Wednesday, 12/16 /2015

1. Kabbalist Rabbis are awakening a Messianic fever in Israel.

One prominent Rabbi is writing a scroll that he will present to Israel's Messiah when he arises.

Will this scroll be the prophesied Covenant which Antichrist shall sign with Israel (Daniel 9:27)?

2. ISIS continues to reveal its ugly head to a world getting tired of such brutality.

a. ISIS issues a decree that all Down Syndrome babies be murdered at birth

b. ISIS flags and pictures of severed heads discovered in the possession of hundreds of Syrian refugees in Europe!

3. Saudi Arabia slowly losing control in her Yemen War.

4. Now, the Government is registering Drones!

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1. Kabbalist Rabbis are awakening a Messianic fever in Israel.

One prominent Rabbi is writing a scroll that he will present to Israel's Messiah when he arises.

Will this scroll be the prophesied Covenant which Antichrist shall sign with Israel (Daniel 9:27)?

NEWS BRIEF: "Torah Scroll Being Written to Present to Messiah Upon His Arrival", Breaking Israel News, December 15, 2015

"Now it will come about that In the last days ... the Torah will go forth from Zion And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” (Isaiah 2:2-3)

"Rabbi Yosef Berger, one of the rabbis in charge of King David’s Tomb in Jerusalem’s Old City, has been dreaming of a project for over a year – one Torah scroll to unify all of Israel. Recent global events have forced Rabbi Berger to move ahead quickly with his dream as he wants to be able to personally present this Torah as a gift to the Messiah. Many prominent rabbis and Kabbalists have told Rabbi Berger that may be very soon indeed."

Notice that Kabbalists are convinced that the Jewish Messiah will be arising within Israel "very soon indeed"! This understanding brings us to our DVD featured above, "Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ". We prove that the Pharisees and Sadducees who conspired to murder Jesus on the Roman Cross were secret worshippers of Lucifer in an oral secret society, which became known as Kabbalist in approximately 1,100 AD.

We also prove that these Kabbalist Jewish leaders knew Jesus was the prophesied Messiah, but since He was the meek and mild "Suffering Servant", the Pharisees and Sadducees decided to murder Him so they could produce their own Messiah, the "Ruling King" Messiah who would rule from Jerusalem with a "rod of iron" forever.

This fervent plan to produce a Ruler Messiah has taken Kabbalist leaders 2,000 years, but today, they believe their bold plan is almost ready to produce this conquering King on the world scene. Therefore, Rabbi Yosef Berger plans to create a Torah scroll to present this coming Kabbalist King as a means by which he can "unify all of Israel"!

I wonder if this scroll will also contain the prophetic "Covenant" with Israel foretold in Daniel 9:27. When the Kabbalist Messiah signs this Covenant, the seven year Tribulation Period will officially begin!

"And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week..." (Daniel 9:27a)

How soon will this Kabbalist King arise, in the estimation of these Kabbalist leaders?

"According to Rabbi Berger, Rabbi Abuhatzeira added that the combined numerologies of the phrases 'This year we will merit seeing him' ... and 'The arrival of the Messiah' ... , add up to 5776, the current year according to the Jewish calendar."

These priests plan to hold a parade to commemorate the completion of this special Torah scroll.

"When the Torah is completed, Rabbi Berger plans on having a parade through Jerusalem to dedicate it. The parade will go through every corner of the city in order to include as many people as possible and will finish at the Tomb of King David, where the Torah scroll will be kept."

This planned parade sounds suspiciously like the procession which modern Kabbalist leaders have planned for their "New David" Messiah as he appears on the world scene.

"... it may be possible for the New David to ride into Jerusalem in all his resplendent majesty ... The processional route will, of course, lie directly across the Kidron ravine, as close as possible to the Temple Mount ... he must be duly enthroned and anointed with oil (in token of Psalm 45:6-7) amid the rubble of the dome of the Rock ..." [The Armageddon Script, p. 233-35; Emphasis added]

Notice that the Dome of the Rock is planned to be destroyed by the coming Kabbalist Messiah!

While we know that Antichrist's "timing is of the Lord", we also know that God allows the demonic realm limited foreknowledge so they can bring the kings of the earth into fulfillment of God's prophecies. The Albert Pike demonic vision of three world wars designed to produce Antichrist is proof positive of this fact (Read full details in NEWS1015).

