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June 25, 2013

"What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

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Giants: Hiding in Plain Sight. 5-DVD Set by L.A. Marzulla and Russ Dizdar - Shipping starts July 1 ORDER NOW

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The book of Genesis describes a bizarre event that changed the world forever. In the early days of human history a group of heavenly angels "left their first estate," procreated with the women of Earth, and created a race of human/angelic hybrids. Eventually, as this threat to both humanity and the animal kingdom grew, God sent the Flood of Noah to destroy most of His creation to protect the bloodline of Jesus Christ and the human race.

Throughout history, there have been credible reports of giants all over the world, gigantic men of renown, with double rows of teeth, six fingers and six toes! History tell us that some of these giants stood more than ten feet tall! Remember Goliath? Or Og of Bashan? He slept in a bed 13 feet long and 6 feet wide! But where is the proof? Where are the skeletons an the skulls?

In September of 2012, author, speaker and long-time Nephilim expert L.A. Marzulliand Pastor, author, and popular conference speaker, Russ Dizdar, hosted the first Nephilim Mounds Conference in Newark, Ohioa place that may have once been a hotbed of Nephilim activity. Giants in America? Who else could have created these massive mounds of dirt and this strange architecture all over the Ohio Valley? Incredible links between he Egyptian Pyramids, the Ruins at Baalbek and The Temple at Stonehenge and these ruins in Newark.

This is real. This is a unspoken part of American history that we can trace all the way back to Genesis chapter 6. THE GIANTS WERE HERE IN AMERICA! They were just "hidden in plain sight". And not just in Ohio. In Michigan and in the Grand Canyon too.

Fully 7 hours of teaching -- Shipping starts July 1

---------- This Week's Hot News -------


I. An American soldier has just killed himself, leaving behind an extensive suicide note that expresses pain beyond belief.

You will glimpse the unbelievable heart wrenching life after battle for this soldier and countless others who have died or are dying from Bush's worthless war.

NEWS BRIEF: ""I Am Sorry That It Has Come to This": An Iraq Soldier's Last Words", by Soldier Daniel Somers, Saturday, 6/22/2013

"Daniel Somers was a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was part of Task Force Lightning, an intelligence unit. In 2004-2005, he was mainly assigned to a Tactical Human-Intelligence Team (THT) in Baghdad, Iraq .... interviewed countless Iraqis ranging from concerned citizens to community leaders and and government officials, and interrogated dozens of insurgents and terrorist suspects. In 2006-2007, Daniel worked with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) through his former unit in Mosul where he ran the Northern Iraq Intelligence Center. His official role was as a senior analyst for the Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and part of Turkey)."

"Daniel suffered greatly from PTSD and had been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and several other war-related conditions. On June 10, 2013, Daniel wrote the following letter to his family before taking his life. Daniel was 30 years old. His wife and family have given permission to publish it. "

This letter is far too large to reprint here, so we encourage you to read it in full.

From the beginning, Cutting Edge Ministries boldly and bitterly opposed Bush's Iraq war. We knew the Illuminati Plan for it dating back to Bilderberg, 1954, we knew this war was a specific outworking of "The Pentagon's New Map Strategy", and we felt certain that this war was God's final judgment of Ancient Babylon.

Had this soldier understood what we were teaching, he would not have joined the Army; he would have stayed out of harm's way of this worthless war. One Baptist pastor here of a 501(C)3 church insisted from the pulpit that Bush's war was a "just war" and that American Christian men should seek to join that war. When I tried to inform him of the truth of Iraq, he forced me to leave the church! Sadly, everything I told him would happen, did happen.

Now, let us examine portions of this sad suicide note. We shall make comments after each pertinent portion.

"The fact is, for as long as I can remember my motivation for getting up every day has been so that you would not have to bury me ... I am not getting better, I am not going to get better, and I will most certainly deteriorate further as time goes on ... You will perhaps be sad for a time, but over time you will forget and begin to carry on. Far better that than to inflict my growing misery upon you for years and decades to come, dragging you down with me. It is because I love you that I can not do this to you. "

Now, Daniel Somers lists his specific malicious maladies dragging him to an early grave.

