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January 9, 2009

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"Henry Kissinger Has Proclaimed That Obama Is Primed To "Create New World Order"!

We have felt since 1992 that the final events needed to conclude the New World Order might occur during the administration of the 44th President.

Now, one of the most powerful member of the Illuminati has just stated that Obama is uniquely positioned to create the final New World Order, a.k.a. Kingdom of Antichrist.


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I. The rift between Hamas and Palestinian President Abbas flared to the surface yesterday, confirming our position that the real reason for this Israeli attack on Hamas was to remove Hamas from power.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas: Abbas no longer heads Palestinian Authority", The Jerusalem Post, January 9, 2009

"The IDF's anti-Hamas operation in the Gaza Strip has diverted attention from the row over Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's term in office, which expires on Friday. Abbas's aides said he has no plans to step down in the near future, claiming that the PA's Basic Law allows him to stay in power for another year."

Israel and the United States desperately wants Abbas to stay in power because he is a Freemason and is, therefore, totally compliant with the plans of Western Freemasonry to return control of the Temple Mount to Israel so she can build a temple based upon Solomon's old temple. Hamas realizes this fact, as does Hezbollah, which explains their rock-solid resistance to Abbas and to the Israeli leadership as they attempt to establish the Palestinian State.

"Hamas officials said that as of Friday they would not recognize Abbas's status as president of the PA ... Hamas and some Palestinian legal experts have openly challenged Abbas's right to remain in power after the expiration of his term. 'Thursday was Abbas's last day in office', said Osama Hamdan, the Hamas representative in Lebanon. 'Our position on this issue is clear: Abbas's term in office has expired'."

"Mushir al-Masri, a spokesman for Hamas in the Gaza Strip, said Abbas would lose credibility because of his refusal to step down. 'He doesn't have the right to speak on behalf of the people', he said. 'He's in power only because the Israelis and the Americans want him to stay'."

Exactly! Hamas and Hezbollah view Abbas as a traitor to the Palestinian cause, and a stooge of the Israelis and the Americans. They probably know the Israeli plan to use the Palestinian State as the tool by which they will annihilate all Palestinians (Read NEWS2095 and NEWS1625 for full details).

This insight brings us once again to the real reason Israel invaded the Gaza Strip: to remove all hindrances to Abbas' authority to speak for the Palestinian people so a Palestinian State can be achieved. And, Israel must accomplish this goal before January 20, when Bush relinquishes command of the Oval Office.

This next new story illustrates just how important it is for Israel to complete her overthrow of Hamas before Noon, January 20.

Behold A Pale Horse

II. These next two news stories illustrate dramatically why Israel must complete her mission in the Gaza Strip BEFORE Obama takes control of the White House.

First, let us look at the undying support of Israel from the Bush Administration

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. makes U-turn on U.N. Gaza vote: An apparent reversal of earlier promises to Arab states", Reuters News, January 9, 2009

"UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - In an apparent reversal of earlier promises to Arab states, the United States on Thursday abstained from voting on a Gaza ceasefire resolution at the United Nations Security Council. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the decision to abstain was because the United States first wanted to see the outcome of Egyptian mediation efforts to end the 13-day Israeli offensive which has killed more than 750 Palestinians."

"The U.S. abstention lessens the resolution's clout and could weaken pressure on close U.S. ally Israel to abide by the U.N. decision, which also called for a full withdrawal of Israeli troops from Hamas-ruled Gaza. The council's other 14 members voted for the resolution. Western and Arab diplomats said they had expected Rice to vote for the resolution and cited a phone call she had with U.S. President George W. Bush immediately before the vote. State Department officials did not immediately respond to e-mails and phone calls about why the United States ultimately decided not to back the resolution."

Thus did the Bush Administration abruptly reverse its earlier commitment to vote for the resolution. What was the immediate effect of this reversal? As the sentence in the paragraph, above, this American decision weakens the pressure on the " close U.S. ally Israel". This is the gist of our argument as to the timing of this military operation in the Gaza Strip, i.e., attacking during the Lame Duck period of Bush's Presidency and be finished on or before Noon, January 20, when Obama takes over.

Secondly, let us examine Obama's apparent leaning toward Islamic causes and groups.

NEWS BRIEF: "Incoming Obama administration 'prepared to talk to Hamas' ", N.Y. Daily News, January 9, 2009

"In a sharp departure from his predecessor’s policy of ostracism, sources close to President-elect Barack Obama's transition team say the incoming administration is prepared to open communications channels with Hamas ... The Guardian quotes a source being considered for a foreign policy position in the Obama administration as saying, 'This is going to be an administration that is committed to negotiating with critical parties on critical issues'."

Given the controversy during the campaign as to whether Obama is a Muslim, Israel had better get this Gaza operation finished and Hamas either neutralized or overthrown before Obama takes office!

However, if Hamas is overthrown before Noon, January 20, he will gladly accept the "new facts on the ground" in Israel, and will aggressively begin working with Abbas and the Israeli leadership to establish the Palestinian State!

