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Critical News Headlines

1. The White House is "draining the D.C. Swamp"!

A. Establishment R.I.N.O. (Republicans In Name Only) Have Dropped Like Flies -- Four so far

B. Special Counsel Robert Mueller suddenly turns his investigation on to Democrat / Hillary donor and strategist, John Podesta!

2. Does President Trump view his radical tax cut plan as the tool by which the Republican Party will rule Washington for a generation?

3. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly states that the man he wants for the critically important "Military Secretary" to be the general who urged his troops into battle "to fight in God's Name"!

4. Is Climate Change finally being debunked and dismantled?

Many nations are pulling out of the Paris Climate Treaty!

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Headline News Analysis

1. The White House is "draining the D.C. Swamp"!

A. Establishment R.I.N.O. (Republicans In Name Only) Have Dropped Like Flies -- Four so far

NEWS BRIEF: "Establishment Republicans Fall Like Dominoes", Breitbart News, 24 October 2017

"Establishment Republicans standing in the way of President Donald Trump’s agenda are falling like dominoes heading into the midterm elections in 2018 ... The latest failed Republican to tap out is Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who announced on Tuesday he will not seek re-election after originally planning to."

""Today the Trump movement collected the scalp of America’s number one Never Trumper," Andy Surabian, a senior adviser to the Great America Alliance—a sister organization of the PAC—told Breitbart News exclusively on Tuesday afternoon. 'Jeff Flake represents everything that is wrong with Mitch McConnell’s failed vision of the Republican Party. President Trump’s America First movement is on a winning streak now that Jeff Flake has been left on the ash heaps of political history alongside Luther Strange and Bob Corker. And rest assured that Mitch McConnell and the rest of his Never Trump establishment cohorts are next on our agenda.”

As Cutting Edge reported in October, 2016, during the presidential election, President Trump's agenda is anti-New World Order, anti-Globalism, and against every major event since World War I. At the time, I believed that the combined political power from all Establishment Democrats and Republicans against him would prevail to bring him to ruin.

However, I did not fully appreciate the power of the people who were being systematically led into this New Order. This opposition to the principles of the New World Order was seen first in Great Britain's BREXIT (British Exit) vote, which mandated that England withdraw from the European Union, a supernation which is #2 in the plan to reorganize the world nations into the prophetic 10. (See map below).

The swelling tide of British voters in BREXIT was repeated in November, 2016, as Donald Trump swept the favored Hillary aside as he won the White House. Voters in Austria followed with similar Conservative results.

The bottom line is that voters reject any effort by any politician who tries to bury Patriotic Sovereignty under mountains of Globalism. President Obama traveled to London to lecture British voters on his version of reality; he told them in no uncertain terms that the world had changed and had become Global in every area of life. That was the reality and the British were just going to have to get used to it!

Obama's arrogance resulted in a resounding defeat at the polls for the Globalists.

And, now, Establishment Republicans like former President George W. Bush, and R.I.N.O. Senators John McCain, Bob Corker, and Jeff Flake have made similar arrogant speeches in which they show their contempt for American national sovereignty.

These globalists have failed again and again but they never seem to learn.

This electoral resistance to the Globalism of the New World Order is not only surprising, but is the best news yet that. perhaps, voters simply are not yet ready for Global Governance. And, without global government, the Biblical Antichrist cannot arise.

I think that the Elite will need to start World War III in order to frighten Conservative voters sufficiently so they will accept the prophetic Kingdom of Antichrist.

B. Special Counsel Robert Mueller suddenly turns his investigation on to Democrat / Hillary donor and strategist, John Podesta!

NEWS BRIEF: "Now Democrats have a Russia problem", New York Post, 23 October 2017

"Lefty cheers for Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in US politics may soon fade now that he’s reportedly looking into a top Democratic lobbyist."

We have noted on several occasions that the REAL story of Russian collusion with American officials was not Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton. After many months of seeing the apparent Leftist Democrat agenda and believing that President Trump was the major target, we are now witnessing the Mueller investigation turning directly on Democrat donor and strategist, John Podesta.

What If?

What if Trump strategists deliberately set Robert Mueller's special counsel so that it would look like a Democrat Deep State operation designed to bring down the newly elected President?

If this is the case, then Robert Mueller could work as long as he needs to in order to expose the traitorous actions of President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton? The Democrats would be none the wiser until the monstrous weight of the Special Council was bearing down on Hillary. I think I see the sharp mind of a savvy strategist at work here.

"NBC reports that Tony Podesta (the brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta) and his firm are the subjects of a criminal investigation by the special prosecutor. And this comes amid new reports that the FBI gathered evidence for two years as Russian agents — including a major sleeper cell — worked to gain access to then-Secretary of State Clinton, husband Bill and members of their inner circle."

"Meanwhile, The Hill is reporting new details of a years-long FBI investigation that tracked Moscow’s covert influence-buying activities — including planting a spy posing as an accountant in the offices of a top Clinton donor. Team Hillary has long denied that she was a target of the spy ring, but an FBI source told The Hill:

“There is not one shred of doubt from the evidence that we had that the Russians had set their sights on Clinton’s inner circle.”

Will "crooked Hillary" finally see the inside of a jail cell, possibly along with her husband, Bill Clinton?

2. Does President Trump view his radical tax cut plan as the tool by which the Republican Party will rule Washington for a generation?

