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Subtitle: We shall study more of the deeper real insights into Freemasonry woven into the movie, "National Treasure". While the movie is generally fiction, much of what it depicts is really what Freemasons and other occultists believe and practice. At the end of this article, you will see that the final goal to which the movie points is Antichrist.

But, bottom line is this: This movie boldly says, "in your face" that our Founding Fathers founded America so that its National Heritage, both culturally and religiously, comes straight from Egyptian Satanic Mysteries Religion.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

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In this article, we shall complete our indepth study of the accurate Masonic symbolism contained with "National Treasure", We shall examine the following subjects of interest. Once you understand this information, you will realize that the script writers of this movie truly knew their Masonic symbolism.

* We shall examine the fact that this movie gave three clues which reveal the elite Skull & Bones secret society

* We shall examine the clock reading at Independence Hall on the back of the $100 Bill

* We shall examine the accurate depiction of Masonic, Rosicrucian, and Knights Templar symbolism used in this movie

* We shall discuss the small clues which lead me to conclude that "National Treasure" was written by Freemasons "in the know"

* We shall see how the quest for the "National Treasure" runs parallel to the "Quest for the Holy Grail".


Clock Reading At Independence Hall -- $100 Bill

I was shocked to see that the super-secret, elite secret society, Skull & Bones was depicted in this movie, a coded depiction based upon three (3) clues throughout the movie. Only the discerning and the trained Freemason would ever put these clues together, but this is exactly what occultists do when they want to communicate a fact to the Adepts of the society while simultaneously hiding that fact from the "vulgar", i.e., those not Masons.

These are the three clues which, when added together, signify Skull & Bones:

Clue # 1 -- As Grandfather Gates -- John Adam Gates -- begins to relate to young Benjamin Franklin Gates the story of the "National Treasure", he said that the story began in 1832. One rainy night in that year, Charles Caroll, the last Masonic signer of the Declaration of Independence, suddenly realized he was dying. He wanted to go see the President at the White House, presumably to give him his clue to the Treasure.

He summoned young Gates, his carriage driver, to take him quickly to the White House. When Caroll was informed the President was not in the White House, he told his story to Gates, giving him the scroll.

This year -- 1832 -- was the year in which William Russell returned from Germany to establish Skull & Bones. Some people have "argued the 322 stands for '32 (from 1832), the second chapter, of this German organization." [Antony Sutton, "America's Secret Establishment", p. 6; also see "Fleshing Out Skull & Bones", p. 2]

Clue #2 -- After applying the "Allendorf Cipher" clues found on the back of the Declaration of Independence, Ben Gates, Dr. Abigail Chase, and Riley Poole travel to Philadelphia to examine the Franklin "Silence Dogoody" letters, as Ben is absolutely convinced that these letters are the key documents to which the cipher clues refer. They hire a young boy to go to the "Silence Dogoody" letter exhibit, armed with the clues; his job is to count down to the correct line and to the correct letter as dictated by the ciphers. Rather than entrust this boy with all the ciphers at once, they give him only four ciphers at one time.

Of course, the letters specified by the ciphers add up to words revealing the riddle which, when properly understood, provides the location of the next clue. After Riley has all the letters written down, and can read the riddle, he takes it to Ben and Dr. Chase. The riddle clearly identifies Independence Hall as the location of the next clue, and the reference to a "timely shadow" must refer to the shadow the Sun casts at a certain time. Ben and Dr. Chase both realized that the riddle had to refer to a particular time at which the Sun would be casting its shadow. But, what time could possibly be in mind?

Ben suddenly remembers the $100 Bill, which has Ben Franklin's likeness on the front side, and a clock -- based upon a famous painting -- atop the tower in Independence Hall, on the back side. Using a plastic bottled water as a magnifying lens, Ben examines the exact time as depicted on the clock tower. The depicted time was 2:22pm. Since their current time was almost 3:00pm, Ben and Abigail groan that they just missed the time of 2:22; however, Riley realizes that, at the time the painting of Independence Hall was created, Daylight Savings Time had not yet been introduced. When that hour is subtracted, the current time for them was really almost 2:00pm, giving them approximately 25 minutes to get to the top of the tower to see where the shadow cast by the steeple of Independence Hall would be cast.

When the three of them watched from the Independence Hall steeple at 2:22pm to see where the shadow was cast, the time was really 3:22pm Daylight Savings Time. Of course, the number underneath the Skull & Bones symbol is "322".

