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Subtitle: America's "Christian" President has again shown his evil fruit, as he carries out actions forbidden by law. When will people start to wake up?

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While you may be in a state of shock and disbelief over these two headlines, we in Cutting Edge are not. Nearly two years ago, we posted an article in which we revealed that President Bush had just signed secret legislation authorizing the murder of suspected terrorists, both inside and outside America's borders.

Let us review this original article now; we gave this article a triple headline.

NEWS1691 -- "President Bush Authorizes Summary Execution of 'U.S. Enemies', Both Within and Without The United States" - Reuters

"Attorney General Ashcroft Plans Concentration Camps For U.S. Citizens Deemed 'Enemies' " - L.A. Times

"Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge Re-Defines Terrorists As Being Americans" - Associated Press"

NEWS BRIEF: "US Considers Summary Execution Assassination Squads", by By Oliver Burkeman in New York, The Guardian - London, 8-14-2002.

"The US government is considering plans to send elite military units on missions to assassinate al-Qaida leaders in countries around the world, without necessarily informing the governments involved, it was reported yesterday. The Pentagon is discussing proposals which could see special operations units dispatched to capture or kill terrorists wherever they are believed to be hiding, despite a long-standing presidential order forbidding US personnel from carrying out assassinations abroad, the New York Times reported ... The soldiers who would be used in any such plan are the army's secretive Delta Force and the navy's Seal unit."

NEWS BRIEF: "The Summary Execution Issue", From Robert Anderson, top_view@planetmail.com, Top View News, 8-15-2.

"On Monday morning (August 12) I found a Reuters story on ABC News online news-wire, which stated that the White House had quietly announced summary executions of certain persons designated as 'terrorists' by Bush or other high-ranking Bush Cartel members HAD BEEN given the OK. So: ONLY the SAY-SO of Bush gang, in other words, is sufficient to incur the MURDER of whomever is so designated, by OFFICIAL US government policy. No evidence whatsoever need ever be presented to ANYONE, that the person so designated IS in fact a 'terrorist' at all. This Reuters article indicated that the directive applied both abroad AND at home in the U.S.

"We forwarded the article to our recipient list with the url, but soon began receiving emails saying the link was not working. And true enough, the story WAS gone, and could not be found at the Reuters site either.

"THEN, on Tuesday evening associate Mark Jahnsky found an item on the Washington Post website which reported that a CIA spokesperson said the agency HAD been given the 'green light' (the Post's words) to carry out summary executions or assassinations of certain persons whom Bush ... claimed were 'terrorists'.

"Although THIS article gave no indication that the new directive applied WITHIN the United States, as the CIA is specifically FORBIDDEN from conducting operations within the US, apparently by the time the Post article was published, either the Presidential directive had been amended or else the full extent of its intended scope had been COVERED UP.

"Nevertheless, and regardless: ONLY the SAY-SO of Bush ... is sufficient to incur the MURDER of whomever is so designated, by OFFICIAL US government policy! No evidence whatsoever need ever be presented to ANYONE, that the person so designated IS in fact a 'terrorist' at all!"

We received a lot of negative email when we posted this article, because the "proof" that such assassinations were planned on American soil had disappeared, had just vanished, "poof" into cyberspace. Nevertheless, we posted this article because we knew this Skull & Bones President was in the process of fully implementing the Illuminati program, a draconian plan which most definitely calls for the arrest and execution of many American citizens not deemed "loyal" to the government.

Since this time, we have seen Bush and Ashcroft argue to the American Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that they had the right to arrest, hold indefinitely, torture and even secretly execute, anyone deemed an "Enemy Combatant". Of course, once the government has this right against foreigners on our soil, history tells us it is but a short step to treating native-born American citizens in this manner.

Now, let us examine the current news story, to see that this part of the Plan has matured since August, 2002.

NEWS BRIEF: "Paranoia grips the U.S. capital", by Eric Margolis, Contributing Foreign Editor, The Toronto Sun, February 6, 2005

"This week, former military intelligence analyst William Arkin revealed a hitherto unknown directive, with the Orwellian name 'JCS Conplan 0300-97', authorizing the Pentagon to employ special, ultra-secret 'anti-terrorist' military units on American soil for what the author claims are 'extra-legal missions'. In other words, using U.S. soldiers to kill or arrest Americans, acts that have been illegal since the U.S. Civil War."

