Title:  June 13 - The Day All Three Middle East Hotspots Exploded -- "The Middle East Is On Fire"

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Subtitle: Iran's grand strategy of "Lighting Many Fires" throughout the region seems to be nearing completion. Level of war escalation reaching new, and ominous, heights.


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"Middle East Is On Fire"

For four years now, Cutting Edge has constantly reminded our readers and subscribers that the only grand strategy which seems to be working right now is the strategy enunciated by Iran as to how she was going to defeat the American invasion of Iraq. She called her strategy, "Lighting Many Fires". While Iran has been brilliantly following her plan for these four years, matters seemed to have reached a new climax yesterday, June 13, 2007, when significant events exploded in all three major spheres in the Middle East where Iran is known to have her tentacles deeply entrenched.

Let us review this original article, above, to see how Iran planned to carefully send the entire Middle East into fiery conflagration as the best way in which to combat the American attack on Iraq. Quoting segments from "Lighting Many Fires" (NEWS1910) :

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran Preparing To 'Light Many Fires' To Defeat The Americans", The Jerusalem Post, March 21, 2003

" 'The American Great Satan will never accept an Islamic system. It is coming to Iraq to complete its encirclement of our Islamic Republic before it moves against us. To help the Americans conquer Iraq easily would be suicidal for our revolution.' [Khamenei"s chief foreign policy adviser, former Iranian foreign minister Ali-Akbar Velayati]."

'Iraq is a swamp', Khamenei said in his address to the guards. 'The Great Satan will get caught in that swamp; and that will speed up its inevitable collapse'. In a recent article Velayati spelled out a strategy aimed at 'confronting the Great Satan in a number of fronts.' "

Iran has set a fire "in a number of fronts.' "

1. Iraq

2. Afghanistan

3. Israel -- Palestinian front in Gaza Strip and the West Bank

4. Syria - Lebanon

Let us now examine the three explosive areas which erupted on the same day, June 13, 2007. This first article lists all three hotspots. Once we cover this article, we shall examine each area separately.

NEWS BRIEF: "Passions run high as region's three hotspots ignite", Gulf News, June 14, 2007

"Dubai: The Middle East was literally on fire yesterday as a senior Lebanese MP was killed in a car bomb that also claimed nine other lives in Beirut, hours after saboteurs destroyed two minarets of a holy Shiite shrine in Iraq .... In Gaza, the power struggle intensified between rival movements Hamas and Fatah. At least 22 people were killed yesterday. The chaotic scene is likely to inflame religious and political tensions in the region. Analysts also warned the Arab world was descending into a 'systematic collapse'."

Three dramatic events in three distinct areas of the Middle East in which Iran has been feverishly working for these past four years. In one day, war tensions escalated enormously, so much so that the specter of all-out regional war looms greater than ever. Now, let us examine these areas separately to gain more detail and understanding.


NEWS BRIEF: "Thousands throng Eido's funeral in Lebanon", Gulf News, 6/14/2007

"Walid Eido was the seventh anti-Syrian figure to be assassinated since February 2005 ... Allies of Eido blamed his killing on Damascus and said it was Syria's response to the establishment of a UN-backed court to try suspects in the Hariri attack. Allies of Eido blamed his killing on Damascus and said it was Syria's response to the establishment of a UN-backed court to try suspects in the Hariri attack ... Syria condemned Wednesday's bombing near a Beirut beach club in which Eido, his eldest son, two bodyguards and six passers-by were killed."

"Eido, a Sunni Muslim, belonged to the majority anti-Syrian parliamentary bloc led by Hariri's son, Saad Al Hariri, which controls the government ... The bodies were later laid to rest after final prayers were performed at the mosque."

War tensions are palpable today throughout Lebanon.

Israel - Gaza Strip

NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas Poised to Convert Captured Gaza Strip into Islamist Enclave", DEBKAfile Intelligence, June 14, 2007

"Hamas seizes control of strategic Philadelphi enclave on Egyptian border and all Gaza’s border crossings with Egypt and Israel. At least 35 people died in the fighting Wednesday."

The Philadelphi Enclave has always been viewed as a very strategic location in the Gaza Strip. Having this enclave seized by the most radical Palestinian terror group, Hamas, sets the Palestinians on a clear road to war with Israel. As we have stated in the past, Palestinian President Abbas is a Freemason, shown in Codex Magica exchanging a Mason handshake with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ("Codex Magica Book", page 152). Furthermore, on page 509, we read:

"The PLO Chief, Yasser Arafat, with his current-day successor, Mahmoud Abbas. Both men were Masons, and both were tools of the CIA and Mossad."

Therefore, this Fatah faction is completely under the thumb of the Illuminati. However, Hamas is not under the control of any Western Intelligence service, or the Masonic secret society. Further, Hamas leadership is well aware that Fatah is controlled by Western forces, and wants nothing to do with that reality! This civil war is simply Hamas wanting freedom of action for the Palestinians. This civil war is all about destroying the secret pro-West faction which Abbas has been leading, so the Palestinians can turn to fight the Israelis with their full attention and with all the resources they can bring to bear.

