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1. Donald Trump wins again, this time in Nevada

Suddenly, his campaign looks a lot like an invincible political machine.

2. Hillary Clinton continues to wallow in scandal. Her top two scandals seem to be:

A Federal Judge seems to be leaning toward forcing Hillary to release all documents related to her classified email scandal.

Hillary cannot adequately explain how she could accept speaking fees ranging upward to $225,000 per speech, when the average American wage-earner struggles to earn $50,000 per year!

3. Should Socialist Bernie Sanders win the White House, what might his first year be like?

Former British PM Margaret Thatcher was absolutely correct when she warned: "Socialism works until you run out of the other person's money"

4. The massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed by President Obama and now goes to the Congress.

How do the Presidential candidates stand on TPP? One answer might surprise you.

5. The German Government possesses a surveillance technology that should frighten you.

The drive to an Absolute Dictatorship just received a huge technological boost.

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    Additionally, this generation is facing more onslaughts of pure evil than has ever been witnessed in the entire history of man. As we search for answers, we must realize that God has given us a guidebook to prepare us for the future, and that guidebook is none other than the last book of the BibleThe Book of Revelation.

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    A few of the points we will cover in Volume 1 include:

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  • What is the true bloodline of the Antichrist?
  • What is the fate of Russia?
  • How can the stars fall to earth from heaven?
  • Was there any prophetic significance to Nazi Germany?
  • Can we find the USA in the Book of Revelation?

    We will teach the book in a survey format that will mingle a traditional, contextual approach to the book with a digression to apply these teachings and prophecies to cover the influence (or lack of influence) of the events we see taking place right before our eyes.

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1. Donald Trump wins again, this time in Nevada

Suddenly, his campaign looks a lot like an invincible political machine.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump: ‘We’re Winning, Winning, Winning the Country’ - Wins Nevada, Breitbart News, 23 February 2016

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump enthusiastically declared his campaign to be a 'winning' one in a speech after winning the Nevada Republican caucus on Tuesday. Trump said, 'You know, we weren’t expected a couple of months ago, we weren’t expected to win this one. You know that, right? We weren’t. Of course, if you listen to the pundits, we weren’t expected to win too much. And now we’re winning winning winning the country. And soon the country is going to start winning winning winning'.”

Coming fresh off his win in South Carolina and New Hampshire and Iowa, Donald Trump is suddenly sounding like a triumphant boxer who has just proven that he can "win the big one" and defeat any foe foolish enough to climb into the ring to challenge him. Suddenly, Trump is declaring victory nationally.

"After touting his numbers in some of the upcoming primary states, Trump stated, 'It’s going to be an amazing two months. We might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right?' ... After touting his support for the Second Amendment, he added, 'Now we’re going to get greedy for the United States. We’re going to grab and grab and grab'.”

Americans have gotten so sick and tired of the once-mighty America being forced by our politicians into one war after another that we have chosen not to win, and forced into global agreements we do not need. In fact, the American voter seems to now understand that these wars and these global agreements have caused us to slip out of our sole superpower status, becoming a country we do not recognize!

Donald Trump suddenly looks like the election is his to lose. He faces numerous challenges in upcoming primaries, but if he continues to win, he could very well have the nomination sewn up well before the gavel falls to open the convention.


2. Hillary Clinton continues to wallow in scandal. Her top two scandals seem to be:

A Federal Judge seems to be leaning toward forcing Hillary to release all documents related to her classified email scandal.

NEWS BRIEF: "Judge suspects ‘bad faith’ from Obama administration on Hillary Clinton emails", The Washington Times, February 23, 2016

"A federal judge questioned the Obama administration’s “good faith” in helping keep former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails secret for six years and said he may end up issuing a subpoena to force her to turn over her entire account to the government."

At this point, the judge will limit the limits of discovery by Judicial Watch, who is the group seeking critical information about Hillary's ability to properly handle Top Secret information in her emails while she was Secretary of State.

"That (decision) could give the group — and the broader public — answers as to who approved Mrs. Clinton’s unique arrangement, who else in government knew about it and why they shielded it for so long. It also could force Mrs. Clinton to answer questions about how she sorted through her account and decided which messages she didn’t want to turn over to the government."

But, the judge hinted at further releases.

"Judge Sullivan said he is 'inclined' to issue a subpoena demanding that Mrs. Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin turn over the entire email system they used. He delayed that decision, saying he will wait to see what he learns from the discovery process, but was irked by answers the Obama administration has given. 'How on earth can the court conclude there is not at minimum a reasonable suspicion of bad faith?' Judge Sullivan said."

