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Subtitle: When Israel used a missile to assassinate a quadriplegic, partially blind, elderly Muslim cleric, she handed enemy propagandists a tremendously rich treasure trove of material to be used to inflame the masses against Israel. Is this assassination destined to be equivalent to the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand which ignited World War I?

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Israel has been a dry tinderbox in world affairs since 1948 when she became a nation once again. However, she has REALLY become a dry tinderbox amongst the nations of the world once Yasser Arafat launched his Intifada on September 29, 2000. In the nearly 3 1/2 years since then, Arafat has ordered hundreds of terror strikes killing hundreds of people. In fact, Arafat has been ordering suicide and terrorist strikes against Israel since the early 1980's. All these terror strikes, resulting in so much innocent blood being spilt, has prompted various Israeli responses that have accomplished little except to stir up further hatred within the hearts of all Palestinian people.

All this terror, all this bloodshed, and all this meaningless military response, has turned the entire nation into a literal tinderbox, awaiting just the right spark to set the nation ablaze. And, make no mistake about the fact that the Muslims intend for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be set ablaze as part of their overall effort to defeat both Israel and her major ally -- the United States. We saw this plan boldly enunciated by Iranian leaders almost exactly one year ago, as Coalition Forces were fighting furiously in the southern portion of Iraq. As we reported in NEWS1799, key Arab leaders in the region plan to use Iraq as a "swamp" in which to tie down superior American forces and then light "many fires" in the entire Middle East region, including Israel. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran Preparing To 'Light Many Fires' To Defeat The Americans", The Jerusalem Post, March 21, 2003

" 'The American Great Satan will never accept an Islamic system. It is coming to Iraq to complete its encirclement of our Islamic Republic before it moves against us. To help the Americans conquer Iraq easily would be suicidal for our revolution.' [Khamenei"s chief foreign policy adviser, former Iranian foreign minister Ali-Akbar Velayati]. Velayati claims that the US has two aims in the Middle East: preventing the destruction of the 'Zionist entity' and control of Arab oil."

"UNLIKE THE accommodationists who foresee an easy American victory, the confrontationists believe that US involvement in Iraq could become 'the beginning of its end.' He explains:

" 'Iraq is a swamp', Khamenei said in his address to the guards. 'The Great Satan will get caught in that swamp; and that will speed up its inevitable collapse'. In a recent article Velayati spelled out a strategy aimed at 'confronting the Great Satan in a number of fronts.' "

He then spelled out those "number of fronts".

1. Iraq

2. Afghanistan

3. Azerbaijan

4. Israel

Today, American forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan are embroiled in a major conflagration, seemingly without end. We have launched many offensives against Afghan Taliban forces and yet they keep coming back, forcing us to launch even more offensives and so forth and so on. We have not won any clear-cut, firm victories against the Taliban since the early days of the Afghan war when we forced their military units out of major cities. Likewise, Iraq has proven to be a swamp from which we have not been able to extricate ourselves.

The question of the hour is this: has the time come to light Israel into the major conflagration which will confront the "Great American Satan" on the most crucial front of all -- Israel? We know the Illuminati towers high above Arab plans, as the symbol on the back of the American One Dollar Bill continues to tell us. As the numeric timing of the Madrid terror bombing indicated (NEWS1903), world events are proceeding according to the Illuminati time table. This latest assassination is no exception.

Or, is this assassination simply an attempt to keep the Illuminati plan on track by keeping Arafat in power?

Let us examine the possibilities.


NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas Founder Killed in Israeli Strike", Fox News, Monday, March 22, 2004

"GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Palestinian militant groups are vowing revenge after Hamas spiritual leader and founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin was killed in an Israeli airstrike early Monday ... Israeli helicopters fired three missiles as Yassin, his bodyguards and dozens of others left a mosque in Gaza City at daybreak Monday. Yassin, a quadriplegic who uses a wheelchair, and seven others were killed, including several bodyguards."

Another news source pinpointed the exact date and time of the attack also.

NEWS BRIEF: "Yassin’s Killing Opens New Chapter in Israeli-Palestinian War", DEBKAfile, 22 March 2004

"Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon has fired the Israel-Palestinian war up to a new plane. The targeted assassination of Hamas founder, leader and moving spirit, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Monday, March 22 ..."

