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--------- Inspiration For the Week--------'THE Secret of a Powerful Prayer Life - As practiced by John "Praying" Hyde

What is the secret of that prayer-life of John Hyde's? It was this: that it was a life of prayer. Who is the source of all life? The glorified Jesus. How do I get this life from Him? Just as I receive His righteousness to begin with. I own that I have no righteousness of my own -- only filthy rags, and I in faith claim His righteousness. Now, a two-fold result follows:

1) As to our Father in Heaven, He sees Christ's righteousness, not my unrighteousness.

2) Christ's righteousness not merely clothes us outwardly, but enters into our very being, by His Holy Spirit, received in faith as with the disciples (See John 20:22), and works out sanctification in us.

Why not the same with our prayer life? Let us remember the word, "for". "Christ died for us", and "He ever liveth to make intercession 'for' us", that is, in our room and stead. So I confess my ever-failing prayers (it dare not be called a life), and plead His never-failing intercession. Then, it affects our Father, for He looks upon Christ's prayer-life in us, and answers accordingly ... the answer is far "above all we can ask or think".

Another great result follows: it affects us. Christ's prayer life enters into us, and He prays in us. This is prayer in the Holy Spirit. Only thus can we pray without ceasing. This is the life more abundant which our Lord provides. Oh, what peace, what comfort! No more working up a life of prayer and failing constantly. Jesus enters our boat, and the toiling ceases ... Now, we need to be still before Him to pray in us -- nay, allow Him to pour into our souls His overflowing life of intercession, which means literally: FACE TO FACE meeting with God -- real UNION and COMMUNION." ["Praying Hyde: Apostle of Prayer", edited by Captain E.G. Curre', p. 25-26; Emphasis was in the original]

Carefully contemplate -- meditate -- on these life changing truths of powerful, effective prayer so you can realize this kind of prayer in your life:

* "Christ's righteousness not merely clothes us outwardly, but enters into our very being..."
* "Christ's prayer life enters into us, and He prays in us."
* Jesus enters our boat, and the toiling ceases "
* "... allow Him to pour into our souls His overflowing life of intercession..."
* "FACE TO FACE meeting with God -- real UNION and COMMUNION."

Let us return to another section of this precious story of how "Praying Hyde" was so powerfully filled with God Himself:

"So we take our stand near the prayer closet of John Hyde and are permitted to hear the sighing and the groaning, and to see the tears coursing down his face, to see his frame weakened ... shaken with sobs as he pleads, 'O God, give me souls or I die'." [Ibid., p. 5-6]

John Hyde's vibrant testimony literally leaped out of the pages of this powerful book, and his insights into powerful personal prayer has literally transformed my prayer life! As the world travels further into that time of "intolerable anguish" where sin reaches new heights at the same time as the true church fades further away, we need the old saints like "Praying Hyde" to help show us the way back to God's "Old Paths", where we can receive "glimpses ... into the Divine heart of Christ broken for our sins."

The truth is that no Christian may receive praying power like this unless and until he or she receives the burden from on High for lost souls! If you are cold or lukewarm toward souls tonight, pray the Lord of the Harvest that He will send you this precious burden! Just as we cannot save ourselves or keep ourselves saved, neither can we properly possess the burden for lost souls until the Holy Spirit sends that burden into our souls.

I have wept on nearly every page of this book, as I could see the pathway toward God's own heart. (David Bay, Director)

--------Focus: Key Doctrinal Truth----------"Abba, Father"

ABBA - A Palestinian Aramaic word that is found in three places in the New Testament that refers to God. It means "father". It is the address of a child as distinct from a slave, and denotes family intimacy. In Mark 14:36, Christ uses abba to address God in His prayer in Gethsemane. In Romans 8:15 and Galatians 4:6, Christians use the same form to address God. It is used in such a way that it both emphasizes our nearness to God and inculcates respect. Each time it is used, it appears with the word pater, giving us the full title, Abba Father, for God.

Christians must never confuse intimacy with God their Father, with familiarity and triteness. There is no basis in the New Testament use of abba to support the almost blasphemous reference some make to God as "Dad" or "Daddy"." ['Dictionary of Theological Terms: A Ready Reference of Over 800 Theological and Doctrinal Terms]

---------- Bookstore Resource Update ----------

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"We take our stand near the prayer closet of John Hyde, and are permitted to hear the sighing, the groaning and to see tears coursing down his face, to see his frame weakened by foodless days and sleepless nights, shaken with sobs as he pleads, 'O God, give me souls or I die'!" -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=830

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. The Russian news agency is charging that the CIA is preparing to force a "Regime Change" in Venezuela should President Chavez survive his recall election.

NEWS BRIEF: "The CIA is preparing a plan to overthrow the Venezuelan president", Pravda.Ru, 8/11/2004

"On August 15th citizens of Venezuela are going to decide if they want President Hugo Chavez to resign. The controversy is gathering steam as the voting day is drawing near. Numerous pro and anti-Chavez meetings have swept over the country recently ... Spanish newspaper El Mundo published a front-page article on Monday. The CIA, the newspaper wrote, is preparing a plan to overthrow the Venezuelan president, if Chavez keeps his power after the referendum.

Before you can fully comprehend the importance of this news story, you must understand the Pentagon/Illuminist plan whereby all the nations in the world today whose governments and economies cannot immediately plug into the coming cashless global system of Antichrist are going to be forced to undergo radical "regime changes", so that the reforms needed to allow them to participate in such a global system can be accomplished hurriedly. We have posted two critically important articles on this subject, and urge you to stop right now to read them before going any further; otherwise, you will not understand how this global Pentagon plan is working.

NEWS1833 -- "U.S. and E.U. Are Invading Africa and All Other 'Non-Integrating Gap' Countries: Goal is to "shrink the gap"

NEWS1906 -- "Bush Administration Is Really Serious About 'Shrinking The Gap': U.S. Special Forces are being attached to U.S. Embassies throughout the "Non-Integrating Gap" region. Expect repeated coups and attempted coups in Third World countries as the drive to bring them into the "Functioning Core" gains steam!"

