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"Wherefore God also gave them up ..." (Romans 1:24, KJV)

What Must I Do To Be Saved?


"The Secret Destiny of America Revealed"

This DVD will expose the TRUE HISTORY of America, important Founding Fathers, and the Great Seal of the United States as the pieces are put into place for the arrival of ANTICHRIST!

You will finally understand that the REAL purpose of Americas Government was to establishment of the government dictatorship serving the Masonic Christ -- Biblical Antichrist.

Builds on our 'Riddles In Stone' and 'Eye of the Phoenix DVD' but takes you into uncharted waters. 2 hours 8 minutes

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In this new’ BOOK “Zeitgeist 2025” you will learn!…

• Hidden secrets and forgotten prophecies surrounding the year 2025!

• How the current U.S. government is tied to America’s occult destiny!

• Lost prophecies from Qumran forecasting 2025 as the final age of man! NOTE We place no date setting from any source.

• How America’s Capital city is laid out to actuate arrival of Antichrist

• AND why historians and intelligence agencies foresee a totalitarian world government by 2025!

Book is 365 Pages

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"Sons of God & The Nephilim Volume 2"

"The Supernatural View From the Word of God"

Volume 2 of 2, Only $19.99

There are many mysteries in this world that historically have Christians running for cover.  These are not mysteries that are easily solved, and the hard questions more often than not, go unanswered.  Furthermore, these mysteries have found their way into our culture and demand an answer from those who are well-versed in Scripture, or we as Christians stand to lose an entire generation to a culture that is becoming more and more saturated with answers from the occult world.   What are the questions that arise from these mysteries? Here is a list of a few critical queries:

• Are there spiritual forces that rule and influence the destiny and direction of the nations?
• Where and how did demons originate?
• Are there biblical answers to the strange events documented in the world of the  paranormal?
• What are ghosts?
• Do vampires really exist?
• Are UFOs (UAPs is the latest designation) real or the figments of some over-active imagination?
•Are space aliens real?  Do they come from other planets?
•Is there life elsewhere in our physical universe?

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"Sons of God & The Nephilim"

"The Supernatural View From the Word of God"

Volume 1 of 2, Only $19.99

This DVD will cover the events of Scripture from Genesis 6 through the Flood itself. While some current authors have gone down paths of incredulity and blatant fantasy, there have been many solid, biblical scholars who have taken up the subject matter. In our new DVD, Cutting Edge Ministries has drawn on our new research and has assembled a wealth of knowledge from others who have remained true to the Word of God and actual historical accounts to compile this new documentary."!

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Critically Important News -- Headlines


"... pestilences (plagues: malignant and contagious or infectious epidemic diseases which are deadly and devastating)"







"The Qur'an or the Bible"

"Which One Has the Authentic Account?

How important is God's Bible to Him? Listen: 'If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." (Revelation 22:18-19)

But, Muslims teach that: 1) Muhammad is the last and greatest prophet; 2) The Qur'an (Koran) is Allah's final revelation sent down to Muhammad; It has never changed.

Islam is the final religion, based on Muhammad life and teachings and it surpasses Christianity and Islam.

Did Jesus have Mohammed ism in mind when He warned, 'Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?" (LUKE 6:39, KJV)

This booklet will help your friend to not fall into the eternal ditch of Islam!

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"Drugs, Meditation & A Fully Developed Spirituality"

New Booklet by Former Shaman, David Dombrowski

Still Only $1.95

New Age Paganism has overwhelmed the world right now, permeating religion, education, politics and the Media. This type of paganism is a rewritten religion of the coming Biblical Antichrist.

As world events spiral out of control, and the entire population of the earth moves closer and closer to the prophesied 'Man of Sin who will demand that mankind worship him under the penalty of death to everyone who refuses to worship him through the Mark of the Beast.

Mother Gaia is the most powerful goddess in the world today and people are lining up to give her their most reverent homage.

Since the entire pagan New Age Movement worships the goddess, the entire world is rushing after the goddess: From Entertainment, to Politics, and to Sports, the goddess is predominate.

And, that is the way the Paganism of the New Age of Antichrist will be.

And, when the False Religious Prophet -- Roman Catholic Pope -- arises, he shall worship the goddess, Virgin Mary!

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by LTC Robert L. Maginnis

'Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism' examines what current American leaders like President Joe Biden and his globalist allies intend for America and the world, an outcome that may well usher in the prophetic end times.

