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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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May 14, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Breaking News

New Attack in Chechnya Kills at Least 30 as Truck Bombing Toll Rises

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Now Has Laser Weapons!

North Korea May Have 750 Ballistic Missiles

Nuclear accord is 'dead,' says N. Korea

Does the Korean Situation Need a Road Map?

Roh: North Korea Must Make a Choice

Carrier Vinson's tour extended to November over Korea tensions

North Korea calls U.S. "state terror" listing trick designed as a pretext for attack

South Korean president wary about Bush doctrine: Opposes US pre-emptive attack on North Korea

North Korea has dozens of nukes, top defector says

Influential South Korean Internet site uses ``citizen reporters'' to cover news

Iraqi War Aftermath

Reason for War? White House Officials Say Sept. 11 Attacks Changed Everything: We invaded Iraq because of 9/11

New Policy in Iraq to Authorize G.I.'s to Shoot Looters On Sight

Challenges facing the U.S. in Iraq

Iran urges quick US pullout from Iraq

Iraqi Shi'ite leader calls for democratic rule

3,000 bodies exhumed at Iraq mass grave

Policing Iraq Is a Job for Cops, Not Soldiers

U.S. War Chief Faces War Crimes Complaint - Belgian war lawsuits "very serious"

Terror Blast In Saudi Arabia

How The Attack Unfolded: Graphic depiction

Bin Laden Strikes again - in Saudi Arabia

Suicide Bombing Kills 91 In Saudi Arabia -- More

Bush: We'll punish the `killer' bombers

US sought security upgrade just prior to attack, now orders diplomats to leave Saudi Arabia

Bombings are linked - Putin: Some dispute claim that blasts in Chechnya and Saudi Arabia are 'absolutely identical.'

Saudi Arabian Blast Killed Nine Employees of Fairfax, Va., Defense Contractor

Explosions in Saudi Arabia ruin residences

Terrorists had sights set on US experts - Vinnell Corporation was 'cover for CIA'

FBI joins hunt for Riyadh bombers: FBI now world police force?

Israel Battles Terror -- 55th National Anniversary Today

4th Rocket Attack in Six Days

Palestinian Authority Harboring Terrorists

Israeli army kills three Palestinian policemen

Israeli Islamists Join Terror League, Hide British Terrorist

Israeli Arab group's leaders suspected of funding Hamas

Police Board Moving Bus, and More Counter-Terror

Jewish settlements stay put, says Sharon

Foreign Minister Agrees: Ceasefire Alone Is Not Enough

Rocket Attacks Pile Up In Gush Katif

Second Day of General Strike

Greek Orthodox Spokesman Visits Families of Suicide Bombers Offering "Condolences"

Bomb Rips Through Yemeni Courtroom Trying Al-Qaeda Terrorist

Model planes a terror threat?

Aceh rebels threatened with Indonesian army onslaught

Cabbie boots barfing baby boy: Driver didn't want taxi soiled with vomit, strands mom on way to hospital

Toyota Pulls Radio Ads After Angry Calls: Compared buying a used car to adopting a "problem child"

Spam filters causing legitimate e-mail to get lost

Analysis: U.S.-Russia relations tested

Second student files lawsuit over hazing suspensions

3rd-Graders Hold Razorblade Tattoo Party

Gov. Bush orders DCF to seek guardian for rape victim's baby

Govt. Recommends Other Steps Before Resorting To Red Light Cameras: Questions effectiveness

Church Apostacy Hits New High

World's first inflatable church opens Church of England

Orthodox Church credit card worshippers in Russia buy up prayer space: "Do you sell plots in Paradise also"?

Churches Are Opening Door To Antichrist, Just As Prophecy Foretells!

20,000 Canadians Declare Their Religion To Be "Jedi"

Weapons of bloodless war

Spanish Green Party offering young people "sex at half price" by paying their hotel bills as election gimmick

Air Force Academy Cadet Charged With Rape

President Kennedy Was Cocaine User, New Book Claims

America's Loss of Democracy!

Gorbachev Criticizes US Foreign Policy: Denounced "the end of the democracy" in the United States

Americans losing democracy: Indian writer

America is a police state: NOW!

Senator Byrd: Give us back our democracy

Satanism of Rock Music Unveiled!

Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin: Best understanding of Cabala and Aleister Crowley!

They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll Video

OZZY'S WHITE HOUSE -- "Bush's Headbanger's Ball"


Total Lunar Eclipse: May 15-16, 2003: Excellent Map!

Major Lunar Eclipse Thursday Night! Map of USA

The Medusa Eclipse of May

Illuminist View of An Eclipse

Second Lunar Eclipse of 2003 Shall Be November 9

Fresh Evidence of News Lying

N.Y. Times Newsroom In Crisis

Appellate Court Rules News Outlets Can Legally Lie

New York Times: Ex-reporter faces fraud inquiry

Hypocrisy of The New York Times: Why paper should go after its own jugular

SARS Updates

Chinese Turning to Occult to Fight SARS

"Super-Spreaders" Played Large Role in Singapore SARS Outbreak

Vietnam gets top marks on fighting Sars

China reports fewest new SARS cases since April 20

Beijing Hospital Reports All Six SARS Patients Recovered and Discharged

China Begins Strategic High-tech Program on SARS Prevention

China Takes Aim at Spitting to Stem SARS

New SARS Outbreaks Feared in Taiwan, Singapore

SARS fears reach Nigeria; more than 5000 cases in China

Cathay Pacific asks staff to take unpaid leave: Bookings hit hard by SARS scare

Global death toll from SARS passed 500

HK doctors report good results with SARS antibodies

Justice memo on SARS: Airports a no-mask zone - Wearing face protection would create image of 'disease central'

