly diplomatically lambasted over this fiasco in Iraq. Bush simply must win, or he will look like a fool!! The more Saddam hangs on militarily, the more reverses the U.S. suffers, and the longer this war drags out, the more likely the Administration will be humiliated before the peoples of the world.

Already, the decision has been made to change tactics and bring in much larger bombs, trying to resort to a "scorched earth" policy. This type of military campaign seeks to destroy the infrastructure of the nation so much that the military simply cannot continue the war. If an army cannot eat, they cannot fight. Toward the end of the Civil War, Union armies swept through the South, burning fields and houses and much of the area in towns and cities. An already weakened South could no longer continue the war, and the fighting stopped very quickly.

If President Bush conducts a "scorched earth" policy, he would go a long way toward fulfilling Bible prophecy, so we shall just look at the one pertinent verse here. Listen:

"They (the armies God has called together) come from a distant country, from the uttermost part of the heavens ... even the Lord and the weapons of His indignation -- to seize and destroy the whole land." [Isaiah 13:5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary'

Did you catch that phrase?

"... destroy the whole land."

This frustration from the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff over the way the war is going, plus growing international pressure, plus Iraqi successes in stymieing our military thrust, has already resulted in the decision to bring in bigger bombs, start a carpet-bombing campaign, and bring in reinforcements. This news source also reports that the term, "scorched earth" has been discussed. The more delay we suffer in achieving a victory in Iraq, the more likely it is that we will ultimately reach the desperation point where we shall resort to Weapons of Mass Destruction to finally subdue Iraq.

If that happens, this prophecy will have been fulfilled.

This recent article from the Boston Globe seems all too appropriate:

NEWS BRIEF: "Russian diplomat: US trying to 'completely destroy' Iraq", The Boston Globe, By Vladimir Isachenkov, Associated Press, 3/26/03

"MOSCOW -- Russia's foreign minister accused the United States on Wednesday of waging a propaganda campaign by alleging that Russian companies sold banned military equipment to Saddam Hussein. In an appearance before the legislature, Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said the United States was trying to 'completely destroy' Iraq."

Our Fear

As soon as reinforcement units like the 4th Infantry Armored Division -- plus units moving from both the United States and Europe -- get into place, the Battle of Baghdad will begin. If the United States and Great Britain are unable to achieve quick victory, embarrassment and frustration are likely to occur. If we are forced to engage the Iraq Army in house-to-house fighting, total casualties could soar to over 50%.

At the time we attack Baghdad, temperatures in Iraq could soar to well over 100 degrees, thus causing our forces to suffer from the heat, resulting in a degradation of our fighting capabilities to some extent. If a chemical threat is deemed probable, our forces will have to advance wearing very cumbersome and very hot chemical suits and masks. An Army medical authority has told Cutting Edge that these suits will kill our soldiers rather rapidly as they try to fight and advance in this kind of heat!

Further, the Coalition Armies massed on the flat plain outside Baghdad certainly provide a tempting target to any enemy possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction. If any type of WMD is used on our amassed forces, causing significant damage and/or casualties, the Bush Administration is likely to retaliate with our WMD arsenal.

If we attack Baghdad -- and possibly other targets that have proven difficult to conquer -- using nuclear, neutron, chemical, or biological weapons in order to achieve a victory not possible, several events seem likely at this point:

1. Isaiah 13:5 will literally be fulfilled: "destroy the whole land" of Ancient Babylon which is Iraq.

2. International reaction will be so vehemently negative, Russia and China may go to war within their respective Spheres of Influence: Russia in the Middle East and China working through North Korea and possibly invading Taiwan.

3. Muslims throughout the world will become so thoroughly radicalized and enraged, terrorist attacks will certainly be carried out; if Israel is not yet drug into war, she is most assuredly going to be at this point.

On June 3, 2002, columnist Robert Fisk, wrote a short column about the future of the Middle East as President Bush was preparing to carry out his stated intention to invade and change the governments, of all the nations in the Middle East deemed to be promoting terrorism. Mr. Fisk warned:

"There is a firestorm coming, and President Bush is causing it." [Independent, uk.co, article 298681]

Certainly, we face most troubling times.

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