Title:  President Bush Is Continuing The Clinton Initiative To Move The American Economy To The Planned Fascist Economy

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Subtitle: Few people think of "Fascism" in economic terms, but that is its primary meaning. The Illuminati plans that the economy of the New World Order will be Fascist. Clinton and Bush are driving it there, as this news article demonstrates.


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Before we review our current news story, let us go back in time, for an economics and history lesson.

NEWS BRIEF: "Japan Refuses To Float Financials, by Joji Sakurai, Associated Press, The Providence Journal, Tuesday, November 25, 1997, p. E-1-2.

"Yamaichi Securities -- one of Japan's four largest securities firms -- closed its doors yesterday unable to cope with its $24 billion debt. In doing so, it became the third Japanese financial company to collapse in a month. Rather than save Yamaichi and avoid job losses, the government said financial institutions are largely on their own. The result may be a more competitive economy. 'Supporting long-term invalids is really not feasible. Japanese officials are beginning to face up to that', said Arthur Alexander, president of the Japan Economic Institute in Washington." [P. E-1]

For those people who know their economy, this news is shocking indeed. You see, Japan has continued to operate its economy as a Fascist Economy, even after losing World War II. Most of you are probably confused right now, by this statement, because you equate the dictatorial governments of Hitler, Mussolini, and Imperial Japan with the term Fascism; most people think Fascism is this type of "Right-Wing" dictatorship. However, Fascism is an Economic term, denoting the type of economy where the Means of Production [Factories, companies] and the ownership of raw materials [mines, oil wells] remains in the hands of private individuals, but where the government intervenes to determine how many competitors will be allowed to produce the same thing, how much is produced, and what prices may be charged. This is Fascism, and Japan has continued operating under it since the end of World War II. In other words, Fascism is that kind of economy where the government and Private Enterprise cooperate, rather than being on an adversarial relationship as in our economy.

Whenever you see a government official, or a government agency, interjecting either himself or the policies of the government agency, into affairs normally reserved for Private Enterprise, you know that you are looking at an exercise of a Fascist Economy. What type of economy do we have? America has long operated under the Capitalist economy. Under this type of economy, the Means of Production and raw materials is owned by private individuals. These same private individuals determine what their factories are going to produce and how much of any single item will be produced. Private owners also determine the price they will charge for their product. Under Capitalism, private owners pay a great deal of attention to the needs and desires of the ultimate consumer, in determining how much of what items to produce and in what quantity to produce them. The government cannot determine how many competitors may make the same type of items; thus competition between manufacturers of the same type of item(s) keeps prices low and quality high. Finally, the government in a Capitalist economy will act as a referee only, ensuring the laws regarding fair competition, and the laws governing basic morality and public safety, are followed. The government does not intervene as in a Fascist economy.

In a Capitalist economy, the Marketplace will determine whether a company succeeds or fails. In America, many huge companies have come and gone, without our Federal Government intervening to prevent it. The only significant exception is the Chrysler Corporation, where the Federal Government "guaranteed" loans to Chrysler from financial institutions. If you were paying attention during the time that Congress was considering this legislation, you will remember the huge fight that occurred between the Republican and Democratic legislators. The Republicans held the position of the traditional Capitalist economist, insisting that the marketplace decide the fate of Chrysler; Democrats favored the Government bailing out Chrysler to prevent the loss of American jobs. When our Federal Government bailed out Chrysler, a huge break occurred with our past, because Capitalists simply did not do this kind of "Corporate Welfare".

However, in Japan's Fascist economy, the government did protect people's jobs by bailing out companies who were financially failing. In fact, this was such an accepted practice that people did not worry when the company for whom they were working began to go under. They knew that the government would protect their "life long" jobs.

But, in this instance, Japanese were shocked to discover that their government was not going to act in the traditional method of Fascism but was going to let this ailing company go down the drain, as would occur in a Capitalist economy.

Japan is still primarily operating under the government/industry cooperation so typical of a Fascist Economy. Her government, though, simply used this untypical action in 1997 as a warning to Private Industry that the government would no longer bail out a company whose practices had been flagrantly uneconomical. That warning seems to have been heeded, allowing the Japanese Fascist economy to continue at a very high quality level on the world scene.

President Carter began the process of intervening in the affairs of private industry when he signed a precedent-setting law passed by Congress entitled, ""Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979" (Public Law 96-185) on December 20, 1979 (signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on January 7, 1980). This law saved Chrysler from immediate bankruptcy. At the same time, Lee Iacocca, a former Ford executive, was brought in to take the position of CEO, and he turned out to be sheer genius in efficiently operating the motor company.

President Clinton proved to be a capable leader in moving economies throughout the world into the Fascism of the New World Order. Consider this 1997 news story, so typical of the actions Clinton undertook during his Presidency.

"Pacific Rim leaders OK financial rescue plan", by Terence Hunt, Associated Press, Business Section, The Providence Journal Bulletin, Wednesday, November 26, 1997, p, F-1.

"VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Warily watching world markets, President Clinton and Pacific Rim leaders approved a rescue strategy yesterday for Asian economies shaken by plunging currencies, bank failures, and bankruptcies ... We have exceeded expectations', declared Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, host for the two-day meetings of the 18-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Group."

"Mr. Clinton, in an upbeat assessment, said, 'Here in Vancouver we proved that our Asia pacific community is for all times -- good times and more challenging ones'. He said an agreement to reduce trade barriers in nine areas -- from toys to chemicals -- 'is a strong vote of confidence in our common future'."