The evidence for this possible result comes from an objective review of the histories of past Marxist- regimes. These accounts are juxtaposed with the 778contemporary political proposals by those who seek a global 'Great Reset' that could produce a radically different America. A country which becomes subordinate to a godless, totalitarian one-world government ruled by the Chinese Communist Party.


488 Pages -- Please Click Here To Order

"DIVIDED NATION! Divided Culture, Church In Chaos"

New 162-Page Book by Ken Ham, Only $15.99

America is starting to collapse, morally and spiritually.

We live in a nation divided across political, racial, cultural, and especially religious lines. Can the church regain a position of influence among young people.

This book provides families and their churches biblical mandates to awaken and arise as witnesses in today’s turbulent times.

As Christian persecution increases, the Body of Christ needs to prepare to take a bold stand. Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-US, the highly acclaimed Creation Museum, and the world-renowned Ark Encounter, sounds the clarion call for Reformation, bringing God’s people back to the authority of the Word of God.

Ham addresses five specific critical issues:

* There is no neutral position

* There is no non-religious position

* There are ultimately only two religions -- God or Satan!

* How to think foundationally to develop a truly Christian worldview

Make a stand for the soul of this generation. We are living at a "Watchman on the Wall" moment in our history!

"But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand."

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DVD Title

"The Summoning"

"Preparing for the Days of Noah"

Join Pastor Carl Gallups in the SkyWatch TV studio for this incredible 2-Part sermon based off of his ground- breaking work 'The Summoning'.

From living without fear in the midst of a Global Pandemic to the question surrounding what Jesus is telling His people through the prophecy of 'The Fig Tree' and the return of Israel, this companion DVD will give you a head start to understanding all you need to know about the coming Days of Noah (the future).

Is our world actually reeling toward the foretold days of Noah those days of unparalleled global turmoil as foretold by Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke? Are we really on the brink of a universal shaking, as a number of today s prophecy watchers are warning?

Be thrust headlong into the original days of Noah, and through the theater of your mind you’ll actually be inside the ark at the very moment the antediluvian world ripped apart at the seams!

Walk the Jordan River Valley with Jesus and His disciples as they made their way up to Jerusalem one last time.

Be made privy to some of the deepest meanings of the otherwise hard sayings that Jesus proclaimed to various audiences, along His way to Calvary.

Discover the profoundly stunning truths concerning what Jesus really meant when He proclaimed that the very last days would be just like the days of Noah.

Gain a much richer understanding of today s world, and how it connects to several earth- shattering biblical prophecies that are coming to life in our day.

Learn how to immediately prepare yourself for the future, both logistically and spiritually.

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'Making A Deal With The Devil'

"Dark Covenant:"

Book by Tom Horn's Defender Publishing

The modern world has seen unparalleled challenges, circumstances and outright travesties. We have battled global pandemic, shutdowns, riots, economic strains, unprecedented political turmoil, and fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy

However, there are greater forces at work beneath the surface, forces that are Satanic and which will fulfill End Times prophecies precisely.

The faltering, apostate Christian Church, will never identify this damnable malevolence and warn the LOST, and preach the Gospel!

You will learn: 1) Change in Mass Media prove that mankind is headed for unspeakable travesty; 2) How Media Masters manipulate and shape your mindset; 3) Society is being gradually groomed for the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast; 4) How Western Christianity has been redefined as a CULT; 5) Many more prophetic events

367 pages and still only $19.95 - Order your copy today



"Giants, Gods, and Dragons"

"Exposing the Fallen Realm and the Plot to Ignite the Final War of the Ages"

Giants are real. The small-g gods of the pagans are real. Dragons are real.


'Giants, Gods, and Dragons' is a fresh look at the end of days, drawing on the worldview of the prophets and apostles, who understood that the spirit realm is far more real than we’ve been taught.

You will discover:

* The identities of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

* The connections between Babel, Babylon, and what’s in your wallet
* The dragons who will walk the earth in the last days
* The name of the first spirit to rebel against God (hint: it wasn’t Satan)
* The connection between the reptilian figurines of ancient Sumer and the practice of human sacrifices
* Fresh new understandings of the final End of the Age

Available in BOTH Book and DVD:

265 page Book , only $19.95, Order the book

DVD - Order the DVD

Critically Important News -- Analysis


"... pestilences (plagues: malignant and contagious or infectious epidemic diseases which are deadly and devastating)"



Listen to the 50-Year-Old Plan to wreak havoc upon the world's population, planning to kill hundreds of millions.

"Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome ... advocated that a plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the Black Death of history. 'The cure will be announced as newly developed when, in fact, it has existed from the beginning." ["Behold A Pale Horse ", p. 49, 167]

Listen to Jesus' warning about the frenzied human killing at the End of the Age:

"And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." (Matthew 24:22, KJV)

Therefore, as the citizens living at the End of the Age, we should expect leaders of the Evil Force to undertake a plan to murder so many people that Jesus' prophecy is fulfilled. Unless He did shorten the days, no human being on Earth would be left alive.

Let us now examine the warning from Geert Vanden Bossche. PHD, DVM, GSK Biologicals, Ovaries Vaccine and Diagnostics, Slay Biologicals, Bill & Me linda Gates, Foundation Senior Program Officer, Global Alliance For Vaccines and Immunization, Univocal, German Centre For Infection Research, and Managing Director of Areca.

NEWS BRIEF: "Vaccine Disaster Ahead", by Del Big tree, the High wire Live Stream, March, 2021

"Something has got him (Dr. Vanden Bossche), terrified ... "

Now, Dr. Vanden Bossche speaks:

"As the unprecedented extent of human intervention in the Covid-19 pandemic is now at risk of resulting in a global catastrophe without equal, this call cannot sound loudly and strongly enough ... However, this type of prophylactic vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic ... Unless I am scientifically proven wrong, it is difficult to understand how current human interventions will prevent circulating variants from turning into a wild monster."

Again, I must reiterate that the prophecy of contagion at the beginning of the Seven-Year Tribulation Period will kill up to 25% of all humans on this Earth -- God's judgment, but by man's weapon! Since the population worldwide is 7.9 billion, a 25% reduction would equal 2.0 billion! That figure is obscenely high, and must require a very special weapon to produce it. Dr. Vanden Bossche believes this COVID Vaccine is just this type of weapon!

"In this agonizing letter I put all of my reputation and credibility at stake. I expect from you, guardians of mankind, at least the same. It is of utmost urgency. Do open the debate. By all means: turn the tide! Why, mass vaccination amidst a pandemic creates an irrepressible monster. "

First, of all, all human beings are born with an innate immune system designed to attack any hostile agents coming into the body. "Natural Abs are not germ-specific whereas acquired Abs are specifically directed at the invading pathogen. At birth, our innate immune system is ‘un experienced’ but well-established. It protects us from a multitude of pathogens, thereby preventing these pathogens from causing disease."

Del Big tree now takes us to the chalk board so commonly used in football training. On the defense side, he shows the "Natural Abs" immune system, with five down linemen and a defensive backfield, all represented by a circle (at 3:05). The offense side is represented by letters such as A, Y, X, etc., each representing a different Virus Variant. This natural immunity does not care which type of hostile variant it is facing, since it will attack an foreign entity.


However, the COVID Vaccine is designed to change the defensive players, changing some into an 'A" variant, some into Y, etc. Now, the immune system does not protect against all hostile variants, but only those that are similar to them. Therefore, Variant A will be defended by Abs A, etc. But, if the variant coming across the defensive line is an "X", then the 'A" Abs will not protect; it will allow the Variant X to successfully attack. The real danger is that this vaccine re-writes the natural immune system, to where a human being will not have a functioning immune system at all!

In a world so overrun with filthy viruses, having no working immune system is an immediate death sentence.

"So, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for Covid-19 but a DISASTROUS SITUATION for all vaccinated subjects and Covid-19 seropositive people as they’ve now lost both, their acquired and innate immune defense against Covid-19 (while highly infectious strains are circulating!).

"That’s ‘one small step for the virus, one giant catastrophe for mankind’..."

"So, there is not one second left for gears to be switched and to replace the current killer vaccines by life-saving vaccines."

"I am appealing to the WHO and all stakeholders involved, no matter their conviction, to immediately declare such action as THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY OF INTERNATIONAL CONCERN."

In the video interview, Dr. Vanden Bossche expresses concern for the future of his grandchildren; therefore, if the children of such an Elite leader cannot protect his own, then we regular folk have no chance and no choice other than to say "No Vaccine" and just suffer the consequences.

