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Jews of the first century expected the messiah to reverse the impact of the Watchers’ transgression. For Jews of Jesus’ day, the Watchers were part of the explanation for why the world was so profoundly depraved. The messiah would not JUST revoke the claim of Satan on human souls and estrangement from God, solving the predicament of the Fall. He would also not ONLY bring the nations back into relationship with the true God by defeating the principalities and powers that governed them. Jews also believed that the messiah would rescue humanity from self- destruction, the catalyst for which was the sin of the Watchers and the influence of what they had taught humankind.

The role of Enoch’s retelling of Genesis 6:1-4 in how New Testament writers wrote of Jesus and the cross has been largely lost to a modern audience. Reversing Hermon rectifies that situation.

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It’s been assumed for centuries that a prerequisite for the coming of Antichrist would be a revived world order an umbrella under which national boundaries dissolve and ethnic groups, ideologies, religions, and economics from around the world orchestrate a single and dominant sovereignty. At the head of the utopian administration, a single personality will surface. He will appear to be a man of distinguished character, but will ultimately become a king of fierce countenance (Daniel 8:23) -- ANTICHRIST!

With haughty, dictatorial decrees, he will facilitate a One-World Government, universal religion, and global socialism. Those who refuse his New World Order will inevitably be imprisoned or destroyed until at last he exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

Bible prophecy depicts this coming tyrant as the deadliest in human history. He will try to carry out a satanic Final Solution to inflict genocide far beyond that done through Adolf Hitler's plan by the same name. And this soon-to-come era is closer than many can imagine; yet, most don't comprehend the events that lie just ahead.

For the first time in decades, the truth of dispensational history is laid out in order that the world can understand what is unfolding now -- and coming very, very soon.

Critically Important News Headlines - Analysis Below

1. America is now practicing the one sin guaranteed to anger God into carrying out physical judgment.

Our public educators are now teaching our precious children to "honor" pagan gods and how to perform rituals which comprise this ancient Satanic worship !

2. When are we going to face 'vaccination passports', without which we "cannot buy or sell"?

These 'passports' are beginning to look a lot like the foretold 'Mark of the Beast'!

3. As tiny Taiwan faces ravenous Dragon Beast of China, a most important question must be asked:

Why did Taiwan never obtain a nuclear weapons capability?

( Note: more Newsletter will be added as relevant news becomes available)

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Analysis - News


1. America is now practicing the one sin guaranteed to anger God into carrying out physical judgment.

Our public educators are now teaching our precious children to "honor" pagan gods and how to perform rituals which comprise this ancient Satanic worship !


"There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord..." (Deuteronomy 18:9-12a, KJV)

America is teaching her schoolchildren all of these Satanic practices, thereby painting a HUGE target on our nation's back for God's annihilating judgment.

What is occurring in America now in this regard?

"Buried in the dizzying array of subjects included in the new Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) being considered by the California Department of Education for its 10,000 public schools serving a total of 6 million students is a course studying Aztec gods of war. If the curriculum is passed, students will be taking part in an Aztec ritual of chanting and clapping just in time to take part in Toxcatl, the month in which human sacrifices were made to honor the Aztec gods. "

The most important single reason God destroyed the Aztec religion was to punish them for their unrelenting practice of continuous human sacrifice. And, these sacrifices were fierce, exceedingly painful and terribly gruesome.

"Most notably, the Toxcatl ceremony, the main festival dedicated to Tezcatlipoca, was celebrated in the month of May ... The California high-school version of this worship to the Aztec war gods includes chanting and clapping to petition the gods..."

One Christian author sheds some light on this most terrifying religion:

"History and archeology tell us that ritual human sacrifice has played a significant part in every major pagan civilization.[10] The Time-Life book, Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects, focuses on the ancient Celts, whose celebration of Samhain inspired today's Halloween. Roman records describe how the Celts "constructed huge, human-shaped wicker cages, crammed them with victims, then set the twigs ablaze. Although convicted criminals were usually the ones offered to the gods... innocent victims were substituted if malefactors were in short supply." ("Yu-Gi-Oh and the spirits of HALLOWEEN", by Berit Kjos)

Berit continues:

