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"System Breakdown--Living in the Time of The Paradigm Shift Into the New World Order"

On March 21, 2022 President Joe Biden said 'Now is the time when things are shifting, there’s going to be a new world order out there, we’ve got to lead it, and we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world while doing it.'

The President is talking about the 'Paradigm Shift' to take us into the New World Order and stage the Antichrist.

We are on the verge of that New World order and our current system is breaking down. Gas prices are up, inflation is the worst in 40 years, interest rates are rising, and customer confidence is collapsing. This video is the most relevant and current on the market today and combines the best in the progress of Bible prophecy in world news and in the unique Cutting Edge viewpoint. This understanding will affect -- should affect -- every other aspect of the current collapse of this once free and mighty nation!

This DVD will be available in mid-July, and will be a 2-DVD set running about 2 1/2 hours





Critical News Analysis


NEWS BRIEF: "The baby formula shortage isn't over", The Washington Examiner, August 18, 2022

"The baby formula shortage that dominated the news cycle only a few months ago is not over. A cursory glance at headlines would lead one to believe the opposite is true. That the shortage not only exists but continues is a massive failure of President Joe Biden and the FDA. Republicans should keep the subject alive and remind voters of this administration's continued incompetence."

"The access to baby formula is critical. The continued shortage is unacceptable. "

"And the baby formula shortage continues. For too long, the Left has accused the pro-life Right of only being focused on children when they are in the womb. The claim is repeated because it is powerful, even though it's false."

"The price of the baby formula shortage goes far beyond political baggage and bad optics. It deeply affects our fellow Americans right next door, in the city over, and in the state far away. It's not and should not be a partisan issue; it is a human issue. And Biden and his team are failing."

2. These are the economic signs that the American economy is now in a recession!

NEWS BRIEF: "Here are the signs the US is in recession", The Washington Examiner, August 19, 2022

"Current economic indicators are mixed, making it difficult to say whether the country is in a recession or not. No single government agency has the authority to declare a recession ... The Bureau of Economic Analysis, which tracks the country’s gross domestic product, doesn’t have its own definition of a recession."

What are some obvious signs that our economy is shrinking?

A). "The single biggest sign that the economy may be in a recession or nearing one is that GDP has shrunk. A historical rule of thumb is that two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth constitutes a recession."

“That’s an indicator that a lot of people point to if they’re in the 'we’re in a recession' camp,” Tara Sinclair, a professor at George Washington University, told the Washington Examiner.

B. "The housing market is also starting to show signs of cracking."

C. "A less well-known indicator of recessions is falling copper prices."

"Copper has proven over centuries to be a pro cyclical commodity, which means when its price goes up, so typically goes the economy. But when the price of the metal begins to plunge, it could mean the economy is heading in the same direction ... "

All in all, the verdict is still out on a recession, but economists will be eagerly tracking each of these indicators as the Fed continues to jack up rates."

Since the stated plan is to overthrow our current /Capitalistic economy so it can be replaced by either a Socialist or Communist economies, we should do well in examining those views.


* "View #2 -- all Presidents since Truman have been secretly and quietly taking actions that comply with the "radical" plans of New Age leaders like Alice and Foster Bailey, and others. These many political leaders have taken these terribly radical plans and have made them palatable by taking several actions.

"They have divided the implementation of these large New World Order goals into very small, seemingly insignificant, steps. Most of these steps will not alarm anyone, but taken together, will achieve the larger goal.

* "View #3 -- "They have given each of these small individual steps names that sound lofty and noble.

They have promoted each of these steps with the highest rhetoric possible, knowing that, once the steps are implemented, few of the American people will ever think to check back to see if any of the original goals were achieved.

"They and their successors will fight any attempt to roll back any of these steps, using tactics like slander and lying to keep them intact.

They are rooted deeply within the Culture / Religious Worldview.

3. Russia / China / South America

Supernations (5) is cooperating with Supernation #10 (China).

Together, their actions will contribute to the appearance of Supernation #6)!

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia is now reportedly preparing to hold war games in Venezuela, a move which is setting off alarms bells throughout the Western hemisphere ... Snipers from Russia and other countries hostile to the United States are competing in war games being held this week in Venezuela in events described as Olympic games for soldiers that were organized not only to show that Moscow still has friends but also that some of them are in Latin America."

"Military observers expressed their concern that the war games could pave the way for a larger Russian Military presence in South America."

4. Former President Trump is said to be planning a huge court challenge to the most unlawful dictatorial raid of Trump's mansion at Mar-a-Lago!