"My body has become nothing but a cage, a source of pain and constant problems. The illness I have has caused me pain that not even the strongest medicines could dull, and there is no cure. All day, every day a screaming agony in every nerve ending in my body. It is nothing short of torture. My mind is a wasteland, filled with visions of incredible horror, unceasing depression, and crippling anxiety ... I can not laugh or cry. I can barely leave the house. I derive no pleasure from any activity. Everything simply comes down to passing time until I can sleep again. Now, to sleep forever seems to be the most merciful thing."

At this point, Daniel begins to list the reasons he is so sick in his body and his mind and his spirit.

"During my first deployment, I was made to participate in things, the enormity of which is hard to describe. War crimes, crimes against humanity. Though I did not participate willingly, and made what I thought was my best effort to stop these events, there are some things that a person simply can not come back from."

A few Americans have been tried for war crimes, but they represent only a small fraction of the true crimes American troops committed against innocent civilians. And, I am not talking about the show trials of soldiers who lost control and machine-gunned civilians. No, I am speaking of a systematic murder of entire sections of cities, like that which happened at the battle of Fallujah -- (Read full details in NEWS2372, entitled, " Iraq Is Now A Radioactive Wasteland" and NEWS2006, entitled, "Occupied Iraq Has Become A 'Saturation Environment of Electromagnetic Radiation -- Civilians And U.S. Soldiers Are Going Crazy!")

As you read Daniel Somer's suicide letter, you can see that most American soldiers were exposed to a hellish battlefield environment that was unprecedented in the annals of all-out war. In addition to the normal mental anguish produced by every serious battle, American soldiers were exposed to uranium poisoning, electromagnetic pulses, 'electromagnetic-frequency weapons' in Fallujah and other 'hot spots' in the Sunni Triangle to pacify restive neighborhoods with invisible EM radiation. 'Active Denial' antenna arrays mounted on Humvees are also being deployed to panic and disperse hostile crowds by flash-burning exposed flesh with microwaves. But unintended side effects from the .... transmitters are reportedly triggering violent attacks by exposed insurgents—while leading to AWOL rates of up to 15% among US forces disoriented by these same weapons, as well as the electromagnetic emanations from high-power radars, radios and 'jammers'."

This news is just about the most terrible one can possibly hear. On the one hand, our leadership is deliberately targeting Iraqi civilians for illness and death in contravention of so many American and international laws. On the other hand, our leadership is knowingly targeting our own precious soldiers for slow death and/or mental - emotional distress.

The real tragedy here is that countless numbers of American soldiers returned from this war are suffering in much the same manner as did Daniel Somer. Meanwhile, Iraqi citizens continue to slowly die from uranium poisoning, which triggers myriads of different diseases.

On the day of the White Throne Judgment, Skull & Bones George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and so many other Bush officials are going to stand in judgment for their deliberate destruction of Iraq first and then so many other innocent civilians throughout the Middle East, known at the Pentagon as the "Non-Integrating Gap Region" of the world.

Since uranium poisoned dust is being constantly blown to over 1 billion Muslims throughout this region, George W. Bush might stand in judgment as history's greatest mass murderer!

How many veterans are committing suicide every day? Daniel tells us that, too:

"... the latest figures show 22 veterans killing themselves each day..."

Lacking real help from the very government these men marched off to war to "protect", increasing numbers of former soldiers are stepping into eternity by their own hand. Such is the evil fruit of Bush's Illuminati wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

II. As the Arab coalition foretold in Psalm 83 gathers itself against Israel, they are sidetracked by a very interesting internal battle!

Across the Middle East -- the Non-Integrating Gap -- civil war is breaking out between Shi'ite and Muslim in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya.

Shi'ite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia are controlling all these forces in the various countries mentioned above. Slowly but surely, the Iranian plan of fighting Bush's war in Iraq by "lighting many fires" is reaching its conclusion.

