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    June 10, 2015     

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I. Finally revealed! The Bilderberg Group is nothing more than "Freemasonry On Steroids"!

Bilderberg's founder was also a former Nazi! Adolf Hitler would be proud of this coming New World Order!

NEWS BRIEF: "The Bilderberg Group Strikes Again", by Eamonn Fingleton, Forbes Magazine, 11/27/2012

"Founded in the Netherlands in the 1950s, the Bilderberg Group is ostensibly merely a top careerist’s mutual aid society –nothing more than the Freemasons on steroids ... The Bilderberg group was founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a German-born erstwhile Nazi ..."

In August, 1996, the fourth article I wrote on Cutting Edge described the many shocking similarities between Hitler's horrific Nazism and the coming Illuminati New World Order. The reality is that Illuminized Freemasons today are reviving Hitler's goals and his drive to a Satanic World Messiah, whom the Bible will declare to be Antichrist.

Masonic author, J.D. Buck, says Freemasonry is identical to the Theosophical Society, which links the Lodge directly to Nazism. We shall examine teachings of Freemasonry, comparing them with Nazism (read full details in FREE17).

What are some of specific key points of similarity? There are so many we cannot possibly list them all, but here are just a few.

1).  NZ -- Is an offshoot of occultic practices and teachings -- The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow , by Constance Cumbey, Huntington House, Shreveport, LA, 1983, p. 114.  FM -- Albert Pike embraced the occult philosophy and teachings, saying, "The occult philosophy seems to have been the nurse, or godmother, of all religions ... Christianity should not have hated magic, but human ignorance always fears the unknown." [Morals and Dogma , p. 729-730] 

Did you catch Pike's last statement, "Christianity should not have hated magic ..."?  All throughout the Bible, God condemned magic in the strongest possible of terms, and those who practiced it.  This single statement puts the bullet to the head to the lie that Masonry is Christian.

2).  NZ -- Taught doctrine of Aryanism and Aryan purity, and that the `New Age' would feature an Aryan mutant `master race' [Ibid.]  This Aryan purity stems precisely from The Secret Doctrine of the House of TheosophyFM -- Pike teaches the standard Satanic lie that the Aryan "came down from the slopes of the Himalayas".  [Morals and Dogma, p. 714]

When the Masonic Christ arises on the world scene, his plan is to serve the first seven years of his 1,000-year reign from Jerusalem, as he "takes care" of the Jewish problem. Then, he shall launch a global war of "racial purity", the type mankind has never seen. Once he is finished, only European whites and Chinese shall remain!

3).  NZ -- Believed they had evolved into a new/superior species by means of `spiritual disciplines', `consciousness evolution', and a new form of consciousness.  FM -- Their belief in The Secret Doctrine , noted above in this article, demands men to believe that superior men existed, in order to rule over the "masses".  This is the reason all secret societies, including, Freemasonry, teach that men must "evolve" in their consciousness to become Adepts. 

4).  NZ -- Sought to institute a New World Order in which the Aryan race would control. [Cumbey, op. cit., p. 117].  FM -- The best and fastest way for you to realize the depth of the commitment to the New World Order, is just turn your $1 bill over on the back and look at the Masonic pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye at the top.  The words toward the bottom, "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" translate into "New World Order".  This symbol was voted into being by the Continental Congress in 1787, in secret session, attending mostly by Freemasons. However, this symbol was hidden from the public until 1935, when 33rd Degree Mason, President Franklin Roosevelt, was told by his Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, that the Guiding Spirits had told him that now was the time to bring this symbol into public.

5).  NZ -- Nazism was hostile to orthodox and fundamentalist Christianity, seeking to replace the cross with the swastika. [Cumbey, p. 116]  FM -- "... Christ, teaching the religion of Love ... The Religion of Love proved to be the Religion of Hate, and infinitely more the Religion of Persecution ..." [Morals and Dogma, p. 394.]  "Masonry is a system which has not the least shadow of support from history, from Scripture, from reason or from common sense, but, in fact, is diametrically opposed to them all." [Edmond Ronayne, The Master's Carpet {Mah-Hah-Bone), p. 25. 

Also like the Nazis the Masons revere the Swastika.

6). NZ -- German composer Wagner converted Jewish Jesus into an Aryan Jesus. The New Age has converted Jesus into an Enlightened Master who had gone through the full cycle of enlightenment and had become "completely illuminated". [Ravenscroft, op. cit., p. 33-34]  FM -- Albert Pike wrote that Jesus received perfect knowledge (Gnosis) after being brought back to life by Christos and Wisdom. [Morals and Dogma , p. 563-4, teachings of the 26th Degree] 

In other words, Pike is teaching that Jesus became an Enlightened Master after He had been resurrected by Christos and Wisdom.

7). NZ -- Claimed Christian Good was evil and the Christian Evil was good.  In other words, the labels were switched, in order to confuse. [Ravenscroft, op. cit., p. 37]  FM -- Albert Pike has created the most absurd switching of labels the world has ever seen, as he twists the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden.  Listen: 

"To prevent the light from escaping at once, the Demons forbade Adam to eat the fruit of 'knowledge of good and evil', by which he would have known the Empire of Light and that of Darkness.  He obeyed; an Angel of Light induced him to transgress, and gave him the means of victory; but the Demons created Eve, who seduced him into an act of Sensualism that enfeebled him ..." [Morals and Dogma , p. 567, teaching of the 26th Degree] 

Can you believe this supreme act of calling good evil and evil good?  In the True Biblical account, God forbade Adam to eat the fruit; therefore, Masonry is calling the God of the Bible a Demon; in the Biblical account, it was Satan who induced Eve to transgress; but Masonry calls Satan an Angel of Light.  Now you know which "Light" Masonry pursues, do you not?

