Title: Which Type of President Is More Likely To Ram The North American Union Through A Reluctant Congress?

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And then, there were ten! God's Ten. God's Prophetic Ten.

Did you know that the last time the peoples of the known world attempted to establish a One World Government, Economy and Religion was at the Tower of Babel? God foiled the plans of man at the Tower of Babel to create a One-World Society by causing different languages to suddenly appear so that people could no longer communicate well enough to build the Tower. People who could understand each other gathered into groups and rather quickly physically moved to other locations. This moving away from the other groups soon involved thousands of miles, creating the current system of nations which we have been traditionally familiar. These separate nations speaking different languages soon produced different cultures, with widely differing values and ways of looking at life. These cultural differences acted as an additional brake against the uniting in a One-World Society.

Since the Tower of Babel, God's plan was to separate the nations of the world into many nations, spread across the entire known world. Thus, difference in languages, and diversity of cultures brought about by the different languages, and the fact that populations were spread far and wide, kept mankind from ever cooperating enough to join as a single global government, economy and religion.

But, the "Illumined Ones", the "Masters of the Illuminati", always held a far different view. They desperately wanted a global government, economy and religion, led by their coveted Masonic Christ (Antichrist). Satan has always worked through the men who worship him, especially those who are Adepts in a Secret Society. In 1870, Satan worked through one of the top Freemasons in the world, Albert Pike.

Pike was the Grand Commander of North American Freemasonry from 1859-1891. During his tenure, Pike caught a global vision of what Freemasonry could achieve, and so he turned his immense intellect toward achieving this vision. Consequently, Albert Pike was considered to be the foremost Freemason leader of the world at that time, and perhaps, the greatest of all time. His monumental Freemasonry teaching guide entitled, "Morals And Dogma of the Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry", is still handed to Initiates who have gone through the First Blue Lodge Degree.

Albert Pike received a demonic vision, described below. On January 22, 1870, Pike and one of his international co-conspirators, Guiseppe Mazzini, published the Plan which would establish the New World Order. This Plan was kept very secret, only within Freemasonry circles since the time of its inception, known only to fellow occult Illuminist conspirators. (This information is taken from a book from a former Luciferian Illuminist, Doc Marquis. His book is "Secrets of the Illuminati" and reveals much formerly hidden detail known only to Illuminists. You may also read of this secret plan for the New World Order in a book by historian Bill Still entitled "New World Order"!).

The secret Pike plan to control the world foresaw the need for three world wars. Stop here for a moment to remember the date of this prediction: January 22, 1870. This date is 44 years before the beginning of World War I. Once you understand the facts we are about to share with you and realize the length of time between this prediction and the beginning of its fulfillment, you can understand how supernatural forces were truly in command. Further, January 22, 1870, is occulticly significant also. The number 22 is one of the three important occultic primary numbers (11, 22, and 33).

The Pike Plan to overthrow the Judeo-Christian Old World Order, and establish the Satanic New World Order foresaw the need for war. However, this war was not the type of warfare the world had seen historically. This war was to be on a much larger scale than history had ever recorded. This war was to be global, or world-wide.

The details of this Pike Plan {January 22, 1870} for three (3) World Wars to establish the New World Order is as follows: (As you are reading this demonic prophecy, remember the occult concept of Thesis battling Antithesis to produce the new system, Synthesis. World Wars I & II were fought to establish Antithesis, to set up the Cold War, that "controlled conflict or threat of conflict" that would produce the new system, Synthesis).

I. The First World War was designed to enable the Czarist Government in Russia to be finally and completely overthrown. The new Russian government was foreseen to be atheistic and militaristic. Further, Pike specified that this new Russian Government was to be Communistic. Karl Marx had published his Communist Manifesto in 1848, exactly 22 years before this occultic prophecy through Albert Pike. Isn't it interesting that the occultic number 22 keeps popping up? The multiplier numbers, 44 and 66 also keep appearing, as you will see in a few moments.

History records that this First World War did, indeed, occur just as listed, above. The Western powers in Europe, in conjunction with the United States, financed Lenin's expedition into Russia, they financed his government consistently, and we have financed Russian Communism at least once per decade since then.

As the First World War was winding down, a major global effort was made to create a One World Government, which was called the League of Nations. This plan was defeated by the United States' Senate, because some of its members had been warned by their pastors that this plan seemed to fulfill the One World Government of Antichrist.

II. The Second World War was foreseen to originate between Great Britain and Germany. However, one of the planned results of this war was to strengthen the new Communist Russian government, so that it could weaken and destroy other governments and religions.

