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Subtitle: Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich ran a D.U. video on his website during his recent campaign for President. If the D.U. story breaks after President Bush is nominated for re-election, his campaign could be severely damaged. Voters might "storm the White House" if they realized that every one of their loved ones fighting in this war will eventually die from D.U. poisoning, as will many wives and girlfriends! How many D.U. deformed babies will it take before this President is exposed?

View a most dynamic video from the Presidential campaign of Dennis Kucinich as he warns of Depleted Uranium and its fatal effects on both American soldiers and the Iraqi civilian population.

Pertinent quote for this article: “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” - Henry Kissinger, quoted in “Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW’s in Vietnam”

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View the dynamic video from the Presidential campaign of Dennis Kucinich as he warns of Depleted Uranium and its fatal effects on both American soldiers and the Iraqi civilian population. The entire video is only a few minutes, and is most definitely worth your time. The blockbuster information contained on this video confirms Cutting Edge teaching on Depleted Uranium perfectly!

Cutting Edge has been warning about the dangers of Depleted Uranium munitions to both Coalition servicemen and the people of the land in which we are fighting. From the beginning, our main source of information was a highly trained military doctor serving with a foreign army -- highly trained in modern desert warfare. This doctor called me up even while our forces were victoriously pulling down Saddam's statue, to warn me of the impending doom which would be caused by our Depleted Uranium munitions. This doctor boldly stated that, between 1-10 years, almost every soldier serving now in the Coalition Forces would die and within 20 years, Iraq would be totally inhabitable to human beings.

Since this military doctor was a long-term Cutting Edge subscriber, and a Born Again Christian, we decided to believe him totally. We also received confirmation from a retired U.S. Army Major who has been a trusted source for many years. In the 15 months since then, every independent article about Depleted Uranium has strongly verified this doctor's original prediction. Indeed, early this year (2004), so many of our soldiers in the original army were sick with D.U. that the Pentagon switched an entire army for another entire army; this action had never been undertaken in American history, underlining the secret seriousness of the D.U. poisoning now afflicting our troops.

Before we get started, please take some time to read our earlier articles on this subject, so you will better understand the contents of this article.

NEWS1843 - "American Soldiers Are Ill And Dying of 'Mysterious Illness' -- Is It Depleted Uranium?"

NEWS1907 - "President Bush's Nuclear Wars Against Afghanistan and Iraq Now Confirmed"

NEWS1927 - "Iraqi Children Under Far Worse Conditions Than Under Saddam - Depleted Uranium Is Sickening The Entire Population"

NEWS1930 - "Fox TV (FX) Airs A TV Movie Entitled, 'Meltdown' In Which The Main Plot Revolves Around Special Forces Soldiers Who Are Sick and Dying From Depleted Uranium Poisoning"


Congressman Dennis Kucinich - Primary Candidate for President

A subscriber sent us a URL link which contains an internet video ad posted by the Kucinich Presidential Campaign in the primaries; this video ad is wholly about Depleted Uranium! If this video was ever aired on public TV, the lid of secrecy might just blow off this entire sorry situation. As we have stated numerous times before, if the average American citizen would ever realize the terrible pollution caused by Depleted Uranium, plus the sad reality that their loved ones fighting in the battlefields are being condemned to death, plus the atrocity of murdering 25 million Iraqi civilians over the next 20 years, their resulting anger should blow the lid right off this whole secrecy!

What Democrat Congressman Kucinich brings to this discussion is the credibility of his office. Any Congressman possesses the authority and resources of the Federal Government; additionally, any Congressman has been given the security clearance of "Top Secret Crypto", the same clearance I had while working for US Army Intelligence.

Let us review quickly what this Kucinich Internet Video tells us about Depleted Uranium (D.U.)

1) The use of Depleted Uranium is "morally wrong".

2) D.U. is destroying the lives of our soldiers and their families in cities and towns across America

3) D.U. is killing innocent civilians in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kosovo and Serbia

4) D.U. kills for generations -- killing children and grandchildren -- because its contamination is fatal for 4.5 billion years

Before we go on, let us speak just a moment about points 1 through 4. Cutting Edge has repeatedly stated that Depleted Uranium is a massive killer of people (See our articles on D.U. at: https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/depleted-uranium.html ), When D.U. strikes its target, the entire shell explodes with such great heat that the warhead dissolves into fine dust; this dust settles upon everything on the battlefield, including all vehicles and on the ground. If a person just inhales one speck of dust 0.40 microns -- almost invisible -- that person is dead. He or she may take up to 10 years to die, but will die nonetheless. Soldiers fighting, soldiers going through the battelfield, and soldiers breathing in the dust months after the battle, are terribly at risk because they are breathing in the dust so prevalent in Iraq. Civilians are going to be contaminated by the dust and by the pollution that seeps into the soil and the water. They will die -- a military doctor has repeatedly told us that Iraq will be uninhabitable in 20 years.