Note the date of this assassination; it was Monday, March 22, 2004. Keep this date in mind, for we shall return to this subject later in this article.

This assassinated cleric was widely revered throughout the Palestinian territories. He looked old and fragile; he was confined to a wheelchair because he was a quaraplegic and he was nearly blind. As he emerged from a mosque following his morning prayers, his attendant dutifully pushed him along in a wheelchair. Therefore, when that Israeli Apache helicopter popped up overhead to fire its deadly missile, the Israelis just handed Arab propagandists their richest vein of material in a very long time. Skilled propaganda experts in the Arab world can now begin to work their "magic" to whip up the hatred of tens of millions of Muslims throughout the world. Very soon, masses of people throughout the Muslim world are going to be flooding public streets to proclaim their hatred for tiny Israel, they will be declaring their "Days of Rage" and bloodshed in revenge. In fact, this "revenge factor" spiraling into hatred may already be starting. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Rage Against Israel Spreads Across Mideast", Fox News, Monday, March 22, 2004

"CAIRO, Egypt — As Arabs poured into the streets Monday demanding revenge, the leaders of Egypt and Jordan, who put their prestige on the line in Mideast peace efforts, denounced Israel's assassination of the founder of Hamas. Arabs demonstrated by the thousands in refugee camps and on university campuses in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, the Palestinian territories and Yemen in loud but generally peaceful protests, burning tires or Israeli flags and demanding revenge for Israel's killing of Sheik Ahmed Yassin , spiritual leader of Hamas militants."


"King Abdullah II of Jordan — who met secretly with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as recently as Thursday to discuss a proposed Israeli pullback from parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip — said the assassination would only lead to more violence and instability. 'We are annoyed and pained by what happened despite our arduous and persistent efforts with all sides, including the Israeli government, to refrain from its policy of military escalation', Abdullah said in remarks on Jordan's official Petra news agency." [Ibid.]


"Mubarak canceled a planned visit by some Egyptian legislators to take part in Israeli parliament ceremonies Tuesday marking the 25th anniversary of the Egypt-Israel peace accord. Despite limited results, Egypt's peace push had left Mubarak open to criticism from opponents of Israel. Yassin's killing fuels their arguments. 'This is an embarrassment to Egypt', said Dia'a Rashwan, an expert on radical Islam with Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo ... Thousands of students demonstrated in Cairo, burning American and Israeli flags. 'When Sharon crosses the line, we must kill him and his soldiers', about 7,000 students chanted at Cairo's Al-Azhar University. Similar protests were held in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and in Yemen." [Ibid.]

United States

"In Washington, U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice urged calm and said she hoped new opportunities, such as the Israeli pullout plans, would continue to emerge. Rice told NBC the Bush administration received no advance warning of the strike. However, she added that 'Hamas is a terrorist organization and that Sheik Yassin has himself, personally, we believe, been involved in terrorist planning'." [Ibid.]

NOTE: While this statement is most certainly true, why would National Security Adviser Rice single out Hamas because of their involvement in "terrorist planning" but ignore Arafat, whose planning for terror has been continuously ongoing for the past 25 years? Killing Yassin in his wheelchair while leaving Arafat alone in his office makes no sense on the surface. Please keep this fact in mind, for we shall return to this subject later also in this article.

United Nations

"U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan condemned the killing and appealed for calm. 'Such actions are not only contrary to international law, but they do not do anything to help the search for a peaceful solution', Annan said." [Ibid.]

Elsewhere Around The World

"Other condemnations and calls for restraint came from around the world. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw echoed the sentiments of many Arab officials, saying the killing 'is unacceptable, it is unjustified and it is very unlikely to achieve its objectives'. Sheik Salman al-Odah, who heads the Islam Today Organization in Saudi Arabia, said the United States, Russia, Australia and Japan should 'be ashamed of their calls to the Palestinians for self-control. ... The people, governments and civil institutions of the Islamic world should intensify their financial and political support to the Islamic resistance in Palestine until it restores its rights'." [Ibid.]

