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---------- Inspiration For the Week--------"Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory"

"And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me." Genesis 21:6

It was far above the power of nature, and even contrary to its laws, that the aged Sarah should be honoured with a son; and even so it is beyond all ordinary rules that I, a poor, helpless, undone sinner, should find grace to bear about in my soul the indwelling Spirit of the Lord Jesus. I, who once despaired, as well I might, for my nature was as dry, and withered, and barren, and accursed as a howling wilderness, even I have been made to bring forth fruit unto holiness. Well may my mouth be filled with joyous laughter, because of the singular, surprising grace which I have received of the Lord, for I have found Jesus, the promised seed, and He is mine for ever. This day will I lift up psalms of triumph unto the Lord who has remembered my low estate, for "my heart rejoiceth in the Lord; mine horn is exalted in the Lord; my mouth is enlarged over mine enemies, because I rejoice in Thy salvation." I would have all those that hear of my great deliverance from hell, and my most blessed visitation from on high, laugh for joy with me. I would surprise my family with my abundant peace; I would delight my friends with my ever-increasing happiness; I would edify the Church with my grateful confessions; and even impress the world with the cheerfulness of my daily conversation. Bunyan tells us that Mercy laughed in her sleep, and no wonder when she dreamed of Jesus; my joy shall not stop short of hers while my Beloved is the theme of my daily thoughts. The Lord Jesus is a deep sea of joy: my soul shall dive therein, shall be swallowed up in the delights of His society. Sarah looked on her Isaac, and laughed with excess of rapture, and all her friends laughed with her; and thou, my soul, look on thy Jesus, and bid heaven and earth unite in thy joy unspeakable. [C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotionals, A.W. Tozer CDROM Library; Emphasis added]

---------- Bookstore Update ----------


DA Vinci Code book by Dan Brown proves Antichrist is almost here!

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Consider some of these terrible trends toward the Laodicean Church: 1) Increasing use of entertainment and amusement to teach the Word of God - plus expanding efforts to make the Gospel message more "seeker-sensitive"; 2) Advancing the cause of Ecumenism over Evangelism --resulting in confusion between Catholicism and genuine Biblical Christianity; 3) Multiplying effect - Synergistic Effect -- of doctrinal error through increasingly popular paraphrased "Bibles" and proliferation of visual interpretations of Scripture

The bottom line question is: Are people sincerely seeking the True Shepherd or are they simply following the flock?

* "Passion, Purpose and the Religious Paradigm Shift" - DVD - Video -- The whole Christian world is silently going through the dramatic change in religious thinking, called a "Paradigm Shift". Until this shift occurs, Antichrist cannot arise. Once this shift does occur, discerning Christians can know that Antichrist is close. Such a "Paradigm Shift" is now under way, powered by four major factors running together simultaneously. They are:

** "The Passion of the Christ"
** Purpose Driven Church (Seeker Sensitive)
** "Da Vinci Code" which propagates the Merovingian Bloodline lie, without which Antichrist cannot appear
** Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" series, which falsely assures people they can take the Mark of the Beast and still go to Heaven.

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Unless, the "peace" of which you are talking is the "peace of the grave", which is the only peace Islam gives the Infidel. "Weighed in the balance and found wanting."

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. In the midst of so many signs that the appearance of Antichrist, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife were crowned in a Messiah-type ceremony at the U.S. Senate Dirksen Building on March 23, 2004. In a ceremony which proclaimed the revitalization of the United Nations and the beginning of a new era of "Global Governance". Incredibly, this event was not reported in any mainline news at the time, and has only been revealed this week. Let us review the story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rev. Moon holds coronation at Capitol: Religious leader says he's here to 'save the world's 6 billion people' ", WorldNetDaily, June 14, 2004

"Dressed in a floor-length cape, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon was dubbed the king of peace at a coronation ceremony in the Dirksen Senate Office Building attended by several members of Congress. Moon is the founder of the Unification Church – currently known as The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. There were reportedly 81 members of Congress total at the event ... The religious leader, sounding like a self-proclaimed messiah, is quoted as saying: 'In the context of heaven's providence, I am God's ambassador, sent to earth with His full authority. I am sent to accomplish His command to save the world's 6 billion people, restoring them to heaven with the original goodness in which they were created'."

We have reviewed a 21-minute video clip of this event at: http://www.iifwp.org/media/media_crownofpeace.php

Let us now review the salient portions of this clip, for they reveal the true nature and purpose of this crowning event.

* A "Crown of Peace" Ceremony was held March 23, 2004, at the Dirksen Senate building in Washington, D.C.

* A world without national boundaries is about to begin. The world will be getting rid of war, striving for peace under God

* The world is now surmounting national and religious barriers. Such a world of peace is now upon us.

* The opening speech was given by a Baptist minister, Walter Faunteroy. Another speaker apologized to all Native Americans for the "Veil of Tears" through which our American ancestors forced them to pass.

* A Jewish rabbi proclaimed that a miracle of religious unification had occurred at this meeting and blew his Shofar horn to proclaim the imminent coming of the "true Messiah".

* A speaker then read Moon's poem, "Crown of Glory", which he wrote as a 16-year-old boy. This poem proclaimed that anyone who spreads this gospel of global reconciliation and peace can be crowned with a "Crown of Glory". During the ceremony, numerous people were so crowned, including some American legislators.

* Another speaker proclaimed the Moon, a "man of God's own heart, has come among us in the spirit of Jesus the Christ." It is time for America to open her heart to this one, because when the heart is opened, the mind follows. Moon and his wife are then mightily praised. These are some of the titles bestowed:

** True Father and True Mother
** Champions of Peace and Reconciliation
** King and Queen of Peace
** King of Kings

This last proclamation really caught my ear, for this is one of the terms reserved for Jesus Christ. However, throughout this clip, Jesus is really represented as only the local King of the Jews and the head of Christianity. He is never proclaimed as the world Messiah. Later in the clip, we saw demonstrations by Moon's group, "Heart to Heart" as they marched and demonstrated in Israel. In Jerusalem, a monotheistic ceremony was held (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) in which leaders from each of these groups presented a crown to Jesus, symbolized by placing such a crown in an empty chair. The moderator said that the first step in ending the Middle East conflict was to proclaim Jesus as the "King of the Jews".