History again records that the Second World War did, indeed, accomplish this objective. The war started when Germany invaded Poland, causing Great Britain to declare war on Germany. Very soon, the troika (3's) of powers were set up to wage this war. The Black Magic occultists allied themselves when Germany linked with Italy and Japan; the White Magic occultists allied themselves together as Great Britain linked with the United States and Russia. Do not be deceived. This war was fought between two (2) New World Order forces, the "evil" alliance of the Axis Powers or the "good" alliance of the Allied Powers; the war was between the Black Magic forces against the White Magic forces. But, we shall return to this subject in more depth at a later time.

Certainly, the Pike vision of the Second World War building Russian Communism into a super power was fulfilled to a startling degree. Historians have always been mystified as to how Churchill and Roosevelt could have given away all of Eastern Europe to the Soviets, when the preponderance of power was clearly against the Soviets. Clearly, when Roosevelt and Churchill ceded all of Eastern Europe to Russia, the Communist Government of Russia, now known as the U.S.S.R. {Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) completed its transition to a super power, exactly as Pike's vision had foretold. And, let us not forget that the Second World War had given Russia capabilities it had not possessed before the War. Not only did we build up the Russian military to a frightful degree, but we had also built entire factories East of Moscow that gave Russia an instant manufacturing base. Even though Russia had paid dearly in human lives during the War, they came out of the conflict a superpower. Thanks to Roosevelt, Russia now had a kingdom to go along with its new military and industrial base.

Now, you know that Freemason President Roosevelt gave this territory to Russia simply and only because he was being true to Pike's vision of 1870!! You will never read this true history in any of your books!!

As the Second World War was being fought, a major global effort was made to create a One World Government, which was called the United Nations. In fact, Western Allied Forces called themselves the United Nations. On 24 October 1945, the United Nations was formed, and Antichrist had his baby global government. This new government of the world did not wait long for its first test on the field of battle. On 25 June 1950, North Korea invaded the South and a major war was underway. This war raged with no victory strategy in view, and ended in stalemate on 27 July 1953, when newly-elected President Dwight D. Eisenhower fulfilled a campaign promise to end the hostilities and pull American troops out of harm's way. This truce is still in effect between North and South Korea.

III. The Third World War was foreseen to be between Judaism and Islam. This prophecy is incredible in many ways, beginning with the understanding that this prophecy of a third world war occurred in 1870, a time when Israel did not exist as a nation, and when no one except Fundamentalist, Bible-believing Christians believed it would ever exist again.

Watch the events in Israel very carefully, because the final chapter is being written there. The demonic 'guiding spirits' of Freemasonry, of the leaders of the New World Order Plan, are planning a final, definitive Third World War, which will begin between Israel and her Arab neighbors and spread to the entire world. Literally, out of the smoke and destruction of this Third World War, Antichrist will come striding!

Now, let us return to our depiction of the world divided into exactly 10 supernations, assimilating the current 196 nations into only 10.

We chronicle the slow, but steady, progress which the Illuminati is making toward creating a world comprised of 10 Supernations, in this most important DVD, "The Prophetic Beast Arises: The Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming". We consider the daily fulfillment of this Ten-Toes Prophecy to be the most important in current affairs, yet most pastors and prophetic teachers are blissfully ignorant of its development. What are the key prophecies which foretell of a 10-Nation Reorganization at the End of the Age? There are three:

1) "After this I saw in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast [the Roman empire]--terrible, powerful and dreadful, and exceedingly strong. And it had great iron teeth; it devoured and crushed and trampled what was left with its feet. And it was different from all the beasts that came before it, and it had ten horns [symbolizing ten kings]. I considered the horns, and behold, there came up among them another horn, a little one, before which three of the first horns were plucked up by the roots; and behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things." (Daniel 7:7-8; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

There is no doubt whatsoever that the "another horn, a little one" is Antichrist, because he is described in typical Antichrist language, "eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things." In fact, Bible scholars have long called Antichrist the 'eleventh horn", based upon this verse. The occult has long assigned the number '11' to symbolize their coming Masonic Christ, another exciting instance to demonstrate that God's prophecy is driving world events.

2) "And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise. And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken." (Daniel 2:40-44)

The context of this verse lies in Daniel's interpretation to Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, as he explains the vision Nebuchadnezzar had of a giant man, with head of gold, etc. The final kingdom as represented by this image was the Kingdom of Antichrist, and since a man has ten toes, Bible scholars have always taught that the final Gentile world empire under Antichrist will consist of 10 (Ten) nations.

And, now the final prophecy of the formation of the 10 Super Kingdoms:

3) "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.... For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12, 17)

In 1974, a New World Order book was printed, called "Mankind At The Turning Point" in which the authors unveiled a new part of the Plan to establish dictatorial global government. This Plan called for the sovereign nations of the world to be reestablished into 10 supranational regional governments, reorganized initially as economic nations. Each of these 10 regional governments will be led by an individual ruler, each of which will ultimately report to the U.N. This plan began to be worked out on December 31, 1992, when the European Union officially began to form; this is Supernation #2, and it is still not finished! Too many citizens in the individual countries forming the E.U. object to surrendering their national sovereignty to the Supernation.