Has Become A Martyr

"Islamists also offered their congratulations on Yassin's death — in being killed by Israeli forces, he became a martyr to his cause. 'He is not just a symbol for Palestine or Hamas, but for the entire Islamic world, and this assassination will add fuel to the resistance', said Essam el-Erian, a senior member of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood." [Ibid.]

This news article succinctly demonstrates the outpouring of anger and resentment which this assassination has caused. Therefore, why would Israeli Prime Minister Sharon risk such a backlash, knowing that this killing could be spun in a hundred different ways to fire up Israel's sworn enemies? Sharon had to know that any "peace effort" in the immediate time period would be rendered impossible; indeed, the Palestinians could refuse to forget this killing for a generation or more, making it impossible to even hope for a negotiated solution. We have stated many times that the hatred of the Palestinians goes so deep and has been encouraged so well by Arafat's official textbooks throughout the Palestinian education system that an entire population has been prepared for a bloody struggle against Israel, a struggle designed to annihilate the Jewish state once and for all time.

Why would Sharon risk so much on the killing of an enemy who looks and acts so feeble and frail that his ruthless killing could ignite 1.4 billion Muslims? Fox News tries to answer that question.

NEWS BRIEF: "Yassin's Assassination Was Gamble for Sharon", Fox News, Monday, March 22, 2004

"JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (search) took an enormous gamble in ordering the assassination of Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin. The Israeli leader hopes to score a decisive victory against the violent group ahead of an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, but risks unleashing a wave of Palestinian revenge attacks that could easily spin out of control."

The official story being spun out of Jerusalem is that Sharon and his generals believe they must smash the Hamas terrorist organization before they can effect an orderly withdrawal from Gaza. DEBKAfile Intelligence clung to this part line.

"The targeted assassination of Hamas founder, leader and moving spirit, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Monday, March 22, was the prime minister’s thunderous reply to the critics who argue that his disengagement strategy would hand the Gaza Strip over to Hamas control. It signals his determination to purge Gaza of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists ahead its evacuation. Yassin’s death is but the precursor to liquidating the violent movement he founded in 1987 to 'cleanse' Middle East of Jewish sovereignty and replace it with an Islamic republic. This cleanout of Hamas strength will take time. Until it is done, Israel cannot pull out of the Gaza Strip or even begin the process of disengagement."

On the surface, this argument seems to have merit. After all, how can Israel withdraw from the Gaza in an manner which will place Palestinians closer to choice Jewish targets than ever before, if Israel has not first eradicated the terrorist organizations infecting that area?

We see several problems with this cover story:

1. Israel has attempted many times in the past to eradicate terrorist leadership and decimate their ranks. However, Arafat and his leadership have been very effective in training enough lower and middle cadre leadership that new men can step into the positions of those killed by Israeli targeted assassinations and/or IDF military operations. At the lower level, several eager Palestinians always seem to step into the shoes of fallen comrades-in-arms.

2. Arafat has quietly been drawing upon outside -- foreign -- leadership to augment the skills of his organization.

3. Arafat is much larger of a terrorist threat to Israel than Yassin would ever be! If the IDF could decimate Hamas in coming weeks, they would accomplish little to nothing in their efforts to stop terrorism. If you go back to past terrorist attacks, Arafat's legions were the organizations claiming responsibility far more times than Hamas.

Arafat's terrorist groups are: Al Aqsa Brigade, Islamic Jihad and Fatah.

Therefore, it makes no sense to speak only of targeting Hamas while leaving Al Aqsa Brigade, Islamic Jihad and Fatah groups alone, along with their leader, Yasser Arafat. When the stated reason for carrying out an event makes no common sense, we are forced to seek 'other sense'. We do not believe this assassination was carried out in order to eradicate Hamas from Gaza before Israel pulled out. We believe a much more important reason lies buried deeply under the surface.


As we stated in NEWS1429, Arafat was recruited nearly 35 years ago by the Illuminist organization known as the Russian KGB. Listen to the account as to how the Russians coerced Arafat into becoming their favorite puppet terror leader.