8). NZ -- "Nazis were initiated into the Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky -- House of Theosophy. Used its tenets to prepare for the Nazi Holocaust." [Ravenscroft, Ibid., p. 91]  FM -- We covered this aspect at the beginning of this article, above.  We quoted Masonic author, J.D. Buck, writing in Mystic Masonry, stated boldly that the House of Theosophy doctrines were "precisely as taught in the Lodge". The key doctrine of Theosophy was, and is, The Secret Doctrine, and it is espoused in Freemasonry.

9).  NZ -- Did not believe that Jesus Christ was the only way to salvation. They did not believe in Jesus Christ, even to the point where they believed that Jesus experienced the "Christ Consciousness" at the Baptism in the Jordan River. FM -- Jesus Christ was an "inferior god" created by Ialdabaoth, who had been created by the god Buthos sexually uniting with Wisdom [Serpent].  Further, Jesus Christ was not actually human, but only had the appearance of a human.  Therefore, His suffering on the cross was also an illusion, an appearance only and not real. [Pike, Morals and Dogma , p. 563-567].

This Masonic teaching about Jesus Christ perfectly fulfills the Biblical definition of Antichrist teaching, in 1 John 4:1-3.

Do not be deceived: Freemasonry is seeking to finish the job that Adolf Hitler started. The New World Order truly is Nazism on supernatural steroids!

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II. President Obama is being urged by Christian groups to intervene to protect Sudanese Christian pastors who are facing execution simply because they preached the pure Gospel.

The President's silence on this subject is damning!

NEWS BRIEF: "PC USA Petitions Obama to Uphold Rights for Sudanese Pastors Facing Execution for Preaching the Gospel", Christian Post, June 8, 2015

"The Presbyterian Church USA recently reached out to President Barack Obama and other U.S. officials urging them to use their resources to ensure that the rights of two Sudanese pastors facing possible execution for preaching the Gospel are upheld in Sudan."

"... both pastors "were arrested after preaching" in late 2014 and earlier this year, and stated that Gradye Parsons, the PCUSA's clerk, has written to the president and other U.S. officials urging them to use their resources to protect the rights of Michael and Reith."

"The South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church recently noted that this type of persecution is common in the country.

"This is not 'something new' for our church," said Rev. Tut Kony, pastor of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church. 'Almost all pastors have gone to jail under the government of Sudan. We have been stoned and beaten. This is their habit to pull down the church. We are not surprised. This is the way they deal with the church'."

Throughout the Middle East and Africa, Christians are facing the most severe genocide in modern history. Christians are dying by the minute. We all need to hold them up in prayer and to demand that our President diplomatically and economically rush to their aid.

Many people have believed that Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim. If he does not act to save these ministers from execution, his Islamic credentials shall be on display for the entire world to see.

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III. The United States Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling which refuses to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel!

All three Jewish Justices voted for the majority.

NEWS BRIEF: "Supreme Court 'Kicked Israelis in the Face' ", Israel National News, June 9, 2015

"Nitzana Darshan-Leitner, head of lawfare NGO Shurat Hadin, says SCOTUS decision on Jerusalem 'truly damages every single Israeli' ... The US Supreme Court decision Monday not to register US citizens who were born in Jerusalem as having been born in Israel could have future ramifications for other matters involving Israel, according to Attorney Nitzana Darshan-Leitner, head of lawfare NGO Shurat Hadin."

Can you believe this nonsense? American citizens born in Jerusalem cannot be considered as having been born in Israel! This decision means that, if applied to me, the fact that I was born in LaJunta, Colorado, would not qualify me to be an American citizen.

In so many ways, America is officially turning against Israel. America's government has never recognized Jerusalem as the capitaol of Israel. Our President is consistently making decisions that are opposed to Israel's best interests, and, now the Supreme Court has delivered an insult that goes directly to the root of the Jewish nation.

How can you be born in Jerusalem and not be considered an Israeli citizen?

The rank Anti-Americanism of the U.S. State Department goes all the way back to the British Balfour Declaration, which committed Great Britain to work as a national interest toward re-establishing the nation of Israel, even though she had been out of her land for 1,900 years.

During the FDR Administration, the State Department fought against opening our shores to Jews trying to escape Hitler's prisons and execution camps, resulting in many tens of thousands of people who had to return to the Nazi system of systematic genocide.

Let us now return to our featured story.

"As for the court's decision itself, Darshan-Leitner said that it truly damages every single Israeli person ... one cannot ignore the actual decision, which de facto does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – and this is a real kick in the face of every Israeli citizen, that such a great friend of Israel's does not recognize its rights'.”

Who are the three Jewish Justices?

"Arutz Sheva notes that all three Jewish justices - Stephen G. Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Ellen Kagan - voted in favor of the decision."

But, God is noticing, in Heaven, and taking notes!

Michael, Israel's great arch-angel, stands ready to spring to Israel's defense, probably going forth to battle with God's list of Israel's enemies in his hand!

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