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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces


Syria Calls up 300,00 Reserves, Fears US-Israeli Military Pincer

Palestinian explosion targets CIA convoy in Gaza, reports of 4 dead: Arafat targeting American targets to replicate Iraq tactic

Geneva Accord: Temple Mount construction only with Israeli okay

Jerusalem Mayor Lupolianski blasts Beilin's "Geneva Accord" plan

US dismisses 'Geneva initiative'

Arafat, Peres Support Unofficial Treaty

Objections All Around To Left-Wing "Surrender" Agreement

U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution on Israeli security barrier wall

IDF to expel 15 detainees to Gaza - Relocating Terrorists

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Protests paralyze Bolivian capital: Demonstrators demand president's resignation; at least 16 dead in clashes

Liberia's new leader takes office on `rescue mission': US got its "Regime Change" in Liberia quickly

Saudis call for reform in protest: Police arrest 300 and use tear gas

Saudis stage illegal protest in reform bid: Unprecedented call for reform

Terrorism News

Ex-CIA chief urges reform of U.S. intelligence system: Another warns against a sweeping realignment to aid anti-terror fight

Charities in terror fund spotlight

Bush seeks aid in terror war on Asia trip

Feds Cramming Privacy Reports

Beltway Sniper Case -

"We have caught the sniper like a 'Duck in a noose' "

Muhammad pleads not guilty in sniper killing of Maryland man

Like a Duck in a Noose: "Mind Control" at work here

"Illuminati Card Game" Foresaw Mind Controlled Sniper In Its 1995 Game!

Surprising -- Unexpected -- Occult Patterns Revealed In Sniper Shooting Pentagram

First Sniper Movie to Air Friday

China puts first man in space

Moral Collapse

Nebraska Football Player Caught On Video Assaulting Mizzou Fan

Ohio State Linebacker Suspended For Choking Wisconsin Quarterback: Fans Want Criminal Charges

British case Is Legal Landmark: First prosecution for sexually transmitting a disease in 137 years

Florida court OKs removal of feeding tube: Now, woman will starve to death! Shades of "Life Unworthy of Life" Nazi Ideal

Hitler's Cross: Revealing Story As To How The Cross of Christ Was Used As The Symbol of the Nazi Genocidal Agenda

Ominous Parallels - Nazism Has Developed In America - Surveillance And Technology

Kids and Porn: Court Tries Again

Fetus with three parents created in China: Procedure banned in US and UK

Bush embraces Schwarzenegger, seeing votes: Two Bohemian Grove members joining forces?

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove -- Video of actual rituals

US Navy agrees to limit deployment of long-range, low-frequency sonar: Gives in to extreme environmentalists

New chip gives PCs supercomputing muscle


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Turkish embassy in Baghdad targeted in suicide blast

On Furlough, Soldier Savors Every Moment: Can cause stress as well as relieve it

Bombings in Iraq since the end of major conflict

US Army's 'fake' letters cause stir: Letters all written by one commander - American public increasingly sceptical of handling of the situation in Iraq

Why so many suicides in Iraq?

Congressman hails Iraq's recovery: 'It is a better ... story than losing a couple of soldiers every day'

Bush Courts Local Media to Push Rosier Message on Iraq: Drive to further propagandize news is under way

France, Russia, Germany Yield on Iraq

US calls for UN vote on Iraq draft

British Attorney General Goldsmith 'scraped the legal barrel' to give legitimacy to the war on Iraq

New U.S. resolution on Iraq disappoints Annan

Iraq gets new banknotes

Radical young cleric blamed for new Iraq violence

UK 'failing' to police Basra

Iraq says it doesn't want foreign peacekeepers

Japan puts cash into Iraq

Date set for Iraqi power transfer

Bush lobbies senators for Iraq grants: Does not want to make reconstruction monies a loan

"Pope Watch" Under Way?

As Pope's Health Declines, His Inner Circle Tightens

Specialists see pope's illness worsening: Researchers strive to treat Parkinson's

Pledge case to be heard by High Court: Eight justices to rule on constitutionality of the phrase 'under God'

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea rebuffs South on nuclear confrontation

North Korea Diplomacy May Hinge on Summit -- Two summits this year failed miserably

China Welcomes U.S. 'Flexibility' on N.Korea

South Korea's Erratic Roh Is a Work in Progress

North Korea fights to turn back tide of would-be refugees

South Korean appeals court clears American in killing

Our Christian Government At Work

Lethal Virus from 1918 Genetically Reconstructed: US Army scientists create "Spanish Flu" virus in laboratory - medical benefit questionable

Pentagon Initiates New Research into Prohibited Chemical Weapons

US Army Patents Biological Weapons Delivery System,
Violates Bioweapons Convention

Senate sends genetic bias bill to House

Cloning Remains a "Meaty" Issue: FDA to soon decide whether meat can come from cloned animals

Powerful quake shakes Tokyo, but no damage reported: 5.0 Magnitude

New earth tremor in Algeria at site of killer quake

Dollar Shackled, Market Awaits Bush Visit

China trade policies angering U.S.


Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Israel - Arab Conflict

Poised for Arafat’s Passing: Rivals jockeying for position

New Mideast peace plan floated : "Swiss Accord" or "Geneva Initiative" as we have reported on earlier Daily News Updates

Geneva Accords: Israel to surrender Temple Mount

The Geneva Accords: Give up everything for a Palestinian smile

Israeli, Palestinian Authority ministers slam 'Geneva Initiative': Former Liberal Prime Minister Barak calls it ""publicity gimmick"

Fervent Masonic Desire to Rebuild Solomon's Temple On Mount Is Driving Force Behind Middle East Events

Arafat, Peres lend support to 'Geneva Initiative'

IDF returns to Rafah; 6 Palestinians injured

Palestinian mother caught with gun, knife in baby stroller

Islamic Summit to issue statement condemning Israel

Arafat's man named PA interior minister

Arafat appoints new security chief in latest blow to Prime Minister

Another Miracle In Gaza: Home sustained direct hit from Palestinian mortar, but shell did not explode -- More