Clue #3 -- After taking the colored spectacles to the Trinity Church, Ben and Ian Howe begin examining the back of the Declaration. The spectacles had three colors of lenses, which moved independently of each other and which looked a lot like the different lenses which an optometrist's examination lenses possess. The colors of the lenses is: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green. A different set of symbols is revealed with each colored lens.

As Ben looked through the red lens, a skull & crossbones is revealed at the top of the Sun symbol. The Skull & Bones secret society symbol is exactly this: a skull & crossbones.

Thus, by these three clues is Skull & Bones referenced in this movie, "National Treasure". The first clue occurs near the beginning of the movie, while the last clue occurs toward the end. Only an occult Adept would even think about noticing these three separate clues and adding them together to get Skull & Bones. Most people not practicing occultists would just dismiss these three clues as "coincidence".


A great many symbols were shown during this movie, whose meanings have either been never explained, or hidden in antiquity. Let us now examine some of these symbols.

* All-Seeing Eye -- was shown repeatedly. The movie depicted this Eye hovering over the unfinished pyramid and displayed alone, i.e., on the wall of the outer treasure room. The All-Seeing Eye is one of the most important symbols in the occult world. Listen to its meaning:

The All-seeing eye originated in Egypt in those Satanic Mysteries which God physically judged during the time of Moses, when he lead the Israelites out of the land by the mighty hand of God. The All-Seeing Eye was representative of the omniscience of Horus, the Sun God" ["Magic Symbols", by Frederick Goodman, p. 103, Satanic symbols book]. As one Masonic book says, "These considerations lead us to an interesting topic, the Eye of Mind or the Eye of Horus ... and conveying the idea of the 'All seeing Eye'. The end set before the Egyptian neophyte was illumination, that is to be 'brought to light'. The Religion of Egypt was the Religion of the Light". [Thomas Milton Stewart, "The Symbolism of the Gods of the Egyptians and the Light They Throw on Freemasonry", London, England, Baskerville Press, Ltd., 1927, p. 5]

Anyone who knows their Scripture and thinks of themselves as "Christian" should feel right now like they have been slapped alongside their head with a two-by-four! This Masonic author has just told you that the Light to which Masons constantly refer, and toward which they are to constantly move, is the Religion of Horus! This is damning, because in Egyptian Mythology, Horus IS Lucifer [Former Satanist, William Schnoebelen, "Masonry: Beyond The Light", p. 197]

Can you see the blasphemy when a Christian who is being initiated into the First Degree is asked what he seeks, and he replies, "I seek the Light". How can he say this when he has already received the full Light in Jesus Christ. Also, throughout the many degrees, the Mason is required to affirm that he is in darkness and is seeking the Light. This is sheer blasphemy against Jesus.

The bottom-line message of "National Treasure" movie is that America's true national, cultural heritage goes straight back to Egypt through Freemasonry and the Knights Templar. You realize this to be true when the great treasure-trove is discovered and most of the artifacts shown are clearly Egyptian. Further, at the beginning of this movie, when Grandfather Gates begins to tell of the great treasure, you see the massive Egyptian pyramids depicted, amongst which great battles are fought over the Treasure. Finally, the same Egyptian medallion of the All-Seeing Eye hovering over the pyramid which we saw in the very beginning, and which we saw around the neck of the Knight Templar on the ship carrying the Treasure to safety, is part of the Treasure finally discovered. Patrick Gates tenderly scrapes dust off the medallion after discovering it amongst the relics.

The message is quite clear, and it is the same message Cutting Edge has been persistently stating: Our Masonic Founding Fathers intended to establish a nation whose religious and cultural heritage is deeply occultic, a heritage traceable back to the Satanic Mysteries of Egypt. God judged these Mysteries and destroyed them after He led Moses and the children of Israel out of 420 years of Egyptian bondage. When Egypt lost her army at the bottom of the Red Sea, she went into steep decline, never to reach her former superpower status again.

Yet, our Founding Fathers deliberately, and with aforethought, established the United States of America according to the religious tradition of Satanic Egypt!

* Masonic Compass/Square With "G" In The Middle -- When Ben and Abigail blew their combined hot breath on the re-agent liquid they applied to the back of the Declaration of Independence, this Masonic Compass with the "G" in the middle immediately became visible. This symbol is probably the most famous Masonic symbols ever known. Even people not readily familiar with Masonry recognize this symbol as representing the Lodge.

