Title:  "Neighborhood" Peace Conference In Baghdad Starts Next Week!

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Subtitle: Will this conference forestall an attack on Iran? Or will it provide a 'fig leaf' protection so American forces can leave Iraq with dignity?


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NEWS BRIEF: "The End of Brinksmanship? Suddenly, the diplomatic meetings season seems to have broken out all over the Middle East, perhaps because the main players saw the looming catastrophe that hovers over this region, and decided to pull back from the brink", by Rami G. Khouri, Middle East Online News, 3-5-2007

"BEIRUT - Suddenly, the diplomatic meetings season seems to have broken out all over the Middle East, perhaps because the main players saw the looming catastrophe that hovers over this region, and decided to pull back from the brink."

The author of this article then lists the important peace initiative meetings which either have recently taken place or are scheduled to take place within this most important volatile region.

1) "The most important meeting is the one March 3, between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Saudi leadership, including King Abdullah."

2) "... the March 10 meeting in Baghdad of regional states and world powers who will explore how to restore security and sovereignty in Iraq."

3) "... the trip of an American assistant secretary of state to Syria to discuss humanitarian issues related to Iraqi refugee flows."

4) "... last month’s meetings of the Palestinian and Israeli leaders with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice..."

5) "... the Hamas-Fatah leaders’ meeting and agreement in Mecca under the auspices of Saudi Arabia."

Indeed, talk of "peace" has now broken out suddenly in the many nations in the Middle East! Is this move genuine, in that it will bring a real lasting peace, or is it merely posturing in advance of all-out war? Let us turn to prophetic Scripture for guidance:

"FOR BEHOLD, in those days and at that time when I shall reverse the captivity and restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem..." (Joel 3:1, Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

We can stop right here to place a date of fulfillment on this prophecy, can't we? We know the exact date in modern history when God restored the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem. Israel became a nation again for the first time in 1,900 years, on Mary 14, 1948.

Now, let us examine the next prophetic step.

"I will gather all nations and will bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and there will I deal with and execute judgment upon them for their treatment of My people and of My heritage Israel...." (Joel 3:2, Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

We are seeing this today, are we not? Most Bible scholars teach that the Valley of Jehoshaphat is the battle where Armageddon will be located, and they are entirely correct. Listen to one Bible scholar explain about the Valley of Jehoshaphat:

"A valley where all nations shall be gathered by Jehovah for judgment [Joel 3:2-12]. At least as early as the time of Eusebius, in the 4th Century A.D., the Valley of Jehoshaphat was identified with the valley of Kidron, so that now Jews, Roman Catholics, and Mohammedans fix the scene of the last judgment here. This identification is only a conjecture, based on the cited passages and Zechariah 14. So far as the evidence goes, no valley actually bore this name." [Illustrated Davis Dictionary of the Bible, P. 378]

The Easton Illustrated Bible Dictionary concurs, but goes a bit further:

"This is the name given in modern times to the valley between Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives, and the Kidron flows through it. Here Jehoshaphat overthrew the confederated enemies of Israel (Ps 83:6-8); and in this valley also God was to overthrow the Tyrians, Zidonians, etc. (Joel 3:4, 19), with an utter overthrow. This has been fulfilled; but Joel speaks of the final conflict, when God would destroy all Jerusalem's enemies, of whom Tyre and Zidon, etc., were types. The 'valley of Jehoshaphat' may therefore be simply regarded as a general term for the theatre of God's final judgments on the enemies of Israel."

Let us repeat the key understanding for you: "The 'valley of Jehoshaphat' may therefore be simply regarded as a general term for the theatre of God's final judgments on the enemies of Israel."

Another Bible scholar agrees: "As 'Jehoshaphat' means 'the judgment of Jehovah,' the valley of Jehoshaphat may be used as a general term for the theater of God's final judgments on Israel's foes." —Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary

Therefore, the Valley of Jehoshaphat is a generic term that describes the theater of God's final judgments on Israel's foes; the modern Middle East is chock full of bitter enemies of Israel, almost 300,000,000 Muslims who desperately want Israel destroyed, nations whose ancestors have hated the Jews exceedingly. In fact, this entire area has been mistreating the Jews for several thousand years.

We believe the "Valley of Jehoshaphat" may very well be the entire Middle East. Joel 3 describes multitudes upon multitudes of nations being brought into the Valley of Jehoshaphat for judgment at the End of the Age. Today, almost 40 nations have poured troops into Iraq, and we have already heard the US breathe fire and brimstone threats against Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and even Pakistan. The United States and Great Britain have unleashed two Depleted Uranium wars upon Islamic Iraq since 1991.

Therefore, since May 14, 1948, God has been consistently calling all the nations of the world into the Middle East, in order to execute judgment upon them for their treatment of Israel. And, what kind of judgment is God planning to use? This next verse tells us:

"Prepare war! Stir up the mighty men! Let all the men of war draw near, let them come up." (Joel 3:9b; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

If you think clearly, you will realize that the modern history of the Middle East since 1948 has been one of continuous warfare. However, this current crisis in the Middle East -- including Iraq and Iran -- is reaching a crescendo, a climax. We are seeing the outworking of this prophecy, where the Islamic nations are being so enraged by the genocidal wars being waged against them by the United States and Great Britain that one day soon they will start marching against Jerusalem like Zechariah 12 foretells.