NEWS BRIEF: "Al-Qaida's Syria rift may lead to open conflict among jihadis", The Jerusalem Post, 6/25/2013

"The two-year uprising against Assad has drawn fighters from many foreign countries to both sides, in what is increasingly a sectarian struggle between the main denominations of Islam. Some Iraqi Shi'ites are fighting for Assad, whose Alawite sect is an offshoot of Shia Islam, while Iraqi Sunni radicals who once took on US-led forces at home have joined the Syrian rebels."

How serious is this dispute?

" 'Tension is increasing, it is about to reach boiling point. Both sides are saying they are right. A clash between them could occur soon and if it happens, it will be ugly', said a senior rebel commander in Damascus who is following the dispute."

Sunni is battling Shi'ite in Lebanon, a neighbor to Syria who is getting blasted by the peripheral fire exploding in Syria.

NEWS BRIEF: "Lebanese army storms Islamist mosque as Syria crisis spreads - 16 soldiers killed", Ha'aretz News, June 24, 2013

"Deadly clashes break out after security forces detained a follower of the hardline Sunni Muslim cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir ... Hardline Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir, who has accused the army of backing the interests of the Shi'ite Muslim group Hezbollah, was still at large after the battle in Sidon. "

Sunni is battling Shi'ite in Egypt.

NEWS BRIEF: "Egypt mob yelled 'infidels' at Shi'ites beaten to death", Reuter's News, June 24, 2013

"The attackers then dragged four men - Shi'ite Muslims who had come to this Cairo suburb for a religious festival - out into the street and beat them to death. President Mohamed Mursi condemned the 'heinous crime' that happened on Sunday and promised swift justice, but his opponents accuse him and his Muslim Brotherhood of allowing ultraconservative Salafist allies to whip up anti-Shi'ite sentiment in return for their support."

"Shi'ites are a small minority in Egypt - though still number in the hundreds of thousands - and they keep a low profile in the overwhelmingly Sunni country of 84 million. But the war in Syria, which pits mostly Sunni rebels against President Bashar al-Assad and his Shi'ite allies, has worsened sectarian hatreds across the region."

And, of course, the Iranian backed Shi'ite government in Iraq is battling Sunni rebels in a civil war getting uglier by the day. Since 2005, Cutting Edge has been chronicling this internal war in Iraq between Iranian supported Shi'ite fighters and Sunni fighters backed by Saudi Arabia since 2005. Since Isaiah 13 -- the End Times final prophecy against Ancient Babylon (Iraq) seems to foretell a civil war in the south of the country, Cutting Edge has been warning against this Shi'ite / Sunni war as a fulfillment of Isaiah 13.

Now, it is ripping the entire Middle East into shreds.

As Arab destroys Arab, Israel benefits from a much weaker enemy. How long that will last is anyone's guess, but eventually, Arab nations are going to come against Jerusalem in their prophesied Psalm 83 coalition.


III. President Obama intends to circumvent Congress in his planned policy announcement on Climate Change.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama planning to sidestep Congress for next phase in climate change agenda", June 25, 2013

"President Obama will announce Tuesday he is planning to sidestep Congress to implement a national plan to combat climate change that will include the first-ever federal regulations on carbon dioxide emitted by existing power plants, despite adamant opposition from Republicans and some energy producers."

The President is going to announce that every one of his changes will be carried out through implementation of Executive Orders, which Congress cannot change. Both Presidents Clinton and Obama wanted from the beginning to carry out their vision of Climate Change, but both men have been systematically opposed by a Congress who understands that their voters would never accept these kinds of changes.

But, President Obama does not need to stand for reelection every again!

The President's plan will undercut the viability of traditonal coal-fired plants. Stocks of those plants decreased significantly within hours of the White House announcement.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama climate change plan hits coal stocks", USA Today, June 25, 2013

"Coal stocks were mixed Tuesday ahead of President Obama's scheduled speech on climate change, in which he plans to lay out a sweeping initiative to limit carbon emissions from all power plants in the U.S. ... Before the President's announcement, coal producer Peabody Energy stock dropped 2.6% ... Though coals stocks were mixed Tuesday morning, the news out of the Obama administration has already done damage to coal companies over the last few days. Peabody stock has dropped 17% since June 15th and closed 5.4% lower on Monday. Walter's stock closed about 11% lower on Monday."

