Title:  The Annapolis Peace Conference Is Reported To Be Held November 27-28, Precisely Conforming To The Illuminati Record of creating a major event every 30 years, and always in November

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Subtitle: If this conference ends on November 28, as this news story indicates, the precise pattern of days between these 30-year events will have continued for the third time in 90 years!

This Headline News Article is an update of NEWS2233, "Modern Israel -- Every 30 Years, In November - From 1917 To 2007!"


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The long-awaited Annapolis Peace Conference which shall likely make the creation of a Palestinian State inevitable, is now rescheduled so it will begin on November 27 and end November 28! This ending date will ensure that, for the third cycle of 30 years in the 90-year cycle in which it began, the addition of the intervening days will add to a "22"!

We are looking for a mathematician who can calculate the odds against such an occurrence over a 90-year period to occur by accident! If you are a mathematician, or know one who can calculate odds, please contact us at 800-451-8211.

Let us start by quoting pertinent portions of NEWS2233, above:

NEWS BRIEF: "Every November, once in 30 years", by Gadi Baltiansky, YNET News, August 24, 2007

"Every November, once in 30 years, it happens. Despite all the detailed preparatory work and the expected script, tension engulfs the event and uncertainty is part of the story. In the end, it always happens, as if history was waiting for the right page in the calendar to open a new chapter, a better one, in the history of Israel."

Let us pause right here, so we can properly understand the unbelievable news which Gadi Baltiansky is sharing with us.

1) November Significance --- In modern Israel's history, some very important national event occurs every 30 years, and always in November of that year. My ears immediately perked up, because I know the importance which the Illuminati attaches to the month of November simply because it is the 11th month in our calendar. In the Illuminati pagan thinking, the number '11' is the number of the coming Masonic Christ (Antichrist). Of course, this Illuminati belief corresponds to Biblical prophecy, does it not? The Bible states that Antichrist will be the 11th Horn to appear on the world scene [Daniel 7:7-8]

2) Every 30 years, a major event in Israel has been deliberately created by worldwide Illuminati. In NEWS2233, we exposed the reasons the number "30" is so very important to the Illuminati. Please take the time to re-read this section.
But, then we shared the reason the number "30" is important to the God of the Holy Bible. Prepare to be shocked, for this Biblical meaning of "30" is directly related to "correct timing"!

"THIRTY being 3x10, denotes in a higher degree the perfection of the Divine Order, as marking the right moment" (E.W. Bullinger, "Number In Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance",., p. 265; Emphasis added)

Then, NEWS2233 told of the specific 30-year events which have occurred concerning Israel for the past 90 years. Briefly, they are:

1) "November 1917: The publication of the Balfour Declaration and the guarantee to establish a national home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel."

2) "November 1947: The United Nations approves the partition plan, allowing for the establishment of the State of Israel."

3) "November 1977: The president of Egypt, the largest and most important Arab country, visits Israel for the first time, bringing with him the tides of peace."

4) November ???? 2007 -- "And now, after another 30 years, we're reaching November 2007, the date the United States has fixed for its international conference that is meant to sketch out the parameters of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement." This conference is going to held in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

At long last, the specific date for this Annapolis Conference has been revealed in the news media.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rice: No Palestinian state at Annapolis", JTA Breaking News, 11/13/2007

"U.S. sources have confirmed that the gathering will take place the week of Nov. 26 but couldn't be any more specific. Jerusalem sources said Monday that the U.S.-hosted parley will take place Nov. 27 and be held over one day."

This fact means that the Annapolis Peace Conference is planned to end November 28.

This date may turn out to be one of the most propitious day in a very long time, for it is a day which proves "Conspiracy Theorists" entirely correct! To understand why 11/28 is so very important, let us return once more to NEWS2233:

Every 30 Years, In November

1) 11-2-1917 -- Balfour Declaration

Calendar Calculator Time Interval To UN Vote -- 10984 Days - 1+0+9+8+4 = 22

2) 11-29-1947 -- UN Votes To Partition Israel

Calendar Calculator Time Interval to Sadat's Trip -- 10948 Days - 1+0+9+4+8 = 22

What is extremely interesting was that the addition of both these interval time periods equaled "22", which is not only '11x2', but is also one of the numbers associated with Ancient Israel, because the Hebrew language has 22 basic characters (Bullinger, p. 263). Therefore, since this whole episode is dealing with Israel, we should not be surprised to learn that this number would be utilized.

But, Bullinger has more to say about the meaning of '22', from a Biblical perspective.

"TWENTY-TWO, being the double of eleven, has the significance of that number in an intensified form -- disorganization and disintegration ..." (Ibid., p. 262)

3) 11-19-1977 -- Egypt's Anwar Sadat Reaches Peace With Israel

4) 11-28-2007 -- President Bush's International Peace Conference To Proclaim A Palestinian State

The interval between Anwar Sadat's Peace Treaty with Israel and this upcoming Annapolis Peace Conference is 10,966 days, a number which also adds to a "22"! 1+0+9+6+6 = 22

This interval of time between 11-19-1977 (Sadat's Peace Treaty) and the 11-28-2007 (Annapolis Peace Conference) is, therefore, the third interval where the days of interval adds to "22". This is conspiracy of the highest order, according to President Thomas Jefferson. Listen to his definition again:

"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery." ["The Works of Thomas Jefferson", Volume 1, p. 130, as quoted in "The Unseen Hand", by A. Ralph Epperson, p. 196]

Worldwide Illuminati has been controlling Israel's modern history for 90 full years! But, if you realize that the First Zionist Conference was held in Switzerland in 1897, you then understand that this "Unseen Hand" of control has been operating behind the scenes on behalf of modern Israel for 110 years, another example of an "11".

In fact, there are a number of years crucially important to the life of modern Israel which end in the number "7", a number to which both the Bible and the Illuminati ascribe the meaning "Perfect".

1) 1897 - First Zionist Conference - Switzerland - Conference was funded by the Rothschild Family

2) 1917 - The Balfour Declaration - Document delivered to Lord Rothschild in London, after the British Parliament had officially passed the resolution.

3) 1947 - UN Assembly votes that Israel has a right to exist, and planned for a 6-month transition to nationhood. Israel's leaders proclaimed the state on May 14, 1948

4) 1967 - Israel wins the Six Day War, seizing control of Old Jerusalem and the Temple Mount for the first time in 1,900 years

5) 1977 - Egypt's Anwar Sadat signed a peace treaty with Israel

6) 2007 - Annapolis Conference

These dates reveal that the Illuminati has controlled Israel according to their number of "Perfection", while God is "Perfecting" Israel to be the kind of nation He wants her to be when Jesus returns. The prophetic march toward the appearance of Antichrist continues apace, bringing to my mind this following Scripture.

"Seek out of the book of the Lord and read: not one of these details of prophecy shall fail, none shall want and lack her mate in fulfillment. For the mouth of the Lord has commanded, and His Spirit has gathered them." (Isaiah 34:16; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

You are witnessing a remarkable event here! In front of your very ideas, in your Daily News, the Illuminati is creating another major event in the life of Modern Israel which conforms exactly to the timetable and to the sacred occult numbers which they have already demonstrated! As the YNET article, quoted above, so aptly says, "as if history was waiting for the right page in the calendar to open a new chapter, a better one, in the history of Israel."

The Illuminati is about to turn another "right page in the calendar to open a new chapter".

The results of this conference are likely to be trumpeted as "Peace in Our Time", prompting people to begin saying, "Finally, we have peace and safety" in Israel!

Truly, the End of the Age is upon us.

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