What does this symbol mean? Most Masonic writings will tell you that the Compass measures the progress a Mason is making throughout his life, as he continues to learn his Craft and as he strives to be more Perfect ("Bacon Masonry", by George V. Tudhope, p. 43). However, since Albert Pike boldly stated that the Initiate Mason is to be lied to so that he only thinks he understands the meaning ("Morals and Dogma", Albert Pike, pages 103-4, Third Degree), we must look far deeper for the real meaning. We shall be going to the deepest levels of meaning of this symbol in this article.

What does the "G" represent? Once again, Masonry has both a shallow and a deep explanation. Listen to the shallow explanation:

"In studying Francis Bacon's works, one finds that the square ... is so closely related to the letter 'G' and the geometry of Freemasonry that these elements will be difficult to completely separate. The square was used by the ancients before Pythagoras' time as symbolic of a method for finding truths ... the letter 'G', the square, the compasses, and the 47th Problem of Euclid were not only emblems, but the very basis on the which the superstructure of Freemasonry is erected. Many researchers have agreed that the letter 'G', as a Masonic symbol, did not come into Freemasonry before Bacon's time." ("Bacon Masonry", p. 45)

This explanation tells us of the importance of the Compass with the letter 'G' in the middle; upon this symbol, all of Masonry is constructed -- therefore, this symbol forms the foundation of Freemasonry! Since this symbol is so very important, we need to go to the deepest level of meaning, bearing in mind Pike's assertion that Initiates into Masonry must be lied to at the beginning as to the real meaning of Masonry's symbols.

Former Bill Schnoebelen reveals that the deepest meaning of the letter 'G' is that it stands for "Generation", i.e., the "Generative power" of the male phallus, since the sperm that ejaculates from this organ "Generates" human life ("Masonry Beyond The Light"). What, you say, this is impossible? Let us now go back to the book, quoted above, from Masonic author, George V. Tudhope. Read carefully as he goes into the deepest meaning of the letter 'G' and the Square of the Compass, in the sentence right after the one quoted above, on page 45, where he talks of the importance of the letter 'G' and the square, and the compass.

"If one lets the vertical side of the square represent the male, or generative power, and the horizontal side of the square represent the female, or conceptive power, then the issue from these two principles must be considered the product of the two, represented by the hypotenuse of the square." ("Bacon Masonry", p. 45)

Therefore, Bill Schnoebelen is entirely correct: the letter 'G' stands for the "Generative power" of sex, while the two parts of the square represent the male and female sexual parts, and the hypotenuse represent the conceived child! How important is the principle of "Generation" to the Rosicrucian? Listen to Manly P. Hall, modern-day's most important Freemason:

"Because of the phallic significance of their symbols, both the Rosicrucian and the Templars have been falsely accused of practicing obscene rites in their secret ceremonies ... As generation is the key to material existence, it is natural that the Fraternity of R.C. should adopt as its characteristic symbols those exemplifying the reproductive processes .... regeneration is the key to spiritual existence ..." (Manly P. Hall, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages", p. CXLIV)

These pagans really believe that the physical "regenerative processes" which Almighty God created to perpetuate the human race is the key to living spiritually eternally! They worship sex and depend upon it to reach Heaven!

Finally, did you realize that the Masonic Compass with the Square is really based upon the most wicked symbol in all of Black Magick -- the Hexagram?

Historian John J. Robinson reveals in his book, "Born In Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry", that the Mason's Compass is nothing more than the filthy Satanic Hexagram with some key pieces removed! As Robinson pictorially points out, the Mason began at the far left with a fully formed hexagram, the most evil symbol in Witchcraft. Then he removed the horizontal bar from each interlocking triangle. Then, he stylized the upper triangle, making it a Compass, while he similarly stylized the bottom triangle, making it into a Square. Finally, he placed a "G" in the middle. The core, as well as the beginning, of the letter "G" is a Satanic hexagram.

The secret manner in which the design of the Masonic Compass and Square was really based is one of the more revolting aspects of Masonry. Even though this secret society claims to be "Christian", has many Masons in church pulpits and many deacons in the churches, Masonry is proven, time and time again, to be deeply Satanic. Rightfully did Jesus warn of unparalleled spiritual deception at the End of the Age (Matthew 24:24)

Now, let us examine another phallic symbol prominently seen in this movie: the obelisk.


