Title: Presidents Bush/Obama 'Regime Change' Plan In Action: A Final Scorecard

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Subtitle: Have the interventionist overthrow actions by Bush/Blair/Obama failed or have they succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imagination?

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One of the most dramatic announcements in modern American history occurred just three days after the attacks of 9/11.

NEWS BRIEF: "Stage Set For Attack", by Susanne M. Schafer, Associated Press, The Sun Chronicle, Friday, September 14, 2001

"WASHINGTON -- "In the most explicit descriptions yet of the Bush administration's intentions, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said Thursday the retaliation would be continued until the roots of terrorism are destroyed. 'These people try to hide. They won't be able to hide forever ... They think their harbors are safe, but they won't be safe forever ... it's not simply a matter of capturing people and holding them accountable, but removing the sanctuaries, removing the support systems, ending states who sponsor terrorism." [Page 2]

"Ending states" is a most somber and terrifying term, for it strongly implies that the Bush Administration has every intention of destroying entire nation states. The United States State Department has long kept a list of states that sponsor terrorism. On this list are: Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Just days later, President George W. Bush delivered a speech in which he said that, in the world today, three nations exist who are so evil and so threatening to mankind that they constituted an "Axis of Evil". Those three nations were Iraq, Iran and North Korea. We posted an article on this subject, NEWS1750, posted in December, 2002, entitled, "President Bush Declares War On All 'Axis of Evil' Nations".

Quoting excerpts from this Archived Headline News article, we learn:

"NEWS BRIEF: "US forces told to destroy supply lines of terror", By Charles Laurence in New York, David Wastell, and Jack Fairweather in Kuwait, 24/11/2002, news.telegraph.co.uk

"American special forces commandos have been ordered to launch covert operations against arms supply lines to terrorists and the three rogue nations referred to by President George W. Bush as the 'axis of evil'. Mr Bush has signed a classified executive order giving special forces unprecedented authority to combat and, if necessary, destroy arms suppliers who aid terrorism and any attempts to develop weapons of mass destruction."

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush Says US Must Prepare For Preemptive Action", by Adam Entous, Rense.com, June 2, 2002.

"WEST POINT, N.Y. (Reuters) - Without mentioning Iraq by name, President Bush told future U.S. military leaders on Saturday they must be prepared to launch preemptive strikes to keep 'terrorists and tyrants' from obtaining weapons of mass destruction. 'We face a threat with no precedent,' Bush told the first class to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point since the Sept. 11 attacks. Echoing the dire warnings of other administration officials, Bush said: 'The dangers have not passed ... because we know the terrorists have more money and more men and more plans'."

" 'In the world we have entered the only path to safety is the path of action and this nation will act', he said, adding that all Americans must be 'ready for preemptive action when necessary to defend our liberty and to defend our lives'.

This speech was immediately dubbed, "The Bush Doctrine" for it laid out an unprecedented plan of systematic and periodic invasion of a sovereign country with which we are not officially at war. Remember what the President said: "all Americans must be ready for preemptive action". We immediately brought to your attention the fact that this new doctrine was perilously close to the "Pre-Crime" capability of society in the movie, "Minority Report". Toward the end of this movie, all people held for years under this Pre-Crime law were released, because it was finally proven that many of those thus arrested had done nothing wrong, had committed no crime! They had been wrongly accused and jailed; thank God they had not been killed!

Unless a President is as Omniscient as God, we may discover that we have attacked a nation based upon faulty intelligence; we may have killed many thousands or millions of people, only to discover -- as authorities did in "Minority Report" -- that we were wrong. This kind of doctrine is potentially fatally dangerous simply because our leaders are human, subject to frailties and to faulty intelligence. The "Bush Doctrine" seems to take the initiative for action from the hands of the President, giving it to the writers of the intelligence report!