Some electricity generating plants have begun the switch to natural gas from coal, anticipating that requirements would eventually be changed that would hurt them if they continued using coal. None of the news stories I read indicated what kind of compliance lead time the President would grant these companies.

In the days of President Clinton, I wondered to myself what would happen to America's economy should a President come to power who shared the environmental radicalism of Clinton / Gore plus had the political clout to make it happen.

President Obama has Gore's beliefs and now he need not stand for reelection!

IV. NSA is reportedly blackmailing members of Congress, Judges, and other key officials.

What do you expect from a government agency that knows everything about everybody and who is controlled by ruthless Elite?

NEWS BRIEF: "NSA has been blackmailing Supreme Court judges, members of Congress and more", Natural News, June 23, 2013

"There could already be countless cases of the NSA using its god-like powers to blackmail people in key positions in the U.S. Senate (which is full of pedophiles and perverts), the House of Representatives, the State Department or even the US Supreme Court. There are virtually no limits to the abuses of this power."

Can you imagine the power NSA could wield over an official who had a deep, dark secret to protect? Maybe a man is cheating on his wife; maybe a man is secretly gay but does not want to be "outed"; perhaps a person is cheating the IRS or embezzling money from his company.

Since the morality of Washington, D.C., and many of our key businesses, is a cesspool, a sophisticated government snooping organization like the National Security Agency could really and truly blackmail a lot of people.

Our way of life could be perverted beyond belief.

"Suddenly, new revelations prove this to be true. Russ Tice, a Bush-era NSA analyst-turned-whistleblower has sounded the alarm on the true depth of the NSA's surveillance abuses ... they went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the -- and judicial..."

"They went after lawyers and law firms. All kinds of -- heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House -- their own people."

Is the National Security Agency really the power source now in Washington, D.C.? If this information is true, then the NSA is truly the power broker in the entire nation. At this point, this whistleblower really shocks.

"Here's the big one... this was in summer of 2004, one of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated with a 40-something-year-old wannabe senator for Illinois. You wouldn't happen to know where that guy lives right now would you? It's a big white house in Washington, D.C. That's who they went after, and that's the president of the United States now."

So, if a man wants to be President of the United States now that NSA has the capability and the legal authority to eavesdrop on anyone, all the time, that man must become the willing puppet of the NSA.

The time has arrived for all citizens to understand that they are being examined under the NSA microscope every moment of every day. And, since the NSA has a reputation for competancy, they can also ruin a person based upon lies.

A long time ago, Cutting Edge warned its readers that photographic evidence is no longer dependable, as it can be professionally manufactured. That article is NEWS1837, entitled, "Is It Time For U.S. Courts To Invalidate Photography As Proof of A Crime"?

Not only can NSA catch anyone doing or saying something which they would not like to be made public, but NSA can determine which scandal would do a victim the most harm, and then systematically set out to scientifically create the very "proof" of such a scandal.

Dedicated Christians need to understand this new reality right now.

Watchers 6 DVD: The Secret Cosmic War, by L.A. Marzulli - 2-DVD Set - Shipping starts July 1

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Ancient Peruvian cities show evidence of massive Nephilim architecture, suggesting supernatural strength and advanced technology. They found skeletons tucked away in private museums and perhaps a critical missing link. Were the Nephilim building a worldwide network of energized power centers, intent on controlling the population? Were they using Earth's energized ley lines and their advanced knowledge of the heavens to accomplish their goal of world domination?

Prepare to be amazed by this one-of-a kind adventure into another place in time. The Watchers Series has captured the imagination of the public in a way few DVDs have. This latest adventure to Peru was a once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing event for L.A. and the men who accompanied him on the trip. They brought back the shocking pictures and video that prove their case. Contrary to evolutionary theory, these ancient Giants once roamed the earth. They walked the jungles of Peru and many other faraway lands, fleeing the Promised Land under Joshuas order to wipe them off of the face of the Earth. Wow! What an adventure! All captured on video by L.A.s talented video producer, Richard Shaw. Dont miss this DVD.