* Obelisk -- Washington Monument -- On several occasions, this movie depicted the Washington Monument in the storyline; in one scene, Riley and Ben are seated on the steps of a monument facing the Reflecting Pond, behind which loomed the gleaming Washington Monument. While most Americans are totally unaware of what this monument truly is, an occultist readily knows it is a filthy obelisk, straight from the Egyptian Mysteries.

All pagans love to worship the creature rather than the Creator [Romans 1:25]; therefore, every single pagan group in the world worships the Sex Act. Satanism, Freemasonry, and the Vatican absolutely love the Obelisk (Read NEWS1334 to see how the Pope "faces the obelisk daily", as any practicing pagan is required to do).

The Egyptians created the obelisk, believing that the spirit of the Sun god, "Ra", dwelt in there. [H.L. Hayward, "Symbolic Masonry: An Interpretation of the Three Degrees", Washington, D.C., Masonic Service Association of the United States, 1923, p. 207; 'Two Pillars' Short Talk Bulletin, Sept., 1935, Vol. 13, No 9; Charles Clyde Hunt, "Some Thoughts On Masonic Symbolism", Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, 1930, p. 101]

Satanists -- and Invisible Masons -- also depict the obelisk as the erect male organ. One Luciferian author writes that "... the lingam [male phallus] was an upright pillar" [W. Wynn Wescott, "Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues", Theosophical Publishing Society, 1902, p. 33] A Masonic author admits that these pillars of the obelisk were used to represent sex [Haywood, quoted above, p. 206-7 and Rollin C. Blackmer,"The Lodge and the Craft: A Practical Explanation of the Work of Freemasonry", St. Louis, The Standard Masonic Publishing Co., 1923, p. 94]

"In Our Phallic Heritage, we are told that 'all pillars or columns originally had a phallic significance, and were therefore considered sacred'. Pan, the goat god and god of sensuality, was often represented as an obelisk ... The word 'obelisk' literally means 'Baal's Shaft' or Baal's organ of reproduction. This should be especially shocking when we realize that we have a gigantic obelisk in our nation's capital known as the Washington Monument." (Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", P. 341; Emphasis was in the original)

In the Bible, we see the obelisk used in Baal worship. God commanded righteous kings to killed Baal priests, and their obelisks destroyed. Listen to the account in which God destroyed these obelisks: "… King Jehu said to the guards and to the officers, 'Go in and slay them; let none escape'. And they smote them with the sword; and the guards before the king threw their bodies out, and went into the inner dwelling of the house of Baal. They brought out the obelisks [pillars] of the house of Baal and burned them." [2 Kings 10:26; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary; Emphasis Added]

The next time you see an obelisk in your Freemasonry organization, you now know you are looking at one of the supreme objects in Baal worship, for which God ultimately destroyed Israel. You are also tolerating a Satanic symbol of the sex act. One fundamental pastor even allowed a Sunday bulletin depicting the Washington Monument to be used during a Sunday Morning Service, not being familiar with the real meaning of the obelisk. Paul stated, matter-of-factly, that he was aware of "Satan's devices" (2 Corinthians 2:11). Pastors and teachers today are woefully ignorant of Satan's devices, even though we are living in an age when demonic activity is at very high levels as Satan is pressing his human leaders to complete preparations so Antichrist can arise.

Preachers are just ignorant! However, such pastors must be aware of Biblical doctrine which states that ignorance will be no excuse on the when Jesus faces us on Rewards Day (1 Corinthians 3:10-15).

The very presence of this Satanic obelisk (Washington Monument) in our nation's capitol should tell you all you need to know about America's Un-Godly Heritage, that other side of the coin to our Godly Heritage.


* Arctic Circle -- As the scene closes from the attic of Grandfather Gates after young Ben had been "initiated" into the Knights Templar secret society, the scene abruptly shifts, showing an adult Ben Gates driving a wheeled-tracked snow vehicle, with Ian Bowes riding shotgun. These men are looking for the secret which "lies with Charlotte". Instantly, I was puzzled. How can a search for an American Revolutionary War era code and a ship called the "Charlotte" take these men into the vast snowy reaches of the Arctic Circle? From Boston, Massachusetts, to the Arctic Circle is a very long ways --- over 4,000 miles.

We were told in no uncertain terms that they were in the Arctic Circle by a statement to that effect in the lower left hand corner of the screen which read: "Arctic Circle - Present Day".