"Matrix Reloaded" Starts 5/15/2003

Fans happy to be deep into 'Matrix' again: Explores themes from Mythology, Buddhism and Christianity

Columbine High School Killers Were Obessed With Original "Matrix" Movie

A muddled 'Matrix'

Texas Lawmakers Trade Barbs in Standoff: Democrats hole up in Oklahoma hotel to stymie Republican plans

Algeria Frees 17 European Tourists Held By Islamic Terrorists

National Weather

Eastern Storm Track

Ultraviolet Index Vs. Clouds

Even More T-Storms Rumbling Across the Plains

State of emergency lifted in West Virginia

Soggy weather spawns salamander growth surge

Gays, Lesbians Increase Political Clout

Gephardt's lesbian daughter joins campaign: Democrats, Republicans seen going after 'gay' vote

White House Confers With GOP Gays: "We are the future of the Republican Party

Christian "Concerned Women of America" Sternly Warns: Bush's Gay Policy Is Identical To Clinton's

Why Are Gays, Lesbians Positively "A-Glow" Over Bush's Policies?

President Bush Helping Log Cabin Republican Gay Group Raise Money

California's autism rate doubles in four years

Drones To Guard Tex-Mex Border?

New on the Web: Saudi religious police site enables citizens to snitch on their neighbors anonymously

Retired Catholic priest pleads innocent to child molest charges

Laci's Hair On Scott's Pliers/Wrench

Little League mom charged in slugfest

France ready to send troops as African fighting continues

Feds Battle Ladies of the Night Over Former Brothel's Fate

Czech Fed-Up Pilot Leaves Passengers Behind

'Pumping Party' Trial: 'Bizarre, Flamboyant, Unusual"
Transsexuals Testify Against Men Accused Of Deadly Silicone Injection


May 13, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula

North Korea May Have 750 Ballistic Missiles

North Korea Has 100 Nuclear Missiles With Ballistic Missiles To Deliver Them To US East Coast!

N Korea, Mideast in missile deal worth $580 billion

North Korea nullifies 1992 accord to keep peninsula nuke free

U.S.: N. Korea May Have Fired Laser: North Korea May Have Fired Laser at U.S. Aircraft Last Month

Plea for Bush to keep troops on N Korean border

N.Korea Says U.S. Preventing Nuclear-Free Peninsula

N.Korea Says It Will Boost Defenses Further Against US

South Korean Military Deploys Trucks and Soldiers to Alleviate Strike at World's Third-Busiest Port

Afghanistan War News

Russia funding resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan: Another Vietnam?

Two international peacekeepers shot and wounded north of Kabul, Afghanistan

Ex-Afghan King Ready to Accept Leadership

Economic News

IRS gets ready to use private debt collectors to collect taxes owed

Bush back to peddling tax cuts

Treasury's Snow Hopes for Debt Ceiling Deal Soon

Bank of Japan Detected Intervening Heavily After Snow Remarks

US Airways buying 170 new regional jets

Iran leader welcomed in Lebanon

Egypt's Mubarak urges moderation as prophet's b'day nears


Sharon takes hard line on settlements in advance of his meeting with Palestinian Prime Minister

13 of Israel's Islamic Leaders Arrested

Ten Soldiers Hurt in Shelling Attack

Greek FM calls on Israel to support new Palestinian leadership

Once Again, the Strike is On

Keeping Bush at bay: "Road Map" spurs settlers

Shooting Attacks Up In Binyamin Region

Ceasefire Or Dis-Arming? - Arafat Continues To Hide Murderers

Authorities want to outlaw the Northern Islamic Movement

Syria's Assad yet to decide on curbing Palestine militants

National Weather

Storms Forecast in the Plains, Northeast

More T-Storms Rumbling Across the Plains: But not like last week's storms

Violent tornadoes strike the country again: Yesterday, 5/12

High winds follow tornadoes and severe storms

Simply Incredible May Tornado Facts

Cool Weather Continues in the Northeast

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo Gives Ultimatum To Muslim Rebel Groups

Contain AIDS cases if Asia is to prosper: Clinton

Brazil's president avoids predicted debt, sparks economic upswing

It's Too Easy Being Green (to Counterfeit) - the Mint's Adding Color to $20s

"The Matrix Reloaded"

The Matrix unplugged

Apocalyptic Biblical Concepts, Gnosticism, Buddhism Form Core of "The Matrix": Neo - Messiah Figure - Preparing For Mankind's Final Battle

Matrix As Messiah Movie

Inside Samsung's $100 Million Matrix Deal

'Transsexual foster care' bill advances in California

JFK had affair with teen intern? Book claims 19-year-old traveled with Kennedy for trysts

Martha Stewart in talks with prosecutors

Four arrested in Italian baby organ scandal

Baby Parts For Sale -- Video

20,000 brains saved for research

Rights group: hatred of Jews at highest level since WWII

Ontario boy, 7, crosses US border unnoticed

President Bush's Pro-Gay Policies

White House Confers With GOP Gays: "We are the future of the Republican Party

Christian "Concerned Women of America" Sternly Warns: Bush's Gay Policy Is Identical To Clinton's

Why Are Gays, Lesbians Positively "A-Glow" Over Bush's Policies?

Log Cabin Republicans File Brief To Overturn Texas' Sodomy Law

President Bush Helping Log Cabin Republican Gay Group Raise Money

Most schools say prayer is allowed according to law: Bush Administration threatening to withhold money!