"In 1970 the Kremlin became interested in an obscure Arab construction engineer and collector of racecars, named Rahman al-Qudwa. Evidence shows, contrary to later claims, that this "construction engineer" was an Egyptian, born in Cairo during the summer of 1929. Rahman graduated from the University of Cairo and served as an officer in the Egyptian Army during the 1956 Suez campaign. Later he set up a business in Kuwait and made a fortune. He then entered politics, founding a hopelessly small terrorist organization. But this terrorist organization would not remain hopelessly small forever ... the communists trusted Rahman because he was a voracious homosexual. This alone made him a workable Kremlin puppet, because once the Romanian intelligence services had taped Rahman's sex sessions with men and boys, he was completely in their hands. Afterwards, Rahman's friendship for the communist bloc would be permanent -- if he valued his growing popularity in the Arab world. "

"Rahman al-Qudwa is better known as Yasser Arafat, the chairman of the PLO since 1968 and the president of the Palestinian Authority -- which is now at war with Israel ... Arafat could not exactly refuse the communist's 'friendly' overtures. There is little question that Arafat is fanatically devoted to destroying Israel, and would sell his soul to the devil to gain his devilish ends. Therefore, a compact between Arafat and the Soviet Union via communist Romania was not something that violated any sacred Islamic rule in Arafat's heart. Arafat is no Moslem. His fanaticism is completely secular. But since he operates within the Islamic world, he must sometimes appear as a would-be Muslim liberator." ["Kremlin Puppets and how they work", by J.R. Nyquist, WorldNetDaily, October 19, 2000]

Since 1970, Arafat has been under the tight control -- and protection -- of the Illuminati. The global leadership of the New World Order Plan has firmly written Arafat into their script for igniting the Middle East so World War III can occur, out of which will stride the Masonic Christ (Antichrist) [NEWS1056]. Haven't you ever wondered why Israel allows this master murderer to live? Israel could have assassinated Arafat many times these past three decades; yet, no matter how grievous the attack perpetrated under his leadership, Israel takes action that falls just short of killing Arafat or removing him from power.

Yasser Arafat will live until the final chapter is played out in this Illuminist plan. Until then, Arafat is not only protected against Israel's leadership, but he is protected from internal threat. This fact is one of the main reasons Israel killed the partially blind, quadraplegic Muslim founder of Hamas even as they allowed the far greater terrorist, Arafat, to keep on breathing and leading the Palestinian Authority. We believe Yassin and Hamas were close to overthrowing Arafat's authority on the Palestinian streets. In fact, in the past few weeks, we have read of actual gunfire exchanged between Arafat's men and Yassin's, leading some authorities to wonder if the days of the Arafat's rule might be coming to an end.

Let us now see how Hamas' suddenly resurgent popularity was seriously undermining Arafat's rule.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Yassin Assassination -- slide into chaos", Access Middle East, 3/22/2004.

"Aware of Hamas’s growing popularity, especially in the poverty-stricken Gaza Strip, Arafat refrained from ordering his security forces to take any drastic measures against the radical Islamic movement and its activists and leaders. Instead, he embarked on a 'national dialogue' with Hamas and other Palestinian factions as part of a strategy that says, 'If you can’t win them, join them'. Arafat has never liked Yassin and his movement. On various occasions, Arafat went as far as claiming that Israel helped establish Hamas in 1987 in an attempt to destroy the PLO, the 'sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people'.”

"After years of tension between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, the intifada, which erupted in September 2000, witnessed a rapprochement between the two sides. On the political level, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority began speaking almost in the same voice against Israel. On the ground, the armed wings of Hamas and Fatah (headed by Arafat) have increased their cooperation in organizing and carrying out attacks against Israel. In the past three months alone, joint Hamas-Fatah cells carried out at least 10 suicide bombings and other attacks on Israeli targets. This cooperation has worried Arafat, who now realizes that even his loyalists are working with his rivals at home."

Therefore, what is the Illuminati going to do to preserve the leadership of their favorite Palestinian leader when his rule is threatened by a nearly blind quadraplegic Muslim cleric? They have invested far too much time, effort, propaganda, and money in Arafat to see him slide from power, thus endangering their carefully prepared plan. The Illuminati is likely to turn to Israel, equally controlled, who has the military equipment and military intelligence already on the ground. We believe it highly likely that Yassin was taken out to solidify Arafat's popularity with the Palestinian population and preserve his political power.