One of Bowes' employees told Riley Poole that searching in the Arctic Circle was a complete waste of time. Riley responded with a tortured pseudo-scientific explanation, telling a story of a freak winter hurricane and shifting continents. While this explanation satisfied -- or confused -- the employee, I was more puzzled than ever. Secular scientists speak in terms of hundreds of thousands of years when talking about shifting continents -- not the 229 years since the beginning of the American Revolution (NOTE: Our Revolutionary War officially began with the Battle of Lexington-Concord on April 19, 1775; "The Revolutionary War: Lexington and Concord, April 19, 1775", University of Houston)

The movie never did give any complete explanation as to how the American Revolutionary War ship, the "Charlotte", loaded with gunpowder for the war, ended frozen in ice at the Arctic Circle -- over 4,000 miles away!

Since the sense provided makes no sense, I began searching for "another sense". None was forthcoming immediately, so I settled in to carefully watch the rest of the movie; however, when I began to assemble all the occult symbols illustrated in this movie, my mind came back to the Arctic Circle. Could the significance be the Arctic Circle rather than the snowy conditions and the details of the activity on the "Charlotte"? Could the significance be the "Circle" and not the fact that it was located in the "Arctic"?

Was this a symbol these Freemason script writers were attempting to communicate with other occultists without letting the rest of the world in on the little secret?

The thought leapt to my mind that they were in a "circle" -- the Illuminati has always used a dot within a circle to represent their organization. (Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", P. 29, plus Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogma", P. 502). Listen to Dr. Burns explain:

"Because the true purposes of Illuminism were so shocking, Weishaupt constantly encourage the secretive nature of the order. No member was ever allowed to identify himself as an Illuminati. The words Illuminism or Illuminati were never to be used in correspondence, but were to be replaced by the astrological symbol for the sun, a circle with a dot in the middle." (Burns, Op. Cit., p. 29)

If the location of the Charlotte -- Arctic Circle -- provided the symbolic circle, where is the dot? The ship "Charlotte", once it had been uncovered by its shallow snow covering, could represent the dot. Indeed, several shots of the Charlotte from high in the air seemed to depict the wrecked ship as a tiny dot in a very huge white expanse of the Arctic Circle.

If this is the symbolism desired, the movie depicts the American Founding Fathers as not only Freemasons, but as Illuminist Freemasons.

Sexual Connotation of a Circle In Freemasonry and All Other Occult Systems

Freemasonry and other occult organizations ascribe a deeper meaning to the dot within the circle: it represents heterosexual intercourse! Why should you be surprised, since so much of what Freemasons and other occultists worship revolves around sex? Listen:

""Albert Churchward, a Mason, says that: 'The point within a circle is one of the hieroglyphic signs of the Sun-God Ra' ... The point within the circle represents other gods in other mythologies. In India, the dot or the point within the circle represents SHIVA and in Egyptian mythology it represents HORUS or OSIRIS. The Druids used the point within the circle as the emblem of their Supreme God ... ODIN ... the point within the circle has a sexual connotation."

"In one Short Talk Bulletin entitled 'Point Within A Circle' which was to be read in Lodge meetings ... this symbol is connected with SUN WORSHIP .... It was believed in India that at the general deluge everything was involved in the common destruction except the male and female principles, or ORGANS OF GENERATION, which were destined to produce a new race and to repeople the earth ... The female principle, symbolized by the moon, assumed the form of a lunette, or crescent, while the male principle, symbolized by the Sun, assumed the form of the lingam (or Phallus) and placed himself erect in the center of the lunette, like the mast of a ship ... The Indian interpretation makes the POINT the MALE PRINCIPLE, THE CIRCLE THE FEMALE; the point became the Sun and the circle the solar system ..." (Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", P. 28-29; Emphasis was in the original)

Notice that the Sun God placed himself in the center of the female principle -- the Circle -- like "the mast of a ship". Hence, the Charlotte ship was depicted as being in the center of activity in the Arctic Circle, and visual emphasis was placed upon her mast. I do believe the Masonic script writers placed the Charlotte ship in the unbelievable location of the Arctic Circle to make this one single point: The Founding Fathers of America were Illuminized Freemasons. This understanding is consistent with the reality that the American currency is the only in the world on which the All-Seeing Eye of Horus is hovering over the Unfinished Pyramid.