Once you understand that the United States and the European Union are cooperating in this scheme to force all Non-Integrating Gap" countries to change their government and their economies rapidly so they can participate in the global New World Order, you will understand why Venezuela is targeted for a radical "Regime Change". As you can see on the map we provide in NEWS1833, Venezuela is a major "Non-Integrating Gap" country. She has a bulls-eye printed right on her capitol, and she knows it! For this reason, President Chavez warned recently that he would meet any invasion with full military force and he hinted he would wreck Venezuela's oil shipping capacity. We posted a major article on this subject:

NEWS1900 -- "After Invading Haiti -- Again -- Is An Invasion of Venezuela Possible? Venezuelan President Chavez abruptly warned the U.S. to not even think about invading his country after watching American Marines land in Haiti. We shall reprint the key news story to NEWS1900:

NEWS BRIEF: "Chavez Warns U.S. Against Invading", Fox News, March 07, 2004

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez on Sunday vowed to freeze oil exports to the United States and wage a '100-year war' if Washington ever tried to invade Venezuela ... Chavez accused the United States of ousting former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and warned Washington not to 'even think about trying something similar in Venezuela'. Venezuela 'has enough allies on this continent to start a 100-year war', Chavez said during his weekly television show."

President Chavez knows his country is considered "Non-Integrating Gap". After publicly warning America to not even think about invading Venezuela, CIA agents activated their internal overthrow plan. Violent protests convulsed the country, forcing Chavez to fight against a recall effort; finally, a special election was set for August 15 which will determine whether Chavez is removed from office by the electoral process. This Pravda article is saying that, if Chavez is not thrown out by this special election, the CIA is ready to act to overthrow him by other means.

Top CIA officials are reportedly meeting in South America right now. Let us go back to our Pravda article:

"CIA's deputy director of the Western hemisphere department William Spencer is currently in Chile, conducting consultations with chairmen of special services of Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru ... A senior American source in the Chilean capital told El Mundo in an interview the US Department of the Treasury would fund the CIA's plan, which would use the Pentagon's support when it needs to." [Ibid.]

Notice the last phrase: "would use the Pentagon's support when it needs to."

Does this mean the CIA could call upon military force if it lacked the power to overthrow Chavez? Doubt it not! President Chavez was terribly worried about just such an American invasion on March 7, this year, when he issued his most striking warning. President Fidel Castro of Cuba is likely watching these events very carefully, for he issued a similar warning just weeks ago, crying that Washington was planning to invade his country. African countries are struggling against US Special Forces agents in their countries attached to the American Embassy; Zimbabwe just recently captured 70 special agent mercenaries intent upon overthrowing that regime.

Remember, we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq because they were considered geographically key countries within the entire "Middle East Non-Integrating Gap" region! This Pentagon plan is driving events throughout the world.

Political and military unrest spreads throughout the entire world, as the plan to produce the cashless economy and cooperative governments who would fit right in with the coming global plans for the New World Order, continue. What did Jesus foretell to be the "final birth sorrows (pangs) which would produce Antichrist?

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom..." [Matt 24:6, 7]

Jesus seems to be describing the current American/European Union to "Shrink the Gap" as we have described, above!


II. Terror alerts reached new heights with official warnings that Osama bin Laden was going to attempt to assassinate a high-level American politician! Since this is an election year, this warning strongly resonated with Americans.

NEWS BRIEF: "Assassination plot high on Al Qaida's agenda", Gulf Daily News,

"Washington: A high-profile political assassination, triggered by a new message from Osama Bin Laden, will lead off the next major Al Qaida attack, The Washington Times reported yesterday editions, citing US intelligence officials. US officials familiar with intelligence reports, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed that the assassination plan was among new details of Al Qaida plots and would target a US or foreign leader either in the US or abroad, according to the newspaper ... The goal of the next attack is twofold: to damage the US economy and to undermine the US election".

Since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the American people have been understandably nervous about a Presidential assassination. Coming on the heels of Homeland Security warnings that a terrorist attack might be carried out during the Presidential election campaign, this warning is likely to unnerve a great many American citizens. Of course, this is exactly the goal of these seemingly unending terror alerts. As we slog through the End of the Age prophecy fulfillment of "Wars and Rumors of Wars", the American voter is getting so nervous, they are allowing Congress and the President to implement just about any draconian change they want to make.

Polls show that a substantial percentage of American voters are becoming very afraid. In NEWS1888, we posted a lengthy study showing the bogus headlines which have been repeating since the 9/11 attacks. Checking this study we see that assassination stories are nothing new, as intelligence reports that on 12/29/2003, DEBKAfile Intelligence sounded the warning in an article, "Assassinations Integral to al Qaeda’s Terror Agenda". No assassinations of high-level officials followed this warning.

In the past, we have been able to discern when a terror alerts is bogus because the warning will contain a statement that says "no specific intelligence" has been received which would give any specifics to these warnings. When we have seen this type of statement, we have been right in the past to discount the terror alert. Does this assassination warning contain any solid intelligence leads, or is it also based on sketchy evidence? Listen:

"The officials said there are intelligence reports, some of them sketchy, that a new tape from Bin Laden would surface soon ... A second US official was cited as saying that one intelligence agency was aware of unconfirmed reports of a new Bin Laden tape. The Washington Times reported that the plot was among detailed Al Qaida plans found on a laptop computer belonging to captured Al Qaida suspect Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan."

What? This intelligence warning was based upon "unconfirmed" and "sketchy" intelligence, and was discovered on a "laptop computer belonging to captured Al Qaida suspect"? DEBKAfile Intelligence noted that Al Qaeda has repeatedly arranged for its laptop computers to be seized by Pakistani and American intelligence agents just so they could be mislead by the many false terror plans that had been loaded on to the computer. DEBKAfile said that American agents had learned not to rely upon information contained on seized laptops.

We detail this complex web of Al Qaeda deceit in NEWS1943, "New York City Is Orange".

Therefore, we shall remain skeptical of this latest terrorist alert.