Now, let us return to this featured article, to see the grave implications this radical Hamas will pose to Israel:

"Hamas has no such incentive. In the case of Gaza, the winner takes all and can dictate terms. A radical Islamic enclave with a dominant Iranian-Syrian military presence has sprung up unopposed as a hostile reality on Israel’s southwestern border ... The Hamas Executive Force completed the seizure of all pro-Fatah Presidential Guard border positions, including the Karni goods crossing and the Sufa, Kerem Shalom and Rafah transit points ... Their commander Col. Musbah Basichi and his 60 officers fled to Egypt."

"Overnight, thousands of Palestinian security officers loyal to Fatah were under Hamas siege at their last bastions – Gaza City’s Presidential Guard compound and the General Security command. They are running out of food, water and ammunition. Hamas and its Executive Force had overrun some 80 percent of the Gaza Strip, while loyalists of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah, including complete clans, surrendered and turned in their weapons ... a desperate Abbas appealed to Israel to permit arms and ammunition to be transferred from the West Bank. Israeli officers said it was too late. Fatah is a lost case and any arms crossing into Gaza will be seized at once by Hamas."

Israel has always backed the Masonic Palestinian leader, Abbas, and his Fatah organization. Now, they have to face radical Hamas in The Gaza Strip, not a pleasant situation by any means. Now, the battle will shift to the West Bank, where Hamas will surely carry the day just as they did in Gaza.

One matter mentioned in news articles recently is that Hamas fighters are far better trained, better led and better equipped than Fatah fighters. As this DEBKAfile article states:

"Hamas’ planning and combat tactics clearly betray the professional hands of Syrian and Hizballah officers who have set up a command center in the Gaza Strip ... Iran and Syria are the winners of Hamas’ military coup against Fatah in Gaza Strip It was the second triumph in a week for a Palestinian force backed by Iran and Syria, after the Lebanese army failed in four weeks’ combat to crush the pro-Syrian factions’ barricaded in the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian camp near Tripoli."

Once Fatah loyalists in the West Bank have the time to fully digest what has just happened to their counterparts in Gaza, they are likely to be switching sides very quickly.

Once Hamas controls all Palestinian territory, it can then turn its sights directly on Israel, threatening her substantially from within. But, why should we be surprised, for that was the Arab plan for defeating Israel, as outlined in the Pentagon report to the Congress in December, 1996! (NEWS1056 and NEWS1057). This fighting is just the outworking of a plan which is over 10 years old!

The massive Palestinian/Lebanese/Syria coalition foreseen in December, 1996, is now taking shape before our very eyes, in the Daily News!


Since Iraq is one of the "many fires" which Iran planned to light against the Americans, we have to examine a major blow which occurred on June 13, a blow which could force Iraq into the Sunni and Shi'ite sections as envisioned in President Bush's New Middle Eastern Map!

NEWS BRIEF: "Shiite holy site’s minarets fall to suspected al-Qaida bombers", Boston Herald, June 13, 2007

"BAGHDAD - In a bold blow to Iraqi hopes for peace, suspected al-Qaida bombers toppled the towering minarets of Samarra’s revered Shiite shrine on Wednesday, adding new provocation to old wounds a year after the mosque’s Golden Dome was destroyed. The attack stoked fears of a surge in violence between Muslim sects. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government rushed to contain Shiite wrath against Sunnis: It clamped a curfew on Baghdad and asked for U.S. troop reinforcements in Samarra, 60 miles north of here, and for a heightened American military alert in the capital. But sketchy reports of sectarian strife began to come in. Police told of at least four Sunni mosques in Baghdad and south of the capital attacked by arsonists and bombers, and of a smaller Shiite shrine bombed north of here."

Even though Shi'ite clerics called for calm, urging their followers to not seek retribution against the Sunnis, that retribution was quickly forthcoming, as at least four Sunni mosques were attacked by enraged Shi'ites. One Arab news report questioned whether Sunni insurgents actually bombed the Samarra Shi'ite shrine, or whether that was the work of the Iraqi government or of American forces.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraqis Accuse U.S. Of Bombing Shrine: Both Sunnis and Shia say bombing a plot to incite sectarian violence", Prison Planet, June 13, 2007

"Both Sunni and Shias Iraqis have accused the U.S. of being behind the bombing the al-Askari shrine in Samarra, one of the holiest Shia religious sites, in order to further incite sectarian violence between the two rival Islamic groups ... Sunni Muslim leaders belonging to the Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq have questioned how terrorists could get access to the site which has been heavily guarded by about 60 Federal Protection Service forces and 25 local Iraqi police and closed to the public since it was attacked last year in a bombing which many also believed to be the work of US forces."

Since we published our Headline News Article last night, President Bush's New Middle Eastern Map, we find it highly possible that American forces carried out this bombing, for the aftermath will surely provide more power behind the splitting of Iraq into the three sections which we now know was President Bush's plan all along: Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the southwest and Shi'ites in the southeast.

But, it does not really matter who carried out this bombing. What really matters is that these three powerful events, carried out on the very same day, have set the Middle East into a huge, unprecedented quiver, threatening to blow the entire region into all-out war, which will then trigger the planned global World War III.

The Illuminati plan continues to lurch forward.

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