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Schnoebelen shares critically important spiritual warfare information which can begin a spiritual healing that literally sets a person free!

Lack of forgiveness and bitter-root judgments powerfully bind even a genuine believer, preventing a full spiritual recovery.

Most people understand the need for forgiveness but do not fully comprehend how roots of bitterness and anger can prevent a person from gaining full victory in Jesus Christ.

Over 2 hours long, this DVD contains spiritual warfare and deliverance information you will never get from your local pastor!

NEWS STORY: ""More Americans Committing Suicide than During the Great Depression", Washington's Blog, May 17, 2013

America is a nation whose soul has rejected God and is now bound up in Satan's roots of bondage and unhappiness unto death. Thank God, there is deliverance!

Robot Alchemy: Androids, Cyborgs, the Magic of Artificial Life
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But you will also see depicted a startling future in which science and alchemy turn everything upside down. Robotic life thrives, the machines conquer the workday world, and humanity shrinks before the advance of a superior life form.

This new age of robotic superiority, a time when humans are outworked, outthought, and outdone in every field, is no more than 25 years away. Artificial life androids, cyborgs, robots will prosper as the era of human life quickly vanishes and fades away. Homo Sapiens, the creator of robotics, must now bow to the strange new creature, for he is stronger, more cunning, and more useful.

Come and envision a near future in which a bold and intelligent Avatar rules a planetary kingdom of machines. It will be a time when artificial men and women are our sex partners, postal deliverers, chauffeurs, entertainers, and bankers; a transhuman era in which the wealthy, favored few are given artificial parts and a biochip to expand intelligence; when fast and brutal robots play an exciting form of professional football; and when the vast majority of humans grow extinct, unworthy of life extension.

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NOTE: Texe has departed from his normal rhetoric in this book.

"The Christian Cleansing of America"

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Current American leaders are cleansing all evidences of Christianity from this once-great nation. Our leaders are trying to remove from life in the United States the existence of anything remotely related to the Bible, church, or individual faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died for the sins of the world.

Listen to the startling words of First Lady Michelle Obama: 'Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation'

Already, Christianity has been cleansed in a number of treasured national areas: 1) Government; 2) Armed Forces; 3) Science; 4) Sports; 5) Judiciary; 6) The Church; 7) News Media; 8) ObamaCare, based upon the most blatant pagan value system imaginable.

Americans need the message in this dynamic book!


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When your loved one completes the first degree there is a very high chance he will be demonically possessed or at least demonically afflicted. But, to make matters much worse, your loved one will bring these newly found demonic 'friends' right in the front door of your home, where he will begin to afflict all relationships within the home -- Spousal, siblings, father-children, spiritual. Every meaningful, cherished relationship will abruptly come under severe and continuous attack. Suddenly, there will be no peace in relationships and in your home.

But, there is more spiritual horror! When the new Mason begins a memorization program called 'Posting', his mind begins to change, as his mental programming is quietly and subtly reprogrammed through a mental virus very similar to a computer virus. Suddenly, he is not the same person. His relationships begin to change and he will grow spiritually colder.

Bill then Biblically guides you through the spiritual steps necessary for a person who is already caught by Masonry's trap to be free of the spirit of Masonry and full of the Holy Spirit.

Finally, Bill shows how you can be set free from any spiritual bondage if Freemasonry is in your family background, father, grandfather, mother or grandmother. Spiritual deliverance is thoroughly discussed.

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" Government To 501(C)3 Pulpit: Shut Up "

No wonder the Church no longer has an impact in our society! Pastors are under the heel of the IRS and they know it. No wonder no significant pastor spoke out against the many wars since 9/11.

"President Obama / Malik Obama - IRS Targeting Scandal -- Supporting Radical Islamists While Targeting Patriotic Americans"

Is this the scandal which shall impeach President Barack Obama?

" China Steals Cutting-Edge U.S. Military Technologies, Is Confrontational With Japan, and Is The Major Power Supporter of North Korea"

Is China headed for a major shooting war with the United States?

