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 ---------- Inspiration For the Week----------"The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power." Nahum 1:3

Jehovah "is slow to anger." When mercy cometh into the world she driveth winged steeds; the axles of her chariot-wheels are red hot with speed; but when wrath goeth forth, it toileth on with tardy footsteps, for God taketh no pleasure in the sinner's death. God's rod of mercy is ever in His hands outstretched; His sword of justice is in its scabbard, held down by that pierced hand of love which bled for the sins of men. "The Lord is slow to anger," because He is GREAT IN POWER. He is truly great in power who hath power over himself.

When God's power doth restrain Himself, then it is power indeed: the power that binds omnipotence is omnipotence surpassed. A man who has a strong mind can bear to be insulted long, and only resents the wrong when a sense of right demands his action. The weak mind is irritated at a little: the strong mind bears it like a rock which moveth not, though a thousand breakers dash upon it, and cast their pitiful malice in spray upon its summit. God marketh His enemies, and yet He bestirs not Himself, but holdeth in His anger. If He were less divine than He is, He would long ere this have sent forth the whole of His thunders, and emptied the magazines of heaven; He would long ere this have blasted the earth with the wondrous fires of its lower regions, and man would have been utterly destroyed; but the greatness of his power brings us mercy. Dear reader, what is your state this evening? Can you by humble faith look to Jesus, and say, "My substitute, Thou art my rock, my trust"? Then, beloved, be not afraid of God's power; for by faith you have fled to Christ for refuge, the power of God need no more terrify you, than the shield and sword of the warrior need terrify those whom he loves. Rather rejoice that He who is "great in power" is your Father and Friend. ["Morning and Evening Devotions" by C.H. Spurgeon]

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* "SCIENCE IS SAID TO HAVE DISCOVERED THAT CERTAIN NOXIOUS WEEDS -- LIKE TUMBLEWEEDS -- ARE ABLE TO "SUCK UP" DEPLETED URANIUM - Does this mean that the intense, fatal dosages of Depleted Uranium which our forces are spreading all over Iraq, Afghanistan, and the entire Middle East can be cleansed and neutralized by Tumbleweeds? The scientific and medical answer may surprise you. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1974.cfm


* "ARAFAT IN PARADISE? AFRAID NOT! by Dr. Donald Boys, Ph.D. - Even though President Bush effusively reacted to news about Arafat's demise, Biblical doctrine simply cannot support the concept that the Modern Father of Terrorism is now in Heaven. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1975.cfm


* "SATANIC SOURCES CLAIM KNIGHTS TEMPLAR TO BE SATANIC! KNIGHTS TEMPLAR IS ONE OF DRIVING FORCES TO REBUILD SOLOMON'S TEMPLE IN PLACE OF MUSLIM "DOME OF THE ROCK" - Speaking matter-of-factly, several occult sources report to their followers that the Knights Templars were Satan worshippers. In NEWS1643, we report that Illuminized Freemasonry is mightily determined to rebuild Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount, once the "Dome of the Rock" is gone. Ancient Knights Templar is a powerful force in this movement and is proven here to be Satanic. It is no wonder that the Temple they are planning is for the Masonic Christ (Antichrist) -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1977.cfm


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* "Vatican Rising! The Seduction of Christianity Because of the Triumph of Rome -- DVD - VHS - This video chronicles the prophetically critical news that the Pope is uniting the world's religions under the banner of Roman Catholicism. As the story is told of the many Evangelical Christian (Ex-Protestant) leaders who are shepherding their gullible flocks into the path of Rome, you will discover they are the same Evangelical leaders we exposed for taking money from Rev. Sun Myung Moon (NEWS1818) and the same bunch of guys in our "Evangelical Hall of Shame" for approving of the movie, "The Passion of the Christ" (NEWS1902). Further, some of these same leaders are also telling us how Christian President Bush is!

Texe Marrs brings so many separate pieces of the End Times religious puzzle together in this video, it is truly amazing. Hardly mentions Israel or the Jews.

* "Catholicism: White Sepulcher 'Christianity' '' - NEW - Expanded Edition - DVD - VHS - We deal with the issue of the pedophile priests who are in the News almost daily. Since the Catholic people are being told a lie by their priests as to how and why such a dirty sexual perversion as homosexual pedophilia could permeate the Catholic Church, we felt it necessary to step forward with the explanation, from the unique perspective of Bible doctrine and prophecy on the one hand and a thorough knowledge of Witchcraft on the other hand. I assume the role of the demonic overlord [Daniel 10] whom Satan has assigned to the Popes of Rome since the beginning of that religion. My role is to bring the Roman Catholic Church systematically into a practice of the prophesied religion of Antichrist, which is foretold to be Black Magick Witchcraft [Daniel 8:23-25]. To accomplish this feat, I must move Rome first into a worship of White Magic Witchcraft and then, over a period of millennia, into the final stage of Black Magic Witchcraft. Finally, I demonstrate that the final stage of Black Magick Witchcraft began in 1963, with Pope Paul VI, and is being aggressively continued today by Pope John Paul II. No one has ever examined the Catholic Church from this unique perspective. You will want all your Roman Catholic loved ones, friends, and co-workers to have this video. You will want all your Liberal, Evangelical Christian friends to see this video also, so they will realize the true nature of the "church" to whom they are currently cozying up to at this End of the Age.

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* "The Passion of the Christ" movie by Mel Gibson
* Purpose Driven Church (Seeker Sensitive)
* "Da Vinci Code" which propagates the Merovingian Bloodline lie, without which Antichrist cannot appear
* Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" series, which falsely assures people they can take the Mark of the Beast and still go to Heaven.
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The attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 could have only been prevented by exposing the creators of the first Trade Center bombing in 1993. We failed to make it "Public Knowledge" that the 1993 bombing was encouraged by "Agent Provocateurs" of the FBI. Worse, American taxpayers paid for that 1993 bomb. Worse still, since 9/11/2001, most of America's undiscerning people "bought the lie" that 19 angered Arabs, working for Osama bin Laden, carried out the greatest act of terror in our history. The stark, raw reality is that the official 9/11 story has become the 'Greatest Lie Ever Sold", plus we are being prepared for the next staged event, which will collapse our entire Constitutional system!

