Title: Remembering The Nazi Holocaust - 64 Years Ago - 6 Million Jews Murdered

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Subtitle: New World Order Disciple Adolf Hitler Slaughtered His Millions; Coming New World Order Disciple Antichrist Plans To Slaughter His Billions

Part 1 - How Hitler Transformed The Christian German Nation To Accept The Wholesale Genocide Of An Entire Minority - America has been conditioned for 30 years now exactly as Hitler conditioned Germany!


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This month Israel commemorates the horrific Nazi Holocaust which systematically murdered 6 million Jews, which was approximately 66% of all the Jews on earth at the time. New Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu led Jews all over the world in declaring that the Jew will "never again" be so rounded up and murdered.

Holocaust deniers need to view this video clip of an actual black/white photo album which was discovered in the barracks of a Nazi holocaust camp. The photos and the documentary dialogue accompanying them tell the story of the Holocaust in great detail. Please take the 6 minutes required to watch this video.

"Auschwitz – The Last Photo Album", Israel National News, April 21, 2009

The information provided in this short documentary is a capsulized format of the voluminous historical book entitled, "The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide", by Robert Jay Lifton, Basic Books, Inc. Publishers, New York, 1986.

While this book is out of print, I would highly recommend you trying to find it in the used book section of one of the many bookstores on the Internet. Your appreciation of the highly sophisticated manner in which the Nazis exterminated 6 million Jews will grow exponentially as well as your horror over the reality that Western society in general, and America in particular, are following a parallel course of conditioning the people to accept the next slaughter of the next despised minority -- Fundamental Christians.

In this first article on the German Holocaust from the night of Kristallnacht, November 9, 1938, to the day when Allied forces closed the last German death camp, May 5, 1945, we shall examine the way in which Hitler diabolically prepared the German people for the murder of all Jews in Europe and how the American people today have been conditioned in much the same way to hate the Fundamental Christian.

Historians have asked the question, "How could the Germany of Martin Luther have been so captured by Adolf Hitler"?

Americans had better start asking the question, "How can the America of Pastor Jonathan Edwards have been so captured by the rampant forces of Antichrist already present and active"?


Let us begin by examining Germany.

We have repeatedly stated the truth that the New World Order is sanitized Nazism. New Agers believe the same religious and societal tenets as did the Nazis (NEWS1004). Both systems recognized the need for a superman leader, thoroughly trained in the secret ways of the occult. Both groups preached that the world must come together in a global system of government, religion, and economy, under the leadership of their superman. And, both systems call their superman, Anti-Christ. We have identified over 40 specific areas of commonality of belief and goals between the New World Order of Adolf Hitler and that of the current leadership throughout the world to the ultimate New World Order.

Since this is the truth, we should not be surprised to learn that American society is traveling down a parallel path that Germany travelled from the late 1800's to 1938, when Hitler began his superheated persecution of the Jews. We shall discuss the manner in which the Nazis gradually drew the noose around the collective necks of their major enemy, the Jews; then, we shall see that the present New World Order is similarly drawing the noose around the necks of their major enemy, the Born-Again, Fundamentalist Christian.

Prepare to be shocked.

Satan began to condition Germans to accept the Holocaust in the late 1800's, when he prompted an explosion amongst the population in the popularity of the old Nordic legends. For the first time in centuries, Germans of every level of society began to delve in these old heroic legends. Of course, the religion of the Nordic tribes was Satanism. Therefore, Germans who were immersing themselves in this old society were also being subtly immersed in Satanism. Soon, Germans began to subscribe to the values of Satanism in their personal lives, without realizing it.