III. New clarion call to nationalize all banks!

This threat is undoubtedly designed to force banks to aggressively lend money as the government wants them to do. In a Fascist Economy, the government tightly controls banks, so this threat must be taken seriously by all banks.

NEWS BRIEF: "Why the banks won't lend: Determined to save themselves, banks can't be forced to expand lending. Public ownership is the only way to avert disaster", Guardian (London), January 5, 2009

"For a year or more now, the US and UK governments have been fighting the financial meltdown by trying to get the banks to perform their proper function of lending credit to businesses and households and thus boosting demand across the economy. In the October bail-out of the banks, a staggering £500bn (more than one-third of UK GDP) was made available to the banks to kick-start lending ... none of these measures succeeded in getting bank lending going again. Further measures are now therefore being considered...."

"The problem with all these measures remains enforceability ... So what should be done? The real joker in the pack is that every conceivable incentive is being offered to the banks to expand lending, at stupefying cost to the taxpayer, yet the banks still won't oblige, and have even today announced that they expect to reduce lending in the first quarter of 2009. The reason simply is that the banks are determined to hoover up all this Treasury largesse and grace of the taxpayer, and use it to prop up their balance sheets and not incur any further bad debts after their disastrous experience of being caught with billions of toxic mortgage-backed securities in 2007-8"

These banks are only interested in saving themselves, not in saving the economy. So, what is the solution? A threat to nationalize all banks!

"In these circumstances, the only certain way to ensure that lending is resumed on the scale now desperately required is to take public control of the banks, temporarily at least...."

This kind of threat could be carried out -- at least temporarily -- until the government could fire the current leadership at these banks and replace them with leaders totally in sync with government regulations. At that point, the government could officially return the banks to private ownership, as the Fascist economic model requires.

Can you see how consistently the economies of the Western world are being maneuvered into this controlled Fascist economy? Remember, the Illuminati wants a controlled economy, not a ruined one. As Cutting Edge has consistently maintained that government leaders will take the economy right up to the edge of the abyss but will not actually run it over the edge. The THREAT of disaster is exactly the main ingredient necessary to allow the Illuminati to bring about the changes they desire. Remember this the next time you hear distressing news.

As Henry Kissinger stated in our newest article, above, the THREAT of disaster around the world right now will provide President Obama with the opportunity to finally create the "New World Order". A lot of changes must occur before the planned World War III is finally underway; that is the time when threatened disasters actually turn into real disaster.

In the meantime, we Christians who know our prophecies, who know God's mighty promises, and who can discern the times in which we live, must cheerfully reach out to the unsaved around us in love and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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In victory Israel enlarges it borders, exploits Arab oil resources, and becomes one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Furthermore terrorism ceases to exist, Islam is dramatically diminished, America prospers, Jordan surrenders to Israeli sovereignty, Damascus is destroyed, and then Russia and Iran turn their sites against a Greater Israel.

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This documentary shows how "The Kinsey Reports" have been used to change the laws concerning sex crimes in America, resulting in the minimal sentences so often given to rapists and pedophiles. Further explained is that the Kinsey data laid the foundation for sex education -- training teachers, psychologists and even Catholic priests in human sexuality. What has been the consequence?

Working secretly in his attic, Dr. Kinsey was one of America's original pornographers. His influence inspired Hugh Hefner to launch Playboy Magazine - the "soft" approach to porn - which in time would escalate the widespread use of pornography through magazines, cable TV and the Internet. In 2006 the California Child Molestation & Sexual Abuse Attorneys reported that: "The number of victims of childhood sexual abuse and molestation grows each year. This horrific crime is directly tied to the growth of pornography on the Internet."

Perhaps most disturbing, Alfred Kinsey has been accused of training pedophiles to work with stopwatches and record the responses of children being raped - all in the name of "science.

Why has the truth about Kinsey been suppressed for so long? And what can Americans do to make a difference?

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These scare tactics then allow our governments to take actions to destroy our freedoms. Executive Orders, Patriot Acts I and II and other anti-terrorist laws are then passed because the citizens are terrified by these scare tactics

But equally important is the Apostasy of the Christian Church, which has collapsed Biblical authority and the awareness by the people as to the accuracy of prophecy! In this era, "Seeker-senstive" churches have virtually abolished Biblical authority and awareness on the one hand, while slowly moving her people into the arms of the Vatican on the other hand

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Hoggard also details how secular Marketing Strategies are being successfully used to market the Christian Church -- including SEX!