"The 1984 discovery of a sacrificial victim in Cheshire, England, helps validate the reality of ritualistic human sacrifice. The well-preserved young man had apparently belonged to an elite social class in the second century BC. After two sharp blows to the head, he had been strangled. Then, like the countless sacrifices to Aztec and Mayan gods, his body had been drained of the human blood needed to please and appease the god(s) ... "

"God's Word tells us that those who honor the world's man-made idols are actually honoring demons. 'And I do not want you to have fellowship with demons', warns our Lord. [1 Co 10:20-22] Those lifeless idols are not only worthless substitutes for His sovereign power, they are also terrible teachers and role models. Small wonder, the Bible tells us that 'those who make them are just like them, as are all who trust in them'." [Psalm 115:1-8]

Therefore, America's teachers are now educating our children in PUBLIC SCHOOLS in the minute aspects of worshipping the Aztec gods of war, the most bloody and ruthless of all the gods.

But, there is more horror!

This Satanic teaching is aimed right at our children's souls! Satan wishes eternal damnation for every human being God has ever created, even those people who serve him. Now listen to Karl Marx:

"...Yet I have power within my youthful arms

To clench and crush you (i.e., personified humanity)

with tempestuous force,

While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness.

You will sink down and I shall follow laughing,

Whispering in your ears 'Descend,

come with me, friend' ".

These are the people to whom you send your children off every morning, not knowing and/or not caring that they are being bombarded with Satanic and anti-Christian dogma every day, all day.

Many Christian leaders have vociferously warned over the past 60 years that our children are being snatched from under our noses by this pagan teaching. Now, the situation has deteriorated to the point where millions of schoolchildren are being taught actual rituals designed to appease the bloody, ruthless Aztec gods of war!

Jesus' words echo in my ears as He instructs all believers, including Christian parents whose children are still in public school and/or are still learning from Public School curricula.

"Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Revelation 18:4, KJV)

When YOU meet Jesus on Rewards/Judgment Day, what will you say to Him as to why you did not yank your children out of America's Temple of Baal?

This development of teaching schoolchildren Black Magick Witchcraft is another strong "sign of the times" that the appearance of Antichrist is very close?

Are you spiritually prepared? Are you "Born Again"?

2. When are we going to face 'vaccination passports', without which we "cannot buy or sell"?

NEWS BRIEF: "Are we going to need vaccination passports? ", LifeSite News, March 15, 2021

"I am dubious about the fear of COVID as a cause for new conditions for international or domestic travel. Several countries are implementing or seriously considering having your COVID vaccination status indicated on your passport to gain entry. "

Countries are considering requiring citizens to obtain a government issued "passport" if they want to carry out the following normal functions:

* "People like me won't be able to travel at all "

* The incentive to feed our families will pressure millions of people to get vaccinated even though they don't want to.

* Local businesses could require proof of vaccination to access their premises ... businesses such as theaters, stadiums, and just about anywhere people gather will start requiring people to "show their papers."

* Restricting people's movement based upon COVID vaccination status will not protect anyone anyway.

Israel is further along in this issue than are we.

NEWS BRIEF: "In Israel, refusing coronavirus vaccination means your life is over: Rollout of the Mark of the Beast ", Natural News, March 10, 2021

"Many Americans are unaware of it but halfway around the world in Israel, refusing to get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is now a death sentence ... While they are not yet chopping people’s heads off for refusing the jab (see Revelation 20:4), the Israel government has made it a requirement to get vaccinated in order to live a 'new normal' life."

Listen to the activities currently restricted and tremble in prophetic anticipation.

" 'When you don’t take the vaccine, your life is basically over', warns Ilana Rachel in a video about what is taking place in the Holy Land. 'No entrance to shopping malls. No more theater visits. Children about 16 who did not take the injection are not allowed to take their exams. Protesting parties in the Knesset are brought to silence and threatened by the military'.”

Her final conclusion is sobering:

"Israel became the hell on earth because of the Covid lie. The rest of the world will follow if we do nothing.”

These 'passports' are beginning to look a lot like the foretold 'Mark of the Beast'!

And, our national leadership of Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer does not bring me any degree of hope that we can avoid this kind of national and economic and religious lockdown using the new "Green Passport"!

