Subtitle: Israeli author, Barry Chamish makes this charge after the lid blows off his investigation into the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. This story confirms our revelations in NEWS1429 that Barak and Arafat are both Illuminists and cooperating according to a script.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "CONFERENCE TRAPS GILLON" by Barry Chamish, email newsletter received 1/15/2001.

"A gentleman handed me a file and said, 'I think you'd better look at this. It confirms your thesis of outside involvement in the Rabin assassination.' The next morning, I opened his envelope and what was in it but Carmi Gillon's Interior Ministry file? Gillon was head of the General Security Services (Shabak) prior to and during the Rabin murder. And as I and others have proven, was a chief conspirator in the same murder."


For those of you who have not been paying too much attention to the internal politics of Israel during the 1990's, I believe a clarification may be in order.  Israeli Prime Minister Rabin had been instrumental in creating the Oslo Peace Process, which envisioned that the only way in which to achieve peace within her borders with the Palestinian Arabs was to give in to many of their demands, especially land.  The thinking among Liberal Israelis was that, if the Palestinians were just given a state they could call their own within Israel, they would be happy to co-exist with the Jews forever. 

Shrill warnings from Conservative Israelis that the Palestinians -- led by Yassir Arafat -- never wanted coexistence, but wanted only the death of the Jewish state and the deaths of all Jews, fell upon deaf ears.  Almost 45% of the Israeli electorate were Liberal enough, and naive enough, to believe in this lie, even though Arafat and other Palestinian leaders were bold enough to keep trumpeting to their followers that they intended to gain as much land and political control as possible through negotiation and then go to war to fully defeat Israel, driving all Jewish inhabitants into the sea.

Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres were the twin architects of the Oslo Peace Accords.  They received full American support for this effort from President Bill Clinton.  Let us allow the Seattle Times to define the essence of the hope of Oslo.  "The Oslo accords, sealed on Sept. 13, 1993, with a handshake by Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin on the White House lawn, were aimed at setting Palestinians on the road to eventual autonomy and helping Israel extricate itself from an endless cycle of hatred and violence in the Palestinian territories it ruled." [The Seattle Times Company, "Much Work Remains Five Years After Oslo Peace Accords", by Laura King, Associated Press, Monday, September 14, 1998, http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/news/nation-world/html98/mide_091498.html

When President Clinton joined PLO chief Arafat and Prime Minister Rabin on the White House lawn to sign the first statement of principles undergirding the Oslo Peace Accords, optimism reigned supreme.  Certain promises were made on both sides, and the possibility of Palestinian and Jew coexisting seemed higher than ever.  Agreements were made that negotiations would continue, and that certain areas of land would be consistently turned over to Palestinian control according to targeted dates within this September 13, 1993 agreement.  The Palestinians agreed to give up violence against the Jew, and to "consider" the possibility of agreeing to issue a proclamation that reversed long-standing Arab animosity toward Israel, and actually state that this nation had an inherent right to exist.

But, sadly, events were to prove that this agreement was not worth the paper on which it was printed. Time after time, Arab terrorists planted bombs and otherwise killed Jews, all the while their propaganda organs were spewing forth increased hatred toward all Jews.  Even Palestinian school textbooks spewed forth both hatred of the Jew and of glory for anyone who was martyred in the cause of annihilating them.

Meanwhile, the Rabin/Peres government slogged doggedly ahead with peace negotiations with Arafat, choosing to ignore Palestinian unbelievable violations of their 1993 agreement.  The standard line of the Rabin government was that they would not allow extremists to derail such an important agreement as the Oslo Peace Accords. 

Pressure was building within Israel against continuing along the path of the Oslo Accords.  Jewish leaders and citizens who possessed a modicum of common sense, and who believed that the words of hate coming forth from the Palestinians constituted a threat against Israel, began to agitate against Rabin and Peres for their blindness to reality as they pursued Oslo.  To counter this pressure, the forces of Rabin organized a huge rally to express support for Oslo.  Let us pick up our story at this fateful rally.

"Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated tonight [November 5, 1995] in Tel Aviv by a gunman at the conclusion of a rally in support of the government and its peace policy which took place in 'Malchei Yisrael' Square. A lone assassin shot him at close range as he was waiting to enter his car. One of the bullets fired struck the Prime Minister in the chest and two additional bullets struck and wounded the head of Mr. Rabin's bodyguard detail. Immediately following the attack, Mr. Rabin was rushed to Icholov Hospital and brought to an operating room, accompanied by his wife Leah. However, after a short while in which the doctors struggled to save his life, Mr Rabin succumbed to death." [Artificia, http://www.artificia.com/html/rabin.htm]

As with the assassination of President John Kennedy, a lone gunmen was reported to have fired the fatal shots.  "The gunman,Herzlia resident Yigal Amir, is reportedly a 27 year old law student at Bar-Ilan University. He has told investigators that he has no regrets for his actions. He also stated that he acted alone." [Ibid.]

In June, 1997, we wrote an article concerning the assassination of Rabin, writing about the possibility that he was murdered by a government provocateur.    We reported that the Rabin security service [GSS] had set up a "right-wing" opposition group that tailed behind Rabin's public appearances, loudly making their opposition to Oslo well known.  This group used highly inflammatory language against Rabin, calling him a "murderer".  Since this group was against Rabin, people assumed it was working for Netanayhu, the Conservative candidate for Prime Minister.  However, this article notes that the leader of this opposition group was a known GSS agent, "Avishai Raviv .... Raviv, for those who might have forgotten, was the obedient General Security Service operative who was ordered to create violence-oriented rightist gangs, preferably kippa-wearing."

Thus, with the spectacle of Waco and the Oklahoma City Federal Building explosion close at hand, we asked ourselves if the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin was carried out by his own security service.  Leaving aside for a moment the question as to motive, is such a terrible thing remotely possible?  Of course, it is possible.    In the days and weeks following the assassination, people of all walks of life in Israel commented on just how unbelievable it was that the GSS security system seemed to inexplicably break down at just the right time to give the supposed assassin the opportunity to shoot Rabin. 

It seems highly likely that the Illuminati carried out this assassination against Rabin, probably to create a lot of empathy for him and his beloved Oslo Peace Accord.  Too many people inside Israel were becoming very uncomfortable with the Oslo "Peace" Accords, since they seemed to require too much of Israel, while the Palestinians were continuing to attack and bomb at will.  If the Oslo Peace Accord required a martyred hero, Rabin seemed to be chosen for the sacrificial lamb.


We have written many articles on the true nature of the Oslo Peace Accords, since we note that Illuminist leaders Rabin and Peres initiated the negotiations in 1992 with Illuminist Yassir Arafat, with the full support of the Illuminist U.S. President, Bill Clinton.  From the beginning, the thoughtful observer could see that the entire Oslo negotiating process was being controlled from either London or the United States.  Bill Clinton was too obviously in the picture all the time.  Additionally, the entire plan made no military sense, as it seriously divided an already tiny nation, and it gave State Status to a people who had been expressing genocidal hatred toward the Jew for over 3,000 years.  Having State Status meant that the Palestinians could create their own armed police, heavily armed military, and their own intelligence apparatus -- all within elbow distance from the Jew they were dedicated to destroy.  Since Rabin was a former distinguished general, he knew better; then, why was he going through with this insane plan?

I had a slightly different perspective than most, because of an editorial I had read in the Jewish Press in June, 1990.  This editorial stated that a decision had been made at the highest military and civilian leadership levels of the Israeli government that the next Arab-Israeli war would be the war in which the Israeli Defense Force would annihilate the entire populations of the Arabs who hated them so badly.  These leaders were sick and tired of constantly being attacked, winning the war, but then not winning the peace. 

Further, this top Israeli leadership were concerned that, by the end of the decade, the Arabs would possess the atomic bomb, at which point Israel was surely doomed.  Therefore, top Israeli leadership in 1990 had decided to annihilate entire populations during the next time they were attacked.