Further, this moderator stated that the basis of the conflict in the Middle East was religious; therefore, religious reconciliation must occur before political solutions. The age-old question is "Who is Jesus, really"? By crowning Jesus as "King of the Jews", this question is supposedly answered so mankind can continue with its efforts to build a Global Governance, peace, and reconciliation. This "solution" was said to be very important for the success of the "Middle East Peace Initiative", a code word for the "Road Map" which President Bush and leaders of the European Union have been promoting for so very long.

This religious reconciliation is to occur between members of the Monotheistic Faiths, Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Once these three religions can reconcile, a peace breakthrough can occur in the Middle East. This emphasis upon achieving a spiritual reconciliation between these faiths reminds me of the same theme sounded by the New England Director of the House of Theosophy on August 18, 1991, when I was sneaked into a "Members-only" seminar. We have posted detailed write-up of these remarks on our Website, NEWS1052, "Complete Seminar Notes From House of Theosophy Seminar Which Reveals Plans For Last Stages of New World Order".

These notes of 1991 accurately predicted the Antichrist Conferences of August 28 - September 19, 2000, at which the New World Order was officially "birthed" into existence (NEWS1395, NEWS1403, NEWS1402). Furthermore, these notes then accurately foretold of the plan to produce a level of threat of war which would provide the pressure needed to see the reconciliation of all monotheistic religions so Antichrist could then appear. Listen to excerpts of Lambert's seminar remarks:

"Sometime between 1985-2010, the following scenario will unfold, depending only on the right set of circumstances: Moslem and Jewish areas in Jerusalem will be combined with Christian to create the New Jerusalem Covenant. All religions will convene to celebrate three (3) religious festivals simultaneously ... This celebration of these three combined Festivals will create the New World Order Religion and will be the spiritual equivalent to the political United Nations ... Then, and only then, will it be possible to build a combination Temple/Church/Mosque in Jerusalem."

"Bill further stated that 'any purely political settlement in the Middle East would not, by itself, bring peace. In other words, a purely political settlement would leave the religious nature of the problem unsolved'."

"Any permanent solution to the Middle East conflict would also have to see the religious portion of the problem solved. Once this religious problem is solved, then the power and influence of the Orthodox Jews in Israel would permanently decline."

Then, Bill Lambert revealed that, for this plan to work, a war pressure must be created and maintained. Listen:

"The impetus toward this type of settlement is made possible only because of a general fear of war. This fear of war must be maintained until the desired political and religious changes have been instituted."

Once these plans have been fulfilled, and a merger of the three monotheistic faiths in the Middle East is achieved, the world will call upon the Pope for the final action.

"At the proper moment in history, the Pope will visit the combined Jewish/Christian/Moslem sector of Jerusalem to announce that all religions should be combined into one. This action will then finally break the Middle East logjam." [NOTE: This revelation brands the Pope as the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18.]

The final several minutes of this Crown of Peace audio/video clip, above, uses almost identical symbolism.

But, then, at the end of this film clip, the focus shifts totally on world governance through the United Nations. On several occasions, reference was made to revitalizing the United Nations. The beginning portion of this revitalization was to be a spiritual revival throughout the world in which the high religious barriers that have been constructed will be torn down, proselytizing will be a thing of the past, and everyone will just love each other. Only then can eternal peace and happiness be achieved.

The clip concludes by saying, "Now is the time for global governance centered on God".

So, what do we make of this truly Messianic initiative quietly carried out through the tacit approval of our government, as evidenced by the participants using the U.S. Senate Dirksen Building and by the 81 senators and congressmen said to be present? Was Rev. Moon crowned as THE Messiah, or was he crowned as a forerunner of Messiah, much like John the Baptist was a forerunner of Jesus Christ?

We believe he was crowned a forerunner of Messiah, to prepare the hearts of the people, in similar fashion to John the Baptist preparing the hearts of the Jews to accept the Person and Ministry of Jesus Christ. We shall be posting a major article on this subject next week. But, for now, realize that a major conditioning and ritualistic ceremony has just taken place whose major goal was to prepare the hearts of the people to accept the claims of The Christ -- Antichrist.

With so many other signs abounding that the final birth pangs of Antichrist are close to starting, this Messianic-type coronation ceremony simply provides further proof that the world is truly close to the appearance of Antichrist.

II. Islamic terrorists have just beheaded American contractor, Paul M. Johnson, Jr.

NEWS BRIEF: "Al Qaeda Executes American Hostage", Fox News, June 18, 2004

"RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Gruesome photographs of the beheading of Paul M. Johnson Jr., the American contractor taken hostage by terrorists last weekend, were posted on an Al Qaeda Web site Friday ... Al Qaeda kidnappers had threatened to behead Johnson, a Lockheed Martin employee and longtime resident of Saudi Arabia (search), by Friday if certain terrorist prisoners were not released by Saudi authorities. The group Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) told Fox News that a video clip of Johnson's severed head had also been posted on an Islamic Web site. No independent confirmation of the contractor's beheading was available."

Saudi Arabia regularly beheads their criminals, so we should not be too surprised that the terrorists would adopt this tactic. However, this brings to two the number of Americans said to have been beheaded by Islamic terrorists. We have posted several articles which call into question the official facts of the Nick Berg beheading. We also posted an article in which we noted that an Masonic Arabic Secret Society has a symbol of cruel beheading For Degrees 9-11 (NEWS1917).

This beheading will immediately place much more pressure upon the ruling Saudi government and upon its critical oil industry. In the past several weeks, Westerners have been fleeing Saudi Arabia and other key oil producing countries, as intelligence continued to warn that terrorists were targeting Westerners working in the oil industry. Our oil and gas prices are really going to skyrocket now!

Since we have so little information on this beheading in Saudi Arabia, we shall have to wait until more details are forthcoming. However, this story will be spun as a retaliation for the Muslim anger building against the Americans for our invasion of Iraq and for our torture and sexual degradation crimes in the Iraqi prison system. Muslim anger is going to simply build and build until the point of "critical mass" is reached. At that time, the war in Iraq will explode to a Regional War, a conflict which will draw Israel and her Arab neighbors into the fray.