God's Protection of Israel In Six-Day War Documented

Assorted Terror Incidents: Rockets and mortars fired at civilian targets

Israeli Terrorism Frightens USA

Syria - Israel

Syria in an American and Israeli corner

Syria Mobilizes 50,000 Reservists

Defiant suicide bombers turn screw on Syria

'They will be held accountable': Syrian ties to terrorism under US attack

Dispatch from Near the Syrian Border

U.S. Congress may punish Syria, but Damascus will continue to dominate Lebanon

On November 8th planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, The Sun, The Moon, and asteroid Chiron will align to form huge Hexagram in the heavens -- Written by an occultist

Memorable Quote: "Only the small secrets need to be protected - The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity" (Marshall McLuhan)

Two Key Illuminist Leaders Dying At Same Time

Arafat Dying - Result of three heart attacks

Barak Says With Arafat Alive, there will be no Peace

Ailing Pope John Paul II struggles for words: Suffers from the debilitating Parkinson's disease - Could not speak one word

On 2/15/2000, Pope John Paul II and Arafat Signed Historic Agreement Calling For Palestinian State and Internationalized Jerusalem

Cardinals gather for papal tribute: 25th Anniversary of His Rule

Cartoons Deliver The Sad Truth

John Ashcroft's Patriot Act Summer Tour Recalled

"Total Information Awareness": Intrusive Arm of Homeland Security

"Terrorism" Information Awareness: Big Brother is back -- in a nice way, we are assured

Panel Weighs Creation of New Domestic Intelligence, Security Agencies

Magnitude 5.5 - ALASKA PENINSULA





Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Three (3) GI's Die In One Day of Bloodshed


US troops not bullet-proof

US soldiers bulldoze farmers' crops who fail to give information on guerilla whereabouts: Adopting Vietnam War tactic

President defends Iraq policy, rejects criticism of strategy

US offers compromise in UN vote on Iraq

Blair accepts he will be 'called to account' for decision on Iraq war

Violence in Iraq drives aid workers to leave

Bush hails new Iraqi currency

Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Chief: Muslims Face 'Unprecedented' Dangers Since 9/11

Islamic Nations Seek Better World Image

Iraq sees oil fueling '04 budget

Firms line up to collect Iraqi bills from past projects

CURRENT NEWSLETTER: October 11, 2003



Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US attempting to deceive UN for aggression: N Korea

South Korea to Coax North Korea Back to Nuclear Talks

S.Korea to send tons of fertilizer to North Korea

North Korea enters one of capitalism's most competitive markets: Fast Food

Halloween - "All who hate me love and court death"

Deadly Nights: Local witches hope Festival of the Dead will resurrect the Halloween spirit in Salem - "Nine fright-filled nights, complete with voodoo priestesses and vampire queens, spirit conjuration and necromancy, dining with spirits and dancing with the undead"

Spooky Ways To "Spice Up" Your Home

Halloween.com Shows True Satanic Nature of Halloween

Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie

America's Occult Holidays - By Former Satanist

Pagan Traditions of Holidays

Trick or Treat: Halloween's History

Lucifer is the Secret God of Secular Society

Harry Potter and the Bible: Halloween was favorite holiday!

Two women found dead in cabin in California's rustic Big Sur region with black bags over their heads: One of the black bags had a grinning Halloween mask attached to it

Heavy rains claim 11 lives in northwestern China

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Lightning kills one soldier, injures 10 in the Philippines

5.0 Quake rocks Philippines

Rains injure 10, ruin 80 homes in Venezuela

Moral Collapse

ABC to import UK wife-swapping show

Backing for gay clergy

Police Investigate Threats Over Anti-Gay Campaign

Welsh gay and lesbian suicide rates "much higher" than rest of UK

Gay-straight groups growing in schools: Support systems multiply in less than a year



Monday, October 13, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Halloween - "All who hate me love and court death"

Deadly Nights: Local witches hope Festival of the Dead will resurrect the Halloween spirit in Salem - "Nine fright-filled nights, complete with voodoo priestesses and vampire queens, spirit conjuration and necromancy, dining with spirits and dancing with the undead"

Spooky Ways To "Spice Up" Your Home

Halloween.com Shows True Satanic Nature of Halloween

Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie

America's Occult Holidays - By Former Satanist

Pagan Traditions of Holidays

Trick or Treat: Halloween's History

Lucifer is the Secret God of Secular Society

Harry Potter and the Bible: Halloween was favorite holiday!

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Army probes soldier suicides

Soldier's suicide shocks Pennyslvania town

Gigantic Hoax: "Good News From Iraq" - Many soldiers, same letter -- Perfect Propaganda

Military Vaccine Woes Mount: Some men die directly from vaccine but most are facing deadly combination of 4 elements

Iraqi resistance targets CIA, killing six in suicide bomb

Twin car bombs rock Baghdad: Blasts kill 6 bystanders, injure 32 near hotel for U.S.-led coalition staff

U.S.: Baghdad Bombing Planners Will Pay

Land Mine Kills U.S. Soldier in Iraq

U.S. technology, inept enemy led to Iraq victory, Army says:
Next conflict might not be so easy

War without end

Religion, Politics Blend in Postwar Iraq

Democrats Denounce Bush's Iraq Policies: "We need to go to the United Nations more humbly, more directly, more honestly, solicit help"

Senator Kerry rips 'W' on Iraq 'hype': Hyped danger in order to start war - Even Jay Rockefeller joins in attack

Bush's Iraq Fiasco Actually Strengthens United Nations

Troops Return to Iraq After 15-Day Leave

Rice under fire: Security adviser blamed for muddles in foreign policy

Blood shortage now chronic ailment: Donor restrictions, war in Iraq, poor planning are blamed for low supply

Global Muslim talks target Iraq - Biggest Islamic conference since 9/11

"Mystery Illness" Strikes Four On Staten Island

The "Mystery" That Became West Nile

Global Terrorism News

Experts fear dirty bomb attack in UK is inevitable

Detainees corroborate terror alert, U.S. says: Al-Qaida figures indicate 'active plans' for attacks

The twisted Red Cross: Complains about US torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Prison