We have studied this matter very carefully, and have concluded that the Oslo "Peace" Accords are likely a very sophisticated and elaborate trap set for the Arabs generally and the Palestinians specifically, so that they will attack Israel, giving Israel the "right" to annihilate them.  We have put forth this argument in the following articles:

NEWS1429 "Arafat is:  1) Not An Arab; 2) Flaming Homosexual; 3) Tool of the Illuminist Russian KGB

NEWS1411 "Palestinian Yassir Arafat Must Go To War -- He Has Alienated The Support Many Leftist Israelis Gave To the Oslo Peace Process"

NEWS1422 "The Coming Prophesied Annihilation of the Palestinians -- Today's House of Esau

NEWS1434 "Ominous Developments In Israel -- IDF Closing Arab Towns and Roads Off From Jews -The Full Plan of Oslo Peace Accords May Be Close At Hand"

In these articles, we articulate the belief that Oslo was a clever trap for the Arab.  Oslo encouraged and legalized the Arab tendency to build cities that were overwhelmingly Arab.  Thus, if the planned annihilation of entire Arab populations as reported in the June, 1990, Jewish Press were true, then the IDF would have to ensure that no Jewish citizens were caught in the line of fire when the Arab populations were annihilated. We felt that THE sign that such annihilation was imminent would be when the Israeli Defense Force began to separate Jew from Palestinian, since no Jewish leader would want to kill his own people.  This separation began in the first week of November, 2000, and concluded in mid-December.  Now, all towns and villages of the Palestinians are barricaded off, and the roads controlled.  The IDF can control who goes in and who goes out at any moment.

The Oslo trap seems about ready to be sprung. 

Further, as we reported in NEWS1429, Egyptian Arafat has been controlled by the Illuminist Russian KGB since 1967, when they recruited him for the role of supreme leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO].  Thus, Arafat is an Illuminist, deliberately leading a people not his own [Palestinians] into the slaughter, playing on their intense hatred of the Jew; the governments of Israel have always been Illuminist, whether Conservative or Liberal.  Therefore, we can see that Illuminist Prime Minister Barak of Israel and Illuminist PLO leader Arafat are cooperating according to a detailed script prepared a long time ago by the top levels of global Illuminati.


Enter noted Israeli author, Barry Chamish.  As he began to examine the facts in the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin in 1995, he discovered something very disturbing; he discovered that Rabin was murdered because of the complicity of his own security service!  He wrote a book entitled, "Who Murdered Yitzchak Rabin", and while it immediately began to sell well, Barry found himself harassed increasingly by Israeli authorities.

We were not surprised at Barry's findings, as we had suspected it all along.  In June, 1997, we wrote NEWS1089, entitled, "The Man Who Killed Prime Minister Rabin Is Reported To Be An Agent Provocateur!"  From the beginning of the assassination, the tell-tale signs of an inside job were obvious.  People were amazed that the exceedingly professional General Security Service [GSS] suffered several "lapses" in security at just the right time that allowed the assassin to get within shooting range of Rabin.  Then, there were reports that the ambulance took over twice as long to get to the hospital as it would normally take, even though the man in the ambulance was none other than the Prime Minister of Israel!

Let us look at pertinent quotes from White Magic Practitioner, David Icke, writing in his book, The Biggest Secret.  Speaking of assassinations in which the active agent is the government itself, Icke says: 

"Fletcher Prouty, a former colonel in the US Airforce who worked closely with the intelligence agencies, once said:  'No one has to direct an assassination -- it happens.  The active role is played secretly by permitting it to happen.  This is the greatest single clue.  Who has the power to call off or reduce the usual security precautions?' " [Page 424]

This certainly is the single greatest clue, and in the Rabin assassination, the General Security Service did, indeed, suffer unusual and severe, security lapses that allowed the assassin close fatal access to Rabin.  But, there is more.  Icke reports:  "When the Israeli Prime Minister, Zitzhak Rabin, was shot dead by an assassin in Tel Aviv in 1995, an extraordinary video taken by an onlooker showed how Rabin's security detail stepped back in unison to leave the assassin alone and free to kill his target.  You can see the pattern." [Ibid., Page 425]

Then, once the victim is wounded, you must ensure he or she is really dead.  Therefore, Icke states that the Illuminati controls the emergency medical team.  Icke is speaking here of the situation surrounding the death of Princess Diana, but the applications to Prime Minister Rabin are obvious.

