Title:  British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Issues Clarion Call For Global Institutions To Make The Final Paradigm Leap To Become The Powerful International Governing Bodies The Plan Has Always Meant Them To Be!

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Subtitle: Brown's bold statements may mean that a "tipping point" has been reached in the many multiple crises which are now roiling the world. The final stages to the New World Order may finally be seen on the horizon.


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Finally, after pursuing the Great White Brotherhood Plan for over 400 years, to bring the nations of the world into a global economy, religion, and dictatorial government, has the time now arrived to catapult the world into this final world system? Has the time now arrived for a "Paradigm Leap" to occur amongst the various global systems which would start them functioning as the global governing bodies they were always planned to be?

Read Prime Minister Gordon Brown's comments very carefully, and you will discover that you can reach no other conclusion!

NEWS BRIEF: " "British Prime Minister Brown calls for New World Order: Has called for a radical reform of international institutions ranging from the United Nations to the World Bank", Channel 4 News, 21 January 2008

""The Prime Minister has called for a radical reform of international institutions ranging from the United Nations to the World Bank. In a speech to business leaders in the Indian capital New Delhi, Mr Brown said the UN Security Council should be expanded to include places for nations such as India, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) should have a new 'early warning' role to head off crises such as Northern Rock."

The "Northern Rock" banking scandal in Great Britain has caused nearly as much economic panic as the subprime mortgage crisis has caused in the United States. The reality is that the same plan of creating an economic crisis so the institution can be globalized is being carried out in key Western countries throughout the world. When the time comes for the globalization plan to be implemented, all institutions of all countries must ready to go into the change. Hence, crises are being created in key countries throughout the world.

The British Prime Minister then goes directly to the bottom line:

" 'To succeed now, the post-war rules of the game and the post-war international institutions must be radically reformed to fit our world of globalisation' ... Mr Brown went on to suggest all countries strengthen networks of global law enforcement authorities, intelligence agents, police and financial regulators, in a bid to combat terrorism worldwide."

We believe that this speech is one of the most important in the post-World War II era, and may very well represent a true "watershed" event in the drive to globalization. Events from this moment onward may result in far more reaching results than we have ever seen beforehand. Notice that Prime Minister Brown used several global threats as the rationale for bringing all these institutions into the global arena. Creating global crises to save mankind from disaster has been the plan since at least 1917.


" 'The secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order'." ["Behold A Pale Horse", Bill Cooper, p. 27]

Cutting Edge has always maintained that all the wars in the 20th Century were planned in great detail and carried out by the Illuminati, for the express purpose of establishing the very global institutions of which Prime Minister Brown now speaks. Let us list the global institutions which Brown is now touting.

1) "UN Security Council should be expanded" - this is the Global Government, of which Antichrist shall take control

2) "global law enforcement authorities, intelligence agents, police and financial regulators" - this is the new Global Government Dictatorship rearing its very ugly head! Notice that worldwide terrorism is the excuse to give these agencies global powers and infuse them with enormous powers!

3) "International Monetary Fund (IMF) should have a new 'early warning' role to head off (economic) crises" - this is the Global Banking System

We cannot forget that Prime Minister Brown is making his watershed remarks at the same time three other major events are occurring:

1) The American Federal Reserve was getting ready to slash their prime discount rate by a whopping 0.75%, an act which seemed to calm the global financial markets and stop their bloody free-fall

2) The CFR was calling for a global currency which is neither the American Dollar or the European Euro!

NEWS BRIEF: "The ‘Historical Anomaly’ of the Dollar - CFR call for global currency that is neither the Dollar or the Euro!", Council on Foreign Relations Online, January 18, 2008

Lee Hudson Teslik, Assistant Editor, CFR.org, is interviewing James D. Grant, Editor, Grant's Interest Rate Observer.

"What if the international currency of the future isn’t the dollar, but isn’t the euro either? James D. Grant, the editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer and an expert on financial markets, discusses the 'historical anomaly' of currencies like the dollar and the euro as uncollateralized international reserve currencies—that is, ones that aren’t backed by a guarantee that they can be exchanged for something else, such as gold or silver. "

3) The World Economic Forum was meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and is calling for immediate radical changes worldwide.

NEWS BRIEF: "On the cusp of economic history: Drastic global economic changes are being planned by the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, International Herald Tribune, 22 January 2008

"Is economic history about to change course? Among the chieftains of politics and industry gathering in Davos for the World Economic Forum on Wednesday, a consensus appears to be building that the capitalist system is in for one of those rare and tempestuous mutations that give rise to a new set of economic policies."

'The pendulum between market and state is swinging back', Pascal Lamy, director general of the World Trade Organization, said by telephone before traveling to Davos. 'The year 2008 is a crucial year that could end up setting the tone for some time to come."

The long-awaited "Paradigm Shift" in people's attitudes and values is about to occur! And Prime Minister Brown's statements are calling attention to this new reality, to anyone astute enough to understand. What is a "Paradigm Shift"? One of the most common recurring themes throughout the writings of the New Age Movement is that a massive, population-wide change in spiritual and mental attitudes was absolutely essential before Maitreya the Christ could arise and lead the world into the New World Order. The guiding spirits of these New Age authors were absolutely insistent that such a shift would occur. Once such a shift in all of mankind's deeply-held attitudes had been effected, Maitreya could then arise. Of course, America was specially targeted because of her traditional Judeo-Christian values base.

This dramatic change in attitudes was given a special name: Paradigm Shift. The most succinct definition of this strange term is given by the official New Age Dictionary. Paradigm Shift is defined as a "spiritual or mental axis-shift; a change in perception or world view". Paradigm itself is defined as "a set of deep concerns...dogmas and assumptions..." In other words, Paradigm refers to those deeply held religious beliefs by which a person lives their life.

So the guiding spirits are predicting that, in a brief few moments of time, people's deeply-held religious attitudes and beliefs would undergo a fundamental and dramatic shift; with this dramatic shift, attitudes on other subjects within a person's life would also change. But, there is more to this Paradigm Shift. The guiding spirits were very specific as to how this shift in attitudes would be accomplished. They predicted that this change would be realized through Education and through the spiritual work of the Hierarchy.

The "Hierarchy" is the vast collection of "Guiding Spirits" which all the key global leaders -- like Skull & Bones Bush -- consult daily. These demonic spirits are working through these key global leaders to finally establish the Kingdom of Antichrist. That is where we are heading. And, make no mistake -- these many global crises, wars and rumors of wars have been deliberately created by the Illuminati in order to bring people's deeply held values and attitudes to the point where individual sovereignty of nations could be either eliminated or side-stepped so that the planned Global Dictatorship, Global Economy and Global Religion could be finally installed.

When these rapid changes begin to occur, we can look back at these remarks by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown as the watershed event.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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