Title:  Turkey's Repeated Attacks Into Northern Iraq Carries The Blessing and Full Foreknowledge of President Bush!

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Subtitle: The dirty little secret is that President Bush is trying to pull Turkey out of the Russian/Iranian orbit by selling out the Kurds of Northern Iraq to Turkey!


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A year ago, President Bush had every reason to be worried about Turkey. His policies were driving Turkey's fundamentalist government directly into the arms of Iran and Russia. Of course, we were most interested in this development because Turkey is one of the nations listed in Ezekiel 38-39 as marching with Russia against Israel at the very End of the Age. It seemed logical that Turkey would be soon moving into the Russian orbit.

However, President Bush and his advisers were gravely concerned that a major regional power like Turkey would move from being perennially pro-West to being pro-Islamic, and militant pro-Muslim at that! Therefore, they began in earnest late last year to embark upon a new foreign policy for Turkey, one that would pull that country back into the Western orbit.

But, what leverage did they have? What incentive did the United States have that would so entice Turkey that they would pull out of the Russian/Iranian influence and return to the Western fold?

Turkey was obsessed with only one matter -- the Kurds in northern Iraq.

You see, every major nation in the Middle East hates the Kurds, which are scattered all throughout the region. This hatred goes back almost 3,000 years. Every regional power has a restive Kurdish population who would like nothing else than to throw off the shackles of the country in which they are residing and create a new Kurdistan. Of course, that would mean that Turkey, Iraq and Iran would have to give up some land for the Kurds to have their own nation.

No regional power in the Middle East is willing to give the Kurds anything but persecution and attempts at genocide.

As President Bush planned his invasion of Iraq, ostensibly to overthrow Saddam Hussein and seize his mythical Weapons of Mass Destruction, he was accused by some of really planning to dismember Iraq into three segments:

1) Kurds in the north

2) Sunnis in the middle and the west

3) Shi'ites in the south

At the time, President Bush hotly denied that he planned on dismembering Iraq and that he was going to give the Kurds the northern section of Iraq. The White House insisted it was only interested in producing a democracy in Iraq once the dictator was gone.

However, in June, 2006, the American Armed Forces magazine printed a colorful map of the Middle East region, including Iraq. This map -- shown above -- clearly shows the original Iraq divided into three parts, with the Kurds getting their own nation in northern Iraq. However, the really big news is that, in order to create this new Kurdistan, both Turkey and Iran were going to be forced by someone to give up substantial amounts of territory so that the new Kurdistan could be formed.

Turkey was so upset that, within months of this report coming out, she moved substantial numbers of forces right up to the border with northern Iraq, threatening to invade. Turkish leaders said they were taking this provocative action because they needed to stamp out the PKK {Kurdish rebels} from their bases in Iraq, from which they were constantly conducting guerilla raids into Turkey. Even though Turkey had lost considerable life over the years from attacks by Kurdish rebels, no discerning person really believed that Turkey would spark a war with the United States by pouring hundreds of thousands of troops over the Iraqi border.

Yet, by July, 2007, Turkey had amassed 240,000 troops on the northern Iraqi border.

Turkey's leaders were turning a cold shoulder to her traditional contacts with Israel and were entertaining contacts with Russian and Iranian leaders. President Bush and his foreign policy advisers were extremely concerned, for if Turkey invaded with 240,000 troops, America would have to confront a former ally with only 140,000 troops. Since Turkey's military has been built from American and Israeli warstocks over the past several decades, and since her tactics have been learned from Israel, her military force was considered to be powerful.

To turn this situation around, President Bush and Prime Minister Olmert hit on a plan to lure Turkey back into the Western fold by selling out the Kurds of northern Iraq -- again -- just as Kissinger abruptly sold out the Kurds to Saddam Hussein in 1974 (Read details in "The Fine Art of Betraying The Kurds").

At first, we heard reports that America was providing "real time intelligence" to Turkey on the precise movements of PKK rebels in northern Iraq. Then, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey traveled in late November to meet President Bush in his Oval Office.