Skull & Bones' Bush is steadily moving us into a severe police state in order to reach the ultimate goal -- a dictatorial New World Order -- Two hours of documentary which took two years to produce!

Abortion Bringing God's Judgment

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"Keep far from a false matter and be very careful not to condemn to death the innocent and the righteous, for I will not justify and acquit the wicked." [Exodus 23:7; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=940



* "Baby Parts For Sale" -- Video - Join Marlin Maddoux for an investigation into the multi-million dollar a year baby parts trafficking industry, one of the most lucrative businesses in operation today. Many have heard about the controversy surrounding fetal tissue research but have no idea how the tissue is obtained. Who are some of the players in the baby parts trafficking industry? What are live birth abortions? Are they occurring? Are women being pressured into abortions with the promise that their baby's parts will be used to help cure diseases? Why did the Congressional "baby parts" hearings turn into a fiasco? - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=447




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Purpose Driven Church -- Latter Day Church At Laodicea

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Smith is well aware of the unprecedented spiritual deception occurring right now in "Christian" religious circles; it is just as our Lord forewarned in Matthew 24:4, 11, 24. What is the bottom line warning from author Warren Smith? "Rick Warren is in the process of leading the church astray". Prayerfully read this book, for your precious eternal soul is at stake if you are part of the "Purpose-Driven Church". (As heard on radio interviews) -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=882


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The Mormon Temple is the spiritual focal point for devout Latter-Day saints, but the vast majority of them have no idea that each temple is specifically designed to be a "Magnet For Demons". In fact, while most people have never heard of this term, Satanists consider it most important when creating architecture. This video is most important if you are to truly understand Mormonism and the deep, dark Satanism which underpins the entire church. Only a former Satanist could ever tell this story!

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Yasser Arafat -- the Father of Modern Terrorism -- died on Thursday. While the world will not miss this bloody tyrant and murderer of innocent men, women, children and infants, Arafat's death was as enigmatic as was his life. Let us quickly some of the more interesting aspects of this monumentally important events.

A. Arafat's death contained a significant "Illuminati Signature". What is an Illuminati Signature? To understand this "signature", you need to understand that the occultist literally fulfills Paul's explanation of a pagan, of a satanist, in Romans 1:25, "... they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator ..."

Thus, many of the idols of the past pagan societies have been formed in the likeness of fish, birds, animals, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. However, occultists also worship science and the mathematics underlying science. They literally believe that numbers possess inherent power. The Satanist always places great faith in the power of numbers, especially the Black Magic Satanist. They believe that a carefully planned event must be carried out according to the correct "sacred" numbers, or it may not be successful. They go to great lengths to make an event occur according to their sacred numbers.

Several numbers are critically important to the Satanist generally and to the Black Magick Illuminati specifically. Remember, multiplications of these numbers are also deemed sacred and powerful.

* Number '11' - Considered to be the number of the coming Antichrist. The Bible says in Daniel 7:7-8 that Antichrist shall be "another little horn" arising after the 10 final kings arise on the world scene; thus, the Bible depicts Antichrist as the 'eleventh horn' a title which Bible scholars have used for centuries. Thus, the Illuminati will cause an event which they created and carried out in order to achieve their "New World Order" to occur so that the facts by which they occur will have these numbers. The attacks of 9/11 carried a very heavy "Illuminist Signature" (NEWS1756) of '11', signifying to the occultist that the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were carried out in order to further change the world so their "Masonic Christ" (Antichrist) can appear at some point in the future.

* Number '13' - Considered to be the number of extreme rebellion against God's constituted authority. The Illuminist considers this number to be comprised of the addition of two other sacred numbers - '6' and '7'. The number '6' is the occultic "Perfected Man", a person who has achieved "perfection" through occult rituals and self-effort. The number '7' represents "Perfection". Therefore, the number '13' (6+7) represents a condition of the world known in occult circles as "Perfected Man Living In A Perfected World" (New World Order). Now, you know why the United States was formed precisely when 13 colonies had been established and why our beloved flag is comprised of 13 alternating stripes, 7 red and 6 white. Our original flag thus contained two (2) sets of '13". Occultists throughout the world knew that the Illuminati was signaling that this new nation was established to bring the nations of the world into the coveted New World Order.

With this background, let us now consider the occult numeric signature of the end-of-life illness and the death of Yasser Arafat.

* Arafat died on the 11th day of the 11th month -- http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/spages/499629.html
* Arafat died at precisely 3:30 AM on the 11th (11x3=33) -- (Ibid.)
* Arafat's funeral in Cairo, Egypt was held on 11/12 at 11 AM (DEBKAfile Intelligence, 11/12, Daily News Updates)
* Palestinian Authority agreed to pay Mrs. Arafat $22 million annually (http://www.debka.com/article.php?aid=934)
* Arafat's final illness lasted 13 days (http://www.debka.com/article.php?aid=935)

For the record, Arafat was buried in his headquarters in Ramallah on the last Friday of Ramadan, guaranteeing he will be permanently viewed as a heroic martyr of the Islamic faith. He will loom much larger in death than he did in life -- even though he committed horrendous crimes during his lifetime.

Now, we can see that the Illuminati controlled him to the very end. To allow occultists all throughout the world to see this fact, the Illuminati artificially kept him alive on life support machines until the day and hour which was deemed most propitious had arrived.

As we have stated in earlier newsletters, we believe that the Illuminati did not want Arafat to die until Israeli Prime Minister Sharon had completed his Unilateral Disengagement plan. After all, this disengagement was promised in the 1992-1993 Oslo Accords and was very dependent upon Arafat fulfilling the role of an intransigent leader who would prove to be "no partner for peace", thus allowing Sharon to sell the withdrawal plan to his people. In this long, drawn-out process, the Illuminati fully controlled Yassir Arafat (NEWS1429).

