Wednesday, 1/6/2016

1. Crying crocodile tears, President Obama announces new government restrictions on gun purchases.

None of his new rules would have prevented any of the mass public shootings.

Chicago is the prime example that severe gun controls do NOT work.

2. Republicans attack the President's gun control agenda.

Congress has the authority to stop these new rules in its tracks.

3. North Korea announces a miniature hydrogen bomb test.

The Plan of the Elite to stage a nuclear confrontation on the Korean Peninsula is still on track. The timing of this planned confrontation is "towards the end of the period"!

4. Iran forbids its citizens from traveling to Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia!

Tensions in the Middle East continue to boil toward an explosive "point of no return"!

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Newsletter, Wednesday, 1/6/2015

1. Crying crocodile tears, President Obama announces new government restrictions on gun purchases.

None of his new rules would have prevented any of the mass public shootings.

Chicago is the prime example that severe gun controls do NOT work.

NEWS BRIEF: "Tears Of Rage: Obama Cries During Gun Control Speech", Breitbart News, 5 Jan 2016

"Obama wiped away tears from his face about five different times during his speech, pausing frequently to add more emotion and gravity to the event. He also deviated several times from his prepared remarks to add more feeling to the text."

"Members of Obama’s staff were also wiping away tears as the president spoke as members of Congress sat silently in the room..."

Early in our marriage, my wife learned that she could get her way by starting to cry; but it did not take long for me to realize that her tears were false, and were deliberately called forth so she could get her way.

These tears are also fake, designed to neutralize the President's opposition to gun control through the use of crocodile tears.

The fact of the matter is that, while the President's new Executive Orders rules would not have prevented any of the past mass public shootings, they will make it more difficult and costly for individual, law-abiding citizens to buy and own guns.

New Age author, Bill Cooper, discovered a government agenda through mass public shootings. Listen:

"Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment." [Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse, p. 64]

This plan only will work if the average American is so defective that they would allow themselves to be convinced that the gun is the problem, not the shooter. But, why should we be surprised, since Public Schools have been deliberately providing students with a defective education, including mental reasoning skills?

The President's remarks were certainly well received by his advisors and employees.

"Gun control activists stood and cheered wildly in response to the president’s call for more gun control."

The President even quoted Scripture!

"Obama recalled the story of Zavion Dobson, the teenager who sacrificed his life to shield three girls from a shooting that occurred in Knoxville, Tennessee. 'Greater love hath no man than this than a man lay down his life for his friends', he said quoting scripture."

The reality is that, throughout modern history, when governments have successfully taken guns away, those governments quickly impose an Absolute Dictatorship which then murders a great many of its citizens. This sober reality occurred in Communist Russia under Stalin and in Nazi Germany under Hitler.

Since the Global Elite plans to impose the greatest Absolute Dictatorship known to mankind, and since we will be the victims, we must resist this drive to take away our guns with all our being!

Chicago is the ultimate proof that severe gun control measures do not work!

NEWS BRIEF: "Are Chicago's gun laws working?", January, 2013

"Gun Control is WHY Chicago Murder Rates Are Skyrocketing Chicago finished out 2012 with a bang, as it passed a major milestone hitting over 500 murders. Chicago has started off 2013 on the wrong foot, with this past week’s murder rate outpacing 2012’s ... Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Illinois remains the only state in the country where nobody can legally carry a concealed weapon, and lawmakers recently introduced measures to restrict legal gun ownership even more."

"Gun control policies don’t work because they disarm citizens while keeping criminals in possession of guns. Chicago’s strict policies have effectively given lawbreakers a monopoly on weapons in many parts of the city that the Chicago Police Department cannot or will not police effectively."

I could not have stated the facts any more clear.

As the Illuminati Gun Control card, pictured above, proves, Gun Control is a key component of the drive to overthrow the Old Order so the New World Order can be imposed!

2. Republicans attack the President's gun control agenda.

Congress has the authority to stop these new rules in its tracks.

NEWS BRIEF: "US Republicans attack Obama gun control moves", BBC News, 6 Jan 2016

"Leading US Republicans have denounced President Barack Obama's move to tighten gun controls."

The leaders attacking Obama's plan included Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin. It is apparent now that this issue will be prime topic of debate throughout the 2016 elections.

Did you know that Congress possesses the authority to stop Obama's Executive Order in their tracks?

NEWS BRIEF: "Congress Could Quickly End Obama’s Gun Grab", Breitbart News, 5 January 2016

"President Obama announced sweeping new executive orders on gun regulations Tuesday at the White House. Within moments of those remarks, Republican Congressional offices issued press statements criticizing Obama’s unilateral moves to tighten gun restrictions."

We noted this criticism in our write-up above. However, the key issue is not what GOP leaders said, but what they refused to say.

"Left out of any Republican statements, however, was any promise to cut funding for Obama’s actions. No matter what the White House may propose, Congress still exercises the power of the purse."

Therefore, when Republicans pass the bills necessary to fund the President's new Gun Control edicts, you will know once again that there is no fundamental difference between Republican and Democrat parties. Leaders on both sides of the aisle are equally committed to establishing the Kingdom of the Masonic Christ, known as the New World Order!


3. North Korea announces a miniature hydrogen bomb test.

The Plan of the Elite to stage a nuclear confrontation on the Korean Peninsula is still on track. The timing of this planned confrontation is "towards the end of the period"!