"Normally focused on trade issues, the summit was confronted this year by the economic crisis that erupted in southeast Asia and spread to South Korea. This past week it has roiled business and markets in Japan. Yesterday, several Latin American leaders discussed their economic recoveries in what one official described as a sort of seminar for the struggling Asia nations."

"... The leaders endorsed a strategy that gives primary responsibility for stabilizing battered currencies to the International Monetary Fund ... The plan holds out the promise of supplemental support from wealthy nations such as the United States and Japan, although no amount was specified. 'There are no easy solutions', said Philippines Finance Secretary Robert De Ocampo. 'This thing is pretty shocking. The measures that are needed to address it don't make the governments in power very popular. ... pay the short-term pain for the long-term gain... the tougher the medicine the faster the bounce back for the economy.' "

So, here we have the spectacle of a global effort to bail out the economies of the Pacific Rim nations, a global Fascist effort. Remember, in a Fascist Economy, the ownership of the Means of Production and the raw materials remain in the hands of private individuals and/or companies, but the control of how many competitors making the same type of items, the amount of each item produced, and the retail price, is controlled by the government. In this instance, Japan is foregoing the common practice of bailing out individual companies that are failing, and is allowing a global effort to be started that will accomplish the same objective.

Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning.

The basic concept is that the Government has the right, the duty, to become intimately involved in the economic marketplace, setting laws, regulations, and bailing out companies that are going into bankruptcy. Prior to World War II, most laws and regulations were for public safety and morality only. Most people instinctively understood that the government should basically stay out of the economic arena. A quick look at the absolutely lousy performance of Communism in the economic marketplace was enough to convince any reasonable person that the government should stay out of economics. Certainly, our Founding Fathers would have agreed. They were so afraid of large, powerful, intrusive governments that they created a Tripartite [3] system of government, i.e., Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, that would prevent any single man or a group of men, from ever seizing absolute power.

But, since the planned economy of this New World Order is Fascist, American attitudes had to be changed, gradually, invisibly, without anyone being aware that their attitudes have been changed.

Repeatedly, over the past several decades, government leaders from both Executive and Legislative branches have suggested that the Federal Government should become more involved in the economic arena. President Clinton, in his First Inaugural Address, stated that the Federal Government "should do more". This is a clear call for the government to get more involved. In the past 2 decades, we have seen hundreds of edicts from the Executive Branch that have totally transformed how Business conducts economic matters. And, our individual freedoms have been eroded as a result.

When President Clinton announced that the Federal Government was going to "cooperate" in the Research and Development of new generation of autos, you are looking at a Fascist economy. When the President meets the three top auto executives in one of their plants for a photo shoot you are looking at a Fascist economy.

Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning.

Now, let us turn to our current news story, to see how President Bush is publicly interjecting government interest into the Big Three American Automakers.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush 'reaching out' to Big Three: He will tour plants where GM, Ford hybrids are made and meet again with CEOs next week", by David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau, Detroit News.com, March 20, 2007

"KANSAS CITY, Kan . -- President Bush today will tour two factories where Detroit automakers churn out gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, as he expands his energy-saving message from a focus on alternative fuels to an emphasis on vehicles, as well. After the tours here, Bush will again urge Congress to quickly adopt new costly fuel economy standards as part of a strategy to end the nation's dependence on foreign oil ... Bush's visit to the Kansas City area plants -- the first of his presidency to domestic auto factories -- will also kick off an effort to improve relations with Detroit's Big Three automakers after a rocky year. On Monday, Bush will meet at the White House for the second time in less than six months with the CEOs of General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group. The event will include a demonstration of flex-fuel vehicles on the White House lawn."

"Soon after, The Detroit News has learned, Bush is tentatively set to view a demonstration of hybrid delivery vehicles used by FedEx and UPS in pilot programs. 'I wouldn't say it's an epiphany, but he's reaching out', said Gerald Meyers, a University of Michigan business professor and former chairman of AMC Motors. 'President Bush has had an essentially Darwinian view: If the Japanese put out the best product, they deserve to get the market'."

"In his first stop today, Bush will visit a GM plant in Fairfax, where the new Saturn Aura hybrid and Chevrolet Malibu are built. The company's top manufacturing executive, Gary Cowger, will be on hand for the 40-minute tour ... From Fairfax, Bush will cross the Missouri River and visit a Ford factory in Claycomo, Mo., where the automaker turns out Ford Escape hybrids and F-150 pickups. Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally is expected to be there. 'The president looks forward to visiting the Ford and GM plants and seeing the innovative hybrids being built there', White House spokesman Alex Conant said Monday..."

Now, look at the role the government is to play in engineering this dramatic change.

" '(Detroit automakers) would like to see a full-court press on alternative fuels', said David Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor. 'This is an area of common ground'. Detroit's Big Three have built 6 million vehicles that run on E85, a fuel made of 85 percent ethanol, but there are just 1,100 gas pumps out of 170,000 nationwide that sell it. They want the administration to do more to improve infrastructure and access to ethanol, which they view as a cheaper solution than mandating vehicle fuel economy increases."

When you read the words, "They want the administration to do more", you are seeing the outworking of a Fascist economy! Do not be misled here: the global economy of the New World Order is planned to be Fascist. Since President Bush has historically been a promoter of the Capitalistic system, his change at this moment may result in a dramatic change in the minds of Conservative citizens across this nation.

If this "sea change" does occur, the march toward a global Fascist Economy will have received a dramatic boost.

News articles like this one demonstrate that the world is well underway to the global economy foretold in End of the Age prophecy!

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