Now, however, we learn that Turkey's most recent attacks had the full blessing and an equally full foreknowledge of President Bush!

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkey's offensive comes at a price", Asia Times, February 26, 2008

"Without doubt, the seasoned military commanders in Ankara know that the Turkish military incursion into northern Iraq, which began last Thursday just after sunset, can settle nothing. The Pashas are highly professional men and are hard realists who act with deliberation. They would know that it will not be easy to find the Kurdish guerrillas who know every inch of their mountain strongholds and evaded for decades even a skilful predator like Saddam Hussein ... The Kurdish guerrillas knew they had provoked Turkey too far this past year and retribution wouldn't be long in coming. They could have gone into hiding. Therefore, the Turkish incursion on Thursday is to be evaluated not for its military results but for its political and strategic implications. A few hundred Turkish troops on search-and-destroy missions in the Iraqi mountains cannot solve the Kurdish problem..."

"However, the timing of the incursion has a far wider significance. It is obvious that the timing has much to do with political alignments within Iraq. For the first time since 2003, Iraqi Kurds are politically isolated ... Iraqi Kurdish ambitions no longer match US interests."

In order to prove this latter point, i.e., that the interests of the Iraqi Kurds no longer "match" American interests, this author then quotes an Illuminati 'Think Tank', the American Enterprise Institute.

"A devastating recent essay by Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute titled "Is Iraqi Kurdistan a Good Ally?" analyzed the shifting alignments. Rubin thoroughly questioned the assumptions regarding the Iraqi Kurds' "pro-Americanism". He underscored that Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani would turn out to be like former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat as a thorn in Washington's side. Rubin alleged double-dealings by the Iraqi Kurds with Iran ... Rubin concluded, "As Turkish warplanes bomb terrorist bases in Iraqi Kurdistan, it is time for both Washington and Irbil [capital of the KRG] to reassess their policies. Washington has many cards to play. Sympathy to Kurdistan is understandable, but is increasingly based on myth. US goodwill should never be an entitlement. Barzani may remain an ally, but he has disqualified himself from any substantive partnership. It is time to take a tough-love approach to Iraqi Kurdistan."

"Nothing like this has ever been said by a leading American analyst about the Iraqi Kurds, who were the darling of US policymakers through the past 17-year period since Saddam's catastrophic Gulf War in 1991. Rubin sent out a deadly message - Washington has no more critical need of Iraqi Kurds."

The Kurds must be feeling that they are facing the duplicity of Henry Kissinger, who was President Nixon's National Security Adviser. Kissinger concluded that Washington had "no more critical need of Iraqi Kurds", and abandoned them to the cruelty of Saddam Hussein. After many thousands of Kurds, died at the hands of Hussein's forces in 1976, Kissinger was asked to explain his duplicity in dealing with the Kurds, playing them off against the Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein. Kissinger replied:

" ''Covert action', he observed, 'should not be confused with missionary work'. Few in the shattered Iraqi resistance can fail to grasp the difference now."

("For 3d Time in 21 Years, Saddam Hussein's Foes Pay Price for a Foiled U.S. Plot", The New York Times, September 11, 1996)

The Wall Street Journal reported that Turkey's officials fully informed the Bush White House of the impending incursions well before they occurred.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Knew of Turkey's Plan To Hit PKK, Didn't Object", The Wall Street Journal, February 26, 2008

"WASHINGTON -- The Turkish government briefed the Bush administration about its plans to strike northern Iraq well in advance of launching the controversial operation and the U.S. raised no objections, according to American and Turkish officials. Turkish representatives told U.S. diplomatic and military officials that Ankara was planning to send ground troops into Iraq to strike targets belonging to the Kurdish Workers Party, or PKK, an anti-Turkish guerilla group, according to officials from both countries. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan personally told President Bush about the plans, the officials said. The White House confirmed the conversation occurred."

For the moment, it does appear that Turkey, Israel and the United States are most interested in filling the impending "power vacuum" in northern Iraq. Let us return to our Asia Times article, above.