Democratic Candidates Seek Gay Vote

Iraq War Aftermath

SADDAM IS ALIVE! World War III Has Begun - Russia is backing Saddam Hussein in a war of attrition

Iraq's 'Dr. Germ,' Military Leader in U.S. Custody

France: U.S. plan on postwar Iraq a 'starting point' but urges UN take greater role

Iraq war unlikely to spur Mideast democracy

U.S.-Picked Iraq Health Minister Resigns

Egyptian returns from Iraq with $430,000

US Financier Soros urges the voiding of Saddam's bank loans, oil contracts

Saudi Arabia - Terrorist Attack

Terror Attacks Rock Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Eve of Powell's Visit

US compound 'on fire after blasts' -- Map shows location

Four explosions rock Riyadh - Powell Condemns Bombers in Saudi Arabia

Powell: 20 Killed in Saudi Capital Blasts

U.S. suspects al-Qaeda in Saudi attack

Nine Indians among 50 injured in Saudi blasts

Oil Futures Price Rises on Saudi Bombings

Domestic Terror News

Americans losing democracy: Indian writer

America is a police state: NOW!

Five-Day Bioterror Drill Launched in Seattle

Seattle terrorist drill moves into critical phase

Congo Residents Identify 112 Dead

Lunar Eclipse - 5/15/2003

Total Lunar Eclipse Thursday Night: How it will be seen in USA

Lunar eclipse due this week: Will occur at 13 minutes past hour and at 3:13am in Jerusalem

Blood Red Moon! Joel 2:31?


SARS: Beijing drops some quarantines, Nigeria's first death is a Taiwanese businessman

World Peace Cup Tournament to be played despite SARS outbreak

Justice issues rules for handling SARS detainees

India - Pakistan

Indo-Pakistan talks cannot start till terrorism is ended: Indian Prime Minister - Refrain sounds like Israel fighting terror from Palestinians

Musharraf to give up presidency or army post: Pakistani Govt

US ready to assist India, Pakistan in peace efforts

NYC Now Fining Shop Owners $2,500 fine for signs deemed "too wordy"

Death Toll in Chechen Truck Bombing at 54

Life On Mars?: The Search for Intelligence in Washington - West Wing TV Show

Dobson, LaHaye, others plead to Bush for convict

Fake News In The News

The (alleged) 'newspaper of record': The New York Times growing blizzard of errors

NY Times Apologizes For Fake Stories

CBS News Caught Fabricating Attack In Iraq! Ramifications for us are huge!

Propaganda Box: How To Break Out To Learn Truth of Current Events

'Diversity' helped create fake news in N.Y. Times: Journalism giant admits widespread fraud: Disinformation piece designed to deflect examination of all NT Times news?

Davis Recall Effort Gains Strength in California

Gov. Davis pays $100,000 in lawsuit he filed over critical TV ads

Accused Mom On Suicide Watch: Says God told her to kill her sons

Flight Attendant Pleads Guilty to Drugging Child






May 12, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Pledges Tough Action If US Uses Force to End Nuclear Dispute

South Korean President Begins US Visit Sunday - Differences exist between US/S. Korea

S. Korean Military on Heightened Alert

India regrets double standard against N-Proliferation: US applies different standard with North Korea - India

North Korea closes its borders to Sars

US Ambassador Hubbard Says Alliance Has No Room for Conflict

Unity stressed for summit between U.S. and South Korea

US, South Korea hope to learn from Kim-Bush disaster of 2001


Aaron Friedberg, China hawk settles in neo-cons' nest at White House

EDITORIAL: G-8 opens door to China

China set to field world's most powerful tank: Communist state also improving laser systems, naval capabilities

Landslide in southern China kills 29 people


75 new SARS cases, 12 more deaths in China

Global Responses to SARS Health Crisis

Doctor finds 'blood serum cure for Sars': Claims 60% success rate

SARS could evolve, become more dangerous


Israelis Seal Gaza Strip, Kill Three

Israel releases busload of Palestinian prisoners

Settlers vow to erect new settlement near Memorial Day killing

Middle East Road Map A Useful Cover Story - Both sides pull away from plan

Arafat Continues to Pull Terrorism Strings

Poll: Americans want peace in Israel now

Israeli man shot dead near Ofra; Fatah, PFLP claim responsibility

General strike looms; Peretz, Netanyahu meet

Arafat Demands 10pc Cut on All Palestinian Revenues

IDF kills 2 Palestinians as they place bomb

"Road Map" News

Maximum interest, minimum action: 11 days after "Road Map" delivered, events have strayed off course

Letter to Kurtzer Sums Up Road Map Flaws

U.S. presses Israel on Palestinian state despite attacks

"Road Map" The Plan None of the Three Parties Really Want

Arafat Defiantly Adds US Targets to his Terror Map

Arafat’s Private Terrorist Army – A Partial List

Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin


U.S. and Iranian diplomats hold secret discussions

US wants IAEA to take action against Iran

Iranian President Khatami hailed in Lebanon in 1st visit of Iran leader since '79

Iran Blocks Critical News Web Sites: 15,000 sites to be blocked

Hope for reforms in Iran fading


President Bush Meets With Amir of Qatar

"Spirituality" Protects Against End-Of-Life Despair

Disney to finance Moore's Bush-bash

Was Laci Peterson Kidnapped?

Laci's body was dismembered!