Is it possible that Israel would assassinate another Palestinian to keep Arafat in power? Yes, it is, as this action has been undertaken before. In NEWS1461, entitled, "Are Israeli and Palestinian Authority Cooperating To Kill Each Others Enemies", we noted that Jewish author, Barry Chamish, had made this claim in January, 2001. Listen:

"But, then Barry discovered something even more radical. He discovered evidence that the government of Prime Minister Barak and PLO Chairman Arafat, were exchanging detailed information on the whereabouts of each other's enemies. Then, the Israelis would kill Arafat's enemies and/or competitors for power, while the PLO would kill the Conservative or Orthodox Jews whom Barak considered his deadliest enemies. Barak considers the Conservative and Orthodox Jews to be his main stumbling block to the final implementation of the Illuminist plan to Internationalize Jerusalem, placing it under United Nations control. Arafat considers key leaders within the Fatah, Tanzim, and Hamas movements to be his direct competitors for control of the Palestinian Authority [PLO]. Certainly, if Illuminist Arafat were to lose control to an Arab leader not under the direct control of the Illuminati, this whole plan could come unraveled. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the Illuminati to carry out such mutual 'cleansing' of their enemies and/or stumbling blocks."

We encourage you to read this article in its entirety, for it presents information you may find interesting and valuable as you attempt to sort these momentous events out in their proper place. You see, Israeli leaders and Palestinian leaders at the highest levels are participants in a grand and master script. If each side follows the lines laid out for them in this script, World War III will follow and the Masonic Christ (Antichrist) can appear at long last.

This is a goal important enough to the Iluminati to keep Arafat in power.


Event Carried Out By The "11"'s

As we noted in NEWS1903, the favorite number of Satanists generally and the Illuminati specifically is "11"; this number is their number for Antichrist, just as the Bible foretold in Daniel 7:7-8. Therefore, events designed to aid in the plan to stage Antichrist on the world scene are carried out in such a manner that "11" undergirds the entire event. Before you read the rest of this article, we encourage you to read NEWS1903 so you may have the proper preparation to understand the significance of the elevens contained within this assassination.

We see several elevens and/or multiplications of eleven within this event:

* This assassination was carried out on March 22 -- the number '22' is considered by the occultist as "11x2"

* March 22 was exactly 11 days after the terrorist bombing at Madrid, an event which carried several elevens, the most significant of which was that the date of the Madrid bombing (3/11) was exactly 911 days following the 9/11 attacks!

* March 22 is exactly 922 days following 9/11 attacks, thus producing another "11x2"

* The number "22" is important to the occult/Jewish Kabbala, as the number of letters in the Hebrew language is "22"


skull 322Finally, this assassination of the Hamas leadership was carried out on March 22, a date which can also depicted as "3/22". We cannot but take notice that this is precisely the number appearing on the Skull & Bones emblem of the secret society in which President Bush and Senator Kerry are lifelong Adepts! In August, 1990, President George Bush announced that the world had now entered into a New World Order. Shockingly, President Bush -- and his son, George W. Bush -- are adepts in the American Brotherhood of Death Society, the Yale Skull and Bones Society. As we stated earlier, Bush's New World Order is virtually identical with Hitler's; one key connecting point is their common membership in their respective Brotherhood of Death Societies (New Age author, Bill Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse, p. 81; plus Antony Sutton, Introduction To The Order, p.7). Skull and Bones' symbol is also a skull with two crossed bones, but with the mysterious number, '322' underneath.

Thus, the timing of this event carries a very strong Illuminati signature. Yassin simply could not be allowed to undermine, and possibly overthrow, Yasser Arafat. With Yassin out of the way, Arafat can continue to serve in his assigned role, with even greater strength because Hamas terrorists are likely to emotionally join forces with Arafat now to fight their Jewish common enemy. Events might unfold slowly but steadily, building up hatred and animosity in a way reminiscent of the time it took to declare World War I following the assassination of the Austrian Archduke. In other words, this Yassin assassination could gradually build steam until the Arab world launches retaliatory war on Israel.

Furthermore, this assassination demonstrates that the timetable the Illuminati is following continues to continue to occur "by the numbers". Contrary to what some pundits are saying, the Illuminati is not behind schedule, nor are they concerned that their plan is not occurring as planned. The terrorist attack in Madrid and the timing of this assassination refute that idea.

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