Strong Earthquake Hits Northern Japan: Magnitude 6.1

Chinese war games to face Taiwan again: 100,000 troops to take part

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Risks grow as hostile countries build arms: Four governments pose greatest threat to U.S. security

Philippine Troops Get Kudos for Operation: Philippine President Commends Security Forces for Killing Top Asian Terror Suspect

The Appearance of Progress: U.S. Pledges to Help Rebuild a Crucial Road in Afghanistan

Asian terrorists are 'bloodied but not beaten'

Bolivia Declares Martial Law in El Alto: 11 killed in clashes

Guerrillas kill eight Afghan police in raid

Schwarzenegger News

Picture Says It All: Arnold Schwarzennegger hosts Warren Buffett and Lord Rothschild - Arnold & Buffett's 2002 Rothschild Rendezvous

Arnold's Secret Weapon Said to Be Maria: "She stood by her man" -- Actually, Arnold's real secret weapon was Bohemian Grove

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove

Liberal Hollywood takes a wait-and-see attitude

California recall man now plots another jolt: To overhaul the state's redistricting system

CURRENT NEWSLETTER: October 11, 2003



Memorable Quote: "Only the small secrets need to be protected - The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity" (Marshall McLuhan)


Beilin associates: Sharon's office knew of "Swiss Initiative" negotiations: Palestinians would be granted sovereignty over the Temple Mount, and the area would be monitored by international bodies

Citizens to get 'Swiss Initiative' agreement in the mail

Arafat retains security control

Damage on Temple Mount Could Bring Deadly Results: Failing To Supervise Construction at Holy Site, Israel Risks Violence If Structures Collapse

Palestinian emergency government to run until end of month

"We will fight Israel by all means": Arafat refused peace when he was offered 97% of all he said he wanted, so why should he accept this new "Swiss Initiative" Plan?

Arab “Right of Return” or Not?

Probabilities in the P.A.: Abu Ala Resigned, Arafat is Ill

1,500 made homeless by Israeli raid: UN - Rafah declared disaster zone

Church parishioners turned away at place of worship by police officers

Roman Catholic News

Poles Mark 25th Year of John Paul Papacy

Body of John XXIII is Incorrupt! "Miracle" claimed for Beatification!

Italian Influence Over Papacy Is Declining

Pope anniversary is election rehearsal

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

‘Ethnic Bomb’ Now Linked to Korean Intrigue

South Korea's President Roh in Biggest Gamble of His Life

N. Korea says non-agression pact is key to standoff

Six-party talks should continue: Chinese FM

Japan, others plan blocking N Korea's WMD materials in Breakthrough Agreement


SARS Appears To Be "Ethic Bomb" Aimed At Orientals

China prepares for possible winter SARS threat

Bush Traveling To Bangkok

Bush Likely to Face Opposition on Trade, Iraq at Summit in Asia: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, or APEC, in Bangkok.

Chinese President Hu Jintao will meet with US President George W. Bush in Bangkok

Bush’s Asian visit to showcase strong ties

China tightens security at launch center as manned space flight nears


Electrical Blackout News

Energy towers touted as future source of electricity: Duly impressed by Israel's innovations - Blackout Prevention

Power blackout at Mombasa airport

Dayton International Airport Blackout

A blackout in Germany is possible

Lurching Toward Sodom

Malta Bows To EU Pressure On Gay Rights: Will bar discrimination against gays and lesbians in the workplace

Britain Eyes Ulster For First Gay Hate Crime Law

Governor Davis Signs Domestic Partner Benefit Bill: First state to require businesses with large state contracts to offer domestic partners the same benefits that spouses enjoy

Gay Couples Disrupt Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Rally

USF students pledge to seek gay greek life

Gay debate looms over meeting: SW Florida Episcopalians split on issue

Men turned gay in womb: Gay activists have always wanted us to believe this lie

Gay Anglican Priests Fear for Careers: Notice word, "careers" instead of "ministry"

Virulent hepatitis C prevention vital now: Chinese authorities

Bishops advise Catholic voters: Need to take the moral absolutes of their religion seriously when they enter the voting booth



Sunday, October 12, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Huge explosion rocks central Baghdad: Building thought to be HQ of CIA in Baghdad -- At least 10 killed

Gigantic Hoax: "Good News From Iraq" - Many soldiers, same letter -- Perfect Propaganda

`Fear's Empire' addresses the flawed logic of pre-emptive strikes: "Hazardous and likely to provoke enemies"

US troops capture four implicated in guerrilla attacks

China wants resolution on bigger U.N. role in Iraq

Shiite Muslims Converge on Iraq Holy City: Hundreds of thousands

Foreign-aid workers lay low or leave Iraq

Islamic Summit Prepares to Welcome Iraq: Condemns Israel for strike on Syria

Under Iraq ‘pressure’, Annan cancels Indian visit

Row over where Turk troops will go in Iraq

War's bloody fallout: Hundreds suffer horrible wounds

Cheney links Iraq invasion to war on terror: Following Bush's lead, vice president insists Hussein was 'grave danger'

Worldwide conflict, fear propel terror arms race: Deadly Weapons in Dangerous Hands

Condoleezza Rice Fails to Repair Rifts

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bali Anniversary - One Year Later

Australian Prime Minister Howard pays his respects at Bali sites

Thousand Mourn Bali Bombing Victims

Did A "Micro-Nuke" Cause Bali Blast?

Bali bomber still has 'no regrets': report

Australia observes bombing anniversary

News From Other Nations

Mexican economy sees a bit of hope

Israel, Iran and the nuclear bomb

Liberia Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan

Cellphone cameras are latest threat to privacy

Pope John Paul II - Catholic News

Pope still shows fortitude

Black African touted as Pope's successor

Pope Meets Leader After Dialysis Denial: Note Pope Wearing White While Visitor Wears Black - Key ancient Illuminist meaning

Catholic sex abuse scandal widens in military

Christopher Columbus 'sparked a genocide': Typical view of Liberal New Age - Hates white Europeans

General Clark gives Clinton veterans top posts in his presidential bid: Stalking horse for Hillary?