" Major Prophetic Advance!" The exceedingly poor African nation of Nigeria is forcing its citizens to go cashless! 'Mark of the Beast' prophecy cannot be fulfilled until the economies of all nations of the world are operating without cash, including Africa

" Pope Francis I Displays His Ecumenical Heart"

Since the Illuminati has chosen the Roman Catholic Pope to be the top religious leader of the New World Order


"President Obama Is Gutting The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force"

Defense Department Is So Gutted By Sequester Budget Cuts That Planes Are Grounded, Naval Ships Are Being Docked and Marines Lament That They Cannot "Handle Even One War"!


"UNPRECEDENTED! A Former Pope Moves Back Into The Vatican To Live and Work Side-by-Side With the New Pope"

"Is The Future False Prophet Being Set In Place?"


Iraq -- Ancient Babylon -- is nearing the End Times' final annihilating judgment just as God foretold 2,700 years ago in Isaiah 13.

"Mighty Babylon" is falling and her days shall not be prolonged!

The clock of death continues to tick, and soon, Iraq will be history's first "Dead Nation", a place where no person or animal can possibly live. Mighty Babylon is clearly succumbing to God's inexorable judgment -- and Skull & Bones George W. Bush drove the prophetic stake through the heart of the ancient nation of Nimrod!

The Federal Government Has Bought Almost 2 Billion Rounds of Ammunition. Is It Planning To Go To War With The American People?

As frightening as this scenario sounds, we will demonstrate that the Government is NOT planning to go to war with the American people, as they have a far different plan in mind

"10th Anniversary of the Iraqi War: At Last, Mass Media Is Admitting The War Was Launched On Lies And Is A Monumental Failure"

Cutting Edge was trumpeting this fact months before Bush's invasion! We knew the Illuminati had planned this war at the 1954 Bilderberg Meeting and we had filtered this knowledge through Bible prophecy and found a precise match.

Iraq's "Operation Enduring Freedom" meant only the 'freedom of the grave" for millions, but the worst is yet to come.

Part 1 of a Series Entitled, "Iraq War: Mad Dash On The 33rd Parallel"


Is The Planned Moment Arriving For The Pope To Preside Over The Building of A Combination Worship Center For All Monotheistic Faiths In Jerusalem?

Israel has signed an historic agreement with the Vatican, giving the Pope a seat at King David's Tomb. Is Rome planning to soon move the throne of the Papacy to Jerusalem? Moving the Papal throne from Rome to Jerusalem would carry enormous End Times religious global implications.




"America Is Leading Western Powers In A Full-Scale Invasion of Africa!"

Now that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down, the West is in full invasion mode destabilizing a major part of the "Non-Functioning Gap" region of the world. The "Pentagon's New Map Strategy" is being brilliantly followed. Have you noticed? Mass Media is either clueless as to what is occurring or they are part of a worldwide coverup.

"World War III Will Be History's Greatest Lynchpin Event!"

Many major events are planned to occur just as World War III begins.

Mankind will be systematically hit with unparalleled disasters of every kind as this planned global war unfolds.

But, none of these events will occur until the lynchpin called "World War III" is pulled.

This article is perhaps the most important we have ever written!

What Must I Do To Be Saved?


May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

Cutting Edge Ministries



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" One Book, One Authority: Supremacy of King James Version Proven, Upheld"

"One Book Stands Alone"

"Identifying Counterfeit Authorities"

"Will the Real Church Please Stand Up?"

Volume 1
Volume 2

Volume 3

by Pastor Billy Crone

"The First Book Ever Written" DVD


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Deeper Insights Into Aliens / UFO's For the Knowledgeable Researcher

"Archon Invasion: The Return of the Nephilim", Part 1 DVD by Ron Skiba

"Archon Invasion: Now And In The Future", Part 2 DVD by Ron Skiba



"Wide Is The Gate" DVD

The Emerging New Christianity, A Paradigm Shift

3 hours, 40 minutes

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"Wide Is The Gate DVD: Vol 2, Emerging Christianity In The Post-Modern Church"

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