These words are so incredibly devastating that most American citizens will undoubtedly go into spasms of deliberate disbelief! Let us repeat the key sentence: "In other words, using U.S. soldiers to kill or arrest Americans..."

Most people will likely have these thoughts rushing through their minds:

1) After all, these kinds of killings of American citizens by their own government has never occurred in our entire history. Really? Have you never really studied the murder of President John F. Kennedy and of the Pentagon's Northwoods Operation?

2) After all, we are still protected by our Constitution! Really? Have you not read our many articles on the reality that Patriot Acts I and II strip our Constitutional protections? Have you not read of the many recent US Supreme Court decisions which have collectively eroded our personal protections? For all practical purposes, our Constitutional protections are a thin vapor wisp right now, ready to be blown away by the next planned terrorist attacks.

3) After all, President Bush is a Born Again Christian who reads his Bible daily and prays daily. Really? We at Cutting Edge have been posting Daily News Updates since October 9, 2001, and have systematically listed the various actions Mr. Bush has taken which can only be described as "spiritual bad fruits". You can review a table listing his "Evil Fruits vs Good Fruits" and reach the logical conclusion for yourself.

The Administration has deliberately kept the specter of the 9/11 attacks elevated in our national consciousness, most notably through hundreds of false "Terror Alerts" that have kept many Americans in a constant state of"Wars and Rumors of Wars" turmoil. Using this elevated fear amongst many Americans, President Bush, his Cabinet officials, and the U.S. Congress have gradually, dramatically changed our laws so that most of our Constitutional freedoms and protections are now off the books, awaiting only the right moment of terror to implement the changes.

This article telling us that American citizens may be arrested and even assassinated is simply the latest in a long line of events which have placed all genuinely patriotic Americans at real risk. Of course, this scenario is the worst possible for any citizen to contemplate, for no one wants to believe that his own government could be planning his cold-blooded murder -- even though history records that the greatest number of people murdered has been by their own governments.

Now, let us return to our featured article for more understanding of this terrible development.

"This frightening news comes as Washington is gripped by reborn, Cold-War-style paranoia, ominous threats of war against Iran ... and a titanic bureaucratic battle just won by Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Instead of being fired for the grotesque military-political fiasco in Iraq and the shameful torture scandals, Rumsfeld has just managed to create a new, Pentagon spy/special ops organization, blandly named 'Strategic Support Branch' (SSB) that will replace or duplicate many of the CIA's tasks. The CIA has been sent to the doghouse." (Ibid.)

We have previously reported the tremendous strife in 2002-2003 between senior CIA agents and their boss, CIA Director George Tenet, over the many false "intelligence" statements Bush and Rumsfeld wanted issued to scare the American people into thinking that Saddam really possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (NEWS1890 and NEWS1890b). These agents dug in their heels so firmly that Tenet was forced to tell President Bush that he was not going to get any of his false "news stories" signed off by any agent.

No problem -- Bush and Rumsfeld simply created a new "intelligence agency" called "Office of Special Plans" (OSP), a new government organization created simply for deceit. Rumsfeld located this new agency within the Pentagon, hiding its existence so well that George Tenet did not know that OSP existed. President Bush got his scary "news headlines".

Now, we see that Rumsfeld has created a new "SS" department which will be turned loose on unsuspecting "domestic terrorists" born within this country. No, this is not Hitler's 'SS', but Rumsfeld's 'SSB'.

"Rumsfeld's new, massively funded SSB will become the Pentagon's CIA, complete with commando units, spies, mercenary forces, intelligence gathering and analysis, and a direct line to the White House. The Pentagon has just effectively taken over the spy business." (Ibid.)

American laws prevent the CIA from operating on American soil against American citizens; obviously, this new Pentagon department will not be subject to the same legal impediment, so do we have a lot to fear? Yes, of course we do, for the Illuminati plans to very vigorously use the next planned terrorist attack to dissolve our Constitutional form of government, take away our guarantees and freedoms, and crack down very harshly on their "enemies of the state", i.e., genuine Christians and/or Patriots. But, cheer up, to be on the Illuminati's "Enemies" List means you are probably Born Again, which puts you on the Lamb's Book of Life!

