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Critical News Analysis


1. Putin slyly slithered his Russian Army across the border of Ukraine, disguising his move as "Peace Keeping"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Biden Allows Putin to Send More Russian Troops into Ukraine Without Triggering Sanctions ", Breitbart News, 21 Feb 2022

"Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to send more troops into Ukraine would not trigger the sanctions prepared by the United States and European allies, the White House said Monday."

You see, Putin did not send 200,000 troops stomping over the border with Ukraine, but sneaked a far smaller contingent across in the guise of restoring peace and safety for Russian citizens now being badly threatened.

Students of history will recall how Adolf Hitler used the same ruse to snatch territory. Do you remember your history?

"Germany was dependent on imported oil; a confrontation with Britain over the Czechoslovakian dispute could curtail Germany's oil supplies ... On 29 September Hitler, Neville Chamberlain, Édouard Daladier, and Mussolini attended a one-day conference in Munich that led to the Munich Agreement, which handed over the Sudetenland districts to Germany."

"On 14 March 1939, under threat from Hungary, Slovakia declared independence and received protection from Germany.[239] The next day, in violation of the Munich accord and possibly as a result of the deepening economic crisis requiring additional assets, Hitler ordered the Wehrmacht to invade the Czech rump state, and from Prague Castle he proclaimed the territory a German protectorate." (Wikipedia, Adolf Hitler)

Adolf Hitler continued to preach the need for even more land of Europe, in which his New Aryan people could live and prosper. Hitler provoked World War II on September 1, 1939, when he invaded Czechoslovakia.

What did the Illuminati think of the "Munich Agreement"?

Time Magazine named Hitler their "Man of the Year" in 1939!

In this scenario, Putin is playing the role of Hitler. He is arguing that Russian forces are needed within the small Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic, officially part of Ukraine.

At first, Biden seemed to agree: numbers of Russian troops not sufficient to declare the incursion an 'invasion'. Putin's slimy movement of troops across the border was insignificant in Biden's eyes to provoke major power confrontation.

Biden's response? Move the goal posts, just like Obama kept moving his 'Red Lines' in Syria in August, 2013.

NEWS BRIEF: "Biden Shifts Russia Goal Posts After Putin Invasion ", Townhall News, 22 February 2022

"Now that Putin has made his first move, the Biden administration is shifting the goal posts and arguing his actions don't meet the invasion threshold."

But, within hours, the White House was singing a different tone.

"The White House is now shifting its tone, calling Russian troops into Ukrainian separatist regions “an invasion. Based on the evolving situation and what was we are seeing on the ground, what is underway is an invasion,” a sr admin official tells @NBCNews."

In the face of 60-Ton Battle Tanks, heavily armed soldiers and missiles and helicopters and armored personnel carriers, with what is President Biden countering?

Paper. Yes, PAPER!

"Biden signed a toothless executive order Monday night claiming to cut off Russian "profits" from the current situation.

Now that President Biden has started his campaign of slapping sanctions against Russia, Putin seems to not need a "fig-leaf" shield hiding his true intentions.

Might the Russian dictator now order a full invasion?

2. Russia will truly transform the World Order if she takes control of Ukraine.

NEWS BRIEF: "What if Russia Wins? A Kremlin-Controlled Ukraine Would Transform Europe", Foreign Affairs, February 18, 2022

"In the surreal winter of 2021–22, the United States and Europe are once again contemplating a major Russian military intervention, this time in Europe itself. And once again, many [Western] analysts are warning of dire consequences for the aggressor. "

Once Russia is allowed to control Ukraine, what are the foreseeable consequences?

"Putin is on a historic mission to solidify Russia’s leverage in Ukraine (as he has recently in Belarus and Kazakhstan) ... What if Russia wins in Ukraine? If Russia gains control of Ukraine or manages to destabilize it on a major scale, a new era for the United States and for Europe will begin. "

All actions in Europe will have to be carefully considered according to different sets of calculations:

1. "U.S. and European leaders would face the dual challenge of rethinking European security and of not being drawn into a larger war with Russia."

2. " All sides would have to consider the potential of nuclear-armed adversaries in direct confrontation. "

3. "The United States and its allies could find themselves deeply unprepared for the task of having to create a new European security order as a result of Russia’s military actions in Ukraine."

4. "Ukraine will have been effectively detached from the West."

5. "Eastern member states, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania, will likely have substantial numbers of NATO troops permanently stationed on their soil."


And, if she also takes control of the Baltics, and if China prevails in Taiwan, the world will mutate beyond recognition!

I believe we are going to be witnesses to a huge fulfillment of Bible prophecy: Ezekiel 38-39 Russian-led invasion of history!

Ezekiel 38:4 -- "And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws ..." I can just see, using my imagination, a demon into which God has placed hooks into his mighty jaws. The "hook" here is the same as a horse's bridle, which fits into the mouth of the horse, and hurts it enough that it will willingly turn its head any which way the rider demands. Apparently, the demonic overlord is trying to take Russia in a different direction than what God envisions, so God sinks His hooks into the jaw of the demonic overlord and turns him around, to begin his attack on Israel. We are not told when, in the prophetic timeline, God sinks His hooks. "

President Putin has created the entire Russian military to defeat a combined American/European enemy. And, today, Russia has a powerful and well coordinated military machine.

This incredible military is now operating toward the goal of bringing into Russia's Sphere of Influence all of Ukraine, the Baltic states and Finland. However, God prophetically intends to use Russia to lead an invasion force against tiny Israel at the End of the Age (Read "Ezekiel 38-39 Russian Led Invasion of Israel", NEWS2453).

At some point following the annexation of Ukraine, God is going to force "Gog" -- the demonic overlord of Russia -- to turn the mind of Vladmir Putin to turn its focus from Europe to Israel, and begin assembling the nations listed as marching with Russia in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 invasion.