Man claims wife attacked him with scents: Trying to make her chemically-sensitive husband very ill

Be aware of the scams that are out there

Domestic Terror News

US drills for large-scale terrorist attacks: Seattle & Chicago tests

No-fly zones shield Disney's resorts

Fake 'Bombs' get past airport security

Snow Says Bush Tax Cut Needed for 'Soggy' Economy

US concerned at EU plan for chemicals

Old Spice deodorant holds event in "Nation's Armpit"

The Bionic Leading the Blind

Surveillance State

Have Phone, Will Not Get Lost

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites -- Video

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections -- Video

At least 30 killed, 100 wounded in Chechen terror truck bomb blast


Iraq War Aftermath

Shi'ite Muslims setting up power in Basra!

Event to cause World War III may come out of Basra!

Iraq's Crude Awakening -- Not About Oil!

New U.S. Iraq Administrator in Basra

US's pride after the invasion of Iraq is likely to lead to a fall

Frustrated, U.S. Arms Team to Leave Iraq: Task Force Unable To Find Any Weapons

U.S. tells Iraqis Saddam's Baath Party is history: Franks issues ban even as he makes use of former members

China calls for UN role in post-war Iraq

US recalls Baghdad governor after three weeks

Radiation Poisoning News

Seven Nuclear Sites Looted: Cover story to explain why Iraqis are getting sick from radiation poisoning? Depleted Uranium thus excused from culpability

Do Not Use Depleted Uranium Munitions Again"! A Two Part Warning to the Citizens for the World

D.O.D. Advocated "Proponency" Defense To Keep DU Munitions in Arsenal: In other words, "LIE"!

Search Continuing For Iraqi Occult Antiquities

Colonel in Search for Iraqi Antiquities

US Special Forces Sent To Search For Ancient Talmud Book Deep Underneath Baghdad

The Search For Ancient Talmud In Baghdad - Called "Priceless Artifact": Full of ancient occultism

U.S. Sent Special Forces To Search For Ancient Copy of Babylonian Talmud! THE Authoritative Talmud in existence

Lunar eclipse due this week: Late Thursday, 5/15

India tests new air-to-air missile
Animals 'are moral beings': Some animals can feel and think in ways not too dissimilar from us -- Evidence of Noahide Laws in action

National Weather

High winds and tornadoes ravage Midwest - Again!

Worst week of tornadoes ends with more storms: 44 people killed by nearly 300 tornadoes

Cool Weather Dominates Northeast, Midwest - Cool Air Sweeps Eastward - Unsettled Weather Lingers on Great Lakes

Warm-up Underway in the Southwest through Monday

High Winds Batter Parts of the Southeast on Sunday, including 3 tornadoes

Bush to Tour Missouri Areas Battered by Tornadoes

Propaganda Instead of News

NY Times Apologizes For Fake Stories

CBS News Caught Fabricating Attack In Iraq! Ramifications for us are huge!

Propaganda Box: How To Break Out To Learn Truth of Current Events

'Diversity' helped create fake news in N.Y. Times: Journalism giant admits widespread fraud: Disinformation piece designed to deflect examination of all NT Times news?

Big US TV groups show their strength despite sagging listener-ship

U.S. media may soon be transformed: Would increase domination of big Illuminist-owned media outlets

Now Fighting World War III - Ex-CIA Chief

Ex-CIA chief says U.S. fighting World War IV: Falsely Counts "Cold War" as World War III

Mason Albert Pike's Demonic Vision of Three World Wars

Preview of the Antichrist - Video

Seminar #2 (MP3 format)-- America Determines The Flow of History CDROM -- Audio Tape

Dictatorship Looms

Foundations are in place for martial law in the US

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning

Attorney-General John Ashcroft’s Concentration Camp Program— Audio Tape

Panopticon -- Big Brother's Eye Are Watching Us - Audio Tape

False Hope? Experts Doubt Coral Calcium Infomercial Health Claims

22-Year-Old Arizona Woman Arrested For Meeting Bronx Teen For Sex

Downtown bar closures blamed on smoking ban

British PM Blair gives religious employers the right to sack gay workers

Man Claims Saudi Torturing Was Severe

Remains Exhumed in Search for Jesse James

Catholics Continue In Upheavel

Poll: Cardinal Law Should Face Prosecution: More news

Boston Blobe Conducts Extensive Poll On Many Catholic Issues

Catholics want change

Catholic Leopard Will Not Change Spots

Vatican Assassins: Details Jesuit intrigue to gain global control

Catholicsm: Whited Sepulcher "Christianity"

Long line for roller coaster prompts organized bathroom breaks

May 12 In History: Historical events that occurred on this day

First Human Cloning -- Again: Scientists to "electrify" egg within womb -- Doctor is 58 years old

Feds salivate at regulating email: Beware government SPAM solutions that may block sites you want to view!

Alexa, Microsoft, and Gator Software Is Really "Spyware"




May 11, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula - "Locked & Loaded"

'Emergency measures' if US does not back off: N Korea sternly warns

Korea's New Wave Generation Distrusts US, Looks Favorably Upon North Korea

Japan, U.S. may move toward N. Korea sanctions in summit -- N.Korea says this would be "war move"

US preventive war doctrine - why North Korea is worried

Green light for US 'little' N-bombs

North Korean Extremes

North Korea Accuses South of 'Treachery'

U.S. officials said to be divided over how to contain North Korea: Part of this article is disinformation as the script has been written

Legal blitz planned against North Korea

S.Korean President set for key U.S. visit

China, Japan, and General Xiong: Trilateral Commission Talks

Talmud - Kabbala News

Madonna Meets The Mystical: Kabbala that is

US Special Forces Sent To Search For Ancient Talmud Book Deep Underneath Baghdad

A Spiritual Hunt For Answers: Psychic Edgar Cayce's Teachings Unite Members From All Congregations

Fallen Angel: Untold Story of Rock Music's Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin


Powell’s Visit Catalyst for Terrorist Murder

Powell: Palestinians must take 'decisive action' against terror: US has been voicing this tired refrain for 20 years!