People are being conditioned to every cell in their mind and body to accept the restrictions placed on them by the "Mark of the Beast" regimen, for it will be virtually identical to what has already been placed on them by COVID!


3. As tiny Taiwan faces ravenous Dragon Beast of China, a most important question must be asked:

Why did Taiwan never obtain a nuclear weapons capability?

NEWS BRIEF: "The New Formosa Strait Crisis: Why Taiwan has no nuclear deterrent", by John J. Tkacik, Jr., Taipei Times, March 8, 2021

"Dr. Chang’s defection to the Central Intelligence Agency 33 years ago is one of the reasons that Taiwan does not have a nuclear deterrent today in the face of yet another Formosa Strait Crisis ... In the Second Formosa Strait Crisis from August to October 1958, the United States deflected Sino-Soviet aggression against the offshore islands of Quemoy and Matsu with the deft display of atomic weapons systems, in Taiwan and in supporting bases on Okinawa and the Philippines. Earlier that year, President Eisenhower deployed 20 Matador TM-61 nuclear cruise missiles to Tainan Airbase as tensions in the Formosa Strait smoldered....”

"Although the Commander of the US Pacific Air Forces recommended the immediate use of atomic weapons against Chinese artillery positions in Xiamen, President Eisenhower ordered that nuclear weapons be used only as a last resort; and only with his explicit permission."

From that moment onward, and continuing today, the attitude of Taiwanese leaders is simple and profound, and possibly unfounded is "America will not let us be defeated by China"!

Under President Biden and Vice President Harris, this calm assurance in the dependability of America may prove completely without merit.

China seems to be preparing to use nuclear weapons in the upcoming War with Taiwan.

" China’s Army has expended vast financial and scientific resources to assemble a new nuclear arsenal with a wide range of destructive yields and technologically advanced delivery systems ... Last week, an American think tank published satellite imagery of at least 16 new nuclear missile silos and training areas in Inner Mongolia for the Chinese Rocket Force’s new DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile. Each DF-41 is designed to deliver multiple reentry warheads ..."

"Last month, Admiral Charles Richard, commander of the US Strategic Command, wrote, 'There is a real possibility that a regional crisis with Russia or China could escalate quickly to a conflict involving nuclear weapons, if they perceived a conventional loss would threaten the regime or state'. Both nations have flexible arrays of nuclear devices, down to weapons of sub-kiloton range, weapons whose existence is designed for battlefield use, not strategic deterrence."

Please remember this history lesson well. In early October, 2001, President Bush named three nations which he said constituted an "axis of evil" -- Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. Saddam Hussein of Iraq is the only "axis of evil" nation invaded, and North Korea believed that they only reason he was attacked was that he was the only nation which did not have nuclear weapons.

North Korea had obtained nuclear weapons when the U.S.S.R. collapsed and Iran has purchased a nuclear capability directly "off the shelf" from Pakistan in the months following the attacks of 9/11!

Only Saddam Hussein of Iraq did not obtain nuclear weapons and so he was invaded. The lesson is clear: if a nation does not possess a fully functional nuclear weapons capability.

Yet, here Taiwan is content to continue depending upon America for her very survival against China.

4. Pope Francis continues to be a willing cheerleader for the coming "New World Order" Religion!

The Pope advocated that the world should come out of the Pandemic with a "New World Order" system.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pope Francis Calls for ‘New World Order’ After the Pandemic", Breitbart News, 15 March 2021

"Pope Francis insists in a new book things will never be the same in a post-pandemic world, calling instead for the establishment of a 'new world order' ... the pontiff reiterates his case for the Great Reset with a shift away from financial speculation, fossil fuels, and military build-up toward a green economy based on inclusiveness."

Pope Francis should want desperately to achieve this long-planned "New World Order" because he is promised the top leadership position in this new order! Did you know that?

First, a little background:

In early August, 1991, I learned that the New England Director of the House of Theosophy, Bill Lambert, was holding a seminar at the Boston headquarters. The name of this seminar, "POSSIBLE AND PROBABLE EVENTS IN THE FUTURE" really piqued my interest!! Bill Lambert was one of the major players in the New World Order Planning, because the House of Theosophy has always been such a major player since Madame Blavatsky had founded it in 1875. (NEWS1052)

After speaking for about one hour, Lambert then directed his attention to the global religion of this global dictatorship.