Returning to our featured Toronto Sun article:

"The Pentagon's new spy arm will be largely excluded from Congressional oversight or media examination. Its special operations teams will roam the globe, all under cover of 'deep black' missions of which no records will be kept, and no questions asked." (Ibid.)

This is the stuff of which dictatorships are made. Whenever you have a government aggressively pushing back the rule of law (despite rhetoric to the contrary) and insisting upon carrying out the most heinous actions under the cover of "deep black" missions, you have to worry and to anticipate that dictatorship is planned, not a vigorous defense of "freedom and liberty". (Read the principles of this propaganda trick in NEWS1558)

Now, get ready for this shocker! All this illegal planning against American citizens is being coordinated by a "Christian" general! Can you believe it?

"Equally worrying, the Pentagon's new special-ops units are headed up by notorious religious fanatic, Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who calls the U.S. Army 'the house of God' and Islamic insurgents 'agents of Satan'. He warned Muslims, 'my God is bigger than your god, which is an idol'. Boykin's command will now dispatch post-modern Christian crusaders to cleanse the world of Satanic Muslims and other miscreants. The Pentagon's new special forces will be able to run operations of which the CIA knows nothing." (Ibid.)

We have just posted an article in which we postulated that President Bush has so presented himself as a leader of the Christian Right, that genuine Christians may be ultimately persecuted once Bush's policies are thoroughly discredited (NEWS2008).

Presenting General Boykin as a Christian is just one more ploy of the Bush Administration to disarm any Christian concern over the direction this new plan may be taking. After all, if a program is initiated by a "Christian" President and is being administered by a "Christian" general, genuine Christians have no reason to be alarmed. Right?

General Boykin has been in the news before. As we reported in Newsletter for May 22, 2004, Paragraph I, General Boykin was strongly linked to the management of the Torture and Sexual Humiliation Scandal which our forces devised specifically to break a prisoner simply by devastating his Muslim sensibilities. Since "Christian" General Boykin was so tightly tied to this scandal, many in the Muslim world felt they had confirmation that this war was another Christian Crusade against the Muslim hordes!

False Christianity is really taking a strong lead here in advancing the cause of the New World Order!

Let us now conclude our featured article, so you may see the conclusions of the author.

"... the second Bush administration has been taking dangerous steps that continue to curtail personal rights, further emasculate the supine, cowardly U.S. Congress, and empower ideological or religious extremists and shadowy agencies with unrestrained powers that endanger Americans at home, and all abroad suspected of troubling the Pax Americana." (Ibid.)

Are we going to soon see Americans disappearing, much in the same way Argentinians were "disappeared" by the thousands during the mid-1970's?


During the months leading up to the January 30, 2005, elections in Iraq, President Bush and his people regularly extolled the virtues of establishing "democracy" in Iraq, saying that the people had the inherent right to choose their own leadership. Even though President Bush and the American Administrator at the time, Paul Bremer, set up the Iraqi election and governmental apparatus which would follow in such a manner that they would not lose control no matter who won the election (NEWS2005), the world was told in glowing terms that, finally, the Iraqi people were going to be able to rule themselves.

At the last report, the Shi'ite party list captured almost 49% of the vote, falling short of the required 66% majority needed to establish a government without obtaining a coalition. The hated and feared Kurds captured 25% while the Interim government of Prime Minister Allawi came in with 14% of the vote. Thus, "backroom dealing" is said to be occurring to build the coalition government of Iraq. The best guess among observers who know all the "fine print" governing this election is that the new prime minister will be someone who will not ask the US Government to leave -- at least not immediately.

What a disgrace to President Bush and his policies of the past three years it would be if the new government asks -- demands -- that the United States leave Iraq. Bush, his advisers, his government, and his "Coalition of the Willing" would be devastated. This nightmare scenario simply cannot be allowed to happen.