Prime minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) will not attempt to disarm Hamas

Powell offers CIA help for Palestinian government to crack down on terrorism

Burg: Labor is very sick, Peres would have a calming effect

Suicide bombers' `paradise' on show: Students flock to Hamas exhibit

Undercover agent leads to arrest of four policemen

Arafat is waiting on the sidelines for failure

Two women, girl hurt in Qassam rocket attacks

Another appointment on the path to militarism

Virgin Mary's "Sacred Heart" Receives Worship Equal To Jesus

Vatican Should Stop Trying To Become Official Church of the E.U.

Case could nullify homosexual adoptions in California

Research links abortion to depression

Mother charged in deaths of 2 of her 3 sons

Blue Chip Economists Trim US Growth Forecast

Doctors 'secretly removed brains for research': 48,000 removed from 1970 - 1999

US Expels Saudi Consular Aide in Los Angeles

U.S.-led Convoy Bombards House in Eastern Afghanistan After Attack

Muslim TV Network in the Making: Goal is to re-make American's view of Islam

Lifting The Veil of Islam To See The Truth

The Sword of the Islamic Prophet

Woman Reports Seeing Memphremagog Monster

U.S. considers moving bases in Europe



U.S. Arms Team to Leave Iraq: Task Force Unable To Find Any Weapons

Bush, Blair Nominated for Nobel Prize for Iraq War

Did The Iraqi Army Take A Dive For The US?

Russia-India naval exercises start mid-May: Unprecedented!

Israel’s "Proxy War" in Iraq

Selective Intelligence: Rumsfeld has his own special sources. Are they reliable?

Bush to Outline Proposed Mideast Free Trade Area

General Franks says US presence is long-term

Karl Rove: Counting Votes While the Bombs Were Dropping

US pushes for control of Iraqi oil revenues

How Ali Baba helped deliver Saddam's sermon to the faithful

Key Shiite Muslim Leader Returns to Iraq

Lufthansa Plans to Resume Baghdad Flights

Jordan Confiscates Stolen Iraqi Artifacts

Pressure Building On Iran

Neo-crazies go after Iran

Iranian Opposition Group in Iraq Gives Up

US-Iran communicating but diplomatic relations can wait

Syria's Biological Weapons Could Have Been Bolstered By Iraqi Expertise and Weapons of Mass Destruction

U.N. Under Fire

May the United Nations rest in peace, may the new world order commence its work: This view becoming more popular

First Two World Wars Fought To Establish UN, With Third World War Designed To Stage Antichrist: This present view of UN incompetance will not stand!

Moscow seeks larger U.N. role in Iraq

Deliberate Deception In News

Times Reporter Who Resigned Leaves Long Trail of Deception, Fraud and Plagiarism

CBS News Caught Fabricating Attack In Iraq! Ramifications for us are huge!

Propaganda Box: How To Break Out To Learn Truth of Current Events


China's Rural Folk Target SARS; Canada Isolates 30

Taiwanese Officials report biggest one-day jump in new cases

China punishes Government officials over SARS handling

Spirits Get the Blame in Cambodian Illness: Closely related to SARS but still unknown

AIDS expert to design drug in SARS fight

Berkeley to let in some from regions hit by SARS

WHO faults China's SARS recordkeeping: Fatalities rise to 235

Singapore Asks Kingdom to Lift SARS-Related Travel Ban So Muslims Can Fulfill Their Religious Obligations

SARS Makes Peking Duck a Hard Sell in Beijing

National Weather

Two Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma City

Bush Declares Oklahoma a Disaster Area

Twister Caps Nation's Worst Tornado Week: 298 tornados in one week!

Severe Weather in Mid-Atlantic Sunday

Outflow Boundaries Trigger New Storms

Hundreds evacuated in aftermath of storm on Alabama-Georgia line

Warm-up on the Way in the Southwest

Global warming is not so hot

Blair tops most unpopular list in Britain

Wiping churches off Britain's Ordnance Survey Maps

Bali bombing suspect's trial to begin on Monday

Was A "Micro-Nuke" Used In Bali Bombing?




May 10, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Searching For Ancient Witchcraft In Baghdad

The Search For Ancient Talmud In Baghdad - Called "Priceless Artifact": Full of ancient occultism

U.S. Sent Special Forces To Search For Ancient Copy of Babylonian Talmud! THE Authoritative Talmud in existence

How This Concern Over Babylonian Talmud Reveals True Illuminist Nature of U.S. Government

Other Witchcraft News

Four charged over theft of latest Potter book -- Truth about Harry Potter

Bold Examination of the Witchcraft of Led Zeppelin and Its Affect On The World
-- Best book in a long time!