Second quake rocks island in N. Japan: Magnitude 5.5

Cross-dressing Wiccan official sparks Christian mission probe

Several Cases of Serious, Unexplained Illness on Staten Island

Rape Sentence Thrown Out Over Bible Quote: Man accused of repeatedly raping the 8-year-old daughter of his fiance

CURRENT NEWSLETTER: October 11, 2003



Memorable Quote: "Only the small secrets need to be protected - The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity" (Marshall McLuhan)


Israel adds nukes to its submarines

In lieu of talks, Israel should take unilateral steps: Create irreversible facts on the ground

Israel plans to invade Syria: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir

War With Syria? Media is playing down their military capabilities

Syria/Israel War of Words Heating Up

Israeli minister calls for incinerating Damascus, Beirut: "Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins" [Isaiah 17:1]

Maddening predictability: "What Israel can do is fight the war on a battlefield where it can win"

IDF planning to attack nuclear sites in Iran

2 Palestinians shot by Border Police after running roadblock

Five Soldiers Hurt In Two Attacks - Non-Stop Efforts Against Terror

IDF to reevaluate reserve call-up decision

IDF on the Offensive in the South

8 Palestinians killed in Rafah raid

Israeli-Palestinian peace plan will replace Oslo with "Swiss Accords"

Barak deplores Beilin-Abed-Rabbo 'Swiss Agreement'

Arafat 'fully recovered' from illness, aide says

Demand An End To Oslo War

"Slippery Slope" Euthanasia Debated Even In Israel!

A "Living Death" - Official medical world adopts, at least outwardly, the distinction between active and passive euthanasia

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: Medical establishment killing more "devalued" people now that did Hitler

Ominous Parallels - Nazism Has Developed In America - Surveillance And Technology

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korean films make Americans the bad guy

Living Under North’s Threat Is Way of Life on S. Korean Island

South Korean gov't struggles to get state affairs on normal track

Powell seeks formal pact with N. Korea

Japan Ponders Development of N-Weapons

Calif. economy not as bad as many in that state think

Eyes Abroad: From Terminator to Leviathan

Freshman dies after jump from NYU balcony: Second student death in a month

Pastor's salute to gay's killing troubles city: Designed granite monument engraved with Shepard's face followed by these words chiseled in the stone: "Matthew Shepard Entered Hell October 12, 1998, at Age 21 In Defiance of God's Warning: 'Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination.' Leviticus 18:22."

HIV spreading rapidly among world's young


Saturday, October 11, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Strengthening UN - As Cutting Edge Noted

Australian defence minister backs call for UN preemptive strikes: Calls for UN to be given preemptive strike capability@!

Bush's Iraq Fiasco Actually Is Strengthening United Nations!

Russia voices own pre-emption policy

Israel Fighting Terror Within

France's President Chirac Fears General Middle East War Blowout: Also says Sharon plans to murder Arafat!

Syria Warns Israel It Will Defend Itself

Six Palestinians die as Israelis seek tunnels

New Palestinian Cabinet in crisis after Arafat and PM clash

Oslo hatchers poised to announce 'Swiss Accords' - Meetings bankrolled by Switzerland, the United States, the European Union and Japan

'Operation Root Canal' underway in Gaza

PA: Israel will be destroyed through violence

Israeli actions signal a change in strategy: No longer working toward "land for peace", but now insisting "peace before land"

Israel Depending on Int'l Community To Stop Iran's Nuclear Program

U.S., Israel negotiating changes in barrier route: Talks signal switch from prior divergence

Palestinian Envoy Warns of More Violence If Barrier Continues To Be Built

Islamic Jihad unfazed: Smiling this week upon learning that Israel had attacked one of their "training bases" in Syria

Happy Sukkot- Feast Of Tabernacles - Celebrated 5 days after Yom Kippur which started October 6

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Israeli Analysts Doubt Syria Will Get the Message on Terrorism

Educating Bashar: Syria is at war with Israel

Syria: How big a threat?

Officials Gather for Islamic Summit in Malaysia: Largest Meeting for Leaders Since 9/11 Attacks

Itinerary for Bush's Asia Trip Expanded to Include Indonesia

Mexican army deserters start war for control of border city: Elite army deserters

Mexico closes border as USDA tests cattle for disease

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor's Home in Exile Is More Like Prison Than Palace

Africa to get lion's share of US Aids funds

President Bush Announces New Cuba Policy

Al-Qaeda active in Kashmir: Indian army chief

Sri Lanka: Tamil Tigers deny forcing children to take up arms

Afghan Fighters Withdraw After Skirmish

Pakistan helping terrorists in J&K: British MPs charge

Pak to raise Kashmir issue at Organization of Islamic Countries summit

Human Rights Watch blasts Musharraf's 'illegal Govt' in Pakistan

Nazi Attitudes Permeating America

Federal judge in Florida has refused to take jurisdiction: Case of disabled woman whose husband is seeking to allow her to die of starvation and dehydration

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: Medical establishment killing more "devalued" people now that did Hitler

Ominous Parallels - Nazism Has Developed In America - Surveillance And Technology

California Governor Recall News

Hard Part for Arnold: Keeping Promises

Groping Allegations Had Little Effect

Faulty Voting Machines In California

383,000 votes said missing in recall

Will Arnold Govern the Way He Campaigned?

Bush, governor-elect expected to appear together in California

Schwarzenegger ‘Quake’ hits Capitol, leaves terrain in flux

Conservative Icon Is Gone! For 30 Days

Limbaugh Bombshell: I'm Going Into Rehab for 30-Days

Rush Limbaugh Statement on Prescription Pain Medication Stories: "I'll Be Back!

Limbaugh admits addiction: ""To humanize him may de-fang him to a certain degree"

Rush Limbaugh -- "Mega-Dittos To The Master Communicator" -- However, warning is in order: Rush is very sophisticated part of the Plan

Rush Limbaugh Displays Biblical Ignorance

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Baghdad car blast sparks tensions with Shiites: 2 soldiers killed in deadly firefight

Anti-U.S. sentiment seethes in Baghdad

Suspected Saddam Security Members Nabbed

New Tactic: U.S. Soldiers Lured Into Ambush by Iraqi Civilians -- Just like Vietnam!