We believe that, while the COVID Vaccination is not the Mark of the Beast, we believe it to be Seal Number 4, of Revelation 6! What does the Bible say about the spread of death throughout the world?

Biblical Prophecy: "When the Lamb broke open the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living creature call out, Come! So I looked, and behold, an ashy pale horse, black and blue as if made so by bruising, and its rider's name was Death, and Hades (the realm of the dead) followed him closely. And they were given authority and power over a fourth part of the earth to kill with the sword and with famine and with plague (pestilence, disease) and with wild beasts of the earth." (Revelation 6:7-8; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary will be ... pestilences (plagues: malignant and contagious or infectious epidemic diseases which are deadly and devastating)" - [Luke 21:11; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

The fact is, mankind is being driven toward the far horizon, where God's judgments await in full force. This COVID propaganda virus and vaccine is just a most obvious sign that God's prophecy is coming true rapidly.

The time has come for Christians to look upward, as Jesus commanded , for He is coming soon, for His Church (Rapture).

Are you prepared spiritually? "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?



NEWS BRIEF: "What the Devil? U.S. turns to dark side as Americans make Satan mainstream", World Net Daily, August 8, 2021

"Shoe company Converse and fashion designer Rick Owens recently collaborated on a new version of the famous Chuck Taylor shoe ... They embrace Lucifer."

"There are 70 different styles of this shoe, but all of them feature the same satanic symbol: the inverted pentagram, which replaces the iconic Chuck Taylor star."

What is the world's view of the origins of this Inverted Pentagram -- aka, 'The Star of David'. Read the archived article, NEWS2223, entitled, "Since The 'Star of David' Is A Satanic Hexagram, What Is The Biblical Symbol For Israel?"

Now, let us return to our featured article, above, "What the Devil"?

'"A pentagram, in this day and age with all of its associations… I like the fact that it refers to an alternative system. And that suggests openness and empathy', stated Owens'.It suggests the pursuit of pleasure, this pursuit of sensation. But one of the main things that I think it suggests is empathy and a consideration of systems of living that might not be standard'."

Overt Satanism is everywhere today! Downright Ubiquitous!!

Former Satanist, Doc Marquis, told me originally in 1998 that a person knowledgeable in Satanism could see the signs in society that the nation is slipping into the values of Black Magick Satanism.

With this idea in mind, let us examine a most obvious truth:

WE CANNOT ENTER THE NEW AGE UNTIL HER PEOPLE ARE CONDITIONED TO ACCEPT 'THE CHRIST'! (New Age Author, quoted by Christian author, Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow")

"When the United States first started as a nation, Christian faith and values were common ... Christianity has always been a big deal in the United States, and it has prospered under Judeo-Christian guidelines.

"Fast forward to 2021, when Americans are confronted with this: public prayers to Satan, on TV, on the radio, and in live performances. The latest story with Converse, Lil Nas X’s 'Satan Shoes' and his orgy with Satan himself, Yahoo News' article saying Satanism is great, Christian Bale thanking Satan for his award-winning performance, Satanic prayers at city councils and being embraced on national television, are just a few examples of today's infatuation with Satanism and/or gross immorality and debauchery. "

The debate as to whether this country has slipped firmly into the orbit of Satanism is a debate no longer! The vast majority of our citizens embrace Satanic values every day of their lives, even though most do not realize it. Most people equate Satanism with crazies dressed in white or black robes meeting in covens during the dead of night, and they certainly are not one of these! However, these same people daily pursue the values of Satanism, and that is the definition that makes this country a nation living in Satanism. What are the values of Satanism?

Satanism teaches indulgence in the following areas of life:

1. Greed
2. Pride
3. Envy
4. Anger
5. Gluttony
6. Lust
7. Sloth (Laziness)
8. Man is not created by an Omnipotent God, but is just another animal.
9. No objective, standard is accepted in the conduct of one's life. No moral binding creed is recognized. ("The Satanic Bible", by Anton La Vey, p. 25,

The Bible provides another characteristic of Satanism:
10. Love of, and Obsession with, Death-- "all who hate me love and court death" - [Proverbs 8:36b; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

When you read these ten points of Satanic values and attitudes, you will immediately recognize that the vast majority of Americans live according to at least several of these points. You will further recognize that Public School curricula fully teaches Points 8 (Evolution) and 9 (Situational Ethics). Further, Public Schools are encouraging Point 6, Lust, through our "Sex Education" classes; students going through these classes are taught the fine points of sexual technique and find their youthful lusts inflamed.