One thing is very clear, however; Saudi Arabia is under heavy attack from terrorists who are aiming to bring down the House of Saud, turning the government over to really extremist Muslim radicals.

NEWS BRIEF: "New Terror Tactic Unleashed", Fox News, June 14, 2004

"RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — With the kidnapping of an American and threats to inflict on him the same degrading punishments seen at Iraq's U.S.-run Abu Ghraib prison, suspected Al Qaeda terrorists appear to have unleashed a new tactic in their violent drive against Saudi Arabia's rulers ... It was the third killing of a Westerner in the Saudi capital in a week, part of a stepped up campaign aimed at driving out foreigners and sabotaging the oil sector, key to the Saudi economy and basis of the rule by the kingdom's royal family. The U.S. Embassy warned that the attacks appeared to follow extensive surveillance of the two Americans slain over the past week. Kenneth Scroggs was shot in the back as he parked in the garage at his home on Saturday. Last Tuesday, Robert Jacobs was also killed in his parking garage. The killings 'involved extensive planning and preparation', a U.S. Embassy warden message said."

What this really means, even though this article does not come right out to say so, is that these Saudi terrorists possess an intelligence operation which operates freely even though Saudi Arabia is not a free country and even though its anti-terrorist military force is American trained and equipped. This reality means that the terrorists have a mole hidden high up inside the Saudi government. The most effective way to bring a government down is from the inside. If this mole(s) cannot be identified and removed, Saudi Arabia might fall to extremist forces.


III. As Iran amassed four battalions on the southeastern border with Iraq, the UN nuclear watchdog agency, (IAEA) issued a sharp denunciation of Iran's nuclear industry, and American satellites reportedly showed fresh Iranian activity in and around her nuclear facilities. Is an attack on Iran in the offing? Since we believe this most important story began several weeks ago, we shall discuss this situation in a reverse timeline. You will see why we elect to do this once the timeline has been revealed.

NEWS BRIEF: "Quietly, U.S. Prepares For Israeli Strike On Iran", Middle East News, 7 May 2004

"WASHINGTON [MENL] -- The United States has been examining the prospect that Israel will attack Iranian nuclear facilities in an attempt to prevent the Islamic republic from completing an atomic bomb as early as this year. U.S. analysts and government sources said the Bush administration has discussed the prospect of an Israeli air strike at several levels of government. They said the issue has been examined in terms of the diplomatic, military and security implications for the United States, particularly its military presence in Iraq and the Persian Gulf region ... 'It would be intolerable for the Middle East if they [Iran] get a nuclear weapon', Bush said after meeting Sharon."

This story puts President Bush on record as stating that America considers Iran's possession of a nuclear weapon as "intolerable for the Middle East". Remember, also, that Bush listed Iran as one of the original "Axis of Evil" nations in early 2002 (NEWS1750). The troika of "Axis of Evil" listed by the president were: Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.

Therefore, Iran knew after this meeting that President Bush was fully in sync with Israel's Prime Minister that Iran could not be allowed to possess nuclear weapons, even if that meant an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear plants. In early May, 2004, Iran knew she was the bulls-eye in Bush's target.

NEWS BRIEF: "House OKs Pre-emptive U.S. Attack Against Iran", by Trish Schuh, nyc.indymedia.org, 15 May 2004, http://nyc.indymedia.org/newswire/display_any/93431

"Undeterred by the results of pre-emptive war in Iraq, the House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution May 6 authorizing pre-emptive military strikes against Iran. The vote was 376-3 ... House members said the legislation is in line with the Bush Doctrine of preventive war, and creates a legal framework for later sanctions and 'military options' against Iranian nuclear sites. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and Pete Stark (D-Calif.) both condemned the bill, noting its similarity to the law that permitted a preemptive war on Iraq."

Despite the developing scandal that Iraq really did not possess Weapons of Mass Destruction, the House of Representatives votes to authorize President Bush to strike Iran on the same basis! The British Lord Hutton commission was formed last year simply for the purpose of discovering how our intelligence could have been so wrong as to conclude that Iraq had WMD. We have written several articles which show that President Bush and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld created a bogus intelligence service called "Office of Special Plans", just so they could have "intelligence reports" which they could publicize in order to justify their attack.

Further, we know now that much of the satellite photos which Secretary of State Powell showed to the United Nations Security Council last year were either false or had been given the kind of misleading interpretations upon which we based our decision to go to war.

Therefore, if Iran did not know beforehand that we were really planning to attack her, she was put on notice on 15 May 2004 by this House vote. Once again, no mainline news services ran this story, just as they did not run the story about the Coronation of Sun Myung Moon, above.

The United Nations got in on the act in mid-June.

NEWS BRIEF: "Consensus Grows at IAEA Meeting on Sharp Rebuke of Iran", A.P. Breaking News, June 15, 2004

"VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Diplomats said they were near agreement on a toughly worded draft resolution to censure Iran rather than punish it for its lack of cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency. The new draft toned down demands on Iran to abort plans to build a heavy water reactor and slightly modified language taking Tehran to task for hampering the IAEA probe. But the overall wording remained tough, according to the envoys. One key phrase in the planned resolution "deplored" Iran's spotty record on cooperating with the agency. Other omissions by Iran were noted with "concern" or "serious concern." All the phrases are tough language in the diplomatic context.

"The draft contained no deadline or 'trigger mechanism' as sought by the United States and its allies that could set into motion possible sanctions if Iran continued its foot-dragging past a certain date. However, in an apparent nod to the United States, Canada, Australia and other nations calling for more action, the draft contrasted the "the passage of time" - a year since the IAEA probe began - and the still blurry contours of Iran's nuclear program."

In the best tradition of diplomatic and military obfuscation, this threat to Iran did not contain any specific date by which Iran must comply or face military action. For this reason, Iran must consider that she may be attacked at any time.