Thus, when global Illuminist leaders realized that Arafat was going to die, they quickly revised their plans to make his demise a launching pad for completion of the unilateral withdrawal. To accomplish this feat, world leaders had to quickly reinvent this terrorist, making him into a global hero and man of peace. Consider the completely false statements of praise coming from world leaders.

* "Former US President Jimmy Carter calls Arafat a 'powerful human symbol' " - Yahoo News, 11/12/2004 - MIAMI (AFP) - "Former US President Jimmy Carter called Yasser Arafat "a powerful human symbol and forceful advocate" who united Palestinians in their pursuit of a homeland."

* "Blair: Arafat's death offers opportunity for peace", Jerusalem Post, 11/12/2004 - "British Prime Minister Tony Blair was expected to tell US President George Bush that the death of Yasser Arafat presents new opportunities for diplomatic activity in the peace process ... He added Arafat had 'led his people to a historic acceptance of the need for a two-state solution', and he insisted that the 'goal of a viable Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel is one that we must continue to work tirelessly to achieve'."

This last sentence is a total lie: Arafat always opposed a "viable Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel" because he wanted all of the land of Israel and total annihilation of the Jewish race. In fact, the Illuminati does not really want a "viable Palestinian state"; they just want the people of the world to think that is what they want. The goal of the "Illumined Ones" is to annihilate all Monotheistic faiths, beginning with Islam and apparently beginning with the Palestinians (NEWS1422, NEWS1620, and NEWS1625).

Once all Palestinians are annihilated, global Freemasonry can clear the rubble from the earthquake collapse of the Dome of the Rock to begin rebuilding Solomon's Temple on the traditional Temple Mount (NEWS1643). Of course, by this time, Antichrist will be on the world scene, having been "birthed" through the Final Birth Pangs war known as "World War III".

* "Vatican praises Arafat for Palestinian vision", ABC NewsOnline, 11/12/2004 -- "The Vatican has praised Yasser Arafat as a charismatic leader who struggled to win independence for his people, and repeated its support of a sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel. Pope John Paul ... retreated into private prayer when he was told of the death of the Palestinian leader earlier on Thursday ... The 84-year-old Pope's message said he prayed that the 'star of harmony' would soon bring peace to the Holy Land and that both Israelis and Palestinians could live 'reconciled among themselves as two independent and sovereign states'. Earlier, a statement by the Vatican's chief spokesman called Mr Arafat the 'illustrious deceased' and asked God to grant eternal rest to his soul."

T he question as to whether God will allow Arafat into His Heaven was answered by an article written by Dr. Donald Boys, entitled, "Arafat in Paradise? Afraid not!", an analysis based solidly on Scripture. However, the Pope's response demonstrates his incredibly strong Ecumenical stance, plus the Catholic teaching from the Catechism that Islam is just another path to Heaven ("Vatican Rising" - Video). If this wording sounds familiar, it should, for this is exactly what President Bush said to Charles Gibson on "Good Morning, America" on Thursday, October 26, 2004 -- "Islam is just another path to the Almighty".

The United States' response is highly interesting, for it points to the immediate aftermath of Arafat's death, just as did the Blair comment, above.

* "U.S. hopes Arafat death will lead to peace", The Washington Times, November 12, 2004

"Washington, DC, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- The top U.S. official in charge of the Middle East will represent the United States at the funeral of Yasser Arafat ... The death, U.S. officials and experts hope, will restart the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, and revive the 'road map' plan put forward by the European Union, Russia, the United Nations and the United States."

Secretary of State Powell chimed in in a similar vein: " 'Yasser Arafat was a significant figure in the history of the region and the world, and we know that, in the eyes of the Palestinian people, Arafat embodied their hopes and dreams for the achievement of an independent Palestinian State' ..." (Ibid.)

Therefore, we should expect to see a significant push toward unilateral disengagement and a Palestinian State. Hamas has already threatened that they will continue to carry out Arafat's terrorist legacy and created a gesture which tells you that nothing will change when they renamed Arafat's "Al Aksa Martyrs" the "Brigades of Martyr Yasser Arafat".

More terrorist attacks will give the Unilateral Disengagement renewed impetus, as Sharon can claim he still has "no partner for peace". After the disengagement is finished, Israel will be ready to go to war, and after World War III, everyone will forget the Palestinian State because Obadiah 15-18 and Ezekiel 34 will have been fulfilled, leaving no Palestinians to form such a state.

Yasser Arafat's true legacy and true record are captured in the following resources:

* "Arafat´s Terrorist Legacy: A Partial List"
* "Bin Laden's inspiration" - What this article really means is that Arafat proved to the Illuminati that Muslims would walk unflinchingly into the jaws of suicide bombings. Arafat's success in the 1970-1980's proved Islam to be extreme enough to be the global terrorist vehicle to bring in a global government.

* "Video Depicting Arafat's True Legacy"

 II. A nationally-recognized newspaper boldly reported the overall Illuminati strategy against all Third World (Non-Integrating) Countries! This story in the "SF Bay View" (National Black Newspaper of the Year) is simply incredible, and must be understood before we can understand the carnage occurring right now in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the entire Middle East and Central Asia.

NEWS BRIEF: "UC Regents lose control of nuclear weapons program: Five admirals, Carlyle Group and Rand take over", SF Bay View, Part 6, by Leuren Moret, 11/10/2004

"Research on population control, preventing future births, is now being carried out secretly by biotech companies ... During a presentation about his case, Chapela revealed that a spermicidal corn developed by a U.S. company is now being tested in Mexico. Males who unknowingly eat the corn produce non-viable sperm and are unable to reproduce. Depopulation, also known as eugenics ... was proposed under the Nazis during World War II. It is the deliberate killing off of large segments of living populations and was proposed for Third World countries under President Carter’s administration by the National Security Council’s Ad Hoc Group on Population Policy..."

While it is true that depopulation was proposed for Third World countries under Carter's administration, the original concept was proposed several years earlier, by Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State under President Gerald Ford. Let us return to this article, above:

"National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974, and titled “Implications of world wide population growth for U.S. security & overseas interests,” says:

“Dr. Henry Kissinger proposed in his memorandum to the NSC that ‘depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.’ He quoted reasons of national security, and because `(t)he U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries ... Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of U.S. ..."