"The shift in US thinking is already manifesting ... Washington has abandoned any plans of setting up a permanent military base in northern Iraq ... Arkin substantiates that Bush is 'quietly putting in place the pieces that will indeed tie the next president's hands'. The emphasis is on contracting US combat forces in Iraq to a fewer number of combat forces and special operations forces and to fight the war in Iraq from other locations. Thus, in Kuwait, the US is completing finishing touches on a permanent ground forces command for Iraq and the region, which is capable of being a platform for "full spectrum operations" in 27 countries around southwest Asia and the Middle East. In Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman, the US Air Force and navy have set up additional permanent bases. According to Arkin, 'tens of billions have been ploughed into the American infrastructure', and 'permanently deployed with the new regional headquarters in Kuwait will be a theater-level logistical command, a communications command, a military intelligence brigade, a 'civil affairs' group and a medical command'."

This information substantiates the charge that President Bush and his advisers have been planning a long-term American presence in both Iraq and the Middle East, a presence insisted upon by the Illuminati and which will be carried out by the 44th President. Despite his huge setbacks within Iraq, President Bush is redrawing the Middle East. However, since Washington does not plan on stationing troops in northern Iraq, this creates a power vacuum in that area.

Do not worry. America has complimented Turkey greatly, calling her a regional super power. It does appear that Turkey is ready to provide "stabilization" for northern Iraq, which is a lot like asking a hungry fox to guard the henhouse!

"But, interestingly, the Bush strategy virtually leaves Iraq's northern side without any significant American military presence. Such a security vacuum is unsustainable. Clearly, Washington expects Turkey to play a major role as the guardian of the stability of northern Iraq. This is logical thinking. Turkey is perfectly capable of keeping at bay the two other prowling powers in northern Iraq's neighborhood - Iran and Syria. It suits American - and Israeli - interests if Ankara doesn't advance its entente cordiale any further with Tehran and Damascus."

For her part, Turkey is pleased to finally be recognized -- and to be able to attack the Kurds at will.

"Ankara also welcomes the role of being a pivotal power in US regional policies. To quote Gungor Uras of the liberal Milliyet newspaper, "The US is now reshaping the Middle East. While this is happening, Turkey has the choice of either sitting on one side and watching developments, or taking an active role. US support has great importance for ending terrorism in Turkey, resolving the Kurdish and Armenian issues, our relations with our neighbors, and keeping the military strong ... Do not forget that the US carried us to the waiting room of the European Union ... Foreign capital and loans come through New York. Washington's green light is important to prevent jams on the road to New York."

Money talks, and it talks loudly. Do not ever forget this reality!

But, oil and gas talk loudly too, because they translate into lots and lots of money.

"the transportation routes of the oil and gas resources of northern Iraq pass through Turkey. Ankara has a genuine interest in keeping the area stable. Several inter-linkages have already appeared around energy security. The growing regional energy interdependence places Turkey at an advantage. Turkey has always prided itself as Europe's energy hub. Washington will encourage a key role for Turkey in proposed trans-Caspian energy pipeline projects, which will also put the brakes on swiftly expanding Russia-Turkey cooperation. The Arab Gas Pipeline connects Turkey with Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Turkey is working on an energy linkup with Israel."

Therefore, America and Israel are treating Turkey like the regional superpower they have always wanted to be. In return, Turkey gains access to the hated Kurds of northern Iraq. The only question I have in all this, is whether Turkey's newly discovered assistance in creating President Bush's "new Middle East" will also include the division of Iraq into three segments, including the creation of a "new Kurdistan", a nation which can take shape only if Turkey gives up considerable amount of territory!

We can only wait to see how events turn out, because it does appear that President Bush's new plan for the Middle East is running at cross purposes to his earlier plans for the region.

However events turn out, we can be assured that the overall goal of the globalization of the world will continue without interruption. And, finally, somehow, someway, Turkey will eventually turn against the West so her forces can march with Russia at the End of the Age against Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39!

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