On Daily News Updates, Friday, August 13, we posted a story which seemed to vindicate our earlier position that the stark and scary warnings from Homeland Security Director Ridge of two weeks ago were based on nothing.

NEWS BRIEF: "Official: No Evidence Attack Is Imminent", Associated Press, Breaking News, August 13, 2004

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two weeks ago, when Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge warned of possible al-Qaida attacks, the "where" was very specific: financial institutions in New York City, Washington and Newark, N.J. The "when," however, was a mystery .... since Ridge's announcement, the Bush administration has discovered no evidence of imminent plans by terrorists to attack U.S. buildings, a White House official acknowledged Thursday ... nothing in the documents themselves has suggested any attack was planned soon, the official said ... None of the documents or computer files recovered in the recent raids in Pakistan mentioned any election-related plots..."

Therefore, Ridge was standing on quicksand when he raised the alert level to Orange and scared millions of Americans in the process. Yet, this alert did give the government some very important advantages in its unrelenting efforts to condition Americans to accept the destruction of their constitutional government and the surrendering of the liberties.

1) Ridge's alerts were given Front Page, #1 story status, whereas the rebuttals were buried deeply inside. Thus, most citizens will never realize that Ridge's warning was bogus. As a result, people will continue to be more and more afraid, raising their level of fear toward the point that they will allow their president to take freedoms away in the guise of "fighting terror".

2) Ridge's bogus alert sent policement, SWAT units, and even some National Guardsmen into the public streets and conveyances, thereby conditioning the American citizen to accepting armed military presence on the street as normal. In our Constitutionally protected society, armed military soldiers patrolling our streets and our public conveyances has been unheard of. But, in a society quickly traveling down the road to dictatorship, it is necessary to condition people to accept armed military soldiers in public.

3) Ridge's alerts make it easier for President Bush to begin issuing the necessary Executive Orders to implement 25 of the 41 recommendations from the 9/11 panel.

4) Ridge's alerts make it easier for Congress to enact the other 16 recommendations. Already, subcommittees are reportedly at work, toiling right through Summer recess.

III. The violence in Iraq exploded this week, as Shi'ite and Sunni resistance once again raised its powerful head. As American and Iraqi forces attempted to quell this dramatic upsurge in fighting, the chances of an event occurring which would enrage all Muslims throughout the world seemed extremely likely. Let us review the stories:

NEWS BRIEF: "Radical cleric wounded in Najaf bombing", Reuters, U.K., 13 August 2004

"NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has been wounded in U.S. bombardment of the holy city of Najaf, but his injuries are not life threatening, spokesmen for the leader of the country's Shi'ite uprising say. 'Sayyed Moqtada was wounded in American bombing. He suffered three injuries to his body', Ahmad al-Shinabi told Reuters on Friday. Another spokesman told CNN that Sadr had wounds to his arm and chest and was being treated at the sacred Imam Ali Mosque, where many of his Mehdi militia have taken refuge. His wounds were not life-threatening ... But the news could trigger an eruption of violence from Iraq's majority Shi'ite community, where there is growing anger at the U.S. offensive near the country's holiest Shi'ite sites even from those who scorn Sadr's radical views ..."

As we reported months ago in our series of articles, on the "Blood In The Streets" Strategy (NEWS1631, NEWS1913, NEWS1914, NEWS1915] the two events that enrage Muslims the most severely are: 1) Attack on their holy shrines and temples, causing either destruction or damage; 2) Deliberate killing of Muslim people by the infidel armies of the Coalition Forces.

This news story contained both elements. Not only were Coalition Forces attacking near and around a most holy Muslim shrine in Najaf, but a popular radical cleric was wounded. Since our invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, the anger level amongst Muslim Iraqis has been dramatically rising. They only need one major event to set them off so that 25 million Iraqis might just start acting in concert against our forces. To make matters worse, news stories are reporting that Sadr's fighters have deliberately taken refuge in the holy temple and amongst the graves of a revered 1,200-year-old cemetery. Further, Sadr has warned that he has rigged the holy temple with explosives and will destroy the temple if he and his forces are near defeat.

However, we have been killing civilians at a very high level during this week's fighting in Najaf. One of America's chosen Iraqi leaders spoke out clearly and forcefully against our murder of civilians and publicized the fact that the "insurgents" we were reporting as having been killed were really Iraqi citizens, another stark parallel with our war in Vietnam. Just hearing these types of complaints from a American-appointed governing council member carried great weight.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraqi VP raps US", news24.com, August 7, 2004

"London - Iraqi vice president Ibrahim al-Jafari implicitly criticised the United States on Friday, saying the reported deaths of 300 insurgents in Najaf was 'not a civilised way' to rebuild his nation ... 'I think that killing Iraqi citizens is not a civilised way of building the new Iraq, which is based on protecting people and promoting dialogue, not bullets'."

Of course, the American military told a very different story:

"In the worst clashes since a June truce quelled a spring uprising spearheaded by radical Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr, the US military said 300 insurgents had been killed. 'We estimate we've killed 300 anti-Iraqi forces in the past two days of fighting. We've had a total of three killed, 12 wounded (in the Najaf clashes)', US Marine Corps Captain Carrie Batson said."

NEWS BRIEF: "Najaf official resigns as fighting continues", Aljazeera, 12 August 2004

"The deputy governor of Najaf has resigned in protest against the US offensive on the city even as a series of explosions rocked Najaf as fighting between US marines and Al-Mahdi fighters entered a second week. 'I resign from my post denouncing all the US terrorist operations that they are doing against this holy city', Jawdat Kadam Najim al-Kuraishi, deputy governor of Najaf, said on Thursday ... A senior US commander had said on Monday that al-Zurfi had given the marines permission to enter the Imam Ali mausoleum in their battle against al-Sadr's fighters. Hundreds of people have been killed and wounded in the fighting that began on 5 August."

If American soldiers do enter the "Imam Ali mausoleum", and if Sadr blows it up with explosives, World War III might be underway. Notice that this American-appointed deputy governor of Najaf actually called our military actions, "terrorist operations"! Doubtlessly, this deputy governor is feeling the personal heat from his countrymen and from Sadr's militants because he was cooperating with Coalition Forces. When key officials begin resigning, our efforts to rebuild Iraq in our image will quickly fail.