Our Mass Media and our entertainment combine with Public School curricula to inculcate all ten points firmly within the minds of our citizens. By all reasonable measurements, America has become a nation following after -- no, rushing after -- Satanic values!

A close examination of our culture demonstrate how completely given over to Satanism our country has become. In our Rock Music, MTV, movies, and TV shows, greater and greater emphasis is being placed upon movies that depict Satanism.

Today, mutilations of the body is rampant, black clothing is everywhere, and modern TV and movie scripts have been altered so that a woman is in charge in situations were a man was cast in that roll; but, since the Satanism of this era is worshipping 'Mother Gaia", the goddess is ruling supreme.

Our society has definitely passed over from the "Light of Jesus Christ" into the blackness of Satanism. Even people who do not mutilate their bodies the way in which these people have are still chasing one or more of the Satanic values and attitudes we listed above. Now you can see why America can slaughter 1.5 million innocent babies within the womb annually, and carry out the abominable Partial Birth Abortion. Now you can see how America could be promoting homosexual values and all kinds of perverted and licentious heterosexual perversions. You should be able to see America in the light in which God views them, as you look upon these pictures of the tattoos and body piercings as symbolic of our spiritual condition before God.

Now, can you see how our sins are increasing before God? Since we believe America is the Economic Babylon of Revelation 18 (Read CE1038), you can better appreciate God's description of us, especially in light of the revelations of this article.

"Mighty Babylon is fallen! She has become a resort and dwelling place for demons, a dungeon haunted by every loathsome spirit, an abode for every filthy and detestable bird ... her iniquities (her crimes and transgressions) are piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her wickedness and [her] crimes [and calls them up for settlement]." [Revelation 18:2, 5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Surely, time is short and getting shorter. Are you spiritually ready?



NEWS BRIEF: "Cuba’s Failed Communism Led to Protests", The Epoch Times, August 2, 2021

"Thousands of Cubans protested against Cuba’s communist regime in the largest demonstrations to erupt on the island country since its founding revolution 60 years ago. Despite Fidel Castro’s promise of a communist paradise at the start of his reign in the 1960s, Cubans today are hungry from food shortages, suffering from a lack of medicines, and angry at their central government for its mismanagement. "

After 60 years, Fidel Castro was worth an estimated $1,000,000,000 (Billion)!

And, Raul Castro is "only " worth $100,000,000!

But, the top dogs in the Communist arena always are the richest in the country!

Where does this wealth come from?

They stole their wealth "fair and square" from their poor 'liberated' subjects.


God established this ministry uniquely, providing us with understanding and a Biblical manner of thinking not being used by other ministries. As a result, we have been able to humbly correctly guide our readers for the past 19 years, on the basis of truth, not scare tactics!

More examples:

* June, 1998 - We predicted that Y2K was fraudulent, would not cause economic and social collapse

* June, 1998 - Educated our readers that the world would not suffer complete economic collapse, although we would suffer economic hard times as the Elite moved toward their New World Order goal.

* March, 2002- Educated our readers that Iraq would be the next target for invasion after Afghanistan

* March, 2003 - Educated our readers that the reason we were invading countries in the Middle East is that the Pentagon is following a particular strategy known as the "Pentagon's New Map" which targeted entrenched dictators who were impeding progress toward cashless economies. This new strategy was planned to produce a 30-Year War.

* September, 2002 -- Educated our readers that President Bush's public war rhetoric was taking the shape of the 2,700-Year-Old End Times' prophecy against Babylon - Isaiah 13. Updated the progression of this prophecy through March, 2013

Cutting Edge alerted the world that the kind of total prophetic devastation against Iraq could only be brought about through using Depleted Uranium Munitions.

* October, 2000 - Educated our readers of the Prophecy that Israel was going to annihilate the Palestinians and correctly predicted the steps Israel was going to take to carry out this prophetic annihilation.

* December, 2000 -- Alerted our readers that World War III would not occur until the 10-Nation Reorganization Plan of the Elite was completed (Daniel 7:7-8). Further stated that all other planned disasters would not occur until World War III began, thus liberating us all from undue worry.