We wrote this warning in December, 2002, fully four months before Bush ordered American forces to lead Coalition Troops across the Iraqi border in an unprecedented attack (On March 20, 2003). Americans fought there until December 31, 2011, when President Obama carried out President Bush's plan to withdraw. Thus, American troops fought in Iraq for 3,208 Days (equals 13) or for 8 Years, 9 Months, 11 Days.

Now, three years after the pullout, concrete results are in that will allow us to grade the results compared to the rhetorical goals Bush set before the invasion. The President said he was going to accomplish the following goals in his military campaign.

1) Eliminate Saddam Hussein as dictator.

2) Stop him from using his stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction -- Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological -- on his neighbors or give them to terrorists.

3) Free Iraqi people from Hussein's tyranny and give them freedom through a system of democracy.

Now, 11 years later, how are the Iraqi people faring? They no longer have the dictator, Saddam Hussein, but are they free and did they suffer from Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction? What is the scorecard on this terrible war?

NEWS BRIEF: "Bitter Truth: Iraq and Libya were better off under tyrants toppled by arrogant and naive West ", by Stephen Glover, The Daily Mail, 30 July 2014

"The tragic events in Gaza and Ukraine may be dominating the news, but even more terrible things are happening in Libya and Iraq. In both cases a naive and stupendously ill-conceived Western foreign policy is almost entirely to blame ... in the north of Iraq — a country allegedly delivered into freedom from Saddam Hussein in 2003 — a psychopathic organisation called Islamic State (previously known as ISIS) is executing thousands of Shia Muslims and Christians as the central government in Baghdad looks on, powerless to intervene. The largely untold story of the persecuted Iraqi Christian minority is especially shaming for those avowedly Christian leaders, George W. Bush and Tony Blair, who were responsible for the invasion of Iraq."

For anyone possessing the mindset of Stephen Glover, they simply cannot understand what is occurring in the entire Middle East region. In October, 2001, President George W. Bush (Republican) ordered the invasion of an elusive "terrorist" Osama bin Laden, blamed for the attacks on 9/11. On March 20, 2003, President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein from using his non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction against his neighbors and from giving nukes to terrorists like Osama bin Laden.

Even the President's own 9/11 Commission admitted that Saddam possessed no WMD and that he hated bin Laden so much he would likely have never given him WMD even if he had it. But, the United Nations and alternate Conservative websites -- including Cutting Edge Ministries -- were loudly proclaiming that no evidence existed to prove the White House claims.

For whatever reason Skull & Bones President Bush ordered the invasion, it was not for his publicly stated goals. (Continue reading to see exactly why Skull & Bones Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.)

In the past six months, I have been seeing editorials asking "Why We Lost Afghanistan" and now, this week, I read an opinion column entitled, "Losing Iraq".

In each these articles, the author had his eye on the wrong goal. He assumed in discussing both countries that we had not attained the stated goal, and, therefore, the result will be "failure" of President Bush's mission. If you compare the public rhetoric of President Bush with the ultimate outcome, you will also conclude that America failed in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

In both Afghanistan and Iraq, Bush said that our goal was to remove the dictatorship in both countries and then help the people establish "democracy". We quickly crushed the Taliban dictatorship in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, but never did really and truly try to win the hearts and minds of the citizenry. Instead, we bombed their cities and towns, spread uranium dust everywhere and alienated the average citizen so completely one has to ask the question, did we ruin our chances to achieve a united country on purpose?

The truth is, that if President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair really had the two goals in mind that we enunciated above, then they miserably failed.

BUT -- if you examine the results of our invasion of these two nations against the REAL goal as outlined in the "Pentagon's New Map Strategy", you will realize that Bush and his New World Order cronies achieved exactly -- precisely -- what the "Pentagon's New Map strategy" called for in the first place. We posted the original article on this new Pentagon strategy on March 14, 2003, less than one week before American troops led the 'Coalition of the Willing' across the Iraqi border. Let us go back to this article to see how events in from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Egypt to Syria and now to Central and Southern Africa, have proceeded exactly according to THIS plan.