Now, let us return to our featured article.

"... all this movement reflects a growing realization that everybody will lose if things continue on their present trajectory in the Middle East ... The big losers are incumbent Arab regimes -- uncomfortably caught in an untenable squeeze between the indigenous militancy of their own people and the aggressive militarism of their foreign allies..." (Ibid.)

Pro-American Arab regimes might not survive much longer, if the United States and Israel continue to anger the average Islamic citizen. After following events in the Middle East for the past 30 years, I get the sense that the entire region is getting ready to absolutely explode in Muslim hatred, from the top to the bottom of virtually every nation in the region.

When this explosion occurs, Pro-West governments are going to be swept aside in a giant "tsunami wave" of public opinion. Recently, even Saudi Arabia has gotten so concerned that her leadership decided to step into the Palestinian-Hamas fight in order to bring stability and order to a developing civil war. Saudi leadership met with Russia's Putin not too long ago, and with Iran's President Ahmadinejad just this week. Her leaders look over the Middle East and can easily see the rising tide of Islamic hateful militancy, knowing that if this tide ever gets high enough to sweep over the barricades which Pro-American Arab governments have erected, all of the Islamic Middle East could be engulfed. All governments friendly to American and/or Israel could be overthrown in a heartbeat.

Of course, Cutting Edge has been predicting that this scenario is exactly what the Illuminati wants, as it continues to pursue her "Blood In The Streets" strategy, of deliberating angering Islamic governments.

Now, let us go to another news story which covers this upcoming international peace conference in Baghdad from another angle.

NEWS BRIEF: "Will the Iraq Conference Bring Peace?", by Patrick Seale, Middle East Online, March 6, 2007

"The international conference to be held in Baghdad next Saturday, 10 March, is a welcome first step towards curbing the horrendous violence in Iraq, which risks destabilising the whole region ... Four bloody years after the March 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States and Britain ... we are at the start of a healing process."

This last sentence reflects the view of the optimist. One can only hope that this conference in Iraq is the start of a healing process. But, I sincerely doubt it.

"The Baghdad conference will bring together Iraq’s neighbours as well as Egypt and other members of the Arab League and of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, as well as the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France." (Ibid.)

Iran finally announced that she will be sending representatives to this meeting, so the political and military power represented at this negotiating table is immense enough that, if the Illuminati plan calls for this conference to be a "success" , then success will be achieved. The only question is what the Illuminati defines as success at this point in time. That is the subject of this article, a conclusion we shall reach at the very end of the article.

"The fact that representatives of Iran, Syria and the United States -probably at ambassador level - will be sitting at the same conference table in Baghdad is a sign that realism is beginning to prevail in Washington, after years of ideological blindness ... the convening of the conference means that the world has at last woken up to the dangers of allowing Iraq to rot." (Ibid.)

I do not believe that any Western leader cares one whit about whether Iraq is going to "rot". In fact, since Iraq is a "Non-Integrating State", the Illuminati has every intention of destroying the country, in the guise of liberating it. For this reason, Coalition Armies have aggressively exploded millions of pounds of deadly Depleted Uranium munitions, an invisible poisoning which shall turn Iraq and much of the Middle East into barren lands incapable of supporting life within the next 20 years.

So, now that we established that the West cares nothing for Iraq, what are the reasons for holding this international conference? As we see things, two possibilities present themselves.

1) This conference could be billed as a last attempt by the International Community to achieve peace in Iraq and the immediate region. If this conference fails, President Bush could be free to claim that he now has no choice but to launch an attack against Iran, in order to prevent the flow of Iranian weapons to the battlefields of Iraq.

In the art of diplomacy, a transparent attempt to achieve peace often immediately precedes the outbreak of war. The President could declare that he has "given peace a chance", but has no choice now but to launch the attack.

2) This conference could serve as the "fig leaf" covering behind which the United States could declare victory and then begin to plan a real withdrawal.

Do you remember the negotiations between American National Security Adviser, Henry Kissinger, and the North Vietnamese in Paris, France, as both sides negotiated an end to hostilities? The world believed that Kissinger was negotiating in good faith as he represented the interests of both the United States and South Vietnam. And, at the end of the conferences, both sides reported success!

Shortly thereafter, a timetable was announced for American withdrawal. South Vietnamese Army and police assumed responsibility for protecting the nation.

However, now we know that Kissinger was secretly arranging a surrender to North Vietnam, asking only that a respectable period of time would take place between the time American forces quit the country and the time the North Vietnamese finally struck across the border to seize control of South Vietnam. Is this what President Bush is now doing? Is he simply asking for a respectable period of time which would allow for him to withdraw American forces in peace, under an umbrella of respectability?

We can only wait to see, but I get the sense of finality about this war. It is either going to blow up into World War III or the United States is going to be humiliated again, as we were in Vietnam, but much, much worse.

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