One of the major byproducts of this new love for the romantic warrior hero was a belief that only the strong deserved to live. Only the strong made the nation powerful enough to defeat its enemies. Conversely, the weak and the beggarly, the sick and the ill, the handicapped, the mentally unfit, and the inherently decrepit (the Jew), were seen as a drain on society. A phrase was created to describe these types of people, one that will reverberate throughout history -- a life unworthy of life. This attitude so permeated German society that millions came to believe it in the deepest recesses of their heart. In the two decades before Hitler assumed power, certain doctors and nurses so believed this insidious lie that they began to misuse medical technology so as to kill those people under their care. When Hitler came to power, he simply threw the resources of the Central Government behind this moving juggernaut, a fact succinctly captured by Robert Jay Lifton in his book, "The Nazi Doctors".

"On all sides there took shape the principle that the practice of extermination was part of the legitimate business of government". (Page 48; Emphasis added)

Satan was manipulating the scene.

And, since Satan has always hated the Jew, Anti-Semitism began to grow. Anti-Jewish feelings began to percolate through the people, subtlety at first, so minor that no one even noticed. However, as Germany approached the decade of the 1920's, more Jewish hatred than ever began to be manifested. At first, this hatred was carried out by individual Germans against fellow German Jews. Jewish employees began to realize that, suddenly, they were not being promoted, or were being fired for no good reason. Universities and colleges began to pass internal rules that kept Jewish scholars out of academia. Jewish children in schools began to bitterly complain that they were mistreated in school by their classmates, while too many teachers and administrators failed to right the wrong and punish the guilty.

Collectively, German Jews could feel the tightening of the noose. Jews were like most people in any other age; all they wanted was to be left alone in peace, to be allowed to grow up, have a family, have grandchildren, and die a natural death in peace. And, as most people, Jews were reluctant to believe the worst case scenario, i.e., that the entire German nation could turn on them suddenly and begin killing them. Even when Adolf Hitler made these threats come alive, in print, when he published "Mein Kampf", most German Jews refused to believe he could ever bring it to pass.

Incredibly, even as Jews were forced in ghettos as they awaited their final extermination, they continued to live in the illusion that their persecution was temporary and that Hitler would never, ever really try to carry out the words of deathmaking in "Mein Kampf". All the Nazis had to do to ensure that Jews would blindly walk into the death showers was to comfort them with kind words in a crematorium designed to look like a nursing home.

Today, too many people continue to live in their illusions. They refuse to be warned of the coming Holocaust against Christians, insisting that they continue living in their strong delusions.

The worsening hatred and persecution of the Jews took a strong turn for the worse when Hitler assumed power in 1933. Now, German Government resources began to pour through every avenue of society to step up the attack. One of the major new weapons against the Jew was propaganda -- primarily posters, radio, and the new movie industry. Jews were consistently painted stereotypically as being non-human, dangerous to society, greedy, stupid, etc. The greatest propaganda film of all time was the Nazi film, "The Wandering Jew". This film depicted the Jew as wandering over the earth, infesting every country with their filth. This film graphically portrayed the Jew as being rats, a stereotype that stuck in the minds of millions of Germans. Objective historians agree that "The Wandering Jew" made the Holocaust not only possible, but inevitable.

Now, the stage was set for wholesale public persecution of the Jews. Hitler was convinced that the average German on the street would do nothing to stop an all-out assault. The year was 1938; all Hitler needed was an excuse to crack the whip on the Jew. And, make no mistake about the fact that he would get that excuse, even if he had to invent the specific act of provocation. This is one historic fact every person in America should completely understand. Many a government in history has secretly created the very incident against which it is "forced" to "react". As we move into the actual implementation of this New World Order, understand that American Government provocateurs might very well be at work behind the scenes to produce the violence they need to accomplish their coveted goal.

Hitler did not have to wait long, for Satan is a master at arranging events with just the right timing. On November 7, 1938, in Paris, France, a young and very distraught Jewish man shot and killed a German diplomatic officer with a revolver, as a protest against Jewish mistreatment. Hitler and his cronies had the incident for which they had been waiting. On the evening of November 9, the Satanic Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, ordered that demonstrations against this murder begin immediately. German newspapers, totally under Nazi control, reported the stories of these riots as though they were spontaneous, as though these represented the final breakthrough of pent-up German emotion against the Jew. Hitler and Goebbels painted the entire Jewish population of Germany with the same broad brush as they painted the Jewish murderer of the German diplomat. These Nazis used an event they knew was definitely not representative of the Jewish population, as the excuse to initiate a policy of the most brutal persecution. The entire Jewish people were made to suffer, and ultimately die, for the murder of this one German.

