Wednesday, 3/2/2016

No Scare Tactics-- Just Prophetic TRUTH

1. "Super Tuesday" elections place Trump and Clinton squarely in the driver's seat to winning their respective Party's nomination for President.

And -- each Party is very afraid of Donald Trump.

2. In a sign of fierce and ugly free-fall into national sin, Swedish Liberal People’s Party youth coalition is arguing that Incest and Necrophilia be legalized!

3. America and Russia are revealed to be secretly cooperating in Syria.

America is still insisting that President Assad has to leave the Presidency.

4. In New York City, an advertising company is planning to use its billboards to track passing cell phones!

Not only is this news a creepy fulfillment of the type of individual repression depicted in the movie "Minority Report", but it is an example of the planned Absolute Dictatorship in the coming global system known popularly as the "New World Order"!

5. In a victory for private security against Government intrusion, a Federal Judge has ruled that Apple cannot be forced into decrypting the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter.

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Hot News

1. "Super Tuesday" elections place Trump and Clinton squarely in the driver's seat to winning their respective Party's nomination for President.

And -- each Party is very afraid of Donald Trump.

NEWS BRIEF: "Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Score Big Super Tuesday Primary Wins", NBC News, 2/2/2016

"Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton closed in on their party's presidential nominations by racking up big wins on Super Tuesday, though the rest of the field showed no signs of clearing the way for them just yet."

On the crowded Republican side, candidates will probably hang on just a while longer, especially Ted Cruz, who won three of the ten states' primaries, including his home state of Texas. However, once the lesser candidates begin pulling out, the likelihood is that all will pull out to throw their support to the frontrunner, which will undoubtedly be Donald Trump.

"Clinton won seven states — Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, and even Massachusetts, a state where rival Bernie Sanders was expected to run particularly strong ... (Sanders) Vermont, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Colorado."

I was surprised that Sanders won Oklahoma, a state normally fiercely Conservative. However, I do believe that, from the beginning of this primary season, a vote for Sanders rather than the Establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, was really a vote against "business as usual". This sentiment is raging in the Republican Party, and has been uniquely captured by Donald Trump. American voters are as mad as they can possibly be and they are voting in huge numbers against anyone whom they consider to be a "Establishment" candidate.

At this point, one has to consider where the Sanders' protest vote will go once Hillary officially becomes the Democrat nominee? Of course, most of that vote will reluctantly pass to Clinton, as most Democrats probably will never vote for the Republican.

But, if the Sanders' voter is not so staunchly anti-Republican, that voter might hold his nose to vote for Trump. After all, Hillary is a most disliked and distrusted politician. The degree to which Trump can attract the former Sander's voter might go a long way to determining the winner of this Presidential election.

What states did Trump win yesterday?

"Trump scored seven victories Tuesday in Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and in Vermont ...."

Ted Cruz declared that the rest of the "losers" quit the race now and cast their support to him!

"Cruz used his victory speech in Texas to urge the rest of the GOP field to exit the race and allow him to challenge Trump one-on-one, saying it is the only way to defeat the real-estate mogul."

Hillary noted the increasingly bitter public rhetoric amongst the Republican candidates and issued a call for more love!

" 'The rhetoric has never been lower ... I believe that what America needs today is more love and kindness'."

Hillary has never been known for her "love and kindness", so this statement can truly be considered as "pandering" to disgruntled voters whose support she will desperately need in the upcoming general election.

Donald Trump is feared by Democrat and Republican alike.

NEWS BRIEF: "Dump Hillary, and Dump Her Fast: The Democratic Establishment is on a Suicide Mission, and it Will End With Trump", Paste Magazine, Feb 29, 2016

"From the very start, the establishment narrative has been one of an inevitable Sanders demise and a roaring, unavoidable Clinton success ... Now, after South Carolina, it would seem reality is at last aligning with the view of the media commentariat: we are finally witnessing the beginning of the end of the Sanders campaign ... Hillary Clinton is indeed now the favourite to run against the eventual Republican nominee in the summer. "

"Here’s where the media narrative and reality once again begin to diverge, though. According to the pro-Dem mainstream press, America’s second President Clinton will be sitting in the White House early next year. It’s such a sure thing, they may as well call it now, because the GOP competition isn’t any competition at all. But do just a little fact-checking – mostly you have to look away from print, and turn online to ‘alternative’ media – and you discover this might not really be true."

Hillary is clearly not the rampaging winner she and her cooperative Mainline Media attempt to portray her. She has weaknesses and they are both deep and wide.