IV. American forces were reportedly suffering greatly in the tremendous 130° heat.

NEWS BRIEF: "Heat of Battle Takes Toll on U.S. Forces", dailypress.com, Hampton Roads, VA, August 11, 2004

"NAJAF, Iraq — In two days of combat, U.S. Army Spc. Steve Koetting dodged bullets, overcame sleep deprivation and endured the stress of fighting grave-to-grave in a cemetery against an enemy who rarely showed his face. In the end, however, it was Iraq's oppressive heat that put the 21-year-old soldier on his back and out of the fight. Koetting is one of about half a dozen soldiers who have been evacuated from the front line in recent days because of heat exhaustion and related problems ... With temperatures approaching 130 degrees, medics fear that casualties will increase. 'This could become a significant problem',' said Brian Humble, senior medical officer with a Marine emergency facility at a camp just outside Najaf ... Now, with the resumption of battle in Najaf, the military is facing exactly what it wanted to avoid. In addition to increasing casualties, extreme temperatures are a severe morale buster for troops. Tempers get short, behavior gets more aggressive and battlefield mistakes are more common, troops say."

American troop morale is suffering significantly. Remember our alert several newsletters ago about the Christian Marine, Kenton Shatzer, who was badly burned and flow to a burn clinic in San Antonio? While recovering nicely, Kenton told his parents that two Marines in his small unit had committed suicide. New stories are abounding about "Non-Combat" fatalities, a Pentagon euphemism for soldier suicide. Listen to this article sent recently to Cutting Edge by a former female Army soldier; this soldier verifies that this information about suicides is correct and very underreported.

NEWS BRIEF: "In Iraq, in uniform, and in turmoil", by Marianne Szegedy-Maszak, US News and World Report, October 13, 2003

"The anecdotes from Iraq are chilling. One soldier simply pulled the pin on a hand grenade, stood his ground, and blew himself up. Another's last words to his wife were: 'There is nothing I can do from here'. When their phone call ended, the soldier put his service revolver in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Then there is the story about the distraught family still wondering whose weapon was responsible for the non-hostile gunshot wound' that, according to official records, killed their son ... it's a high rate of suicide--high enough that the Army last month deployed a special mental health advisory team to Iraq to look into the troops' emotional problems and coping strategies."

American soldiers are facing a situation for which they were not properly prepared. They did not understand that the Iraqi people would hate them so much; they did not understand that the guerilla war facing them would be so intractable; they did not understand that the conditions would be so hot and so harsh. And, finally, they certainly did not understand that so many soldiers would be getting sick from "mysterious ailments" for which the Army has no answer.

Of course, we are speaking here of the terribly fatal effects of Depleted Uranium poisoning. We have posted so many articles on this subject that we created a Depleted Uranium button on the front page, a bold green button -- (http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/depleted-uranium.html). What we would like to remind you is the multiplying effect this terrible heat has upon the body of a soldier whose level of D.U. is already elevated. Listen to this description given us in April, 2003, by a foreign doctor trained in modern desert warfare.

Listen to this medical doctor describe the four potentially deadly elements facing each soldier in Iraq.

1. Searing heat between 120-150° - This tremendous heat will not relent until mid-October
2. Local biting insects that deliver a toxic pathogen with which the native Iraqis have to contend daily
3. A cocktail of vaccines that were administered prior to landing in Iraq. As in Gulf War I, these vaccines are highly toxic
4. Exposure to Depleted Uranium in the air, in the water in some areas, and in the dust everywhere. As Amy Worthington states in her article in The Idaho Observer, "The US and British troops are the walking dead."
5. Unknown and unpredictable mutations of physical maladies caused by the above combination of toxic elements

In the daily campaign in Iraq, soldiers are breathing in the toxic Depleted Uranium, and many of them are being constantly bitten by the local insects. These two elements join the toxic vaccine already in the body. Because of the unrelenting, searing heat, nearly every soldier is dehydrated to some degree, thus allowing this deadly combination of toxins to build up to dangerously concentrated levels. Further, this doctor related how American scientists keeping watch over the radioactive poisoning of the Pacific islands at which France and the United States conducted nuclear tests several decades ago, are constantly finding mutated organisms that have never been identified before! Uranium poisoning in our soldiers is very likely mutating with these other elements to create strange and deadly organisms for which the soldiers have not been prepared to face.

The way in which these five elements combine to make the solider sick, or to kill him, will vary widely with each soldier. The age of the soldier plays a part, as does the individual genetic code, as does the health of the immune system. Thus, soldiers will be getting sick at various points along the time spectrum. Further, the exact cause of death will vary so widely that it will be difficult to prove any single cause. Some soldiers will die of pneumonia, some of internal organ meltdown, some of apparent heart attack, and some will die of maladies perhaps not yet seen in medical science. Remember that a person has only to ingest one contaminated speck of dust 0.2 microns through his nostrils and/or mouth to become permanently -- and fatally -- contaminated. Just one!

Now, can you understand why American soldiers are discouraged? Fighting in 130° heat simply compounds the deadly effects of Depleted Uranium in the body of every American soldier fighting in Iraq. Many, many of our soldiers are feeling sick, and yet carrying out their combat duties. Is it any wonder many of them are suffering from depression?

DVD or VHS V. The timetable for Israel to complete the evacuation of outpost settlers received a huge acceleration this week. This evacuation is critical to Israel's plan to separate the Jewish population from the Palestinian so she can carry out her prophesied annihilation (Read NEWS1422, NEWS1620 and NEWS1625 for prophetic and practical details). Listen to this announcement:

NEWS BRIEF: "PM will seek to evacuate outposts before U.S. vote", Ha-zretz News, August 9, 2004

"The government will try to evacuate illegal outposts in the West Bank before the U.S. presidential elections in November, sources in the prime minister's bureau said Saturday ... Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is expecting the report of Justice Ministry attorney Talia Sasson, who was charged with finding a legal solution for a speedy evacuation of the outposts. Sharon's outgoing bureau chief, Dov Weisglass, said Saturday in an interview with Channel 2 that Sasson's recommendations will be presented to Sharon in six weeks to two months. This would give Sharon 'more effective tools to evacuate the outposts and he will begin to do so energetically', he said."

