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No Scare Tactics-- Just Prophetic TRUTH

1. UNBELIEVABLE CONFIRMATION OF OUR DVD, "Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ"!

Current Israeli Cabbalist priests believe the coming Messiah will be one of them and will be produced by their "Enlightened" efforts!

Jewish pre-Cabbalist Pharisees and Sadducees also believed Jesus was a member of a secret society and was being brought to public by the efforts of "Enlightened Men"!

2. After Donald Trump convincingly won all Presidential primaries yesterday, he declared himself to be the "Presumptive Nominee"!

Trump also "counseled" Bernie Sanders to launch a Third Party campaign!

3. Over 50% of American voters believe our current electoral process is "rigged"!

Cutting Edge has been teaching this reality since 1988 election.

4. Boldly ignoring current news trends, President Obama declares the world is living in a "Peaceful Era"!

5. Math and reading scores continue to plummet!

"Common Core" curricula is truly producing the educational standards for the "Common Herd", as the Elite calls average people

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
New DVD by Mac Dominick

The control of the earth that Adam transferred to Satan is documented in Heaven in the form of a Title Deed of the Earth. As we take up our study in Revelation chapter 5, we are given by God in this inspired account the details of the exercising of this title deed. As with any deed that is held by a lienholder, payment for the property will eventually come due. In Disc 2 and following, we become witnesses to this payment and the judgment for the abuse of said property by those who were entrusted with its care. The Book with Seven Seals, a seven-sealed scroll, is this very title deed, and as the Lord Jesus Christ breaks each of these seals, the demand for payment is executed.
Disc 2 details the breaking of the first four of the seven seals, and with the breaking of each of these seals, the lien-holder (God) allows the empowerment of Satan and his minions their opportunity to exercise their will over the earth and mankind. The manifestation of the will of Satan is illustrated as 4 horsemen who are loosed and empowered to work their evil will over the planet earth and its inhabitants. The results are both tragic and devastating:
• Satan will install his man to rule the earth over a one-world government
• This ruler will deceive the Jews into believing he is their long-awaited Messiah and the savior of the world by instituting world peace.
• However, because this is a false peace, war will break out that reveals the evil that controls the planet.
• Subsequently, there will be famine, pestilence, and death to more than one-third of the earth’s inhabitants
• Finally, the world ruler will declare war on the Jews and set up his image in a rebuilt Jewish Temple.

Disc 2 will detail this account, establish its credibility with prerequisites that show exactly how these events can and will take place, and prepare the viewer for the breaking of the remaining seals that initiate the wrath of Almighty God upon the earth dwellers.

Disc 2 includes answers to the following questions:
• Who is Antichrist, and where will he originate?
• Will the Antichrist be a Muslim as many Evangelicals now teach?
• Will Israel declare war on her Arab neighbors, and finally live in peace and safety?
• Is Russia a threat to Israel, and what does Scripture teach concerning this?
• How will the Jews realize that Antichrist is not their Messiah but rather, evil incarnate?

Buckle your seat belts and join us---this is a wild ride. Order - watch trailer here .

'Jesus' Warning To His 7 Churches', New DVD by Mac Dominick of Cutting Edge Films

We are going to examine in this series areas which no other teacher has even addressed, but you should expect this kind of in-depth valuable information from Cutting Edge Ministries! Jesus wrote this prophetic book through John the Apostle, addressing:

  • 7 Christian Churches in Asia Minor
  • 7 Prophetic Seals
  • 7 Trumpet Judgments
  • 7 Histories (Persons)
  • 7 Bowls (Vials)
  • 7 Judgments (Dooms)
  • 7 New Things

    Since God considers the number Seven as His Perfect Number, we can see that God is offering a final prophetic book which consists of 7 subjects, each of which contains 7 events. A Divinely Perfect Book in all ways!

    We are living in an age in which the question, Is there any hope for mankind? seems to become more relevant with each passing hour. Every waking hour is filled with reports of a new crisis, new disasters, new terror threats, and the realization that the fate of all of mankind is spinning out of control.

    Additionally, this generation is facing more onslaughts of pure evil than has ever been witnessed in the entire history of man. As we search for answers, we must realize that God has given us a guidebook to prepare us for the future, and that guidebook is none other than the last book of the BibleThe Book of Revelation.