"... you cannot be sure of killing your target. Therefore you have your people controlling the medical team because, although your target hasn't died, there is now a credible reason for them to die.  There has been a crash [shooting].  The medical team's job (or those in charge anyway) is to make sure that the target does not survive, no matter what condition they may be in to start with.  Even those who dismiss the idea that Diana was murdered have questioned the astonishing delay in getting her to the hospital ..." [Ibid., Page 436]

Incredibly, the medical team "rushing" Prime Minister Rabin to the hospital, took an incredibly long time to get there.  This is one of the clear signs that the Illuminati is involved in the assassination.

The Icke tells us of the final step in an Illuminist public assassination.  "Whenever an assassination occurs in a public place, two things happen.  The person named as responsible is a 'patsy' or 'scapegoat', most often these days under mind control, and diversions galore are created to lead investigators away from the truth of what happened.  The first method allows you to make an immediate arrest, or expose the person to blame, and no further investigations are necessary because everyone knows who was responsible. We have seen this technique with Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Timothy McVeigh, and now Henri Paul [Princess Diana's driver].  It is endless. The second method, the diversion, ensures that the crucial hours and days after the event are wasted as people chase a mass of false stories and 'leads' ... when people are fed a constant barrage of conflicting reports and theories they become confused and a confused mind switches off and loses interest."  [Ibid., Page 434-5]

All these facts were present during the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin.  Therefore, we are confident that his murder was planned and executed by the Illuminati.  No one can ever be sure of a motive.  Perhaps Rabin had changed his mind about Oslo and was preparing to back out of the deal, just as President Kennedy had changed his mind about Vietnam and the CIA.  Or, perhaps, the Illuminati had concluded that, for Oslo to succeed, the movement required a martyr for the cause.  Whatever the reason, the telltale signs of a public Illuminist assassination were all present, and accounted for.

But, then Barry discovered something even more radical.  He discovered evidence that the government of Prime Minister Barak and PLO Chairman Arafat, were exchanging detailed information on the whereabouts of each other's enemies.  Then, the Israelis would kill Arafat's enemies and/or competitors for power, while the PLO would kill the Conservative or Orthodox Jews whom Barak considered his deadliest enemies.  Barak considers the Conservative and Orthodox Jews to be his main stumbling block to the final implementation of the Illuminist plan to Internationalize Jerusalem, placing it under United Nations control.  Arafat considers key leaders within the Fatah, Tanzim, and Hamas movements to be his direct competitors for control of the Palestinian Authority [PLO].  Certainly, if Illuminist Arafat were to lose control to an Arab leader not under the direct control of the Illuminati, this whole plan could come unraveled. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the Illuminati to carry out such mutual "cleansing" of their enemies and/or stumbling blocks.

Listen to Barry: "A few weeks ago, a friend, Nissim, was shot in his car just outside Peduel. He was taken to hospital where a Shabak agent wouldn't allow him to be operated on until he signed a confession stating that he shot himself in the legs in order to incite hatred against the Palestinians. He refused and the agent insisted. Finally the agent gave up but we are all asking if the Shabak is working directly for the PLO."

Can you imagine this situation developing?  An average, patriotic Jewish citizen was wounded by Arab gunfire and taken to a hospital.  But, suddenly, a GSS agent shows up and delays the surgery because he wants this citizen to sign a lying document stating that he had wounded himself so he could blame it on the Palestinians.  What nonsense!  What must the doctors and nurses waiting to operate have thought? 

Let us continue with Barry's expose'.  Remember the last question of the quote above:  "... we are all asking if the Shabak is working directly for the PLO."