As Elizabeth van Buren succinctly stated:

"There is a secret and immutable destiny planned for mankind, one not recognized by or dreamt of by the mass of humanity. The northern continent of America had been decreed to be the land of a democratic commonwealth of states ... years before Columbus ever sailed to its shores. There can be no doubt that the Enlightened Ones had a hand in the formation of the new nation ... The destiny of the United States was to be Atlantis, reborn like the Phoenix out of its ashes ... We have arrived at a time when many an American, as a New Atlantean, is receiving the call. Go out! the time is short! Build your Ark ... for out of the ashes of New Atlantis will rise in many parts of the world a people who are conscious of their Oneness with Atlantis and America. They will help to create a democracy of world states under one government which will rule world-wide with Love and Wisdom. The Plan of the White Brotherhood proceeds!" [Elizabeth van Buren, "The Secret of the Illuminati", p. 143, 149-150)

This reality IS the opposite side of America's "national heritage coin" - Godly on one side, terribly Un-Godly on the other.

* The Pagan Sun God Symbol -- appeared for just a moment when Ben was looking through the red lens. It served as a backdrop for the Knights Templar sword, which above both appeared the Skull & Crossbones. The sun disk shown here is what you see it here in this picture, minus the image of Jesus and the cross in the lower right hand corner, of course.

The Sun God image which appeared on the back of the Declaration contained this bold out-raying design, where the Sun's rays are depicting emanating outward from the disk. The symbolism is strong: This country had the Ancient Sun God from Egypt watching carefully over the affairs of this nation, a most important consideration if you are an American Freemasonry in rebellion against the only superpower on earth at that time, Great Britain.

Listen to the importance Freemasons place upon Sun Worship.

"The Sun was termed by the Greeks as the Eye of Jupiter and the Eye of the world; and HIS (OSIRIS) is the All-Seeing Eye in our Lodges ... a symbol of the omniscient and watchful providence of God ... in most languages of Asia, the eye and the sun are expressed by the same word." (Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", P. 357; Emphasis was in the original)

Therefore, when the occultist sees the Sun outraying like you see here, and like it was displayed on the back of the Declaration, he is depicting the same meaning as the All-Seeing Eye depicts, i.e., the Watchful, Protective Eye of Providence -- Horus, who is Lucifer in the Egyptian Mysteries.

Now, listen to Masonic author, Manly P. Hall, as he describes more of the meaning of the Sun to pagans and Freemasons:

"The sun, as supreme among the celestial bodies visible to the astronomers of antiquity, was assigned to the highest of the gods and became symbolic of the supreme authority of the Creator Himself ... The tenet of a Triune Divinity is not peculiar to Christian or Mosaic theology but forms a conscious part of the greatest religions of both ancient and modern times ... In every instance these represented the threefold form of one Supreme Intelligence ... All the Gods of antiquity resolved themselves into the solar fire ..." (Manly P. Hall, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages", p. XLIX)

Whether Freemasons depicted the protectiveness of their Grand Architect of the Universe (God) as the All-Seeing Eye or with the Sun disk with its rays flowing outward (Out-raying), the meaning was the same. They believed that North American had been chosen by Providence to be the nation which would lead all nations of the world into the New World Order -- the Kingdom of the Masonic Christ. As Elizabeth van Buren states, this Providential marking of this nation occurred many years before Columbus actually sailed to find the New World in 1492.

Who, or which supernatural force had this nation marked out? Why, it was the God of the Freemasons and of the Knights Templar -- the Satanic gods of Egyptian Antiquity, whom God Almighty of the Bible brought into judgment and physically destroyed them.


* Triskele, or Triquetra -- One of the images which Ben saw through the blue lens was a giant triskele, like you see here, except the circle encompassed all three of the outermost points; in other words, the triskele on the back of the Declaration was completely encircled. Since the triskele was located within the same symbolism which declared that the Treasure was at "Heere at the Wall", Ben realized that, somehow, the triskele was crucial to that location.

Since "Heere" Street had been renamed "Broadway", the location to which Ben and Ian went was "Broadway and Wall Streets". As Ben emerged from the car, he noticed a banner hanging in front of a Trinity Church, the symbol of which was a giant triskele completely encircled. Ben then knew that they needed to go into the church. Once inside, when they were examining the back of the Declaration with the special spectacles, they realized that the Treasure had to be located beneath the old Trinity Church, which it certainly proved to be

What is the meaning of a Triskele to the occultist? Listen to the explanation from Dr. Cathy Burns:

"Marilyn Ferguson, a New Ager, used the symbol of the triquetra (another name for triskele) on her book, The Aquarian Conspiracy. This is a variation for the number 666. Other books and materials have a similar design printed on them, such as books from David Spangler, the person who lauds Lucifer, and The Witch's Grimoire. As most people know, the number 666 is the number of the beast (Revelation 13:18) and is evil; yet the occultists and New Agers love this number and consider it to be a sacred number." (Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", P. 242-3; Emphasis was in the original)

But, then, Dr. Burns saves the most damaging revelation about the triskele and a circle by a circle. After showing this image, Dr. Burns says:

"The symbol is used to exorcise evil spirits". (Ibid.)