"Depopulation policy became the top priority under the NSC agenda, Club of Rome and U.S. policymakers like Gen. Alexander Haig, Cyrus Vance, Ed Muskie and Kissinger ... the United States shared the view of former World Bank President Robert McNamara that the 'population crisis' is a greater threat to U.S. national security interests than 'nuclear annihilation'. In 1975, Henry Kissinger established a policy-planning group in the U.S. State Department’s Office of Population Affairs. The depopulation 'GLOBAL 2000' document for President Jimmy Carter was prepared.

"It is no surprise that this policy was established under President Carter with help from Kissinger and Brzezinski – all with ties to David Rockefeller. The Bush family, the Harriman family - the Wall Street business partners of Bush in financing Hitler - and the Rockefeller family are the elite of the American eugenics movement. Even Prince Philip of Britain, a member of the Bilderberg Group, is in favor of depopulation ... '“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels”

"Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been proposing, funding and building Bio-Weapons Level 3 and Level 4 labs at many places around the U.S. – even on university campuses and in densely populated urban locations. In a Bio-Weapons Level 4 facility, a single bacteria or virus is lethal. Bio-Weapons Level 4 is the highest level legally allowed in the continental U.S."

Incredibly, this article reveals that an aggressive attack on the populations of Third World Countries originated through Henry Kissinger in April, 1974 (still Secretary of State under President Ford), through President Jimmy Carter, and ending at Defense Secretary Rumsfeld of the Bush Administration. Thus, you can say that depopulation of Third World Countries has been a major part of American foreign policy for the past 30 years and is continuing today; further, you can say that this policy is completely bi-partisan, as it was supported strongly by both Democrats and Republicans through numerous administrations.

We have long stated that the Illuminati plans a 66% decrease in the population of the world. New Age author, Bill Cooper, writes about the severe depopulation plans in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse", and every former Satanist with whom I have worked since 1991 has stated that the Illuminati plans this degree of death. Once we discovered the Pentagon's New Map which is currently guiding our invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, The Solomon Islands, and Indonesia's Aceh Province, we realized that Kissinger's depopulation plan probably is aimed at all "Non-Integrating" countries of the world, and is continuing today.

This SF Bay View article finishes by speaking of one of the greatest depopulation weapons ever deployed -- Depleted Uranium munitions.

"Two excellent examples of existing U.S. depopulation policy are, first, the long-term impact on the civilian population from Agent Orange in Vietnam ... The second is the permanent contamination of the Middle East and Central Asia with depleted uranium, which ... will destroy the genetic future of the populations living in those regions ... ." (http://www.sfbayview.com/110304/ucregents110304.shtml)

As you read of our fierce battles in Iraq, remember that a very large percentage of the munitions we are exploding is Depleted Uranium. Thus, we are daily spreading more D.U. in Iraq, adding to the nearly 3,000 tons we have already expended.

This SF Bay View article does not mention another major weapon being used to achieve depopulation -- the AIDS Virus.

We posted a major article on the long-term, Strategic Implications of the Use of Depleted Uranium (NEWS1967). If you have not read this article yet, please take the time to do so now.

Let us quickly review this depopulation subject by turning to New Age author, Bill Cooper, in his monumentally important book, "Behold A Pale Horse":

"To reduce population quickly ... you have to pull all males into the fighting and kill significant numbers of fertile, child-bearing age females." [Page 171]

This revelation that the Illuminati is carrying out a deliberate campaign to reduce populations in Third World Countries brings to mind a terrifying British report last week, stating that over 100,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed so far, before we attacked Fallujah. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Where is the world's shame and rage?: Civilian casualties in Iraq", By Scott Ritter, senior UN weapons inspector in Iraq between 1991 and 1998, reported in Dawn International, 02 November 2004 , http://www.dawn.com/2004/11/02/int14.htm

"The full scale of the human cost already paid for the war on Iraq is only now becoming clear. Last week's estimate by (British Lancet Medical Journal) investigators, using credible methodology, that more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians - most of them women and children - have died since the US-led invasion, is a profound moral indictment of our countries ... Civilian deaths have always been a tragic reality of modern war. But the conflict in Iraq was supposed to be different - US and British forces were dispatched to liberate the Iraqi people ... Reading accounts of the US-led invasion, one is struck by the constant, almost casual, reference to civilian deaths ... The fact that most bombing missions in Iraq today are pre-planned, with targets allegedly carefully vetted, further indicts those who wage this war in the name of freedom. If these targets are so precise, then those selecting them cannot escape the fact that they are deliberately targeting innocent civilians at the same time as they seek to destroy their intended foe ... We invaded Iraq to free Iraqis from a dictator who, by some accounts, oversaw the killing of about 300,000 of his subjects - although no one has been able to verify more than a small fraction of the figure. If it is correct, it took Saddam decades to reach such a horrific statistic. The US and UK have, it seems, reached a third of that total in just 18 months."

The bottom line of this revelation is that the Illuminati is using many weapons right now to decrease the population, from AIDS to Depleted Uranium, to biotech weapons, to massive conventional warfare against civilian populations. Remember this fact when reading the next segment of news.


III. Just as pre-election news stories indicated, a savage American attack on the Iraqi insurgent stronghold of Fallujah began just days after the Presidential election, during the Islamic holy period known as Ramadan. Let us now examine some very important news stories about this attack and its probable impact upon the war.