In fact, this is the primary objection in every single country being formed.

This objection was so strong from individual dictators controlling countries in Supernation #7 that President George W. Bush -- old Skull & Bones Adept -- organized a program called the "Pentagon's New Map" strategy whereby the United States would either lead an invasion, or foment unrest from within, until all entrenched dictators can be removed. As of this writing, the following entrenched dictators have either been removed or neutralized:

* Afghanistan -- Taliban has been removed. This invasion must be seen for what it was, i.e., the first salvo of a campaign to remove entrenched dictatorship, a campaign that has now engulfed virtually all of Supernation #7

* Iraq -- Saddam Hussein has been removed and killed.

* Libya - Ghaddafi has been removed.

* Egypt -- Pro-Western dictator, Mubarak, has been removed

* Morocco and Algeria have suffered "Regime Change" because of "internal dissent"

* Syria -- While President Assad is still in power, he does not possess the unquestioned authority he did before the Western war against him began five years ago. He probably will be removed as the result of an agreement between Russia and America. Iran has recently offered to grant him and his family asylum.

* Saudi Arabia has the worst, and most brutal, dictatorship in the Middle East. Her current war will result in such a disastrous demise for the House of Saud, that Western powers will dismember her, in accordance with the 2006 Pentagon New Middle East Map Plan. (See full details in NEWS2213, entitled, " President Bush's 2006 'Middle East Map' Is Enraging Friends and Foes Alike").

Once these wars are complete, Supernation #7 can be established with no objection from her former entrenched dictators.


I believe that, given the progress of the other Supernations, the Illuminati has planned that Supernation #1 will be established during the next four years. Canada, the United States of America and Mexico are planned to be joined! While much preliminary work has already been done in government cooperation, economic integration, currency planning and infrastructure, the major obstacle of surrendering national sovereignty is seemingly insurmountable to most Americans.

I am about to make one of the most controversial statements I have ever uttered, but you will agree with me shortly that this statement is true.

Only a Conservative Republican President could lead America to establish the North American Union!

This is so true, despite its initial shock value. I remember 1972, when President Nixon betrayed Conservatives by traveling to China and opening that Communist nation to the Western world. Before he left, the President had to abandon American policy of considering Taiwan as the only genuine representative of China. I remember reading an opinion column which stated that only a "Conservative" Republican could have opened China. Conservatives who were stunned into silence when their President went to China would have fought a "Liberal Democrat" to a standstill had he proposed this action.

Therefore, it is axiomatic that a Conservative can be most effective in creating a "Liberal" change in America!

How can this be true? Liberals generally will go along with what their leaders want them to do. Principles based upon bedrock foundation, like the Bible, are not part of the equation for the Liberal. But, the Conservative will take positions based upon some bedrock principle, usually the Bible. If a Liberal President proposes that America surrenders her national sovereignty so she can lead Canada and Mexico into Supernation #1 -- the North American Union -- he or she will garner the support of all Liberals and some Moderates.

But, a Liberal President will never, ever convince that solid bloc of Conservative Representatives and Senators to surrender that most sacred of all national treasures, our ability to decide on our own, without outside interference, any issue facing this nation. This is the practical definition of National Sovereignty.

A Liberal President would be stopped just short of getting enough Congressional support to form the North American Union.

But, a President with seemingly solid Conservative credentials could put together the same type of coalition which President Nixon created in 1972 when he shocked all Conservative Republicans by "opening the door to China", which meant abandoning our ally, Taiwan. Nixon had the support of virtually all Liberals, and Moderates; the Conservatives who would be most counted upon to resist such a betrayal are shamed into silent support because "their man" in the White House was the leader who was opening this formerly forbidden door!

Likewise, only a President with seemingly solid Conservative credentials could put together the coalition which would provide the majority support to finally create Supernation #1, the North American Union.

Once this prophetic scenario is finished, and the United States of America has surrendered her National Sovereignty, the prophecies of Daniel 7:7-8 snap into play immediately, telling us that the appearance of Antichrist is very close at hand. How can this be? As we explain in NEWS2363, entitled, "There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise!", only this prophecy provides a linkage between the successful conclusion of this 10-Nation Reorganization and the appearance of Antichrist.

Listen to the wording:

"And it was different from all the beasts that came before it, and it had ten horns [symbolizing ten kings]. I considered the horns, and behold, there came up among them another horn, a little one, before which three of the first horns were plucked up by the roots; and behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things." (Daniel 7:8)

Note that Antichrist arisees only after the 10 supernations, each with a king, arises on the world scene.

Once the ten nations are formed and functioning as nations, Antichrist can arise.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

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God bless you.

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