NEWS BRIEF: "All eyes should be on Iran's nuclear programme", Gulf News, June 15, 2004

"With Saddam Hussein gone, one could be forgiven for thinking that the world was finally done with the business of WMD and accusations of secret nuclear arsenals. But look at what is happening next door to Iraq, and the wranglings over Iran's nuclear programme are all too reminiscent of the 12 years of crisis that culminated with the war to topple Saddam ... El Baradei's (head of IAEA) categorical assessment that Iraq's nuclear programme was dead and buried, and that intelligence on its revival was either faulty or fabricated, fell on deaf ears in Washington and London last year. In the case of Iran, however, El Baradei offers no such reassurance. The world should take note ... Reading the IAEA's reports on Iran in the past year, there are good reasons to fear that the mullahs, behind the guise of a civil nuclear power programme, are secretly trying to build an atomic bomb or at least develop a 'just in time' capability to build one at short notice. A nuclear Iran would precipitate a Middle East arms race that could prompt Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to secure their own nukes. Israel is unlikely to sit idly by while Iran arms itself with atomic weapons and long-range missiles."

"There is no doubt that Iran's nuclear facilities are much more advanced than Iraq's were last year ... It has bought equipment from the same "nuclear supermarket'', operated by the Pakistani scientist A Q Khan, that provided uranium enrichment centrifuges for the Libyan and North Korean atomic weapons programmes. There is also a much stronger terrorist connection to Iran than to Iraq ... There is also a much stronger terrorist connection to Iran than to Iraq ... the first candidate for American 'pre-emptive action' should have been Iran, not Iraq."

Cutting Edge has always maintained that, since Pakistan has possessed nuclear warheads for nearly two decades now, it makes no sense that individual Islamic states would independently try to create their own home-grown nuclear Research & Development projects; they could simply buy such nukes "off the shelf" from a Pakistan who has always been short of money and whose intelligence service has always been controlled by Islamic militants. At least this Gulf News article correctly reports this "Pakistani connection".

At this point, we see two elements at work to possibly justify an attack on Iraq: 1) US House votes to authorize President Bush to launch a pre-emptive strike; 2) New outlets begin to report that Iran does have a nuclear weapons program.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran massing troops on Iraq border", The Washington Post, June 15, 2004

"The Saudi daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat, monitored in Beirut, reports Iran has massed four battalions at the border. Al-Sharq al-Awsat quoted 'reliable Iraqi sources' as saying, 'Iran moved part of its regular military forces towards the Iraqi border in the southern sector at a time its military intelligence agents were operating inside Iraqi territory' "

DEBKAfile Intelligence told us exactly where these troops were amassing.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran Builds Up Military Forces Along 350-Mile Stretch With Iraq", DEBKAfile, 16 June 2004

"Iran builds up forces on its border with Iraq. DEBKAfile adds: Troops ranged along 350-km stretch from Dezful opposite Iraq’s Basra and Shalamcheh opposite al Amarah."

Note that these Iranian battalions are amassed in the southeastern part of Iraq, stretching from Basra in the south to Al Amarah 350 kilometers to the north. This area is controlled by British forces and is considered more lightly defended than the regions northward which are controlled by the American Army. Therefore, if you are going to attack, this area would be the most logical. Seeing Basra possibly threatened by Iranian forces brings to my mind the demonic Guiding Spirit "prophecy" given H.G. Wells in 1933. In that year, H.G. Wells wrote a book entitled, "The Shape of Things To Come". In this book, he revealed a part of the Illuminati plan to start the World War III that would usher in the "Modern World-State" that will be ruled by "The Christ" -- Antichrist. Listen carefully to this part of the Plan, for we may see it come to pass in our Daily News:


".. the plan for the 'Modern World-State' would succeed in its third attempt (Third World War) and would come out of something that would occur in Basra, Iraq." ["The Globalists: The Power Elite Exposed", by Dr. Dennis Cuddy, p. 50.

Once again, all eyes need to be on Basra, as we have learned to respect the prophecies given by demonic Guiding Spirits when their fulfillment is not prohibited in Scripture. As Daniel, Chapter 10 reveals, both the angelic and the demonic hosts are given limited foreknowledge.

With all this as background, we find it not surprising that Iranian leadership struck back sharply in the public arena.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iranian President Hits Back in Nuclear War of Words", NEWS.scotsman.com, 16 June 2004

"Iran got tough with its nuclear critics today and President Mohammad Khatami warned it has no 'moral' commitment to suspend nuclear enrichment if the current trend at the International Atomic Energy Agency continues. He said Iran will not accept a draft proposed by three European nations criticizing its nuclear activities if the UN nuclear watchdog approves it."

At this point, we have Iranian troops massed along 350 kilometers of the southeastern Iraqi border and we have harsh, seemingly unyielding words coming from Iran's top leadership. By any definition, we have a crisis!

Iran then learned on 17 June that she was going to be condemned by the UN, even though the IAEA admitted they had made a mistake on their report criticizing Iran for her nuclear program! Now, Iran had reason to suspect she was being singled out for discrimination, possibly signaling that she was going to be attacked no matter what the facts were. After all, the US did the same thing to Iraq!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran Fails to Stop Harsh Nuclear Resolution", Yahoo News, June 17, 2004

"VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran forced the U.N. nuclear watchdog Thursday to admit a mistake in a key report, but failed to stop a resolution 'deploring' its poor record of cooperation with the agency ... The final text of the resolution said the IAEA board 'deplores...the fact that, overall...Iran's cooperation has not been as full, timely and proactive as it should have been'. Iranian President Mohammad Khatami Wednesday rejected the draft as 'very bad' and threatened to resume uranium enrichment ... Mousavian had argued for a softening of the text after the IAEA was earlier forced into an embarrassing admission that it had wrongly accused Tehran of withholding information about imports of potentially weapons-related technology."

NEWS BRIEF: "Images Show Iran May Be Hiding Nuke Plants", Fox News, June 18, 2004

"NEW YORK — Satellite photos of two locations in Iran show the nation may be continuing to pursue and hide a program to produce nuclear weapons, images obtained exclusively by Fox News show. One site at Natanz appears to show a hidden uranium enrichment plant, possibly surrounded by defense fortifications capable of thwarting an attack. The other site, Arak, is a heavy water facility used to make plutonium. The two sites together could be capable of building atomic bombs. 'You have to conclude this is not part of an energy program, this is part of a weapons program', John Pike, the founder of Globalsecurity.org , told Fox News."