We have always held to the Biblical truth regarding the End of the Age, that Israel is the key to the timing of the final Birth Pangs war (Matthew 24:6-8) which will produce Antichrist. As recently as NEWS1943, we repeated that truth that all of the elements the Illuminati has planned to bring Antichrist on the world scene would not, and could not, occur until Israel is ready to begin her annihilating war against the Palestinians, the Syrians, the Egyptians and the Jordanians. However, once she was ready to make war, then all the other frightening elements of the package to produce Antichrist would be ready to roll. The "window of opportunity" through which all these planned disasters have to fit is very small, since this World War III is planned to last only 91 days (13 weeks).

When we wrote NEWS1943, Sharon was holding to a timetable of evacuating the settlers by mid-2005 and completing the security wall by the end of that year. Now, it seems that the timetable to evacuate these Jewish settlers has been dramatically moved up to November, 2004, to be finished before the American presidential election. Does that mean the timetable to complete the security fence has also been accelerated? We shall just have to wait to see.

Once the decision to accelerate the evacuation timetable was announced, the Sharon government began to shout loudly and boldly that its officials had "intelligence" warning them that some of the settlers were training in tactics which would enable them to resist IDF efforts to forcibly remove them.

NEWS BRIEF: "Growing fears settlers will turn their arms on soldiers evacuating them", Maariv News, August 9, 2004

"The IDF is concerned that armed Jewish settlers will open fire on IDF forces sent to evacuate them during the implementation of the disengagement program. A senior IDF source has confirmed this to Maariv, saying that the IDF and ISA will try and isolate these marginal elements prior to the evacuation of settlements. IDF officers are far from certain these efforts will succeed. The operational planning of operation “Celestial Glow” (Zohar Barakiya), the evacuation of and withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria is going ahead. The IDF plans to call up significant numbers of reserve troops to take over all standard operational duties from the regular army, freeing it for the operation. There are also concerns that terrorist organizations will try and utilize the fact that the IDF will be tied up with the operation to launch a terror offensive."

For the first time, we see that an operational codename has been assigned to the evacuation effort -- Operation “Celestial Glow”. This term sounds downright New Age, and is most unusual for a no-nonsense force like the Israeli Defense Force. As is so typical of the Illuminati, they dress their most draconian plans in the most flowery of rhetoric. This settler evacuation, as we have said before, is one of the final steps in separating the populations so that the judgments of Obadiah and Ezekile 34 may go forward.

This IDF declaration that some of the settlers might forcibly fight the evacuation may simply be a ruse designed to allow the military to take extraordinary means by which to evict the Jewish population. How soon Israel might act after completely evacuating these Jewish settlers remains in God's good hands. The Bible tells us that He is never late and His judgments never fall behind schedule.

We are to trust Him for the timing.

VI. Our moral collapse gave every evidence of accelerating this week, both heterosexually and homosexually.

NEWS BRIEF: "N.J. governor quits, says he's gay", USA Today, 8/12/2004

"New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, a husband and father of two children, announced Thursday that "I am a gay American" and said he is resigning his office because of a homosexual affair. McGreevey's extraordinary public acknowledgment of his double life came before television cameras at the state Capitol in Trenton. His wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, stood by his side. The Democratic governor, who was elected in 2001, is the highest elected official to acknowledge his homosexuality. The announcement sent shock waves through political circles and the gay rights community. 'Stunned', is how Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, described his reaction."

Can you imagine this horror? A respected governor of a major state suddenly announces that he is secretly homosexual, with his stunned wife gamely at his side on the podium. This story does not mention the humiliation that his wife and two children have suffered during this ordeal. At least one official publicly announced his sorrow over this announcement.

"McGreevey's rivals expressed sadness. 'This is a sad and difficult day for Gov. McGreevey and his family', said State Sen. Joseph Kyrillos, chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee. Roberta Combs of the Christian Coalition, frequently at odds with gay organizations, also had praise for McGreevey. 'I admire him for doing what he did'." [Ibid.]

As America continues to "come out of the closet" to acknowledge her acceptance of homosexuality, it is significant for a most prominent political figure to suddenly announce that he is gay. His position as governor alone will cause a great many people in this country to believe the lie that homosexuality is just as culturally acceptable as heterosexuality. (Read NEWS1055, "Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan -- Comprehensive Review of How It Is Being Used in American Today to Change Deeply Held Attitudes and Values" to see how this population-wide attitudes plan is working right under your nose)

But, the question immediately comes to mind, does it not, as to why this governor would choose to come out of the closet right now. Was there an external force requiring him to make this shocking announcement now? As it turns out, there was a very strong motivation for him to make this announcement now.

NEWS BRIEF: "New Jersey Gov. Being Blackmailed By Gay Lover, Sources Say", by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff, August 13, 2004

"Trenton, New Jersey) New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey's stunning announcement Thursday that he is gay and had an affair was prompted by the threat of blackmail two high-ranking officials in the governor's administration say. Speaking to the Associated Press, on the condition of anonymity, the officials both identified the man involved in the affair as Golan Cipel, an Israeli poet who worked briefly for the governor as a homeland security adviser despite having no security experience. One source, a senior McGreevey political adviser, said Cipel threatened McGreevey several weeks ago that unless he was paid 'millions of dollars', Cipel would file a lawsuit against the governor charging him with sexual harassment. That source said a lawyer for Cipel 'indicated that should the money be paid, Cipel would disappear until after the 2005 election'."