They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll -- Video

Black, by popular demand


China blames U.S. for SARS: Charges virus byproduct of bioweapon research

Sars 'here to stay'

Defence scientists join fight against Sars virus

Man lynched for spitting as unreasonable panic unfolds

China's Rural Folk Target SARS; Canada Isolates 30

Sars 'could cost Asia $28bn'

Iraq News


Iraq linkages bad for free trade

The document trail in Iraq

Cholera Outbreak in Iraq Worries UN Insiders

Prominent Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Returns from Exile

France, Russia Warm to U.S. Postwar Plan

June 15 Deadline Set for Iraq Stability

Rumsfeld Says No Timetable on Iraq Stay

Iraqi Who Helped U.S. POW Jessica Lynch Is Writing Book

Roman Catholicism

The Vatican Calls On Buddhists For Prayer

Interfaith Dialogue a Buddhist Perspective: Examination of Pope John Paul II's "Crossing Threshold of Hope"

Voice Of Faithful Donations Rejected

Evangelicals condemn derogatory remarks about Islam

The Sword of the Islamic Prophet -- Book reveals stark truth about Islam

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video

Scientists work out why we haven't heard from the aliens

Korean Peninsula

Two amazing faces of Rumsfeld

NUCLEAR CAT-AND-MOUSE: Firm again caught in shady exports

Tales from a war with Korea

North Korea Lashes Out at Seoul Defense Minister

AUSTRALIA Officials wondering if N. Korea is behind massive heroin shipment

United In PRAYER: Korean-American Christians focus on asking God's help with the nuclear threat from North Korea

U.S. aircraft carrier arrives in Japanese port

National Weather

Massive Tornado Hits Oklahoma City for Second Straight Day

Outflow Boundaries Trigger New Storms

Twister Caps Nation's Worst Tornado Week: 298 tornados in one week!

More severe weather for the weekend

Warm-up on the Way in the Southwest

Severe Thunderstorm Damage Patterns: How tornados are part of the equation

The Anvil: Top of the Thunderstorm

Strong T-Storms Advance Into Ohio Valley

Hundreds evacuated in aftermath of storm

Flooding Eases in Alabama

Collapsing Morals and Standards

State university hosts 'Pornfest': Sadomasochism promoter lectures for 'Outdoor Intercourse' week, 11th annual event

Judge Reprimanded for Teacher Comments: "Failed to see the harm in a sexual encounter between a teacher and student"

Girl gets to graduate despite purple hair

Man Advertises 'Son for Sale' on Internet

When are we really grown up? University of Chicago survey says adulthood begins at age 26

Dispatchers listen helplessly to torture as kidnap victim calls 911 twice




Bush - Diplomacy Preparing The Way

Bush pushes Mideast 'map' to establish Palestinian State

Bush Delivers "Road Map" In Order To Establish "333": Ramifications -- Delivers Second "333" Day Later

Revelations From The Aircraft Carrier Lincoln


Rockets In Sderot, Two Injured; Carbomb Fails To Hit Tank

Israel Tightens Gaza Rules for Foreigners

Medium-Sized Strike Scheduled For Sunday

Arafat Digs In Against His Own Prime Minister

Powell likely to call for Israeli support of road map - Delaying tactics as a strategy

Bishop of Jerusalem questions Middle East peace plan: Calls it "Dead In The Water"

Peace Spotlight Focuses on Powell: White House focuses on Israel

U.S.: States joining free trade zone must end Israel boycott

IDF destroys home of militant involved in Qassam attacks

IDF assassinates senior Hamas activist in Gaza - What P.A. Won´t Do, Israel Will

Britain indicts Tel Aviv bomber's family

Iran - Beating Propaganda Drums

U.S. Fuming Over Iran's Nuke Activities

US fears Iran may spark nuclear race

Iranian President Khatami trip to Beirut heralds emerging alliance:
Syria also keen to resist US pressure

Terrorism Fight = Erosion of Liberties

US Bill widens use of wiretaps: Spying on individual foreigners who cannot be linked to a terror group

Britain amends laws to thwart terrorist groups

Cyber-war on terror: The check's in the e-mail

Famed cosmologist suggests time may be running out on the human species

European unit to monitor pro life groups

Teacher appealed to Christian morality to achieve order, discipline: Now under fire for being a "religious fanatic"

UMass, wolf at the door, reconsidering Minuteman as mascot

Dozens killed as door bursts open on plane in Congo

New head of NASA shuttle program chosen

US research on small nuclear arms gets an OK

Halliburton admits to paying Nigerian Oil kickbacks

Armed Ivory Coast Political Movements Recruit Thousands of Volunteers

Ivory Coast Cease-fire Goes into Effect

Colombians Move In On Mexican Drug Trade

Gun maker liable in shooting of boy: Jury also slaps parents, baby sitter with judgments in civil suit

Mother holds son at gunpoint in police standoff

Shooting Standoff Ends at Univ. in Ohio

Study: 'Language police' harming children

FBI Still Watching Hatfill in Anthrax Investigation

Anthrax killer may be known to police

TSA Not Screening Airport Workers for Guns, Explosives

Conservatives Renew Fight to Stop US Financing of UN Population Fund

Death Sentence in Yemen For Deaths of Three US Missionaries

Kopp Gets Maximum for Murder of Abortion Doctor

Ohio Inmate "Becoming British" To Avoid Execution

Taxing Cigaretts So Heavily Enriches Mafia: Black market smokes dramatically increase

Japanese probe to collect asteroid rock samples

House Approves $550 Billion Tax Cut

Philippines Bomb Blast Kills at Least 13



May 9, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Propaganda Blitz Begins Against Iran

Iran is firm on peaceful use of nuclear energy

Washington lobbies for UN censure of Iran's nuclear plans

US says Iran seeking nukes, wants world condemnation

Iranian Group in Iraq Ordered to Disarm

U.S. turns up pressure on Iran

Iran nuclear programs 'very troublesome,' U.S. says

U.S., Iran in talks over al-Qaida suspects


Israeli missile attack wrecks fragile cease-fire: Hamas member dies in helicopter strike; Palestinian militants call for 'open battle.'