Therefore, it is very likely that the demonic host is preparing the human Kabbalist leaders in Israel for the imminent arrival of Antichrist.


2. ISIS continues to reveal its ugly head to a world getting tired of such brutality.

a. ISIS issues a decree that all Down Syndrome babies be murdered at birth

b. ISIS flags and pictures of severed heads discovered in the possession of hundreds of Syrian refugees in Europe!

NEWS BRIEF: "ISIS issues fatwa ordering children with Down Syndrome to be killed at birth ", Irish Independent News, December 15, 2015

"Islamic State (ISIS) have ordered a fatwa in which children born with Down Syndrome and disabilities to be killed at birth ... Some 38 children born with disabilities and Down Syndrome aged between a week and three months old have already been killed by the IS, claims Iraqi monitoring group, Mosul Eye."

"The children were murdered by lethal injection or were suffocated ... The barbaric fatwa was issued by one of ISIS's Shar'i judges, a Saudi man named Abu Said Aljazrawi, Mosul Eye revealed on a Facebook post ... the Shar'i Board issued an 'Oral Fatwa' to its members authorising them to 'kill newborn babies with Down's Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children'."

As if this barbarism were not enough, European authorities have discovered that hundreds of Syrian "refugees" possessed cruel pictures of severed human heads.

NEWS BRIEF: "ISIS flags and photos of SEVERED HEADS found among HUNDREDS of migrants entering Europe", Express News, Dec15, 2015

"HUNDREDS of migrants have been found with pictures of severed heads and executions on their mobile phones along with Islamic State flags inside their luggage ... The chilling images were found by Norwegian officers searching migrants, sparking fears evil ISIS militants are still exploiting the migration crisis to sneak into the continent. Officers also found sickening photographs of dead children along with other victims of terrorism and war."

People everywhere on every continent must realize that they are allowing free access to our society for Islamic terrorists to carry out vicious terror attacks with virtual impunity. Accepting Muslims as refugees is a Trojan Horse!

Dr. Kevin Clarkson, of Prophecy In The News, and David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries, discuss in depth the process of over throwing Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship in the new Cutting Edge Films DVD - 'BRINGING SAUDI ARABIA DOWN'


3. Saudi Arabia slowly losing control in her Yemen War.

NEWS BRIEF: "Islamic State gaining strength in Yemen", New York Times, December 14, 2015

"Nine months of war between a Saudi-led military coalition and a Yemeni rebel group have left thousands of civilians dead, a nation gravely polarized and the land strewn with debris, mines and unexploded bombs. The conflict has produced another bitter legacy: a new branch of the Islamic State that has quietly grown in strength and appears determined to distinguish itself as Yemen’s most disruptive and brutal force, carrying out attacks considered too extreme even by the country’s branch of Al Qaeda."

Saudi Arabia seems to not know how to defeat this most brutal form of enemy.

"Like Islamic State affiliates in Egypt and Libya, the Yemeni group has shown signs it is more closely coordinating its activities with the headquarters in Syria, analysts said. And its emergence has only added to the peril from Sunni extremism in Yemen, already home to a powerful branch of Al Qaeda that has been able to seize territory during the latest conflict, including Al Mukalla, the country’s fifth-largest city."

Is this impending defeat the REAL reason Saudi Arabia has brokered a temporary ceasefire as her leaders urgently try to reach a permanent ceasefire?

"The violence has raised tensions before United Nations-brokered negotiations to end the conflict, scheduled to begin this week in Geneva, as well as a cease-fire announced by the Saudi-led coalition that is set to begin Tuesday."

The Pentagon's 20067 New Middle East Map is real and is being carefully followed. In this map, Saudi Arabia loses everything, has all her national pride and many oil facilities stripped from her (Read full details in NEWS2213, entitled, "President Bush's 'New Middle East Map' Is Enraging Friends and Foes Alike")

NEWS BRIEF: "Saudi Gulf Commanders 'Killed in Missile Strike'," BBC News, 14 December 2015

"A Saudi military commander and an Emirati officer are reported to be among a number of Gulf, Yemeni and Sudanese soldiers killed in Yemen. They appear to have been killed by a missile fired by Houthi rebels ... Rebel and government sources said the attack, in the province of Taiz, left dozens of coalition troops dead."