Therefore, we have the possible scenario building for the fierce outbreak of Regional War, and quite possibly, a spark occurring in Basra that may just send the world reeling into World War III. Before we leave this subject, remember a couple of additional facts about Iran.

1) Iran is fully implicated in providing training, funds, and manpower in the exportation of terrorism. Only Saudi Arabia appears to be more involved in sending out terrorists. Whereas Iraq is said to have refused overtures from Al Qaeda, Iran has thoroughly exported terrorism.

2) Iran may well be following a detailed plan whereby she engages a weakened America as part of her "Many Fires" strategy. As American and British troops were building up to an attack in March, 2003, Iran suddenly sprang forth in a burst of frantic diplomacy with her Arab neighbors. Her Foreign Minister visited several key Arab capitols to set forth her plan to defeat America once she invaded Iraq. We posted an article with this title, NEWS1910, and encourage you to read it carefully.

It is possible that Iran's plan -- which has been followed carefully since its inception in March, 2003 -- may be reaching the point where she is going to take the bold step of attacking Iraq's southern border. Coalition Forces are severely stretched thin, we have no credible backup, and Israel is always a potential flashpoint. This situation really requires careful watching.

IV. The "I" word (Impeachment) was actually used this past week against President Bush!

NEWS BRIEF: "Kennedy Shies Away From Bush Impeachment Call", Fox News, Thursday, June 17, 2004

"WASHINGTON — Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., appearing Wednesday with law professors who want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush over the Iraqi prisoner abuse, declined to endorse the idea himself. Instead, Kennedy opted for a political plug. The best way to solve things 'is to elect John Kerry', said Kennedy, appearing beside two Harvard professors at a news conference upstairs from his Senate office ... The professors presented a letter signed by more than 400 legal scholars urging members of the House and Senate to consider impeaching the president and any high level administration officials who approved the Iraqi prisoner abuses."

Since politics is more about perception than reality, it is significant that we should see a group of high-powered professors and legal scholars forming a group to officially press for Bush's impeachment. Since we realize that an impeachment process could take many, many months to work through, the timing of this formation of a group to work for Bush's removal must be considered as the reason for calling for this action now. The country is only five months from an election, and just weeks from the national conventions of both political parties. Therefore, the purpose for forming this group now must be political, and must be aimed specifically at the election this November.

Now, note the power of some of these legal scholars.

"Among those signing the letter were former O.J. Simpson defender Alan Dershowitz and the Rev. Robert F. Drinan, a former Massachusetts congressman who teaches at Georgetown University."

When Alan Dershowitz and Robert Drinan back a political effort, you must realize that this effort has a great deal of Illuminist muscle behind it. Since a bill of impeachment was recently filed (May 6, 2004) against Defense Secretary Rumsfeld for the crimes of lying about Iraq possessing WMD and for saying Iraq was linked to Al Qaeda (NEWS1922), we understand that this impeachment effort against Bush for prisoner abuse now places two of the highest members of the Bush Administration under the legal gun.

However, we are amazed at the fact that this group of legal professors and scholars are accusing President Bush of being responsible for the prison abuse effort. We have not seen any news reports that lays responsibility for this campaign of torture and sexual degradation at the feet of the President; we have seen reports that only go as far as Rumsfeld. Does this group of professors and legal scholars possess information not yet made public? If they do, and if that information goes public, President Bush may be discredited in a hurry. We have recently posted an article on this deliberate campaign to discredit Bush (NEWS1929, below).

Speaking of groups forming to agitate against President Bush and his policy, a most interesting group came forward this week. The membership of this group is thoroughly Illuminist, so you know you are looking at the public outworking of a plan.

NEWS BRIEF: "Former leaders say U.S. security policy a failure", By Peter Slevin, The Washington Post, reprinted in the Seattle Times, June 14, 2004

"WASHINGTON — Angered by President Bush's conduct of foreign policy and dismayed about America's diminished reputation abroad, more than two dozen former top diplomats and military leaders will release a statement this week calling for a change in U.S. National-security policy. Members of the group — a mix of Republicans and Democrats — have served in capitals from Moscow to Tel Aviv and from Lima to Kinshasa. The list includes a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a former head of U.S. Central Command, a former CIA director and a decorated array of former ambassadors and assistant secretaries of state and defense ...

"As a group, they are the latest and most prominent collection of former national-security figures to complain about the direction of Bush administration foreign policy. They came together at a moment of growing public doubt about Bush's handling of foreign affairs and the war in Iraq ... The group calls itself Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change."

We have posted a thorough article on this development: NEWS1929, "Campaign To Discredit President Bush Seems Moving Into Higher Gear". Please read it if you have not yet done so.

V. Iraq suffered one of the most bloody periods yet in this past week. As we predicted, insurgents hit strongly at Iraqi politicians cooperating with the United States. You have to feel sympathy for the officials of the Interim Government, for they are all targets of a very well orchestrated effort of assassination.

NEWS BRIEF: "Huge bomb targets Iraqi recruits", BBC News, 17 June, 2004

"Car bombs have killed at least 41 people in and around the Iraqi capital, with 35 dying in a single attack on an army recruiting centre in Baghdad. A car packed with artillery shells was reportedly driven into a crowd of about 100 people queuing to volunteer outside the Baghdad centre. Debris littered a four-lane road and at least one unexploded shell could be seen lying on the blood-stained road. A second bomb killed six Iraqi troops north of the city, a US spokesman said. Four other members of the Iraqi Civil Defence Corps were wounded when the car bomb went off near the town of Balad, about 80km (50 miles) from Baghdad."

NEWS BRIEF: "Deadly Attacks in Iraq Since January", The Detroit News, June 17, 2004,

"A look at some of the deadliest bombings in Iraq this year:"

This Article starkly demonstrates the perilous spiral of insurgent attacks which are threatening to tear Iraq apart before the United States can form a government and/or rebuild the infrastructure of the county.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraqi oil official is gunned down", BBC News, 16 June 2004

"The security chief for Iraq's northern oil fields has been gunned down in the latest political killing, two weeks before Iraq regains its sovereignty. Ghazi al-Talabani was shot dead in the city of Kirkuk - the third Iraqi official to be killed since Saturday. It is another blow for Iraq's oil industry, already at a standstill after a series of attacks on pipelines."