Now we understand: the governor had been conducting a hidden sexual affair with Golan Cipel. Since there is no honor among illicit lovers, Governor McGreevey should not be too surprised that Cipel would turn on him. But, the Bible warned all sinners that their sin would ultimately reveal them for who they are: "... behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out." [Num 32:23] As my dear saint of a mother pointed out on many occasions, this verse does not say, "Be sure your sin will be found out"; rather, it says "your sin will find you out." In other words, God will make sure that your secret sin will be revealed in such a manner that people around you will realize the type of person you really are.

But, another Bible verse comes into play here, does it not?

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption." [Gal 6:7-8]

Now, let us examine an unbelievable news story which demonstrates the depth into the Abyss which our heterosexually active young people have fallen.

NEWS BRIEF: "(New York) Schools ban sex, drugs & booze", New York Daily News, August 12, 2004

"No bashing transvestites. No chugging beer or smoking pot in class. And definitely no sex in the stairwells. These are some of the no-nos that are being proposed in this fall's updated student discipline code. The obvious - but apparently broken - new rules are 'a sad commentary on our school system and society', said Mike Long, chairman of the New York Conservative Party."

Can you imagine that so many high school kids were copulating in the stairwells that the school board had to pass a regulation against it? Truly, our society is rapidly falling into the same free attitude toward public sex that the Bible depicts in the story of Sodom when angels came into Lot's house. Can our judgment be far behind?

VII. The Olympics Games open today (Friday the 13th) of August in their original ancient location -- Athens, Greece -- after a hiatus of 16 full centuries. As we discuss the modern Olympics, and as they unfold during the next couple of weeks, notice the many instances of paganism woven throughout.

NEWS BRIEF: "Games return to Olympia today after 1,611 years", Dawn International News, 12 August 2004

"ATHENS, Aug 12: For the first time since the last of the ancient Olympics in 393 AD, Olympia will resound to the buzz of competition and the cheers of spectators as the Games return home to Greece. On Friday the 28th, modern Olympics open with the lighting of the flame via a torch kindled by the sun at the shrine to Zeus. Five days later the men's and women's shot put finals will be staged in Olympia, the venue where competitive athletics traditionally began with Corobeus streaking naked to win the first foot race over 192 metres in 776 BC. Since Roman emperor Theodosius abolished the Games, Olympia has been a protected site."

Notice the prevalence of Zeus, honored by a "torch kindled by the sun". Sun worship is one of the most common denominators amongst pagans of all ages, including this current era. Zeus is one of the Pagan Greek gods, worshipped as the ruler of the heavens. Zeus was also the presiding god of the pantheon of Greek gods, but he also supposedly fathered other gods and many mortal heroes. The original Olympics were not only held in Zeus' honor, they were literally worship of him through athletics. Make no mistake, the original Olympic Games was a Pagan worship festival.

As you watch these games, notice how many instances we see elements of paganism woven through and through, especially in the special celebrations, the most important of which are the Opening and the Closing Ceremonies. In the past Olympics, many pagan gods and goddess and numerous rituals have been featured in these ceremonies. We have posted two recent articles on this phenomenon, as we examine some of the past Olympics. These articles are:




Also notice how tight the security is at these Olympics, even though no specific intelligence exists which might warn officials that an attack is imminent.

NEWS BRIEF: "Former President Bush confident in Greek Olympics security", CBS SportsLine.com wire reports, August 11, 2004

"ATHENS, Greece -- Former President Bush expressed confidence Wednesday in Greece's plans to safeguard the Olympics and said he was certain Athens would host 'historic Games'. The former president, who has spent several summers touring Greek islands, arrived in Greece on Monday to head the U.S. delegation to the Games ... Bush, his wife, Barbara, and granddaughters Barbara and Jenna, are staying on a private luxury vessel owned by Greek billionaire financier Spyros Latsis. His yacht Dumara, which is on its maiden voyage, is expected to dock at Athens' main port of Piraeus on Friday just before the opening ceremony."

Of course, former President Bush would feel safe, with this type of high-level security surrounding him; but, what about the average citizen attending the games?

NEWS BRIEF: "The greatest security show on Earth", BBC News, 10 August 2004

"When the Olympic Games open in Athens on Friday, they will be more than just a test of athletes. One of the biggest challenges is whether the first Games since the 9/11 attacks can pass off safely, despite the threat of international terrorism. The Greek government has thrown everything into securing the city, spending more than $1.2bn on security ... A NATO force is on standby, Patriot missile batteries stand ready to down rogue aircraft while a network of cameras coordinate the efforts of 70,000 police, soldiers and emergency workers. Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has declared the Athens Games will be safe from terrorism - or as safe as is "humanly possible".

"Even critics of the government's massive security operation are declaring Athens 'one of the safest places on Earth'. In the centre of the city, there is a highly visible security presence, with armed police on street corners, at subway stations and outside luxury hotels."

We do not doubt that these Olympic Games will be well protected against the imaginary threat of terrorism, as even Yassir Arafat has promised that he will not send terrorists to this Olympics like he did in 1972. But the only question is, will the security be so tight that no one can enjoy the games? That was the situation in Boston during the Democrat National Convention, and it is likely to be the case in New York City during the Republican National Convention. Citizens of democratic countries the world over are being mightily conditioned to accept the sight of heavily-armed, menacing military, paramilitary and police forces on public streets and at public gatherings. When the real dictatorship hits, far fewer people will rebel at the prospect of ubiquitous military forces controlling the population.

In November, 2001, we posted a most important article you need to understand if you are to properly comprehend the drama being played out here. The article is NEWS1558, "BREAKING OUT OF THE MENTAL BOX -- LEARNING TO THINK IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF PROPAGANDA TO FIND THE TRUTH". Quoting a portion of this article"

"In U.S. Army Intelligence, I was trained that the truth most often lies in the exact opposite direction of the public rhetoric. You must learn this technique if you are to successfully glean the truth from news reports. in order to arrive at the truth, one had to develop "Opposite Direction Thinking"; in other words, truth in many situations, especially strategic planning, was to be found in the opposite direction of the public rhetoric. During a build-up to war, for example, public rhetoric will speak of peace and treaties. A corollary to this dictum is that, when you see leaders who have obviously been building for war start talking peace, you know that the outbreak of war is probably imminent ... During the time of the ruthless Communist dictatorship in Russia, the savvy people collectively came to the conclusion that they could not believe a word of any part of the Mass Media, since censors controlled every sentence of every article. Over time, the knowledgeable Russian came to the conclusion that the truth of every issue actually lay in the exact opposite of what they were being told!"