A. Over 15,000 American soldiers launched their long-awaited and anticipated attack on Fallujah on Tuesday, November 9.

NEWS BRIEF: "Up to 15,000 troops storm Fallujah, bombs rock Baghdad", New Zealand Herald, November 9, 2004

"FALLUJA, Iraq - Thousands of US and Iraqi troops backed by heavy air support and armour have stormed into the Sunni Muslim city of Fallujah in the second major offensive in seven months to try to recapture the insurgent stronghold. After a day of intense air strikes, artillery barrages and tank fire, US Marines launched the full-scale assault two hours after sundown, when Iraq's Muslims mark the breaking of their daily fast in the holy month of Ramadan ... On one edge of the city, between thunderous explosions, a cleric with a booming voice at a distant mosque rallied rebels for what could be the biggest battle since last year's invasion ... Iraq's interim government and its US backers regard Fallujah and the neighbouring city of Ramadi as the heart of the insurgency gripping the country and see retaking the cities as crucial to restoring peace to allow elections due in January."

For many weeks now, American planners have reiterated that they consider this attack on Fallujah specifically, and the restive "Sunni Triangle" generally, to be of utmost importance to the staging of elections in January. Several weeks ago, international outrage spewed forth when American officials stated that the January elections could be held throughout Iraq except in the Sunni Triangle. This outcry was so strong, American planners began to plot their conquest of this area.

Note from this news article that we attacked during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan. This awful timing is sure to dramatically increase the hatred so many Arabs throughout the world are feeling toward the United States and Western nations supporting our effort. The feared "Clash of Civilizations" has just taken a strong step forward, renewing the incredible anger generated by our deliberate torture and sexual humiliation scandal of Muslims in our military prisons.

B. The Liberal, Establishment Washington Times even took note of the severity of stakes in Fallujah in an editorial of 11/11.

NEWS BRIEF: "Outside View: Fallujah not Stalingrad, but Vietnam?", Outside View Commentator. The Washington Times, 11/11/2004

"Washington, DC, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- The long-expected offensive to take Fallujah is underway ... approximately 10,000 American Marines, soldiers and Iraqis, supported by British forces, have surrounded Fallujah and its escape routes. Air and artillery strikes have 'softened' up the insurgents. What happens next as the attack unfolds is ... uncertain. The insurgents simply cannot overcome the huge military advantage U.S. and British forces possess. However, guerilla warfare and suicide tactics can make the battle very bloody. But this is not a Stalingrad ... A better analogy is with Vietnam ... The North Vietnamese won not a single battle in that war. They were overpowered and slaughtered by American firepower. Yet, they won the war ... The future of Iraq will not be determined by what happens in Fallujah. Broader political, social, economic and religious factors ultimately will cause Iraq to be free, divided, or in chaos. This is not Stalingrad. Let us hope it is not Vietnam." (Written by Harlan Ullman, Center for Strategic and International Studies, a CFR "Think Tank" - This article represents official Illuminist thinking)

Remember this reality when reading of our "successful" military campaign in Fallujah. Also, when you try to reconcile stories from American news outlets of our attempts to avoid civilian casualties with Arab stories that we are deliberately slaughtering civilians, remember both the official depopulation policy of the American Government as enunciated by Secretary of State Kissinger, and Bill Cooper's sobering words, in paragraph II, above.

C. Civilian casualties are mounting quickly, even though much of the population had fled. Charges are also leveled that American military is deliberately refusing medical treatment of the civilian population.

NEWS BRIEF: "Patrick Seale: Risky gamble at Fallujah can backfire on Bush", Gulf News, November 11, 2004

"There is not a single surgeon in Fallujah. We had one ambulance hit by US fire and a doctor wounded. There are scores of injured civilians in their homes whom we can't move ... Viewing the terrible pictures on Arab television screens of the dead and dying in the ravaged city of Fallujah, and of Iraqi prisoners being tortured and abused, many will condemn the American attack as a crime against humanity a war crime. No one doubts that the US can take Fallujah. But, by what conceivable right is the US emptying a foreign city of most of its inhabitants, smashing it to rubble and killing the survivors? ... The attack is bound to arouse bitter anti-American hatred and live on in the memory of Iraqis as a savage episode in a modern colonial war ... The argument that you have to destroy a country in order to 'free' it arouses only derision ... This agenda includes 'finishing the job' in Iraq; 'regime change' in Iran, Syria and North Korea; pursuing the global 'war on terror' and indeed on all manifestations of militant Islam now labeled 'Islamo-fascism' by the neo-cons ..."

Notice that the Arabs are viewing scenes of devastation, destruction, and wanton killing of civilians on Arab TV, and believe these scenes are occurring in Fallujah. No matter how many times American officials repeat the mantra that we are trying our best to avoid civilian casualties, Arabs believe a very different story. This belief is further fueling the Arab - Christian "Clash of Civilizations", about which Cutting Edge has been warning for many months now. At some moment, a flashpoint is going to occur which will plunge the entire Middle East into conflagration which will include Israel, and then the planned World War III will explode into reality.

Let us now go back to this Gulf News article, for the information it reports will propel us into the next news segment.

"The question is not whether the US can win the military battle, but whether it can hold Fallujah for the next three months, and whether it will not have to deal with similar uprisings in other cities ... Fighting a guerrilla war can be extremely demoralising for conventional units such as America has deployed in Iraq. Far from defeating the insurgency, a US 'victory' in Fallujah risks mobilising anti-American militants not only in Iraq but throughout much of the Arab world, where sympathy for the Sunni victims of America's attack is very strong." (Ibid.)

Once again, we see that our aggressive attack in Fallujah is so enraging the Muslim population throughout the Middle East and the world that fighters are likely to pour in from countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and innumerable other countries throughout the whole Middle East region. Another excellent article in this regard comes from Asia Times, and is entitled, "Fanning The Flames of Resistance".

Yesterday, Asia Times wrote an outstanding article on our attack on Fallujah: "Satan hides in a hospital".

NEWS BRIEF: " 'Body parts everywhere' in Fallujah", Times of India, November 09, 2004, http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/917797.cms

"FALLUJAH: 'Body parts everywhere!' cries a US soldier as a shell crashes onto a group of suspected rebels in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, where a punishing torrent of firepower thundered down on Tuesday. More than 500 rounds of 155-millimetre Howitzer cannon shells have been fired on the besieged Sunni stronghold west of Baghdad since a US-Iraqi offensive to take control of the city started on Monday evening ... Unconfirmed estimates suggest that as many as 100,000 residents of Fallujah could still be inside the city ... Casualty figures were unavailable from Fallujah, where estimates for the number of its 300,000-strong population who fled ahead of the long-threatened assault vary widely from 20 to 90 per cent."