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea Says It Successfully Conducted Hydrogen Bomb Test", NBC News, Jan 6, 2016

"North Korea announced Wednesday that it successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test, a claim that if true would mark a huge jump in Kim Jong Un's quest to improve its still-limited nuclear arsenal. The announcement came after South Korea reported a seismic event resembling an earthquake 30 miles from the Punggye-ri site where the desperately poor and reclusive North has conducted nuclear tests in the past."

As usual, American and South Korean leaders quickly cast doubt on whether this test was a genuine hydrogen bomb. That has been their response to every single test declaration. Perhaps Western leaders will not admit that North Korea possesses nuclear weapons until one has exploded on their soil.

What is very clear is that the Illuminati has plans for North Korea to panic the world through a nuclear confrontation that threatens most of the world. Listen:

"NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981; NOTE: Lemesurier is a major New World Order author]

In other words, in the Third World War, out of which Antichrist will come striding, the Korean Peninsula is guaranteed a major role; she is planned to provide a huge blow in the Dialectic Struggle -- Controlled Conflict Bringing About Controlled Change. To fully understand how this entire global war is planned, yea, scripted, let us go back to Lemesurier, and this most important book. "The Armageddon Script" is a major book if one is to properly comprehend the planned rise of Antichrist, as Lemesurier details how the Illuminati is going to deceive the whole world -- especially Jews and Fundamental Christians -- into believing that this Masonic Christ is the Messiah for whom they have been long awaiting. Now, let us quote Lemesurier on how scripted this entire event is to be, and then we shall go to Scripture to see that God foretold just such a scripted cooperation at the End of the Age.

Plan Thoroughly Scripted: "Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions. The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready. Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up. The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the main actors ... have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise. The time for action will have come." [Ibid., p. 252]

This is the most detailed and global "script" ever written, and it is so brilliant and so carefully carried out, you will discover that your limits of understanding and believability will be stretched to the limit. Is this possible, you may ask, that a global plan could be conceived and carried out for the past 227 years, without the people really ever realizing that they are being manipulated?

The answer is three-fold:

1) People have not been trained in simple mental reasoning skills

2) People want to believe the best of their government, even when overwhelming evidence is screaming that this belief is simply not true.

3) Mass Media has achieved a great deal of control over people's minds and over the debate on any issue in this country.

North Korea has possessed nuclear weapons since the Soviet Union disbanded, leaving her two nuclear bomb sites that Russia had located on her soil.

North Korea also possesses intercontinental ballistic missiles which can reach the American East Coast (read full details in NEWS1781, posted in early 2003.


Dr. Kevin Clarkson, of Prophecy In The News, and David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries, discuss in depth the process of over throwing Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship in the new Cutting Edge Films DVD - 'BRINGING SAUDI ARABIA DOWN'


4. Iran forbids its citizens from traveling to Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia!

Tensions in the Middle East continue to boil toward an explosive "point of no return"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Saudi Arabia-Iran tensions threaten world security: "May lead to an irreversible war between the two sides", Euro News, 5 Jan 2016

"The diplomatic rupture between Tehran and Riyadh – following the execution of a prominent Shi’ite cleric by Saudi authorities – threatens world security, a former Iranian official has warned ...' It looks as if the players sleep-walk towards a crisis that can explode out of control because of a minor incident. and lead to an irreversible war between the two sides' ..."


As we have stated many times before, the Global Elite desperately wants to topple all entrenched dictatorships in the region, and Saudi Arabia in the most repressive.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are about to go to war and it will turn out badly for the Desert Kingdom.

The House of Saud will lose:

1) Her control over the Islamic Holy Sites

2) Much of her oil facilities

3) Virtually all her access to any major body of ocean

4) Her name will be changed

All this is planned and is unfolding exactly as we predicted in our recent DVD, shown above, "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down".

Once Saudi dictatorship is removed, the Elite can begin targeting small dictatorships like Bahrain and the UAE. Then, the stage is set for the creation of Supernation #7 of the Elite Plan, a nation called "Northern Africa and the Middle East".

Remember the truth revealed in Daniel 7:7-8, that Antichrist cannot arise until and unless the nations of the world are reorganized into 10 supernations! The world is drawing closer to this prophetic event with every passing day.


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'Another Jesus' Calling is his call for much needed discernment in these very deceptive times.

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Yet the irony is that even though this technology is sweeping the planet, hardly anyone, even Christians, have any idea what it is in the first place, let alone its Biblical ramifications!

This technology is not a science fiction scenario of the future; it is present day reality with today's technology called RFID. And that's why the Mark of the Beast is not only real, it's really going to be implemented just like the Bible said. In fact, it might be sooner than you think.

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Starting from this premise, we examine a number of key Masonic teachings and then ask the Pastor how he can reconcile these teachings with Biblical Christianity. We ask, 'Mr. Pastor, when you are teaching key biblical doctrine, are you really thinking of the radically different teaching of Freemasonry? Prime Example: Freemasonry teaches that its religion is far superior to any other religion on Earth, including Christianity. Mr. Pastor, are you thinking how superior Masonry is to Christianity when you are teaching Biblical doctrine. Second Example: Freemasonry teaches that it is necessary for Lodge leaders to deliberately lie to their people until they are 'mature enough' to comprehend and accept the truth; Mr. Pastor, when you are teaching key Biblical doctrine, are you secretly thinking that it is necessary for you to teach these 'lies' about Jesus and the God of the Bible until your people are spiritually mature to comprehend the true Masonic doctrine?

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