    While there have been any who have taught and studied this book, most who teach it either teach it out of the context of the balance of the Word of God or fail to ask the hard questions surrounding the prophecies in this book. We at Cutting Edge Ministries are presenting this series to provide answers to not only the mysteries of this book, but also to deal with difficult subjects and answer the hard questions.

    A few of the points we will cover in Volume 1 include:

  • The Rapture of the Church true or false?
  • Will the Antichrist be Islamic?
  • How do we understand Islamic eschatology?
  • Who is ISIS, and will ISIS conquer the Middle East?
  • What is the true bloodline of the Antichrist?
  • What is the fate of Russia?
  • How can the stars fall to earth from heaven?
  • Was there any prophetic significance to Nazi Germany?
  • Can we find the USA in the Book of Revelation?

    We will teach the book in a survey format that will mingle a traditional, contextual approach to the book with a digression to apply these teachings and prophecies to cover the influence (or lack of influence) of the events we see taking place right before our eyes.

    Run Time is nearly 2 hours Watch the Trailer

Hot News

1. UNBELIEVABLE CONFIRMATION OF OUR DVD, "Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ"!

Current Israeli Cabbalist priests believe the coming Messiah will be one of them and will be produced by their "Enlightened" efforts!

Jewish pre-Cabbalist Pharisees and Sadducees also believed Jesus was a member of a secret society and was being brought to public by the efforts of "Enlightened Men"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Leading Israeli Rabbis: Time for Messiah to Come", Israel Today, april 25, 2016

"Just a day before the start of Passover last week, two of Israel’s most prominent rabbis got together to discuss the delayed coming of the Messiah. Rabbi Moishe Sternbuch is head of the Rabbinical Court and a leader of one of Israel’s largest and most influential ultra-Orthodox communities. Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky is considered a leading authority in ultra-Orthodox Jewish society."

These "prominent rabbis" are Cabbalists, as we see a little further down on this news story when one of them quotes the Cabbalist text, the "Babylonian Talmud". Now that you know these rabbis are spiritually identical to the pre-Cabbalist Pharisees and Sadducees who maneuvered the Romans into crucifying Jesus, you are ready to receive the next shocking revelation.

"... We need to bring Messiah."

Let me reiterate this blasphemous statement.

"We need to bring Messiah."

This belief was the fatal affliction of the Pharisees and the Sadducees who plotted to kill Jesus, because they did not want a "Suffering Servant" Messiah, but a conquering Kingly Messiah who would overthrow the oppressive Roman Empire.

You see, the Pharisees and Sadducees had stopped believing in an Almighty God, an Omnipotent Person who possessed far more power than all human and demonic forces on earth. They stopped believing that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob possessed enough raw power that He could bring Messiah to the world scene in the face of the most incredible human and demonic power in the universe. They believed the god of Israel was no more powerful than the gods of other countries, like Egypt and Babylon. They had started serving Satan.

When they recognized that Jesus was fulfilling the "Suffering Servant" prophecies of Messiah, they plotted to murder Him so they could produce their own Messiah, a conquering king.

When they launched their plot to murder Jesus, their belief was identical to the Cabbalistic belief just enunciated last week: "We need to bring Messiah."

In our DVD shown above, "Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ", once you understand that pre-Cabbalist Pharisees believed that Jesus was just a secret society enlightened man who could be killed with impunity, you will never read the Gospels the same way again.

You will understand how Jesus could be so kind and gracious to rank sinners like tax collectors and prostitutes while showing no mercy whatsoever toward the Pharisees, declaring time and again that they were identical to Satan and were going to Hell.

Jesus recognized that the Jews of the Pharisees and the Sadducees were not Jews in His sight!

"... I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 3:9)

This description perfectly identifies the current Jewish leadership of today.

And, they fully intend to "bring Messiah", an enlightened man of the Cabbalistic Secret Society, and a conquering King!

This DVD - "Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ" - may be the most spiritually revealing you have ever seen!

When these modern-day Cabbalists "bring Messiah" to the world scene, they shall produce one of history's greatest events.

"And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." (Revelation 6:1-2)

The Cabbalist Messiah will be Antichrist! Doubt it not!!

2. After Donald Trump convincingly won all Presidential primaries yesterday, he declared himself to be the "Presumptive Nominee"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump Declares Victory: ‘It’s over, I’m the presumptive nominee’," Times of Israel, April 27, 2016

"In a front-runner’s rout, Republican Donald Trump roared to victory Tuesday in five contests across the Northeast and confidently declared himself the GOP’s 'presumptive nominee'.”

