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July 7, 2008


I. A top Palestinian Authority official expects that Obama will establish a Palestinian State immediately after assuming the powers of President!

NEWS BRIEF: "'Obama will immediately birth Palestinian state' ", World Net Daily, July 7, 2008

" JERUSALEM – The Palestinian Authority is hoping Sen. Barack Obama wins the presidential election in November and expects Obama to immediately set out to create a Palestinian state once he takes office, a top PA official said' .We would like to see Obama elected. If he is elected, an agreement about the foundation of a Palestinian state (would be) reached," PA Planning Minister Samir Abdullah told reporters in Tokyo this weekend.

"Abdullah, who is the former head of the Palestinian Communist Party, said the PA expects Obama to win in November. He said once the Illinois senator takes office, 'he will immediately study the Palestinian cause and will try to push it forward'."

Conservatives like World Net Daily have consistently charged that Obama is very pro-Islamic and would be very pro-Palestinian should he be elected. The rest of this WND article is devoted to the proposition that Obama leans so far toward Islam that he is a danger to both America and Israel should he ascend to the Oval Office.

We know that Obama will simply read from the script prepared for him by the Illuminati. However, this Palestinian Authority Planning Minister may have seen part of the script regarding the priority which a President Obama would place on immediately establishing a Palestinian State.

Cutting Edge has been proclaiming since September, 2000, that part of the Plan is to carve a Palestinian State out of the tiny state of Israel, for the express purpose of fulfilling the startling prophecy of Obadiah 15-18, which foretells the utter destruction of the Palestinian people -- the ancient "House of Esau" -- by Israel. Please take a moment to read our treatise, NEWS23095, entitled, "LEADING ORTHODOX JEWISH SCHOLARS CONFIRM CUTTING EDGE TEACHING THAT TODAY'S PALESTINIANS ARE THE 'HOUSE OF ESAU' " (Obadiah 15-18).

Israel determined over 20 years ago that she can achieve lasting peace only after she destroys her implacable Islamic foe, the Palestinians. She must assist in establishing the Palestinian State, since she can be far more brutal in battling a war with an established State than she can if she is just fighting a "stateless people".

Of course, we fully expect that this annihilating war with the Palestinian State will trigger the larger regional war with Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, and that war, in turn, will prompt the global World War III which will produce Antichrist. We find it highly interesting that, as President, Obama is said to plan to force the establishment of a Palestinian State soon in his term of office.

The World War III designed to produce Antichrist seems to be closer on the horizon than many people think possible.

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II. President Bush runs the real risk of being known as the President who started three wars he could not win: 1) Afghanistan; 2) War On Terror; 3) Iraq

1) War In Afghanistan

NEWS BRIEF: "Afghanistan war grows hotter than Iraq", July 5, 2008

"Without our quite knowing it, is it possible that the war in Afghanistan has moved southward and that Pakistan is now a part of the struggle?"

"As The Wall Street Journal reported in its weekend edition: 'In a remarkable shift, Afghanistan, where U.S. officials were once confident of victory, is now rivaling Iraq as the biggest cause of concern for American policymakers'."

This article, like others recently, painted the resurgence of Taliban forces in Afghanistan as a recent development, but the reality is that the Taliban has been resurgent in their war against NATO and American forces for over one year now. America has been fighting in Afghanistan for over 6 years and has been utterly unable to completely defeat the Taliban. The military situation got so bad a year ago that America convinced NATO to take over command and commit more forces -- which they have done. But now, the Taliban is threatening these combined forces with defeat!

Afghanistan is likely to win this war if they are still active when the new 44th President takes over. That novice President is likely to not want to commit more forces when strong forces have not been able to defeat the insurgents in six long years of fighting.

2) War On Terror

Pakistan is threatening to turn severely to the pro-Islamic side! This drastic turn of events -- if it occurs -- would not only doom American chances to win the war in Afghanistan, but could spell doom in the war on terror as well. What a nightmare!

NEWS BRIEF: "Suicide Bomber Near Pakistani Mosque Kills at Least 11", New York Times, July 7, 2008

"ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — At least 11 people died Sunday when a suicide bomber set off an explosion next to a group of police officers guarding an area near the Red Mosque ... More than 22 people were wounded, doctors at a nearby hospital said. Most of the dead and wounded appeared to be police officers."

Since pro-West presidential candidate Bhutto was assassinated while campaigning, the pro-West government of Pakistan has been tilting further and further toward radical Islam. President Musharraf, who had led Pakistan into a major supporting role of Bush's anti-terrorism war following the attacks of 9/11, has even been threatened with hanging by Prime Minister Sharif!

American military strikes against insurgent positions on Pakistani soil have badly exacerbated the tensions between the pro-West and the radical Islamic forces within the country. The Pakistani Army is fighting against an insurgency with which many of its leaders and its soldiers agree. What is apparently going on now within top Pakistani circles is that its Islamic leadership is moving the country away from President Bush and his "war on terror" as quickly as they can without provoking an American military response.