Other secular techniques which these modern apostate churches are using to increase their numbers include: 1) Drama; 2) Entertainment, 3) Social Events; 4) Psychology; 5) and numerous programs galore

Occult New Age Techniques have been renamed and introduced into the seeker sensitive churches. Youth Pastors are being especially targeted with this New Age programming, as they are aiming at contemporary teens already programmed heavily into the New Age Movement

Contemporary Music is strongly used, with the goal of ultimately moving church people into mainstream Rock

Hoggard lists the 4 areas which Satan is attacking through these apostate churches: 1) Attack against the Word; 2) Attack against Prayer; 3) Against traditional church music; 4) Attack against traditional preaching - Joel Osteen, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn are prime examples

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“…for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die” Genesis 2:17

Man’s very existence has always been threatened by the “big three” of disease, war and famine, but there is a silent plague stalking us that renders those things trivial by comparison. Even though the current population of the world is estimated to be 6.7 billion—and continues to keep growing in spite of the historic trio of death and destruction—100% of that tremendously large number (which of course includes you and me) were born with a condition having infinitely greater consequences!

Did you know that according to the Bible all humans are born into this world spiritually dead?


"Many Pastors of Christian Churches Are Reported To Be Freemasons - What New World Order Ramifications Might We Expect?"

We will examine the possible religious and New World Order ramifications that might flow from many pastors and key leaders of Christian churches being Freemasons. You will be shocked!

Truly, Antichrist cannot arise until the Masons have changed Christian Churches enough to accept him.

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"Prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8 Is Now Being Fulfilled In Your Daily News - Final Timeline Now Becoming Apparent"

The prophesied 10-Nation Reorganization is being fulfilled. South and Southeast Asian countries have just signed their charter which will produce Nation #9 of the Illuminati Plan!

Now, North American Union (Nation#1) and the South American Union (Nation #6) can continue their march toward fulfillment. End of the Age prophecy is being fulfilled - are you paying attention?

Antichrist cannot arise until these 10 Super Nations are formed!




"Why Are Genuinely Born-Again Pastors So Terribly Blind As To The Prophetic Times In Which We Live? Cutting Edge Challenge To All Pastors"

"Part 1 of 3 - Why Can't You See That Every War In The 20th Century Was Fought To Produce Antichrist?" -

"Part 2 of 3 - "You need to learn of Satan's Devices! "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." [2 Cor 2:11] The article is for all pastors who are not aware of the schemes, powers, and devices of Satan during this most occult hour in world history!" -

Part 3 of 3 - "World War II was the only global war in which America was seemingly threatened, yet the Illuminati financed Hitler's rise to power, financed his war buildup, and poured large assets into his war chest all through the war" -

This, DVD, above, speaks clearly to this current generations of deliberately blind pastors. "Theologians Under Hitler" tells a hidden story, that three prominent, well-respected Protestant theologians unexpectedly transferred their allegiance to Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party.
These Protestant leaders greatly helped blind German Protestants to the truth of Hitler, so that the majority of the German Church supported Hitler and aided greatly in providing the bedrock of support for Hitler's World War II and his Jewish Genocide.

Respected American Protestant theologians have accomplished the same thing for President Bush! Look at the Far Right: Falwell, Robertson, Billy Graham have successfully worked to blind American Christians as to the truth of "Skull & Bones" Bush.

Tactic which worked for Hitler is now being carried out in America! Now you can know why American Right-Wing Christians are so adamantly blinded by Republican politics! --

"The Federal Reserve Is Deliberately Devaluing the American Dollar - At The Same Time Other Key Central Banks Are Devaluing Their Currencies!"

Central Banks around the world are taking coordinated efforts to devalue their currency so the planned Regional Currencies can be created and set in place. For citizens of the North American Union, the AMERO is not too far away!

This development is exciting because the creation of the North American Union is part of the developing fulfillment of the 10-Nations prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8 (Read NEWS1002, entitled, "NAFTA: The Shocking Rest of the Story")

We are witnessing the unfolding of one of the greatest fulfillment of Bible prophecies ever!


"Russian Diplomatic Professor Predicts America Will Break Up Into 6 Separate Divisions Because of Economic Stress"

The Illuminati DOES INDEED have a plan to break North America up into 6 Military Patrol Zones!

"Do You Remember That George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton Also Called For a National Community Service Program Early In Their Presidency?"

President George H.W. Bush called for "volunteerism" in 1990, and Clinton's National Community Service Program of 1993 were based squarely on the Hitler model, just as Barack Obama's Universal Service Plan.
Do not be deceived: the coming New World Order is Nazism revived, in so many different ways. The Nazi Wolf is coming back! --

"Surprise! Surprise! Many of President Obama's Policies Will Be IDENTICAL To Bush's! "

There is truly "not a dime's worth of difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties"!

Conservatives elected George W. Bush in 2000, but got the policies of Al Gore! Likewise, Liberals elected Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, but will get the policies of Bush!

"World War I Armistice Day (Veteran's Day) - History's Greatest Single Proof That International Conspiracy Is Ruling The Modern World" -

"Is Obama The Coming Antichrist?"

Can it be that Senator Barack Obama is THE Antichrist foretold in the Bible?

He certainly has run a Messianic type Presidential campaign and has been called a 'Messiah' by Farrakhan.

Are we witnessing the public coming to power of the Antichrist? You be the judge after reading this article. Matthew 24 and key prophecies in Daniel are key passages if we are to understand this issue.


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