Republican Establishment figures have been watching will an ill foreboding as voters stream to the one man not afraid to "say it like it is" and boldly call for radical change. In fact, these Establishment leaders have grown so desperate that they have strongly hinted at a Third Party nominee, even through they know they will be handing over victory to the one person America never, ever wants for President, Hillary Clinton.

If Donald Trump can win the nomination on the first ballot, Establishment Republicans will be on the proverbial "hotseat" as they will have to make a decision: throw their support behind Trump or launch a Third Party campaign they must know from the beginning will be doomed.

And, there is also another possibility to be considered: if the GOP Establishment launches a Third Party nominee against someone as popular as Donald Trump, and if this effort brings Hillary Clinton into the White House, the Republican Party will be splintered and ruined for a generation to come!

Trump also "counseled" Bernie Sanders to launch a Third Party campaign!

NEWS BRIEF: "Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders: ‘Run As an Independent!’, Breitbart News, 26 April 2016

"GOP frontrunner Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to give advice to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination."

" 'Bernie Sanders has been treated terribly by the Democrats—both with delegates & otherwise. He should show them, and run as an Independent!"

Trump must have been laughing as he doled out this advice, because he knew right well that such an Independent Candidacy would hand the general election to Hillary Clinton! In fact, Bernie did not immediately respond, allowing his wife the honor.

"Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, later responded to Trump’s advice during an interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer."

“ 'We’ve been very clear right from the beginning that we will not play the role of spoiler,” Sanders stated, dismissing Trump’s advice. 'The reason that he was active and he decided to run in the Democratic Party was just that: We cannot afford a Republican in the White House. We cannot afford a Republican appointing Supreme Court justices. So Bernie will not be running as an independent'.”

Smart man, that Bernie Sanders.

3. Over 50% of American voters believe our current electoral process is "rigged"!

Cutting Edge has been teaching this reality since 1988 election.

NEWS BRIEF: "Poll: Half of Americans think US presidential nominating system 'rigged'," The Jerusalem Post, 4/27/2016

"More than half of American voters believe that the system US political parties use to pick their candidates for the White House is 'rigged' and more than two-thirds want to see the process changed, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll."

Establishment Democrats and Republicans can think of no greater threat to their combined status quo than to have a majority of voters understanding that the voting system in this country is fixed, producing the candidates and the office holders which the Elite wants.

"The results echo complaints from Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders that the system is stacked against them in favor of candidates with close ties to their parties - a critique that has triggered a nationwide debate over whether the process is fair."

Prior to the 1988 general election, I was researching this very topic of rigged elections, when I read a quote that changed my opinion forever. Josef Stalin, the Illuminati politician who never suffered any defeat and who always won his "elections" by over 90%, was asked by a Western reporter on one occasion as to how he could explain his unbelievable winning streak.

Stalin's reply was both breathtaking and mind-altering. Stalin said:

"You must always keep in mind that he who casts his vote counts for nothing; but, he who counts the votes counts for everything"!

In other words, the fix is in the vote counting! Never forget this comprehensive understanding.

Starting in 1988, I have voted for state and local issues, but never for National candidates! They are the fixed races.

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4. Boldly ignoring current news trends, President Obama declares the world is living in a "Peaceful Era"!

Is the prophecy "Peace and Safety" being fulfilled in our Daily News?

NEWS BRIEF: "Blatantly Ignoring Reality, Obama Announces 'We Live in a Peaceful Era', ” Breaking Israel News, April 26, 2016

"Addressing world leaders at a trade fair in Hannover, Germany on Monday, US President Barack Obama acknowledged the good fortune of living in what he considers to be the “most peaceful” era in human history. He noted major advances in education, longevity of life, health care, and the spread of democracy as some of the many benefits of living today.

"With pride, Obama added extreme strides in social equality to the list. 'Around the world we’re more tolerant, with more opportunity for women and gays and lesbians as we push back on bigotry and prejudice', he said."

The President simply swept aside all protestations the he was plainly wrong about how "most peaceful" our current era was, and in so doing, he fulfilled a key End of the Age prophecy.

"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." (1 Thess 5:3)

Thus, mankind has one more strong indication that the End of the Age and the Man of Sin are close. The most powerful man in the world is telling all who will hear that Earth is now in a blessed period of "Peace" and Safety!

