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Subtitle: We have always wondered why Arab nations in the Middle East sat by to allow Bush and Blair attack Iran and make threats to other nations in the region without lifting a finger to stop him. Given the fanaticism of the Muslims, this inaction made no sense; however, if Bush promised to deliver a destroyed Israel in exchange for their inaction as he attacked Iraq, this Muslim attitude makes a lot of sense.

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From Israel's Point of View

Since 9/11, many of the swirling events in the Middle East have not made a whole lot of sense. The United States, thought to be Christian and thought to be led by a Zionist Christian president, is actively declaring war on numerous Muslim nations in the Middle East. Further, this Zionist Christian president is threatening Israel's traditional enemies with military defeat at the hands of American forces, accomplishing what Israel has been restrained from carrying out. This point of view is so stridently apparent, many Muslim clerics have taken up the mantra that the U.S. is attacking Israel's forces for her, acting as a surrogate military under Israel's control,

But, even as we seem to be supporting Israel in this manner, our president seems to be twisting Prime Minister Sharon's arm in an unprecedented manner, forcing him to turn 180° in his lifelong political policies against giving land to the Palestinians. In late May, Sharon abruptly reversed policy to support a Palestinian State, which potentially would give 42% of the present land of Israel to the Palestinians. Such a division is not only inherently unworkable, but is a tremendous threat to the very existence of the Jewish state.

From The Arab's Point of View

However, moderate Arab nations have not taken up the mantra of the clerics, above, and are sitting still, even as our forces amass on the borders of Syria and Iran, and as our civilian leader are verbally threatening Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. How can these moderate Muslim leaders possibly sit still for this kind of military buildup that ultimately threatens their regimes as well? What unforeseen force(s) are working here to keep all Muslim and Arab leaders on the sidelines as we systematically move against Israel's most implacable enemies? Mass Media answers this question simply by saying these leaders are cowed by America's overwhelming military; this is not true, for I remember well the first two weeks of the Iraqi war, when U.S. and British troops were stymied in taking their objectives by an inferior Iraqi army. America looked overwhelming only when Saddam ordered his men to quit the field of battle.

What, then, is this unseen force that is keeping these Arab and Muslim nations inactive and on the sideline, while forcing Israel to accept a possible poison pill? A Christian Jewish writer believes he knows the answer to this riddle. If he is right, America is truly in line for God's judgment.

Listen to Jerry Golden:

NEWS BRIEF: "Powell's visit and 'Settlements', " Jerry Golden Report, http://thegoldenreport.com/articles.asp?id=00133, June 21, 2003.

"Colin Powell and his State Department have 22 Arab Foreign Embassies, that means there are 22 to 1 Ambassadors who favor Arab Countries over Israel. It also means the influence on foreign policy is not only 22 to 1, but when you consider the oil factor, the odds just went through the ceiling. And when we consider the so-called secret deals Bush made with the Arab Countries to set still for the Iraq war, and he would deliver Israel to them on a platter."

Did you get the pertinent phrase?

"... the so-called secret deals Bush made with the Arab Countries to set still for the Iraq war, and he would deliver Israel to them on a platter."

I obtained Jerry's phone number through a Jewish subscriber who knows him. Jerry and I talked at some length on this subject. He said that this "secret deal" Bush has made with Arab leaders that he will deliver Israel "on a platter" is repeated constantly in Arabic language news stations. While we know much of the "news" on Arabic language news casts are just as much propaganda as truth, Jerry is totally convinced this is true, i.e., that Bush has promised to deliver a defeated Israel to the Arabs if they will just sit still for his invasion and occupation of Iraq; if this is true, it certainly would answer a number of questions. We will state these questions, and then come back to them for detailed analysis, but first, let us state that we have believed for a very long time that the Illuminati has cut a secret deal with Israel, in order to gain control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount [Read NEWS1643, "Fervent Masonic Desire To Re-Build Solomon's Temple"].

However, I found an article in which this strategy is fully presented. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: ""From Baghdad to Jerusalem", Israel Today.