Therefore, the triskele surrounded by a circle is a magical symbol, as it is one of the symbols which commands the evil spirits to obey the witch or wizard.


As you can see, the scriptwriters of this movie knew their Freemasonry very well, and depicted it just as a Freemason would depict it. Because of this reality, I believe the scriptwriters were either Freemasons, or had expert Freemason guidance. However, there are two more reasons which lead me to believe this script was written or influenced heavily by Freemasons.

Reason #1. The spectacles which Ben discovered after solving the riddle of the shadow cast by the Independence Hall at precisely 2:22pm contained four colored lenses: Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green. As Ben and Ian looked successively through each color, they saw a different portion of the hidden symbol. Were these three colors picked by the scriptwriter randomly, or do they mean something in the world of the occult?

As it turns out, not only do these specific colors mean something very important to the Satanist, but each of them refers to a different Divinity within the Triune Godhead.

"The origin of the Trinity is obvious to anyone who will observe the daily manifestations of the sun. This orb, being the symbol of all Light, has three distinct phases: rising, midday, and decay ... God the Father, the Creator of the world, is symbolized by the dawn. His color is blue ... God the Son, the Illuminating One sent to bear witness to His Father before all the worlds .... Yellow is His color and His power is without end. God the Holy Ghost is the sunset phase when the orb of day, robed in flaming red ..." (Manly P. Hall, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages", Ibid.)

To recap, each of the members of the Satanic Trinity is seen as possessing a particular color:

God the Father -- Blue

God the Son -- Yellow

God the Holy Ghost -- Red

What is the occult meaning of the color Green? Satan's favorite color is Green, probably taken from his Biblical association as a Serpent. Occultists typify Green by the use of copper, which is Satan's favorite metal because it is bright and shiny on the surface, while soft and corruptible inside. When subjected to the outside elements, it turns green; therefore, copper has been the favorite metal of occultists the world over, because it is the favorite color of their god, Lucifer. {Former Satanists Doc Marquis and Cisco Wheeler)

Now you know why the Masonic scriptwriters chose exactly these colors for the special spectacles, and why the script calls for a different set of symbols to become apparent when viewed by each of the three colors. Now you know why the writers chose exactly these three colors for the special spectacles.

Reason #2. Ben Gates told Ian that at "least nine" of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. This number is the standard lie put out by the Masonic Fraternity so that people will not become alarmed at the exceedingly high percentage of signers who were Freemasons. Nine out of fifty-five does not sound too heavily tilted or influenced, but an historic number somewhere in the realm of 50 out of 55 would raise alarms about the degree of influence Freemasonry might have exercised over our early nation and its Founding Fathers.

Thus, when I heard the specific number "nine", I felt that the writer had to be Masonic.

How many of the original 55 signers of the Declaration were Masonic? Let us quote two knowledgeable sources. The first quote is from a New Age historian, while the second quote is from the introduction of a reprint of a book written originally in 1869 Christian Evangelist Charles Finney, a lawyer and a Freemason before his conversion.

New Age Historian

" Historians have offered many reasons for the fact that a rag-tag American army, led by a general who had to go to the library to brush up on battle tactics, could defeat the strongest military power in the world. Many valid factors have been cited -- the barrier of the Atlantic Ocean, the weakness of King George and his problems at home, the guerilla tactics of the American Army, etc. -- but what has been overlooked is the influence of secret societies, especially Freemasonry, on American leaders. Some esoteric historians (Hall, 1951; Case, 1935) cite that of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, at least 50 were Freemasons." {Robert Hieronimus, Ph.D., "America's Secret Destiny: Spiritual Vision & the Founding of a Nation", P. 26]

Now, listen to John Daniel, Author of Introduction To Finney's Book

"By the time we won our revolution, Masons occupied every dominant position that militarily protected or politically governed this fledgling nation. Freemasonry confirms this. According to a 1951 Masonic edition of the Holy Bible (page 6), twenty-four of Washington's major generals were Masons, as were thirty of his thirty-three brigadier generals. And of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence, fifty-three were claimed by Freemasonry to be Master Masons." (Charles Finney, "Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry: 1869", Page xv, Introduction written by John Daniel, 1998)