The only way conceivable in which a new government can demand the Americans leave is if it is dominated by religiously fundamental clerics. The key development is that Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the leader of the majority Shi'ite Party who won 49% of the electoral vote, announced that Dawa party leader Ibrahim Jaafari had been chosen as the list's premiership candidate. Almost immediately, Interim Prime Minister Allawi warned of Jaafari's Iranian connections.

NEWS BRIEF: "Allawi party warns Iraq PM favorite over Iran ties", Tehran Times, February 16, 2005

"The secular party of Iraq's outgoing prime minister Iyad Allawi on Wednesday warned the religious Shiite now tipped to succeed him over his ties to Iran and the role of Islam in the state ... sources in the coalition that won the January 30 elections and that is backed by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said interim vice president and Dawa party leader Ibrahim Jaafari had been chosen as the list's premiership candidate. In a thinly veiled reference to Jaafari's ties with the neighboring Islamic Republic of Iran, Allawi aide Imad Shahib said 'he has to behave as an Iraqi. He has to be loyal to Iraq and not to another country'."

The nightmare scenario facing President Bush is what happens if a deeply religious cleric is named as Prime Minister in a government set up and legitimized by the very elections the Americans created and operated! Such a cleric leader would almost be forced by his Islamic religion to demand that all Infidels leave Iraq at once. President Bush would be between a rock and a hard place! If he pulled his troops out -- after promising to do so if the new government requested it -- his invasion would be seen as the failure it is and the Iraqi people would be seen as repudiating his invasion policy.

But, if he refused to leave, America would be viewed as a hostile occupying power. President Bush simply cannot allow even one Iraqi cleric government leader to demand he leave. What can Bush do, short of assassinating any cleric who might be bold enough to demand that all foreign forces leave?

The possibility that this scenario might actually occur can be found in our currently featured article. The Interim Prime Minister Allawi was sounding a stern, veiled warning -- against religion ruling Iraq!

"Religion is a dangerous thing for Iraq. We don't want the Lebanese (civil war) story to be repeated here. There are Shiites and Sunnis in the same tribes, in the same families, but if we go down this road, we will create divisions', he told AFP. 'The prime minister should not be a Sunni or a Shiite, he should be the best leader for Iraq', Shabib said. 'Doctor Jaafari is our friend ... but what we say to SCIRI and Dawa is: 'Be careful'." (Ibid.)

"Be careful" seems like a physical threat. Is it? You be the judge.

NEWS BRIEF: "US fights back against 'rule by clerics' ", Asia Times, Feb 15, 2005

"... there is a strong movement in southern Iraq for the establishment of autonomous Shi'ite provinces as a precursor to introducing vilayet-e-faqih (rule by the clergy) in the whole country. Of these calls for autonomy or federalism, the most disconcerting for US authorities is the call for religious rule. Already, leading Shi'ite clerics in Iraq are pushing for 'Islam to be recognized as the guiding principle of the new constitution'."

The exact scenario of which President Bush is so afraid is already raising its head; Shi'ite clerics are demanding that Islam be the spiritual foundation of the new government. When President Bush kept repeating that the people deserved to have a government without Saddam, did he ever think that Saddam was secular, and that he had kept these religious desires severely repressed for decades?

Didn't the President realize that, when the average person was free of the previous repression, he would normally want to return back to religious rule? Whether or not the President thought of these things beforehand, he is clearly thinking of them now, and taking action -- action flatly contradictory to his oft-repeated statements that he only has the best interest of the Iraqi people at heart.

Listen to this Asia Times article:

"To head off this threat of a Shi'ite clergy-driven religious movement, the US has, according to Asia Times Online investigations, resolved to arm small militias backed by US troops and entrenched in the population to 'nip the evil in the bud'. Asia Times Online has learned that in a highly clandestine operation, the US has procured Pakistan-manufactured weapons, including rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, ammunition, rockets and other light weaponry. Consignments have been loaded in bulk onto US military cargo aircraft at Chaklala airbase in the past few weeks. The aircraft arrived from and departed for Iraq.