""The way to Jerusalem leads through Baghdad: was the title of an article in the English language Saudi newspaper Arab News. Commentator Abdul Rahman al-Rashid reminded readers that during the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein said the way to Jerusalem leads through Teheran. When Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990, the Iraqi leader said the way to Jerusalem leads through Kuwait.'

'In the wake of the US-led war on Iraq, al-Rashid wrote that the way to Jerusalem leads through Baghdad. "The Americans have taken Saddam Hussein's idea, telling us that the return to the negotiating table between Israelis and Palestinians will come via Baghdad." He said America's superpower status was strengthened by the crushing defeat of Iraq, and now the US will pressure Israel to end the "occupation." '

' "The Palestinians can rest assured that Washington will keep its promise," said al-Rashid. "Europe, which is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, will compel Washington to exert heavy pressure on Israel." '

If this is the case, and if Jerry Golden is correct, President Bush has promised both sides that they will have their enemy "on a platter". The only question is, whom will Bush betray and with whom will he carry out his promises?

Now, let us state the questions that such a back-room deal situation would fully answer.

1. Why the defunct "Road Map" came roaring out of nowhere on April 30, 2003

2. Why Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon turned so abruptly around, from opposing Palestinian Statehood, to embracing it

3. Why Palestinians seem so coldly ambivalent upon receiving 42% of the state of Israel

Now, let us examine these questions which seem to be answered by Jerry Golden's accusations.

1. Why the defunct "Road Map" came roaring out of nowhere on April 30, 2003 -- On September 17, 2002, a consortium of nation groups called the "Quartet" issued a plan whereby Israel and a Palestinian State would coexist peaceably side-by-side by the year, 2005. This "Quartet" was comprised of the following nation groups:

a. United States
b. United Nations
c. European Union
d. Russian Federation ["ME Quartet outlines three-phase roadmap for peace", Scoop, Wednesday, 18 September 2002, 11:11 am]

As you can see, this "Road Map" carried the weight of the entire International Community; therefore, it was touted as the one agreement likely to finally break the "Mid-East logjam". However, this "Road Map" immediately ran into major difficulties. Israeli groups opposed it, either on religious basis of not giving any of God's Holy Land away, or from those pragmatists who disbelieved that any major concessions to the Palestinians would bring any peace other than the "peace of the grave".

Palestinian militant factions wanted no part of this "Road Map", for why should they be happy with 42% of the land of Israel when their goal is 100% of the land with all Jews "drinking the waters of the Mediterranean", a favorite Arafat term for the annihilation of all Jews, a goal he shared with the late Adolf Hitler. Right on cue, Palestinian terror attacks began to rip at the fabric of the Road Map, until no one had any desire to go forward with the Quartet's Road Map.

In Mid-January, the "Quartet" made serious changes in this Road Map, all to the detriment of Israel ["No to Europe's road map", by Ovadia Soffer, The Jerusalem Post, January 15, 2003]. These changes were totally rejected by Israel, and by the end of January, the "Road Map" was all but declared "Dead". Finally, on February 8, 2003, the Quartet informed the Palestinian Authority that the "Road Map" was postponed until further notice. The Iraq War was beckoning and Sharon was threatening, so the "Road Map" was considered dead.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, President Bush ordered the official "Road Map" program to be delivered to Prime Minister Sharon's residence at 3:30pm, on April 30, 2003, thus forming the first of two sets of '333' [Read NEWS1807 for full report]. This date is the first day of the 2-day celebration of Beltaine, the second-most important Sabbat on the Satanic calendar.

On the very next day -- May 1, 2003 -- President Bush landed on the aircraft carrier Lincoln to deliver his proclamation that the military conflict in Iraq was over, at precisely 3:33 EDT. Thus, he formed a double set of "333". In NEWS1809, we demonstrated the place in Satanic ritual that a "333 333" plays. Informed observers were in shock that the defunct "Road Map" suddenly plopped into word view again, when neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians had any real interest in it. Former President Nixon once intoned that Israel could never accept the formation of a hostile state within its borders, for such a state would be a "dagger" poised within inches of her heart. In NEWS1057, "The Next Arab-Israeli War", the Pentagon reported that the beginning of the next Arab war against Israel would begin with an inside attack by the Palestinian paramilitary forces.