"That is, indeed the case. For the past month, the PLO and a classified IDF assassination team have been exchanging intelligence on the whereabouts of enemies they want eliminated. Arafat is targeting leaders of
the Tanzim and other militias opposed to his rule, while the Israelis are eliminating religious leaders of Judea and Samaria. Thirty nine Israelis have been murdered by the PLO in the past two months including the following religious leaders: Rabbis Herling, Raanan, Lieberman and Kahane. Murdered also was Ayelet Hashahar Levy, daughter of Rabbi Yitzhak Levy. Murder attempts were made against Israel's Chief Rabbi Lau, and Rabbi Brovinger."

"Ask a statistician what the odds of these attacks being random are. The goal of the foreign-controlled Israelis leading the 'peace' process is to destroy Zionism and Judaism itself through the systematic assassination of religious leaders."

At this point, you might ask with incredulity, "Does the government of Prime Minister Barak really hate fellow Jews so much?  Does he really hate the Religious Right enough to kill them?"  The answer is, "Yes!"  When I attended that members-only seminar of the House of Theosophy, the New England Director outlined the Plan to stage the three global conferences that would move public opinion in such a way as to provoke support for an Internationalized Jerusalem, and allow Antichrist to arise.  Then, New England Director Lambert said:

"... any purely political settlement in the Middle East would not, by itself, bring peace. In other words, a purely political settlement would leave the religious nature of the problem unsolved. Any permanent solution to the Middle East conflict would also have to see the religious portion of the problem solved. Once this religious problem is solved, then the power and influence of the Orthodox Jews in Israel would permanently decline."

Prime Minister Barak is attempting to bring the power and influence of the Orthodox Jews in Israel into a permanent decline.  He is Illuminist, which means he practices pagan polytheism, and he cannot stand the worship of the One True God of Ancient Israel.  Bible prophecy is very clear on this point.  After 3 1/2 years of convincing the Jewish people he is their Messiah, Antichrist will walk into the newly created Temple and march into the Holy of Holies.  He will proclaim himself to be God, and will profane the sanctuary so much that all Jews will realize he cannot be the Messiah. Then, his forces strike hard and fast to try to kill all Jews in the world.  The forces of Antichrist are prophesied to hate religious Jews; in point of fact, once Antichrist begins his move against Orthodox Jews, he will erupt into a killing frenzy against all Jews.

Therefore, Barak has every reason to want to weaken, even destroy, the Orthodox Jews within Israel.  And Arafat has every reason to want to weaken, even destroy, people within the Palestinian movement who might pose a threat to his rule. And, the Illuminati has a vested interest in keeping both men in power.

So, Arafat is killing Barak's enemies and Barak is killing Arafat's enemies.  What are friends for?

Certainly, the Illuminati would not be pleased that Barry Chamish has blown the lid off their little operation so it is not too surprising that, shortly after Barry issued his email newsletter, Arafat began to move against the Arabs who were supposedly working for the Israeli Intelligence Services.  Consider this news brief:

NEWS BRIEF:  "More Executions Ahead", by Jamie Tarabay, The Associated Press, January 14, 2001, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/aponline/20010114/aponline141927_000.htm

"JERUSALEM –– After putting two men before firing squads and condemning two more, Palestinian authorities said Sunday that more trials – and harsher punishment – are ahead for Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel. Israeli TV on Sunday showed one of the executions: the body of a bound, blindfolded collaborator twisting under a seconds-long fusillade from a nine-member police squad opening fire with Kalashnikov automatic rifles – the waiting crowd outside the execution site roaring in approval at the sound of the barrage."

By moving against the Arab collaborators with Israel, who provided Israel with the intelligence it needed to assassinate Arafat's potential Arab enemies, a lot of people could be made to believe that Barry's story was simply not true.

But, given the murky waters of the Illuminati, we find the story wholly credible. 

Truly, Israel and her Arab neighbors are sliding into a Regional War, which will immediately degenerate into World War III.  Then, the appearance of Antichrist cannot be far behind.

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