Thus, in the guise of "fighting terror in order to preserve our freedoms", our Illuminist leaders are planning to take those freedoms away. Only in this vein can we properly understand the strange sight of heavily-armed military, paramilitary and police forces patrolling our streets.


VIII. President Bush announced his selection of CIA Director this past week -- Porter Goss, R-Fla., Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee

NEWS BRIEF: "CIA Nominee Goss Faces Tough Confirmation", Detroit News, August 11, 2004

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush's nomination of Rep. Porter Goss as the next CIA director could lead to tense confirmation hearings, with plenty of questions about the president's national security record and goals, just weeks before the Nov. 2 election. Even as some Democrats praised the nomination of Goss, R-Fla., who gave up his role Tuesday as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, others criticized him as inappropriately partisan for a job that requires relaying objective advice to policy makers. 'You must keep the politics out of intelligence', said House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California. 'I'm not sure that has been done here'."

Any person who really believes that the CIA has historically operated "free of politics" is most naive. As with any Cabinet member who serves at the pleasure of the President, the CIA Director is always under the political gun. The strong Directors may resist this political pressure for a while and on special circumstances, but the political pressure is always there. One of the reasons President Bush and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld had to set up the bogus intelligence agency, "Office of Special Plans" (NEWS1890 and NEWS1890b) was that CIA Director George Tenet refused to publish the kind of frightening news reports about Saddam's WMD that would justify Bush's invasion.

Most Americans have never heard of Porter Goss, but his position as "chairman of the House Intelligence Committee" deepened my suspicion that he might just be a trusted insider within the Illuminati. This next news article provides us some useful information.

NEWS BRIEF: "Nominee to Run CIA Was Once Young Operative in Latin America", By John Rice Associated Press Writer, Aug 11, 2004

"MEXICO CITY (AP) - There was plenty for a young CIA officer to do when Porter J. Goss, almost fresh out of Yale, arrived in Latin America in the early 1960s.
The Republican congressman nominated Tuesday to head the CIA apparently spent most of his career as a clandestine operative in the region, with postings to Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, though the dates for his service in each country remain unclear."

How about that? Goss is a graduate of Yale University, the same college Presidents Bush attended. Further, Goss apparently was very successful in his career as a "clandestine operative" throughout the Latin American region. Does this mean he was accomplished in the manners and methods of undermining regimes not in step with the White House, so that a "Regime Change" may be carried out? You can bet your bottom dollar this is exactly the kind of CIA "spook" Porter Goss was trained to be; therefore, he seems uniquely situated to take over the CIA during the time when "Regime Changes" are the order of the day, as "Non-Integrating" states are attacked from within by CIA operatives and American Special Forces.

Since Goss graduated from Yale in the early 1960's, he graduated several years before President George W. Bush (1968) and John F. Kerry (1966) ["Fleshing Out Skull & Bones", p. 676, 682]. However, he is not listed in the Skull & Bones directory located in the back of "Fleshing Out Skull & Bones". This same situation exists with Attorney General John Ashcroft; while he is a Yale graduate, he appears on no listing of Bonesmen. Yet, few have accomplished more than Ashcroft to prepare America to enter the terrifying world of dictatorship than Ashcroft (Read NEWS1680 and NEWS1691 for full details].

I turned then to another valued resource, "Who's Who of the Elite", by Robert G. Ross, Sr. In this resource, I discovered that Porter J.. Goss is CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, p. 114). The fact of the matter is that Porter J. Goss had to have come out of Yale as a valued insider, or he would not have gained his position with the CIA. Once again, we see the sad fact that our supposedly Christian President is nominating people to high government position whose organizations to which they belong are committed to the overthrow of all national sovereignty so that the global sovereignty of the United Nations will reign supremely.

IX. The Christian Sentinel is reporting that Jan Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is heavily involved in occult practices.

NEWS BRIEF: "Jan Crouch Hears Voices and Levitates", By Jackie Alnor, The Christian Sentinel, August 2004 issue, http://www.cultlink.com/sentinel/crouchvoice.htm

"Crouch told her TBN newsletter readers of this strange mystical episode in the July 2004 TBN newsletter. Later, something awakened her in the middle of the night and left her suspended in mid-air ... 'It happened last Wednesday', she wrote. "‘Jan,’ I heard a voice say. ‘Yes,’ I responded, looking around…. ‘Hello.’ I heard nothing. "Hello, is someone there? Did someone call me?’ Working in my office about 4:00 p.m., I heard it again from down the hall: ’Jan.’ I answered, ‘Yes, I heard you…hello? Did someone call me?’… 'It was 10:30 p.m. — and I was still in my office finishing up late faxes — I heard it again. ‘Jan.’ I froze in my chair. I said, ‘Is someone there?’ and got up quickly and went to the back door'."

"She could not find the source of the voice, so she then pulled her dogs close to her as she finished up and went home, she wrote. Then she described how she was awakened –- presumably by the source of that audible voice she heard earlier. "I suppose it was about three in the morning — I’ve been awakened a lot in the past year and when it happens I just talk to Jesus a while and usually fall back asleep — but this was different. I felt as if I was lifted up off my bed — not far, maybe one foot or so — but I felt as if I were floating and hands were holding me."

This practice Jan describes is the occult practice of levitation. How Satanic is levitation? Let us read the description from an occult encyclopedia!