If President Bush were to be working with both sides, he could have promised Israel that, no matter how bleak the situation might become, we would guarantee that Israel would have the weaponry and resources edge needed to prevail. Bush could have promised the Arab and Muslim leaders throughout the Middle East that the "Road Map" would manuever Israel into the corner that would enable the Palestinians, working in conjunction with the Syrians and Egyptian militaries, to prevail even though Israel had such an edge in weaponry.

2. Why Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon turned so abruptly around, from opposing Palestinian Statehood, to embracing it. Never in the history of modern-day Israel has a Prime Minister turned around so completely on a key survival issue as Ariel Sharon turned on accepting a Palestinian State. Let us review the scenario.

* On April 30, the "Road Map" was delivered, on the day before President Bush declared military hostilities at an end in Iraq. Since Bush told the Palestinians that he was postponing the "Road Map" until after the completion of the Iraqi war - ["US Confirms Delay of Palestinian-Israeli Peace Settlement", The Palestine Chronicle, March 10, 2003]. - this timing is logical. Bush was just keeping his word to the Palestinians.

However, Sharon seemed to be holding firm against it. On May 5, Bush reiterated his strong desire to push for a Palestinian State as called for in the "Road Map", and he asked the United Nations Security Council to intervene and urge both sides to adopt the Quartet's plan.

* On May 2, a bold new proposal was set forth that would genuinely solve the Palestinian problem and probably deter war. Put forth by Israeli Tourism Minister Benny Elon, this plan called for "the genuine and original two-state solution, proposing that it encompass the full extent of Mandatory Palestine on both sides of the Jordan River." ["The Elon Peace Plan: Both Sides of the Jordan", Arutz Sheva, May 2, 2003]

This plan called for the following steps to be taken:

* The Palestinian Authority will be dissolved;
* Israel will put a firm end to Palestinian terrorism by expelling terrorists, collecting weapons, and dismantling terror-hotbed refugee camps;
* The international community will recognize the Hashemite Kingdom as the sole representative of the Palestinians, and will help it economically as it absorbs a limited number of refugees;
* Israel will become sovereign over Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and the Arabs living there will be Jordanian citizens living under a form of autonomy to-be-determined;
* The exchange of Jewish and Arab populations begun in 1948 will be completed, and the international community will help rehabilitate the refugees in their new countries;
* Israel and Jordan-Palestine will declare the conflict ended and will work together as neighbors.

We applaud this plan because it recognizes both historic principle and historic population location. When Israel won the war in 1948 after being attacked by Arab armies, she had the right under international law to force the extradition of the Palestinians living there to their natural kingdom, the province of Edom and Moab in Jordan. The king of Jordan refused to allow this extradition, even though the natural home of the Palestinians is in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. If Bush really wanted to throw American might around in such a manner as to really contribute to Middle Eastern region, he would insist upon this practical and historical solution. But, of course, that is asking too much, for this entire diplomatic effort is designed to create such disharmony and chaos that an all-out regional war will ensue.

* During the month of May, Palestinian terrorism reached new heights. Israeli officials were almost overwhelmed by the scope and the sheer numbers of the terrorists. Hamas, Al Aqsa Martyrs, and Fatah were all active in this round of blood-letting. Many people assumed that these terror attacks would absolutely, completely, and permanently doom the "Road Map". Time and time again, the IDF and the Israeli Anti-Terror Services reacted to stop the terror. Bloodshed on both sides was almost more than one could bear. On May 21, the Arabs declared the "Road Map" dead. In late May, Sharon canceled a scheduled trip to visit President Bush.

* But, against all reason and expectation, on May 27, 2003, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon abruptly turned about -face in his position on the Road Map; suddenly, he told his Likud followers that Israel had no choice but to capitulate to Palestinian demands for a state. Listen to Sharon's own words:

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon Says Occupation Must End", By Joel Greenberg, Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2003. [Read NEWS1817 for full analysis]

""JERUSALEM -- Facing a firestorm of criticism from members of his Likud Party over his Cabinet's approval of a U.S.-backed peace plan envisioning a Palestinian state, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Monday that keeping the Palestinians under occupation harms Israel. 'This can't go on forever', Sharon told Likud lawmakers at a stormy meeting a day after the Cabinet approved the plan. 'To keep 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation -- you can dislike the word, but what is happening is occupation -- is in my view bad for Israel, for the Palestinians and for Israel's economy', Sharon said. It was the first time that Sharon, for years a hawk and architect of the Israeli settlement drive in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, had publicly used the word 'occupation' to describe Israel's military presence in those territories. The remarks fueled debate over whether Sharon, who has used tough military tactics in an effort to crush the 32-month-old Palestinian uprising, was undergoing a political transformation as he moved under American pressure toward carrying out the peace plan, known as the 'road map'."