Iraqi Terror Attacks Claim Twelve More Lives

Back to Iraq: Two-Week Leave Ends for First Wave of Resting Troops

Islamic Nations Call for U.S. Out of Iraq

British Queen, Blair attend solemn memorial to British troops killed in Iraq war

Iraq rejects peacekeepers from Turkey

U.S. President Bush pushes ahead with new speech, new initiative on Iraq

White House moves fast to manage Iraq debate

Annan: in Talks on New Iraq Resolution

US State Department protests televangelist's nuclear threat: Pat Robertson suggested that Foggy Bottom HQ should be destroyed with nuclear weapons




Illuminist Nobel Peace Prize News

Warm congratulations -- and confusion in Tehran -- over Nobel Prize award

Nobel Prize win may have come too late for embattled Iran reformers

Pope snubbed as Iranian rights lawyer wins Nobel peace prize

Vatican seeks to mask disappointment over 'snub' to the Pope

Gibson's company Icon Productions — the logo for which is a portrait of Jesus — will distribute "The Passion" themselves overseas

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea says "arms, not words" appropriate for dealing with Japan

Powell Seeks to Break N. Korean Stalemate

Washington offers new proposals to North Korea

US wants multilateral security deal with Pyongyang

South Korean president considers referendum to assess whether he should resign

South Korean President apologizes for new scandal

Two Tory aides have been arrested over a homophobic attack on a gay policy adviser

Priests urge talks on letting clergy wed

Celibacy In Catholic Priesthood Is Not The Problem Behind Sex Scandals! Forced Celibacy Is The Problem

How Catholic Priests Could Sexually Abuse Their Parishoners For Over 800 Years!

FBI scandal in Boston goes from bad to worse: This is the agency to whom we are giving dictatorial powers!?

Fourth Grade Male Teacher suspended after gay prostitution charge

Suspicions hinder mayor's bid to win Philadelphia race: Bugging and investigation raise questions, interrupt incumbent's campaign

Philadelphia mayor now called a 'subject' in FBI investigation




Friday, October 10, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Sustainable Development Series = Destruction of this Civilization

UN Plan to Designate Areas Off Limits To Human Activity Continues Under Our Noses -- Part 1 - "Re-Wilding" is the term

Hurricane Isabel Was Steered Directly Onto Two UN Biospheres: Action to implement Biosphere Program is under way - Part 2

Many US Seismographs shaking tonight - Majority of shakes are Pacific North West volcanoes - Earthquakes in volcanoes means molten magma is moving upward

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Ambush kills 2 U.S. soldiers in Baghdad

Car bomb targets police in Baghdad: 10 people dead, 45 injured in blast; 3 U.S. soldiers killed in separate attacks; 6 months to day after capital's fall

Wolfowitz Says U.S. Will Not Be Driven from Iraq

Nobel Peace Prize may go to Pope John Paul II in recognition of his steadfast opposition to the US-led war on Iraq

Six months after Saddam, eight die as bombers prolong violence

Bush: I acted in self-defence

Cheney Defends Decision for War in Iraq

Bush Stands by Handling of Iraq, Economy

Saddam: everywhere and nowhere

Turkish leader says troops will promote peace in Iraq: Presence in Iraq irks Kurds and Iraqis

House Panel OKs $87 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan

GOP Congresswoman to Visit Women in Iraq

Moral Collapse

Detective recounts details of charge against NBA star, Kobe Bryant: Accuser says they kissed, then hoops star grabbed her neck and raped her

Kobe Bryant's Lawyers Play Hardball in Rape Case

Local 10-year-old boy accused of bomb threats against local schools

Man Kills Friend, Drinks Blood: Obsessed with Vampires

Iowa Police Tip Parents on Suicide Pact

Gay - Lesbian News

Mass. attorney general goes after accused gay basher

"Bible As Hate Crime" Legislation Might Threaten Freedom of Speech In America

October 11: A holiday worth noting - National Coming Out Day and Gay History month give reasons to celebrate in the gay community

6,000 youths infected with HIV/AIDS every day

Canada's Supreme Court: Refused to let conservative religious and family groups appeal court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage

Gay Advocacy Group Calls for De-Legalization of Marriage

Cross-dressing comic sells out in New York's prestigious City Centre venue in Manhattan

Bishop Predicts Episcopal Church Will Disintegrate: Conservatives Meet In Dallas Over Opposition To Gay Bishop

Bloomington (Indiana) Radio Station to Pilot Gay-Oriented Show

Many Parents Object To Gay Speaker At Middle School: "Enraged" is a better word to describe parent's feelings

Metropolitan Community Churches Lament Anti-Gay Stance

Russian Striving To Become "Core State"

Russia, Germany eye massive gas deal

Russia assures NATO of partnership: NATO chief

Russia, NATO to Cooperate in Deploying Theater Missile Defense System

General Clark takes heat in Democratic debate: Newly arrived front-runner slammed by rivals

Boldly Losing Our Freedoms

Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge: Trying to gauge the community's willingness to trade privacy rights for national security - "Those who would be willing to trade freedoms for peace and safety deserve neither peace nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

"Weapons of Mass Murder": CFR Members Debate

NATO defense chiefs in secret crisis exercise in Colorado

Tight Surveillance Key Development

Phila. mayor asks FBI to 'lift clouds': Mayor Street says he has done nothing wrong, after Federal bugs are found in his office

Nearly Everything That People in the U.S. Eat Will Soon Have to Be Registered With Government

Predicted In Video: Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy!