The "Quest For The Holy Grail" is a grand occult quest for the secret which will unlock the hidden location of the Gail Chalice, as we quoted earlier in our treatment of Rosicrucianism. In this quest, something wonderful and precious has been "LOST', and occultists throughout the world and in every age are charged with the responsibility of doing his part to find the Grail. In reality, this mythical journey through the ages is simply Satan's way of leading people out of true Christianity and into his world of occult values, attitudes and goals. The real goal of the "Quest For The Holy Grail" is the staged appearance of Antichrist on the world scene.

Freemasonry also continually bemoans something wonderful and precious which has been "LOST". Listen:

"A Mystic Word, now known in Freemasonry as the Lost Word, has existed since time immemorial. But the name and meaning of that Word have been known to very few. Today that name and meaning seem completely lost. It is, therefore, of utmost interest that it be rediscovered and revealed for the benefit of all fellow creatures ... Freemasons have been searching since the formation of the first Grand Lodge in 1717 for that Lost Word without any indication that its true name, meaning and purpose have been found." (George V. Tudhope, "Bacon Masonry", P. 1]

Later, Tudhope states, "... his highest honor and greatest duty is to seek that which is lost, and when found, give it freely for the benefit of mankind." (Ibid., P. 19)

As the search for the National Treasure unfolded, we heard at least two times that the Treasure was so great, it was too much for any one individual and any one state; therefore, when found, the Treasure needed to be given freely for the benefit of all mankind. My ears perked up immediately when I heard this phrase, uttered once at the beginning of the movie and once at the end.

Further, just as Masons have been searching for their "Lost Word" since at least 1717 without success, so the Gates Family had been searching for the "National Treasure" since 1832 without success. Successive generations of Masons had been searching for the Lost Word, and successive generations of the Gates Family had been searching for the lost "National Treasure" -- both without success.

In the last scene, Ben Gates tells Riley Poole that the next time they discover a treasure which "redefines history for all mankind", he could set the asking price for the discovery. Thus, you knew that this "National Treasure" had redefined history for all mankind, as it proved that America's true National Heritage goes straight back to the accursed Egyptian Mysteries.

When Antichrist arises on the world scene, he shall make such an immediate impact that he will redefine all history and all future for all mankind.

I believe the Quest for the National Treasure is symbolically identical to both the Masonic "Lost Word" and the occult Quest For The Holy Grail.


Let us close this article with the quote we used to close Part 2, for it reveals the hidden agenda undergirding "National Treasure".

We consider this movie to be just one more instance where secrets which have been carefully kept within secret societies for centuries are now suddenly being widely publicized to a public less well informed and more in tune with the values and attitudes of the occult. Since the objective of Antichrist is to restore the worship of Lucifer to public practice, we should not be too surprised to see one occult secret after another and one occult symbol after another, suddenly revealed to the public. Listen to the Satanic plan for Antichrist (Great One) to restore the Luciferian Mysteries to public worship.

"... the Masonic Fraternity...is...the home of the Mysteries, and the seat of the initiation...It is a far more occult organization than can be realized and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists... When the Great One comes with His disciples and initiates, we shall have the restoration of the Mysteries..." "("Externalisation of the Hierarchy", p. 511). In other words, the Great One, the Anti-Christ will restore the ancient Mysteries, which the Masonic Lodge has preserved these many centuries, as his New World Order Religion.

Now, listen to Alice Bailey state this truth more succinctly:

""There is no question, therefore, that the work to be done in familiarising the general public with the nature of the Mysteries is of paramount importance at this time. These Mysteries will be restored to outer expression through the medium of the Church and the Masonic Fraternity ... When the Great One comes with His disciples and initiates we shall have ... the restoration of the Mysteries and their exoteric presentation as a consequence of the first initiation." [Ibid., Page 514]

Did you catch that phrase? At the end of the preparatory period leading to the New World Order, Freemasons are to take the lead in "familiarising the general public with the nature of the Mysteries"!

Isn't this exactly what "National Treasure" does? It not only familiarizes adults with the Masonic Occult Mysteries, but children as well; since the movie is rated "PG", a lot of kids are seeing this movie. The time has come to "familiarize the public" with Masonic and occult symbols, for the hour when Antichrist is going to come is getting very close.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us by mail or email.

God bless you.

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