Not only did Sharon use the forbidden word, "occupation", but he actually stated that Arafat's 32-month Intifada was hurting Israel's economy. During all these 32 months, most news reports continually focused on the fighting and the terrorism, but few ever took note of the reality that Arafat was beating the Israelis at the point they were most vulnerable: their economy. All Western economies run on investor confidence, and Israel's is no exception. Constant violence, never-ending suicide bombers that blow up stores and shops and buses, and which threaten the very freedom of movement and a feeling of security on which the Israeli economy is dependent, are slowing grinding the economy down. Recent reports indicated that Israel's joblessness is approaching 11%, a very troublesome figure and one that Israel cannot ignore. In the meanwhile, the Bush Administration suddenly began stonewalling on approval of about $11 billion in load guarantees that the Israelis definitely needed.

* On June 4, 2003, the impossible occurred! Meeting in Aqaba, Jordan, President Bush, Prime Minister Sharon, and Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas stood side-by-side to announce a shared goal of a Palestinian State! Sharon used the term, "Palestinian State" three times, Abbas used it twice and Bush used it once, for a total of six times between them.

Israel's conservatives were predictably angry. One M.K. (Minister of the Knesset) was vehement: "Today may very well be registered in history as the 'naqba' - the day of catastrophe - for Israel," said MK Dr. Aryeh Eldad (National Union). ["Palestinian State Declared", Arutz-7 News, 4 June 2003] Others felt much the same way. However, Palestinian delight seemed muted.

What would cause the most hard-line Prime Minister in Israel's history, and a former hero general, to switch positions so dramatically in a case that might cause Israel great national harm, if not annihilation? The only reasonable explanation is Sharon secretly received assurances from President Bush that the United States would commit the resources necessary to prevent a total destruction of Israel. Sharon must consider these secret assurances as being "ironclad".

3. Why Palestinians seem so coldly ambivalent upon receiving 42% of the state of Israel. What would cause the Palestinians to accept a proposal -- the Road Map -- which they had always scorned in the past? Arafat has always rejected any suggestion that he would be satisfied with any agreement other than control of 100% of the land of Israel, which he calls Palestine. In Arafat's view, he would never accept any agreement that did not force the Jews out of their land and give him total control.

Even when the Illuminati insisted that Arafat appoint a "Prime Minister", Arafat made it quite clear that he controlled that position, as numerous articles before June 4 made it quite clear. Therefore, why would Arafat suddenly switch his position 180°, to suddenly support the Road Map?

If Jerry Golden is correct, then Bush is likely to have moved the Palestinians to the negotiating table by promising them that he would deliver Israel -- the land of Palestine minus its troublesome Jewish citizens -- to the collective Arab community of nations using the Road Map as the tool. But, if we are correct, Bush also heavily assured Sharon that he would ensure Israel would not be militarily defeated once the "Palestinian State" ran its logical course and erupted in war.

If Bush has, indeed, promised each side exactly what they want if they would just support his short-term policies, then we can understand the complex situation in the Middle East -- where Arab nations seemingly sit placidly by -- while the U.S. completes her gobbling of Iraq and is even now turning her sights on Syria and Iran. We can further understand how Israel's most dedicated hardliner prime minister could switch 180° in a matter of days, and why Arafat would switch his policies 180°.

However, such a policy is tremendously short-sighted, for when both sides realize they have been "had", all-out war will engulf the entire region: just as the Illuminati plan has foreseen since 1870 [Read NEWS1056].

These events truly foreshadow the End of the Age. The Middle East is sitting on the biggest prophetic powderkeg imaginable.

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