The REAL goal was to upset the stability that reigned in those countries and sow the most bitter instability imaginable. Understanding that the these were the real goals, Bush and Blair achieved brilliant success. Let us examine this Pentagon plan now.

NEWS1833, entitled, "The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap" (Posted March 14, 2003) ! Based upon the new Book "The Pentagon's New Map", written by Pentagon Think Tank member, Commander Thomas P.M. Barnett. The author was also a professor of the U.S. Naval War College and a Senior Strategic Researcher. In other words, Commander Barnett was an Illuminati insider of the highest ranking.

Quoting excerpts from this article.

The Pentagon has divided the world into two segments. Since the attacks of 9/11, Wars, Rumors of Wars, Earthquakes in divers places, volcanoes, and pestilence has ravaged countries in the 'Non-Integrating Gap'! Events have shown both a pattern and a purpose, not occurring by accident or by random. Millions are displaced and are dying.

But, the worst is yet to come!

Once you understand this reality: that some countries and regions are lagging behind the rest of the world in being incorporated into the Global Economy and Government, and need to be boot-kicked into fully joining the world body, you will understand why we are now at war, and why we will keep on going to war, from the Middle East to the Korean Peninsula, to Indonesia, to Pakistan, to Cuba, to Somalia and to East Timor.

According to Illuminist thinking, there are only two types of nations in the world today:

1. Nations who are already functioning in the new Global System or who are clearly and firmly going in that direction -- the "Functioning Core"

2. Nations who are not now functioning in the Global System and are not likely to do so in the foreseeable future, unless they are kicked into it by U.S. or European troops, or by the threat of invasion.

These nations are called the "Non-Integrating Gap".


The strategy being followed by the United States and the European Union is to "shrink the gap". The fly-leaf to this book quite boldly states:

"The Pentagon's New Map is a cutting-edge approach to globalization that combines security, economic, political and cultural factors to do no less than predict and explain the nature of war and peace in the twenty-first century ... Barnett's book crystallizes recent American military history and strategy, sets the parameters for where our forces will likely be headed in the future, outlines the unique role that America can and will play in establishing international stability ... For anyone seeking to understand the Iraq's, Afghanistan's, and Liberia's of the present and future, the intimate new links between foreign policy and national security; the operational realities of the world as it exists today, 'The Pentagon's New Map' is a template, a Rosetta Stone ... There is no book more essential for 2004 and beyond."

In other words, The Pentagon has developed a global strategy which will:

1) "explain the nature of war and peace in the twenty-first century";

2) "sets the parameters for where our forces will likely be headed in the future";

3) " outlines the unique role that America can and will play in establishing international stability";

In other words, this new Pentagon strategy is determining where America has gone to war, with whom, and for what purpose since the attacks of 9/11! Cutting Edge Ministries has long argued that the areas of the world in which American forces attacked under President George W. Bush were very well planned out a long time prior to 9/11. 'The Pentagon's New Map' is simply the tool which fleshes out our original belief.

According to this strategy, Bush's invasions of Afghanistan (2001) and of Iraq (2003) must be thought of as the first salvos of a very long war which will encompass the Middle Eastern and the African countries of the Non-Integrating Gap. Once the goal of fatally destabilizing these two countries was accomplished, American and Allied troops were to be withdrawn and the war extended to other states in this gap region.

Thus, war and dramatic unrest has exploded in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Kenya, Chad, Ethiopia, and the Central African Republic. These nations must be prepared to surrender their national sovereignty to the coming regional government as outline by the Club of Rome Plan. This reality means that all obstacles toward unification into the planned regional government and the transition to a cashless economy must be removed, by force if necessary. Returning to our original article on this subject -- NEWS1833 -- we see what these obstacles are:

1. Repressive Dictatorship run by one man

2. Repressive Religions that hold on to "Tradition" with all means, thereby resisting the new paradigm

3. Abject poverty is mentioned as a reason a country is not "connected" to the Global System, but poverty is usually the result of a repressive dictatorship that either siphons huge resources out of the economy or is so repressive he won't allow the individual freedoms necessary to produce wealth in the economy.