This is the first and only specific statistic I have seen regarding how many residents remain in Fallujah. While many people apparently fled before the attack, at least 100,000 remain, caught in the maelstrom brought about by American heavy guns.

Another article, "Aggressive War: Supreme International Crime" is one you need to seriously read if you are to understand the apparent catastrophe unfolding in Fallujah.

E. From the beginning of our assault on Fallujah, it was clear that the insurgency had planned an "asymmetric" response by attacking elsewhere throughout Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq: No End to the Violence", Mirror.co.uk, November 11, 2004

"FIGHTING broke out across Iraq yesterday as US forces boasted Fallujah would be under coalition control within 48 hours ... troops would still need up to a week to make the north-east corner of Fallujah safe 'and at least 10 days to clear the city'. But a few hours later many towns throughout the Sunni Triangle saw fierce battles. There was anarchy in Mosul, Iraq's third largest city, and gunfights raging in Ramadi, Tikrit, Baiji and Kirkuk. Authorities imposed a curfew and closed bridges in Mosul to prevent violence spreading as gunmen set up positions, aiming mortars and rockets at US installations ... Gunmen attacked a convoy of civilian four-wheel-drives and at least one Mosul police station. Explosions also shook Ramadi as US troops and gunmen battled near the main government building. Nine civilians died and 24 were injured in fighting between security forces and gunmen in a busy shopping area in Baiji, north of Baghdad."

As you can see from this article, Iraqi insurgents have literally spread the fighting throughout northern and central Iraq. This response should have been expected as it is the tactic of choice from guerilla forces fighting a vastly superior conventional juggernaut. Listen as we recount some of these new hot spots:

NEWS BRIEF: "Rebels on the attack in Baghdad", The Australian, November 12, 2004

"CLASHES broke out between insurgents and Iraqi security forces in northern Baghdad today, a police source said. He said the fighting was in the mainly Sunni Muslim Adhamiya district ... Insurgents also clashed with US troops in the Abu Ghraib area on Baghdad's western outskirts..."

NEWS BRIEF: "Car bomb kills seven in central Baghdad", Reuters.uk, November 11, 2004

"BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A car bomb has exploded near a police patrol in a central Baghdad square, killing at least seven civilians, destroying cars and devastating a nearby building, witnesses said. A Reuters reporter saw four charred bodies in burnt-out cars at the scene of the blast on Thursday, in a busy commercial district ... 'A car bomb hit a police patrol, wounding several policemen," a police officer at the scene said. The explosion caused a nearby building to collapse into a pile of rubble and twisted metal."

NEWS BRIEF: "Mosul may be the next Fallujah, officials fear", The Seattle Times, November 11, 2004

"With war already raging in Fallujah in central Iraq, officials worry that the relatively peaceful north is on the brink of explosion, with fighting already flaring in the city of Mosul ... Security and intelligence officials of the pro-U.S. Kurdish autonomous region of northern Iraq say they have concluded that Mosul, an ethnically diverse city of 2.5 million near the Syrian and Turkish borders, may be the next battlefield in the war between insurgents fighting the U.S.-led occupation force and Iraqi interim government ... 'Mosul is a big threat', said a high-level Kurdish security official in Irbil, about 50 miles west of Mosul, speaking on condition of anonymity. 'It is going to be the second Fallujah, but even worse'."

NEWS BRIEF: "American man kidnapped in Iraq", ABC NewsOnline, November 12, 2004

"Iraqi insurgents have kidnapped an American who works as a manager at Baghdad airport ... the man was of Lebanese origin. In the video he was holding papers identifying him as Dean Sadek."

NEWS BRIEF: "Two members of Iraq prime minister's family kidnapped", Boston Globe, 11/10/2004

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) Two members of the Iraqi prime minister's family were abducted from their Baghdad home ... militants said they would be beheaded in two days if their demands are not met ... Interim government spokesman Thair al-Naqeeb said in a statement that militants had snatched interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's two relatives from their home in the western Yarmouk neighborhood Tuesday evening. Al-Naqeeb identified the missing as the prime minister's cousin, Ghazi Allawi, and the cousin's daughter-in-law."

Ever since the insurgency began to successfully attack the Coalition Headquarters known as the Green Zone, we have postulated that the time was surely coming when militants would attempt to directly attack Interim Prime Minister Allawi. Evidently, American security is so tight that insurgents could not carry out an attack on Allawi; therefore, they seized his cousin and the cousin's daughter-in-law. We do not know how close Allawi is to these extended relatives, but the insurgents must feel that he is sufficiently close to them that their beheading would deliver a significant psychological blow against him.

Now, all members of Allawi's government are on notice that they and their loved ones have to worry about being similarly seized and threatened with beheading. In fact, Asia Online is reporting that a call has gone out from religious sources to all civilian members of Allawi's Interim Government to carry out "civil disobedience in all departments of the 'puppet government' against the 'regime of Iyad Allawi. " ("A cry from the mosque")

NEWS BRIEF: "Baghdad church blast wounds 35", ABC NewsOnline, November 10, 2004

"An explosion outside a Catholic church in south-western Baghdad has wounded at least 35 people, police and hospital sources said. The blast destroyed the outer wall of St Bahnam's Church and set the house next door ablaze, witnesses said."

NEWS BRIEF: "13 Iraqis killed in Baghdad car bombing", Times of India, November 09, 2004

"BAGHDAD: At least 13 people were killed and about 60 injured when a car bomb exploded outside the emergency unit of one of Baghdad's main hospitals late on Monday, medical officials said on Tuesday."