The result was one of the truly horrifying episodes in all of recorded history. The Reverend Paul Schenck writes, in his book, "The Extermination of Christianity", that this "spontaneous" demonstration, called Kristallnacht -- the night of the broken glass -- transformed German society forever, ultimately resulting in Hitler's Final Solution of the Jewish "problem" in the ovens of the Holocaust. Hitler galvanized the whole German population into action against his one major, identifiable enemy, the Jew. If the Jew had not existed in Germany in the numbers and the influence in which they did, Hitler would have had to invent some other enemy.

As a result of his deadly persecution against the Jews, Hitler was able to seize absolute dictatorial control of Germany. Using the chaos which his own plans had created, Hitler became Germany's all powerful military ruler. The Holocaust had begun.

Now, return with me to America, today. The Neo-Nazi New World Order is about to break upon us with full force. Does the leadership of this new order have a strong, identifiable enemy against whom the American people could be galvanized? Yes, they do, and they plan to use this group in the same way in which Hitler used the Jew -- to seize absolute, dictatorial power. Who is this group? The Fundamentalist, Born-Again Christian. I have noticed that the authors of the New World Order enthusiastically welcome all members of all other religions into their ranks, except for one -- Fundamentalist Born-Again Christians. Something, or someone, is really getting their anger aroused against this group. And, most importantly, the American Government and Media are cooperating in an effort to systematically condition the average citizen on the street against Born-Again Christians. The planned result will be the same -- an outbreak of intense persecution that will simultaneously eradicate the Christian, and deliver the kingdom to Anti-Christ.

From the moment the Evangelical Christian community began to accept President Bush as one of their own, I warned that this was a mistake of monumental proportion! If Bush were to become greatly discredited, then his major supporters could become discredited as well. As Bush dragged this country the the muck and mire of the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, as he became ever more unpopular for his stance on many issues, we continued to warn that Fundamental Christians could be as targeted by a future President as the Jews were targeted by Adolf Hitler.

Sadly, our warnings were ignored and today, the beginnings of a hatred toward genuine Christians is clearly visible.

From an historic, sociologic point of view, one can see evidences of upcoming persecution by the majority against a minority when certain events begin to occur: Let us examine these seven events which herald the coming of persecution of an identifiable minority.

Societal Evidence # 1. When the majority begins to act boldly against the leadership of the minority, specifically violating law and/or precedent as they move against this leadership. When police began to attack and beat anti-abortion protestors without punishment, this was an event of historic proportion for it is a barometer of even more persecution. Police have also been falsely accusing anti-abortion protestors of inciting violence, and the courts have been backing them fully. When Christian street preachers in Pennsylvania are arrested for passing out tracts and preaching the Gospel, and the court system actually charges them, you have every reason to expect that actual persecution and eventual holocaust is on the horizon.

Evidence Number 2 is closely related to this first one:

Societal Evidence # 2. When the court system begins to impose far heavier sentences against the leadership of the minority than would be expected or than has been the case historically for that type of "offense".

This type of activity began with the case against Reverend Jim Baker 20 years ago. While no Christian leader condoned Baker's behavior, many were severely taken aback by the imposed sentence of 45 years in prison. This sentence was frankly unbelievable!! Murderers, drug dealers, and extortionists do not receive this heavy of a sentence. And, in Baker's case, no one was murdered, and no drugs were alleged to have been part of the case. When the public outcry did not come, leadership of the New World Order knew they could step up their program against the Fundamentalist Christian.