What P.A. Won´t Do, Israel Will

Israeli independence and reciprocity

Woman, girl lightly hurt when Qassam rockets hit Sderot

Bush to propose formation of free-trade area across Mideast

Palestinian official: Arafat names 58 Fatah men to key PA posts

PM ready for talks with Syria, sees Palestinain PM Abu Mazen as 'partner'

Sharon and Mofaz adopt a `wait and see' approach to negotiations with Syria

Peres, Still Pro-Oslo, Headed For Another Comeback

Terror Victims´ Condition

"Road Map" News

Israel: "Right Of Return" is Unacceptable

US General Zinni pessimistic about 'narrow path' of road map

New demand from Sharon puts peace plan at risk

More Negative Reactions To The Road Map

National Weather

104 Injured in Oklahoma City Tornado

Radar Picture of Oklahoma City Tornado

Highest Tornado Risk Early to Mid May

Severe Storms Push Northeastward Friday

Florida, Gulf Coast Bask Under Ridge

Warm Advection Thunderstorms

Flooding Forces Thousands from Homes

But Flooding Eases in Alabama

End To National Sovereignty

U.N.'s 'New World Re-Order': U, N. attack on U.S. sovereignty target of in-depth probe -- WND just now discovering UN attack on sovereignty?

Antichrist's Kingdom Demands End to National Sovereignty! Ten-year old article

Secretary of State Demands Virginia To Accede To World Court: 1998 article

Boys Scounts Teaching Global Sovereignty Replaces National Sovereignty!

Body bags ordered Down Under: Aussie government takes precaution for terror attack

Senate Deal Kills Effort to Extend Antiterror Patriot Act

Feds Doing More Secret Searches

High School Players Visit Strip Club, Get Suspended

Senator Bob Graham: Bush Admin. Blocking 9/11 Report

Teen critically hurt in 5-story stunt leap as he re-created scene in "Jackass" movie

UK Court Refuses to Release Man Who Shot Burglar

Disabled Student Will Be Sole High School Valedictorian

Indiana state ban on gay marriage upheld

Church fined for "noisy singing, clapping and loud music": Neighbors claimed it was "nuisance" noise

'Bionic eye' breakthrough can allow the blind to see

Has unknown Russian quietly solved a puzzle that has baffled the finest mathematicians for a century?

Foodservice accounting fraud nears $1 billion: Columbia-based firm overstated profits 76%

White House economic team changes players, not priority:
Newcomers push to cut taxes

New Voting Machine Leaves Paper Trail



Iraq Aftermath

The Search For Ancient Talmud In Baghdad - Called "Priceless Artifact": Full of ancient occultism

Control Over Ancient Babylonian Mysteries Relics, Artifacts Real Reason We Invaded Iraq! Bush's "333" and Messianic Quotations demonstrate this reality

2 U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad: One hit by sniper; other is shot at close range

US and Britain seek to limit UN role in Iraq

Qatar's emir visits United States, gives Bush an Arab perspective on the situation in Iraq

Death in the temple

Papers suggest 'active' program of illicit arms

U.S., Britain Want Power to Spend Iraq Oil Money

U.S. Army Photo Teams Record Lessons From Iraq

U.S. backs away from vow to punish France over Iraq

Brits reveal Iraq assassination program

London Mayor Savages Bush Over Iraq

Interesting Numbers In The News

House to Review $6.6B Job Training Plan

Spanish Police Intercept 33 Africans

U.S. liable for border-crosser deaths? Families of 14 Mexican illegals seek $42 million -- '42' is number of Antichrist

Twisters kill two in US: Storms' death toll hits 42

Nine Train Derailers Taken: FBI Notes Unusual Trend in Terror Bulletin -- '9' is number of finality, judgment

Pa. Town to Update Flag to 50 Stars: Outdated flag had hung in courtroom for 44 years

Nearly 400,000 human embryos frozen in clinics": 11,000 could be donated for research


80,000 to Travel to Beijing Despite SARS

Taiwan's capital added to WHO's travel warning

Miss Universe Beauties must be SARS-free

Sars 'much more deadly' than other respiratory diseases

Korean Peninsula

Two faces of Rumsfeld: In 2000, his company wins $200 million contract to sell N. Korea nuclear reactors!

S Korea warns troops over provocations from North

U.S. satellite photos hint of North Korean nuke activity

Did U.S. scientist help N. Korea nuke program?

12 North Korean asylum seekers arrive in Seoul

Security on Korean peninsula 'unpredictable'

S.Korean premier stresses US troops' role

North Korean nuclear activity still unclear

Vets' exposure to radiation exposure underestimated by government

U.S. Army Recruiter Crosses Mexico Border

Cheney firm paid millions in bribes to Nigerian oil official

More Afghan detainees released

India awaits Armitage visit

Pakistan wants neutral expert to resolve water row with India

Judge upholds legality of 9/11 compensation fund

Alleged Chinese double agent indicted

NRA told: 'Butt out' of lawsuit

Al-Qa'eda 'plotted assassination of Saudi ministers'

Parents may face charges in hazing

Cats, Dogs "Farmed" In EU For Their Skins

Alarm Sounded Over African Slave Trade

Pregnancy fears haunted slain teen: Sister says girl worried for weeks, didn't want baby with youth now accused in killing.