Thus, we have condemned 25 million Iraqis and a quarter of a million American soldiers who will have been rotated in and out of that theater. Furthermore, soldiers pass this contamination to their wives and girlfriends through sexual intercourse. Later in this video, Congressman Kucinich states that 67% of the children of Gulf War vets are missing eyes, limbs, and are suffering from a variety of ailments. Gulf War Veterans Association reports that up to 75% of all veterans who served on the ground in Gulf War I are now dead, dying, or very sick from D.U.

While Kucinich states that we are killing innocent civilians in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kosovo, and Serbia, we quote a retired Admiral of the Indian Navy as stating that D.U. dust is settling upon countries 1,000 miles from the Iraqi and Afghanistan battlefields!

Is it morally wrong to kill all of our own soldiers, many of their wives and precious children, and tens of millions of innocent civilians in Middle Easter countries? The Bible states that such murder is morally wrong! Presidents Bush/Clinton/Bush have knowingly launched a total of four (4) Depleted Uranium wars against the world, a fact Congressman Kucinich notes quite well.

Now, let us go back to the next points Kucinich's video states:

5) Kucinich notes that the Federal Government must provide D.U. FX care. This statement infers that our government is refusing medical care to soldiers and their families contaminated with D.U., a point driven home by a news article from which we shall quote later on. The Pentagon and its entire medical corps absolutely stonewalls and lies and lies some more when confronted with the truth about D.U.

6) Kucinich calls for an absolute ban on the use of Depleted Uranium munitions

7) The Congressman calls for a major effort to clean up the battlefields contaminated with D.U. and the countries in which these battlefields are located. Given the 2,000 tons of munitions we have expended in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001-Present, an effective, thorough cleanup might not be possible right now. The entire food chain of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait is now contaminated.

8) Congressman Kucinich ends his first segment of this video with a call for a complete end to D.U. war and for a massive effort to make all war obsolete.

The next segment of this Kucinich video is a combination photographic section and commentary. This section features pictures of some of the babies born with uranium poisoning. Please carefully read the disclaimer preceding the beginning of this section.

"What you are about to see will upset you. You are going to witness some of the consequences attributable to the U.S. military use of munitions made from depleted uranium. You will see photographs that show babies born in Iraq and Afghanistan with birth defects attributable to their parent's exposure to this radioactive poison."

Once you click to begin viewing this section, Flash Animation begins flashing between graphic pictures of D.U. babies and written explanations. Let us review some of the revelations of this section.

* The United States has now launched four (4) nuclear wars -- 1) 1991, First Gulf War; 2) 1999 -Serbia, Kosovo; 3) 2001 - Afghanistan; 4) 2003 - Iraq

Cutting Edge stirred up some controversy when we entitled NEWS1907, "President Bush's Nuclear War Against Afghanistan and Iraq Now Confirmed" . Yet, Congressman Kucinich has just stated the very same charge! Rather than unleashing an open nuclear war, with huge visible explosions and equally visible mushroom clouds, the United States has now unleashed four devastating nuclear wars in the past 12 years. As I was contemplating this reality, I remembered a story we ran in November, 2001; was the nuclear war to which America and Russia agreed a Depleted Uranium nuclear war?

In NEWS1557, entitled, "PRESIDENT BUSH AND RUSSIAN PREMIER PUTIN HAVE REPORTEDLY AGREED TO MUTUAL USE OF TACTICAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS, INCLUDING NEUTRON BOMBS!" (Posted 6 October 2001), DEBKAfile Intelligence reported that Russia's President Putin and America's President Bush had agreed that America could use nuclear weapons -- including neutron bombs -- in Afghanistan while Putin could use such weapons in Chechnya. While no news story was ever published reporting such use of nuclear weapons, I wonder if the hidden reality was that the real agreement reached was that Russia and America had agreed to allow each other to use Depleted Uranium munitions!

Whether or not this was the agreement reached, the reality is that America began to use depleted uranium munitions very soon after this "agreement".

Now, let us get back to Congressman Kucinich's D.U. video. He reveals the following facts:

* Depleted Uranium is defined as "nuclear waste".

Before the Pentagon began to use D.U. in the late 1980's, nuclear power plants stored Depleted Uranium as nuclear waste. Nuclear power plant workers dressed in protective clothing that looks like space suits handle this nuclear waste as they store in deeply underground forever, since D.U. is fatal for 4.5 billion years!

* D.U. turns into fine dust upon warhead impact and aerosolizes. People who breathe this contaminated dust begin to die, causing immense human suffering. Kucinich stated that D.U. is now polluting the air, water, and earth. This means that the entire food chain is now polluted, which confirms the first piece of medical advice Cutting Edge received by that doctor of a foreign military, that in 20 years, Iraq would be inhabitable for humans. Obviously, when the air, the water, and the soil are contaminated with D.U. levels 2,000 times normal, people breathing the air, drinking the water and eating food from the soil are going to start to get sick and die.