Stated further that World War III will be comprised of three wars:

** Israel and her Arab neighbors

** Nuclear war threat erupting out of North Korea

** China invading Taiwan

Currently, we see North Korea's nuclear threat constantly in the news. And, recently, we saw this article: "China's Military Practices Invading Taiwan"!

* May, 2015 - Revealed that the Elite was planning to overthrow Saudi Arabia, without destroying the world economy.

Four weeks later, Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen in an all-out air assault.

* June, 2015 - Revealed that the only way in which you could properly understand world events is by understanding the Spiritual Warfare in the Heavenlies between Godly and demonic beings. Two Examples Given:

* Russian Attack On Israel - Ezekiel 38-39

* Leadership of the Roman Catholic Pontiff

Only Cutting Edge Has Revealed That:

The Elite planned a very serious nuclear confrontation in North Korea - Posted first November, 2000

Israel was preparing to annihilate ALL Palestinians in fulfillment of Obadiah - Posted first September, 2000

The Elite was carrying out their plan to reorganize the world's nations into only 10 supernations, in fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8, 2:40-45, and Revelation 17:12, 16-17 -- Posted first August, 1992

To this day, no other ministry is reporting these developments, except for Southwest Radio Bible Church. Why do other ministries report meaningless subjects like Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, when the economy is going to crash and an exact day for the Rapture rather than prepare YOU for this spiritual assault coming upon mankind?

Is this difference in ministries the reason God has used Cutting Edge as the means by which He has shared the Gospel to almost 3 million people so far? Not all ministries are the same. When considering whom you shall serve, look at the issue of aggressively sharing the precious Gospel. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Cutting Edge has consistently shared the Gospel to 12 people per hour!


Further, every DVD published by Cutting Edge has a Salvation Plan at the end of the video!


Satan's swords are at the gate! You must repent now, asking forgiveness based on Jesus' blood sacrifice on the cross!


What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Unique Combination DVD Offer

"Genesis: 'Foundation of Our Faith' "

by Mac Dominick

Regularly $74.85 - when bought separately

Only $49.99 Combo Offer. Save $24.86!

Genesis 1 - 'The War Against God'- You will see how Satan battled with God for the future of humanity and how God decisively won each battle

Did you know that the sequence of creation listed in Genesis 1 is precisely the order scientists and mathematicians know that is essential to creating the world?

Mac teaches Genesis One in light of essential faith and in End Times' prophecy, surprising even the most hardened skeptic. In This DVD we present the evidence that much of the physics and evolution taught today is made up, contradictory and unscientific theories contrived by men who hate God!

Run Time 2 hours

Genesis 2 - Satan's War Against Man

Satan suddenly launched a vicious war against man. And, Satan knew exactly where to strike. Taking the form of a Serpent, Satan spoke gracious words to an innocent, gullible Eve.

Genesis 3 - 'From The Flood To Babel'. Mac correctly links the rise of the wickedness of mankind to Nephilim prior to the World Wide Flood. He then covers several current theories about why the tower was built including a way to escape another future flood, a stargate to another dimension or a home for the gods. As a result of the Satanic attacks at Babel, God chose Abraham as the father of a nation to be His inheritance upon the Earth and a conduit for the coming of Messiah and God's ultimate kingdom whereby he will rule and reign forever.

Nearly 4 1/2 hours of run time -


World-Wide Plans For A Deadly Plague

F.E.M.A. Is an "interdepartmental unit which is empowered in the event of a national security emergency to become the unelected national government, a sort of F.E.M.A. secret government, so to speak. A pretext for invoking this emergency can be found almost daily in the newspapers .... anything, in fact." [Page 122] ("Behold A Pale Horse"]

"... the elite would use some other excuse to bring about the New World Order. They have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make ... sure that it does work. They will do whatever is necessary to succeed. The Illuminati has all the bases covered ... Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the shelves, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?" ("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 177]

Coming Into Their New World Order

In this economy, all private property and inheritance would be abolished. Once this economy is established, all individuals in this world will be forced to pledge allegiance to the Anti-Christ in a ceremony entitled a "World-Wide Luciferic Initiation". Then, "later, a permanent tattooed body number invisible under normal ambient illumination" will be marked on each person. ("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 44)

NOTE: The global plan to establish the New World Order as William Cooper so brilliantly informed us in "Behold A Pale Horse", is now finally beginning to occur with great rapidity!

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