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Subtitle: American envoy refuses to show up for third day of meeting; North Korea threatens to use nukes against us; Powell says North Korea will not "intimidate us"; North Korea increases war readiness.

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival."

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As if the repeated war rhetoric from North Korea since these past four months were not enough to scare the wits out of us, the American envoy "negotiating" with North Korea in Beijing, China, insults the North Korean and Chinese representatives by simply not showing up for the third day of "negotiations". The last thing Westerners want to do is to insult Orientals, causing them to "lose face".

Have we just guaranteed war on the Korean Peninsula?

NEWS BRIEF: "US envoy skips N Korea talks", From correspondents in Beijing, news.com.au, April 25, 2003.

"NORTH Korea's delegation in China for nuclear talks arrived at the venue today as it had done for the past two days, but there was no immediate sign of US Asia envoy James Kelly ... the North Korean negotiators led by Li Gun, the foreign ministry's deputy director for US affairs, rolled into the Diaoyutai State Guest House, a walled compound in western Beijing, at 10.30am AEST. US envoy James Kelly left his hotel, as he had done for the past two days at 9.30am AEST, but his whereabouts were not known. American embassy officials would not say where he was heading."

The United States did not formally and officially inform either the Chinese host, or the North Korean representative, that we were breaking off talks after the second meeting. Therefore, we simultaneously insulted both the Chinese host and the North Korean governments! This caused both Oriental governments to "lose face", something which no Westerner wants to do to, for that is worthy of a fight.

The closest parallel to this kind of insult of which I can think would be in 1990, just before Iraq invaded Kuwait. President Bush, Sr., sent a woman as a delegate to meet with Saddam. In the Arab culture, this is an insulting gesture. To make matters worse, our female delegate seemed to imply that the United States would not object too strenuously should Saddam invade Kuwait. The result was disaster, a war we now call Gulf War I.

Now, North Korea has the pretext they need to invade South Korea, should they decide to do so. The US has just deliberately insulted them.

Of course, we know the plan for the Third World War to produce Antichrist, don't we? It certainly involves Korea.

"A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." ["The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

The first two days of talks did not go well; in fact, the "negotiations" simply served as platforms for North Korea to ratchet up the war rhetoric.

NEWS BRIEF: "N Korea rejects 'threat' tag", The Australian, April 24, 2003.

"NORTH Korea has rejected a US military commander's charge that it posed a security threat to the region, claiming that the danger came from a huge US nuclear stockpile in South Korea ... the North's ruling party newspaper, said in response that LaPorte's 'reckless remarks' were intended to justify the presence of 37,000 US troops in South Korea and a possible war against the North. It told Laporte to return home and take with him the US troops, whom it said were 'the biggest cancer-like entity' that prevented peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula. The United States 'has posed a constant threat to the DPRK (North Korea) after massively stockpiling nuclear weapons in and around South Korea' ..."

The U.S. "military commander" referred to, above, was none other than General Leon LaPorte, commander of U.S. forces in South Korea. During a time of delicate negotiations designed to prevent war against an incredibly tough -- and sensitive -- foe, it is ridiculous for U.S. officials to make statements that will offend this type of enemy.

However, just a day before the talks were to begin, an official "leak" depicted Defense Secretary Rumsfeld boldly calling for a "regime change" in North Korea! Let us now review this fascinating snafu.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rumsfeld calls for regime change in North Korea", By David Rennie in Washington, news.telegraph.co.uk, (Filed: 22/04/2003)

"A secret Donald Rumsfeld memorandum calling for regime change in North Korea was leaked yesterday ... The classified discussion paper, circulated by the defence secretary, appears to cut directly across State Department plans to disarm Kim Jong-il, the North's dictator, through threats ... In a sign that Washington is girding itself for a repetition of the bitter rows that preceded the Iraq conflict, the memorandum was leaked on the same day that a senior State Department negotiator flew to Beijing for three-way talks with China and North Korea."

Well said! This memorandum was deliberately "leaked" on the same day that our negotiator flew to Beijing to begin the talks with North Korea, thus setting the Bush Administration on the same diplomatic course of bitterness that immediately preceded the Iraq conflict. Of course, President Bush ensured this course of action when he included North Korea last year on his "Axis of Evil" nations that we were going to overthrow.

These talks were deliberately doomed from the beginning, by the very officials we have charged to keep the peace and safety of our country.

At the same time, an Australian paper published an article in which US plans to bomb the North Korea nuclear reactor plant were set forth.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pentagon 'wanted to oust N. Korean leaders' ", The Straits Times, April 23, 2003.

"WASHINGTON - Some members of US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's team want the United States and China to team up to oust North Korea's leadership, according to a Pentagon memo. It was leaked just as US envoy James Kelly traveled to Beijing for the first formal Washington meeting with Pyongyang on the nuclear issue, and is expected to complicate his mission. He may also find himself having to deflect the impact of an Australian report that Washington has contingency plans to bomb a North Korean power plant."

Even if Bush Administration officials pretended to not realize, or acknowledge, the terribly negative impact such reports may have on the "negotiations", the portent was not lost on South Korean officials.

