Title:  Global Warming Hitting Serious Conditioning In America - Sounds Like We Are in Last Stage of Propaganda Before Forced Implementation of Kyoto Accords

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Subtitle: Get ready for disastrous consequences if America is forced into adhering to the Kyoto Accords. Our economy will surely quickly fail.


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Immediately after the Democrats took control of Congress in the 2006 off-year elections, we began to see rumblings from the new leadership that Global Warming was real and was threatening our very existence. Traditionally, Democrats have been seen as the strong Advocates of Change (Antithesis) while Republicans have been seen as Advocates of the Status Quo (Thesis) in this Global Warming debate. Thus, President Clinton was a strong advocate of Global Warming while President Bush (Jr.) was a strong opponent.

However, this stereotype does not entirely hold true, for President Bush (Sr.) signed the infamous "United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" in 1992 in a conference in Rio Janeiro. This framework later became known as the "Kyoto Accords" in December, 1997. When Russia confirmed the treaty on November 18, 2005, Kyoto became official on February 16, 2005 (Wikipedia Encyclopedia).

President Bush strongly opposed this horrible accord, and Congress refused to implement the provisions. Let us take a moment to see why he and Congress were so opposed.

NEWS BRIEF: Nations Approve Rules for Kyoto Pact Without U.S.", by John J. Fialka, Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, July 24, 2001, p. A-2.

"BONN -- A United Nations convention on global climate change approved rules for implementing the Kyoto Protocol to cut industrial emissions, but the absence of U.S. participation ultimately could prove costly to American companies. The consensus agreement reached early yesterday following marathon negotiations appears to have won the backing of enough nations to bring the treaty into force. The U.S. - the world's largest producer of carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases targeted for reduction -- continues to object to the Kyoto pact, but officials said Washington would take no action to block its implementation."

" A major incentive that brought the deal together was the provision for the parties to engage in emissions trading, a concept promoted for four years by the U.S. [Clinton Administration] before it [Bush Administration] abandoned the treaty."

As the G-8 meeting began in Genoa, Italy, President George Bush angered many other heads of state as he restated his objections to the Kyoto Protocol agreement, calling it "fatally flawed". As we shall show in this article, Kyoto Protocol IS deeply flawed, and Americans should thank President Bush for his leadership in scuttling American participation. Kyoto is flawed for the following reasons:

1. Global Warming is a fraud; therefore, the Kyoto Protocol is completely unnecessary.

2. This Protocol has no effective enforcement apparatus to force any sovereign nation to comply if it is not doing so when the timed targets are reached. The only effective way in which a sovereign nation can be forced to do something is through military force, or the threat of military force, from a government higher and more powerful than the sovereign nation(s) not complying. If economic sanctions could not bring Iraq's Saddam Hussein to "toe the line", you can bet your bottom dollar it will not bring China or Russia in line either. Therefore, we can only conclude that, by the time this treaty begins to take effect in 2008, the world will have a United Nations backed by military teeth, able and willing to force these formerly powerful nations to comply.

3. This Protocol simply reinforces the short-term perception that the world is in crisis, thus giving more impetus to the current drive to produce a One-World Religion, Government, and Economy.

President Bush secretly backs the full implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, but he knows that the full implementation of this pact will absolutely gut the American economy, sending it into a free-fall. The Illuminati decided a long time ago that Americans would never accept Antichrist unless they were very prosperous when the planned Third World War and all its accompanying terrors begin to unfold. One former witch said that the Illuminati was prepared to exercise the highest level Witchcraft imaginable to keep the U.S. economy going strong until the end. Wall Street would begin to fall the moment any American President signed this protocol.

Further, President Bush is well aware that his Conservative core constituency is well aware of the disaster Kyoto Protocols will bring this nation, and will absolutely fight him tooth and nail should he back Kyoto.

However, President Bush suddenly reversed his position! Even Rush Limbaugh was so mad he called the President "George W. Al Gore". We cover this momentous switch in NEWS1663, entitled, "President Bush Six-Stepping America Into The Gl.obal Warming Issue".

Quoting pertinent excerpts from this article:

NEWS BRIEF: "Climate Changing, U.S. Says in Report", By ANDREW C. REVKIN The New York Times, June 3, 2002, pressdemocrat,com

"In a stark shift for the Bush administration, the United States has sent a climate report to the United Nations detailing specific and far-reaching effects that it says global warming will inflict on the American environment. In the report, the administration for the first time mostly blames human actions for recent global warming. It says the main culprit is the burning of fossil fuels that send heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere ... It recommends adapting to inevitable changes. "

American Conservatives did not elect George W. Bush to officially declare that the bogus Global Warming issue was real! We have long known this Global Warming was based on fraudulent science, and that it was being used to create a global crisis in order to justify a global government. We knew Bill Clinton and Al Gore were firmly entrenched in the Global Warming issue, and that is one reason we did not elect Gore President.

In December, 1997, we wrote that opposition to the Kyoto Accords in the U.S. Senate was so very strong that the accord would not be ratified. However, we warned that Kyoto proponents would find another way in which to enact this onerous treaty that would set our Industrial Civilization on its head, literally destroying it over a period of time.

Now, current news events have propelled America directly into the implementation phase of the Kyoto Accords. Now that we know both the Congress and the White House believe that man's activities are causing Global Warming, it is not too much of a stretch to believe that other major parts of our Federal Government will swing into line.