NEWS BRIEF: "Bombs kill six Iraqi national guards, US soldier", ABC NewsOnline, November 10, 2004

"Six Iraqi national guards were killed when two roadside bombs exploded minutes apart in northern Iraq, an Iraqi official said. 'A roadside bomb exploded at 7:45 am in the path of a national guard patrol in Tuz, destroying a vehicle and killing four of its occupants', said national guard general, Anuar Mohammad, noting that a commander was among the victims. Twenty minutes later, a second bomb exploded near a patrol that had been dispatched to the scene of the first blast, killing two, Mr Mohammad said. One US soldier was killed and another injured when their armoured patrol struck a roadside bomb north of Baghdad..."

NEWS BRIEF: "Insurgent violence escalates in Baquba", ABC NewsOnline, November 9, 2004

"Insurgent attacks and clashes have killed 45 people in the Iraqi city of Baquba. Guerrillas attacked three police stations and a river bridge in the city, 65 kilometres north-east of Baghdad and fought gunbattles with Iraqi police and National Guards. The attacks came as US-led forces were storming into the rebel stronghold of Fallujah, west of Baghdad."

F. Rebels suddenly began fighting in areas declared "cleared" by American forces.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rebels stage Fallujah fightback", By Lech Mintowt-czyz, Evening Standard, 10 November 2004, reprinted by This Is London

"Fresh fighting erupted today in areas of Fallujah declared 'cleared' by US forces ... at first light intense machinegun, mortar and rocket exchanges opened up in the north-western district of Jolan. The area, said yesterday to have been taken in a 'smooth' operation, with lighter resistance than expected, came once more under intense artillery and air bombardment."

This is the nature of guerilla warfare, and is the reason conventional forces have such difficulty defeating such an unconventional enemy.


IV. We may have just witnessed the true nature of the Bush Second Administration this past week in Los Angeles. As Anti-War demonstrators were exercising their Free Speech rights, military tanks suddenly rolled around the corner. Needless to say, these American citizens were at first intimidated and then outraged. We are used to seeing military arms being used against civilians in China and other Third World countries, but not here in America!

NEWS BRIEF: "Westwood Anti-Occupation Demonstration Pictures - Part 2 of 2", la.indymedia.org, Wednesday November 10, 2004, http://la.indymedia.org/news/2004/11/118943.php - (Picture a must-see)

"Despite the one-day notice, about 400-500 people turned out to protest the day after the start of the second U.S. attack on the people of Fallujah. Mysteriously, two tanks arrived and were immediately surrounded by chanting demonstrators ... most of the group stood on the sidewalk along Wilshire Blvd. waving signs and shouting to oncoming commuters in cars and buses, who frequently expressed their support by shouting and blowing their horns, and (much, much less frequently) expressed opposition. Smaller groups were stationed on each of the other three corners of the Wilshire and Veteran intersection, and as the lights changed some of these groups would parade across the intersection, making themselves still more visible to traffic.

"About 7:30pm, two tanks barreled past, going East on Wilshire, rounded the corner onto Veteran going South, and disappeared. About ten or fifteen minutes later, two tanks (apparently the same ones) appeared again going East on Wilshire ... Demonstrators immediately stepped in front of the lead tank, blocking its path, and started to chant 'U.S. Out!' at the soldiers, whose heads and torsos were clearly visible and who evidently exchanged a few words with protestors ... Unfortunately, a few of our protestors chanted 'murderers!' at the soldiers ... Both tanks were surrounded on three sides by protestors for about three or four minutes until the LAPD showed up and placed themselves between tanks and protestors, and cleared the protestors who were blocking the front tank out of the road. I did not witness any brutality as this occurred, nor am I aware of any arrests having been made.

"Our protest continued following this incident. If sending tanks driving by was meant to intimidate us, it definitely did not succeed, and in fact had the opposite effect."

Soon after President Bush was re-elected, he stated that his election had given him considerable political "capital", a sum he was determined to spend. More than a few times during his first term, President Bush showed flashes of a very hard edge, but he seemingly kept it under control, as he wanted to be re-elected. Bush and Ashcroft demanded, and received, the dictatorial acts known as Patriot I and Patriot II, which give them the same kind of dictatorial powers wielded by Russia's Stalin and Germany's Hitler.

Now that this country is headed into a second term, are we going to see that hard-edged George Bush, as he seeks to confront and defeat his internal political enemies? Let us examine an terrible instance in the early part of his first term which has a great bearing upon this discussion.

NEWS BRIEF: "NEWS BRIEF: "FEDS Seize Indianapolis Church For Back Taxes", NewsMax.com wires, February 13, 2001.

"INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) – Ending a 91-day standoff, federal marshals seized Indianapolis Baptist Temple for back taxes Tuesday [February 13] and removed praying church members. 'We didn't want anyone from our side or the other side to get hurt,' said Greg Dixon Sr., the elder of the pastors, who was removed from the building on a gurney. Other church members who refused to leave were taken outside on stretchers. No one was arrested. The building was to be turned over to the Internal Revenue Service."

Let us now turn to another news story for more revelations.

NEWS BRIEF: "Nation: Feds seize Indianapolis Church in unprecedented move", The Associated Press, INDIANAPOLIS, February 13, 2001, 10:00AM.

"Federal marshals on Tuesday seized the Indianapolis Baptist Temple to satisfy a $6 million tax debt, wheeling its pastor out on a gurney as he protested the move. The U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for the seizure last month. The Baptist Temple stopped withholding federal income and Social Security taxes from its employees' paychecks in 1984, saying the church's duty to obey God allowed no room for manmade laws and that withholding taxes would make it an agent of the government."

We are very concerned that the Federal Government has acted to seize a church and its property. It is highly likely that a Red Line has been crossed that might bring absolute disaster for all Americans. A precedent may have just been set that will make it easier for the government to begin to move against that most hated enemy of the Illuminati, Fundamental Christianity.

When a "compassionate, Christian" President can order his "Christian" Attorney General to send federal marshals against a Baptist Church to close it, we know that this President is a very dangerous leader. What makes him even more dangerous is that the vast majority of Christians believe he is Born Again and can be trusted. Therefore, when he sends tanks against peaceful demonstrators, Christians will naturally believe they had it coming. What will they believe, though, when genuine Christians begin to disappear?