"Levitation - A term in use among spiritualists to denote the raising in the air of the human body or other objects without visible means, and presumably through the agency of disembodied spirits. Thus, the levitation of tables and other more or less weighty objects is a common feat among 'physical' mediums ... The witches of olden times, too, were .... transported through the air by the 'arts' of their master, the Devil .. As a spiritualistic phenomenon, levitation of the human body became known ... early ..." ["Encyclopaedia of Occultism", by Lewis Spence, Strathmore Press, New York, 1959, p. 250]

Therefore, when Jan Crouch reported that a disembodied voice had spoken to her and that she was suddenly lifted straight out of bed, floating as if invisible hands were holding her, she is describing levitation! As you can clearly see from this definition, levitation is a phenomenon practiced by Satan, his witches and his mediums. Such a practice has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus Christ, or with the power of the Holy Spirit.

One of the greatest dangers of participating in such occult practices is that you leave yourself wide open to total deception and powerful demonic possession. Of course, as this above video demonstrates, Jan and Paul Crouch have strayed far from God and have repeatedly and openly advocated the most harmful unbiblical doctrines -- doing so in the name of "Jesus". Both New Age adherents and radical modern proponents of speaking in tongues and receiving visions have great difficulty discerning between a godly spirit and an ungodly spirit who has cleverly disguised himself. Since no Godly angel will ever engage in occult practices, Jan should have realized immediately she was being controlled by ungodly spirits.

Does she recognize this fact? No, in fact, she goes on the air to teach her many fans how to "visualize Jesus" and gain this power for themselves!

"After her testimony of this 'heavenly' uplifting experience, she directed her readers into a guided imagery exercise so they too could encounter Jesus as she had ... Now that the participant is in a relaxed state, she then directed them to visualize Jesus: "I hope you are feeling His presence NOW. He loves you ... He’s renewing your mind and your dream now as you read — you see yourself again at 12, 15, 18 years old, dreaming BIG for Jesus...I will start TODAY — LIVING MY DREAM. Do you feel the joy? Are tears in your eyes? Are you seeing Jesus? Are you two getting the job started? This is your moment, sweet Partner." [Op. Cit., The Christian Sentinel]

Using powerful imagery designed to trigger even more powerful emotions in the heart and mind of the listener is a tactic common to false religious prophets. If they can get their subjects to feel the rush of uncontrolled emotions, the religious deceiver has the audience in the palm of her hand. True Biblical worship of the true Jesus will trigger emotion as the Holy Spirit moves, but every worship experience is rooted and grounded securely on the Rock of Biblical Doctrine. While many in the Charismatic movement deliberately make fun of Biblical doctrine, and teach that a person needs to be "liberated" from it, the truth is in exactly the opposite direction! Biblical doctrine is the anchor of our souls; upon such doctrine we stake our hope for eternal life in heaven with our Lord and Savior.

In this instance, Jan should have known that the true Jesus would never, ever violate His own prohibitions against participating in such occult practices in order to make contact with her. However, an evil demonic spirit guide would certainly disguise himself to Jan as "Jesus", speaking to her in order to deceive. In fact, New Age adherents commonly report that one of their spirit guides is named "Jesus". Jan has probably been contacted by a demonic spirit guide.

Finally, the truth as to her real nature is revealed!

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* "9/11 INVESTIGATIVE PANEL 'CONFIRMS' THAT GIGANTIC "INTELLIGENCE FAILURE" WAS THE REASON TERRORISTS COULD COMMANDEER 4 GIANT AIRLINERS IN ONE DAY WITH WHICH TO ATTACK AMERICA": "Intelligence Failure"? This is so horrible, "someone has to tell Adolf"! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1947.cfm

* "MODERN OLYMPICS ARE DESIGNED WITH DEEP OCCULT ROOTS SO THAT THEY CAN AID THE DRIVE INTO THE GLOBAL NEW WORLD ORDER" -- Part 2 - Let us examine the last Olympics to see how very occultic the ceremonies truly were. You will realize how important these events are to creating a global consciousness amongst the peoples of the world. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1946.cfm

* "CHINA SURGES TOWARD ALL-OUT WAR AGAINST TAIWAN": Taiwan's Sell-out Began 200 Years Ago -

* "NEW YORK CITY IS "ORANGE" - JUST DAYS AFTER DEMOCRAT NATIONAL CONVENTION, BUSH ADMINISTRATION DEMONSTRATES ITS "POWER OF INCUMBENCY" BY ISSUING DIRE TERROR ALERT: New York City IS planned to be hit with a terrorist nuclear device. But, are all other factors ready to explode? In-depth analysis of this current terrorist threat. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1943.cfm

* "AMERICA UNDER TERROR - ASHCROFT USING PATRIOT ACT POWERS AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS": Pattern of Intimidation has now formed - you are the target - just like Cutting Edge warned in November, 2001 - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1942.cfm

---------Conclusion----------------"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God." Romans 8:28

Upon some points a believer is absolutely sure. He knows, for instance, that God sits in the stern-sheets of the vessel when it rocks most. He believes that an invisible hand is always on the world's tiller, and that wherever providence may drift, Jehovah steers it. That reassuring knowledge prepares him for everything. He looks over the raging waters and sees the spirit of Jesus treading the billows, and he hears a voice saying, "It is I, be not afraid." He knows too that God is always wise, and, knowing this, he is confident that there can be no accidents, no mistakes; that nothing can occur which ought not to arise. He can say, "If I should lose all I have, it is better that I should lose than have, if God so wills: the worst calamity is the wisest and the kindest thing that could befall to me if God ordains it." "We know that all things work together for good to them that love God." The Christian does not merely hold this as a theory, but he knows it as a matter of fact. Everything has worked for good as yet; the poisonous drugs mixed in fit proportions have worked the cure; the sharp cuts of the lancet have cleansed out the proud flesh and facilitated the healing. Every event as yet has worked out the most divinely blessed results; and so, believing that God rules all, that He governs wisely, that He brings good out of evil, the believer's heart is assured, and he is enabled calmly to meet each trial as it comes. The believer can in the spirit of true resignation pray, "Send me what thou wilt, my God, so long as it comes from Thee; never came there an ill portion from Thy table to any of Thy children."

"Say not my soul, 'From whence can God relieve my care?
Remember that Omnipotence has servants everywhere.
His method is sublime, His heart profoundly kind,
God never is before His time, and never is behind.'"

{C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"; Emphasis added]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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