For that matter, how can the American people trust that Hillary will not rule the White House with the same "bad faith" that so troubles Judge Sullivan now?

This email scandal looks as though it will percolate throughout much of the remaining months of the Presidential campaign, and that fact alone may doom Hillary's campaign. Remember, as we have stated before, this email scandal also hurts Hillary because her apparent inability to abide by Government standards as to how classified material is to be handled will convince many voters that she does not have the ability and/or the intelligence to conduct the affairs of the White House.

Hillary cannot adequately explain how she could accept speaking fees ranging upward to $225,000 per speech, when the average American wage-earner struggles to earn $50,000 per year!

NEWS BRIEF: "Goldman Sachs Speeches: Hillary Clinton’s Upcoming “Nixon Moment”, The Globalist, February 24, 2016

"Unfortunately for them, the Clintons remain far from experts at fending off brewing scandals, real or exaggerated. It is as if the Clintons, despite 25 years in a harsh national spotlight, never learned the key lesson from the fall of Richard Nixon, the 37th U.S. President: the cover-up is always worse than the crime."

"The “crime” in question? Her lucrative speeches to Goldman Sachs. In contrast to 'Tricky Dick', her campaign is not denying that the speech happened or even that there are tapes and transcripts of her paid speeches to the investment bank ... She is just arguing that she won’t release the text until “everybody who’s ever given a speech to any private group under any circumstances release[s] them.” Whatever the curious logic of that statement may be, it isn’t going to wash."

"Already, there are enough comments from Goldman Sachs bankers who attended those events pointing to the likelihood that the speeches were such a love song to Wall Street that Mrs. Clinton cannot possibly release those texts in the current political context."

The Democrats over the years have been successful in convincing American voters that the Republicans are uniquely in bed with Wall Street Tycoons that they will suffer great damage at the polls if the truth that Democrats are equally at fault in scooping in huge mountains of investor donations.

This possibility is what is threatening the Hillary Clinton campaign.

"It would be much more politically devastating to target Secretary Clinton for her Goldman texts. That, of course, is not in the Republican Party DNA, since it would expose the triangular love complex. That triangle features first and foremost Republicans, and then those Democrats who are always keen on making good with Wall Street in order to rake in plentiful contributions."

We have long taught that there is no bottom-line difference between Democrat and Republican Parties, because leaders of both political parties are equally committed to the New World Order. This "love triangle" between Wall Street, Democrats and Republicans further illustrates our understanding.

Whatever Hillary said in those speeches must be considered devastating to her chances of winning the White House that she feels she must fight release of the speech texts.

"Imagine for a moment that Hillary Clinton will be successful in her primary campaign for president, having stalled the release of the speeches long enough to win the nomination of the Democratic Party. Then imagine what any Republican candidate for president would do, following the bruising Democratic primary and riding a populist wave on their own side ... Any Republican nominee would engage in an unrelenting “Hillary, release those tapes” campaign – and might even leak the speeches. They would argue that Clinton cannot be trusted by the American people because she does not or would not release those texts."

"There is no legal reason, contractually, against releasing the speeches. There is only fear, bad strategy advice or both. This is the true Nixon moment of the 2016 Clinton campaign. It represents a nuclear risk for the Democratic Party."

What could Hillary have said in those speeches that would make her fear that she might lose the votes of the poor and the minority which she so desperately needs to win the Oval Office?

Additionally, too many American voters view Hillary as a dishonest politician who lies readily to advance her agenda.

Hillary's coronation as the first female President of the United States may have to be cancelled!

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Then there is the other world view that embraces The Holy Bible or The Guidebook to the Supernatural that takes the opposite stance on all of these positions. There is a God and He is good. There is a supernatural world and it is manifesting. There are signs that those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can point to and say that His comingthe Second Coming of Jesusis soon.

There is going to be a profound change in human history, and it begins upon His return.

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3. Should Socialist Bernie Sanders win the White House, what might his first year be like?

NEWS BRIEF: "The First Year of President Bernie Sanders", By Daniel Greenfield, Breaking Israel News, February 23, 2016

Imagine that "on January 20, 2017, President Bernie Sanders was sworn into office. The elderly Vermont politician, who had always made waves, refused to use a bible, instead taking his oath on a smudged copy of his own economic five-year plan. He also unilaterally modified the presidential oath from 'preserve, protect and defend' to 'enhance, enrich and humanize the Constitution of the United States'. The unlikely candidacy of Bernie Sanders had shocked and divided a party and then a nation."