Weight-loss researchers/Consumer advocates calling for war on obesity similar to the war on smoking: Taxes proposed on sweets, junk food

Corporate America Seeks Gay Wedding Business

Uproar after Australia picks remote sheep station for nuclear dump

Trust Us: Microsoft Admits Security Gap


May 8, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Our Nuclear War Against Iraq: Confirmation

Do Not Use Depleted Uranium Munitions Again"! A Two Part Warning to the Citizens for the World

D.O.D. Advocated "Proponency" Defense To Keep DU Munitions in Arsenal: In other words, "LIE"!

US Has Unleashed "Nuclear War" Upon Iraq Through Use of Depleted Uranium Munitions: Have we fulfilled prophecy?

Iraq War Aftermath

U.S. Sent Special Forces To Search For Ancient Copy of Talmud!

David Bloom's death tied to smallpox shot? NBC correspondent possibly victim of 'toxic vaccine' before war in Iraq

Disorder reigns in streets of Baghdad

Who Warns of Cholera Outbreak in Southern Iraq

Washington Targets Chirac and Atomic Energy Commission Chairman, ElBaradai

U.S. hopes Iraqi mobile lab is evidence of biowar effort: But intelligence official stops short of saying that facility is 'smoking gun'

U.S. lifts some import, aid sanctions against Iraq

U.S. appointment of Baath official protested in Iraq: Doctors, nurses angered by choice to be health minister

Bush Urges Nations to 'Work Together' to Help Iraq

Iranian infiltrators target Iraqi cities: 'Massive' effort seen as attempt to 'Vietnamize' country

Russian Assessment of Iraq's Air Defense

Korean Peninsula

South Koreans quietly plan their exit strategies

South Korea Orders Military on Heightened Alert

South Korea preparing for 'provocations' from North

North Korean and Chinese Atrocities Against Christians Worsen

N Korea key focus of forthcoming Bush-Koizumi meeting

N Korea denies drug trafficking claim

Japan studied attack on N.Korea in 1993

Official: U.S. Photo Shows N. Korea Nukes


WHO Raises SARS Death Rate Estimate

U.S. Agents Being Trained to Spot SARS: How is this possible when scientists do not even have test for SARS?

Japan escapes Sars but not its effect

China braces as SARS threatens countryside: Millions said fleeing cities

SARS: Virus spread by droplets caused by coughing or sneezing

China to Euthanize Pets Belonging To People Who Have SARS

Sars movies being planned

Notre Dame priest fired for ‘inappropriate relationship’

HORN OF AFRICA: US moves counter-terrorism operation ashore

Oregon Defends Assisted Suicide Law

Jury Indicts Ex-FBI Agent in Spy Case

Steelworkers Join 'Hillbillies' Protest Against 'The Real Beverly Hillbillies' Reality TV Series

Tolkien's Lord of the Rings reading unearthed

National Weather

Explosive Thunderstorms Again Thursday!

Tornadoes kill two and injure many others

Pierce City, MO: 'Not this again!'

Northeast Highlights Thursday

Weekend Weather Outlook

Tornado Path Widths -- Tornado Warnings

Boulder, CO: City leaders lifts water restrictions

Success Of Chemotherapy Tied To Genetics

When the Army Owns the Weather

Weather Control, Weather Warfare A Lot More Advanced Than You Might Think -- Series of articles


Grave Security Lapses Led up to Mike’s Place Attack

"New Response Needed" As Mortar Shells Land Near Crowd Celebrating Independence Day In Israel

Fallen Soldier´s Father Sees Meaning In Pain

Peres Set to Head Labor for 4th Time

Population of Israel 6.7 million - eight times what it was in '48

Message from PM Ariel Sharon On 55th Anniversary

Independence Day Events Worldwide

2.5 million revelers left 500 tons of garbage in parks

Palestinian News

Teaching Children to Hate and Kill

Al-Qaeda Active In Terrorism Against Israel

Resuming Talks With The Palestinian Authority

Palestinians: At least one dead in Israeli missile strike in Gaza

Autopsy of British cameraman shows he was killed by IDF fire not Palestinians

Iran "Regime Change" Buildup

U.S. concerns increase about Iran's nuclear program: Suspect violation of pact against proliferation

Iran denies nukes

Analysts weigh options for "regime change" in Iran

EU Gets Sanctions Go-Ahead Against U.S. As Their Attack On Our National Soverignty Continues

War against Asian terror far from over, say Bush and Goh

Dozens Killed in Hungary Train Accident

East Africa hit by flooding ending harsh drought

9/11 Attack In The News

Judge, citing al-Qaida-Iraq link, awards $104 million to Sept. 11 families: Judge admits US "barely" provided enough evidence of Iraqi complicity

WTC floor fireproofing was not tested to hold up to standards

UC Berkley benefactors tied to 9-11: Mideast studies program funded by Saudis implicated in attacks

9/11 Attacks Occurred By "Sacred Occult Numbers"

Tornado destroys more than 100 homes in central China

Tripura massacre toll rises to 33

Connecticut Supreme Court: Fetus Is Body Part

Laci Peterson family endorses 'unborn victims' bill

American Missionary Accuses Philippine General: Collaborated with captors, demanding 50% of the ransom

Nichols' Wife Testifies She Was Jealous of McVeigh

Michigan May Force Toddler's Surgery Against Parent's Wishes

Jewish shift toward GOP

MUSICIAN Pete Townshend Has Been Placed On Sex Offender List

Brothel Plans Sex Theme Park In Vicinity of Las Vegas

Domestic Terror News

High-Tech Firms Eye Juicy Contracts With Homeland Security

Questions over eye scan plan to improve border security

Paying cash triggers alert for terrorism in new world

The world watches Mercury as it walks across the face of the Sun

US-Turkish Military Relations on the Rocks

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