Already, Taliban forces are regularly crossing the Pakistani border with Afghanistan as they fight the Americans and NATO forces. Should the Afghan war expand to include the entire country of Pakistan and should the Pakistani modern army join forces with the Taliban, the Afghan war would be lost -- unless NATO and America increased its force commitment tenfold! The Pakistani Armed Forces has capabilities which would enable it to wage war with India, so you know they would immediately tilt the war dramatically against current Western forces!

3) War In Iraq

The war in Iraq also is not over.

NEWS BRIEF: "15 die in Iraq bomb blasts", Gulf News, 7th July 2008

"BAGHDAD: Fifteen people were killed across Iraq yesterday, including seven by a bomb targeting a local leader of President Jalal Talabani's political party. The bomb exploded in the town of Qara Tappa in the restive province of Diyala outside the house of Mohammed Ramadan Eisa, a local leader of Talabani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ... Eisa was seriously wounded in the blast but his wife, mother-in-law, his two children, one brother and two guards were killed. The incident occurred when all the victims were standing in front of the house."

As tragic as this bombing was, it was not the only one.

"In Baghdad, a car bomb targeting a police patrol exploded near a market, killing six people and wounding 14 ... The explosion occurred in Baghdad's northeastern Shi'ite Al Shab neighbourhood."

"In another attack in Diyala province, one civilian was killed and four were wounded when an army patrol was targeted by a roadside bomb."

"Another civilian was killed when police clashed with 'rogue' members of a local anti-Al Qaeda group in central Baquba..."

Americans have been told repeatedly in the past several months that President Bush's "surge" was working and that stability was returning to Iraq -- just in time to provide positive news reports during the Presidential campaign. However, we have repeatedly reported that the only reason the "surge" seems to be working is because Sadr's Mehdi Army was still sitting on the sidelines. This next news article captures this fact well.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq's Sadr avoiding fight with government", Middle East Online, June 17, 2008

"Sadr, an influential anti-American cleric in his 30s, has at times appeared on the verge of declaring war on security forces following crackdowns on his Mehdi Army militia in the southern city of Basra and in Baghdad. But on Friday, Sadr said only a select group of his Mehdi Army would confront US troops -- not Iraqi forces -- while the rest should focus on political and cultural work. That effectively disarms most of his unwieldy militia, which has tens of thousands of fighters."

The fact of the matter is that, for the better part of 2 years now, Iran has ordered Sadr to declare, and to observe, a unilateral cease fire against Iraqi government forces. Iran's strategy is to preserve its Shi'ite Prime Minister Maliki in power so that he can apparently bring the Iraq to "victory", so he can usher American forces out of the country. When the main fighters against you are choosing to not fight, your forces can look pretty good!

Iran has evidently learned her history lesson well from the North Vietnamese. For the last several years of the Vietnam War, they allowed America to build up South Vietnam so that American forces could leave, The North Vietnamese even waited two more years before launching their attack which quickly collapsed the weak government of South Vietnam.

In Iraq's case, Shi'ite Iran will simply rule Shi'ite Iraq by proxy once American forces are gone. If fighting erupts then, it will be between Sunni forces and Shi'ite fighters, possibly drawing the Kurds in from the north.

At that point, President Bush will be blamed for losing all three wars he began! He will be thoroughly discredited, along with all those who strongly supported him. The process of being discredited -- which we first noted in February, 2004 -- will have come full circle (Read full details in NEWS1929, entitled, "CAMPAIGN TO DISCREDIT PRESIDENT BUSH SEEMS MOVING INTO HIGHER GEAR")

After President Bush is discredited, all genuine Christians will be discredited to the point we can be persecuted! The prophecies of unprecedented persecution of Christian believes of which Jesus foretold in Revelation 6:9-11 (The Fifth Seal) may be closer than many have heretofore believed! You do not want to miss the Rapture of the Church!

III. President Bush is already discredited in the eyes of many Americans.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush booed at citizenship ceremony", The Kentucky Herald Ledger, July 5, 2008

"CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — People lined up to be sworn in as new U.S. citizens were unwitting witnesses Friday to a constitutional object lesson at President Bush's expense on the grounds of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Protesters interrupted Bush's brief welcoming speech several times with calls for his impeachment, and the president calmly responded at one point: 'To my fellow citizens to be, we believe in free speech in the United States of America'.“

I find it good to hear the President of the United States confirm that Americans still can exercise "free speech". Howevedr, that situation will drastically change in a heartbeat immediately after the next staged terrorist attack.

But, it is instructive to realize which Americans were so anti-Bush. These people who protested against Bush were not typical Liberals, but were new American citizens waiting to be sworn in. Such people are naturally patriotic, as they are finally achieving a coveted goal of becoming American citizens! If Bush is in trouble with this normally Conservative crowd, he is really in trouble!