This attack, plus a physical attack on a key pipeline, virtually shut down the export of crude oil from Iraq. Officials are not sure when exports may be resumed.

NEWS BRIEF: "Baghdad convoy attacked by gunmen", BBC News, 15 June 2004

"Gunmen have opened fire on a convoy carrying foreign contractors in Iraq, US military officials have said. An unknown number of people are thought to have been killed in the attack near Baghdad airport, Gen Mark Kimmitt said. Gen Kimmitt said the gunmen shot at the three-vehicle convoy from a highway overpass near the airport..."

NEWS BRIEF: "Angry Iraqis blame Americans after car bomb in Baghdad", Bahrain Tribune, 15 June 2004

"BAGHDAD: Grief turned to anger against the US-led occupation in Iraq after a car bomb ripped through a busy shopping street in Baghdad yesterday killing at least 12 people, including seven locals."

When local Iraqi citizens blame the United States for a terrorist attack carried out by Iraqis that kills Iraqis, you know we have lost the war for the hearts and minds of the people.

This next article in this series warns that much more bloodshed may be on its way.

NEWS BRIEF: "'Catastrophic Event' Feared as Iraqi Sovereignty Nears", By Shannon Augustus, CNSNews.com Correspondent, June 16, 2004

"With less than two weeks until the U.S. relinquishes political authority in Iraq, one retired American general fears terrorists are planning 'a catastrophic event', one that 'is going to make 9/11 look like kid's play'. Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney spoke Wednesday at an event sponsored by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies ... Jonathon Schanzer from The Washington Institute said the terrorist threat in Iraq involves 'a number of overlapping and concentric circles representing different groups' ... Military analysts are especially worried about the tactics of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a top al Qaeda operative who recently was seen in a videotape decapitating American contractor Nicholas Berg."

Events in Iraq are likely to continue to spiral upward, severely taxing the ability of Coalition Forces to contain them. The June 30 handover date seems to be a wild card, for no one really knows what spectacular attack might occur on or before that day in an effort to prevent even a symbolic transfer of power.


VI . The whitewash 9/11 "investigative panel" seemingly delivered a surprising blow to the credibility of President Bush and his entire Administration when they publicly concluded that no evidence whatsoever exists which would prove a link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda terrorists.
Of course, Bush adamantly said that such a link was provable and held up this imaginary threat as one of the reasons we had to invade.

NEWS BRIEF: "9/11 Panel Disputes Iraq Link to Attacks", A.P., Excite News, June 16, 2004

"WASHINGTON (AP) - Bluntly contradicting the Bush administration, the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks reported Wednesday there was 'no credible evidence' that Saddam Hussein had ties with al-Qaida. In a chilling report that sketched the history of Osama bin Laden's network, the commission said his far-flung training camps were 'apparently quite good'. Terrorists-to-be were encouraged to 'think creatively about ways to commit mass murder', it added."

While we know that the people whom Bush named to this 9/11 panel were carefully chosen because of their tight membership ties to the Illuminati (NEWS032704]. We know that the end result of this "independent investigation" will be that President Bush and his officials knew nothing of the event because of the terrible "intelligence failures" suffered by the CIA and FBI on September 11. Thus will the focus be taken off the prior knowledge that key occultists -- like George Bush and Steve Jackson -- possessed as early as 1995.

This fact is the reason we showed two of the "smoking gun" pieces of evidence that certain occultists knew of the attack plans as early as 1995. In NEWS1753, we explain these cards, Steve Jackson, and his company so you can comprehend the depth of the pre-knowledge of these attacks.

What is noteworthy about this carefully selected and carefully controlled 9/11 "investigative" committee is that they actually publicly stated something that terribly embarrassed the president. This panel stated boldly that the United States had no 'no credible evidence' that Saddam Hussein had ties with al-Qaida. President Bush stated again and again that Saddam did have ties with Al Qaeda, ties that could result in disaster if Saddam gave his (non-existent) Weapons of Mass Destruction to Al Qaeda so they could use them against our cities in a devastating terrorist attack.

Thus, this carefully controlled 9/11 panel just called President Bush a liar. For this reason, editorial comment was immediate and harsh.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush 'must apologise' for lies", News24, June 17, 2004, http://www.news24.com/News24/World/Iraq/0,6119,2-10-1460_1543861,00.html

"Washington - The New York Times on Thursday called on President George W Bush to apologise to the American people for going to war on Iraq after an official probe into the September 11 attacks found no evidence linking Iraq and al-Qaeda. 'Now President Bush should apologise to the American people, who were led to believe something different," the Times editorial said. 'Of all the ways Mr Bush persuaded Americans to back the invasion of Iraq last year, the most plainly dishonest was his effort to link his war of choice with the battle against terrorists worldwide' ... The conclusions of the independent panel dealt another blow to Bush's justification for overthrowing Saddam Hussein's regime, which was also charged with possessing as yet undiscovered weapons of mass destruction."

This turn of events against the credibility of President Bush was so surprising that even Democrat Presidential Candidate John Kerry succumbed to temptation to jump into the rhetorical fray.

NEWS BRIEF: "Kerry: 9/11 Report Casts Doubt on Iraq War", A.P., Reprinted in The Guardian (London), Friday June 18, 2004

"DETROIT (AP) - Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry said Thursday that the Sept. 11 commission's report clearly shows President Bush 'rushed to war for a purpose that it now turns out is not supported by the facts'. Bush continued to insist Thursday that there was a link between Iraq and al-Qaida, despite the independent commission's finding that there is no evidence to support a collaborative relationship."

What was the response from President Bush? In truly Clinton fashion, the President parsed his words so precisely that he actually was able to deny he ever really said what he said!