V. When President Bush nominated Alberto Gonzales as his next Attorney General, did he stab his Fundamental Christians in their collective backs?

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush taps Gonzales for attorney general", by Jennifer Loven, Associated Press, reprinted in The State, November 11, 2004

"WASHINGTON - Alberto Gonzales has played a central role in some of the Bush administration's most controversial moves in the war on terror. As President Bush's pick to be the nation's next attorney general, that work could place some bumps in Gonzales' road to Senate confirmation. Bush announced Wednesday that he had chosen Gonzales, his 49-year-old White House counsel for almost four years, to be the first Hispanic to be the nation's top law enforcement officer."

The REAL story behind this story was revealed in the next story: Gonzales is pro-abortion!

NEWS BRIEF: "Pro-lifers not thrilled with Gonzales choice: Bush's pick for attorney general upheld abortion on Texas court", WorldNetDaily, November 10, 2004

"Pro-life activists are criticizing President Bush's choice of Alberto Gonzales to replace John Ashcroft as attorney general ... Gonzales is a former member of the Texas Supreme Court, where he voted to allow a teenager to get an abortion without notifying her parents, circumventing the notification law in that state."

Did you catch the most important point? Alberto Gonzales voted to circumvent existing law in the state of Texas! When a Judge of a State Supreme Court votes to override clear law instead of just interpreting that law, we are in real trouble. Texas law forbade a pregnant teen to get an abortion without notifying her parents. The law was firm and unambiguous. Yet, Judge Gonzales voted to side-step that firm and clear law. If an ordinary citizen side-steps a law, we call him a criminal and arrest him; but when a sitting judge does the same thing, no action is taken.

Not only is this judicial activism at its worst -- which President Bush says he will not allow -- but Gonzales identified himself as a Liberal pro-abortionist.

At least one news story got it right:

NEWS BRIEF: "Gonzales wrong for Attorney General: Why won't Bush pick a pro-life nominee?", by Judie Brown, president of American Life League, 11 Nov 04, http://www.all.org/hp1.htm

"President Bush appears to be doing all that he can to downright ignore pro-life principle. There can be no other explanation for his recommendation of Alberto Gonzales as attorney general. Gonzales has a record, and that record is crystal clear. As a Texas Supreme Court justice, Gonzales' rulings implied he does not view abortion as a heinous crime ... Gonzales' position is clear: the personhood of the preborn human being is secondary to technical points of law, and that is a deadly perspective for anyone to take.

"President Bush claims he wants to assist in bringing about a culture of life. Such a culture begins with total protection for every innocent human being from the moment that person's life begins. Within the short period of one week, the president has been silent on pro-abortion Sen. Arlen Specter's desire to chair the senate judiciary committee, and has spoken out in favor of a judge with a pro-abortion track record to lead the Justice Department.

"Why is President Bush betraying the babies?"

However, the real story is that President Bush actually picked this man to be his next Attorney General, the office which is entrusted with enforcing all laws, including all Abortion laws. If Gonzales is truly pro-abortion, we can expect that he will not agressively enforce limitations on abortion on the one hand, while he may actively use the powers of his office against anti-abortion activities.

Finally, Christians cannot take comfort from this appointment of a pro-abortionist man to Attorney General. Since Bush was re-elected, Evangelical Christians have publicly proclaimed that they expect President Bush to appoint pro-life Judges whenever positions open up on the Supreme Court during these next four years. Some people estimate that President Bush might have the opportunity to appoint three to four judges! If he was to appoint this many judges who were genuinely pro-life, the Supreme Court could really overturn Roe vs Wade and close the huge Abortion Industry down!

However, remember three very important facts:

1. Bush may have already shown his true colors in nominating this pro-abortion candidate

2. Conservative President Reagan was supposedly pro-life, but he nominated Sandra Day O'Connor, even though she was pro-abortion! Her support was essential when the Supreme Court legalized Sodomy on June 26, 2003 (NEWS1830).

3. The true Illuminati plan is to achieve depopulation, as our quote from Henry Kissinger, above, clearly demonstrates. Occultists, including those Skull & Bones men, consider abortion to be a very important depopulation tool.

Therefore, do not be too surprised if President Bush nominates pro-abortion judges if he ever gets the opportunity to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are working on that article we promised about the dangers electronic voting machines pose to our Representative Republic. So much information has poured in that we have just been unable to finish it before we issued this newsletter. We shall have this article next week

---------Conclusion----------------I will pour water upon him that is thirsty." Isaiah 44:3

When a believer has fallen into a low, sad state of feeling, he often tries to lift himself out of it by chastening himself with dark and doleful fears. Such is not the way to rise from the dust, but to continue in it. As well chain the eagle's wing to make it mount, as doubt in order to increase our grace. It is not the law, but the gospel which saves the seeking soul at first; and it is not a legal bondage, but gospel liberty which can restore the fainting believer afterwards. Slavish fear brings not back the backslider to God, but the sweet wooings of love allure him to Jesus' bosom. Are you this morning thirsting for the living God, and unhappy because you cannot find him to the delight of your heart? Have you lost the joy of religion, and is this your prayer, "Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation"? Are you conscious also that you are barren, like the dry ground; that you are not bringing forth the fruit unto God which He has a right to expect of you; that you are not so useful in the Church, or in the world, as your heart desires to be? Then here is exactly the promise which you need, "I will pour water upon him that is thirsty." You shall receive the grace you so much require, and you shall have it to the utmost reach of your needs. Water refreshes the thirsty: you shall be refreshed; your desires shall be gratified. Water quickens sleeping vegetable life: your life shall be quickened by fresh grace. Water swells the buds and makes the fruits ripen; you shall have fructifying grace: you shall be made fruitful in the ways of God. Whatever good quality there is in divine grace, you shall enjoy it to the full. All the riches of divine grace you shall receive in plenty; you shall be as it were drenched with it: and as sometimes the meadows become flooded by the bursting rivers, and the fields are turned into pools, so shall you be--the thirsty land shall be springs of water. ["Morning and Evening Devotions" by C.H. Spurgeon; Emphasis added]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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