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump's on the verge of a big win. Brace yourself for more hysteria from the left...", Fox News, 10/24/2017

"... what has become of the Democratic Party? ... we have Congresswoman Frederica Wilson who tweeted this: 'Niger is Donald Trump's Benghazi'. Now that’s a stretch."

"It seems the left's contempt, and frankly hatred, for this president has now reached a new level."

"Why? And why now?

"Maybe it’s because President Trump is on the verge of a big win on taxes and the economy. He’s getting very close. Remember that old (Bill Clinton) line: 'It's the economy, stupid?' Oh yes it is and the left is very worried that a tax cutting deal would grow the economy. They don't want the president to get credit for that."

If the President can deliver through Congress a dramatic overhaul of our cumbersome IRS tax code, and if he can deliver tax cuts for the Middle and Lower Classes, then he might just become "bullet proof" at the polls.

George Soros' plan to create the "Never Trumper" strategy of opposing Trump on everything every day, would certainly panic at the thought of President Trump delivering his promise of a tax relief for the most downtrodden in America.

Voters tend to "vote their pocketbooks". If Trump can deliver less taxes, more employment, less unemployment, new jobs in new factories, and turning blighted inner cities into livable cities through bringing new jobs into these areas, he will be unbeatable at the polls.

Remember, Candidate Trump remarked during the campaign, that, if he could become President, 75% of all blacks would then vote to reelect him in 2020! Trump had his eye on this project to finally pull blacks and other minorities out of economic despair by creating well-paying jobs for them in their neighborhoods.

Now, that concept is positively Conservative!


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3. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly states that the man he wants for the critically important "Military Secretary" to be the general who urged his troops into battle "to fight in God's Name"!

NEWS BRIEF: "PM Netanyahu Rejects IDF Choices for Military Secretary: Wants Commander Who Told Troops to Fight in God’s Name", Breaking Israel News, October 22, 2017

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will soon announce his choice for his next military secretary, but ... so far the PM has rejected three brigadier generals suggested by IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot ... Netanyahu cannot directly pick his choice for military secretary since the position is under the control of the Chief of Staff. So, until Eizenkot comes up with the man Netanyahu wants, things will remain at a standstill."

What kind of man is the Prime Minister seeking? Be prepared to be shocked!

"... the nomination the PM wants, and the Chief of Staff does not, is Brigadier General Ofer Vinter, chief of the Central Command staff. Vinter wears a knitted yarmulke and represents the cadre of quality career officers produced by the National Religious education system. He lives in a religious communal village in lower Galilee, married, father of eight who was the youngest division commander ever to become a grandfather. He is admired in the religious sector for all of the above, but mostly for his famous (or infamous, depending on your political inclination) daily order of July 9, 2014, just as Operation Protective Edge was starting in Gaza."

This Israeli general sent his troops into battle under an Old Testament battle cry! Listen and be amazed.

" 'History has chosen us to be at the forefront of fighting the Gazan terrorist enemy, who is vilifying the God of Israel', then Colonel Ofer Vinter wrote his soldiers of the Givati Brigade. The reference to I Samuel 17:26 was not lost on his secular and religious public school graduates: David said to the men standing with him, 'What reward will be given to the man who kills this Philistine and removes this disgrace from Israel? Who is this uncircumcised Philistine anyway, that he vilifies the armies of the living God?' ”

Amen and Amen! Is God raising up the kind of Israeli leadership who will go into battle depending more on His Omnipotent power than the numbers of his soldiers and the force of his modern tanks, aircraft and missiles?

God foretold that, at the End of the Age, He was going to deliver Israel in her prophesied battles against an overwhelming enemy.

"And they shall be as mighty men, which tread down their enemies in the mire of the streets in the battle: and they shall fight, because the Lord is with them, and the riders on horses shall be confounded." (Zechariah 10:5, KJV)

God;s Holy Spirit will enter into the heart of every Israeli soldier in the time of final battle and shall cause them to fight like "mighty men"!

At the same time, the Holy Spirit shall confuse the minds of Israel's enemies and shall deliver an easy victory for the Israeli military forces.

If we are as close to the End of the Age as we think, we should be seeing evidence that Israeli politicians and generals are again depending upon God's Omnipotent hand to deliver them against their enemies!



4. Is Climate Change finally being debunked and dismantled?

Many nations are pulling out of the Paris Climate Treaty!

NEWS BRIEF: "Most Signatories Are ‘Ignoring’ or ‘Abandoning’ Paris Climate Commitments", Breitbart News, 22 October 2017

"Following President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, a number of other nations have quietly begun ignoring the Paris energy goals ... According to Lawrence Solomon of Energy Probe, a Toronto-based environmental organization, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of the only signers of the Paris agreement who is actually abiding by the exacting demands of the accord."

"Meanwhile, Solomon notes .... most signatories are ignoring, if not altogether abandoning Paris commitments, undoubtedly because voters in large part put no stock in scary global warming scenarios'."

Voters are suddenly noticing the hypocrisy of the politicians attempting to lead them in this wrong direction!

"“The populist backlash — a revulsion at top-down governments laden with jet-setting politicians landing in posh places to preach restraint to the masses — has swept America with Trump’s election, Great Britain with Brexit, much of Europe, and Australia.”

“In the process, global warming enthusiasts are being swept out,” he writes."

Voters are also realizing that the Paris Climate Accord is simply another ruse designed to end National Sovereignty in favor of a Global Dictatorship which can force individual governments to do anything they want them to do.

Since we have already noted the power of the "BREXIT" national sovereignty movement, we should not be surprised that this power is carrying over into the area of Climate Change!

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