Ominous Parallels - Nazism Has Developed In America - Surveillance And Technology - Video

China faces continued power shortage - Blackout possible


Israel - Palestinians Toe-To-Toe

Israeli minister calls for incinerating Damascus, Beirut: "Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins" [Isaiah 17:1]

Official Palestinian Authority TV: Israel will be destroyed through violence

Syria's President Bashar Al Assad says Israel cannot continue without war

Army enters Rafah to demolish tunnels

Israeli forces battle gunmen in refugee camp on Gaza-Egypt border: Six Palestinians killed

Palestinians downplay Arafat ill-health reports: Reportedly ill with stomach cancer

Reports are circulating widely regarding both Abu Ala's resignation as PA Prime Minister and Arafat's ill health

Bloodshed amid Palestinian leadership crisis

Left-wing Activist, Avneri To Face Police "Summons" For Attempts To Protect Arafat

Suicide Bomber wounds two soldiers

Israel to deploy military reserves in W. Bank

Sharon's target is not Arafat, but Palestinian solidarity

India signs $1b PHALCON arms deal with Israel: Russia also involved -- Pakistan upset

Haifa suicide bombing death toll rises to 20

Former PM Barak deplores leftists' 'Swiss Agreement' in signing separate peace with Palestinians

National Religious Party Threatening to Quit Government

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy, Iran's Absolute Right: Greek FM - E.U. trying to bring Iran into European orbit! - Is Iran getting ready to join Russia in march against Israel? Ezekiel 38-39 beckons

US hawk warns Iran threat must be "eliminated"

Heading off a nuclear Iran - US missiles in Europe to deter Tehran

Iranian Peace Activist Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Clashes resume between Afghan rival militias

Syria slams US over sanctions threat

Neo-con fingerprints on Syria raid: [Disinformation mixed with truth]

Malaysia's Mahathir calls for peaceful Islam - True Face of Islam

11-member Al Qaida sleeper cell discovered in Yemen capital

Oman exempts Palestinian goods from customs tax

President Arroyo says Philippines ready to thwart terrorist attack

Non-Integrating States News - Korean Peninsula

South Korea's Roh Eyes Renewed Mandate from Voters

North Korea Iraq, foremost on Bush visit agenda when he meets Japan's Prime Minister

Chen denounced for 'Taiwan independence' remarks

California Governor's Election Aftermath

Unintended consequences shaped California vote

Schwarzenegger invited to meet with gay leaders

What will he do now?

Silence on Schwarzenegger sexcapades says a lot

Revealed: How Diebold Electronics System Voting Machine Ensured Schwarzenegger election -- Many "irregularities" found

On 77th Day: Voters Speak Loudly Against Davis's Record

"Terminator 3" DVD: Set for release on 11.11.03

Insanity plea is planned for sniper suspect Malvo

Mind Control Used On Malvo As Mind Control Trigger Reveals

"Like a Duck in a Noose": Audio Tape reveals specific Mind Control used on snipers

A secret service: 5,000 Masons meet behind closed doors to set up Capital's grand lodge - Statistics Reveal Great Britain's Leadership Is Strongly Masonic!

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea: Reveals the true goal of Britain's Masons

Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince

Guantanamo Bay Prison: Torture Facility?

Red Cross Criticizes Indefinite Detention in Guantánamo Bay Terrorist Prison

Lawyer Says Guantanamo Detainees Tortured: 660 prisoners

US plans for executions at Guantanamo: Including the construction of a "death chamber"

Secret Trials: Lives are in US military's hands

Secret Arrests: Secret Trials: Secret Torturing: Secret Executions -- Bush - Ashcroft reveals true inner heart

"Terrorist" Already Redefined By Bush Administration: Will Be You, and Me!

Attorney-General John Ashcroft’s Concentration Camp Program— Audio Tape


Thursday, October 9, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Israel - Palestinian Conflict

Jordanian, Egyptian physicians arrive to treat ailing Arafat: Health reportedly failing fast

Hamas site: 'Israel has poisoned Arafat'

French newssite reports Arafat 'dead' -- Story ''unconfirmed''

Arafat advisers deny heart-attack rumors - Video pictures capture Arafat's legacy

Shalom: Qurei seeks internal support before talks with Israel

Israel Rejects Palestinian Cease-Fire Proposal

Palestinian death cult - Suicide Bomber Injures Two in West Bank as terrorism continues

Rabbinical court transfer sparks coalition crisis: Government's first major coalition crisis

IAF strips senior dissenting pilot of wings

'This should be the last lesson I give the Air Force': Senior officer refused to participate in targeted killings

Israeli air strike on Syria: ‘The weak should write their wills’

Syria warns Israel it will militarily respond if Israel attacks continue

Israel In (Dire) Crisis -- Video

Israel sends more troops into West Bank and Gaza

Israel cabinet discusses next steps

Three IDF soldiers wounded in West Bank shooting attack

Showing our best (gay) face abroad

"Road Map" Autopsy

Anatomy of a disaster: "Road Map" clearly has failed because it has relieved Palestinians from obligation to fight terror

President Bush's Road Map To Peace Is Fatally Flawed - Based Upon The Five Great Deceptions of Islam

Bush and Sharon have deceived the world: Bush is pushing to blame someone for the so-called 'Road Map Plan'

Israel At War - A Look Backward

Yom Kippur War II

Kissinger gave Israel tacit approval to flout 1973 truce

God Is Protecting Israel The Same Way Since 1948 As He Did In Old Testament Times! God's Protective Hand In Six-Day War

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Over 60 Killed or Hurt as Afghans Fight with Tanks

Philippines Working to Thwart Militants' Attack Plans

Wars aggravate plight of poorer nations, says UN

Iran: Uranium enrichment goes on

Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy, Iran's Absolute Right: Greek Foreign Minister

Colombian guerilla's US hostages make TV appearance

Car bomb kills 6 in Bogota

Pakistan test fires another nuclear-capable missile: Second test in five days - Can reach deep into India with nuke warhead

US report on religious freedom in Saudi Arabia delayed

New peace troops for Liberia

South Africa, Bush Facilitate Terror in Zimbabwe

Moral Collapse

Prominent English Soccer stars embroiled in 'gang rape' claim

Children use yoga to get in touch with their bodies and nature: Exposing our children to demonic spirits of false religions

US plans to pay organ donors

AIDS In News

Vatican: Condoms don't stop Aids

U.S. counters complaints about helping AIDS fight

AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic -- Book

Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video scientifically shows how AIDS was created so it would jump species barrier

AIDS in South Africa: More News

'Don't skimp on Aids work': United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Tough Love AIDS Manifesto Aims To Shock Gays Into Responsible Sex


BOOKSTORE SALE: Some items up to 50% off


Health officials brace for return of SARS this winter

SARS number game in Taiwan raises serious worries

Study: Gene Difference May Explain SARS Epidemic

SARS Seems To Be Genetically Produced To Target Orientals

SARS Is Comprised Of "Wild Beasts of the Earth": Is it the plague of Revelation 6:8?