Of major concern is the Supreme Court, for it can strike down any laws passed by Congress and signed by President Bush. Shockingly, the Supreme Court just capitulated! Listen to the story and weep.

NEWS BRIEF: "NEWS BRIEF: "High Court Rebukes Bush on Car Pollution: Supreme Court sides with Global Warming advocates", By MARK SHERMAN. Associated Press Writer, April 2, 2007

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court rebuked the Bush administration Monday for its inaction on global warming in a decision that could lead to more fuel- efficient cars as early as next year. The court, in a 5-4 ruling in its first case on climate change, declared that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are air pollutants under the Clean Air Act."

This news is disastrous! Immediately after "Liberal" Democrats took control of Congress, we began to hear noises from various luminaries that Global Warming was a serious issue that needed legislation to "correct" the problem before it was "too late" for mankind.

Global Warming skeptics counted on the weak opposition of President Bush and the Supreme Court to keep Liberal Congress in check. If the President did not veto Global Warming legislation, surely the Supreme Court would strike it down.

After all, Republicans have controlled the Supreme Court for some time now. Many times we have heard President Bush and/or his subordinates, intone "give the President the judicial nominees which he needs" to fight Liberalism!

But now we can see that no one can depend upon the Supreme Court in this issue. Just as the Illuminati effected desegregation and "abortion on demand" through the Supreme Court, they are now using the High Court to throw America into Global Warming.

Soon, America will go down the road to the disastrous Kyoto Accords. You can kiss our Industrial economy "goodbye". In fact, destroying the Industrial economy is THE goal of the Illuminati. Please take a moment to read these articles:



Weather Control / Weather Warfare Section -- Read all our articles in this most important section

Now that the Supreme Court is officially on board supporting Global Warming and man's role in causing it, neither President Bush nor Congress need fear that the High Court would strike new laws down. However, the bad news does not end here, for a new bill making its way through Congress will bring the CIA and the Pentagon into the controversy!

NEWS BRIEF: "Bill ties climate to national security: Seeks assessments by CIA, Pentagon", The Boston Globe, April 9, 2007

"WASHINGTON -- The CIA and Pentagon would for the first time be required to assess the national security implications of climate change under proposed legislation intended to elevate global warming to a national defense issue. The bipartisan proposal, which its sponsors expect to pass the Congress with wide support, calls for the director of national intelligence to conduct the first-ever 'national intelligence estimate' on global warming. The effort would include pinpointing the regions at highest risk of humanitarian suffering and assessing the likelihood of wars erupting over diminishing water and other resources."

This kind of bill automatically legitimizes Global Warming in the minds of tens of millions undiscerning citizens. After all, no one asks the CIA and the Pentagon to study "national security implications" of an issue which does not really exist. Right? At least, that will be the conclusion of untold millions of voters, and of people worldwide.

This development is so smart on the one hand and so devastating on the other hand. When the Supreme Court, the CIA, and the Pentagon all team together on the Global Warming issue, you must realize that this portends bringing America into the Kyoto Accords and related regulations. This development shows again the lateness of the hour, for the Protocols Plan -- as we quoted in the Bookstore Resources section, above -- is set in the latter timeframe: "When we come into our kingdom (New World Order)".

Likewise, the North Korean Plan for a fearsome nuclear confrontation with the United States and the rest of the world is also set into the last part of the Plan to produce the Masonic Christ (Read NEWS2141).

Likewise, Bible prophecies are either being fulfilled or the stage is being set for their fulfillment in so many instances that we can only marvel at how all the separate parts of this script are now falling into line.

Finally, remember that Global Warming is only one of five (5) global crises being foisted upon the peoples of the world so that a Global Dictatorship can be set up. When Antichrist arises, there is no room for any government elected by its people. Please read our article on this subject:

NEWS2193 - "Five Major Created Global Disasters Are Being Constantly Preached To The World As Reasons To Form The Global New World Order!"

Finally, please read this Headline News article to review why Global Warming is a bogus, unscientific issue.


These recent news articles also debunk Global Warming.

NEWS BRIEF: "Why So Gloomy? "A warmer climate could prove to be more beneficial than the one we have now", By Richard S. Lindzen
Newsweek International, MSNBC News, April 16, 2007 issue

NEWS BRIEF: "Hurricane expert: Gore film does 'great disservice' ", The Jerusalem Post, April 8, 2007

"He's one of these guys that preaches the end of the world type of things. I think he's doing a great disservice and he doesn't know what he's talking about," Dr. William Gray said Friday in an interview with The Associated Press at the National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans."

NEWS BRIEF: "A CEO With A Spine: Declared Gore was the 'shaman of global doom and gloom'. He is not joking when he says, 'He is more dangerous than his global warming', The New York Sun, April 3, 2007

NEWS BRIEF: "Global Warming Ruling Called 'Victory for the Bad Guys' ", CNS.com News, April 2, 2007

We could list so many more articles debunking Global Warming, but we encourage you to seek out articles prior to April 1 in our Daily News Update Section, under the sub-heading, "Global Warming = Global Dictatorship".

A Global Dictatorship is, indeed, the Plan. And, Global Warming will have played its part. Remember, Scalar Wave technology has the potential to create any kind of weather and any kind of storm at any place on earth which would seemingly buttress the claims of the "Chicken Little" advocates of Global Warming.

Truly, the end of the period leading up to the World War III which will produce Antichrist is swiftly coming down upon us. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

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