"... Hillary Clinton has a remarkably high net unfavorability rating nationally, and it continues to rise steadily, as it has been doing for the past three years. The American people on the whole also find Clinton highly untrustworthy. Most worrying of all, though, is how Clinton is shown to fare in hypothetical match-ups with the GOP candidates. Polls show Clinton losing in an election to every single Republican still in the race except for Trump, with whom she’s almost tied."

"None of us can see into the future to know for sure whether Clinton will eventually bring round Sanders-stumping Dems and independents to beat the GOP in November ... the Democratic establishment – the politicians, the press, the big-money donors – knows exactly what kind of game it’s playing. And it’s playing it so irresponsibly, it may as well be a suicide mission."

Hillary Clinton is probably the first candidate in American history who is disliked and distrusted to a depth that is so shocking that she might not win, no matter who the Republicans put forward.

The very fact that the Establishment Media and Politicians are continuing to back her to the hilt might rebound against them so powerfully that their support of this Iron Lady might cause the death of both the Mainline Media and the Democrat Establishment!

This grave danger could come to rest in the person of Donald Trump. If he continues to be so popular, he could turn his popularity and his power as President against Hillary and the entire current Democrat Establishment!

Trump's popularity in the White House could turn into the political tsunami which might finally "sweep the rascals out". Let us just hope that a Trump Presidency will be free of rascals just as bad as the Democrat rascals we have had to endure for the past three decades.


2. In a sign of fierce and ugly free-fall into national sin, Swedish Liberal People’s Party youth coalition is arguing that Incest and Necrophilia be legalized!

NEWS BRIEF: "Swedish Youth Party Wants Incest and Necrophilia Legalized", The Independent News (London), 24 February 2016

"Incest between siblings and necrophilia should be legalized, a branch of the Swedish Liberal People's Party has argued ... It called for the repeal of several laws to make consensual sex between brothers and sisters aged over 15 legal, as well as allowing people to "bequeath" their bodies for intercourse after death without fearing the perpetrator would be prosecuted."

This news is so startling that I found my breath taken away momentarily! This demand for this type of Satanic sex can only have come from the Abyss. Further, when you consider the strong Calvinist heritage of Sweden and Denmark, you will realize that the only way in which these demands could be made is because Fundamental Christianity has surrendered her role as the "Salt and Light" to the nation.

The Apostle Paul stated that Antichrist would like to appear right now, but is restrained by the Holy Spirit. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-5)

Antichrist can only come when that restraint is lifted, and evil can then come rushing in. This type of warfare in the heavenlies alluded to by Paul is exactly the kind of warfare we cover in detail in the DVD Set, above, entitled, "Angelic / Demonic Warfare In The Heavenlies".

God has allowed the demonic "National Overlord" demon whispering constantly in the mind of the national Swedish leaders to gain the upper hand; the Godly influence with Swedish leaders is declining.

This new reality is another sign that Antichrist is close at hand.

NOTE: This proposal is not law. Current political reality will stop this proposal from being passed into law. But, the very fact that this kind of proposal could even be made public should tell everyone that traditional Christian values are being attacked as never before.

This proposal is simply Step #1 in the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan and will result in passing into law in the not-to-distant future. Even more ominous is the reality that, once a person's attitudes and/or values are changed by this method, they will not realize they have been changed by external forces. Rather, they will believe they have arrived at this new set of values on their own and they will defend against any attempt to change back to the old values and/or attitudes.



3. America and Russia are revealed to be secretly cooperating in Syria.

America is still insisting that President Assad has to leave the Presidency.

NEWS BRIEF: "US and Russia in partnership over Syria", BBC News, 1 March 2016

"Syria's 'cessation of hostilities' is making a difference - whatever the arguments about early violations, the level of violence across the country has fallen - and with this fragile modicum of progress, the United States and Russia find themselves in harness after years in which Syria was a forum for their rivalry."

"Russia and the US have become co-chairs of the International Syria Support Group working parties dealing with the implementation of humanitarian supplies, as well as the deal under which President Bashar al-Assad's forces and groups of the 'non-terrorist opposition' are meant to stop shooting at each other."

This author actually calls Russia and America "co-owners" of this peace process. He says both countries have a vested interest in stopping this war and bringing peace.

What this wording means is that Russia and America are cooperating with each other, just as Revelation prophecy foretold, 2,000 years ago! Listen:

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast .... For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12, 16-17)

The words "to agree" in this text literally mean "to cooperate", or to "act in harmony". Just as we demonstrate in the DVD shown above, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event", Russia and America and the top leadership of each of the Ten Nations have been cooperating with each other for nearly 100 years.