NATO Members Commit to Buy Air Tankers

NATO Leaders Work Through Mock Middle East Crisis

NATO chiefs in secret WMD exercise

Rejuvenation: LDS Church unveils an extensive redevelopment plan - Mormonism's Temple of Doom

Whited Sepulchers: Hidden Language of the Mormon Temple

Mormon Dilemma - Video

Forced Global Conformity News

U.N. rules Canada should ban spanking: Committee on the Rights of the Child issues decision in Geneva

U.S. Supreme Court Issued Decision Legalizing Homosexuality Upon International Law!

America Under Similar Threat When Canada Passes Its "Bible As Hate Crimes" Bill

Forced Global Conformity Is Coming -- Rapidly!

World Court's opinion sought on cloning

Major Power Failure Blacks Out Czech Republic


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Diplomatic Wrangling

Slumping Prez puts a fresh spin on Iraq

America, swept to war on a lie

America may abandon quest for UN backing : Bush's invasion has greatly strengthened the U.N.

Blair did not believe 45-minute threat: Former Minister

Rumsfeld Seems Odd Man Out in Iraq Plan

Bush Pushes Ahead With Iraq Initiative

Australia's P.M. Howard censured over push for war with Iraq

War News

Over 2,000 Shias confront US forces in Baghdad

Car Bomb Kills 10 at Baghad Police Station

'Weekend warriors' paying price in Iraq

Everywhere and nowhere, Saddam retains his grip on Baghdad's imagination

US swoops on Baghdad in hunt for Saddam

Ankara, Turkey, appeases US by agreeing to deploy troops - But, Turkey, U.S. at Odds Over Iraq Troop Base

Spanish military attache killed in Baghdad

U.S. troops expect long haul in Iraq

More than 5,000 detainees sit and wait behind U.S. razor wire, prison walls in Iraq

"Governor Arnie" - California News

On 77th Day: Voters Speak Loudly Against Davis's Record

It's Governor Arnie as California "terminates" rivals

Next stop the White House? Both Senate and House weighing proposals to allow foreign-born candidate to become President

Text Of Schwartzenegger For Pres Bill In Congress

The New World Order elite has big plans for Arnold

Bohemian Grove Gets Their Man -- Bold Video Reveals Secrets of Bohemian Grove! Dark Secrets Are Secret No Longer

Total recall victory opens a Pandora's box

Schwarzenegger Plans Audit of California Deficit

Foreign media not sure what to make of election: Mexicans worried about a backlash

Schwarzenegger Appoints Anti-Gay To Head Transition

Non-Integrating States News -- North Korea

Washington Rejects North Korean Bid to Exclude US Ally From Nuke Talks

South Korea attempts to bargain over Iraq

China plays greater role in North Korea's economy

Japan's North Korea policy understood in Bali

Anxiety in Asia as trade protectionism rises in the US

Jittery dollar drops again

Russia Might Price Its Oil in Euros: German Sources

Tension between New Zealand and US over nuclear policy

Pope John Paul II In News

Nobel Peace Prize may go to Pope John Paul II in recognition of his steadfast opposition to the US-led war on Iraq

Pontiff ailing, adviser reports: Aide says that pope 'in a bad way' but says he will resume schedule

Pope's health casts a pall over celebration plans

Pope 25th anniversary next week is election rehearsal for his successor

The Next Pope? At 69, Francis Arinze is the right age for a pope - Would be first black pope in history - has been pope's contact man with Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists

Baltimore City Board of Estimates to pay for City Councilman's Vatican pilgrimage

Yellowstone Super Volcano Simmers and Stews

Subterranean volcano stews in Yellowstone: Official disinformation mixed in with fact

A Monster That Could Destroy Life On Earth As We Know It Awakens!

Is The Forecasting Of The Eruption Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Possible? Plus: Mega-tsunami: Wave of Destruction Threatens The Whole East Coast

Yellowstone Ready to Blow? Recent Rumblings Create Buzz.....

Colored Map Shows Exact Shape of the Yellowstone Caldera

Mount Rainier called a threat -- Experts: Mountain is more unstable than previously thought

Other Seismic News On Pacific Ring of Fire





Quake jolts northern Japan: 5.9 magnitude

Church Apostasy News

Factions try to avert Episcopal split: Conservative members meeting in Dallas talk of growing rift over subject of gay relationships

Church members protest gay clergy

Chen denounced for 'Taiwan independence' remarks

Chinese mainland, Taiwan's third largest market

Government Steadily Increasing Dictatorial Powers

Philadelphia mayor John Street Says Wiretap Didn't Target Him

Your New Federal ID Has Arrived - Driver's Licenses: Single most federal power expanding bill in American history

Predicted In Video: Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy!

Ominous Parallels - Nazism Has Developed In America - Surveillance And Technology - Video

Dozens of people were plucked from their homes may signal a tougher approach to combating violent street gangs in Charlotte, N.C. -- No mention made of warrants issued

Islam has Declared War with Everyone!

Behind The Veil Exposes Islam Truth

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video




Wednesday, October 8, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Iraq - Depleted Uranium + Vaccinations

Navy Has Been Aware Of Problems Associated With D.U. Since 14 May 1984

Some GI's May Go AWOL! Calls from soldiers reflect growing anxiety to get out of Iraq as morale plummets

Mystery blood clots felling U.S. troops - Disturbing parallel has also surfaced: soldiers becoming ill or dying from similar ailments in the United States

"Mysterious Illness" May Be Depleted Uranium Plus Other Elements Are Killing Our Soldiers!