Societal Evidence #3. When the rhetoric against the minority begins to be superheated. Militant feminine leaders, and the leadership of Gays and Lesbians have been engaged in superheated rhetoric for many years now. These leaders have been advocating extremely strong measures against the hated Fundamentalist Christians who dare oppose their agenda. But, when the supreme leader of the majority begins to attack the minority on some issue(s), uses superheated language and resorts to innuendo, lies, and distortions in his attack, you know certainly that persecution is about to begin. When President Clinton threatened pro-life leader, Bob Jewett, during a televised Michigan town meeting with overt Government action against him, everyone should have known the lateness of the hour. Clinton stated, "I'm gonna make sure you Operation Rescue types spend the rest of your lives in jail". (Quoted from Paul Schenck's book, "The Extermination of Christianity", p. 76). Notice that Clinton was threatening to become personally involved in the government campaign against the anti-abortion movement, and especially notice the specific threat of lifetime jail. This is a sure sign of the impending outbreak of official, severe persecution.

This present President, Barack Obama, as Liberal as he is, concerns me. I can see him coming after Christian leaders and ministries strongly. As the world gets closer to the time when the final global war is ignited to stage Antichrist, I believe this President will carry the verbal torch against Christians.

Societal Evidence # 4. When laws begin to be enacted specifically targeting the minority. For several years, Christians have been targeted through zoning regulations and the reduction of tax privileges. A good example of this type of activity which presages overt persecution is reported by the "Prophecy In The News" newsletter. Effective January 1, 1994, the IRS will no longer allow charitable deductions to be taken on the full amount of book and tape purchases; rather, the charitable contribution claimed must be only for the amount that is over and above the "Fair-Market Value" of such material. Remember, the issue here is not the merits of the ruling. The issue here is that an official department of the Federal government, the IRS, created a ruling that is unconstitutional. Our Constitution specifically prohibits this type of action. The First Amendment clearly states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".

Remember, every President since Woodrow Wilson has been leading this country to the New World Order. Therefore, every judge at every level has been selected by New World Order Presidents. Most judges in America today are part of this new order. We will see later how this truth is demonstrated graphically later.

You also know that persecution is about to break out when rhetoric begins to be heard that laws should be enacted against the hated minority.

Societal Evidence # 5. When the court system and the Justice system begin to ignore fundamental laws (in our case, the Constitution) as they press their attack. One of the most telling signs of an impending persecution is when the criminal justice system begins to rule consistently against the minority, especially when these adverse rulings completely contradict past precedent and current law. We have already spoken about the unusually heavy sentences meted out to Jim Baker.

However, this next example is most important, because it blatantly violates our Constitution. On January 24, 1994, the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the infamous RICOH Act could be used against abortion protestors. This ruling is most shocking, because the Supreme Court has allowed RICOH's use to be expanded far beyond its original goal. For those of you who might not be familiar with the RICOH Act, let me briefly explain. The RICOH Act was passed in 1970, designed specifically against drug running and corrupt racketeering rings. Since people become involved in this type activity because of the huge profits realized, lawmakers designed RICOH to deprive drug lords of their illegally gotten assets. The RICOH Act empowers the U.S. Government to seize all the assets of an individual only on the basis of an accusation. Government law enforcement agencies do not have to wait for court conviction to seize all the assets of the accused; they can seize assets on the basis of an accusation only. And, if the accused wins acquittal in a court of law, the Federal Government does not have to return all the assets they had seized.

It did not matter to lawmakers or the President that the Constitution, upon which the legal system of this country is based, forbids this type of action prior to court conviction. The Constitution guarantees that accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and must receive "due process" of the law. But, today, every person who tries to hold a government agency or official to what the Constitution says is immediately considered a "domestic terrorist". Our society is far down the path to totalitarianism!

This law is the type a totalitarian dictator would issue. In fact, the passage of this RICOH Act was a most blatant example of "pre-Totalitarian legislation". Legal "experts" predicted that RICOH would be immediately struck down by the Supreme Court, because it was so obviously unconstitutional. However, they did not realize that the entire Justice System is supportive of the New World Order agenda. Our judges are most biased; most of them are as committed to the tenets of the New World Order as any politician. The fact the High Court allowed RICOH to stand proves this allegation beyond argument.