"... a South Korean official, who did not want to be identified, said: 'Leaking such a serious comment on the North Korean regime will threaten the meeting.' " [Ibid.]

No kidding! Not only did these official leaks threaten the meeting, but they also disclosed a planned lying campaign to be carried out by the State Department, while US military/diplomatic plans against North Korea were proceeding. Listen:

"The Pentagon memo was circulated by Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Its main argument - that Washington's goal should be the collapse of Mr Kim Jong Il's government - seems at odds with the State Department's approach of convincing Mr Kim 'that we're not trying to take him out'."

In other words, the US was planning a twofold approach: one the one hand, military and diplomatic preparations were under way with the express goal of collapsing the North Korean regime, while on the other hand, the State Department was to strenuously assert that we were not trying to topple the North Korean government! Rarely do we get to witness firsthand the deception carried out by our government. We should, therefore, add an extra grain or two of salt to everything we hear coming out of Washington. The combination of a deceptive government and an equally deceptive Mass Media propaganda press is worthy of a "Wag The Dog" movie scenario. If you have not watched this movie, you need to, for it brilliantly depicts the manner in which a value-less presidency draws upon the equally value-less Hollywood apparatus to ensure voter deception on a national scale.

Now, let us return to the subject of how North Korea used the talks simply as a platform from which to spew forth harsh war rhetoric.

NEWS BRIEF: "N. Korea to process fuel rods", by Bill Gertz, The Washington Times, April 24, 2003.

"North Korea opened a meeting with U.S. and Chinese officials in Beijing yesterday with a tough reiteration of its plans to reprocess spent nuclear fuel rods now in storage ... The issue of reprocessing the spent fuel rods, which yields weapons-grade plutonium, is viewed as the critical "point of no return" in effective efforts to prevent North Korea from building nuclear weapons."

I am simply amazed that the US continues to harp on the false issue of North Korea, and other states, developing nuclear weapons on our own! As we have reported -- NEWS1780 -- that North Korea and Middle Eastern states can simply buy or barter nuclear warheads from Pakistan! This information is so widely known I am surprised the Bush Administration can still get away with saying the North Koreans "may be close" to developing nuclear weapons and making the re-starting of the nuclear processing plant the trip-wire for war.

Let us review this news story again:

"NEWS BRIEF: "Pakistan bartered N-technology to N Korea for missiles", The Times of India, March 2, 2003.

"NEW DELHI: Pakistan is believed to have bartered away nuclear technology to North Korea as a 'means of payment' for procuring Taepodong ballistic missiles, according to American experts and intelligence officials. '(US) Intelligence officials now believe that Pakistan decided to transfer nuclear technology as a means of payment. This barter proved a perfect match,' expert John E Carbaugh Jr, a policy analyst, who advises the US administration and major US multinational firms, said in a recent paper. In 1994, Pyongyang signed the Agreed Framework which led them to shut down their plutonium-based nuclear programme. 'But North Korean scientists found Pakistan's uranium enrichment technology to be a good means of continuing a covert nuclear programme, albeit one that requires time'.

Thus, Pakistan provided critical 'nuclear technology' to North Korea as a means by which to pay for the missiles they were receiving. If this 'nuclear technology' from Pakistan is really 'nuclear warheads', then North Korea was able to buy them 'off the shelf' from Pakistan. After all, Pakistan has possessed nuclear weaponry for almost 20 years. Asia Times reported last month that North Korea had as many as 100 nuclear warheads (NEWS1781).

In all this debate on whether Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, or any other Arab country with money to spend, possesses nuclear weapons, the focus has always been on whether than country could independently develop this technology. To me, this focus has always been wrongheaded, simply because the Arabs already have a nuclear power in Pakistan! Militant Muslims control Pakistani Intelligence, and the officer corps is likewise riddled with militants. For this reason, American authorities have hinted that, after they overthrow the regime in Iraq, Iran, and Syria, they were coming after Pakistan. Mushareff has attempted to 'cooperate' with Bush on his war on terrorism to forestall such an attack on his country, but the radicals have become so very obvious that now Bush has targeted Pakistan for a 'regime change'.


During the second day of these talks, North Korea "informed" the United States that they have nukes after all! Our Assistant Secretary of State for Asian Affairs must have had to hold his laughter in, as he heard this bombshell information! Of course, when North Korea "informed" us they had nuclear weapons after all, this statement generated the needed news report that North Korea had nuclear weapons just as Bush had been warning for years! Let us review the story:

NEWS BRIEF: "N. Korea warns U.S. it has nuclear weapons", by George Gedday, Associated Press, Chicago Sun-Times, April 24, 2003.

"WASHINGTON -- North Korea's lead official at nuclear weapons talks in China acknowledged to a U.S. envoy that his country has nuclear weapons and said it may test, export or use them depending on U.S. actions ... The U.S. official said CIA assessments indicate that reprocessing has not yet started. The discrepancy, the official said, suggests the either Ri is lying or the United States has suffered a major intelligence failure."