Now, let us return to this story.

"Some 150 or so demonstrators, from a variety of groups opposing Bush's policies on the war in Iraq, also rallied along the path of the president's motorcade to Monticello. Bush mentioned neither the war in Iraq nor the battle against terrorism on his final Fourth of July as president, other than to say that 'we pay tribute to the brave men and women who wear the uniform'.“

As a former member of the U.S. Army, I agree that all Americans should pay tribute to the brave men and women who wear the uniform; however, some day, President Bush, VP Cheney, Secretary of State Powell and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld are going to have to give account for the way in which they deliberately lied in order to justify the Iraqi invasion, causing the death and disability of tens of thousands of these brave men and women needlessly!

President Bush will be justifiably discredited when that day arrives.




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* The Georgia Guidestones;

* The odd "Stonehenge" structure in California which serves as the entrance to an Apple Computer Corp. facility;

* Sandusky, Ohio, a city laid out in the form of a Masonic square and compass;

* Where the rich and famous dwell—architectural secrets of the Rothschilds, the DuPonts, the Vanderbilts, the Morgans, the Astors, and other storied Illuminati bloodlines and dynasties.

* George Washington’s mausoleum and tomb at Mount Vernon, proven to be architecturally designed as an Egyptian temple, complete with two obelisks, modeled after the palace of King Solomon’s Egyptian Queen.

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The coming great hunger will come upon us suddenly, at an instant astonishing all with its ferocity and total devastation. Listen to this r, which tells us why we are suffering from the twin evils of high energy and high food prices:incredible quote from Henry Kissinger

"By controlling energy, we can control nations; by controlling food, we can control individuals"!

Does that quote sound like your Daily Newspaper? THAT is also the Illuminati Plan -- and it is being worked out in your daily news!

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This DVD also speaks strongly about the "Terminator Seed" which may cause other plants to produce seeds which do not germinate! All other crops, and flours and trees could suddenly become infertile! Then, mankind will starve by the hundreds of millions!

This card shown, right, is one of the Illuminati Card Game cards! Remember, each card of the Illuminati Card Game represented an action the Illuminati plans to take to overthrow the present world order so the New World Order can be established!

Therefore, the Illuminati plans for "Frankenfood" to play a part in the overthrow of this present world order! I found it very interesting that, at the World Food Summit just concluded, Third World Nations were forced to accept Genetically Modified Frankenfood Terminator Seeds as part of the "solution" for feeding their starving millions.

Seal Judgment #3 Revelation are coming upon us very quickly. Listen carefully:

"And I heard what seemed to be a voice from the midst of the four living creatures, saying, A quart of wheat for a denarius [a whole day's wages], and three quarts of barley for a denarius...." (Revelation 6:6; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Note that, at this time early in the Great Tribulation, the average person is going to have to work an entire day just to be able to buy his meager supply of wheat and barley! This Seal Judgment is exactly where the Illuminati is leading mankind! The Stage for Seal Judgment #3 is being set right in front of your eyes!

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"Saber-Rattling Against Iran Reaches New Heights!"

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"Declare War On Energy! Completely Change Our Way of Living!"

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"President Bush May Have Converted To Roman Catholicism During His Unprecedented Meeting With Pope Benedict XVI!"

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"Police Forces In Iowa Are Reported To Be Breaking Into Homes Using Flood Disaster As The Pretext!"

Breaking into homes without warrant, intimidating citizens who complain, and arresting people protesting their detention at checkpoints. All these "Martial Law" actions are occurring right now, in flood-stricken Iowa.

\Are police units getting "on the job training" for the planned national implementation of Martial Law?

"Final Financial Birth Pangs"!

1) "North American Union Conditioning And Planning Moving Forward At Breakneck Speed!"

You might be surprised to learn of the daily progress being made toward establishing the North American Union -- right under our noses. You will note that the Illuminati plans to move a huge amount of goods and services through this new continental nation - a fact which simply shouts that they plan on a prosperous new nation.

Did you know that the establishment of NAFTA fulfills End Time Prophecy of Daniel and Revelation?

2) "Suddenly, "Global" and "World" Institutions Are Being Proposed As The Solution To High Oil Prices!"

Subtitle is: "Using "Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan" as the model, leaders and opinion shapers throughout the world are calling for "Global" institutions as the solution to high oil prices.

The continuing "Rumors of War" campaign against Iran is also contributing to this advance toward the prophesied Global Government and Economy!" (NEWS2296)

3) "Tough Economy Moving The World Into A New World Order"

America must be shaved down, the rest of the Industrialized world built up, if all nations are going to join a Global Economy.

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Since 1914, the Illuminati has been pushing relentlessly for a Global Economy, a Global Government and a Global Religion.

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Oil prices must come down NOW to prevent other nations from wrecking the trend toward globalization which is the coveted dream of the Illuminati.

5) "Declare War On Energy! Completely Change Our Way of Living!"

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