US wounded in the shadows: 6,000 service members from Operation Iraqi Freedom have been "injured" and/or "wounded", non-hostile injuries

Medical Doctor Speaks Out About The REAL Cause of "Mystery Illness" In Iraq: The way in which these five elements combine to make the solider sick, or to kill him, will vary widely with each soldier - Exact cause of deaths may vary widely

Depleted Uranium In Gulf War I -- Hidden Wars of Desert Storm

War News

Iraqi unrest grows: 2,000 protest at mosque; 3 G.I.s killed in bomb attacks

Baghdad in chaos after mortar attack and protests

U.S. Signals on Iraq Are Mixed at U.N.

Turkey appeases US by agreeing to deploy troops

Claims Blair knew Iraq wasn't a danger are called 'absurd'

US tries to buy black market Iraqi weapons

Gorbachev calls Bush decision to invade Iraq `mistake': Bush pursuing "some agenda other than weapons and Saddam Hussein"

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul pledge to tackle Pyongyang nuclear standoff

Coach Trip over Korean DMZ fails to ease nuclear fears

Arafat Woos North Korean Madman With Flowers

Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul pledge to tackle Pyongyang nuclear standoff

North Korea has the capability to make six nuclear bombs - Disinformation, for N.K. has many more bombs, already!

From the wreck of a car crash, "Dear Leader's" secret sex life is laid bare

Will the Japanese join the nuclear club?

Pope Asks: Pray For Me

Cardinal Rigali Installed As Phillly Archbishop

Motor City’s Millions: Detroit's dirty little secret is that a lot of its cars don't make any money

Moral Collapse

Mums partied while kids burned: Left home alone, five children die in Mississippi blaze

Man Pleads Guilty to Prosecutor's Death

Maryland Governor's wife's comment about shooting Britney Spears ‘inadvertent'

Study Finds Teen Sex, Suicide Are Linked: Teenage girls who are sexually active face an increased risk for depression and suicide -- God's Word stands! [Galatians 6"7]

N.H. senator's wife abducted, forced into money withdrawal

Scott Peterson's lawyers want evidence excluded

Bangkok Stories: Teens, trains and too-tight tops

Tourists to be queried about China sex orgy report

Witches and wizards are not just in fantasy

Mark of the Beast Surveillance and Technology

The Tipping Point: U.S. military's decision to require suppliers to use RFID tags will have an even bigger impact than Wal-Mart's RFID mandate

Ominous Parallels - Nazism Has Developed In America - Surveillance And Technology - Video

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites -- Video

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections -- Video

AAA Battery Gets a Mini-Me: Smallest implantable battery in the world

Resistance is useless: The lure of superconductors

Japan quarantines cattle over mad cow

18,000 people stranded by floods in central China, 5,000 relocated from flooding of the mighty Yellow River

Yellowstone will blow again - no telling when - Huge land deformations tell us eruption will be soon


California Has A New "Gov"

Schwarzenegger Celebrates, Davis Concedes

Live Election Returns -- Recall Map By County

Recall Circus - "May prove one of the more transformative cultural events of our young century."

World Marvels at Schwarzenegger's Victory

Bohemian Grove Gets Their Man -- Bold Video Reveals Secrets of Bohemian Grove! Dark Secrets Are Secret No Longer

The New World Order elite has big plans for Arnold

Maria Shriver was at Schwarzenegger's side throughout recall election: Liberal Kennedy influence will be strong

Arnie victory could spell trouble for Bush - From Hollywood to hot seat

Fears California's new voting systems as flawed as the chads

Israeli - Arab Confrontation Builds

Israel in state of high alert -- Orders limited mobilization of reserves

Israeli troops have encircled all major towns in the West Bank and have split the Gaza Strip into four sections

Israel's date with a runaway freight train: Arab viewpoint

Israel draws up Syrian hit list: Released map pinpointing homes of Palestinian leaders living in Damascus

Israeli Gov't steps up pressure on Syria: "Using any method"

White House stops blocking Syria bill: Bush administration gave Congress the go-ahead to approve new U.S. penalties against the Damascus regime 2 days before suicide attack

Syrian Raid has only delayed an inevitable confrontation

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon Issues Blunt Warning To Foes

Israel hints at more attacks: Shots fired over Lebanon border

Israel cabinet discusses next steps - Brink Of War -- Once Again

Syrian Envoy Vows Fight if Israel Keeps Attacking

Arafat suffered 'mild' heart attack: Reported first in C/Edge newsletter of 10/4/03 - DEBKAfile reported three heart attacks from late August to September 27

Frail-looking Arafat swears in Qurei's emergency cabinet - Rebellion of new Cabinet members signals Arafat's weakening power

Palestinian PM renews appeals for Israel truce

The Coming Last Days Temple

God Is Protecting Israel The Same Way Since 1948 As He Did In Old Testament Times! God's Protective Hand In Six-Day War

Muslim Hatred for Israel

Palestinian TV Still Preaching Elimination of Israel

37 Terror Warnings This Morning

Israel and the War of Images - Video - See Palestinian hatred exposed

Twelve Suicide Victims Buried; Widow/Mother Asks For Prayers

NEW!! Israel In Crisis Video

Egypt’s U.N. Ambassador extols the “Glorious October War” (1973)

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Attack on Pakistani Government Official

5 dead after gunmen open fire on hardline Sunni Muslim leader in Pakistan -- Member of the Government, an M.P.

Pakistani cities hit by riots after killing of Muslim leader

Slaying underlines contradictions in Musharraf rule

Is Pakistan Serious?

News From Other Countries

Brazil's move to enrich uranium is raising eyebrows

A fifth (20%) of South Africa's military infected with HIV

Corruption watchdogs rate Bangladesh worst

Iran intends to continue 'peaceful use of nuclear energy'

ASEAN nations sign pact with China: "Treaty of Amity and Co-operation", renounces the threat or use of force to settle disputes

Ugandan President defends $171,000 flights for his daughter

Gay - Lesbian: Marching Toward Sodom

Gay Sex Offenders Removed From Register!

Lutheran Church In Finland To Allow Gay Workers

Condom incident may kill off gay party venue: Mother City Queer Project may not be allowed to continue

British MPs Target Sex In Toilets

Our gay future

Coming Out Week, hosted by the Gay and Lesbian Association: Out for "equality"

Church of Christ to vote on ordaining gay Asheville woman

"Gay Christians" may use hunger strike tactics


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