There we go again, blaming the CIA for not reading the newspapers, or our Daily News Updates, reporting almost 2 months ago that North Korea had nuclear weapons already. Since the White House is regularly on our site, why did they not read NEWS1781, posted nearly two months ago! We told the world then that North Korea had up to 100 Pakistani nuclear warheads.

Sadly, this Chicago Sun-Times article ended by reiterating the standard party line about North Korea's nuclear program:

"According to the official, Ri said during the plenary session earlier that North Korea has reprocessed all 8,000 spent nuclear fuel rods in its possession. If true, that would put North Korea much closer to building six to eight additional weapons beyond the one or two it is believed to have at present." [Ibid.]


During and immediately after these talks, North Korea began to increase her readiness to go to war.

NEWS BRIEF: "South Korea says North Korea has heightened its air defense", Wednesday, April 23, 2003.

"Seoul, South Korea-AP -- South Korea's defense minister says North Korea has heightened its air defenses. He says the North has conducted long-distance training flights with ten fighter jets this week ... The defense minister says North Korea has also dispatched fighter jets to monitor U-S and Russian surveillance planes off its east coast."

Such a sudden upsurge in unusual flight activity is always considered to be a "war sign". North Korea is probably testing its capability to intercept planes a long distance off its coast rather than conduct surveillance flights; Russia is providing North Korea with all the surveillance needs she will need, using her bountiful supply of satellite and naval assets. Remember, also, the Russian Pacific Fleet just finished major, aggressive exercises in the "Peter the Great Bay" area, which is just off the coast of Russia/North Korean border. After these exercises were completed on April 20, this huge fleet was to move a short distance away to conduct yet another combined naval/airpower exercise. Therefore, the Russian fleet is in the vicinity.

NEWS BRIEF: "NK fighters in rare surveillance flights over Sea of Japan", Japan Today, April 23, 2003.

"SEOUL — A squadron of North Korean jet fighters launched rare long-distance flights to counter U.S. and Russian surveillance flights over the Sea of Japan, officials and reports said Wednesday ... A ministry spokesman quoted Cho as telling a National Assembly committee Tuesday: 'Ten North Korean MiG-21s and MiG-23s launched long-distance navigation flight training Sunday and Monday' ... North Korean fighters had flown hundreds of kilometers, staying in the air for up to 90 minutes."

Once again, we doubt the purpose of these flights is surveillance, but, rather, a show of force to demonstrate to Japan and the US its capability of sending fighter jets that far off the North Korean coast.

Amidst all this war rhetoric, a Russian official dropped a real, genuine bombshell. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Russian official predicts 'catastrophic' events", smh.com.au, April 24, 2003.

"A top Russian Foreign Ministry official was quoted as saying yesterday in Tokyo that a 'catastrophic' development of events in the US-North Korean nuclear standoff was imminent and could occur within the next day. 'It is probable that, as early as tomorrow, there will be a catastrophic development of events,' Itar-Tass quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov as saying."

Our talks in Beijing with North Korea were ongoing at the time the Russian leader spoke these explosive words. If this is true, then North Korea had decided on war before they ever sent their representative to Beijing to meet with US and Chinese officials. Thus, we can understand the harsh war rhetoric North Korea employed during these meetings. Truly, these meetings were just a platform from which to spew the rhetoric, words which would be automatically carried by every major news outlet in the world.


"For God has put it into their hearts (the final rulers) to carry out His own purpose by acting in harmony in surrendering their power and authority to the beast ..." [Revelation 17:17; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Ponder carefully these prophetic words, for they contain one of THE critically important truths of this End of the Age. In setting the stage so Antichrist may arise on the world scene, the final rulers are "acting" and they are doing so in "harmony". That is Biblical prophetic truth.

"The Armageddon Script" -- a New World Order book on how Antichrist is to be staged -- states that all events will be thoroughly scripted as a play. It is a global play, but a play nevertheless. All major events are scripted.

As we have stated before, the skill of the propagandist is to make scripted events unfold as if they were happening naturally, by chance, and/or by accident. We shall probably soon be hearing how exposed we are because we do not have a missile system that can protect us. Of course, no one in our government will tell us that our HAARP system provides us with nearly 100% effective protection. Instead, we have been treated regularly to the scene whereby the Air Force is testing an anti-missile system that entails a missile physically hitting another missile.

Were the world to understand our capabilities of HAARP and scalar weaponry, a nuclear war scenario that is unfolding before us in the Daily News would not work! But, just to ensure that the US cannot use HAARP, I wonder if North Korea might take out our HAARP fields in Southeast Alaska, either by missile attack or by commandos? We do not know, and are not making any predictions, but it is certainly worth watching.

If this rhetoric is soon followed by a "nuclear confrontation that will threaten mankind's very survival", we have entered into the next stage of this planned World War III. War rhetoric with Syria and Iran is also increasing, with Iran declaring a "Jihad" yesterday against the United States. Israel waits in the wings for the signal to begin her war; remember, Israel must go to war, or this is not the war to produce Antichrist.

This scenario is just now unfolding, so do not get impatient and do not draw conclusions while the script is still occurring.

The End of the Age seems to be drawing nigh.

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