"President Sanders won the Democratic Party nomination by going far to the left and then, defying conventional wisdom, he moved even further to the left in the general election."

"The Sanders campaign ... listed all the things that would be given away for free. Free health care, free college, free homes, free phones, free internet, free cars and free money for everyone. In the last week of the campaign, President Sanders had unveiled a guaranteed minimum income that would be paid to every individual in this country making Welfare-for-All into a reality."

Given this mantle of Liberal Socialism and anti-business agenda which is Bernie Sanders, what might events might we expect to occur in the first year of a Bernie Sanders Presidency?

1) "Much of the financial sector that Bernie Sanders had hoped to tax began vanishing as soon as the election results were in. New York’s loss was London and Singapore’s gain. A trillion dollars in investment capital left the United States creating a ripple effect that brought businesses to their knees."

2) "The prices of milk and beef doubled. Ersatz bread made out of starch filled shelves while people waited on lines for the privilege of receiving government-subsidized milk from local welfare offices.

3) "On the day that Bernie Sanders was sworn into office, clutching his economic plan, the Dow fell 2,000 points."

4) "Negative interest rates generated fear, instead of growth"

5) "The plan to finance Socialism using Wall Street was a failure even before Sanders squatted on a shaky chair in the Oval Office for his first official photo."

6) "President Sanders was not going to be deterred by mere math. He turned to China, which despite its own chain of collapses, was still willing to subsidize another left-wing White House’s fanciful finances."

7) "His first proposed budget was $10 trillion, more than three times the amount of Federal revenues."

8) "There were more downgrades of US debt by credit ratings organizations that were safely outside the country..."

9) "Public colleges had to go free, but the money wasn’t there forcing them to slash and gut the quality of their educational offerings. Formerly prestigious colleges became glorified community colleges with drastically devalued degrees."

10) "... his efforts to set up a parallel universal health care system were unraveling. Meant to bypass a hostile Congress, the system had yet to get off the ground outside Vermont and Rhode Island ...."

Americans cannot afford a Socialist like Bernie Sanders, in much the same way as we cannot afford an openly dishonest Hillary Clinton, so let us hope that the Republicans can field a strong candidate who can rescue this nation from itself.

Former British PM Margaret Thatcher was absolutely correct when she warned: "Socialism works until you run out of the other person's money"


4. The massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed by President Obama and now goes to the Congress.

How do the Presidential candidates stand on TPP? One answer might surprise you.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trade, TPP Becomes Key Issue In Presidential Primary: Cruz, Trump, Sanders, Clinton - all oppose the deal. Rubio voted to 'Fast-Track' TPP ", FN News, Feb 2, 2016

How poisonous is this Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement? Even Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have come out publicly against it. How do Republicans stand on this issue?

"Of the four leading candidates — Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for the GOP and Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democrats — all have voiced their disapproval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership."

Not surprisingly, the newly crowned GOP Establishment candidate, Marco Rubio, supports the TPP sell-out. But, not only does he support TPP, Rubio supports giving the President "Fast-Track Authority" to bypass Congress so TPP can be passed without close scrutiny!

The time for Donald Trump to jump all over Marco rubio is NOW!


5. The German Government possesses a surveillance technology that should frighten you.

The drive to an Absolute Dictatorship just received a huge technological boost.

NEWS BRIEF: "German Govt Has New Trojan Horse Malware To Spy On Citizens’ Calls, Typing AND See Through Their Cameraphones ", Breitbart News, 23 Feb 2016

"Germany’s Federal government has announced it’s new 'trojan horse' computer software which will allow it to spy on citizens computers and smartphones ... The German Interior Ministry has formally announced that they have created a new 'Bundestrojaner' or government trojan horse software to enable them to track the communications of anyone that downloads it ... Trojan horse software is malicious software (often called malware) that is disguised as something innocent like a free screen saver or game. Once the user opens the file the malicious code infects the target computer, often allowing the person who created it access to all kinds of information like being able to record keystrokes, browse files and more."

Despite the assurances the German Government has given its citizens that this new snooping capability would not prove harmful to the average citizen, the ominous specter of a rebirth of a dictator like Adolf Hitler raises its very ugly head!

Even the official in charge of Germany's surveillance department raises red flags.

"FinFisher Gamma-International is the company that has developed the software called FinFisher or FinSpy ... They have been at the centre of many controversies as oppressive regimes have used their software to spy on potential political critics of their various regimes ... FinFisher could be another tool in their robust electronic surveillance apparatus headed by a former East German Stasi official. "

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