We are witnessing this powerful, prophetic turning in our Daily News, right here and right now!

3. The U.S. has warned that the Kremlin has detailed lists of people considered 'traitors'.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. says Russia has list of Ukrainians to kill or detain after invasion", Star Advertiser, Feb 22, 2022

"The United States government has sent a letter to the United Nations human rights chief in Geneva saying it has “credible information” that Russian forces have compiled a list of Ukrainian citizens to be killed or sent to detention camps in the aftermath of a Russian invasion and occupation of the country."

"The likely targets would be people opposed to Russian actions, including dissidents from Russia and Belarus living in Ukraine, journalists, anti-corruption activists and members of ethnic and religious minorities and the LGBTQ community."

Roundup will occur instantly after Ukraine falls into her hands.

4. A Socialist magazine, "Jacobin" published a revealing picture of Joe Biden as Jesus, with Hillary, Bill, & Barack as luminaries in the Third Heaven.


"The media has shown their excitement over President Biden taking office, but the new cover of Jacobin magazine paints the former-VP as a Christlike figure, hovering about black citizens in masks."

"The cover art by Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva has Biden soaring high the citizens, who are all worshipping the Democrat leader below the faces of Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton (with an angelic theme.)"

Notice that this scene is roughly divided in three (3) parts:

1. Living at the bottom, at Earth level are ordinary human beings wearing masks and cheering as they look upward into the heavens.

2. Working in the middle section -- the Celestial Realm -- are transformed humans, each with a halo. These are angels working to support Joe Biden, a Perfected Man imbued with wisdom from the Celestial realm.

(NOTE: A "Perfected Man" on earth is a man who is part of a secret society, whose rituals and teachings have set him on the path to "Human Perfection".)

These angels are sitting, standing or kneeling on puffy white clouds. We can make out the faces of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Dr. Fauci.

3. The uppermost section is the Super Celestial Realm, shown populated by Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama!

This whole scene is a typical Rosicrucian scene and it outlines the traditional belief as to the various stages through which a Perfected Kabbalist Man can achieve immortality.

Rosicrucians believe the universe is basically split into three sections.

The Rosicrucian worldview outlook is: "Magic was a dominating factor, working as a mathematics-mechanics in the lower world, as celestial mathematics in the celestial world, and as angelic conjuration in the super celestial world." [Francis Yeats, The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, p. 223; Emphasis added]

The Bottom Line of this Symbolism

"The important thing is the new generation that has been galvanized, and that generation is committed to trying to discover, through the course of the twenty-first century, a democratic path to socialist transformation ... And increasingly, I think, the need for that will become obvious, because the logic of capitalism today is producing the type of ecological crisis that could only be solved by democratic-socialist planning."

Now, you can understand the occult theological agenda of this Biden Administration -- to use "Democratic-Socialist Planning" to solve all humanities' problems and to produce the Utopian scene on the front page of this Jacobin magazine!


5. Is Prime Minister Trudeau turning Canada into Cuba?

NEWS BRIEF: "Is Canada Becoming Cuba?", Townhall News, Feb 22, 2022

"Canada is leaving the Western world. In terms of all-encompassing government, suppression of dissent and the denial of fundamental human rights to many of its citizens, Canada is now more similar to Cuba than to any free country. "

"This is a majority view held in every province/region across the country."

"I suspect that most Americans -- and certainly most people outside of America or Canada -- do not know precisely what Canada's Marxist prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is doing to his country."

Trudeau is working hard to accomplish the following goals:

1. "Last week, for only the second time in Canadian history ... Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act. This statute enables a Canadian prime minister to suspend fundamental human rights and rule as a dictator."

2. "Using powers granted under the Emergencies Act, the federal government has directed banks and other financial institutions to stop doing business with people associated with the anti-vaccine mandate convoy occupying the nation's capital."

3. "The government's new directive, called the 'emergency economic measures order,' goes beyond asking banks to simply stop transferring funds to protest organizers. The government wants banks to stop doing business with some people altogether ... a move that will result in frozen accounts, stranded money and cancelled credit cards."

4. "Banks will be working with law enforcement to decide who should be 'de-banked'."

5. "... police could gather the names and license plate numbers of people participating in a protest or an unlawful assembly and share that information with FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) "

6. "With access to bank accounts and credit cards and other financial instruments suspended, protesters won't be able to pay for things like hotel and fuel bills..."

"... it may be hard for some of the truckers participating to ever find work again because they could lack the necessary insurance to operate a big rig. 'Paying bills, paying rent and any kind of day-to-day financial transaction can be stopped for people who are part of the protest movement,' she said. There may also be some 'unintended consequences' from frozen accounts, such as suspended alimony and child support payments, Davis said. 'It's going to be very difficult for them.'

"Banks have been granted immunity against legal action in the event of disputes over whether someone should have been denied financial services. 'No proceedings under the Emergencies Act and no civil proceedings lie against an entity for complying with this Order,' the regulations read."

Americans need to be very concerned for the following reasons:

1) American Truckers have announced they are going to carry out the same type of protest as did the Canadians.

2) The Biden Administration has shown itself quite capable of building a massive mountain out of a tiny mole-hill. Biden just announced that he is continuing the Federal Mask Mandate declaration, even though the flu cousin -- COVID-19 -- is declining so significantly that many states and nations are discontinuing their restrictions.

3). The time is coming rapidly when the North American Union will be established. Canada, the United States, and Mexico will be unified into one massive supernation and will fulfill Daniel 7:7-8. 2:40-45, and Revelation 17:12, 17)

The time is here for us to obey Jesus Christ when He told His followers living at the End of the Age:

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28, KJV)

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