"The US-armed and supported militias in the south will comprise former members of the Ba'ath Party, which has already split into three factions, only one of which is pro-Saddam Hussein. They would be expected to receive assistance from pro-US interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's Iraqi National Accord ... 'The obvious reason for this tactic is to give the impression that the resistance acquired its arms and ammunition from different channels and from different countries - and anywhere other than the United States ... And such arms could not be destined for the Iraqi security forces because US arms would be given to them." (Ibid.)

What "evil" is President Bush going to "nip in the bud"? All Illuminati consider religion -- especially the fanatic kind -- as the enemy of their revolution. In this case, the enemy is the religious cleric demanding a government operated on fundamental Islam, just as the majority of the Iraqi people apparently want.

The United States is said in this article to be preparing assassination teams drawn from small Iraqi militia units embedded within the Iraqi population, trained by the Americans and armed with weaponry bought on foreign black markets, most notably in Pakistan. These militia will then assassinate key religious leaders before they can publicly demand an American withdrawal. While the news media will portray these assassinations as the outgrowth of competition between religious factions, the reality will be they are occurring because of this American plan.

"For the Americans, the situation in southern Iraq has turned into a double-edged sword. Iraqis there fully embraced the elections - even if they had to be convinced by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani to do so - and this participation was welcomed as a sign of democracy taking root in the country. But with Shi'ite religious parties emerging as the strongest power, no sooner were the elections over than voices were raised for the creation of an autonomous southern Iraqi region, and for vilayet-e-faqih ... Notably, Ahmad Chalabi, a leading secular Shi'ite candidate in the Iraqi elections, has called for autonomy for the Shi'ite south ... Observers say this is the beginning of a new era which could climax in a movement for vilayet-e-faqih, a compulsory part of the Shi'ite faith that is intertwined with the concept of immam leadership (all Muslims under one leader) ... Already, members of the Da'wa Party, many of whom were taught in Iran, have taken over mosques in Basra, and members of Hezbollah have heavily infiltrated the Shi'ite population, in addition to Iranian intelligence and members of the Pasdaran-i-Inqalab (Iran's Revolutionary Guards) to pave the way for vilayet-e-faqih." (Ibid.)

This last paragraph brings us back to the first quote, from Tehran News, when Interim Prime Minister Allawi was warning officials of the Dawa Party to be "careful" in selecting a cleric as their elected leader who would be too religiously inclined. You can also see why our rhetoric against Iran has been so horrific; Bush is afraid a pro-Iranian fundamental cleric will come to power -- the greatest of all horrors to his policy!

Now, the stage is set. President Bush has apparently set in motion a clandestine assassination program designed to kill all clerics who might be so bold as to demand an American exit from Iraq and to intimidate the others into silence. Doesn't the terrible irony of this situation hit you squarely in the face? Despite his wonderful rhetoric about bringing "liberty and freedom" to the peoples of Iraq, supposedly as evidenced by the January 30 election, the reality is completely opposite; US-trained militia are armed and ready to assassinate any cleric on American orders.


Is this the action of a "Christian" President? Of course not, and we shall be adding these two assassination programs to our table listing President Bush's "Evil Fruits vs Good Fruits". But, these are the actions one would expect from an Illuminist pretending to be Christian. Listen to the truth as to why Bush is pretending to be Christian, as expressed in this quote:

"(Benjamin) Franklin was the oldest of the Founding Fathers. He was also the most worldly and sophisticated, and was well aware of the Machiavellian principle that if one aspires to influence the masses, one must at least profess religious sentiments ... Of course all these men knew, as all modern presidential candidates know, that to admit to theological skepticism is political suicide … Like Jefferson, every recent President has understood the necessity of at least paying lip service to the piety of most American voters …" [Brooke Allen, "Our Godless Constitution", The Nation, reprinted by CBSNews.com, February 6, 2005.]

Now you know why President Bush is so intent upon pretending to be a Fundamental Christian; he is "paying lip service to the piety of most American voters"! These evil spiritual fruits are on display for everyone to see. Are you going to wake up now?

We are seeing the fruits of having a Skull & Bones Lifelong Adept as President. The world is hurtling toward the beginning of the Final Birth Pangs War (Matthew 24:6-8) which will finally allow Antichrist to arise. The Illuminati calls this conflict "World War III".

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us by mail or email.

God bless you.

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