NEWS BRIEF: "Donald Trump Will File Unlawful Search and Seizure Motion over ‘Illegal’ FBI Raid", Breitbart News. 18 August 2022

"Former President Donald Trump announced he will file a Fourth Amendment unlawful search and seizure motion over the FBI’s 'illegal' raid on Mar-a-Lago in a post made on TRUTH Social on Friday."

"The former President said the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago violated his rights, 'together with the rights of all Americans', and added that it is part of a continued witch hunt against him ... My rights, together with the rights of all Americans, have been violated at a level rarely seen before in our Country. Remember, they even spied on my campaign. The greatest Witch Hunt in USA history has been going on for six years, with no consequences to the scanners. It should not be allowed to continue!"

"As a result of the raid, More Americans than ever believe Biden is using the FBI as his “personal Gestapo.” A Rasmussen poll revealed that 53 percent of Americans agree with Roger Stone’s assessment that there exists “a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI … as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo.”

"... They have no shame,” Trump continued. “They are destroying our Country!"

"The power to tax is the power to destroy"! (Daniel Webster and Chief Justice John Marshall)


. You Must Be Born Again

What’s Next in Bible Prophecy (DVD Set)
Dr. Robert Lindsted

Matthew 24:3: And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

As the world continues to wax worse and worse, one thing is very clear: Christ’s return is drawing near.
Episode 1 – What to expect next on God’s Calendar, going into the rapture why and when!
Episode 2 – What’s Next on God’s Calendar, “Coming Soon… on the Earth you Live on! Rapture, Tribulation, Armageddon!
Episode 3 – The coming war of Armageddon in the Jezreel Valley!
Episode 4 – The Millennial Kingdom, often referred to as the Millennium. The amazing things that we will see, as well as the Sheep/Goat judgements.
Episode 5 – The Millennial Kingdom, focusing on the restoration of creation!
Episode 6 – The Great White Throne Judgement where all unbelievers will be judged for their rejection of Christ along with Satan, the fallen angels and many more.
Episode 7 – The New Heavens and the New Earth, the beauties of Heaven and power of God. In this 2-disc series, Dr. Robert Lindsted takes us on a journey through the Bible as we study to find out more about the end times and What’s Next in Bible Prophecy.

Over 3 hours of Bible Teaching
Seven Segments on 2 DVDs
A Complete Study of The Rapture, and the end of this age!

"Ancient Cities And The Pagan Gods Who Built Them"

Now available as DVD, Book
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Who were the Nephilim? What really happened at the Tower of Babel? Where is Atlantis? Who are the Shining Ones? Are these questions relevant to our walk with God today and our understanding of His creation?

Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man. Jesus also said to be ready for His return, that it comes like a thief in the night. This DVD takes an uncomfortable look at the days of Noah and many other topics so that we can be ready for our Savior’s return. Topics that God chose to include in His Word are worth taking the time to study.

Ancient Cities looks at the Antediluvian world from a solid biblical foundation. Why are the stories of giants scattered throughout Scripture as well as our world today? Why did Joshua kill not only the men, but also the women, children, and livestock of the Anakim-Rephaim? What parallels do we find between the Bible and ancient Greek mythology? Ancient Cities studies Mount Olympus and the Greek gods whose tales shape our culture today. Why did the Romas at Lystra in the Bible think that Paul and Barnabas were the Roman gods Hermes and Zues? Ancient Cities examines the city of Rome’s important role in spreading Christianity. Join Micah Van Huss as he teaches the topics that your Sunday school teacher refused to talk about.

130 Minutes DVD or 203 page book

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Jewish Roots of Christianity is now a television series!

Discovering your Jewish roots means discovering your Biblical roots! In one sense it may be stated that the gospels are simply a Jewish debate among Jewish people about the true identity of a Jewish man, Jesus. And the story takes place in the Holy Land, Israel. Now what could be more Jewish than that?

In the DVD Jewish Roots of Christianity, Larry Stamm, a first-generation Holocaust survivor and Jewish follower of Jesus, examines the religion of the Old Testament and in its ultimate fulfillment in the messianic hope as detailed in page after page of the New Testament. Jesus himself challenges us to “search the Scriptures…it is these which bear witness of me” (John 5:39).

In this biblical survey, Larry Stamm introduces such topics as the gospel in the Old Testament, how the Feasts of Israel point to the person and work of Messiah Jesus, the historical interaction between Biblical Judaism and New Testament faith, and more.


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