What is America's planned role in this strategy to kick countries in the Non-Integrating Gap into the Functioning Core?

Quoting once again from NEWS1833, we read:

"Our next war in the Gulf will mark a historic tipping point -- the moment when Washington takes real ownership of strategic security in the age of globalization." [P. 174]

Can you imagine the arrogance of this statement? Washington, D.C., plans to "take real ownership of strategic security" when it invades or threatens to invade, individual countries! This haughty statement reveals that American military and political leaders view this country literally as the King Kong of the world, and all other nations as tiny monkeys to be disposed of at will!

Using America in this manner is consistent with the Illuminist Guiding Spirit principle first enunciated during the Revolutionary War and its immediate aftermath; the demonic Guiding Spirits of our Masonic and Rosicrucian Founding Fathers told them that America was to be established as the occult "New Atlantis" so that she would gradually move all nations of the world into the Satanic system known as the New World Order ['The New Atlantis' DVD, part #1 of the series, 'Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings', pictured left]

Thus, America has been instrumental in all wars of the 20th Century and is now moving into high gear to force all the rest of the countries in the world into this new global system. Lamentably, America is fulfilled the role conceived for her by our Masonic and Rosicrucian Founding Fathers, to lead the world into the Kingdom of The Masonic Christ (New World Order) -- whom the Bible will call Antichrist.

Since America was conceived as the nation who was designed to lead the rest of the world's nations into this Kingdom of Antichrist, we should not be too surprised to learn that our street layout designs, our monuments and paintings, and frescoes within Government Center contain numerous occult symbols of Antichrist.

We have demonstrated that the street design in Government Center in Washington, D.C., has been cunningly laid out in such a manner that certain Luciferic symbols are depicted by the streets, cul-de-sacs and rotaries. This design was created by an Masonic architect in 1791, just a few years after Freemasonry assumed the leadership of the New World Order, in 1782. Remember, occult leaders in Europe were told by their Familiar Spirits as early as the 1740's that the new American continent was to be established as the new "Atlantis", and its destiny was to assume the global leadership of the drive to the New World Order. From the beginning, the United States of America was chosen to lead the world into this kingdom of Antichrist, and Washington, D.C. was to be its capital.

Please take the time to read the full story in NEWS1040, entitled, "Masonic Symbols of Power In Their Seat of Power -- Washington, D.C." and NEWS1487, entitled, "Our Original American Forefathers Continually Dedicated America to Satan From 1791 to the late 1890's")

Fast-forward to the Administration of Skull & Bones President George W. Bush in late 2001, you will realize that he ordered the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq according to the same viewpoint of America's Founding Fathers, i.e., America was to be the nation to lead the rest of the world into the New World Order! The words of Navy Commander Barnett rings true with the viewpoint of America's Fathers when he says in "The Pentagon's New Map":

"Our next war in the Gulf will mark a historic tipping point -- the moment when Washington takes real ownership of strategic security in the age of globalization."

Thus, America has taken "real ownership of strategic security" in each of the nations writing in the throes of war in the Non-Integrating Gap!

Now that you can see this entire "Non-Integrating Gap" region exploding in war and instability, you can understand that the Pentagon has, indeed, achieved its REAL goals. Today, no powerful dictator -- whether religious or secular -- can resist surrendering his national sovereignty to the planned regional government.

That instability, resulting in weak governments throughout the region, was the original strategy and it has worked to perfection.

Supernation #7 (Northern Africa & the Middle East) and Supernation #8 (Central and Southern Africa) are in the process of coming together. The field is being plowed right now through wars, rumors of wars, pestilence, and internal dissent. Can you hear the hoof beats of the coming Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?
The End is nigh.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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