* Kucinich reported that we have dropped unbelievable quantities of D.U. munitions on the following countries:

Afghanistan -- 500-600 tons

Iraq -- 320-750 tons

Serbia -- 20-100 tons

Yugoslavia - 10-100 tons

Total - 1550 tons

Our article from the retired Admiral of the Indian Navy stated that, as of February, 2004, Coalition Forces had dropped over 2,000 tons in the Middle East alone [NEWS1927]; since that time, the Pentagon has rotated an entire army out and an entire army in, followed shortly thereafter with a tremendous upsurge in fighting that naturally resulted in new quantities of D.U. munitions being fired off. In fact, in March of this year, several news articles were posted stating that our forces were expending so much ammunition that our factories could not keep up!

* Congressman Kucinich reported that birth deformities in Iraq have increased by 400-600%, while cancer rates are up 600-1000%!

* Lastly, Kucinich reported that 67% of babies born to Gulf War veterans have been born with some sort of birth defects: Missing eyes, severe illnesses, deformities blood infections.


As we learned in our study of the "Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan" (NEWS1055), the time when a controversial subject is introduced, it must be introduced by a RESPECTED EXPERT speaking from a RESPECTED FORUM. Congressman Dennis Kucinch certainly qualifies as a RESPECTED EXPERT, and his office qualifies as a RESPECTED FORUM.

All people who have been heretofore skeptical of our teachings about Depleted Uranium must now sit up and take notice that a United States Congressman has verified most of what Cutting Edge has been teaching about Depleted Uranium for over one year now. In fact, in the points Kucinich mentioned, we had previously reported on those facts.

We encourage you to read additional facts about D.U. contamination as we found in Congressman Kucinich's office, including international laws that President Bush and his entire Cabinet and the entire senior leadership at the Pentagon have willfully violated in their use of Depleted Uranium munitions.

President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair knowingly ordered a silent nuclear war on Afghanistan (2001-Present) and Iraq (2003-Present), in violation of numerous treaties and international law. Now, can you understand why Bush did not order the invasion until he had obtained immunity from War Crimes? Millions of people throughout the entire "Non-Integrating" Middle East have already been given a death sentence. Should Coalition Forces leave tomorrow, millions will die and Iraq will be unfit for human habitation is less than 20 years.

These facts were known to a United States congressman by the name of Dennis Kucinich; therefore, these facts are known to all congressmen and senators. Had the Kucinich campaign aired this video on public TV, the Mass Media would have been forced to report on it, thus prompting that precious element of media focus on this most important issue.

When will the Mass Media start reporting this deadly uranium poisoning to the American people? As millions of Americans enthusiastically prepare to nominate President Bush for a second term, they need to know that his unnecessary war launched on lies and exaggerations will result in 250,000 American soldiers getting sick and dying over the next 10 years, tens of millions of innocent civilians over the next 20 years, and countless millions of dead and dying deformed precious babies!

Was Congressman Kucinich being especially brave in posting this video on his campaign website? Or, is this part of the deliberate campaign to discredit Bush (NEWS1929)? Even though Kucinich is not listed in any of the lists of elite Illuminati officials, his campaign website reports that he is very serious about "Sustainability" issues, thus placing him in the Al Gore camp of restoring "sustainability" to the world so Mother Gaia can survive. Thus, Kucinich is in league with Illuminist Al Gore, and he is blowing a mighty whistle against equally Illuminist George W. Bush. As we stated in NEWS1929, when you see one Illuminist suddenly criticizing another, you must realize you are looking at the outworking of a plan.

What is the plan? It very well might be to so discredit Bush that, if Kerry wins the election, a logical case could be made for Kerry's overturning of an incumbent President. It is a very serious matter if President Bush is thoroughly discredited, a possibility made even more dangerous should a global war break out before a newly elected Kerry could "fix" Bush's disaster.

If Bush goes into complete discreditation, he carries down with him the only two enemies the Illuminati admits they have: 1) National Sovereignty (Patriotism); 2) Fundamental Christianity. Genuine Christians might just be set up for persecution if the world perceives that President Bush's invasion of the Middle East -- said to be based upon his literal belief in Biblical prophecy -- causes a massive Third World War.

This subject is very serious, for it may reveal that the Illuminati is getting ready to break this story in a huge way that would most definitely impact President Bush terribly. If American soldiers, their families, and just plain Americans were to ever realize that Presidents Bush/Clinton/Bush ordered D.U. nuclear war against Kosovo (1999), Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (1991 and 2003-4), and if they further realized that their own loved ones who fought these wars are going to die, such a flood of anger and resentment would inundate the political landscape that Bush would probably be swept away. Don't forget that the Illuminati does break news of a scandal against one of their own when the plan calls for it; for example, the news of the Abu Ghraib torture and sexual humiliation of Arab prisoners was originally broken on April 30 (First day of Beltane) by Coalition Headquarters, either from Bremer or General Sanchez (Read our Newsletter050504 for full details).

In any event, we thank Congressman Kucinich for validating all of Cutting Edge's teaching on the deadly danger of Depleted Uranium!

Truly, the End of the Age is upon us.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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