When RICOH was being passed some discerning Christian leaders believed the ultimate target was not the hated drug lords, but Born-Again Fundamentalist Christians; and, they warned the people. These clear thinking leaders were laughed to scorn; no one believed them. They were accused of being morbidly afraid. No one is accusing them now. This ruling makes it obvious the target is Fundamental Christianity.

We may expect more such laws in the near future. The day when Christians, both leaders and followers, are arrested and their assets seized, is close at hand. This is one of the strongest indications that the planned persecution is imminent.

Societal Evidence # 6. When the media becomes the willing participant in the ideological attack on the minority, when their reporting becomes biased and deliberately distorted. In the night known as Kristallnacht, the first overt German government action against the Jew, tens of thousands of Jews were arrested and sent to preconstructed concentration camps. Yet, the media reported that only 36 people had been killed and only 36 seriously injured. What a lie. The media was cooperating in this Nazi New World Order plan, and had been for many years. Their newspapers, magazines, and movies had been cooperating in the desecration of the Jew in the minds of Gentile Germans for decades, conditioning people to believe the worst about their Jewish neighbors.

The most infamous Nazi propaganda was a cartoon depicting the Jew as a filthy rat!

In the same way, American media has been portraying Fundamentalist Christians as, "a stooge, a hypocrite, a charlatan, a racist, an anti-Semite, mentally ill, a thief, a con artist, a child molester, a rapist, a murderer and a cannibal!" (Schenck, "The Extermination of Christianity", p. 89). Movies, TV shows, and popular music groups have been conditioning their followers for several decades to believe these lies. The time has come when the majority of people in our population will not greatly complain when Christians are overtly attacked and killed. And, just as in Germany, enough American men and women have come to hate Christians sufficiently to actively participate in the murder. Another sign of impending persecution. A big one.

Before we leave the subject of the media, we need to speak of Christian radio and Internet, long an thorn near to the heart of New World Order adherents. Using Christian radio and Internet, leaders have boldly spoken the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus to an audience that is potentially as large as secular media. With this Christian alternative media, there is no way that New World Order leadership can prohibit someone from hearing the Gospel and becoming saved. Additionally, Christian radio/Internet is very bold in proclaiming Biblical absolute values to a world which has rejected absolute values. Only Christian media speaks out boldly and often against the Gays Rights Agenda, Drug Legalization, the ACLU, the pro-New World Order agenda of the National Education Association (NEA), and many other issues. Christian media is daily spraying this nation with the truth, for any one who wants to listen. What can be done to stop this?

The only answer is to remove Christian radio and Internet - take them down. However, it is difficult, high profile, and very risky, to simply pass a law prohibiting Christian media. There are still too many people who understand free exercise of religion issues that would likely protest. A far better way to skin this cat is to regulate Christian alternative media out of existence. Such a law is making its way through Congress, known as the "Fairness In Broadcasting Act". Under the provisions of this bill, when the license of an individual radio station comes up for renewal, the listening audience is invited to write to government regulators with any comments. If just a handful of people protest the program content of a radio station, government FTC regulators have the discretion to refuse to renew that station's license.

Thus, Christian media is under attack as never before in history. Another sign of the end.

Societal Evidence #7. When deliberate death making begins to occur in society, led by the official leadership, you know that the upcoming persecution is close; because, if leaders can boldly kill people of one group without suffering public defeat, they know they can then kill people of whatever group they desire. Public acceptance of Abortion On Demand and Euthanasia are stepping stones to the planned holocaust against the really big enemy of the New World Order, the Born-Again, Fundamental Christian.

When all these societal factors are beginning to occur, the leadership of the majority will be daily looking at public reaction. If the public reacts negatively, the majority leadership will back off from their plans. If the public does not react negatively, or supports the beginning steps of persecution, the leadership becomes emboldened to move more rapidly to the "Final Solution".

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

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God bless you.

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