5. Math and reading scores continue to plummet!

NEWS BRIEF: "American's Math scores slip, reading flat for nation’s 12th-graders", Breitbart News, 27 April 2016

"It’s not a promising picture for the nation’s high school seniors — they are slipping in math, not making strides in reading and only about one-third are prepared for the academic challenges of entry-level college courses ... one-quarter of 12th-graders taking the test performed proficiently or better in math. Only 37 percent of the students were proficient or above in reading."

This kind of report is not new; for several decades now, Public Schools have not prepared our children for the kind of academic excellence for which the Public Taxpayer has been paying dearly!

What has been the response from our politicians?

They either blame the poor economy or propose re-writing textbooks.

And, most importantly, they provide more money for an education planned to be inferior. While students increasingly cannot read or write well enough to become an informed, participating adult, America is building the most magnificent, and the largest, new schools in history.

Our DVD "Escaping Common Core", proves that the current state of educational disaster began over 100 years ago. And, we prove that this successful effort by the Global Elite to produce an inferior education, began with getting control of the writing and the producing of textbooks.

In the era between World Wars I and II, a prominent American educator, C.F. Potter, wrote a book in which he foresaw the requirement for the type of citizen which would obediently follow the New World Order.

Our first Potter quote addresses the most important role of the Federally funded Public School System in producing the kind of compliant citizen they so desperately want. Potter and other Humanists viewed Public Schools as the training ground for turning children into loyal, obedient citizens of the New World Order, the Kingdom of the New Age Christ!

" `Education is thus a most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism. What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?' " ("Humanism, A New Religion" (1930), C.F. Potter)

Certainly, Secular Humanism has been greatly instrumental in all of the Western Society currently rejecting Jesus Christ, the Bible, and Judeo-Christian values. By far, the most serious impact has been in the field of Public Education. C.F. Potter and Thomas Dewey led the way in the period between World Wars I and II to completely re-write educational curricula -- gradually at first -- so that all Biblical values are overthrown. In Seminar One, "America's Leadership of the New World Order", we demonstrate how this subtle attack on our values system was carried out. The result is that, now, Christian parents must get their children out of Public Schools, for they are being conditioned to become good citizens of the global system of Antichrist!

Listen to Christian educator, Samuel Blumenthal, explain:

"It was thus Dewy who began to fashion a new materialist religion in which humanity was venerated instead of God. This is basically the religion of Secular Humanism, and this is what has become the official religion of the United States, for it is the only religion permitted in its public schools and totally supported by government funds." ["NEA: Trojan Horse In American Education", Samuel Blumenthal, p. 55]

Today, this type of teaching curricula is called "Common Core" and represents a new planned low level of educational skill.

"Common Core" curricula is truly producing the educational standards for the "Common Herd", as the Elite calls your precious child!

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poised to create mind- boggling game-changes to everything we have known until now about Homosapiens.

As astonishing technological developments push the frontiers of humanity towards far-reaching morphological transformation (which promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human), an intellectual and fast-growing cultural movement known as transhumanism intends the use of these powerful new fields of science and technology as tools that will radically redesign our minds, our memories, our physiology, our offspring, and even perhaps-as Professor Joel Garreau, Lincoln Professor of Law, claims- our immortal souls.

Certainly, the Global Elite wants desperately to end biological death and to defeat God's plans for our souls.

As viewers will learn, this includes rewriting human genetics, combining human and animal DNA, and interfacing our brains with strong artificial intelligence systems. As a result, new modes of perception between things visible and invisible are expected to challenge bioethics in ways that are historically, sociologically and theologically unprecedented.

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Cutting Edge Director, David Bay, teaches six hard- hitting lessons on six unique End Times instances where events are fulfilling prophecy, but no one is talking about it. Five hot topics on three discs.

1) Israel's Prophesied Triumph over the Palestinians

2) Russian Bear Poised To Strike Israel

3) 'Masons In The Pulpit'

4) World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event

5) Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ

Each message is followed by a complete Salvation Plan, so each DVD becomes a Soul-Winning tool.

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Prophecies a Collection by David Bay- DVD Combo - Volume 1 which contains 3 DVDs with our first six programs.

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• Rapture Precedes Israels Final 'WEEK' of History
• Eternal Security: God's Anchor In A Brutal Storm
• End Times' Judgment On Iraq - Worse Than Believed Possible - Isaiah 13
• Israel's Prophesied Annihilation of the Palestinians
• America Identified In Prophecy: Economic Babylon of Revelation 18

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