Saudi Arabia is facing her own Vietnam-type war and she will not recover. At the most opportune moment, Iran will strike Saudi oil facilities and will end the existence of the Desert Kingdom. For all her wealth, Saudi Arabia is a very fragile nation.

The last straw will likely be the invasion of southern Saudi Arabia by a Yemeni force aiming directly at the Holy Site in Mecca and Medina. The Pentagon map of the Middle East clearly shows that Iran will one day control these holy places.

At that moment, the entrenched dictatorship in Saudi Arabia will be no more.

4. Now, the Government is registering Drones!

NEWS BRIEF: "Drones Must Be Registered: Database Contains Public Names, Addresses", Breitbart News, 14 Dec 2015

"Many commercial drones, including those purchased over the holidays, must now be registered. According to the FAA, starting February 19th, all drones weighing between 0.55 to 50 pounds must be registered with their owners’ names and addresses in a national database. Violators can face civil penalties of up to $27,500 and three years in jail."

Authorities cite the need for safety.

" 'Unmanned aircraft enthusiasts are aviators, and with that title comes a great deal of responsibility', said Secretary of the Transportation Department Anthony Foxx ... These new regulations are a response to a rash of public incidences with drones, such as crashes at sporting events or those flying dangerously close to commercial airliners. Previously, it was difficult to identify the operator of a recovered drone if it had endangered the public. This new database will make investigations much easier (including by neighbors)."

But, more discerning citizens see a very dangerous element in these new regulations.

"A national registry has serious implications for privacy,” argued the vice president of the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. “Journalists may want to use drone photography to investigate government or industry corruption or citizen journalists may want to use drones as part of a protest. Rules should be written so that some legitimate anonymous actions are still protected where possible.”

"Big Brother" surveillance is here and it will become every more intrusive every day, every week, and every year.



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You will be further surprised to learn that the huge security fence Israel has erected around the Palestinian towns and cities will prove to be an indispensable tool in their strategy to carry out this complete destruction, as God has foretold 2,500 years ago.

We wish to reiterate that we take no satisfaction from this unbelievable prophecy of carnage, but a lot of people are going to be searching for valid answers in a hurry once this carnage does occur. They have to look no further for correct answers than this prophecy in Obadiah.

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Today, the countries listed by Ezekiel 38-39 as joining in this formidable war have already coming together in alliance and are led by virulently anti-Israel leaders. The countries, the leaders, and the weaponry are all in place, awaiting only the SUPERNATURAL call to battle, exactly as Daniel 10 instructs us. As these nations are awaiting the summons to march toward Israel, they are protected by Ezekiel 38-39 right now from any destruction or 'regime change'.

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Yet the irony is that even though this technology is sweeping the planet, hardly anyone, even Christians, have any idea what it is in the first place, let alone its Biblical ramifications!

This technology is not a science fiction scenario of the future; it is present day reality with today's technology called RFID. And that's why the Mark of the Beast is not only real, it's really going to be implemented just like the Bible said. In fact, it might be sooner than you think.

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While Freemasonry has successfully deceived a great many people, convincing them that Freemasonry is compatible with Christianity, God knows the Truth and is not tolerant of Masons In The Pulpit. We prove that a Holy God cannot tolerate Masons in the pulpit of a church for which His Son, Jesus, bled on that cruel cross of Calvary.

We begin at a very reasonable starting premise: If a pastor refuses to resign from the Masonic Lodge he does so because he feels greater loyalty to the Lodge than to Jesus Christ.

Starting from this premise, we examine a number of key Masonic teachings and then ask the Pastor how he can reconcile these teachings with Biblical Christianity. We ask, 'Mr. Pastor, when you are teaching key biblical doctrine, are you really thinking of the radically different teaching of Freemasonry? Prime Example: Freemasonry teaches that its religion is far superior to any other religion on Earth, including Christianity. Mr. Pastor, are you thinking how superior Masonry is to Christianity when you are teaching Biblical doctrine. Second Example: Freemasonry teaches that it is necessary for Lodge leaders to deliberately lie to their people until they are 'mature enough' to comprehend and accept the truth; Mr. Pastor, when you are teaching key Biblical doctrine, are you secretly thinking that it is necessary for you to teach these 'lies' about Jesus and the God of the Bible until your people are spiritually mature to comprehend the true Masonic doctrine?

We prove that a Holy God cannot tolerate Masons in the pulpit of a church for which His Son, Jesus, bled on that cruel cross of Calvary.

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