"At the proper moment in history, the Pope will visit the combined Jewish/Christian/Moslem sector of Jerusalem to announce that all religions should be combined into one. This action will then finally break the Middle East logjam."

"I said, 'Back to the Pope for a moment, Bill. You stated that, at the right moment, the Pope would go to Jerusalem. Surely the Pope is a proper receptor to the Christ'

At this point, Bill nodded his head affirmatively that the Pope was a proper receptor to the Christ. This is the most direct acknowledgement by a influential person involved in the planning for the appearance of Christ that the Roman Pope is ready and waiting for the appearance of The Christ (Antichrist)."

"This acknowledgement also points to the Roman Catholic Pope as the False Prophet, because Bill stated, very pointedly, that the preparation for the New World Order religion was being paved by the Ecumenical Movement, which is being spear-headed by the Pope."

Now, can you see why Pope Francis is so strongly a proponent of a global system of politics, economics and religion? He will be the top religious leader of a global religion of polytheistic paganism and monotheism!

Only the Roman Catholic religious system can bridge the two religious worlds.

To Monotheists, the Virgin Mary draws them in comfortably and reassuringly.

To pagan polytheists, the Virgin Mary is a familiar friend to their many gods and female goddesses! " 'you must know that Tara is also Kali and Parvati, and Durga ... She has a thousand names', he assured me ... When he had finished, he handed me a thin, blue-lined notebook with the song handwritten both in Sanskrit and in English. 'It's a hymn to the Divine Mother, Craving Forgiveness,' he explained." [page 59]

The Roman Catholics worship the Virgin Mary and pray the rosary, and craving forgiveness. You can add the name Virgin Mary to the thousand names of Tara!




( Note: more Newsletter will be added as relevant news becomes available)

America Is The Planned Key To Resurrection of the Martyred Antichrist!

"Belly of the Beast"

"Antichrists Resurrection and Return Planned in Washington DC!"

From 1776, a Shadow Government existed which really controlled the levers of power; under President Obama, this shadow government was transformed into the 'DEEP STATE'!

Washington DC was planned to be a 'High Place' of Luciferian worship, exactly like the 'High Places" in Old Testament times, against which God railed. Washington DC is correctly called the 'most evil place on Earth' with spiritually controlled buildings and seething with occult energy, just as we reported in 'Riddles In Stone'!

Luciferians of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and other occult leaders have always viewed world and national events as being controlled by 'National Overlords', demonic beings as revealed in Daniel 10!

US Capitol was built with a secret crypt empty of a body, so that, at the right moment in world history, the body of the assassinated Masonic Christ can be placed within (fulfillment of Rev 13:3); the most powerful Scottish Rite Masonic leaders will then convene to conduct the Aleister Crowley 'Raising of Osiris' ritual which will raise 'Osiris' (Antichrist) from the dead, thus fulfilling Revelation 13:3, so that the power and authority foretold in Revelation 13:4 can be fully established.

Finally, you will understand the Satanic Black Magick power of Hillary Clinton, much as we reported in our video 'Hillary Clinton: Sun Goddess Unleashed'!



Are you spiritually ready? What Must I Do To Be Saved

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World-Wide Plans For A Deadly Plague

F.E.M.A. Is an "interdepartmental unit which is empowered in the event of a national security emergency to become the unelected national government, a sort of F.E.M.A. secret government, so to speak. A pretext for invoking this emergency can be found almost daily in the newspapers .... anything, in fact." [Page 122] ("Behold A Pale Horse"]

"... the elite would use some other excuse to bring about the New World Order. They have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make ... sure that it does work. They will do whatever is necessary to succeed. The Illuminati has all the bases covered ... Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the shelves, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?" ("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 177]

Coming Into Their New World Order

In this economy, all private property and inheritance would be abolished. Once this economy is established, all individuals in this world will be forced to pledge allegiance to the Anti-Christ in a ceremony entitled a "World-Wide Luciferic Initiation". Then, "later, a permanent tattooed body number invisible under normal ambient illumination" will be marked on each person. ("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 44)

NOTE: The global plan to establish the New World Order as William Cooper so brilliantly informed us in "Behold A Pale Horse", is now finally beginning to occur with great rapidity!

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