NEWS BRIEF: "Blind to the truth", The Guardian (London), June 18, 2004

"The Bush administration's reaction to the report of the bipartisan US commission investigating September 11, which has found no evidence of a substantive relationship between Iraq and al-Qaida, is a classic case of none being so blind as those who will not see. 'We stand by what was said publicly', said the White House spokesman, thus endorsing the stream of loose and contradictory claims made by the president and vice-president as they have thrashed around to justify the Iraq war. A year ago George Bush, in his prematurely triumphal aircraft-carrier speech, asserted that 'we've removed an ally [Iraq] of al-Qaida'. Last September Dick Cheney called Iraq 'the geographic base of the terrorists who had us under assault now for many years, but most especially on September 11' ... Yesterday Mr Bush continued to claim that there were "numerous contacts" between Saddam and al-Qaida, though the actual attack had not been 'orchestrated'."

Conservatives who had grown so terribly weary of the incredibly skillfully parsing of words that turned the truth of a matter completely on its head, must be aghast at hearing President Bush do the very same thing.

This article then reminds us of the potential for a public relations disaster should the average citizen and citizen soldier realize the President lied when he said we had to invade Iraq because they had connected to Al Qaeda.

"Mr Bush has a vested interest in keeping the American public confused. Most US soldiers in Iraq believe they are fighting the enemy which attacked the twin towers -and this belief may account for some of their abusive behaviour; a Harris poll in late April found that 49% of Americans at home believe there is "clear evidence" of Iraqi support for al-Qaida." [Ibid.]

Now, let us contemplate the future fiasco this revelation is currently producing.

"The ugly fact which Mr Bush cannot contemplate - far less let his public know - is that far from scotching the terrorist snake, the war has created new fertile ground for it, with almost daily bombings which can no longer be blamed on 'Saddam remnants' ... Much of it may be "homegrown" acts of suicide by young Iraqis who have been radicalised by the occupation ... Whatever the reality now, it is hardly logical to cite the terror backlash provoked by the war to justify having launched it."

VII. In Israel, the focus shifted to the Security Fence the IDF is building to separate the Palestinians from the Jews. Do not allow yourself to be distracted from this reality: Sharon's "unilateral disengagement" plan is the logical outworking of the building of the Security Fence, and both elements are designed to separate populations. Now that Sharon's government has survived, the focus this week was on the security fence.

NEWS BRIEF: "Plan to build West Bank fence near Ariel stirs U.S. anger", Haaretz News, June 16, 2004

"The U. S. State Department leveled criticism at Israel on Tuesday, in light of reports Israel is building its West Bank separation fence in the region of the settlement city of Ariel, despite agreements on to the contrary reached with the United States ... the barrier is problematic because it defines permanent boundaries, confiscates Palestinian territories and makes daily life more difficult for Palestinian civilians ... Dozens of Palestinian villages will be affected by the construction of the separation fence in these stretches of the West Bank. Residents of some of these villages will be caught in enclaves."

While Israel is evacuating small populations in the Gaza Strip, she is expanding her control somewhat in the West Bank where much larger concentrations of Jewish citizens reside. The plan is to bring all Jews back behind the Security Fence all along its route as it snakes through Israel. Once Israel has fully extracted Jews who are now living as enclaves within Palestinian populations, she shall evict those Palestinians living in Jewish enclaves.

Very quickly after these populations are separated, Israel will strike in full fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18 and Isaiah 34 9NEWS1422 and NEWS1620).

One of the most intriguing new developments coming out of Israel lately has been the announcement that Israel is constructing a moat in Gaza Strip to fight weapons smuggling through tunnels on the Egyptian-Gaza border.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel launches Gaza moat plan", By Jeffrey Heller, Reuters, UK, 17 June, 2004

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel has set in motion a plan to dig a moat along the Gaza-Egypt border, inviting contractor bids for the project meant to prevent arms reaching Palestinian militants through tunnels. The Defence Ministry published the bid notice 11 days after the cabinet approved in principle a Gaza withdrawal plan, under which Israel would keep a narrow corridor on the Egyptian frontier pending possible security arrangements with Cairo. Inviting bids by July 12, the ministry said the southern Gaza Strip 'canal' would be 15 metres (50 ft) to 25 metres (80 ft) deep and stretch four kilometres (2.5 miles) ... It was not clear whether the moat would be filled with water, as Israeli military sources had suggested last month, or would be a dry moat."

Do you not find it interesting that Israel is resorting to a Medieval tactic in her battle against weapons being smuggled to the Palestinians?

VIII. In one more violation of the Geneva Convention, the Bush Administration admitted it had kept one prisoner completely secret -- a "Ghost Prisoner".

NEWS BRIEF: "US admits violating international law by holding Iraqi prisoner in secret", (AP), 17 June 2004

"WASHINGTON - In a rare admission of violating the Geneva Conventions on prisoners of war, the Pentagon has acknowledged it improperly held an Iraqi prisoner in secret for more than seven months. The military has held the man in Iraq since October without assigning him a prisoner number or notifying the International Committee of the Red Cross that he is a prisoner ... Both assigning a prisoner number and notifying the Red Cross are required under the Geneva Conventions, which the Bush administration acknowledges apply to the conflict in Iraq."

In the past few months, we have been inundated by stories of torture and sexual degradation of prisoners, both of which violently violate the Geneva Conventions on prisoners of war. However, the Bush Administration argued in legal papers given the President before the war that the Geneva Conventions did not apply to a global war on terror.

In this incident, however, our government fully acknowledged that the charges were true: we held a man in Iraq in complete secret. The problem, of course, is that we were completely free to treat him the way we wanted to treat him, since no one even knew he was our prisoner. In these kinds of situations, the interrogator quickly goes to the point where he feels there will never be an accounting, since no outside agency knows this man was in our custody.

This fact is mentioned in the next part of this article.

"Keeping secret prisoners creates conditions for abuses such as the humiliations and beatings suffered by some Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib ... 'The official secrecy surrounding US practices has made conditions ripe for illegality and abuse', said the report from Human Rights First, formerly called the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights ... The Iraqi prisoner is so far the only individual Defense Department officials have acknowledged shielding from the Red Cross."

Our credibility in the world continues to shrink with each revelation like this one.

On the very next day, an article reported that Rumsfeld had ordered that this man be held as a "Ghost Prisoner".