Once you understand this prophetic truth working out in today's news, and once you understand the warfare in the heavenlies, you will understand the hidden spiritual realities guiding world events today.

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4. In New York City, an advertising company is planning to use its billboards to track passing cell phones!

Not only is this news a creepy fulfillment of the type of individual repression depicted in the movie "Minority Report", but it is an example of the planned Absolute Dictatorship in the coming global system known popularly as the "New World Order"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Advertising Company Will Use Its Billboards To Track Passing Cellphones", NPR News. Feb 29, 2016

"Clear Channel Outdoor — one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the U.S. — is starting a new program called Radar that will use billboards to map real-world habits and behaviors from nearby consumers. The technology is sure to help advertisers better target their ads. But privacy advocates argue that it's, well, a little creepy."

"This is how Clear Channel Outdoor describes how the program works, in a video on its website: 'Using anonymous aggregated data from consumer cellular and mobile devices, RADAR measures consumer's real-world travel patterns and behaviors as they move through their day, analyzing data on direction of travel, billboard viewability, and visits to specific destinations. This movement is then mapped against Clear Channel's displays, allowing advertisers to plan and buy Out-Of-Home to reach specific behavioral audience segments'."

Do you remember the futuristic 2002 movie, "Minority Report" starring Tom Cruise? The scene was set in 2054, and featured an Absolute Dictatorship which possessed the technology needed to absolutely enslave their subjects.

The premise of the story is simple enough: In the far-flung future, crime has been abolished by preemptive arrests. The use of advanced technology and severely retarded human beings with precognitive abilities ('monkeys') has enabled the creation of a "pre-crime" police force, which rounds criminals-to-be up and tries them for crimes that they would have committed in the future. Once they are found guilty -- not if -- they are either sent to detention camps or exiled to frontier planet.

One of the technologies employed against these repressed citizens revolved around an advertising gimmick. . Pervasive retinal scans were everywhere, taking away the privacy rights of all citizens. People were routinely scanned as they went about their business throughout the society: as they got off commuter rail trains, as they walked down the streets, and as they walked into public buildings. As people walked by advertisements, they were scanned; and the person in the billboard would say, "Mr. Anderton, wouldn't you like to buy these new jeans?"

This is precisely the capability of this new technology. Massive data is routinely gathered through personal cellphones as citizens go about their day. Then, this data is mined to extract useful information which can then be sold to companies desperate to know how to best slant their advertising so as to maximize sales.

One day soon, people passing one of these billboards will be started as a voice comes out, saying, "Good afternoon, Mr. Smith, we have Mesmerize, your favorite cologne on sale right now"!

Every repressive dictatorship in world history has sought to know as much about their citizens as they possible can know. This coming dictatorship will be the most highly technological government in all of world history.

How pervasive will they be? They will force "all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads ... that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Revelation 13:16-17)

This is the prophetic reality toward which all this high technology is leading mankind. Satan could not possibly fulfill all God's End Times prophecies with the technology present in the world in 1900. He had to have computers, fast travel, instantaneous communication and a capability of authorities to know everything a citizen is doing and thinking, at all times.

The world is nearly at this point. Are you spiritually prepared?



5. In a victory for private security against Government intrusion, a Federal Judge has ruled that Apple cannot be forced into decrypting the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter.

NEWS BRIEF: "New York Judge Rules: Apple can't be forced to unlock phones", Israel National News, 3/1/2016

"A New York judge said on Monday that the U.S. Justice Department cannot force Apple to provide the FBI with access to locked iPhone data in a routine Brooklyn drug case."

"The decision by U.S. Magistrate Judge James Orenstein follows the recent order by a judge in California requiring Apple to create software to help unlock the iPhone of one of the shooters in the December 2 killing of 14 people in San Bernardino, California ... Apple has opposed the requests to help extract information from over a dozen iPhones in California, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York, noted CNBC."

This issue goes far beyond the facts of individual cases. If privately owned Apple can be forced by the government to surrender its encryption technology, that will set a legal precedent which, over a period of time, will allow government authorities to snoop on all phone conversations, texts and photos, exactly the type of capability for which which dictatorships so earnestly lust.

Since we know the Global Elite are planning the most repressive dictatorship the world has ever seen, we must resist any effort, based upon any grounds, to allow the government to pry and to snatch whomever they want.

We must keep "Big Brother" at bay for as long as possible.


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