NEWS BRIEF: "Rumsfeld ordered secret detention of Iraqi suspect", Julian Borger in Washington, Friday June 18, 2004, The Guardian (London)

"An Iraqi has been held for the past seven months without the Red Cross being informed, on the orders of of the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, the Pentagon said yesterday. But Mr Rumsfeld insisted that his order had been made in response to a request by the CIA director, George Tenet ... Nevertheless, officials accepted that holding the prisoner incommunicado violated the Geneva conventions."

Once more, the level of each new damaging revelation has quickly risen to a level just below President Bush. His discrediting is getting very serious.


IX. As the Roman Catholic Church gets ready to beatify the mystic nun, Anne Emmerich, upon whose revelations Mel Gibson heavily relied, a Forbes Magazine named Gibson the most powerful celebrity in the world today.

First, let us review how Anne Emmerich is on the path to sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pope to Beatify Mel Gibson's 'Passion' Muse", by Tom Heneghan (Reuters, May 30, 2004), reprinted on the World Wide Religious News (WWRN)

"The 19th century German nun whose blood-soaked visions of Jesus' death inspired Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of The Christ" will soon be put on the path to sainthood, Catholic Church officials have said. Anne Catherine Emmerich, a sickly mystic who lived from 1774 to 1824, has already reached near cult status among traditionalist Roman Catholics for her book that gave Gibson the grisly details the Gospels did not provide. The Vatican says Pope John Paul II will beatify Emmerich for her virtuous life, not her best-selling book, but the Oct. 3 ceremony will further publicize her Passion accounts that some critics denounce as medieval and anti-Semitic.

" 'Beatification will almost certainly be interpreted as approval of them', Father John O'Malley, a church historian, wrote disapprovingly in the U.S. Jesuit weekly America."

As we have reported in several of our Passion articles, Anne Emmerich was a mystical nun who possessed many of the attributes normally associated with the practice of Witchcraft, i.e., levitating. During his TV interview with Dianne Sawyer, Gibson admitted he took much material for the movie from Saint Ann Emmerich, a mystic nun whose terribly mystic visions -- pictured left -- formed much of the basis of "The Passion".

You can see Emmerich laying on her bed while receiving her visions of Jesus' suffering on the cross. Notice the Satanic All-Seeing Eye within the pyramid at the top, hovering over her head. It is no accident that this All-Seeing Eye is almost exactly like the Luciferian All-Seeing Eye atop the unfinished pyramid on the back of the American One Dollar Bill. For centuries, the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church have served the same god -- Lucifer.

Please understand the significance of seeing this All-Seeing Eye within the pyramid over Emmerich's head: this symbol represents the kind of supernatural spirit who gave the visions of Jesus' suffering to Emmerich. That spirit was Satan! Once you understand the occult explanation of the All-Seeing Eye in a triangle, you can see that Saint Ann Emmerich's vision of Jesus' torture and suffering on the cross was simply a vision from Satan -- she had established a 'personal relationship' with Lucifer! You see, the Roman Catholic Church has always kept Jesus on the Cross, insisting that its adherents focus on His pain, while Protestant and Baptist churches have insisted that our focus should be on Jesus' Resurrection.

We give full details of this Satanic association with these symbols in NEWS1902.

Now, let us examine the news story about how popular Mel Gibson is right now, thanks to "Jesus".

NEWS BRIEF: "Jesus helps Mel hit No. 1: Controversial film gives Gibson the most weight on Forbes power list", CNN Money, June 18, 2004

"NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Who says you can't achieve fame and fortune with an independent movie, filmed entirely in Aramaic and Latin? 'The Passion of the Christ' did just that for actor-director Mel Gibson. Gibson, the director, producer and screenwriter of the 'Passion', was named the world's most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine on Thursday ... the 'Christ' film helped Gibson earn an estimated $210 million over the last 12 months. Since the film opened amid a firestorm of controversy in February, 'Christ' has pulled in $370 million in domestic ticket sales and more than $600 million at the box office worldwide. But being controversial isn't always going to help you win a top spot on Forbes' annual list ... Forbes says it calculates the rankings by combining earning power with so-called star power, measured by the number of press clips, TV and radio mentions, magazine cover stories and Web hits a celebrity garners."

By this definition, Gibson is most loved by the unsaved world. What does the Bible say?

"... know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." [James 4:4]

As with all matters in this End of the Age, we must judge events and people Biblically, according to their spiritual fruits. Please take the time to read our "Passion" articles and to read our Passion products in our Bookstore, for only there will you get the full picture of the truth behind Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ".

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---------Conclusion----------------"He openeth, and no man shutteth." Revelation 3:7

Jesus is the keeper of the gates of paradise and before every believing soul He setteth an open door, which no man or devil shall be able to close against it. What joy it will be to find that faith in Him is the golden key to the everlasting doors. My soul, dost thou carry this key in thy bosom, or art thou trusting to some deceitful pick-lock, which will fail thee at last? Hear this parable of the preacher, and remember it. The great King has made a banquet, and He has proclaimed to all the world that none shall enter but those who bring with them the fairest flower that blooms. The spirits of men advance to the gate by thousands, and they bring each one the flower which he esteems the queen of the garden; but in crowds they are driven from the royal presence, and enter not into the festive halls. Some bear in their hand the deadly nightshade of superstition, or the flaunting poppies of Rome, or the hemlock of self- righteousness, but these are not dear to the King, the bearers are shut out of the pearly gates. My soul, hast thou gathered the rose of Sharon? Dost thou wear the lily of the valley in thy bosom constantly? If so, when thou comest up to the gates of heaven thou wilt know its value, for thou hast only to show this choicest of flowers, and the Porter will open: not for a moment will He deny thee admission, for to that rose the Porter openeth ever. Thou shalt find thy way with the rose of Sharon in thy hand up to the throne of God Himself, for heaven itself possesses nothing that excels its radiant beauty, and of all the flowers that bloom in paradise there is none that can rival the lily of the valley. My soul, get Calvary's blood-red rose into thy hand by faith, by love wear it, by communion preserve it, by daily watchfulness make it thine all in all, and thou shalt be blessed beyond all bliss, happy beyond a dream. Jesus, be mine for ever, my God, my heaven, my all. [C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotionals, http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=599 A.W. Tozer CDROM Library; Emphasis added]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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